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Full text of "Book of hymns and tunes : comprising the Psalms and hymns for the worship of God, approved by the General Assembly of 1866 ..."

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charles c. Converse, e sq . 



Entered according to act of Congress, in 1874, by 
In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 

H. L. Pelouze & Co., Franklin St., 

Randolph & English, Main St., 

J. S. Heacock & Co., Tenth St.. 



This Book of Hymns and Tunes has been prepared under the direction of the 
Presbyterian Committee of Publication, and by order of the General Assembly of the 
Presbyterian Church in the United States. A book of this kind was loudly called for; 
and it has been prepared on principles which, it is hoped, will make it acceptable to the 
church at large; since the whole matter was submitted to the General Assembly for 
its instructions, and the plan met with its unanimous approbation. In presenting it 
to the Christian public, it is only necessary to call attention to the following par- 
ticulars : — 

1. The object was to prepare a book to be used in congregational singing. No 
«ffort has been made to supply the wants of choirs for special occasions ; but it was 
deemed best to leave it to choirs themselves, or other leaders of singing, to exercise 
their own judgment and taste in making selections for voluntaries, or for special occa- 
sions and purposes, from any source within their reach, subject only to the control of 
the spiritual officers of the church. 

2. The tunes selected and introduced into the book are, for the most, part such as 
are familiar to our churches and congregations. New, that is, original tunes, have 
been introduced very sparingly ; and then, only when there was a necessity for it, in 
order to supply a manifest want. Nearly all the tunes, all, indeed, but four, have been 
selected from other sources. Some of the newer or more unusual tunes have been 
inserted to gratify portions of the church where they have become favourites ; and, also, 
a few tunes which have fallen into general disuse, but which are still used in various 
places, more on account of precious recollections or venerable associations, than be- 
cause of musical merit, have also been inserted. In each of these instances, we have 
endeavoured to place on the opposite page a tune of a different character, adapted to 
the same hymns, in order to satisfy the wishes and the tastes of others. Some requests 
were received for the insertion of special favourites of one or the other of the above 
classes, after the work had advanced too far to admit of our doing so. 

3. The hymns have been arranged wholly with reference to their adaptation to 
the tunes. The order of arrangement found in our present Hymn Book could not be 
preserved, without the too frequent repetition of the same tune, which would have 
made the book entirely too large and too expensive. The numbers of the Psalms and 
Hymns as found in the Hymn Book, have, however, been retained, so as to admit of 
the use of it in connection with this book of hymns and tunes. 




4. The Indexes are fall and complete. 1st, There is at the beginning of the book 
an Index of the Psalms and Hymns, arranged in the numerical order, the Hymns 
being divided off into general and special subjects, just as they are classified in the 
Hymn Book, thus presenting what might be called a table of contents. 2d, There is, 
at the end of the book, an Index of the first lines, arranged alphabetically. 3d, There 
is an alphabetical Index of the Tunes ; 4th, A Metrical Index; 5th, An Index 'of Sub- 

5. About one-half of the music contained in this book is copy-righted, and those 
who wish to use the same music must apply to the proprietors of the copy-right for 
liberty to do so. The venerable composers, Drs. Lowell Mason and Thomas Hastings, 
during the time of the preparation of this book, passed from the service of song on 
earth to attune their voices in the holier worship of heaven. Each of them was kind 
enough to express their desire that we should use their tunes, and gave us liberty tc 
do so, so far as the copy-rights were under their control. The other friends whc 
favoured us in a similiar way, we desire to hold in thankful remembrance. 

6. In order to use this book along with the Hymn Book, it is only necessary foi 
the minister to announce, for example, " H. 1, on page 266." Those who have the 
Hymn Book will look for Hymn 1, and those who use this book will turn to page 266, 

7. The Appendix was prepared under the direction of the Presbyterian Committee 
of Publication, by order of the General Assembly. The indexes for it are made sepa 
rate and distinct, so as to prevent any confusion when this book is used in connectioi 
with the Hymn Book. 

8. The gratitude of the Church is due to C. C. Converse, Esq., for his great laboui 
in acting as Musical Editor, and for the use of tunes composed by him, or which wen 
under his control, all of which service he has rendered us as a free-will offering. For 
his liberality and kindness, the General Assembly returned him a -unanimous vote oi 

The work is now committed to the press in the hope that it will prove acceptable 
to the Church, and promote the service of song in our congregations. We pray that 
God's blessing will attend it, and make it a chosen instrument in sounding forth 

Bichmond, March 1, 1874. 


The Figures on the left designate the Numbers and Parts of tJie Psalms ; those on the right the Pages. 

Psalm. Part. Authoks. Page. 

1 1 That man hath perfect blessedness, Rouse, • 217 

1 2 Blest is the man who shuns the place, Watts, 128 

2 Why did the nations join to slay, " 138 

3 O Lord, how many are my foes, " 91 

4 1 Give ear unto me when I call, Rouse, 217 

4 2 Lord, Thou wilt hear me when I pray, Watts, 138 

5 1 Give ear unto my words, O Lord, Rouse, 138 

5 2 Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear, Watts, 105 

6 Gently, gently lay Thy rod, Lyte, 278 

7 My trust is in my heavenly Friend, Watts, 105 

8 1 How excellent in all the earth, Rouse, 213 

8 2 Thou to whom all creatures bow, Tate and Brady, 142 

9 "With my whole heart I'll raise my song, Watts, 163 

10 Why doth the Lord depart so far, " 149 

11 My refuge is the God of love, " 96 

12 Lord, when iniquities abound, " 200 

13 How long wilt Thou forget me, Lord, Tate and Brady, 119 

14 The Lord from His celestial throne, Watts, . . . , 142 

15 1 Who shall inhabit in Thy hill, « 116 

15 2 Who, O Lord, when life is o'er, Lyte, 278 

15 3 Within Thy tabernacle, Lord, Rouse, 133 

16 When God. is nigh my faith is strong, Watts, 33 

17 What sinners value I resign, " 100 

18 The Lord descended from above, Stemhold and Hopkins, 206 

19 1 Behold, the morning sun, Watts, 236 

19 2 The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord, " 33 

19 3 God's law is perfect, and converts, Rouse, 201 

20 May Jacob's God defend, Tate and Brady, 246 

21 Our land, O Lord, with songs of praise, Watts, 162 

22 Now let our mournful songs record, " 71 

23 1 The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want, Rouse, 133 

23 2 The Lord my pasture shall prepare, Addison, 92 

23 3 The Lord my shepherd is, Watts, 235 

24 Lift up your heads, eternal gates, Tate and Brady, 224 

25 1 To Thee I lift my soul, Rouse, 236 

25 2 1 lift my soul to God, Watts, 261 

26 1 Examine me, and do me prove, Rouse, 177 

26 2 Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths, Tate and Brady, 217 



Psalm. Part. Authors. Page. 

27 10 Lord, give ear unto my voice, Rouse, 119 

27 2 The Lord of glory is my light, Watts, 134 

28 1 Adored for ever be the Lord, Tate and Brady, 140 

28 2 Lord, I will Thee extol, for Thou, Bouse, 118 

29 Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame, Watts, 101 

30 Give to the winds thy fears, Gerhard, / 238 

31 My spirit on Thy care, Lyte, 263 

32 10 blessed soids are they, Watts, 251 

32 2 Blest is the man, for ever blest, " 74 

32 3 blessed is the man to whom, Bouse, '. 140 

33 Let all the just to God with joy, Tate and Brady, 224 

34 1 The angel of the Lord encamps, Bouse, 164 

34 2 Through all the changing scenes of life, Watts, 160 

35 Now plead my cause, Almighty God, " 220 

36 < 1 Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heavens, Bouse, 220 

36 2 Thy justice, Lord, maintains its throne, Watts, 220 

37 My God, the steps of pious men, " 145 

38 Thy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain, Tate and Brady, 106 

39 Teach me the measure of my days, Watts, 141 

40 I waited patient for the Lord, " 160 

41 Blest is the man whose heart can move, " 49 

42 As pants the hart for cooling streams, Tate and Brady, 180 

43 10 send Thy light forth and Thy truth, Bouse, 124 

43 2 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause, Watts, 124 

44 Lord, we have heard Thy works of old, " 207 

45 I'll speak the honours of my King, " 180 

46 1 God is our refuge and our strength, , Bouse, 141 

46 2 God is the refuge of His saints, Watts, 77 

47 O for a shout of sacred joy, " 224 

48 1 Great is the Lord our God, " 238 

48 2 Far as Thy name is known, " 237 

48 3 Great is the Lord, and greatly He, Bouse, 124 

49 Why doth the man of riches grow, Watts, 206 

50 The Lord, the Judge, before His throne, " 168 

51 1 Show pity, Lord ; O Lord, forgive, " 89 

51 2 God of mercy, hear my call, " 106 

51 3 After Thy loving kindness, Lord, Bouse, 215 

52 Why do the wicked boast of sin, Cong. Coll., 47 

53 Are all the foes of Zion fools, Watts, 117 

54 Behold us, Lord, and let our cry, " 114 

55 Let sinners take their course, " 251 

56 In God most holy, just and true, " 116 

57 1 Be merciful to me, O God, Bouse, 211 

57 2 My God, in whom are all the springs, Watts, 100 

58 Judges who rule the world by laws, " 79 

59 From foes that round us rise, " 240 

60 Lord, Thou hast scourged our guilty land, .... " 139 

61 10 God, give ear unto my cry, Bouse, 139 

61 2 When overwhelmed with grief, Watts, 254 

62 1 My soul, wait thou with patience, Bouse, 149 

62 2 In true and patient hope, C. Wesley, 241 

62 3 My spirit looks to God alone, Watts, 97 

63 1 Early, my God, without delay, " 201 


Psalm. Part. Authors. Page. 

63 2 Lord Thee my God, I'll early seek, Rouse, 211 

64 Great God, attend to my complaint, Watts, 46 

65 1 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee, " 149 

65 2 'Tis by Thy strength the mountains stand, .... " 211 

65 3 Praise waits for Thee in Zion, Lord, Rouse, 132 

66 1 Now shall my solemn vows be paid, Watts, 149 

66 2 All lands to God in joyful sounds, Rouse, . . <. 146 

67 Shine, mighty God, on Zion shine Watts, 146 

68 1 Thou hast, O Lord, most glorious, Rouse, 166 

68 2 Lord, when Thou didst ascend on high, Watts, 34 

69 1 Father, I sing Thy wondrous grace, " 150 

69 2 Deep in our hearts let us record, " 32 

70 In haste, O God, attend my call, Anonymous, 183 

71 10 Lord, my hope and confidence, Rouse, 117 

71 2 My Saviour, my Almighty Friend, Watts, 204 

72 1 Great God, Whose universal sway, " 100 

72 2 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, " 78 

72 3 Lord, Thy judgments give the King, ....... Rouse, 141 

73 1 God, my supporter and my hope, Watts, 117 

73 2 Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I, " 99 

74 How long, eternal God, how long, " 231 

75 To Thee, most high and holy God, " 79 

76 In Judah God of old was known, " 215 

77 To God I cried with mournful voice, " 120 

78 1 The praises of the Lord our God, Rouse, 214 

78 2 Let children hear the mighty deeds, Watts, 214 

79 Behold, O God, what cruel foes, " 46 

80 10 God of hosts, we Thee beseech, Rouse, 158 

80 2 Great Shepherd of Thine Israel, ■ Watts, 35 

81 To God our strength, your voice aloud, Cong. Coll., 134 

82 Among the assemblies of the great, Watts, 35 

83 And will the God of grace, " 235 

84 1 How pleasant, how divinely fair, " 97 

84 2 Great God, attend while Zion sings, " 33 

84 3 Lord of the worlds above, " 269 

84 4 How lovely is Thy dwelling-place, Rouse, 184 

85 Salvation is for ever nigh, Watts, 67 

86 1 Hear, Lord, my prayer ; unto the voice, Rouse, 208 

86 2 My God, my prayer attend, Pratt, 234 

87 God in His earthly temple lays, Watts, 39 

88 1 Shall man, O God of light and life, " 40 

88 2 While life prolongs its precious light, " 80 

89 1 With reverence let the saints appear, " 195 

89 2 Blest are the souls who hear and know, " 200 

89 3 Remember, Lord, our mortal state, " 46 

89 4 Great fear in meeting of the saints, Rouse, 158 

90 1 Our God, our help in ages past, Watts, 127 

90 2 Life hke a vain amusement flies, " 121 

90 3 Return, O God of love, return, " 170 

90 4 Lord, what a feeble piece, " 233 

90 5 Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place, Rouse, 146 

91 1 He that doth in the secret place, " 184 

91 2 He that hath made his refuge God, Watts, 36 


Psalm. Past. Authobs. Pass. 

92 1 Sweet is the work, my God, ray King, Watts, 38 

92 2 Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand, " 67 

93 1 Jehovah reigns ; He dwells in light, " 39 

93 2 The Lord doth reign, and clothed is He, House, 218 

94 Lord, if Thy saints deserve rebuke, Watts, 156 

95 1 Come, sound His praise abroad, " 244 

95 2 Come, let our voices join to raise, " 39 

95 3 come, let us sing to the Lord, House, 218 

96 10 sing a new song to the Lord, " 219 

96 2 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands, Watts, 154 

97 He reigns ; the Lord, the Saviour reigns, " 38 

98 10 sing a new song to the Lord, House, 217 

98 2 Joy to the world, the Lord is come, Watts, 154 

99 1 The God Jehovah reigns, " 248 

99 2 Exalt the Lord our God, " 252 

100 1 All people that on earth do dwell, House, .: 31 

100 2 Before Jehovah's awful throne, Watts, 31 

101 To Thee, my righteous King and Lord, Cong. Coll., 122 

102 1 Thou shalt arise, and mercy yet, House, 40 

102 2 Let Zion and her sons rejoice, Watts, ...... 152 

103 1 O bless the Lord, my soul, " 247 

103 2 My soul, repeat His praise, " 263 

103 3 The pity of the Lord, " 232 

103 4 Such pity as a father hath, House, 131 

104 My soul, thy great Creator praise, Watts, 67 

105 Give thanks to God, invoke His name, " 228 

106 To God, the great, the ever blest, " 41 

107 How are Thy servants blest, O Lord ? Addison, 184 

108 Awake, my soul, to sound His praise, Watts, 135 

109 God of my mercy and my praise, " 187 

110 1 Thus God, the Eternal Father, spake, " 41 

110 2 Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throne, " 181 

111 Great is the Lord ; His works of might, " 152 

112 Happy is .he that fears the Lord, " 172 

113 Ye servants of th' Almighty King, " 40 

114 When Israel, freed from Pharoah's hand, " 79 

115 Lord, not to us, we claim no share, Tate and Brady, 166 

116 1 I love the Lord ; He heard my cries, Watts, 204 

116 2 What shall I render to my God? " 180 

116 3 I love the Lord, because my voice, House, 106 

116 4 I in the land of those that live, " 210 

117 1 From all that dwell below the skies, Watts, 39 

117 2 Thy name, Almighty Lord, " 261 

118 1 This is the day the Lord hath made, " 162 

118 2 Lo ! what a glorious corner-stone, " 86 

119 1 Blest are the undefiled in heart, " 178 

119 2 To Thee, before the dawning light, " 178 

119 3 Thou art my portion, O my God, " 159 

119 4 How shall the young secure their hearts ? " 159 

119 5 0! how I love Thy holy law, " 159 

119 6 Lord, I esteem Thy judgments right, " 179 

119 7 Let all the heathen writers join, " 179 

119 8 Lord, I have made Thy word my choice " 165 


Psauis. Part. Authors. Page. 

119 9 Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord, Watts, 177 

119 10 Behold Thy waiting servant, Lord, " 165 

119 11 O that the Lord would guide my ways, " 211 

119 12 My God, consider my distress, " 172 

119 13 With my whole heart I've sought Thy face, " 165 

119 14 Consider all my sorrows, Lord, " 230 

119 15 O that Thy statutes every hour, " 219 

119 16 My soul lies cleaving to the dust, " 209 

119 17 O let my earnest prayer and cry, House, 231 

120 Thou God of love, Thou ever blest, Watts, 172 

121 1 Up to the hills I lift mine eyes, " 80 

121 2 Upward I lift mine eyes, " 268 

121 3 I to the hills will lift mine eyes, House, 177 

122 1 How did my heart rejoice to hear, Watts, 145 

122 2 How pleased and blest was I, " 264 

122 3 I joyed when to the house of God, House, 135 

123 O Thou whose grace and justice reign, Watts, 209 

124 Had not the God of truth and love, " 123 

125 1 Unshaken as the sacred hill, " 123 

125 2 Firm and unmoved are they, " 244 

126 "When God revealed His gracious name, " 228 

127 Except the Lord our labours bless, Bathurst, 41 

128 O happy man whose soul is filled, Watts, 123 

129 Up from my youth, may Israel say, " 183 

130 1 I wait for Thy salvation, Lord, " 177 

130 2 From deep distress and troubled thoughts,.. . . " 72 

130 3 Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried, House, 157 

131 Is there ambition in my heart, Watts, 210 

132 Arise O King of grace, arise, " 123 

133 1 Blest are the sons of peace, " 232 

133 2 Behold how good a thing it is, House, 145 

134 Ye that obey the immortal King, Watts, 228 

135 Awake, ye saints, to praise your King, " 228 

136 Give to our God immortal praise, " 44 

137 1 When we our weary linibs to rest, Tate and BraHy, 42 

137 2 I love Thy kingdom, Lord, Dwight, 250 

138 With all my powers of heart and tongue, Watts, 81 

139 1 Lord, Thou hast searched and seen me through, " 81 

139 2 In all my vast concerns with Thee, " 209 

139 3 Lord, when I count Thy mercies o'er, " 161 

139 4 O Lord, Thou hast me searched and known,. . . House, » . . . 157 

140 O Thou Preserver of mankind, Cong. Coll., 46 

141 My God, accept my early vows, Watts, 42 

142 To God I made my sorrows known, " 229 

143 My righteous Judge, my gracious God, " 42 

144 1 For ever blessed be the Lord, " 176 

144 2 Lord, what is man, poor feeble man " . . . . ^ 223 

145 1 Long as I live I'll bless Thy name, " 161 

145 2 Sweet is the memory of Thy grace, " 161 

145 3 O Lord, Thou art my God and King,. , House, 43 

146 1 Oh ! happy is that man and blest, " 179 

146 2 I'll praise my Maker with my breath, Watts, -. 93 

147 Praise ye the Lord ; 'tis good to raise, " 43 


Psalm. Part. _ _ Authors. Page. 

148 1 Ye tribes of Adam, join, Watts, 271 

148 2 Let every creature join, " 247 

148 3 The Lord of heaven confess, House, 266 

148 4 Praise the Lord ! ye heavens adore Him,, IAv. Coll., 310 

149 All ye that love the Lord, rejoice, Watts, 135 

150 1 In God's own house pronounce His praise,. ... " 161 

150 2 Praise ye the Lord ; all nature join, " 45 


The Figures on the left designate the Numbers of the Hymns ; tJwse on the right the Pages. 

I. GOD. 

Htmns. Authors. T ~~ Page. 

1 The Lord Jehovah reigns, Watts, 266 

2 How shall I praise the eternal God, " 122 

3 Keep silence, all created things, , " 122 

4 Great God! how infinite art Thou " 122 

5 The Lord, how fearful is His name, " 139 

6 God hi the high and holy place, Montgomery, 230 

7 Jehovah reigns, His throne is high, Watts, 36 

8 Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, " 112 

9 Lord, what is man, that he should prove, JRowe, 68 

10 Praise, everlasting praise be paid, Watts, 47 

11 Thus saith the high and lofty One, Logan, 52 

12 My God, my life, my love, Watts, 252 

13 What sound is this ? Church -Psalmist, 323 

14 God is a Spirit, just and wise, Watts, 160 

15 Praise to Thee, Thou great Creator, Fawcett, 299 

16 Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess, Gibbons, . . . . ' 216 

2. D E C E E E S. 

17 In songs of subhme adoration and praise, Village Hymns, 341 

18 How vast the benefits divine, Anonymous, 105 

19 Let the whole race of creatures he, Watts, 133 

20 'Tis not that I did choose Thee, Conder, 312 


21 I sing the almighty power of God, Watts, 163 

22 Let others boast how strong they be, " 163 

23 Though troubles assail and dangers affright, Newton, 330 

24 Whilst Thee I seek, protecting Power, Miss Williams, 226 

25 O Thou, my hght, my life, my joy, Montgomery, 118 

26 God moves in a mysterious way, Coioper, 166 

27 Lord, how mysterious are Thy ways, Mrs. Steele, 65 

28 Thy way, O God, is in the sea, Anonymous, 113 

29 Thy way, not mine, O Lord, Sonar, 246 

30 Our times are in Thy hand, "• 232 



Hymn. • Authvrb. Paoe. 

31 O Lord our God, arise, Wardlaw's Collection, . . 252 

32 Father of all, whose love profound, Anonymous, 41 

33 There is one God, and only one, " 84 

34 Holy Father, hear our cry, JBonar, 278 

35 To God, the only wise, Anonymous, 232 



36 Dearest of all the names above, Watts, 118 

37 God with us ! O glorious name, Wood's Collection, 277 

38 Lord of every land and nation, , . . . . Robinson, 309 

39 Behold the Man ! how glorious He, Church Psalmist, 37 

40 O could I speak the matchless worth, Medley, 344 

41 Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Madans Collection, .... 308 

42 Hark, my soul, it is the Lord, Coicper, 279 

43 The Saviour ! O what endless charms, Mrs. Steele, 164 

44 Come, every pious heart, Stennett, 271 

45 Now to the Lord a noble song, Watts, 34 . 

46 Jesus, my great high Priest, " 268 

47 Rock of ages, cleft for me, Toplady, 283 

48 One there is, above all others, Newton, 308 

49 Jesus, the spring of joys divine, , Mrs. Steele, 78 

50 Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone, Cennick, 66 

51 Now to the Lord that makes us know, Watts, 44 

52 Buried in shadows of the night, " 48 

53 How heavy is the night, " 257 

54 Not to condemn the sons of men, " 35 

55 Jesus, in Thee our eyes behold, " 143 

56 Join all the glorious names, " 270 

57 Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, Williams, 303 

58 Father of peace and God of love, Anonymous, 143 

59 Let me but hear my Saviour say, Watys, 70 

60 "When gathering clouds around I view, 3Irs. Grant, 92 

61 Thou art the way, to Thee alone, Doane, 182 

62 Thou art my hiding-place, O Lord, Baffles, 182 

63 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned, Stelbiett, 156 

64 All ye who pass by, Hunters Sacred Mel, . . 323 

65 How beauteous were the marks divine, A. C. Coxe, 70 

66 How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound, Bowring, 42 

67 O Thou who wouldst not have, , C Wesley, 246 


68 While shepherds watched their flocks by night, Tate, 189 

69 Hail the blest morn! see the great Mediator, Tate and Brady, 337 

70 Hark the glad sound, the Saviour comes, Doddridge, 154 

71 Baise your triumphant songs, Watts, 237 

72 To us a Child of hope is born, Anonymous, 225 

73 Mortals, awake, with angels join, Medley, 186 

74 Hark, what mean those holy voices, Cawood, 309 


Hymn. Authors. Page. 

75 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay, Gibbons, 64 

76 Go to dark Gethsemane, Montgomery, 282. 

77 My dear Redeemer and my Lord, Watts, 90 

78 And is the gospel peace and love, Steele, 45 

79 Jesus, my Saviour, let me be, Beddome, 70 


80 'Tis finished ! so the Saviour cried, Stennett, 86 

81 Hark ! the voice of love and mercy, Francis, 302 

82 Hail, Thou once despised Jesus, Bakewell, 307 

83 Sinners, behold the Lamb of God, Anonymous, 187 

84 Like sheep, we went astray, Watts, 257 

85 Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies, /Steele, 76 

86 Did Christ o'er sinners weep? Beddome, 259 

87 Dark was the night, and cold the ground, Haweis, 107 

88 Behold the Saviour of mankind, S. Wesley, Sr., 107 

89 O sacred Head, once wounded, Gerhardt, 315 


90 Yes, the Redeemer rose, Doddridge, 269 

91 Hark ! the herald angels say, Cudworth, 277 

92 Mary to the Saviour's tomb, Newton, 288 

93 The eternal gates lift up their heads, Anonymous, 218 

94 He who on earth as man was known, Newton, 142 

95 Lo, the stone is rolled away, Scott, 276 

96 How calm and beautiful the morn, Hastings, 342 


97 O Thou, the contrite sinnner's Friend, Anonymous 102 

98 With joy we meditate the grace, Watts, 205 

99 Where high the heavenly temple stands, Logan, 48 

100 The great Redeemers gone, Watts, 241 

101 Now let our cheerful eyes survey,, Doddridge, 177 

102 Awake, sweet gratitude, and sing, Toplady, 205 


103 Behold the glories of the Lamb, Watts, 112 

104 Father, how wide Thy glory shines, " 150 

105 We bless the prophet of the Lord, " 153 

106 Nature with open volume stands, " 86 

107 Come, let us join our cheerful songs, • 153 

108 What equal honours shall we bring, " 90 

109 Come, all harmonious tongues, " 236 

110 He dies, the Friend of sinners dies, " ' 95 

111 Rejoice, the Lord is King, C Wesley, 265 

112 I sing my Saviour's wondrous death, Watts, 153 

113 Jesus hail, enthroned in glory, Bakewell, ' 307 

114 Blest Jesus, when Thy cross I view, Speece, . 51 

115 Awake, and sing the song, Hammond, 245 

116 Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, C. Wesley, 334 

117 Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Robinson, 300 


118 Come, ye that love the Saviour's name, Steele, ' 140 

119 All hail the power of Jesus' name, Perronett . . '. 134 

120 Awake, my heart, arise, my tongue, Watts, . . ......... ' 199 

121 Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, Medley,. ....... ....'.'.. 102 

122 Come, let our hearts and voices join, Swaine . 212 

123 In every trouble sharp and strong, Coombs '. '. '. .. 128 

124 The Head that once was crowned with thorns, Kelly, 156 

125 Come, let us sing the song of songs, Montgomery, ..... ... '. .'. 45 

126 To God be glory, peace on earth, Telesphorus, 194 

127 When marshalled on the nightly plain, H. K. White, 94 

128 Thou only Sovereign of my heart, Mrs. Steele, . ..... ..... 51 



129 Eternal Spirit, we confess, Watts, 48 

130 Father of mercies, God of love, Heginbotham, 70 

131 The Spirit breathes upon the word, Cowper, 212 

132 And canst thou, sinner, slight, Hyde, 233 

133 Stay, Thou insulted Spirit, stay, C. Wesley, 96 

134 Say, sinner, hath a voice within, Hyde, 72 

135 Blest Comforter Divine, Pratt's Collection, 233 

136 Come, Holy Spirit, come, Hart, 235 

137 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Watts, 167 

138 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, Browne, 47 

139 Gracious Spirit, love divine, Stocken, 281 

140 Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, Burder Collection, 86 

141 Holy Ghost, with light divine, Beed, 276 



142 Sin, like a venomous disease, , Watts, 207 

143 Ah ! how shall fallen man, " 249 

144 Sin has a thousand treacherous arts, " 116 


145 Beligion is the chief concern, Fawcett, 116 


146 What is the thing of greatest price, Montgomery, 150 



147 Laden with guilt, and full of fears, Watts, 173 

148 Thou lovely Source of true delight, Mrs. Steele, 144 

149 Father of mercies, in Thy word, Steele, 215 

150 How precious is the book divine, Fawcett, 153 



Hymn. Authobs. Page. 

151 Not to the terrors of the Lord, Watts, 206 

152 God in the Gospel of His Son, JBeddome, 52 

153 Come, dearest Lord, who reignest above, Anonymous, 53 

154 Now begin the heavenly theme, Langford, 277 

155 What shall the dying sinner do, Watts, 91 

156 Let everlasting glories crown, " 53 

157 O happy is the man who hears, Logan, 144. 


158 The law by Moses came, Watts, 252 

159 The law commands, and makes us know, " 58 

160 The Lord declares His will, " 259 



161 Grace, 'tis a charming sound, Doddridge, 245 

162 Pmnged in a gulf of dark despair, Watts, 130 

163 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, Newton, 137 


164 Not all the blood of beasts, Watts, 248 

165 There is a fountain filled with blood, Cowper, 136 

166 Behold the sin-atoning Lamb, Fawcett, 52 



167 Te that in His courts are found, Anonymous, 282 

168 The Lord on high proclaims, Watts, 259 

169 Let every mortal ear attend, " 136 

170 Come hither, all ye weary souls, " 91 

171 Sinners, the voice of God regard, Fawcett, 170 

172 Ye erring souls, that wildly roam, Hunter, 343 

173 Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor, Steele, 167 

174 The Saviour calls, let every ear, " 130 

175 I hear a voice that comes from far, Felly 97 

176 Return, O wanderer, return, Collyer, 87 

177 Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched, Fart, 300 

178 Lo ! Jesus the Saviour, in mercy draws near, Hatfield, 331 

179 The Spirit in our hearts, H. U. Onderdonk, 260 

180 Enter the ark while patience waits, Doddridge, 71 



181 Jesus, dear name, how sweet the sound, Social Hymns, 85 

182 Return, O wanderer, to thy home, Hastings, 170 

183 Pilgrim, burdened with thy sin, , . . . . Sacred Songs, 278 

184 Sinners, will ye scorn the message, Allen, 302 

185 Sinner, art thou still secure, Neviton, 279 


Htmn. Authors. "~ T$J "~ Page. 

186 Why will ye waste on trifling cares, Doddridge, 87 

187 Prisoners of sin and Satan too, Haskins, 98 

188 Hasten, O sinner, to be wise, T. Scott, 89 

189 Sinners, turn, why will ye die, J. Wesley, 290 

190 Hearts of stone, relent, relent, Har. Sac, 283 

191 Behold a stranger at the door, Gregg, 99 

192 Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw near, Sacred, Songs, 331 

193 "With tearful eyes I look around, Hugh White, 87 

194 Mercy, O Thou Son of David, Newton, 294 

195 Sinners, we are sent to bid you, Anonymous, 305 

196 To-day, if ye will hear His voice, " 65 



197 O that I could repent, G. Wesley, 249 


198 Lord, how secure my conscience was, Watts, 107 

199 Awaked by Sinai's awful sound, Ockurn., 345 


200 Great God, before Thy mercy seat, Anonymous, 107 

201 Prostrate, dear Jesus, at Thy feet, Stennett, 194 

202 O for a glance of heavenly day, Hart, 58 

203 The Lord will happiness divine, Coviper, 151 

204 In evil long I took delight, Newton, 110 

205 Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed, Watts, 222 

206 : Twas for my sins my dearest Lord, " 222 

207 Jesus, full of all compassion, Turnev, 294 

208 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast, Jones, 231 

209 Is this the kind return, Watts, 243 

210 How oft, alas ! this wretched heart, Mrs. Steele, 106 

211 Depth of mercy, can there be, C. Wesley, 274 

2j .2 O that my load of sin were gone, " 74 

213 With broken heart and contrite sigh, Elvin, 37 

214 Jesus, save my dying soul, Hastings, 279 

215 Come, let us to the Lord our God, Scotch Paraphrases, . . . 121 


216 As on the cross the Saviour hung, Stennet, 178 

217 How sad our state by nature is, , Watts, 173 

218 Just as I am, without one plea, G. Elliot, 103 

219 Come, ye weary sinners, come, Christian Lyre, 274 

220 For ever here my rest shall be, G. Wesley, 126 

221 Welcome, welcome, dear Eedeemer, Village Hymns, 305 

222 Jesus, Thou art the sinner's Friend, JBurnham, 173 


223 Not all the outward forms on earth, Watts, 185 

224 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, Doddridge, 43 


Hymh. Authors. Page. 

225 Lord of earth, Thy forming hand, Gfrant, 287 

226 Who can describe the joys that rise, Watts, 53 

227 Oh ! how divine, how sweet the joy, JVeedham, 175 

228 Hail ! my ever blessed Jesus, Wingrove, 304 

229 Arise, my soul, arise, G. Wesley, 265 



230 No more, my God, I boast no more, Watts, 53 

231 Vain are the hopes the sons of men, " 158 


232 Behold what wondrous grace, Watts, 234 

233 Sovereign of all the worlds on high, Doddridge, 186 


234 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, Watts, 108 


235 How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Kennedy, 335 

236 Our God, how firm His promise stands, Watts, 108 


237 To God the only wise, Watts, 259 

238 Firm as the earth Thy gospel stands, " 149 

239 How oft have sin and Satan strove, " 85 

240 Man's wisdom is to seek Cowper, 248 

241 Dear -Saviour, we are Thine, Doddridge, 243 

242 Come, let us lift our joyful eyes, Watts, 151 

243 Jesus, my Saviour, bind me fast, Beddome, 126 

244 Jesus, lover of my soul, C. Wesley, 289 

245 My God, my portion and my love, Watts, 108 

246 Sometimes a light surprises Cowper, 313 

247 How can I sink with such a prop, Watts, 109 

248 Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near, Fawcett, 34 

249 There is a safe and secret place, Havrtey 185 

250 And let this feeble body fail, , G. Wesley, 202 

251 Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fears, Beddome, 148 

252 Your harps, ye trembling saints, Toplady, 234 

253 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish, Moore, . , 336 

254 When power divine in mortal form, J. E. Smith, 54 

255 In the Christian's home in glory, Anonymous, 327 

256 Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, Zinzendorf, 55 

257 Jesus, Lamb of God, for me Bay Palmer, 283 

258 Prince of Peace, control my will, Songs of Oh 274 

X. G K A C E S. 

1. FAITH. 

259 When sins and fears prevailing rise, Steele, 101 

260 Mistaken souls that dream of heaven, Watts, 214 


Hymn. Authors. Page. 

261 'Tis by the faith of joys to come, Watts, 54 

262 Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss, Turner, 109 

263 'Tis faith supports my feeble soul, Beddome, 185 

264 When any turn from Zion's way, Newton, 182 

265 O how happy are they, Wesley, 338 

266 O Thou that hearest the prayer of faith, Toplady, 344 

257 Faith is a precious grace, Beddome, '. 251 

268 Lord, I believe ; Thy power I own, Anonymous, 221 

269 Whence do our mournful thoughts arise, Watts, 148 

270 Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is near, Newton, 330 

271 If through unruffled seas, .Pratt's Collection, 248 

272 O for a faith that will not shrink, Bathurst, 199 

273 I heard the voice of Jesus say, Bonar, 203 

274 My faith looks up to Thee, Bay Palmer, 317 

275 When musing sorrow weeps the past, Noel, 120 

276 I lay my sins on Jesus, Bonar, 314 

277 Jesus, these eyes have never seen, Bay Palmer, 181 

278 Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, Wesley, 173 

2. HOPE. 

279 Thy Father's house ! thine own bright home ! Bay Palmer, 54 

280 The God of my salvation lives, Steele, 54 

281 My God, the spring of all my joys, Watts, 196 

282 How happy every child of grace, C. Wesley, 120 

283 We journey through a vale of tears, Barton, 199 

3. LOVE. 

284 Soon, soon and for ever our union shall be, Monsell, 322 

285 O my soul, what means this sadness, Faiocett, 307 

286 Do not I love Thee, O my Lord, Doddridge, 181 

287 How sweet and heavenly is the sight, Swain, 151 

288 O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight,. . " 340 

289 How tedious and tasteless the hours, Newton, 320 

290 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, " 125 

291 I was a wandering sheep, Bonar, 262 

292 Not with our mortal eyes, Watts, 238 

293 Happy the heart where graces reign,, " 198 

294 Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, " 64 

295 Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, John Keble, 1827 35 

296 My God, what gentle cords are Thine, Doddridge, 127 

297 Jesus, I love Thy charming name, Doddridge, 127 

293 Blest be the tie that binds, Fawcett, 250 

299 Lord, Thou on earth didst love Thine own, Bay Palmer, 125 

303 Come, let us join our friends above, C. Wesley, 225 

801 Our souls, by love together knit, Miller, 225 

302 Now by the mercies of my God, Watts, 85 

303 And is it so? "A little while," Songs of Zion, 293 

304 O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are sore, . . . Sabbath Hymn Booh,. . . 333 

4. JOY. 

305 Jesus, the very thought of Thee, Bernard, 155 

306 O for a thousand tongues to sing, C.Wesley, 198 

307 Boundless glory, Lord, be Thine, Scotch Collection, 290 

308 Joy is a fruit that will not grow, Newton, 109 


5. PEACE. 
Hymn. Authors. Paoe. 

309 This world is not my home, I know, G-raley, 293 

310 Thou very present Aid, C. Wesley, 253 

311 O where shall rest be found, Montgomery, 242 

312 Lord, how secure and blest are they, Watts, 58 


313 O for a heart to praise my God, C. Wesley, . 145 

314 Why should the children of a King, Watts, 145 

315 Love Divine, all love excelling, C. Wesley, 304 

316 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss, /Steele, 183 

317 O for a closer walk with God, Cowper, 144 

318 Gently, Lord, O gently lead us, Hastings, 299 

319 O that I knew the secret place, Watts, 190 

320 Nearer, my God, to Thee, Miss Adams, 319 

321 Jesus, my strength, my hope, Wesley, 239 

322 O could I find from day to day, Church Psalmist, 191 

323 Calm me, my God, and keep me calm, Sonar, 125 

324 Jesus, merciful and mild,. Hastings, 288 


325 How sweet to be allowed to pray, Social Choir, 191 

326 Thou boundless Source of every good, Pratt's Collection, 171 

327 One prayer I have, all prayers in one, Montgomery, 181 

328 O Thou whose mercy guides my way, Edmiston 230 

329 What if our bark o'er life's rough wave, Hunter s Sacred Mel., . . 225 

330 'Tis my happiness below, Cowper, 286 

331 Through all the downward tracks of time, Anonymous, 225 

332 Sovereign of life, I own Thy hand, " 171 

333 Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will, Beddome, 72 

334 O Lord, I would delight in Thee, Ryland, 147 

335 My times of sorrow and of joy, Beddome, 126 

336 O Lord, my best desires fulfil, Cowper, 114 

337 When languor and disease invade, Toplady, 137 

338 It shall be well, let sinners know, Anonymous, 114 

339 My God and Father, while I stray, C. Elliot, 340 

340 Step by step, my Father, lead me, Watts, 307 

341 When I can trust my all with God, Conder, 220 



342 Vain, delusive world, adieu, C. Wesley, 312 

343 I send the joys of earth away Watts, 55 

344 How vain are all things here below, " 190 

345 Up to the fields where angels He, " 82 

346 Jesus, I my cross have taken, -^yte, 308 

347 When in the light of faith divine, Watts, 193 

348 Let worldly minds the world pursue, Newton, 112 


349 People of the living God, Montgomery, 288 

350 Ah ! wretched souls, who strive in vain, Anonymous, 59 


Htmn. Atjthors. Faok 

351 Awake our souls, away our fears, Watts, 74 

352 When I survey the wondrous cross, " . . 44 

353 Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, Robinson, 295 

354 O happy day that fixed my choice, Doddridge, 66 


355 I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Watts, 192 

356 Jesus, and shall it ever be, Gregg, 82 

357 Jesus, let me cleave to Thee, , J. Wesley, 274 

358 To whom, my Saviour, shall I go, Maxwell, 143 

359 Didst Thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame, Kirkham, 113 


360 Joined in one Spirit to one Head, Methodist Hymns, 20O 

361 O cease, my wandering soul, Muhlenberg, 242 

362 Witness, ye men and angels now, Heddome, 181 

363 Come in, thou blessed of the Lord, Montgomery, 83 


364 Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, Montgomery, 223 

365 Come, my Redeemer, come, Reed, 267 

366 O Sun of Righteousness divine, Anonymous, 82 

367 O Thou to whose all-searching sight, G. Wesley, 59 

368 Permit me, Lord, to seek Thy face, . . . . , Steele, 195 

369 What various hindrances we meet, Gowper, 83 

370 Lord, I cannot let Thee go, Newton, 276 

371 Jesus, who knows fall well, " 253 

372 Prayer was appointed to convey, Hart, 84 

373 Friend of the friendless and the faint, Newton, 83 

374 They who seek the throne of grace, Anonymous, 289 

375 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare, Newton, 275 

376 Our Father, God, who art in heaven, Judson, 193 

377 Author of good, to Thee we turn, Merrick's Collection, . . . 196 

378 There is a heavenly mercy seat, Anonymous, 159 

379 Approach, my soul, the mercy seat, Newton, 17& 

380 Saviour, when in dust to Thee, R. Grant, 291 

381 My God, is any hour so sweet, C. Elliot, 340 


382 Our Saviour's words are watch and pray, Anonymous, 69 

383 Alas ! what hourly dangers rise, Mrs. Steele, 114 

384 My soul, be on thy guard, Heath, 239 

385 A charge to keep I have G. Wesley, 239 


386 Strait is the way, the door is strait, Anonymous, 168 

387 Broad is the road.that leads to death, Watts, 32 

388 Must Jesus bear the cross alone, Allen, 175- 


Hymn. Authors. Page. 

389 'Tis a point I long to know, Newton, 275 

390 What strange perplexities arise, Anonymous, 36 


391 So let our lips and lives express, Watts, 69 

392 We find access at every hour, " 195 

393 My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so, " 162 

394 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, " 64 

395 Sow in the morn thy seed, Montgomery, 256 

396 Am I a soldier of-the cross, Watts, 136 

397 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve, Doddridge, 167 


398 With tears of anguish I lament, Stennett, 169 

399 O Thou whose tender mercy hears, Mrs. Steele, 190 

400 I asked the Lord that I might grow, Newton, 50 

401 Out on an ocean ah boundless we ride, Anonymous, 320 

402 O speed thee, Christian, on thy way, Church Jfelodist, 219 

403 My thirsty spirit faints, Montgomery, 237 

404 Dear Kefuge of my weary soul, Mrs. Steele, 183 

405 Eternal Source of hght and grace, Anonymous, 219 

406 Sweet was the time when first I felt, Newton, 183 

407 Thus far my God has led me on, Fawcett, 77 

408 O Thou who driest the mourner's tear, Moore, 110 

409 Saviour, hast Thou fled for ever, Mrs. McCartee, 301 

410 Why is my heart so far from Thee, Watts, 130 

411 O deem not they are blest alone, Bryant 59 

412 O faint and feeble hearted, Sabbath Hymn Book,. . . 315 

413 When, along life's thorny road, Anonymous, 287 

414 Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan, " 95 

415 A few more years shall roll, Sonar, 261 

416 Soldiers of Christ, arise, G Wesley, 249 

417 O Thou from whom all goodness flows, Haweis, 191 

418 When waves of sorrow round me swell, Anonymous, 175 

419 I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a stranger, " 348 


420 Children of the heavenly King, Gennick, 284 

421 Though faint yet pursuing, we go on our way, Anonymous, 332 

12. PRAISE. 

422 Salvation! O the joyful sound, Watts, 131 

423 When all Thy mercies, O my God, Addison, 226 

424 Almighty Father, gracious Lord, Anonymous, 147 

425 Thee we adore, eternal Lord, " 65 

426 Lift up to God the voice of praise, Wardlaio, 147 

427 Yes, I will bless thee, O my God, Heginbotham, 123 



Hymn. Authors Page. 

428 O holy, holy Lord, Sabbath Hymn Book, . . 268 

429 Holy, holy, holy Lord, Cornier, 273 

430 O worship the King, all-glorious above, R. Grant, 334 

431 Lord, should rising whirlwinds tear, Mrs. JBarbauld, 273 

432 The God of Abram praise, Oliver, 339 



433 God of the morning, at Thy voice, Watts, 101 

434 Thus far the Lord has led me on, " 98 

435 Once more, my soul, the rising day v " 188 

436 Far from the world, O Lord, I flee, Cowper, 157 

437 Dread Sovereign, let my evening song, Watts, 131 

438 Awake, my soul, and with the sun, Thomas Ken, 1697, .... 40 

439 Now from the altar of our hearts, John Mason, 1683, .... 186 

440 New every morning is the love, John Keble, 1827, 57' 

441 God of my life, my morning song, Mrs Steele, 219 

442 O Lord, another day is flown, Henry Kirke White, . . . 157 

443 The day is past and gone, John Leland, 1797, .... 241 

444 Now from labour and from care, Thomas Hastings, 1831, 282 

445 See how the rising sun, Anonymous, 244 

446 Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, James Edmeston, 1820, 303 

447 Hosanna with a cheerful sound, Watts, 152 

448 Now condescend, almighty King, Church Melodist, 194 

449 My God, how endless is Thy love, Watts, 83 

450 My God, permit me not to be, " 57 

451 I love to steal awhile away, Mrs. Phoebe H. Browne, 1825, 164 

452 O Christ, with each returning morn, Anonymous, 69 

453 Softly now the light of day, George W. Doane, 1826, 281 

454 Glory to Thee, my God, this night, Thomas Ken, 1697, .... 49 

455 Now the shades of night are gone, Anonymous, 280 

456 Indulgent Father, by whose care, " 131 


457 Great Jehovah, Father, Son, Anonymous, 282 

458 Father, let Thy smiling face, Dr. T. V. Moore, 1867, 281 

459 Come, Thou almighty King, Madan, 316- 

460 Safely through another week, Newton, 291 

461 Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone, Watts, 57 

462 Come, gracious Lord, descend and dwell, " 67 

463 Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way, Doddridge, 110 

464 Lord of hosts, how lovely fair, Turner, 280 

465 Come, Jesus, heavenly Teacher, come, Beddome, 57 

466 Now, gracious Lord, Thine arm reveal, Newton, 131 

467 Lord, when we bend before Thy throne, Draft's Collection, 157 

468 Come, Thou Desire of all Thy saints, Mrs. Steele, Ill 

469 Long have I sat beneath the sound, Watts, 129 

470 Come, we that love the Lord, " 242: 

471 Come, happy souls, approach your God, " 193 

472 O God of Bethel, by whose hand, Dogan^...^ Ill 


Htmn. Authors. Page. 

473 Lord, our languid souls inspire, Newton, Ill 

474 Jesus, we look to Thee, C. Wesley, 253 

475 From every stormy wind that blows, Stowell, 96 

476 Thy presence, gracious God, afford, Fawcett, 87 

477 Lord, we come before Thee now, Hammond, 273 

478 In Thy great name, O Lord, we come, Hoskins, Ill 

479 Almighty God, Eternal Lord, Anonymous, 104 

480 Come, Thou soul-transforming Spirit, Rippon, 303 

481 Almighty God, Thy word is cast, Cawood, 213 

482 While the prayers of saints ascend, , . " 272 

483 O holy Lord, our God, Young, 316 

484 Command Thy blessing from above, Montgomery, . . 37 

485 May He by whose kind care we meet, Newton, 56 

486 Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Burder, 296 

487 Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Loi'd, Hart, 47 

488 Now may He who from the dead, Newton, •. . 280 

489 Lord, at this closing hour, Fitch, 254 

490 Heavenly Father, grant Thy blessing, Anonymous, 294 

491 Come, Christian brethren, ere we part, Henry Kirke White, ... 48 



492 Come, dearest Lord, and bless this day, Dobell, 56 

493 Welcome, sweet day of rest, Watts, 243 

494 Another six days' work is done, Stennett, 73 

495 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love, Doddridge, 73 

496 To-day the Saviour rose, Anonymous, 260 

497 Frequent the day of God returns, Browne, 187 

498 Softly fades the twilight ray, S. F. Smith, 280 

499 Welcome, delightful morn, Hayward, 267 

500 The happy morn is come, Sabbath Hymn Book,. . . 267 

501 Blest day, Thine hours too soon will cease, Edmeston, 124 

502 Come, let us join with one accord, C. Wesley, 187 


503 God of the passing year, to Thee, Bacon, 78 

504 Swell the anthem, raise the song, Strong, 272 


505 See, gracious God, before Thy throne, Steele, 169 

506 On Thee, O Lord our God, we call, Sabbath Hymn Book, . . 81 

507 Great King of nations, hear our prayer, Anonymous, 169 


508 While with ceaseless course the sun, Newton, 290 

509 God of our life, Thy various praise, Heiginbotham, 196 

510 Great God, we sing Thy mighty hand, Doddridge, 75 

511 Come, let us anew, G. Wesley, 311 




Hymn. Authors. Page. 

512 Eternal Source of every joy, Doddridge, 77 


513 Bright Source of everlasting love, Boden, 161 

514 Go to the heart with sin oppressed, Church Psalmist, 201 

515 Rich are the joys that cannot die, . . .' Doddridge, 187 

516 Father of mercies, send Thy grace, " 197 

517 Blest is the man whose softening heart, Barbauld, 213 



518 How loving is Jesus, who came from the sky, Anonymous, 333 

519 Now, in the heat of youthful blood, Watts, ' 85 

520 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth, Cowper, 115 

521 Amidst the cheerful bloom of youth, Anonymous, 208 

522 By cool Siloam's shady rill, Heber, 208 

523 With humble heart and tongue, Fawcett, 254 

524 Dear Saviour, if these lambs should stray, Hyde, 79 

525 When blooming youth is snatched away, Steele, 209 


526 Star of peace to wanderers weary, Psalmodist, 346 

527 Tossed upon the raging billow, Ch. Lyre, 295 

528 We come, O Lord, before Thy throne, Select Hymns, 213 


529 There is a happy land, Anonymous, 318 

530 Around the throne of God in heaven, " 342 

531 I want to be with Jesus, Miss Gill, 314 

532 Children, hear the melting story, Anonymous, 297 

533 Lord, how delightful 'tis to see, Watts, 75 

534 I think when I read that sweet story of old, Anonymous, 341 

535 Joyfully, joyfully, onward we move, 336 



536 How large the promise, how divine, Watts, 176 

537 Now let the children of the saints, " 143 

538 Great God, now condescend, Fellows, 247 

539 Great Saviour, who didst condescend, Anonymous, 56 

540 Behold, what condescending love, Doddridge, 229 

541 See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand, " 142 

542 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord,". Watts, . < 188 



Hymn. Authors. Page. 

543 How condescending and how kind, Watts, 229 

544 Lord," I am Thine, entirely Thine, Pres. Davies, 56 

545 From the cross uplifted high, Haweis, - 284 

546 Here at Thy cross, incarnate God, Anonymous, 75 

547 Jesus, with all Thy saints above, Watts, 147 

548 'Twas on that dark, that doleful night, " 32 

549 Jesus is gone above the skies, " 38 

550 The promise of my Father's love, .' " 129 

551 How sweet and awful is the place, " 168 

552 At Thy command, our dearest Lord, " 68 

553 According to Thy gracious word, Montgomery, 165 

554 Jesus, Master, hear me now, Maxwell, 281 

555 With all His sufferings full in view, Cowper, 176 

556 Jesus invites His saints, Watts, 263 

557 If human kindness meets return, Noel, 229 



558 Say, who is she that looks abroad, Anonymous, 198 

559 Zion stands with hills surrounded, Kelly, 297 

560 How glorious is the sacred place, Anonymous, 135 

561 Lo ! what a glorious sight appears, Watts, '. 155 

562 Daughter of Zion, from the dust, Montgomery, 197 

563 Happy the church, thou sacred place, Watts, 61 

564 Glorious things of thee are spoken, Newton, 298 

565 Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadness, Fitzgerald's Col., 338 


566 Lord, Thou hast said where two or three, J. P. Thompson, 1867, 80 

567 Dear Shepherd of Thy people, hear, Newton, 171 

568 Here in Thy name, eternal God, Anonymous, 90 

669 Thou whose unmeasured temple stands,. , Bryant 213 


570 " Go preach My gospel," saith the Lord, Watts, 61 

571 Shepherd of Israel, Thou dost keep, Doddridge, 68 

572 With heavenly power, O Lord, defend, English Collection, 69 

573 Let Zions watchmen all awake, Doddridge, 212 

574 How beauteous are their feet, Watts, 260 

575 Now let our mourning hearts revive, Doddridge, 129 

576 Why should our tears in sorrow flow, Pratt's Col., 119 

577 Lord of the harvest, bend Thine ear, Hastings, 62 


578 On the mountain top appearing, Kelly, 297 

579 While filled with sadness and dismay, Anonymous, 51 

580 Saviour, visit Thy plantation, Newton, 299 

581 Come, sacred Spirit, from above, Doddridge, 76 

682* O Sun of Righteousness, arise, Anonymous, 90 



Hyt*tk. Authors. Page. 

583 Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart, Steele, 185 

584 Blest Jesus, come Thou gently down, Watts, 221 

585 Great Lord of all Thy churches, hear, W. Kingsbury, . . . : 84 

586 • O Zion, tune thy voice, Doddridge, 270 

587 Lord, I hear of showers of blessing, S. S. Times, 310 

5. MISSION 8. 

588 Disowned of heaven, by man oppressed, Anonymous, 89 

589 Behold the mountain of the Lord, Bruce, 216 

590 Sing to the Lord in joyful strains, Pratt's Collection, 155 

591 " Lift your heads" with faith ; the morrow, Anonymous, 308 

592 Christ and His cross is all our theme, ...,., Watts, 207 

593 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake, Shrubsole, 60 

594 Great God, the nations of the earth, Gibbons, 197 

595 Hark ! what mean those lamentations, Caioood, 295 

596 Blow ye the trumpet, blow, , ........ C. Wesley, 266 

597 O'er the gloomy hills of darkness, Williams, 296 

598 O Spirit of the living God, Montgomery, 62 

599 O Jesus, let Thy kingdom come, Anonymous, 60 

600 Ascend Thy throne, almighty King, Beddome, 62 

601 Behold the expected time draw near, Coxe, 62 

602 Sovereign of worlds, display Thy power, -Pratt's Collection, 60 

603 From Greenland's icy mountains, Heber, 313 

604 Thy people, Lord, who trust Thy word, Voke, 88 

605 The voice of free grace cries, escape to the mountain, Thornley, 328 

606 Watchman, tell us of the night, JBowring, 292 

607 Now be the gospel banner, Hastings, 315 

608 Hark ! the Song of Jubilee, Montgomery, 285 

609 Yes, my native land, I love thee, S. F. Smith, 296 

610 Hark ! ten thousand harps and voices, Kelly, 298 

611 Though now the nations sit beneath, Bacon, « 55 



612 Our days, alas ! our mortal days, Watts, 169 

613 How short and hasty is our life ! " 216 

614 Thee we adore, eternal name, " ; . . 115 

615 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high, " 213 

616 Our life is ever on the wing, " 191 

617 To-morrow, Lord, is Thine, Doddridge, 255 

618 " The time is short !" the season near, BToskins, 104 

619 Life is the time to serve the Lord, Watts, 98 

620 There is a God who reigns above, " 88 

621 Lo ! on a narrow neck of land, C. Wesley, 347 

622 My days, my weeks, my months, my years, G-reen, 346 

623 My days are gliding swiftly by, Nelson, 293 

624 One sweetly solemn thought, Carey, 257 

625 Friend after friend departs, Montgomery, ,264 


Hraru. Authors. Page. 

626 Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims, Watts, 104 

627 Death cannot make our souls afraid, " 165 

628 Why should we start, and fear to die, " 76 

629 Jesus, the vision of Thy face, " 120 

630 Why do we mourn departing friends, " 104 

631 He is a God of sovereign love, " 191 

632 How blest the righteous when he dies, Barbaidd, 99 

633 O for the death of those, Maxwell, 255 

634 Why lament the Christian dying, Anonymous. 295 

635 I would not live alway ; I ask not to stay, Muhlenberg, 333 

636 O for an overcoming faith Watts, 115 

637 What scenes of horror and of dread, Fawcett, 71 

638 O could we die with those that die, Watts, 200 

639 O for the eye of faith divine, Steele, 115 

640 Vital spark of heavenly flame,. Pope, 324-6 

641 Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore, Heber, 329 

642 Hark ! from the tombs a doleful sound,' Watts, 227 

643 Beneath our feet and o'er our head, Heber, 192 

644 How still and peaceful is the grave, Logan, 221 

645 Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb, Watts, 71 

646 Life is a span, a fleeting hour, Steele, 221 

647 Alas ! how changed that lovely flower, Anonymous, 192 

648 And must this body die, Watts, 255 

649 Through sorrow's night and danger's path, Henry Kirke White,. . . 223 

650 Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep, Mrs. Mackay, 73 

651 Servant of God, well done, Montgomery, 258 

652 Where are the living ? on the ground, " 91 

653 When the spark of hfe is waning, Dale, 103 

654 And am I born to die? C. Wesley, 233 

655 In vain the fancy strives to paint, Newton, 221 


656 And will the Judge descend, Doddridge? 258 

657 When rising from the bed of death, Steele, 227 

658 When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come, . . . .Lady Huntingdon, 346 

659 Prepare me, gracious God, Elliot, 256 

660 See the eternal Judge descending, Anonymous, 306 

661 The day of wrath, that dreadful day, Walter Scott, 50 

662 Day of judgment, day of wonders, Newton, 306 

663 Lo ! He comes, with clouds descending, Brydges, 298 

664 That awful day will surely come, Watts, 227 

665 The Lord shall come ! the earth shall quake, Heber, 50 

666 I saw, beyond the tomb, Dwight, 258 


667 Eternity is just at hand, Steele, 88 


668 Jerusalem, my happy home, Dickson 174 

669 O mother dear, Jerusalem, Old Hymn, 174 

670 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, Stennett, 202 


Bymn. Authors. ■" " Paob. 

671 Kise, my soul, and stretch thy wings, Whitefield, 312 

672 When I can read my title clear, , Watts, 113 

673 O land of rest, for thee I sigh, Hunters Select Mel., . . . 132 

674 Far from these narrow scenes of night, Mrs. Steele, 132 

675 There is an hour of hallowed peace, Union Collection, 191 

676 We've no abiding city here, Kelly, 63 

677 Who are these in bright array, Montgomery, 286 

678 Ye angels who stand round the throne, De Fleury, 321 

679 liaise thee, my soul, fly up and run, Watts, 188 






■ 203 


680 Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, 

681 There is a house not made with hands, 

682 Death may dissolve my body now, 

683 Blessed be the everlasting God, 

684 Lord, what a wretched land is this, .... 

685 There is a land of pure delight, 

686 Father, I long, I faint to see, 

687 As when the weary traveller gains, Newton, 63 

688 Now let our souls, on wings sublime, Gibbons, 61 

689 'Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaints, . Denham, 332 

690 Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord, Doddridge, 204 

691 Give me the wings of faith, to rise, Watts, 197 

692 Hark ! how the choral song of heaven, Anonymous, 60 

693 Our sins, alas ! how strong they be, Watts, 148 

694 High in yonder realms of light, Haffles, 285 

695 " For ever with the Lord !" Montgomery, 256 

696 There is an hour of peaceful rest, Tappen, 176 

697 I'm but a stranger here, Taylor, 318 



Hymn. Authors. Page. 

698 Glory be to God the Father, H. JBonar, 349 

699 Great One in Three, Great Three in One Sabbath Hymn Book, . . . 349 

700 My God, my King ! Thy various praise, Watts, 349 

701 Hail ! holy, holy, holy Lord ! Edw. Perronet, 349 

702 Thee, Thee, we praise, O God ! and own, Ambrose ; Tr. Hatfield, . . 350 

703 Sovereign Ruler of the skies, J. Ryland, 350 

704 We raise our songs, O God, to Thee, Watts,, 350 

705 Holy and reverened is the name, Jno. Needham 350 

706 The mercies of my God and King, Henry Francis Lyte,. . . . 350 

707 Bless, O my soul, the living God, Watts, 351 

708 Oome, ye that know and fear the Lord, Geo. Burder, 351 

709 God is love ; His mercy brightens, John Bowring, 351 

710 Cast thy burden on the Lord, , Rowland Hill 352 

II. T H E S A V I O U E. 

711 Calm on the listening ear of night, E. H. Sears, 352 

712 As with gladness men of old, W. C. Dix, 352 

713 Angels, from the realms of glory, James Montgomery, 352 

714 O'erwhelmed in depths of woe, Rom. Brev. ; IV. Caswell, 352 

715 Beyond where Kedron's waters flow, S. F. Smith 353 

716 Angels ! lament, behold your God, Ch. Coffin ; Tr. Chandler, 353 

717 Angels, roll the rock away, 1\ Scott, 353 

718 Come, see the place where Jesus lay, Thos. Kelly, 354 

719 On this blest day, a brighter scene, S. Wesley, Jr., 354 

720 Hail the day that sees Him rise, C. Wesley, 354 

721 O Saviour, who for man hast trod, Hymns, Anc. and Mod., 354 

722 Look, ye saints ; the sight is glorious, T. Kelly, 354 

723 Who is this that comes from Edom ? " " '. 355 

724 Son of God ! to Thee I cry, R. Mant 355 

725 Jesus, Lord of life and glory, J. J. Cummins, 355 

726 When wounded sore, the stricken soul, Mrs. C. F. Alexander,. . . 356 

727 A pilgrim through this lonely world, H. Bonar, 356 

728 Oh, Christ ! our Hope, our hearts Desire, Ambrose; Tr. Chandler, 356 

729 Hosanna to the living Lord, R. Heber, 356 

730 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All ! Henry Collins, 357 

731 Around the Saviour's lofty throne, Thomas Kelly, 357 

732 Awake, awake the sacred song, Miss A. Steele, 357 

733 What grace, O Lord ! and beauty shone, Ed. Benny 357 

734 Thou, dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, J. Cennick, 357 

735 There is no name so sweet on earth, Anon, 358 

736 There is a name I love to hear, Frederick Whitefield, . . . 358 



Hymn. Authors. Page. 

737 Jesus ! the name high over all, Chas. Wesley, 358 

738 Hail, Sovereign Love, who first began, Brewer, 359 

739 Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, Bernard ; Tr. R. Palmer 359 

740 Eternal Sun of righteousness, C. Wesley, 359 

741 The vail is rent ; our souls draw near, Dr. Brookes Collection, . . 359 

742 Before the throne of God above, <• " " 360 

743 Christ is coming ! Let creation, " " " 360 

744 Let songs of praises fill the sky, T. Cotterell, 360 


745 Come, O Creator, Spirit blest, R. Maurus ; Tr. Caswell, 360 

746 Lord God, the Holy Ghost, James Montgomery, 360 

747 Living water, freely flowing, Sunday Magazine, 361 

748 Enthroned on high, Almighty Lord, Thomas Haweis, 361 


749 Come, ye souls by sin afflicted, Joseph Swain 362 

750 Ho ! every one that thirsts ! draw nigh, Charles Wesley, 362 

751 Amazing sight ! the Saviour stands, Village Hymns, 362 

752 Just as thou art, without one trace, Dr. Clelands Collection, 362 

753 Now is th' accepted time, John Dobell, 362 

754 Ye sinners ! fear the Lord, Timothy Dwight, 362 


755 Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin Watts, 363 

756 Oh, Thou that hearest when sinners cry, " 363 

757 A broken heart, my God, my King, " ' 363 

758 When at Thy footstool, Lord, I bend, H. F. Byte, 363 

759 Weary of earth, and laden with my sin, Rev. J. Stone, 363 

760 God, my Father ! hear me pray, Parish Hymns, 364 

761 Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to Thee, Charles Wesley, 364 

762 O Jesus, Saviour of the lost, E. H. Bicker steth 364 

763 Take me, O my Father, take me, Ray Palmer, 364 

764 Thine for ever ! God of love, Mrs. M. F Maude, 365 

765 My heart dissolved to see Thee bleed, Ray Palmer, 365 

766 My God, accept my heart, this day, M. Bridges, 365 

767 O Saviour, who didst come, Songs of Sanctuary 365 

768 Wait, my soul, upon the Lord, Wm. F. Lloyd 365 


769 My Saviour, as Thou wilt, Schmolke; Tr. Borthwick, 366 

770 Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee,. . . . , J. H. Gumey, 366 

771 O Lord, how happy should we be, Joseph Anstice, 367 

772 Affliction is a stormy deep, Colton,.. 367 

773 O holy Saviour, Friend unseen, Charlotte Elliot, 367 


774 Lord Jesus, are we one with Thee ? J. G. Deek, 367 

775 Planted in Christ, the living Vine, S. F. Smith, 368 

776 Oh! what if we are Christ's, Sir H. W. Baker, 368 


Hthn. Authors. Page. 

777 Jesus, my Saviour, look on me, 368 

778 How gentle God's commands, P. Doddridge, 368 

779 Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, James Edmeston, 368 

780 What a Friend we have in Jesus, II Bonar, 369 

781 Heavenly Shepherd, guide us, feed us, E. II. Biokersteth, 369 

782 Oh, help us, Lord, each hour of need, Hymns, Ana. and Mod. 369 

783 If Thou impart Thyself to me, Charles Wesley, 370 

784 The Prince of life, once slain for us, Dr. Brookes' Collection, . 370 

785 Oft in danger, oft in woe, //. Kirke White, 370 

786 Walk in the light ! so shalt thou know, B. Barton, 370 

787 In one fraternal band of love, Book of Worship, 370 

788 Oh, happiest work below, Sir Henry W. Baker,. . . 370 

789 Jesus my Lord, how rich Thy grace, P. Doddridge, 371 


790 Oh come, loud anthems let us sing, Nahum Tate, 371 

791 O Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace, Ambrose; Tr. Chandler, . 371 

792 Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father, Harriet Parr, 371 

793 Hail, tranquil hour of closing day, Leonard Bacon, 371 

794 Through the day Thy love has spared us, Thomas Kelly, 371 

795 Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide, 77". F. Byte, 372 

796 Awake, ye saints, awake, T. Cotterell, 372 

797 Preserved by Thine Almighty power, . . . .' Union Hymns, 373 

798 Ye nations round the earth rejoice, Watts, 373 

799 With joy we lift our eyes, Thomas Jarvis, 373 

800 We love the place, O God, W. II Bullock, 373 

801 How sweet to leave the world awhile, Thomas Kelly, 373 

802 Once more before we part, Jos. Hart, 373 

803 The God of peace who from the dead, E. T. Fitch, 373 


804 My God, the covenant of Thy love, Doddridge, 374 

805 'Twas the commission of our Lord, Watts, 374 

806 The promise of my Father's love, American Messenger, . . . 374 

807 A little Chiid, the Saviour came, Wm. Robertson, 374 

808 With thankful hearts our songs we raise, E. II. Bicker steth 374 

809 Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed, J. Conder, 375 

810 Away from earth my spirit turns, Ray Palmer, 375 


811 Christ is our Corner-stone, Tr. by J. Chandler, 375 

812 Happy the souls to Jesus joined, C. Wesley, 375 

813 Praise the .Saviour, all ye nations, Benj. Francis, 375 

814 Thy bounties, gracious Lord, * . . Elizabeth Scott 376 

815 Lord of the harvest ! hear, Charles Wesley, 376 

816 Oh ! for the happy hour, G. W. Bethune, 376 

817 Revive Thy work, O Lord, Albert Midlane, 376 

818 See from Zion's sacred mountain Thomas Kelly, 376 

819 The morning light is breaking, S. F. Smith, * 377 

820 And is the time approaching, Episcopal Hymnal, 377 

821 Triumphant Zion ! lift thy head, P. Doddridge, 378 


Hymn. Authors. Pagb. 

822 Who are those that come from far, Thomas Kelly, 378 

823 Ye Christian heralds, go proclaim, Anon, 378 

824 Light of them that sit in darkness, Cotterell, 378 

825 Souls in heathen darkness lying, .Episcopal Hymnal, 378 

826 See the ransomed millions stand, Josiah Conder, 378 

827 Bride of the Lamb, awake ! awake, Dr. Brookes Collection, 379 

,828 Soon may the last glad song arise, Anon, 379 


829 Stoop down my thoughts that use to rise, Watts, 379 

830 I come, I come at Thy command, , Michael Bruce, 379 

831 Tarry with me, oh my Saviour, Plymouth Collection, 379 

832 Death ! 'tis a melancholy day, Watts, 380 

833 It is not death to die, G. W. Bethune, 380 

734 Gently, my Saviour, let me down, Rowland Hill, 380 

835 Rest from thy labour, rest, Jas. Montgomery, 380 

836 How swift the torrent rolls, P. Doddridge, 380 

837 "What is life ! 'tis but a vapour, Thomas Kelly, 381 

838 With joy shall I behold the day, Jas. Morris, 381 

839 For thee, oh dear, dear country, Bernard ; Tr. Neall, 382 

840 Jerusalem the golden, " " " 382 

841 Brief life is here our portion, " " « 383 

842 Far from my heavenly home, F. II. Byte, 383 

843 There is a fold, whence none can stray, John East, 383 

844 My thoughts surmount these lower skies, Watts, 383 

845 I have a home above, Henry Bennett, 383 

846 And is there, Lord, a rest, Ray Palmer, 383 

847 Sweet land of rest, for thee I sigh, G. M-, 384 

848 While thro' this changing world we roam, Montgomery, 384 

849 Hark, the sound of holy voices, Chas. Wardsworth, 384 


850 In grief and fear, to Thee, O Lord, Hymns, Anc. and Mod, 384 

851 Lord, in Thy name Thy servants plead, I. Keble, 385 

852 When brighter suns and milder skies, Peabody, 385 

Psalis, Hymns and Tunes. 


Gun,. Franc, 1543. 






Praise God from whom all bless - ings flow ; Praise Him, all crea-tures here be - low; 















: g 

g j ' cJ 




Praise Him a - bove, ye heav'n-ly host ; Praise Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost. 

jzljs. jzl Jj__ £ ^ | ^ ja. ^. A J.J.- 








PS. 100 • Second Part. 

1 Before Jehovah's awful throne, 

Ye nations bow with sacred joy : 
Know that the Lord is God alone ; 
He can create, and He destroy. 

2 His sovereign power, without our aid, 

Made us of clay, and formed us men ; 
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd, 
He brought us to His fold again. 

3 We are His people, we His care, 

Our souls and all our mortal frame : 
What lasting honours shall we rear, 
Almighty Maker, to Thy name ! 

4 We'll crowd Thy gates with thankful 


High as the heavens our voices raise ; 

And earth, with her ten thousand 

tongues, [praise. 

Shall fill Thy courts with sounding 

5 Wide as the world is Thy command, 

Vast as eternity Thy love ; 

Firm as a rock Thy truth must stand, 
When rolling years shall cease to 

PS. 100 First Part. 

1 All people that on earth do dwell, 

Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice ; 
Him serve with ninth, His praise forth tell, 
Come ye before Him and rejoice. 

2 Know that the Lord is God indeed, 

Without our aid He did us make ; 
We are His flock, He doth us feed, 
And for His sheep He doth us take. 

3 O enter then His gates with praise, 

Approach with joy His courts unto ; 
Praise, laud, and bless His name always, 
For it is seemly so to do. 

4 Because the Lord our God is good, 

His mercy is for ever sure ; 
His truth at all times firmly stood, 
And shall from age to age endure. 



Daniel Bead, 1785. 


j^— 3-g3=5r- ~f g» p— pr— p-g^. o ^ ^ 

Praise God from whom all bless -ings flow ; Praise Him, all crea - tures here be - low ; 

»-e4— 9 











-£ — % 






Praise Him a - bove, ye heav'n -ly host ; Praise Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost, 

» * * ' J3 


t^-^fir T 





Ps. 69. Second Part. 

1 Deep in our hearts let us record 
The deeper sorrows of our Lord ; 
Behold the rising billows roll 

To overwhelm His holy sold. 

2 In long complaints He spends His breath, 
While hosts of hell, and powers of death, 
And all the sons of mahce join 

To execute their curst design. 

3 Yet, gracious God, Thy power and love 
Have made the curse a blessing prove ; 
Those dreadful sufferings of Thy Son 
Atoned for crimes which we had done. 

4 The pangs of our expiring Lord 
The honours of Thy law restored : 
His sorrows made Thy justice known, 
And paid for follies not His own. 

5 O ! for His sake our guilt forgive, 
And let the mourning sinner live ; 
The Lord will hear us in His name, 
Nor shall our hope be turned to shame. 

XI . O4o Lord's Supper Instituted. 

1 'Twas on that dark, that doleful night, 

When powers of earth and hell arose 
Against the Son of God's delight, 
And friends betrayed Him to His foes. 

2 Before the mournful scene began, 

He took the bread, and blest and brake. 
What love through all His actions ran ! 
What wondrous words of grace He 
spake ! 

3 " This is My body broke for sin ; 

Receive and eat the living food ;" 
Then took the cup, and blest the wine ; 
"'Tis the new covenant in My blood." 

4 " Do this," He cried, " till time shall end, 

Li memory of your dying Friend ; 
Meet at My table, and record 

The love of your departed Lord." 

5 Jesus, Thy feast we celebrate, 

We show Thy death, we sing Thy name, 
Till Thou return, and we shall eat 
The marriage supper of the Lamb. 

H. o87 Broad and Narrow Ways. 

1 Broad is the road that leads to death, 

And thousands walk together there; 
But wisdom shows a narrow path, 
With here and there a traveller. 

2 "Deny thyself, and take thy cross," 

Is the Redeemer's great command ; 
Nature must count her gold but dross, 
If she would gain this heavenly land. 

3 The fearful soul that tires and faints, 

And walks the ways of God no more, 
Is but esteemed almost a saint, 

And makes his own destruction sure. 

4 Lord, let not all my hopes be vain ; 

Create my heart entirely new ; 
Which hypocrites could ne'er attain, 
Which false apostates never knew. 


De. L. Mason, 1830. 





c? — =? ' * — » — ~ c^ — ^p — »' — s? 

To God the Fa - ther, God the Son, And God the Spi - rit, Three in One, 




■• — * >i 










Be hon -our, praise, and glo - ry given, By all on earth, and all in heav'n. 

PJ ^-P-^ - ^ 


-fS- •*=*- 





Ps. 16 

1 When God is nigh my faith is strong, 

His arm is my almighty prop : 
Be -glad, my heart, rejoice, my tongue, 
My dying flesh shah rest in hope. 

2 Though in the dust I lay my head, 

Yet, gracious God, Thou wilt not leave 
My soul for ever with the dead, 
Nor lose Thy children in the grave. 

3 My flesh shall Thy first call obey, 

Shake off the dust and rise on high ; 
Then shalt Thou lead the wondrous way, 
Up to Thy throne above the sky. 

4. There streams of endless pleasure flow ; 
And full discoveries of Thy grace — 
Which we but tasted here below — 
Spread heavenly j oys thro' all the place. 

PS. 19 Second Part. 

1 The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord ; 
In every star Thy wisdom shines ; 
But when our eyes behold Thy word, 
We read Thy name in fairer lines. 

2 The rolling sun, the changing fight, 
And nigfits and days Tfiy power confess ; 
But the blest volume Thou hast writ 
Beveals Thy justice and Thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise 
Round the whole earth, and never stand ; 
So when Thy truth began its race, 

It touched and glanced on every land. 

4 Nor shall Thy spreading gospel rest, 
Till thro' the world Thy truth has run ; 
Till Christ has all the nations blest 
That see the light, or feel the sun. 

5 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise, 
Bless the dark world with heavenly hght ; 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise, 
Thy laws are pure, Thy judgments right. 

Ps. 84 

Second Part. 

Great God, attend while Zion sings 
The joy that from Thy presence springs ; 
To spend one day with Thee on earth 
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 

2 Might I enjoy the meanest place 
Within Thy house, O God of grace, 
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power, 
Should tempt my feet to leave Thy door. 

3 God is our sun, He makes our day ; 
God is our shield, He guards our way 
From all th' assaults of hell and sin, 
From foes without and foes within. 

4 All needful grace will God bestow, 
And crown that grace with glory too ; 
He gives us all things, and withholds 
No real good from upright souls. 

5 O God, our King, whose sovereign sway 
The glorious hosts of heaven obey, 
And devils at Thy presence flee ; 
Blest is the man that trusts in Thee. 





1. Lord, when Thou didst as - cend on high, Ten thou-sand an - gels filled the sky; 

Those heav'n-ly guards a - round Thee wait, 

Like cha - riots that at - tend Thy state, 



t— ^ 



PS. 68 Second Part. 

2 Not Sinai's mountain could appear 
More glorious when the Lord was there, 
"While He pronounced His holy law, 
And struck the chosen tribes with awe. 

3 How bright the triumph none can tell, 
"When the rebellious powers of hell, 
That thousand souls had captive made, 
"Were all in chains, like captives, led. 

4 Raised by His Father to the throne, 
He sent His promised Spirit down, 
"With gifts and grace for sinful men, 
That God might dwell on earth again. 

TT . 45 Glory and Grace in the Person of Christ. 

1 Now to the Lord a noble song ; 
Awake, my soul, awake, my tongue ; 
Hosanna to the Eternal Name, 
And all His boundless love proclaim. 

2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, 
The brightest image of His grace ; 
God, in the person of His Son, 

Has all His mightiest works outdone. 

3 The spacious earth and spreading flood 
Proclaim the wise and powerful God ; 
And Thy rich glories from afar 
Sparkle in every rolling star. 

4 But in His looks a glory stands, 
The noblest labour of Thine hands ; 
The pleasing lustre of His eyes 
Outshines the wonders of the skies. 

5 Grace ! 'tis a sweet, a charming theme ~ r 
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus' name ; 
Ye angels, dwell upon the sound ; • 
Ye heavens, reflect it to the grounds 

6 O ! may I live to reach the place, 
WTiere He unveils His lovely face f 
Where all His beauties you behold, 
And sing His name to harps of gold. 

n , J/'io Strength Equal to the Day. 

1 Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near, 
Thy Saviour's gracious promise hear ; 
His faithful word declares to thee, 
That " as thy day, thy strength shall be." 

2 Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong ; 
And if the conflict should be long, 
Thy Lord will make the tempter flee ; 
For " as thy day, thy strength shall be.' r 

3 Should persecution rage and flame, 
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name ; 
In fiery trials thou shalt see, 

That " as thy day, thy strength shall be." 

4 "When called by Him to bear the cross, 
Reproach, affliction, pain, or loss, 

Or deep distress and poverty, 

Still " as thy day, thy strength shall >be." 

5 "When death at length appears in view, 
Christ's presence shall thy fears subdue ; 
He comes to set thy spirit free, 

And " as thy day, thy strength shall be." 

WAEE. L. M. 


George Kingsley. 




1. Great Shepherd of Thine Is - ra 


(S> — &■ 

el, Who didst between the cher - ubs dwell, 

-C2 £2 




~? zr 






And lead the-tribes, Thy chosen sheep, Safe thro' the de - sert and the deep. 






Ps. 80 Second Pwrt. 

2 Thy church is in the desert now : 
Shine from on high and guide us through ; 
Turn us to Thee, Thy love restore ; 
We shall be saved, and sigh no more. 

3 Great God, whom heavenly hosts obey, 
How long shall we lament and pray, 
And wait in vain Thy kind return ? 
How long shall Thy fierce anger burn? 

4 Instead of wine and cheerful bread, 
Thy saints with their own tears are fed ; 
Turn us to Thee, Thy love restore, 
We shall be saved, and sigh no more. 

Ps. 82 

1 Among th' assemblies of the great, 
A greater Ruler takes His seat ; 

The God of heaven, as Judge, surveys 
Those gods on earth, and all their ways. 

2 Why will ye frame oppressive laws 1 
Or why support th' unrighteous cause? 
When will ye once defend the poor, 
That foes may vex the saints no more ? 

3 They know not, Lord, nor will they know; 
Dark are the ways in which they go ; 
Their name of earthly gods is vain, 
For they shall fall, and die like men. 

4 Arise, O Lord, and let thy Son 
Possess His universal throne, 
And rule the nations with His rod ; 
He is our Judge, and He our God. 

Ji. 54: ChrUt a Saviour. 

1 Not to condemn the sons of men 

Did Christ the Son of God appear ; 
No weapons in His hands are seen, 
No flaming sword nor thunder there. 

2 Such was the pity of our God, 

He loved the race of men so well, 
He sent His Son to bear our load 
Of sins, and save our souls from hell. 

3 Sinners, believe the Saviour's word, 

Trust in His mighty name and live ;. 
A "thousand joys His hps afford, 

His hands a thousand blessings give. 

H. JiuD Jesus, Abide with Me. 

1 Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, 
It is not night if Thou be near ; 
Oh ! may no earth-born cloud arise, 
To bide Thee from Thy servant's eyes. 

2 When soft the dews of kindly sleep, 
My wearied eyelids gently steep, 

Be my last thought — how sweet to rest 
For ever on my Saviour's breast. 

3 Abide with me from morn till eve, 
For without Thee I cannot live ; 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without Thee I dare not die. 

4 Be near to bless me when I wake, 
Ere through the world my way I take ; 
Abide with me till, in Thy love, 

I lose myself in heaven above. 







■ lis 

^"T TTi~ ±1 


4 eJ w 




1. Je -ho-vah reigns, His throne is high, His robes are light and ma - jes - ty; 

g & ^ - g-i iSg * 

ft-^F-r ^ p 











His glo-ry shines with beams so bright, No mor - tal can sus - tain the sight 










JA. < Glory and Condescension of God. 

2 His terrors keep the world in awe ; 
His justice guards His holy law ; 
His love reveals a smiling face, 

His truth and promise seal the grace. 

3 Thro' all His works His wisdom shines, 
And baffles Satan's deep designs ; 
His power is sovereign to fulfil 

The noblest counsels of His will. 

4 And will this glorious Lord descend 
To be my Father and my Friend ? . 
Then let my song with angels join ; 
Heaven is secure, if God be mine. 

Ps. 91 

Second Part. 

He that hath made his refuge God 
Shall find a most secure abode ; 
Shall walk all day beneath His shade, 
And there at night shall rest his head. 

Then will I say, " My God, Thy power 
Shall be my fortress and my tower ; 
I that am formed of feeble dust 
Make Thine almighty arm my trust." 

Thrice happy man ! thy Maker's care 
Shall keep thee from the fowler's snare ; 
From Satan's wiles, who still betrays 
Unguarded souls, a thousand ways. 

What though a thousand at thy side, 
Around thy path ten thousand died, 
Thy God His chosen people saves 
Amongst the dead, amidst the graves. 

5 The sword, the pestilence, or fire 
Shall but fulfil their best desire ; 
From sins and sorrows set them free, 
And bring Thy children, Lord, to Thee. 

n . 390 Self Examination. 

1 What strange preplexities arise, 
What anxious fears and jealousies, 
What crowds in doubtful light appear, 
How few, alas, approved and clear ! 

2 And what ami? My soul, awake, 
And an impartial survey take ; 

Does no dark sign, no ground of fear, 
In practice or in heart appear ? 

3 What image does my spirit bear ? 
Is Jesus formed, and living there ? 
Say, do His lineaments divine, 

In thought, and word, and action shine ? 

4 Searcher of hearts, O ! search me still ; 
The secrets of my soul reveal ; 

My fears remove ; let me appear 

To God and my own conscience clear. 

5 May I, consistent with Thy word, 
Approach Thy table, O my Lord ? 
May I among Thy saints appear ? 
Shall I, a welcome guest, be there ? 

6 Have I the wedding-garment on ? 
Or do I, naked, stand alone ? 

O ! quicken, clothe, and feed my soul ; 
Forgive my sins, and make me whole. 



V. C. Taxlob. 

'-u^hi^y^^^M^^ ^i 


&- j 

1. With bro - ken heart and con - trite sigh, A trem-bling sin-ner, Lord, I cry; 

^ V^tfl^ 





















Thy pard'-ning grace is rich and free: O God, be mer - ci - ful to me! 


H. ZLo Pleading for Mercy. 

2 I smite upon my troubled breast, 
With deep and conscious guilt oppressed ; 
Christ and His cross my only plea : 

O God, be merciful to me ! 

3 Far off I stand, with tearful eyes, 
Nor dare uplift them to the skies ; 
But Thou dost all my anguish see : 
O God, be merciful to me ! 

4 Nor alms, nor deeds that I have done, 
Can for a single sin atone ; 

To Calvary alone I flee : 
' O God, be merciful to me ! 

5 And when, redeemed from sin and hell, 
With all the ransomed throng I dwell, 
My raptured song shall ever be : 

God has been merciful to me ! 

XI. So Behold the Man. 

1 Behold the Man ! how glorious He ! 

Before His foes He stands unawed ; 
And, without wrong or blasphemy, 
He claims equahty with God. 

2 Behold the Man ! by all condemned ; 

Assaulted by a host of foes ; 
His person and His clahns contemned, 
A Man of sufferings and of woes. 

3 Behold the Man ! He stands alone, 

His foes are ready to devour ; 
Not one of all His friends will own 
Their Master in this trying hour. 

4 Behold the Man ! He knew no sin, 

Yet justice smites Him with her sword ; 
He bears the stroke that else had been 
The sinner's portion from the Lord. 

5 Behold the Man ! so weak He seems, 

His awful word inspires no fear ; 
But soon must he, who now blasphemes, 
Before His judgment seat appear. 

6 Behold the Man ! though scorned below, 

He bears the greatest name above ; 
The angels at His footstool bow, 
. And all His royal claims approve. 

H. 484 a 

Blessing Implored. 

1 Command Thy blessing from above, 

O God ! on all assembled here ; 
Behold us with a Father's love, 
While we look up with filial fear. 

2 Command Thy blessing, Jesus, Lord ! 

May we Thy true disciples be ; 
Speak to each heart the mighty word, 
Say to the weakest, " Follow Me." 

3 Command Thy blessing in this hour, 

Spirit of Truth ! and fill this place 
With humbling and exalted power, 
With quick'ning and confirming grace. 

4 O Thou, our Maker, Saviour, Guide ! 

One true eternal God confessed ; 
May naught in life or death divide 
The saints of Thy communion blest. 



Db. L. Mason, 1830. 







1. Sweet is the work, my God, my King, To praise Thy name, give thanks and sing; 

~ ■ ^>- i i _g_ ■ * =~B» ■ ^ flg ■ P 
















To show Thy love by mom-ing light, And talk of all Thy truth at night, 



■m — £ i ^ — P i ^ ii ^ i f f f 




PS. 92 -PVsC Pari. 

2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest ; 

No mortal care shall seize my breast ; 
O ! may my heart in tune be found, 
Like David's harp of solemn sound. 

3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, 
And bless His works and bless His word ; 
Thy works of grace how bright they shine ! 
How deep Thy counsels ! how divine ! 

4 Then I shall share a glorious part, 
When grace hath well refined my heart, 
And fresh supphes of joy are shed, 
Like holy oil to cheer my head. 

5 Sin, my worst enemy before, 

Shall vex my eyes and ears no more ; 
My inward foes shall all be slain, 
Nor Satan break my peace again. 

6 Then shall I see, and hear, and know, 
All I desired or wished below ; 

And every power find sweet employ 
In that eternal world of joy. 




He reigns ; the Lord, the Saviour reigns ! 
Praise Him in evangelic strains : 
Let the whole earth in songs rejoice, 
And distant islands join their voice. 

2 Deep are His counsels and unknown, 
But grace and truth sivpport His throne ; 
Though gloomy clouds His ways sur- 
Justice is their eternal ground, [round, 

3 In robes of judgment, lo ! He comes, 
Shakes the wide earth and cleaves the 
Before Him burns devouring fire, [tombs; 
The mountains melt, the seas retire. 

4 His enemies, with sore dismay, 

Fly from the sight, and shun the day ; 
Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high, 
And sing, for your redemption's nigh. 

H . 549 Memorial of our Absent Lord. 

1 Jesus is gone above the skies, 

Where our weak senses reach Him not ; 
And carnal objects court our eyes, 
To thrust our Saviour from our thought. 

2 He knows what wandering hearts we 

Apt to forget His glorious face ; [have, 
And to refresh our minds, He gave 
These kind memorials of His grace. 

3 The Lord of life this table spread, 

With His own flesh and dying blood ; 
We on the rich provision feed, 

We taste the wine, and bless our God. 

4 Let sinful sweets be all forgot, 

And earthjgrow less in our esteem ; 
Christ and His love fill every thought, 
And faith and hope be fixed on Him. 

5 While He is absent from our sight, 

'Tis to prepare our souls a place ; 
That we may dwell in heavenly light, 
And live for ever near His face. 

A L F R E T O K L. M. 




Wm. Beastaxl. 





1. God in His earth - ly tern ■> pie lays Foun - da - tions for His heav'n-ly praise ; 



MH " 





















He likes the tents of Ja - cob 

•well, But still in Zi - on loves to dwell. 



P fTW r? 





2 His mercy visits every house 

That pay their night and morning vows ; 
But makes a more delightful stay 
Where churches meet to praise and pray. 

3^ What glories were described of old ! 
What wonders are of Zion told ! 
Thou city of our God below, 
Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know. 

4 Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew, 
Shall there begin their hves anew ; 
Angels and men shall join to sing 
The hill where living waters spring. 

5 When God makes up His last account 
Of natives in His holy mount, 
'Twill be an honour to appear 

As one new-born and nourished there. 




First Part. 

Jehovah reigns : He dwells in light, 
Girded with majesty and might ; 
The world, created by His hands, 
Still on its first foundation stands. 

2 But ere this spacious world was made, 
Or had its first foundation laid, 

Thy throne eternal ages stood, 
Thyself the ever living God. 

3 Like floods the angry nations rise, 
And aim their rage against the skies ; 
Vain floods that aim their rage so high ! 

• At Thy rebuke the billows die, 

4 For ever shall Thy throne endure ; 
Thy promise stands for ever sure ; 
And everlasting holiness 
Becomes the dwellings of Thy grace. 

PS. 95 Second Part. 

1 Come, let our voices join to raise, 
A sacred song of solemn praise ; 
God is a sovereign King ; rehearse 
His honour in exalted verse. 

2 Come, let our souls address the Lord, 
Who framed our nature with His word ; 
He is our Shepherd ; we the sheep 
His mercy chose, His pastures keep. 

3 Come, let us hear His voice to day, 
The counsels of His love obey ; 
Nor let our hardened hearts renew 
The sins and plagues that Israel knew. 

4 Seize the kind promise while it waits, 
And march to Zion's heavenly gates ; 
Believe, and take the promised rest ; 
Obey, and be for ever blest. 

PS. 117 First Part. 

1 From all that dwell below the skies, 
Let the Creator's praise arise ; 

Let the Bedeemer's name be sung 
Through every land, by every tongue. 

2 Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord ; 
Eternal truth attends Thy word ; [shore, 
Thy praise shall sound from shore to 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 









*> 3 




1. Ye ser-vants of th' Al-migh-ty King, In ev'-ry 




His prais - es sing: 

rj *d 





3=g — si- 


Where'-er the ' sun shall rise or set, The na - tions shall His praise re - peat, 

— -1— ^7— H- 1 i I I 1 


Ps. 113 

2 Above the earth, beyond the sky, 
His throne of glory stands on high ; 
Nor time, nor place, His power restrain, 
Nor bound His universal reign. 

3 Which of the sons of Adam dare, 
Or angels with their God compare ? 
His glories, how divinely bright, 
"Who dwells in uncreated light ! 

4 Behold His love ! He stoops to view 
What saints above and angels do ; 
And cod descends yet more — to know 
The mean affairs of men below. 

5 From dust and cottages obscure, 
His grace exalts the humble poor ! 
Gives them the honour of His sons, 
And fits them for their heavenly thrones. 

PS. 88 First Part. 

1 Shall man, O God of light and life, 
For ever moulder in the grave ? 
Canst Thou forget Thy glorious work, 
Thy promise, and Thy power to save ? 

2 Shall spring the faded world revive ? 
Shall waning moons their light return ? 
Again shall setting suns ascend, 

And the lost day anew be born 1 

3 Shall life revisit dying worms, 

And spread the joyful insect's wing? 
And O ! shall man awake no more, 
To see Thy face, Thy name to sing ? 

4 Cease, cease, ye vain desponding fears ; 
When Christ, our Lord, from darkness 

Death, the last foe, was captive led, 
And heaven with praise and wonder rung 

5 Faith sees the bright, eternal doors 
Unfold, to make His children way ; 
They shall be clothed with endless life, 
And shine in everlasting day. 

PS. 102 First Part. 

1 Thou shalt arise, and mercy yet 

Thou to Mount Zion shalt extend ; 
Her time for favour, which was set, 
Behold, is now come to an end. 

2 Thy saints take pleasure in her stones, 

Her very dust to them is dear ; 
All heathen lands and kingly thrones 
On earth Thy glorious name shall fear. 

3 God in His glory shall appear, 

When Zion He builds and repairs ; 
He shall regard, and lend His ear 
Unto the needy' s humble prayers. 

4 The afflicted's prayer He will not scorn ; 

All times this shall be on record ; 
And generations yet unborn 

Shall praise and magnify the Lord, 

5 He from His holy place looked down, 

The earth He viewed from heaven on 
To hear the prisoner's mourning groan, 
And free them that are doomed to die. 

TRURO. L.M. 41 

Db. Chables Bubney, Died 1814. 




^H-d ' r 3 



1. To God the great, the ev - er blest, Let 




of hon - our be ad-dressed; 


<z> i <s>- 




er stands 

Give Him the 

His mer - cy firm for 





thanks His love de - mands. 






f 1 

Ps. 106 

2 Who knows the wonders of Thy ways ? 
Who shall fulfil Thy boundless praise? 
Blest are the souls that fear Thee still, 
And pay their duty to Thy will. 

3 Remember what Thy mercy did 
For Jacob's race, Thy chosen seed ; 
And with the same salvation bless 
The meanest suppliant of Thy grace. 

4 O ! may I see Thy tribes rejoice, 
And aid their triumphs with my voice ! 
This is my glory, Lord, to be 

Joined to Thy saints, and near to Thee. 

PS. 110 First Part. 

1 Thus God, th' eternal Father, spake 

To Christ the Son: "Ascend and sit 
At My right hand, till I shall make 
Thy foes submissive at Thy feet. 

2 " From Zion shall Thy word proceed ; 

Thy word, the sceptre in Thy hand, 
Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed, 
And bow their wills to Thy command. 

3 " That day will show Thy power is great, 

When saints shall flock with willing 
And sinners crowd Thy temple gate, 
Where holiness in beauty shines." 

4 O blessed power ! O glorious day ! 

What a large victory shall ensue ! 
And converts, who Thy grace obey, 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 

Ps. 127 

1 Except the Lord our labours bless, 
In vain shall we desire success ; 
Except His guardian power restrain,. 
The watchman waketh but in vain. 

2 'Tis useless toil our stores to keep — 
Early to rise, and late to sleep — 
Unless the Lord, who reigns on high,. 
His providential care supply. 

3 Grant, Lord, that we may ever flee, 
For guidance and for help to Thee ; 
Thy blessing ask, whate'er we do, 
And in Thy strength our work pursue. 

JbL. oJi Address to the Trinity. 

1 Father of all, whose love profound, 
A ransom for our souls hath found ; 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ; 
To us Thy pardoning love extend. 

2 Almighty Son, incarnate Word, 

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord,. 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ; 
To us Thy saving grace extend. 

3 Eternal Spirit, by whose breath 

The soul is raised from sin and death, 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ; 
To us Thy quickening power extend. 

4 Jehovah! Father, Spirit, Son, 
Mysterious Godhead, Three in One ! 
Before Thy throne we sinners bend j 
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend. 




Iokez Pleyel, Died 1830. 






1. When we, our wea - ry limbs to ■ rest, Sat down by proud Eu - phra - tes' stream, 






jf^ a^j 








We wept, with dole - ful thoughts op- press'd, And Zi -on was our mourn-ful theme 

J^U- , . .i . .I ..J4 




Ps. 137 

2 Ouk harps that, when with joy we sung, 

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear, 
With silent strings neglected hung 
On willow trees that wither'd there. 

3 O Salem, our once happy seat, 

When I of thee forgetful prove,* 
Let then my trembling hand forget 
The speaking strings with art to move. 

4 If I to mention thee forbear, 

Perpetual silence be my doom ; 
Or if my chiefest joy compare 
With thee, Jerusalem, my home ! 

Ps. 141 

1 My God, accept my early vows, 

like morning incense, in Thine house ; 
And let my nightly worship rise 
Sweet as the evening sacrifice. 

2 Watch o'er my lips, andguardthem, Lord, 
From every rash and heedless word ; 
Nor let my feet incline to tread 

The guilty path where sinners lead. 

3 O may the righteous, when I stray, 
Smite and reprove my wandering way ; 
Their gentle words, like ointment shed, 
Shall never bruise, but cheer my head. 

4 When I behold them pressed with grief, 
I'll cry to heaven for their relief ; 

And by my warm petitions prove 
How much I prize their faithful love. 

Ps. 143 

1 My righteous Judge, my gracious God, 
Hear when I spread my hands abroad, 
And cry for succour from Thy throne : 

make Thy truth and mercy known. 

2 For Thee I thirst, I pray, I mourn ; 
When will Thy smiling face return? 
Shall all my joys on earth remove, 
And God for ever hide His love ? 

3 Break off my fetters, Lord, and show 
The path in which my feet should go ; 
If snares and foes beset the road, 

1 flee to hide me near my God. 

4 Teach me to do Thy holy will, 
And lead me to Thy heavenly hill ; 
Let the good Spirit of Tby love 
Conduct me to Thy courts above. 

Christ our Teacher. 

H. 66 

1 How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound 

From lips of gentleness and grace, 
When list'ning thousands gather'd round, 
And joy and rev'rence filled the place. 

2 From heav'n He came, of heav'n He spoke, 

To heav'n He led His followers' way ; 
Dark clouds of gloomy night He broke, 
Unveiling an immortal day. 

3 " Come, wanderers, to my Father's home, 

Come, all ye weary ones, and rest ! " 
Yes ! sacred Teacher, we will come, 
Obey Thee, love Thee, and be blest I 




K. R., 1866. 


1. Look down, Lord, with pity - ing eye, See Ad-am's race in ru-in lie ; 

- - jJLjj 













r 3 * 


Sin spreads its tro-phies o'er the ground, And scat - ters slaugh-tered heaps a-round. 





O ^ 




-ts> — s 




JA. .Z.Z4 Regeneration by the Spirit. 

2 And can these mouldering corpses live ? 
And can these perished bones revive ? 
That, mighty God, to Thee is known ; 
That wondrous work is all Thine own. 

3 Thy ministers are sent in vain, 
To prophesy upon the slain ; 

In vain they call, in vain they ciy, 
Till Thine almighty aid is nigh. 

4 But if Thy Spirit deign to breathe, 
Life spreads thro' all the realms of death, 
Dry bones obey Thy powerful voice ; 
They move, they waken, they rejoice. 

5 So, when Thy trumpet's awful sound 
Shall shake the heavens and rend the 

Dead saints shall from their tombs arise, 
And spring to life beyond the skies. 

PS. 145 Third Part. 

1 O Lord, Thou art my God and King ; 

Thee will I magnify and praise : 
I will Thee bless, and gladly sing 
Unto Thy holy name always. 

2 Each day I rise I will Thee bless, 

And praise Thy name time without end. 
Much to be praised, and great God is ; 
His greatness none can comprehend. 

3 Race shall Thy works praise unto race, 

The mighty acts show done by Thee. 
I will speak of the glorious grace, 
And honour of Thy majesty. 

4 Thy wondrous works I will record ; 

By men the might shall be extolled, 
Of all Thy dreadful acts, O Lord : 
And I Thy greatness will unfold. 

5 They utter shall abundantly 

The memory of Thy goodness great ; 
And shall sing praises cheerfully, 

"Whilst they Thy righteousness relate. 

Ps. 147 

1 Praise ye the Lord ; 'tis good to raise 
Our hearts and voices in His praise : 
His nature and His works invite 

To make this duty our delight. 

2 Great is our Lord, and great His might, 
And all His glories infinite ; 

He crowns the meek, rewards the just, 
And treads the wicked to the dust. 

3 Sing to the Lord, exalt Him high, 
Who spreads His clouds around the sky; 
There He prepares the fruitful rain, 
Nor lets the drops descend in vain. 

4 He makes the grass the hills adorn, 
And clothes the smiling fields with corn ; 
The beasts with food His hands supply, 
And feed the ravens when they cry. 

5 His saints are lovely in His sight ; 
He views His children with delight ; 
He sees then hope, He knows their fear, 
And finds and loves His image there. 


^m ^^^ ^m 

1. When I survey the wond'rous cross, On which the Prince of glory died, My richest gain I count but loss, 

m tf mr^ ^ m m^m 44 


And pour contempt on all my pride ; My rich - est gain I count hut loss, And pour contempt on all my pride. 

E ^^F^^F^^^ 

H. 352 Crucifixion by the Cross: 

2 Forbid, it, Lord, that I should boast, 
Save in the death of Christ, my God ; 
All the vain things that charm me most, 
I sacrifice them to His blood. 

3 See, from His head, His hands, His feet, 
Sorrow and love flow mingled down ; 
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, 
Or thorns compose so rich a crown ? 

4 His dying crimson, like a robe, 
Spreads o'er His body on the tree ; 
Then am I dead to all the globe, 
And all the globe is dead to me. 

6 Were the whole realm of nature mine, 
That were a present far too small ; 
Love so amazing, so divine, 
Demands my soul, my life, my all. 

Ps. 136 

1 Give to our God immortal praise ; 
Mercy and truth are ah His ways ; 
Wonders of grace to God belong, 
Repeat His mercies in your song. 

2 He built the earth, He spread the sky, 
And fixed the starry lights on high : 
Wonders of grace to God belong, 
Repeat His mercies in your song. 

3 He fills the sun with morning light, 
He bids the moon direct the night : 
His mercies ever shall endure, [more. 
When suns and moons shall shine no 

4 He sent His Son with power to save 
From guilt, and darkness, and the grave: 
Wonders of grace to God belong, 
Repeat His mercies in 'your song. 

5 Thro' this vain world He guides our feet, 
And leads us to His heavenly seat : 
His mercies ever shall endure, 

When this vain world shall be no more. 

JlL Ol Christ the Priest, King and Judge. 

1 Now to the Lord that makes us know 
The wonders of His dying love, 

Be humble honours paid below, 
And strains of nobler praise above. 

2 'Twas He that cleansed our foulest sins, 
And washed us in His richest blood ; 
'Tis He that makes us priests and kings, 
And brings us rebels near to God. 

3 To Jesus our atoning Priest, 
To Jesus our exalted King, 

Be everlasting power confessed, 
And every tongue His glory sing. 

4 Behold, on flying clouds He comes, 
And every eye shall see Him move ; 
Tho' with our sins we pierced Him once, 
Still He displays His pardoning love. 

5 The unbelieving world shall wail, 
While we rejoice to see the day ; 
Come, Lord, nor let Thy promise fail, 
Nor let Thy chariots long delay. 



War. Tansub, 1735. 


1. Praise ye the Lord; all na - tare join In work and wor-ship so di-vine ; Let heav'n and earth n- 

Second Part 

2 While realms of joy, and worlds around, 
Their hallelujahs high resound, 
Let saints below and saints above, 
Exulting sing redeeming love. 

S As instruments well timed and strung, 
We'll praise the Lord with heart and 

tongue ; 
While life remains we'll loud proclaim 
High hallelujahs to His name. 

4 Beyond the grave, in nobler strains, 
When freed from sorrow, sin, and pains, 
Eternally the church will raise 
High hallelujahs to His praise. 

Ji. 7o Christ our Example. 

1 And is the gospel peace and love ? 

So let our conversation be ; 
The serpent blended with the dove, 
Wisdom and meek simplicity. 

2 Whene'er the angry passions rise, [strife, 

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to 
On Jesus let us fix our eyes, 

Bright pattern of the Christian life. 

3 ! how benevolent and kind ! 

How mild, how ready to forgive ; 
Be His the temper of our mind, 
And His the rule by which we live. 

4 To do His heavenly Father's will, 

Was His employment and delight ; 
H umili ty and holy zeal 

Shone through His life divinely bright. 

Dispensing good where'er He came, 
The labours of His life were love : 

If then we love our Saviour's name, 
Let His divine example move. 

6 But ah ! how blind, how weak we are, 
How frail, how apt to turn aside ; 
Lord, we depend upon Thy care, 
And ask Thy Spirit for our guide. 

H . \Z5 Praise to the Lamb. 

1 Come, let us sing the song of songs — 
The saints in heaven began the strain — 
The homage which to Christ belongs: 
"Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain." 

2 Slain to redeem us by His blood, 
To cleanse from every sinful stain, 
And make us kings and priests to God — 
"Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain." 

3 To Him who suffered on the tree, 
Our souls, at His soul's price, to gain, 
Blessing, and praise, and glory be : 

" Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain." 

4 To Him enthroned by filial right, 

All power in heaven and earth proclaim, 

Honour, and majesty, and might : 

" Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain." 

5 Long as we live, and when we die, 
And while in heaven with Him we reign, 
This song our song of songs shall be, 

" Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain." 



feUd-Ui ^ 

1. Great God, at-tend to my com-plaint, Nor let my droop-ing spi - rit faint- 


4S — S>- 



g fe^jj 

When foes in se - cret spread the snare, Let my sal - va - tion be Thy care. 

pJ J- ~ ^ ^ ■*=- ^ a - 








Ps. 64 

2 Shield me without, and guard within, 
From treacherous foes and deadly sin ; 
May envy, lust, and pride depart, 
And heavenly grace expand my heart. 

3 Thy justice and Thy power display, 
And scatter far Thy foes away ; 
While listening nations learn Thy word, 
And saints triumphant bless the Lord. 

4 Then shall Thy church exalt her voice, 
And all that love Thy name rejoice ; 
By faith approach Thine awful throne, 
And plead the merits of Thy Son. 

Ps. 79 

1 Behold, O God, what cruel foes 
Thy peaceful heritage invade, 
Thy holy temple stands defiled, 
In dust Thy sacred walls are laid. 

2 The insulting foes, with impious rage, 
Beproach Thy children to their face : 
"Where is your God of boasted power, 
And where the promise of His grace ?" 

3 Deep from the prison's horrid gloom, 
O hear the mourning captive sigh, 
And let Thy sovereign power reprieve 
The trembling souls condemned to die. 

4 So shall Thy children, freed from death, 
Eternal songs of honour raise, 

And every future age shall tell 

Thy sovereign power and pardoning grace. 

PS. 89 Third Part. 

1 Bemember, Lord, our mortal state, 
How frail our life, how short its date ! 
Where is the man that draws his breath, 
Safe from disease, secure from death? 

2 Lord, while we see whole nations die, 
Our flesh and strength repine and cry, 
"Must death for ever rage and reign? 
Or hast Thou made mankind in vain ? 

3 "Where is Thy promise to the just? 
Are not Thy servants turned to dust ?" 
But faith forbids these mournful sighs, 
And sees the sleeping dust arise. 

4 That glorious hour, that dreadful day, 
Wipes the reproach of saints away, 
And clears the honour of Thy word : 
Awake, our souls, and bless the Lord. 

Ps. 140 

1 O Thou Breserver of mankind, [God I 
Our hope, our shield, our strength, our 
Thou hast an ear to prayer inclined ; 
Our cries have reached Thy dread abode. 

2 Our cause Thy justice will maintain, 
Avenge th' oppressed and guard the poor : 
Ne'er shall Thy children ask in vain, 
And our proud foes shall boast no more. 

3 Their banded hosts shall fly, or fall ; 
A shaking leaf their thousands chase ; 
Our God shall hear our nation's call, 
We shall be saved, and sing His praise. 



Rev. Cesar Malan, 1830. 






rJ rJ I tt; 



1. Why do the wick - ed boast of sin, And steel their hearts a - gainst the Lord? 



^-H? = g I ^-'=2- 

> — j g 










Z _B 






His good-ness shall for ev - er shine ; For ev - er stand His ho - ly word. 

= ^ I * 


-p— f* 






^- p-p^^ . 



Ps. 52 

2 But in Thy courts will I be seen, 
Growing in faith and hope and love, 
Like olives fair and fresh and green, 
Anji ripening for the world above. 

3 There will I learn Thy glory, Lord, 
And songs for all Thy goodness raise ; 
There will I wait to hear Thy Word, 
"While listening saints approve the praise. 




God' s Faithfulness. 

Praise, everlasting praise, be paid 
To Him that earth's foundation laid ! 
Praise to the God whose strong decrees 
Sway the creation as He please. 

2 Praise to the goodness of the Lord, 
Who rules His people by His word ; 
And there, as strong as His decrees, 
He sets His kindest promises. 

3 Firm are the words His prophets give, 
Sweet words, on which His children live ; 
Each of them is the voice of God, 
Who spoke, and spread the skies abroad. 

4 Each of them powerful as that sound. 

That bid the new-made world go round ; 

And stronger than the solid poles, 

On which the wheel of nature rolls. r ■ a 


5 Whence then should doubts and fears 
Why tric k ling sorrows drown our eyes ? 
Slowly, alas ! our mind receives 

The comforts that our Maker gives. 

6 O ! for a strong and lasting faith 
To credit what th' Almighty saith ! 
T' embrace the message of His Son, 
And call the joys of heaven our own. 

id. loo Prayer for the Spirit's Influences. 

1 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With light and comfort from above ; 
Be Thou our guardian, Thou our guide ; 
O'er every thought and step preside. 

2 The light of truth to us display, 

And make us know and choose Thy way ; 
Plant holy fear in every heart, 
That we from God may not depart. 

3 Lead us to holiness — the road 

That we must take to dwell with God ; 
Lead us to Christ, the living way, 
Nor let us from His precepts stray. 

4 Lead us to God, our final rest, 
In His enjoyment to be blest; 
Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss, 
Where pleasure in perfection is. 

H. 487 Close of Worship. 

Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, 
Help us to feed upon Thy word ; 
All that has been amiss forgive, 
And let Thy truth within us live. 
2 Though we are guilty, Thou art good ; 
Wash all our works in Jesus' blood : 
Give every fettered soul release, 
And bid us all depart hi peace. 


SflOEL. L. M. 

Thomas Shoel, 1810. 



-00Z- — &>(- 








1. Bu - ried in sha-dows of the night, We lie till Christ re-stores the light ; 






"Wis-dom de-scends to heal the blind, And chase the dark - nes> of the mind 

H i • n fLS /*i j ] i 

— -•- i l-e»- 











TT . 0.2 C%n'si our Wisdom and Righteousness. 

2 Our guilty souls are drowned in tears, 
Till His atoning blood appears ; 
Then we awake from deep distress, 
And sing " The Lord our righteousness." 

3 Poor helpless worms in Thee possess 
Grace, wisdom, power, and righteousness; 
Thou art our mighty all, and we 

Give our whole selves, O Lord, to Thee. 

XI. 99 Sympathy of Christ. 

1 Where high the heavenly temple stands, 
The house of God not made with hands, 
A great High Priest our nature wears, 
The Advocate of saints appears. 

2 He who for men in mercy stood, 

And poured on earth His precious blood, 
Pursues in heaven His plan of grace, 
The Saviour of the chosen race. 

3 Though now ascended up on high, 
He bends on earth a brother's eye ; 
Partaker of the human name, 

Pie knows the frailty of our frame. 

4 Our fellow-sufferer yet retains 
A fellow-feeling of our pains ; 
And still remembers in the skies, 
His tears, and agonies, and cries. 

5 In every pang that rends the heart, 
The Man of sorrows had a part ; 
He sympathizes in our grief, 

And to the sufferer sends relief. 

6 "With boldness, therefore, at the throne, 
Let us make all our sorrows known ; 
And ask the aids of heavenly power, 
To help us in the evil hour. 

M. 1.29 The Spirit Eternal and Almighty. 

1 Eternal Spirit, we confess 

And sing the wonders of Thy grace ; 
Thy power conveys our blessings down, 
From God the Father, and the Son. 

2 Enlightened by Thy heavenly ray, 
Our shades and darkness turn to day ; 
Thine inward teachings make us know 
Our danger, and our refuge too. 

3 Thy power and glory work within, 
And break the chains of reigning sin ; 
Do our imperious lusts subdue, 

And form our wretched hearts anew. 

4 The troubled conscience knows Thy voice, 
Thy cheering words awake our joys ; 
Thy words allay the storcny wind, 
And calm the surges of the mind. 

H. 491 Parting. 

1 Come, Christian brethren, ere we part, 
Join every voice and every heart ; 
One solemn hymn to God we raise, 
One final song of grateful praise. 

2 Christians, we here may meet no more ; 
But there is yet a happier shore ; 

And there, released from toil and pain, 
Dear brethren, we shall meet again. 


Dk. Thos. Taxlis, 1567. 



-0 & 






Praise God from whom all bless - ings flow ; Praise Him all crea-tures here be - low ; 











Praise Him 






a - bove, ye heav'n-ly host ; Praise Fa-ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost. 

& -£. -£i ^z 
-fH" »~T » £ ' g= n-f^-T-^— T-cr f— jtP 








An Evening Hymn. 

Glory to Thee, my God, this night, 
For all the blessings of the light ; 
Keep me, O keep me, King of kings, 
Beneath Thine own almighty wings. 

2 Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, 
The ills that I this day have done ; 
That with the world, myself and Thee, 
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

3 Teach me to live that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; - 
Teach me to die, that so I may 
Rise, glorious, at the awful day. 

4 Oh ! let my soul on Thee repose, 

And may sweet sleep my eyelids close ; 
Sleep that shall me more vigorous make, 
To serve my God, when I awake. 

5 If in the night I sleepless lie, 

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply ; 
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest, 
No powers of darkuess me molest. 

6 Oh ! when shall I, in endless day, 
For ever chase dark sleep away ; 
And hymns divine with angels sing ! 
Glory to Thee, eternal King. 

XL. 4oo Morning Hymn. 

1 Awake, my soul, and with the sun, 
Thy daily stage of duty run ; 
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise, 
To pay thy morning sacrifice. 

2 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew, 
Scatter my sins as morning dew ; 
Guard my first springs of thought and will, 
And with Thyself my spirit fill. 

3 Direct, control, suggest this day, 
All I design, or do, or say ; 

That all my powers, with all my might, 
In Thy sole glory may unite. 

4 All praise to Thee who safe hast kept 
And hast refreshed me while I slept ; 
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall 
I may of endless life partake. [wake, 

Ps. 41 

1 Blest is the man whose heart can move 

And melt with pity to the poor, 
Whose soul, by sympathizing love, 
Feels what his fellow-saints endure. 

2 His heart contrives for their relief 

More good than his own hands can do : 
He, in the time of general grief, 
Shall find the Lord has mercy too. 

3 His soid shall live secure on earth, 

"With secret blessings on his head, 
When drought, and pestilence, and dearth, 
Around him multiply their dead. 

4 Or if he languish on his couch, 

God will pronounce his sins forgiven, 
Will save him with a healing touch, 
Or take his willing soul to heaven. 



Martin Ltjtheb. 

sin - ner's stay? How shall lie meet that dread - fill day? How shall he meet that dread - ful dav? 

n i i 











^— p- 





Jti. tLUU Prayer answered by Crosses. 

1 I asked the Lord that I might grow 

In faith, and love, and every grace '; 
Might more of His salvation know, 
And seek more earnestly His face. 

2 'Twas He who taught me thus to pray, 

And He, I trust, has answered prayer ; 
But it has been in such a way, 
As almost drove me to despair. 

3 I hoped that in some favoured hour, 

At once He'd answer my request ; 

And, by His love's constraining power, 

Subdue my sins, and give me rest. 

4 Instead of this, He made me feel 

The hidden evils of my heart. 
And let the angry powers of hell 
Assault my soul in every part. 

5 Yea, more ; with His own hand He seemed 

Intent to aggravate my woe ; 
Crossed all the fan designs I schemed, 
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low. 

6 "Lord, why is this ?" I trembling cried, 

"Wilt Thou pursue Thy worm to 
death ?" 
" 'Tis in this way," the Lord replied, 
" I answer prayer for grace and faith." 

7 " These inward trials I employ 

From self and pride to set thee free, 
And break thy schemes of earthly joy, 
That thou may'st seek thine all in Me.' r 

H. 661 The Day of Wrath. 

2 Whex, shrivelling like a parched scroll, 
The flaming heavens together roll ; 
"When louder yet, and yet more dread, 
Swells the high tramp that wakes the dead. 

3 O ! on that day, that wrathful day, 
When man to judgment wakes from clay, 
Be Thou the trembling sinner's stay, 
Tho' heaven and earth shall jDass away. 

Jtl . DOO Coming of the Lord. 

1 The Lord shall come ! the earth shall 

The mountains to then - centre shake, 
And, withering from the vault of night, 
The stars withdraw their feeble light. 

2 The Lord shall come ! but not the same 
As once in lowly form He came ; 

A silent Lamb before His foes, 
A weary man, and full of woes. 

3 The Lord shall come ! a dreadful form 
With wreath of flame, and robe of storm, 
On cherub wings, and wings of wind, 
Anointed Judge of human kind. 

4 Can this be He who wont to stray 
A pilgrim on the world's highway, 

By power oppressed, and mocked by pride, 
The Nazarene, the Crucified ? 

5 While sinners in despair shall call, 

" Rocks, hide us ! mountains, on us fall !" 
The saints, ascending from the tomb, 
Shall sing for joy, " the Lord is come !" 



Western Melody. 


m 2 J — m- 


1. Blest Je - sus, when Thy cross I view, That mys-tery to th' an - ge - lie host, 

rfl jt__?t i i*- ■*■ ■*■ - JS- 










I gaze with grief and rap - ture too, And all my soul's in won - der lost. 









XX. 114: Praise for Redemption. fbreast 

2 What strange compassion filled Thy 

That brought Thee from Thy throne on 
To woes that cannot be expressed, [high. 
. To be despised, to groan and die ! 

3 Was it for man, rebellious man, 

Sunk by his crimes below the grave, 
Who, justly doomed to endless pain, 
Found none to pity or to save ? 

4 For man didst Thou forsake the sky, 

To bleed upon the accursed tree ? 
And didst Thou taste of death, to buy 
Immortal life and bliss for me ? 

5 Had I a voice to praise Thy name, 

Loud as the trump that wakes the dead, 
Had I the raptured seraph's flame, 
My debt of love could ne'er be paid. 

6 Yet, Lord, a sinner's heart receive, 

This burdened contrite heart of mine ; 
Thou know'st I've nought beside to give; 
And let it be for ever Thine. 

H. x2iO Praise to CJirist. 

X Thou only sovereign of my heart, 
My Refuge, my almighty Friend ; 
And can my soul from Thee depart, 
On whom alone my hopes depend? 

2 Eternal life Thy words impart, 

On Thee my fainting spirit fives ; 
Here sweeter comfort cfieers my heart, 
Than all the round of nature gives. 

3 Let earth's alluring joys combine ; 

While Thou art near, in vain they call; 
One smile, one blissful smile of Thine, 
My dearest Lord, outweigfis tfiem alL 

4 Tfiy name my inmost powers adore ; 

Thou art my life, my joy, my care ; 
Depart from Thee? — 'tis deatfi — 'tis more I 
'Tis endless ruin — deep despair ! 

5 Low at Tfiy feet my soul would fie ; 

Here safety dwells, and peace divine ; 
Still let me five beneatfi Tfiine eye, 
For life, eternal life is Tfiine. 

-U. 579 Wrestling for a Gracious Visitation. 

1 While filled witfi sadness and dismay 

To see tfie work of God decline, 
Methougfit I heard the Saviour say, 
" Dismiss thy fear, the ark is Mine. 

2 " Though for a time I hid My face, 

Rely upon My love and power ; 
Still wrestle at the throne of grace, 
And wait for a reviving hour. 

3 " Take down thy long neglected harp, 

I've seen thy tears, and heard thy 
prayers ; 
The winter season has been sharp, 
But spring shall all its wastes repair." 

4 Lord, I obey, my hopes revive ; 

Come, join with me, ye saints, and sing ; 
Our foes in vain against us strive, 
For God will help and triumph bring. 



Israel Holdrayd, 1753. 













cJ ' * 



1 God, in the gos - pel of His Son, Makes His e - ter - nal coun-sels known; 

r *Q 


*fl » ^ i g— & 

^rin nc 











Where love in all its glo - ry shines, And truth is drawn in fair - est lines. 

ri? . m _ eJ f=^-H« B» P ■■ r^ . i * — - — =— — , "f~ *Q - 







TT . 152 Fulness of the Gospel. 

2 Here sinners of an humble frame, 
May taste His grace and learn His name ; 
May read, in characters of blood, 

The wisdom, power, and grace of God. 

3 The prisoner here may break his chains ; 
The weary rest from all his pains ; 
The captive feel his bondage cease ; 
The mourner find the way of peace. 

4 Here faith reveals to mortal eyes 

A brighter world beyond the skies ; [way 
Here shines the light which guides our 
From earth to realms of endless day. 

5 O grant us grace, almighty Lord, 
To read and mark Thy holy word ; 
Its truth with meekness to receive, 
And by its holy precepts live. 

n . ±1 God's Condescension to the Humble. 

1 Thus saith the high and lofty One, 
" I sit upon My holy throne ; 

My name is God ; I dwell on high ; 
Dwell in My own eternity. 

2 " But I descend to worlds below ; 
On earth I have a mansion too ; 
The humble spirit and contrite 
Is an abode of My delight. 

3 "The humble souls My words revive, 
I bid the mourning sinner live ; 
Heal all the broken hearts I find, 
And ease the sorrows of the mind. 

4 "When I contend against their sin, 

I make them know how vile they've been;. 
But should My wrath for ever smoke, 
Then souls would sink beneath My 

5 O ! may Thy pardoning grace be nigh, 
Lest we should faint, despair, and die, 
Thus shall our better thoughts approve 
The methods of Thy chastening love. 

H. 166 Christ the Lamb Slain. 

1 Behold the sin-atoning Lamb, 

With wonder, gratitude and love ; 
To take away our guilt and shame, 
See Him descending from above ! 

2 Our sins and griefs on Him were laid; 

He meekly bore the mighty load ; 
Our ransom-price He fully paid, 

In groans and tears, in sweat and blood. 

3 To save a guilty world He dies ; 

Sinners, behold the bleeding Lamb! 
To Him lift up your longing eyes, 
And hope for mercy in His name. 

4 Pardon and peace through Him abound ; 

He can the richest blessings give ; 
Salvation in His name is found, 
He bids the dying sinner live. 

5 Jesus, My Lord, I look to Thee ; 

Where else can helpless sinners go ?' 
Thy boundless love shall set me free 
From all my wretchedness and woe. 



Samuel Stanley. 1810. 

1. Come, dear - est Lord, who reign'st a-bove, And d raw me with the cords of love, 


And while the gos-pel does a - bound, O! may I know the joy- ful sound! 


s>— ts>- 







XX, JL Oo The Gospel's joyful Sound. 

2 Sweet are the tidings, free the grace, 
It brings to our apostate race ; 

It spreads a heavenly light around ; 
O! may I know the joyful sound ! 

3 The gospel bids the sin-sick soul 
Look up to Jesus and be whole ; 

In Him are peace and pardon found ; 
O ! may I know the joyful sound ! 

4 It stems the tide of swelling grief ; 
Affords the needy sure relief; 
Releases those by Satan bound ; 

O ! may I know the joyful sound! 

XX. lOO Tlie Excellency of the Christian Religion. 

1 Let everlasting glories crown 

Thy head, my Saviour, and my Lord ; 
Thy hands have brought salvation down, 
And writ the blessings in Thy word. 

2 In vain the trembling conscience seeks 

Some sohd ground to rest upon ; 
With long despair the spirit breaks, 
Till we apply to Christ alone. 

3 How well Thy blessed truths agree ! 

How wise and holy Thy commands ! 
Thy promises, how firm they be ! 

How firm oiu - hope and comfort stands ! 

4 Should all the forms that men devise 

Assault my faith with treacherous art, 
I'll call them vanity and lies, 

And bind the gospel to my heart. 

XX. 2iO\J Reliance on Christ's Righteousness. 

1 No more, my God, I boast no more 

Of all the duties I have done ; 
I quit the hopes I held before, 
To trust the merits of Thy Son. 

2 Now for the love I bear His name, 

What was my gain I count my loss ; 
My former pride I call my shame, 
And nail my glory to His cross. 

3 Yes, and I must and will esteem 

All things but loss for Jesus' sake ; 
O ! may my soul be found in Him, 
And of His righteousness partake. 

4 The best obedience of my hands 

Dares not appear before Thy throne ; 
But faith can answer Thy demands, 
By pleading what my Lord has done. 

XX. _. — ( > Joy in Heaven over Repenting Sinners. 

1 Who can describe the joys that rise, 
Through all the courts of Paradise, 
To see a prodigal return, 

To see an heir of glory born ? 

2 With joy the Father doth approve 
The fruit of His eternal love ; 

The Son with joy looks down and sees 
The purchase of His agonies. 

3 The Spirit takes delight to view 
The holy soul He formed anew ; 
And saints and angels join to sing 
The growing empire of their King. 








i 3 ^^ 



1 'Tis by the faith of joya to come , We walk through des - erts dark as tught, 











Till we ar - rive at heav'n our home, Faith is our guide, and faith our light. 

J ■&■ » t» J ^-r-^ -J -<•- -^ -^ -^ •*■ -^ - -^ 

^^Eg^s ^# ^^^ x i r f-ff 



XI. A\)\- Christian Walking by Faith: 

2 The want of sight she well supplies ; 

She makes the pearly gates appear ; 
Far into distant worlds she pries, 
And brings eternal glories near. 

3 Cheerful we tread the desert through, 

While faith inspires a heavenly ray, 

Though lions roar and tempests blow, 

And rocks and dangers fill the way. 

4 So Abraham, by divine command, 

Left his own house to walk with God ; 
His faith beheld the promised land, 
And fired his zeal along the road. 

H . JiD4c Tlie Voice of Jesus. 

1 When power divine, in mortal form, 
Hushed with a word the raging storm, 
In soothing accents Jesus said, — 

« Lo ! it is I ! be not afraid. " |- heaven 

2 Bless'd be the voice that breathes from 
To every heart in sunder riven, 

When love, and joy, and hope are fled, — 
"Lo! it is I; be not afraid." 

3 And when the last dread hour is come, 
While shuddering nature waits her doom, 
This voice shall call the pious dead, — 
"Lo ! it is I; be not afraid." 

H . 2 79 The Father's House for Me ! [home ! 
1 Thy Father's house ! Thine own bright 

And Thou hast there a place for me ! 
Though yet an exile here I roam, 

That distant home by faith I see. 

2 I see its domes resplendent glow, 

Where beams of God's own glory fall, 

And trees of life immortal grow, [wall. 

Whose fruits o'erhang the sapphire 

3 I know that Thou, who on the tree 

Didst deign our mortal guilt to bear, 
Wilt bring Thine own to dwell with Thee, 
And waitest to receive them there. 

4 Thy love will there array my soul 

In Thine own robe of spotless hue ; 
And I shall gaze, while ages roll, 
On Thee, with raptures ever new. 

5 Oh ! welcome day, when Thou my feet 

Shalt bring the shining threshold o'er, 
A Father's warm embrace to meet, 
And dwell at home for evermore. 

Jll. .280 Hope in God. 

1 The God of my salvation lives ; 

My nobler life He will sustain ; 
His word immortal vigour gives, 

Nor shall my glorious hopes be vain. 

2 Thy presence, Lord, can cheer my heart, 

Though every earthly comfort die ; 
Thy smile can bid my pains depart, 
And raise my sacred pleasures high. 

3 Oh ! let me hear Thy blissful voice, 

Inspiring life and joy divine ; 
The barren desert shall rejoice ; 
'Tis paradise, if Thou art mine. 


German Aib, Arranged bt Mason, 1832. 








Praise God from whom all bless - ings flow ; Praise Him all crea-tures here 

Be - low ; 














Praise Him a - bove, ye heav'n - ly host ; Praise Fa-ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost. 

^ j + M 












XX . o4:S Renouncing the World. 

1 I send the joys of earth away ; 

Away ye tempters of the mind, 
False as the smooth, deceitful sea, 
And empty as the whistling wind. 

2 Tour streams were floating me along, 

Down to the gulf of black despair ; 
And whilst I listened to your song, 
Your streams had e'en conveyed me 

3 Lord, I adore Thy matchless grace, 

That warned me of that dark abyss, 
That drew me from those treacherous 
And bade me seek superior bliss. 

4 Now to the sinning realms above, 

I stretch my hands, and glance my eyes; 
for the pinions of a dove, 
To bear me to the upper skies. 

5 There, from the bosom of my God, 

Oceans of endless pleasure roll ; 
There would I fix my last abode, 
And drown the sorrows of my soul. 

XX. ZOO Jesus our Righteousness. 

1 Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness 
My beauty are, my glorious dress ; 
'Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed, 
With joy shall I lift up my head. 

2 When from the dust of earth I rise 
To claim my mansion in the skies, 
E'en then shall this be all my plea, 
"Jesus hath hved and died for me." 

3 Lord, I believe Thy precious blood, 
Which at the mercy-seat of God 
For ever doth for sinners plead, 
For me, e'en for my soul, was shed. 

4 This spotless robe the same appears, 
When rained nature sinks in years ; 
No age can change its glorious hue, 
The robe of Christ is ever new. 

5 Oh ! let the dead now hear Thy voice, 
Now bid Thy banished ones rejoice ; 
Their beauty this, their glorious dress, 
Jesus, the Lord our Eighteousness ! 

XX. Oil Latter-day Glory. 

1 Though now the nations sit beneath 
The darkness of o'erspreading death, 
God will arise with light divine, 

On Zion's holy towers shine. 

2 That light shall glance on distant lands, 
And heathen tribes, in joyful bands, 
Come with exulting haste to prove 
The power and greatness of His love. 

3 Lord, may the triumphs of Thy grace 
Abound, while righteousness and peace, 
In mild and lovely forms, display 

The glories of the latter day. 


F O E E S T. L. M. 

A. Chapin, 1823. 





*| rJ—rl 


He by whose kind care we meet, Send His good Spi - rit from a 

? — * — r^ ■ ■ _ ■ ^f -p — - 


■w-^r -- 

f-t— i — i^i - 









Wt & ^ Trf 



"~ Z7 
our com - u - ni 

ca-tions sweet, And cause our hearts to burn with love. 


\ m W 

- r r? 


H. 485 Social Worship. 

2 Forgotten be each earthly theme, 
When Christians see each other thus ; 
"We only wish to speak of Him, 

"Who lived, and died, and reigns, for us. 

3 We'll talk of all He did and said, 
And suffered for us here below ; 
The path He marked for us to tread, 
And what He's doing for us now. 

4 Thus as the moments pass away, 
We'll love, and wonder, and adore ; 
And hasten on the glorious day, 
When we shall meet to part no more. 

n . 49 Z Sabbath Morning. 

1 Come, dearest Lord, and bless this day, 
Come, bear our thoughts from earthaway; 
Now, let our noblest passions rise, 
With ardour to their native skies. 

2 Come, Holy Spirit, all divine, 
With rays of light upon us shine ; 
And let our waiting souls be blessed, 
On this sweet day of sacred rest. 

3 Then, when our Sabbaths here are o'er, 
And we arrive on Canaan's shore, 
With all the ransomed we shall spend 
A Sabbath which shall never end. 

ii. Oo<7 Prayer for Baptized Children: 
1 Great Saviour who didst condescend 
Young children in Thine arms to embrace, 
Still prove Thyself the infants' Friend, 
Baptize them with Thy cleansing grace. 

2 Whilst in the slippery paths of youth, 
Be Thou their Guardian and their Guide, 
That they, directed by Thy truth, 
May never from Thy precepts slide. 

3 To love Thy word then hearts incline, 
To understand it, light impart ; 

O Saviour, consecrate them Thine, 
Take full possession of their heart. 

H. 544 Self-Dedication to God. 

1 Lord, I am Thine, entirely Thine, 
Purchased and saved by blood divine ; 
With full consent Thine I would be, 
And own Thy sovereign right in me. 

2 Grant one poor sinner more a place 
Among the children of Thy grace ; 
A wretched sinner lost to God, 
But ransomed by Immanuel's blood. 

3 Thine would I live, Thine would I die, 
Be Thine through all eternity ; 

The vow is past beyond repeal ; 
Now will I set the solemn seal. 

4 Here at that cross where flows the blood 
That bought my guilty soul for God ; 
Thee, my new Master, now I call, 

And consecrate to Thee my all. 

5 Do Thou assist a feeble worm 
The great engagement to perform ; 
Thy grace can full assistance lend, 
And on that grace I dare depend. 



Joseph Haydn, Died 1809. 

1. New ev'-ry morn-ing is the love Our wak' -ning and up - ris - iiig prove ; 

Through sleep and dark-ness safe - ly brought, He-stored to life, and power, and thought. 






Ji. 440 God's Service in All Things. 

2 New mercies each returning day 
Hover around us while we pray ; 
New perils past, new sins forgiven, 
New thoughts of God, new hopes of 


3 If on our daily course our mind 
Be set to hallow all we find, 

New treasures still, of countless price, 
God will provide for sacrifice. 

4 The trivial round, the common task, 
Would furnish all we ought to ask ; 
Room to deny ourselves, a road 

To bring us daily nearer God. 

5 Only, Lord, in Thy dear love, 
Fit us for perfect rest above ; 
And help us, this and every day, 
To live more nearly as we pray. 

JlL. 4o0 Retirement and Meditation. 

1 My God, permit me not to be 
A stranger to myself and Thee ; 
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove, 
Forgetful of my highest love. 

2 "Why should my passions mix with earth, 
And thus debase my heavenly birth ? 
Why should I cleave to things below, 
And let my God, my Saviour, go ? 

3 Call me away from flesh and sense ; 
One sovereign word can draw me thence ; 
I would obey the voice divine, 

And all inferior joys resign. 

4 Be earth, with all her scenes, withdrawn ; 
Let noise and vanity be gone ; 
In secret silence of the mind, 
My heaven, and there my God, I find. 

Ji. 4bi Delight in Ordinances. 

1 Far from my thoughts, vain world, be- 
Let my religious hours alone ; [gone, 
Fain would my eyes my Saviour see ; 

I wait a visit, Lord, from Thee. 

2 O warm my heart with holy fire, 
And kindle there a pure desire ; 
Come, my dear Jesus, from above, 
And feed my soul with heavenly love* 

3 Blest Jesus, what delicious fare, 
How sweet Thy entertainments are ! 
Never did angels taste above 
Redeeming grace and dying love. 

H . 4oO Prayer for Divine Instruction. 

1 Come, Jesus, heavenly Teacher, come, 
Convey Thine own instructions home; 
While men Thy sacred truth impart, 
'Tis Thine alone to reach the heart. 

2 Whene'er I read or hear Thy word, 
Thine inward teachings, Lord, afford ; 
To me Thy holy will reveal, 

"Unfold the book, and loose the seal. 

3 Call me, O ! call me to Thy feet, 
And there transported may I sit ; 
With joy Thy heavenly features trace> 
And feast upon Thy richest grace. 




Theo. Thobley. 


1. The law com-mands and makes us know What du - ties to our God we owe • 


**- -0- 


h* — i* — »- 

1 »- 




1 — 9 n j i g * - l_^ 1 * r^^i 

But 'tis the gos - pel must re - veal Where lies our strength to do His will. 

XL. 159 The Law and Gospel Contrasted. 

2 The law discovers guilt and sin, 

And shows how vile our hearts have been ; 
Only the gospel can express 
Forgiving love and cleansing grace. 

3 What curses does the law denounce 
Against the man that fails but once ! 
But in the gospel Christ appears, 
Pardoning the guilt of numerous years. 

4 My soul, no more attempt to draw 
Thy life and comfort from the law ; 
Fly to the hope the gospel gives ; 
The man that trusts the promise, lives. 

TT . 202 Repentance. 

1 O ! foe a glance of heavenly day, 
To take this stubborn stone away ; 
And thaw, with beams of love divine, 
This heart, this frozen heart of mine. 

2 The rocks can rend ; the earth can quake ; 
The sea can roar ; the mountains shake ; 
Of feeling all things show some sign, 
But this unfeeling heart of mine. 

3 To hear the sorrows Thou hast felt, 
Dear Lord, an adamant would melt ; 
But I can read each moving line, 
And nothing move this heart of mine. 

4 Thy judgments, too, unmoved I hear, 
(Amazing thought!) which devils fear; 
Goodness and wrath in vain combine, 
To stir this stupid heart of mine. 

5 But power divine can do the deed, 
And much to feel that power I need ; 
Thy Spirit can from dross refine, 
And move and melt this heart of mine. 

H . oL2 The Pleasures of a Good Conscience. 

1 Loed, how secure and blest are they 

Who feel the joys of pardoned sin ; [sea, 
Should storms of wrath shake earth and 
Then' minds have heaven and peace 

2 The day slides swiftly o'er their heads, 

Made up of innocence and love ; 
And soft and silent as the shades, 
Their nightly minutes gently move. 

3 Quick as their thoughts their joys come 

But fly not half so swift away ; [on, 
Then souls are ever bright as noon, 
And calm as summer evenings be. 

4 How oft they look to th' heavenly hills 

Where groves of living pleasure grow, 
And longing hopes and cheerful smiles 
Sit undisturbed upon their brow. 

5 They scorn to seek our golden toys, 

But spend the day and share the night 
In numbering o'er the richer joys, 
That heaven prepares for their delight 

6 While wretched we, like worms and moles, 

Lie grovelling in the dust below ; 
Almighty grace, renew our souls, 
And we'll aspire to glory too. 


Hon. Nahxtm Mitchell, 1812. 
<sj J I i i I : — r4 l~d~l -sj J J I ! i I s = _ tt J I < s t- 


*tr^-5±g= j M=g±^ 






1. Ah ! wretched souls who strive in vain, Slaves to the world, and slaves to sin, 

^ J2 Jl t 

A no - bier toil may I sus - tain ; A no - bier sat - is f ac - tion win. 




-p- g , J--3-„ 






TT . oOU Devotion to Christ. 

2 May I resolve with all my heart, 

With ali my powers to serve the Lord ; 
Nor from His precepts e'er depart, 
Whose service is a rich reward. 

3 O ! be His service all my joy ! 

Around let my example shine, 
Till others love the blest employ, 
And join in labours so divine. 

4 Be this the purpose of my soul, 

My solemn, my determined choice, 
To yield to His supreme control, 
And in His kind commands rejoice. 

5 O ! may I never faint nor tire, 

Nor wandering leave His sacred ways ; 
Great God, accept my soul's desire, 

And give me strength to live Thy 
no^ [praise. 

xl. OO i Prayer for the Divine Presence. 

1 O Thou to whose all-searching sight, 
The darkness shineth as the light ; 
Search, prove my heart, it pants for Thee ; 
O ! burst these bonds, and set it free. 

2 If in this darksome wild I stray, 

Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way ; 

No foes, nor violence I fear, 

Nor fraud, while Thou, my God, art near. 

3 When rising floods my soul o'erflow, 
When sinks my heart in waves of woe ; 
Jesus, Thy timely aid impart, 

And raise my head, and cheer my heart. 

4 Saviour, where'er Thy steps I see, 
Dauntless, untired, I follow Thee ; 
Oh ! let Thy hand support me still, 
And lead me to Thy holy hill. 

5 If rough and thorny be the way, 
My strength proportion to my day ; 
Till toil, and grief, and pain shall cease, 
Where all is calm, and joy, and peace. 

H. 4:11 Hope for the Suffering. 

1 Oh! deem not they are blest alone, 

Whose lives a peaceful tenor keep ; 
For God, who pities man, has shown 
A blessing for the eyes that weep. 

2 The light of smiles shall fill again 

The lids that overflow with tears - f 
And weary hours of woe and pain 
Are promises of happier years. 

3 There is a day of sunny rest 

For every dark and troubled night ; 
And grief may bide an evening guest, 
But joy shall come with early light. 

4 Nor let the good man's trust depart, 

Though life its common gifts deny ; 

Though with a pierced and broken heart, 

And spurned of men, he goes to die. 

5 For God has marked each sorrowing day, 

And numbered every secret tear, 
And heaven's long age of bliss shall pay 
For all His children suffer here. 



F. M. A. Ventja, 1810., 

1. Arm of the Lord, a - wake, a - wake, Put on thy strength, the ua-tions shake, And let the 


4h^ — »— |- 





world, a-dor-ing, see Tri-umphs of rner-cy wrought by Thee — Triumphs of mercy wrought by Thee. 







i- m XJ=M 





H . o9o Payer for Zion's Increase. 

2 Say to the heathen, from Thy throne, 
" I am Jehovah— God alone ; " 

Thy voice their idols shall confound, 
And cast their altars to the ground. 

3 No more let human blood be spilt, 
Vain sacrifice for human guilt ; 
But to each conscience be applied 
The blood that flowed from Jesus' side. 

4 Almighty God, Thy grace proclaim, 
In every land declare Thy name ; 
Let adverse powers before Thee fall, 
And crown the Saviour — Lord of all. 

"FT . 599 Prayer far the Triumph of the Gospel. 

1 O Jesus, let Thy kingdom come ; 
Then sin and hell's terrific gloom 
Shall, at Thy brightness, flee away, 
The dawn of an eternal day. 

2 Then shall the heathen, filled with awe, 
Learn the blest knowledge of Thy law, 
And Antichrist on every shore 

Fall from his throne, to rise no more. 

3 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet, 
In pure devotion, at Thy feet ; 

And. earth shall yield Thee, as Thy due, 
Her fulness, and her glory too. 

4 O that from Zion now might shine 
This heavenly light, this truth divine ; 
Till the whole universe shall be 

But one great temple, Lord, for Thee. 

H. 602 Prayer for the Triumph of tlie Gospel. 

1 Sovereign of worlds, display Thy power, 
Be this Thy Zion's favourejl hour ; 
Bid the bright morning star arise, 
And point the nations to the skies. 

2 Set up Thy throne where Satan reigns, 
On western wilds, and heathen plains ; 
Far let the gospel's sound be known, 
And be the universe Thine own. 

3 Speak, and the world shall hear Thy voice, 
Speak, and the nations shall rejoice ; 
Scatter the shades of moral night, 
With the blest beams of heavenly light. 

"FT . 692 Praise of Heaven. 

1 Hark ! how the choral song of heaven 

Swells full of peace and joy above ; 

Hark ! how they strike their golden harps, 

And raise the tuneful notes of love. 

2 No anxious care, nor thiilling grief, 

No deep despair, nor gloomy woe, 

They feel, when high their lofty strains 

In noblest, sweetest concord flow. 

3 "When shall we join the heavenly host, 

Who sing Immanuel's praise on high, 
And leave behind our doubts and fears, 
To swell the chorus of the sky ? 

4 O ! come thou rapture-bringing morn, 

And usher in the joyful day ; 
We long to see thy rising sun 

Drive all these clouds of grief away. 



W. H. W. Dablet. 





1. Hap-py the church, thou sa-cred place. The seat of thy Cre-a-tor's grace ; Thy ho-ly courts are 


fe C-Qn? i # ^~i*- 





















His a bode, Thou earth - ly pal-ace of our God — Thouearth-ly pal-ace of our God. 

I-*Q-^, - - - -Hi i J J . J^a 











irr p- 




H . Ood (?«Z £A« Defence oftJie Church. 

2 Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates 
A guard of heavenly warriors waits ; 
Nor shah thy deep foundations move, 
Fixed on His counsels and His love. 

3 Thy foes in vain designs engage ; 
Against His tin-one in vain they rage ; 
Like rising waves, with angry roar, 
That dash and die upon the shore. 

4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell, 
Nor fear the wrath of earth and hell ; 
His arms embrace this happy ground, 
Like brazen bulwarks built aroiuid. 

5 God is our shield, and God our sun ; 
Swift as the fleeting moments run, 
On us He sheds new beams of grace, 
And we reflect His brightest praise. 

Ji. Oil' The Great Commission. 

1 " Go, preach My gospel," saith the Lord, 
"Bid the whole earth My grace receive ; 
He shall be saved who trusts My word ; 
He shall be damned that won't believe. 

2 " I'll make your great commission known, 
And ye shall prove My gospel true, 

By all the works that I have done, 
By all the wonders ye shall do. 

■3 " Go heal the sick, go raise the dead ; 
Go cast out devils in My name ; 
Nor let My prophets be afraid, [pheme. 
Though Greeks reproach, and Jews blas- 

4 " Teach all the nations My commands ; 
I'm with you till the world shall end ; 
All power is trusted to My hands, 

I can destroy, and can defend." 

5 He spake, and light shone round His head; 
On a bright cloud to heaven He rode ; 
They to the farthest nations spread 
The grace of then - ascended God. 




Longing for Eeaven. 

Now let our souls, on wings sublime, 
Rise from the vanities of time ; 
Draw back the parting veil, and see 
The glories of eternity. 

2 Born by a new celestial birth, 

Why should we grovel here on earth ? 
Why grasp at transitory toys, 
So near to heaven's eternal joys ? 

3 Shall aught beguile us on the road, 
When we are walking back to God? 
For strangers into life we come, 
And dying is but going home. 

4 Welcome, sweet hour of full discharge, 
That sets our longing souls at large : 
Unbinds our chain, breaks up our cell, 
And gives us with our God to dwell. 

5 To dwell with God, to feel His love, 
Is the full heaven enjoyed above; 
And the sweet expectation now, 

Is the young dawn of heaven below. 



Samuel Holtoke, 1785. 

r -^ i | - - i 

1. Be - hold th'ex - pect - ed time draw near, The shades dis-perse, the dawn ap - pear; 




- fVg- fe 


i^ „ -r . -p -- 








Be - hold the wil - der-ness as - sume 


A * A P- 

The beaut -eous tints of E - den's bloom. 






) 1 =i 1— 




Ji. OUl Approaching Millennium. 

2 The untaught heathen waits to know, 
The joy the gospel will bestow ; 

The exiled captive, to receive / 

The freedom Jesus has to give. 

3 Come, let us with a grateful heart, 
In the blest labour share a part ; 

Our prayers and offerings gladly bring, 
To aid the triumphs of our King. 

4 Invite the world to come and prove 
A Saviour's condescending love ; 
And humbly fall before His feet, 
Assured they shall acceptance meet. 

XX. 59o Prayer for the General Effusion of 

the Spirit. 

1 O Spirit of the living God, 
In all Thy plenitude of grace, 
"Where'er the foot of man hath trod, 
Descend on our apostate race. 

2 Be darkness, at Thy coming, light ; 
Confusion, order in Thy path ; [might ; 
Souls without strength inspire with 
Bid mercy triumph over wrath. 

3 Baptize the nations ; far and nigh, 
The triumphs of the cross record ; 
The name of Jesus glorify, 

Till every kindred call Him Lord. 

4 God from eternity hath willed, 
All flesh shall His salvation see ; 

So be the Father's love fulfilled, [Thee. 
The Saviour's sufferings crowned thro' 

H. 600 Spread of the Gospel. 

1 Ascend Thy throne, almighty King, 

And spread Thy glories all abroad ; 
Let Thine own arm salvation bring, 
And be Thou known the gracious God. 

2 Let millions bow before Thy seat, 

Let humble mourners seek Thy face ; 
Bring daring rebels to Thy feet, 
Subdued by Thy victorious grace. 

3 O let the kingdoms of the world, 

Become the kingdoms of the Lord ; 
Let saints and angels praise Thy name, 
Be Thou through heaven and earth 

JlL . 577 Prayer for Labourers. 

1 Lord of the harvest, bend Thine ear, 
In Zion's heritage appear ; 

O send forth labourers filled with zeal, 
Swift to obey then Master's will. 

2 Our lifted eyes, O Lord, behold, 

The ripening harvest tinged with gold ; 
Wide field's are opening to our view, 
The work is great, the labourers few. 

3 Led by Thine own almighty hand, 
Let Zion's sons, in many a band, 
Arise to bless the dying race, 

As heralds of redeeming grace. 

4 Lord of the harvest, bid them rise, 
Trained by the influence of the skies, 
In wisdom, knowledge, grace to shine. 
Till every kingdom shall be Thine. 



English Tune. 











1. De-scend from heav'n, im - mor - tal Dove, Stoop down and take us on Thy 'wings 

A. H*. _f=2. _£2. 



And mount and bear us far a - bove The reach of 



in - f e - rior thin 






H. 680 Longing for Heaven. 

2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky, 

Up where eternal ages roll, 
"Where solid pleasures never die, 
And fruits immortal feast the soul. 

3 O for a sight, a pleasing sight, 

Of our almighty Father's throne ! 
There sits our Saviour, crowned with 
Clothed in a body like our own. [light, 

■t Adoring saints around Him stand, [fall ; 
And thrones and powers before Him 
TheGod shines gracious through the man, 
And sheds sweet glories on them all. 

5 O what amazing joys they feel, 

While to their golden harps they sing, 
And sit on every heavenly hill, 

And spread the triumphs of then- King. 

6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear, 

That I shall mount to dwell above, 
And stand and bow amongst them there, 
And view Thy face, and sing, and love ? 

H. 676 No Abiding City Here. 

1 We've no abiding city here ; 

We seek a land beyond our sight ; 
Zion its name — the Lord is there ; 
It shines with everlasting light. 

2 Oh ! sweet abode of peace and love, 

Where pilgrims, freed from toil, are 
Had I the pinions of a dove, [blest ! 
I'd fly to Thee, and be at rest. 

3 But hush, my soul, nor dare repine ; 
The time my God appoints is best ; 
While here, to do His will be mine, 
And His to fix my time of rest. 

-LL; Do 7 Home in Eeaven. 

1 As when the weary traveller gains 

The height of some o'erlooking hill, 
His heart revives, if 'cross the pains, 
He eyes his home, though distant still. 

2 While he surveys the much-loved spot, 

He slights the space that hes between ; 
His past fatigues are now forgot, 
Because his journey's end is seen. 

3 Thus when the Christian pilgrim views, 

By faith, his mansion in the skies, 
The sight his fainting strength renews, 
And wings his speed to reach the prize. 

4 The thought of home his spirit cheers, 

No more he grieves for troubles past ; 
Nor any future trial fears, 
So he may safe arrive at last, 

5 'Tis there, he says, I am to dwell, 

With Jesus, in the realms of day ; 
Then I shall bid my cares farewell, 
And He will wipe my tears away. 

6 Jesus, on Thee our hope depends, 

To lead us on to Thine abode ; 
Assured our home will make amends 
For all our toil while on the road. 




1. Stand up, my soul, shake ofi thy fears, And gird the gos - pel ar - mour on; 








,J m — i — 








= :qji 


March to the gates of 

end - less joy, Where Je - sus, thy great Cap-tain's gone. 





,.^-f- # 

3- ^*^»- 





2 Teach us, Lord, to keep in view 
Thy pattern, and Thy steps pursue ; 
Let alms bestowed, let kindness done, 
Be witnessed by each rolling sun. 

3 The man who marks, from day to day, 
In generous acts his radiant way. 
Treads the same path his Saviour trod, 
The path to glory and to God. 

XL. Zo4: Love Essential to Religion. 

1 Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, 
And nobler speech than angels use, 

If love be absent, I am found 

Like tinkling brass, an empty sound. 

2 Were I inspired to preach, and tell 
All that is done in heaven and hell ; 
Or could my faith the world remove, 
Still I am nothing without love. 

3 Should I distribute all my store, 
To feed the bowels of the poor, 
Or give my body to the flame, 

To gain a martyr's glorious name : 

4 If love to God, and love to men, 
Be absent, all my hopes are vain ; 
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal, 
The work of love can e'er fulfil. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow ; 
Praise Him all creatures here below ; 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host ; 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

XI. 394: Christian Warfare: 

1 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, 

And gird the gospel armour on ; 
March to the gates of endless joy, 
Where Jesus, thy great Captain's gone. 

2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course, 

But hell and sins are vanquished foes ; 
Thy Jesus nailed them to the cross, 
And sung the triumph when He rose. 

3 What though the prince of darkness rage, 

And waste the fury of his spite, 
Eternal chains confine him down 
To fiery deeps and endless night. 

4 What though thy inward lusts rebel ? 

'Tis but a struggling gasp for life: 
The weapons of victorious grace, 

Shall slay thy sins, and end.the strife. 

5 Then let my soul march boldly on, 

Press forward to the heavenly gate ; 
There peace and joy eternal reign, [wait. 
And glittering robes for conquerors 

6 There shall I wear a starry crown, 

And triumph in almighty grace ; 
While all the armies of the skies 
Join in my glorious Leader's praise. 

XI. 70 Christ our Pattern. 

1 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay, 
What were His works from day to day, 
But miracles of power and grace, 
That spread salvation through our race 1 



Kalph Harbison, 1786. 



1. Lord, how rays - te - rious are Thy ways ! How blind are we, how mean our praise ! 

-£2- .£2. jS2- j=L ^ JL ^T^_f=2 isL. J. 

-! 1 ^J I I k^— l» — La i I 1- U-J i 1— f 2 - 


-f?-W —*z 
















Thy steps no mor - tal eyes ex - plore ; 'Tis ours to won - der and a - dore. 


4Z1. £2. JS_ 









id . !_ 7 Mysteries of Providence. 

2 Thy purposes from creature sight 
Are hid in shades of awful night ; 
Amid the lines, with curious eye, 
Not angel minds presume to pry. 

3 Great God ! I do not ask to see 
What in futurity shall be ; 

Let light and bliss attend my days, 
And then my future hours be praise. 

4 Are darkness and distress my share ? 
Give me to trust Thy guardian care ; 
Enough for me, if love divine [shine. 
At length through every cloud shall 

5 Yet this my soul desires to know, 
Be this my only wish below, 

That Christ is mine ! this great request, 
Grant, bounteous God, and I am blest. 

H. 196 


1 To-day, if ye will hear His voice, 
Now is the time to make your choice ; 
Say, will you to Mount Zion go f 
Say, will you have this Christ, or no ? 

2 Ye wand'ring souls, who find no rest, 
Say, will you be for ever blest ? 
Will you be saved from sin and hell ? 
Will you with Christ in glory dwell? 

3 Come now, dear youth, for ruin bound, 
Obey the gospel's cheerful sound ; 
Come, go with us, and you shall prove 
The joy of Christ's redeeming love. 


4 Once more we ask you in His name, 
For yet His love remains the same, 
Say, will you to Mount Zion go ? 
Say, will you have this Christ, or no? 

5 Leave all your sports and glittering toys, 
Come, share with us eternal joys ; 

Or must we leave you bound to hell — 
Then, dear young friends, along farewell. 

H. 425 Praise to God. 

1 Thee we adore, eternal Lord ! 

We praise Thy name with one accord ; 
Thy saints, who here Thy goodness see, 
Through ah the world do worship Thee. 

2 To Thee aloud all angels cry, 

The heavens and all the powers on high ; 
Thee, holy, holy, holy, King, 
Lord God of hosts, they ever sing. 

3 Th' apostles join the glorious throng ; 
The prophets swell th' immortal song ; 
The martyrs' noble army raise 
Eternal anthems to Thy praise. , 

4 From day to day, O Lord, do we 
Highly exalt and honour Thee ! 
Thy name we worship and adore, 
World without end, for evermore ! 

5 Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray, 
To keep us safe from sin this day ; 
Have mercy, Lord ! we trust in thee ; 
Oh ! let us ne'er confounded be ! 

. I O hap -py day, that fixed my choice On Thee, my Sa-viour and my God; I 

• j Well may this glow-ing heart re-joice, And tell its rap-tures all a - broad, j Hap-py day, hap- py day, 

D. s. Hap-py day, hap-py day, 

Here in Thy courts we'll glad-ly stay, And at Thy foot-stool humbly pray, That Thou wouldst take our sins a-way ~ 
When Christ shall wash our sins a-way. 

-m.-m-^. 4^^m. . m . -m. .&!. .*-0t- -m- -a^m -m- -*- -^ 

i 1 1 

^ g F^ffi - Eggjggg 

Ji. out: Union with the Church. 

1 O happy day, that fixed my choice 

On Thee, my Saviour and my God; 
Well may this glowing heart rejoice, j 
And tell its raptures all abroad. 

Cho. Happy day, happy day, 

Here in Thy courts we'll gladly stay, 
And at Thy footstool humbly pray 
That Thou wouldst take our sins away ; 
Happy day, happy day, 
When Christ shall wash our sins away. 

2 O happy bond, that seals my vows 

To Him, who merits all my love ! 
Let cheerful anthems fill His house, 
While to that sacred shrine I move. 
Happy day, etc. 

3 'Tis done ! — the great transaction's done ; 

I am my Lord's, and He is mine ! 
He drew me, and I follow'd on, 

Charmed to confess the voice divine. 
Happy day, etc. 

4 Now rest, my long-divided heart, 

Fixed on this blissful centre, rest; 
With ashes who would grudge to part, 
When called on angel's bread to feast? 
Happy day, etc. 

5 High heaven, that heard the solemn vow, 

That vow renew'd shall daily hear; 
Till in life's latest hour I bow, 

And bless in death a bond so dear. 
Happy day, etc. 

H. 50 

Christ the Way. 

1 Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone, 
He whom I fix my hopes upon ; 
His track I see, and I'll pursue 
The narrow way till Him I view. 

Happy day, etc. 

2 The way the holy prophets went, 
The road that leads from banishment, 
The King's highway of holiness, 

I'll go, for all His jaaths are peace. 

Happy day, etc. 

3 This is the way I long have sought, 
And mourned because I found it not j 
My grief and burden long have been, 
Because I could not cease from sin. 

Happy day, etc. 

4 The more I strove against its power, 
I sinned and stumbled but the more, 
Till late I heard my Saviour say, 

"Come hither, soul, I am the way." 

Happy day, etc. 

5 Lo ! glad I come, and Thou, blest Lamb, 
Shalt take me to Thee as I am: 
Nothing but sin I Thee can give, 
Nothing but love shall I receive. 

Happy day, etc. 

6 Then will I tell to sinners round, 
What a dear Saviour I have found ; 
I'll point to Thy redeeming blood, 
And say — " Behold the way to God V 

Happy day, etc. 







0- - :=?==* 

* T4 »' 



J *J 

1. My soul, thy great Cre - a - tor praise ; "When clothed in His ce - les - tial rays, 








» — T-. 

He id full ma - jes - ty ap-pears, And lilte a robe His glo - ry wears. 


?- p-p i r: p 


Ps. 104 

2 The heavens are for His curtains spread ; 
Th' unfathomed deep He makes His bed ; 
Clouds are His chariot, when He flies 
On winged storms across the skies. 

3 Angels, whom His own breath inspires, 
His ministers, are flaming fires ; 

And swift as thought their armies move, 
To bear His vengeance or His love. 

4 How strange Thy works ! how great Thy 
"While every land Thy riches fill ; [skill ! 
Thy wisdom round the world we see ; 
This spacious earth is full of Thee. 

Ps. 85 

1 Salvatiox is for ever nigh 

The souls that fear and trust the Lord ; 
And grace descending from on high, 
Fresh hopes of glory shall afford. 

2 Mercy and truth on earth are met, 

Since Christ the Lord came down from 

By His obedience, so complete, [heaven ; 

Justice is pleased, and peace is given. 

3 Now truth and honour shall abound, 

Religion dwell on earth again, 
And heavenly influence bless the ground, 
In our Redeemer's gentle reign. 

4 His righteousness is gone before, 

To give us free access to God ; 
Our wandering feet shall stray no more, 
But mark His steps and keep the road, 

PS. 92 Second Part. 

1 Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand, 
In gardens planted by Thy hand ; 
Let me within Thy courts be seen, 
Like a young cedar, fresh and green. 

2 There grow Thy saints in faith and love, 
Blest with Thine influence from above ; 
Not Lebanon, with ah its trees, 
Yields such a comely sight as these. 

3 The plants of grace shall ever live ; 
(Nature decays, but grace must thrive ;) 
Time, that doth all things else impair, 
Still makes them flourish strong and fair. 

4 Laden with fruits of age, they show 
The Lord is holy, just and true ; 
None that attend His gates shall find 
A God unfaithful or unkind. 

XI. 4d^j Prayer for the Dkine Presence. 

1 Come, gracious Lord, descend and dwelL 
By faith and love in every breast ; 
Then shall we know, and taste, and feel, 
The joys that cannot be expressed. 

2 Come, fill our hearts with inward strength, 
Make our enlarged souls possess, 

And learn the height, and breadth, and 
Of Thine immeasurable grace, [length, 

3 Now to the God whose power can do 
More than our thoughts or wishes know, 
Be everlasting honours done ; [Son. 
By all the church, through Christ His 


B L E N D O K L. M. 

Felix Giardini, Died 1788. 



~m ™- 



To God the Fa - ther, God the Son, And God the Spi - rit, Three in One, 






4=2- J*- 4=2. 















Be hon - our, praise, and glo - ry given, By all on earth, And all in heav'n. 











God's Unbounded Love. 


1 Lord, what is man that he should prove 
The object of Thy boundless love ? 
Say, why should he so largely share 
Thy favour, and Thy tender care ? 

2 While these my lips draw vital breath, 
Or till I close mine eyes in death, 

I'll ne'er forget Thy wondrous love, 
Nor thoughtless of Thy kindness prove. 

3 Beneath Thy shadowing wings' defence, 
I'll place my only confidence ; 

In every danger and distress, 
To Thee will I my prayer address. 

4 Should all my hopes on earth be lost, 
In Thee I'll make my constant boast : 
I'll spread the glories of Thy name, 
And Thy unbounded love proclaim. 

H. 5d2 Wot Ashamed of Christ. 

1 At Thy command, our dearest Lord, 

Here we attend Thy dying feast ; 

Thy love has spread the sacred board, 

To feed the faith of every guest. 

2 Our faith adores Thy bleeding love, 

And trusts for hfe in One that died ; 
"We hope for heavenly crowns above, 
From a Redeemer crucified. 

3 Let the vain world pronounce it shame ; 

And cast contempt upon Thy cause ; 
We glory in our Saviour's name, 
And make our triumphs in His cross. 

4 With joy we tell the scoffing age, 

He that was dead has left His tomb ; 
He lives above their utmost rage, 
And we are waiting till He come.. 

XI. DiL At the Settlement of a Minister. 

1 Shepherd of Israel, Thou dost keep,. 
With constant care, Thy humble sheep ; 
By Thee, inferior pastors rise, 

To feed our souls, and bless our eyes. 

2 To all Thy churches such impart, 
Resembling Thy own gracious heart ; 
Whose courage, watchfulness and love, 
Men may attest, and God approve. 

3 Fed by their active, tender care, 
Healthful may all Thy sheep appear ; 
And by then iair example led, 

The way to Zion's pasture tread. 

4 Here hast Thou listened to our vows, 
And scattered blessings on Thy house ; 
Thy saints are succoured, and no more 
As sheep without a guide deplore. 

5 Completely heal each former stroke, 
And bless the shepherd and the flock ; 
Confirm the hopes Thy mercies raise, 
And own this tribute of our praise. 

6 When Thou, chief Shepherd, shalt appear, 
When all the flock assembling here, 
And small and great before Thee stand, 
May they be found on Thy right hand. 



W. Knapp, 1698-17C8. 


Praise God from whom all bless - ings flow ; Praise Him, all crea-tuxes here be - low ; 

r? r 

/ \. I <r\ ^ I f"" ^^ r*^ 





Praise Him a - bove, ye heav'n-ly host ; Praise Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost. 




tecc£af£j T e 

H . oo2i Watchfulness in Prayer. 

1 Our Saviour's words are, "Watch and 
Lord, make us -willing to obey, [pray ;" 
Able Thy counsel to fulfil ; [will. 
From Thee must come both power and 

2 The wisdom from above impart, 

To keep our hand, our tongue, our heart, 
In thought, word, deed — that so we may 
Pray while we watch, watch while we pray. 

3 Our strength be His omnipotence ; 
His truth our sole and sure defence ; 
His grace can help the feeblest saint, 
To watch and pray, and never faint. 

4 For He who hath commanded thus, 
Oft watched and prayed on earth for us ; 
And still, with interceding love, 
"Watches and prays for us above. 

H. 391 Christian Consistency. 

1 So let our lips and lives express, 
The holy gospel we profess ; 

So let our works and virtues shine, 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad 
The honours of our Saviour God, 
When His salvation reigns within, 
And grace subdues the power of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied, 
Passion and envy, lust and pride ; 
While justice, temperance, truth and love, 
Our inward piety approve. 

4 Religion bears our spirits up, 
While we expect that blessed hope, 
The bright appearance of the Lord, 
And faith stands leaning on His word. 

£1. ^xDZi Morning Hymn. 

1 O Christ ! with each returning morn, 
Thine image to our heart be borne ; 
And may we ever clearly see 

Our God and Saviour, Lord, in Thee. 

2 All hallowed be our walk this day ; 
May meekness form our early ray. 
And faithful love our noontide light, 
And hope our sunset, calm and bright. 

3 May grace each idle thought control, v 
And sanctify our wayward soul ; 

May guile depart, and malice cease, 
And all within be joy and peace. 

4 Our daily course, O Jesus, bless ; 
Make plain the way of holiness ; 
From sudden falls our feet defend, 
And cheer at last our journey's end. 

TT . 572 Tlie People's Prayer for tlodr Pastor: 

1 With heavenly power, O Lord, defend 
Him whom we now to Thee commend ; 
His person bless, his soul secure, 

And make him to the end endure. 

2 Gird him with all sufficient grace ; 
Direct his feet in paths of peace ; 
Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil, 
And help him to obey Thy will. 




1. Let me but hear my Sa - viour say, " StrerigtKshall be e" - qual to thy day;" 

w m^ 







=1 — l-h-^sj — l = t = H — rH— H-^-aN^^H^^^ T^^ i "~TF =fli 

Then I re - joice in deep dis - tress, Lean - ing on all - suf - fi - cient grace. 

JjL. 0»7 Christ our Strength. 

2 I glory in infirmity, 

That Christ's own power may rest on me; 
"When I am weak, then am I strong, 
Grace is my shield, and Christ my song. 

3 I can do all things, or can bear 

All sufferings, if my Lord be there ; 
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains, 
"While His own hand my head sustains. 

JbL. uO Christ's Meekness. 

1 How beauteous were the marks divine 
That in Thy meekness seen to shine, 
Did light Thy lonely pathway, trod 
In wondrous love, O Son of God ! 

2 Oh ! who like Thee so humbly bore 
The scorn, the scoffs of men, before ? 
So meek, forgiving. Godlike, high, 
So glorious in humility ? 

3 E'en death, which sets the prisoner free, 
Was pang, and scorn, and scoff to Thee : 
Yet love through all Thy torture glowed, 
And mercy with Thy life-blood flowed. 

4 Oh ! in Thy light be mine to go, 
Illuming all my way of woe ! 
And give me ever on the road 

To trace Thy footsteps, Son of God. 

H . <y Conformity to Christ. 

1 Jesus, my Saviour, let me be 

More perfectly conformed to Thee ; 
Implant each grace, each sin dethrone, 
And form my temper like Thine own. 

2 My foe, when hungry, let me feed, 
Share in his grief, supply his need ; 
The haughty frown may I not fear, 
But with a lowly meekness bear. 

3 To others let me always give, 
What I from others would receive ; 
Good deeds for evil ones return, 
Nor when provoked with anger bum. 

4 This will proclaim how bright and fair 
The precepts of the gospel are ; 

And God Himself, the God of love, 
His own resemblance will ajjprove. 

H . 130 The Spirit the Source of Life and Light. 

1 Father of mercies, God of love. 
Send down Thy Spirit from above ; 
Let me His sacred influence feel, 
To quicken, purify, and heal. 

2 May He these stubborn lusts subdue, 
And form my nature all anew ; 

To Thee my grovelling spirit raise, 
Excite to humble prayer and praise. 

3 He is the source of every grace, 
Of light, and life, and holiness ; 
By Him alone may I be taught, 

And all my works in Him be wrought. 

4 O ! let Thy Holy Spirit come, 

And make my heart His constant home ; 
There His abundant grace display, 
And lead me in a perfect way. 


1) I E G E. L. M. 


G. F. Handel. 1685-1759. 

1. Uu-veil thy bo-soni, faith- ful tomb, Take this new trea-sure to thy trust, And give these sa-cred re-lics room, To 


slum-ber in the si - lent dust— And give these sa-cred re-lics room, To slum-ber in the si - lent dust. 

-U. bio Death and Burial of a Christian: 

2 Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear, 

Invades thy bounds ; no mortal woes 
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here, 
"While angels watch his soft repose. 

3 So Jesus slept; God's dying Son 

Passed through the grave, and blessed 

the bed ; 
Rest here, blest saint, till from His throne 
The morning break, and pierce the 


4 Break from His throne, illustrious morn, 

Attend, O earth, His sovereign word ; 
Restore thy trust ; a glorious form 
Shall then arise to meet the Lord. 

XT AQ7 Death of the Saint and 


What scenes of horror and of dread 
Await the sinner's dying bed ! 
Death's terrors all appear in sight, 
Presages of eternal night. 
His sins in dreadful order rise. 
And fill his soul with sad surprise ; 
Mount Sinai's thunder stuns his ears, 
And not one ray of hope appears. 
Not so the heir of heavenly bliss : 
His soul is filled with conscious peace ; 
A steady faith subdues his fear ; 
He sees the happy Canaan near. 
His mind is tranquil and serene ; 
No terrors in his looks are seen ; 
His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom, 
And smooths his passage to the tomb. 

5 Lord, make my fa^th and love sincere, 
My judgment sound, my conscience clear; 
And when the toils of life are past, 
May I be found in peace at last. 

Ps. 22 

1 Now let our mournful songs record 
The dying sorrows of our Lord, 
When He complained in tears and blood, 
As one forsaken of His God. 

2 The Jews behold Him thus forlorn, 
And shake then heads and laugh in scorn : 
" He rescued others from the grave, 
Now let Him try Himself to save." 

3 They wound His head, His hands, His 

Till streams of blood each other meet ; 
By lot His garments they divide, 
And mock the pangs in which He died. 

4 But God His Father heard His cry ; 
Raised from the dead He reigns on high ; 
The nations learn His righteousness, 
And humble sinners taste His grace. 

n . 180 The Gospel Warning. 

1 Enter the ark, while patience waits, 

Nor ever quit that sure retreat ; 
Then the wide flood that buries earth 
Shall waft thee to a fairer seat. 

2 Nor. wreck nor ruin there is seen ; 

There not a wave of trouble rolls ; 

But the bright rainbow 'round the throne 

Seals endless life to all their souls. 




W. B. Bbadbuet, 1844. 




-7-d 1 1 1 


1. From deep dis - tress and trou-bled thoughts, To Thee, my God, I raised my cries; 



ff f 













— i — i — i- 








If Thou se - vere - ly mark our faults, No flesh can stand be - fore Thine eyes. 

-&- -1=- ^ ^ * 




-!•— H*- 










PS. 130 Second Part. 

2 But Thou hast built Thy throne of grace, 

Free to dispense Thy pardons there, 
That sinners may approach Thy face, 
And hope, and love, as well as fear. 

3 As the benighted pilgrims wait, 

And long and wish for breaking day : 
So waits my soul before Thy gate, 
"When will my God His face display 1 ? 

4 My trust is fixed upon Thy word, 

Nor shall I trust Thy word in vain ; 
Let mourning souls address the Lord, 
And find relief from all their pain. 

5 Great is His love, and large His grace, 

Through the redemption of His Son : 

He turns our feet from sinful ways, [done. 

And pardons what our hands have 

H. OOO Submission under Dark Dispensations. 

1 Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will ; 
Tumultuous passions, all be still ; 
Nor let a murmuring thought arise ; 
His ways are just, His counsels wise. 

2 He in the thickest darkness dwells, 
Pei-forms His work, the cause conceals ; 
And though His footsteps are unknown, 
Judgment and truth support His throne. 

3 In heaven and earth, in air and seas, 
He executes His wise decrees ; 

And by His saints it stands confessed, 
That what He does is ever best. 

4 Then, O my soul, submissive wait, 
"With reverence bow before His seat ; 
And midst the terrors of His rod, 
Trust in a wise and gracious God. 

H. 134: The Striving of the Spirit. 

1 Say, sinner, hath a voice within 

Oft whispered to thy secret soul ; 
Urged thee to leave the ways of sin, 
And yield thy heart to God's control ? 

2 Hath something met thee in the path 

Of worldliness and vanity, 
And pointed to the coming wrath, [flee ? 
And warned thee from that wrath to 

3 Sinner, it was a heavenly voice, 

It was the Spirit's gracious call ; 
It bade thee make the better choice, 
And haste to seek in Christ thine all. 

4 Spurn not the call to life and light ; 

Eegard in time the warning kind ; 
That call thou mayst not always slight, 
And yet the gate of mercy find. 

5 God's Spirit will not always strive 

With hardened, self-destroying man ; 
Ye who persist His love to grieve, 
May never hear His voice again. 

6 Sinner, perhaps this very day 

Thy last accepted time may be ; 
O ! shouldst thou grieve Him now away, 
Then hope may never beam on thee. 

REST. L. M. 


Wm. B. Bbadbuby, 1844. 










Praise God from -whom all bless-ings flow; Praise Him all crea-tures here be - low; 

m — , & — (=2—0- — 0~ 

^ ^m 









-J J J- 



Praise Him a - bove, ye heav'n-ly host; Praise Fa- ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost. 


^g^fr-f — F = i-H-i — FT r r 




Ji. OOU ,4sfe<2> wi Jesus. 

1 Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep ! 
From which none ever wakes to weep ! 
A calm and undisturbed repose, 
Unbroken by the last of foes ! 

2 Asleep in Jesus ! oh ! how sweet 
To be for such a slumber meet; 
With holy confidence to sing 

That death hath lost its venomed sting ! 

3 Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest ! 
Whose waking is supremely blest ; 
No fear — no woe, shall dim that hour, 
That manifests the Saviour's power. 

4 Asleep in Jesus ! oh ! for me 
May such a blissful refuge be ; 
Securely shall my ashes lie, 
Waiting the summons from on high. 

5 Asleep in Jesus ! time nor space 
Debars this precious "hiding-place;" 
On Indian plains, or Lapland snows, 
Believers find the same repose. 

6 Asleep in Jesus ! far from Thee 

Thy kindred and their graves may be ; 
But there is still a blessed sleep, 
From which none ever wakes to weep. 

H. 494 Enjoyment of tlie Sabbath. 

1 Another six days' work is done, 
Another Sabbath is begun; 
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest, 
Improve the day thy God hath blessed. 

2 O ! that oiu- thoughts and thanks may rise 
As grateful incense to the skies ; 

And draw from heaven that sweet repose, 
Which none but he that feels it knows. 

3 This heavenly calm within the breast 
Is the dear pledge of glorious rest, 
Which for the Church of God remains, 
The end of cares, the end of pains. 

4 In holy duties let the day 

In holy pleasures pass away ; 

How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend, 

In hope of one that ne'er shall end. 

H. 495 The Eternal Sabbath. 

1 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love, 
But there's a nobler rest above ; 

To that our longing souls aspire 
With ardent love and strong desire. 

2 In Thy blest kingdom we shall be 
From every mortal trouble free ; 

No groans shall mingle with the songs 
Which warble from immortal tongues. 

3 No rude alarms of raging foes, 

No cares to break the long repose, 4/ 
No midnight shade, no clouded sun, 
But sacred, high, eternal noon. 

4 O ! long expected day, begin ; 
Dawn on this world of woe and sin r 
Fain would we leave this weary road, 
And sleep in death, and rest in God. 



Bradbttbt, 1844. 


1. Blest is the man, for ev-er blest, Whose guilt ispar-doned by his God; "Whose sins with sor-row 



•I *i 




r ^ ^ I 1— SI- 


are con-f essed, And cov-ered with his Sa-viour's blood — And cov-ered with his Sa-viour's blood 






H 1 •— I +— 

PS. 32 Secorad Pari. 

2 Before His judgment seat, the Lord 

No more permits his crimes to rise; 
He pleads no merit of reward, 

And not on works, but grace, relies. 

3 From guile his heart and hps are free ; 

His humble joy, his holy fear, 
With deep repentance well agree, 
And join to prove his faith sincere. 

4 How glorious is that righteousness 

That hides and cancels all his sins ! 
While a bright evidence of grace 

Through all his life appears and shines. 

Ji. Z\Z Longing for Holiness. 

1 O that my load of sin were gone ! 

O that I could at last submit ! 
At Jesus's feet to lay me down — 
To lay my soul at Jesus' feet. 

2 Rest for my soul I long to find : 

Saviour of all, if mine Thou art, 
Give me Thy meek, Thy lowly mind, 
And stamp Thine image on my heart. 

3 Break off the yoke of inbred sin, 

And fully set my spirit free ; 
I cannot rest till pure within, 
Till I am wholly lost in Thee. 

4 Fain would I learn of Thee, my God ; 

Thy light and easy burden prove — 
The cross all stained with hallowed 
The labour of Thy dying love, [blood — 

5 I would — but Thou must give the pow'r ; 

My heart from every sin release ; 
Bring near, bring near the joyful hour, 
And fill me with Thy perfect peace. 

6 Come, Lord, the drooping sinner cheer, 

Nor let Thy chariot-wheels delay ; 
Appear, in my poor heart appear ; 
My God, my Saviour, come away. 

XI. oOl Determination. 

1 Awake our souls, away our fears, 

Let every trembling thought be gone ; 
Awake, and run the heavenly race, 
And put a cheerful courage on. 

2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny road, 

And mortal spirits tire and faint ; 
But they forget the mighty God, 

Who feeds the strength of every saint. 

3 The mighty God, whose matchless power 

Is ever new and ever young, 
And firm endures, while endless years 
Their everlasting circles run. 

4 From Thee, the overflowing spring, 

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply ; 
While such as trust their native strength 
Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 

5 Swift as an eagle cuts {he air, 

We'll mount aloft to Thine abode ; 
On wings of love our souls shall fly, 
Nor tire amidst the heavenly road. 


From the German, by Karl Reden, 1873. 


1. Great God, we sing Thy might - y hand, By which sup - port - ed still we stand ; 

p- -r * 





-p- -r 


- r^~w 




= T?-~>" 

The open - ing year Thy mer - cy shows ; Let mer - cy crown it 





-p- r 

H. 510 T/ie i\Tew Fear. 

1 Great God, we sing Thy mighty hand, 
By which supported still we stand ; 
The opening year Thy mercy shows ; 
Let mercy crown it till it close. 

2 By day, by night, at home, abroad, 
Still we are guarded by our God ; 
By His incessant bounty fed, 

By His unerring counsels led. 

3 With grateful hearts the past we own ; 
The future, all to us unknown, 

We to Thy guardian care commit, 
And peaceful leave before Thy feet. 

4 In scenes exalted or depressed, 

Be Thou our joy and Thou our rest ; 
Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise, 
Adored through all our changing days. 

5 When death shall interrupt our songs, 
And seal in silence mortal tongues, 
Our helper, God, in whom we trust, 
In better worlds our souls shall boast. 

JbL. Ooo Children Worshipping. 

1 Lord, how delightful 'tis to see 
A whole assembly worship Thee ; 

At once they sing, at once they pray ; 
They hear of heaven, and learn the way. 

2 I have been there, and still would go, 
'Tis like a little heaven below ; 

Not all that earth and sin can say 
Shall tempt me to forget this day. 

3 O write upon my mem'ry, Lord, 
The text and doctrine of Thy word ; 
That I may break Thy laws no more, 
But love Thee better than before. 

4 With thoughts of Christ and tilings divine 
Fill up tliis sinful heart of mine ; 
That, hoping pardon through His blood, 
I may he down and wake with God. 

M. Ottb Christian Dedication. 

1 Here at Thy cross, incarnate God, 
I lay my soul beneath Thy love, 
Beneath the droppings of Thy blood ; 
Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove. 

2 Should worlds conspire to drive me 

Moveless and firm this heart should he, 
Resolved, for that's my last defence, 
If I must perish, there to die. 

3 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear; 
Am I not safe beneath Thy shade ? 
Thy vengeance will not strike me here, 
Nor Satan dare my soul invade. 

4 Yes, I'm secure beneath Thy blood, 
And all my foes shall lose their aim ; 
Hosanna to my Saviour God, 

And my best honours to His name. 

To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Three in One, 
Be honour, praise, and glory given, 
By all on earth, and all in heaven. 




H. K. Oliver, 1832. 






1. Stretched on the cross, the Sa-viour dies, Hark! His ex - pi - ring groans a - rise ; 






i&_j£:_-^ i^=_-r 









See, how the 

sa - cred 





tide, Flows from His hands, His feet, His side. 







XL. OO Sufferings of the Redeemer. 

1 Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies, 
Hark! His expiring groans arise; 

See, how the sacred crimson tide 
Flows from His hands, His feet, His side. 

2 To suffer in the traitor's place, 

To die for man — surprising grace ! — 

Yet pass rebellious angels by ! 

Oh ! why for man, dear Saviour, why ? 

3 And didst Thou bleed, for sinners bleed ? 
And could the sun behold the deed ? 
No ! he withdrew his sickening ray, 
And darkness veiled the mourning day. 

4 Can I survey this scene of woe, 
Where mingling grief and wonder flow, 
And yet my heart unmoved remain, 
Insensible to love or pain ? 

5 Come, dearest Lord, Thy grace impart, 
To warm this cold, this stupid heart ; 
Till all its powers and passions move, 
In melting grief, and ardent love. 

TJ £\Q1 Prayer for Reviving Influences of the 
~ U - UOX Spirit. 

1 Come, sacred Spirit, from above, 
And fill the coldest heart with love ; 
Soften to flesh the flinty stone, 

And let Thy God like power be known. 

2 Speak Thou, and from the haughtiest 
Shall floods of pious sorrow rise ; [eyes 
While all their glowing souls are borne, 
To seek that grace which now they scorn. 

3 Oh ! let a holy flock await, 
Numerous, around Tny temple gate ; 
Each pressing on, with zeal, to be 

A living sacrifice to Thee. 

4 In answer to our fervent cries, 
Give us to see Thy church arise ; 
Or, if that blessing seem too great, 
Give us to mourn its low estate. 

JjL. oZo Fears of Death Removed. 

1 Why should we start and fear to die * 

What timorous worms we mortals are ! 
Death is the gate of endless joy, 
And yet we dread to enter there. 

2 The pains, the groans, and dying strife, 

Fright our approaching souls away ; 
Still we shrink back again to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

3 Oh ! if my Lord would come and meet, 

My soul would stretch her wings in 
Fly fearless through death's iron gate, 
Nor feel the terrors as she passed. 

4 Jesus can make a dying bed 

Feel soft as downy pillows are, 

While on His breast I lean my head, 

And breathe my life out sweetly there. 


To God the Father, God the Son, 

And God the Spirit, Three in One, 

Be honour, praise, and glory given, 

By all on earth, and all in heaven. 

W A E D. L. M. 77 

Scottish, Arranged by Mason, 1830. 



== F^- 

— i — r 



i _i 

1 A M 

, i i i 

^> II 

1. God 

is the 

^ =1- 

re - fuge 

of His saints, When storms of 

sharp dis - tress in - vade ; 


fr): , \y 2 i — 

-^ — 1 — i 

-t ! — 

r^ 2 — r^ ■ r^- 1, i* ■ g — -sJ— , 
-fe — k? - -t- - -s— i*V 

F=&ETf 3 -^wr&T\ 


-* — \m- 
1 1 


1 1— 

1 ' 


r^ 1-4- 


1 ' 


^ — T 







Ere we can of - fer our com-plaints, Be - hold Hiin pre - sent with His aid. 




PS. 46 Second Part. 

2 Let mountains from their seats be hurled 

Down to the deep, and buried there ; 
Convulsions shake the solid world, 
Our faith shall never yield to fear. 

3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar, 

In sacred peace our soids abide, 
While every nation, every shore, 

Trembles, and dreads the swelling tide. 

4 There is a stream, whose gentle flow 

Supplies the city of oiu- God ! 
Life, love, and joy still gliding through, 
And watering our divine abode. 

5 That sacred stream, Thine holy word, 

Supports our faith, our fear controls ; 

Sweet peace Thy promises afford, [souls. 

And gives new strength to fainting 

6 Zion enjoys her Monarch's love, 

Secure against a threatening hour ; 
Nor can her firm foundation move, [power. 
Built on His truth, and anned with 

H. 407 Trials of (he Christian. 

1 Thus far my God has led me on, 

And made His truth and mercy known, 
My hopes and fears alternate rise, 
And comforts mingle with my sighs. 

2 Through this wide wilderness I roam, 
Far distant from my blissful home ; 
Lord, let Thy presence be my stay, 
And guard me in this dangerous way. 

3 Temptations everywhere annoy, 

And sins and snares my peace destroy ; 
My earthly joys are from me torn, 
And oft an absent God I mourn. 

4 My soul with various tempests tossed, 
Her hopes o'erturn'd, her projects cross' d, 
Sees every day new straits attend, 
And wonders where the scene will end. 

5 Is this, dear Lord, that thorny road, 
Which leads us to the mount of God ? 
Are these the toils Thy people know, 
While in this wilderness below 1 

6 'Tis even so ; Thy faithful love 
Does all Thy children's graces prove ; 
'Tis thus our pride and self must fall, 
That Jesus may be ah in all. 

Jtl. OlJj The Seasons. 

1 Eternal Source of every joy, 

Well may Thy praise our lips employ, 
While in Thy temple we appear, 
To hail Thee, Sovereign of the year. 

2 Seasons, and months,and weeks and days, 
Demand successive songs, of praise ; 
And be the grateful homage paid, 
With morning light and evening shade. 

3 Here in Thy house let incense rise, 
And circling Sabbaths bless our eyes, 
Till to those lofty heights we soar, 
Where days and years revolve no more, 



John Hatton, 1790. 

1. Je-sus, the spring of joys di - vine, Whence all our hopes and com - forts flow; 

. ^ r- 1 

Je - sus, no oth - er name but Thine Can save us from e - ter - nal woe. 

TT. 49 Jesus the only Saviour. 

2 In vain would boasting reason find 

The w ay to happiness and God ; 
Her weak directions leave the mind 
Bewildered in a dubious road. 

3 No other name will heaven approve j 

Thou art the true, the living way, 
Ordained by everlasting love, 

To the bright realms of endless day. 

4 Safe lead us through this world of night, 

And bring us to the blissful plains, 
The regions of unclouded light, 
Where perfect joy for ever reigns. 

PS. 72 Second Part. 

1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journeys run ; 

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 

2 For Him shall endless prayer be made, 
And endless praises crown His head ; 
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise 
"With every morning sacrifice. 

3 People and realms of every tongue 
Dwell on His love with sweetest song ; 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on His name. 

4 Blessings abound where'er He reigns, 
The joyful prisoner bursts his chains, 
The weary find eternal rest, 

And all the sons of want are blest. 

5 Let every creature rise and bring 
Peculiar honours to our King ; 
Angels descend Avith songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud amen. 

H. 503 National Tlianksgwing . 

1 God of the passing year, to Thee 

Our hymn of gratitude we raise ; 

With swelling heart and bending knee, 

We offer Thee our song of praise. 

2 We bless Thy name, almighty God, 

For all the kindness Thou hast shown 
To this fan land our fathers trod, 
This land we fondly call our own. 

3 Here freedom spreads her banner wide, 

And casts her soft and hallowed ray ; 

For Thou our country's arms didst guide, 

Andlead them on their conquering way. 

4 We praise Thee, that the gospel light 

Through all our land its radiance sheds; 
Scatters the shades of error's night, 
And heavenly blessings round us 

5 When foes without, and foes within, 

With threatening ills our land have 
Thou hast our nation's bulwark been, 
And, smiling, sent us peaceful rest. 

6 O God, preserve us in Thy fear, 
In trotiblous times our helper be ; 

Diffuse Thy truth's bright precepts here, 
And may we worship only Thee. 

ILL A. L. M. 


1. Dear Sa -viour, if these lambs should stray From Thy se - cure in - closure's bound, 

,i i i n 



7? /o~ 



And lured by world - ly joys a - way, A-mong the thought-less crowd be found ; 





H . oZ4: Prayer for tJie Children of the Church. 

2 Remember still that they are Thine, 
That Thy dear sacred name they bear ; 
Think that the seal of love divine, 
The sign of covenant grace, they wear. 

3 In all their erring, sinful years, 
Oh ! let them ne'er forgotten be ; 
Remember all the prayers and tears 
Which made them consecrate to Thee. 

4 And when these lips no more can pray, 
These eyes can weep for them no more, 
Torn Thou their feet from folly's way, 
The wanderers to Thy fold restore. 


1 When Israel, freed from Pharoah's hand, 
Left the proud tyrant and his land, 
The tribes with cheerful homage own 
Then- King, and Judah was His throne. 

2 Across the deep then- journey lay ; 
The deep divides to make them way; 
Jordan beheld their march, and fled 
With backward current to his head. 

3 Let every mountain, every flood, 
Retire and know th' approaching God, 
The King of Israel ; see Him here ; 
Tremble, Thou earth; adore and fear. 

4 He thunders, and all nature mourns ; 
The rock to standing pools He turns ; 
Flint spring with fountains at His word, 
And fires and seas confess the Lord. 


1 Judges, who rale the world by laws, 
Will ye despise the righteous cause ? 
Dare ye condemn the righteous poor, 
And let the rich escape secure ? 

2 Have ye forgot, or never knew, 
That God will judge the judges too ? 
That ye invade the rights of God, 
And send your bold decrees abroad. 

3 Yet shall the vengeance of the Lord 
Safety and joy to saints afford : 

" Sure, there's a God that rules on high, 
A God that hears His children cry." 

Ps. 75 

1 To Thee, most high and holy God, 

To, Thee our thankful hearts we raise ; 
Thy works declare Thy name abroad, 
Thy wondrous works demand our 

2 To bondage doomed, Thy chosen sons 

Beheld then - foes triumphant rise ; 
And sore oppressed by earthly thrones, 
They sought the Sovereign of the skies. 

3 'Twas then, great God, with equal power, 

Arose Thy vengeance and Thy grace, 
To scourge their legions from the shore, 
And save the remnant of Thy race. 

4 Let haughty sinners sink their pride, 

Nor lift so high their scornful head ; 
But lay their impious thoughts aside, 
And own the empire God hath made. 


O B E K L I N. L. M. 

1. While life pro - longs its 



Feom Bost, by Db. Hastings, 1835 












cious light, Mer-cy is found, and peace is giv'n ; 

.88 Second Part. 

While God invites, how blest the day ! 
How sweet the gospel's charming sound ! 
" Come, sinners, haste, O ! haste away, 
While yet a pardoning God He's found. 

3 " Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing, 
Shall death command you to the grave, 
Before His bar your sprits bring, 

And none be found to hear, or save. 

4 " In that lone land of deep despair, 
No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise ; 
No God regard your bitter prayer, 
Nor Saviour call you to the skies." 

5 Silence, and solitude, and gloom, 
In those forgetful realms appear, 
Deep sorrows fill the dismal tomb, 
And hope shall never enter there. 

PS. 121 First Part. 

i Up to the hills I lift mine eyes, 
Th eternal hills beyond the skies ; 
Thence all her help my soul derives ; 
There my almighty Refuge fives. 

2 He fives ! the everlasting God, [flood ; 
That built the world, that spread the 
The heavens, with all their hosts He made, 
And the dark regions of the dead. 

3 He guides our feet, He guards our way ; 
His morning smiles adorn the day ; 
He spreads the evening veil, and keeps 
The silent hours while Israel sleeps. 

4 Israel, a name divinely blest, 
May rise secure, securely rest ; 
Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes 
Admit no slumber nor surprise. 

5 Should earth and hell with malice burn, 
Still thou shalt go, and still return, 
Safe in the Lord ; His heavenly care 
Defends thy fife from every snare. 

TT. 566 Dedication Hymn. 

1 Lord ! Thou hast said where two or three 
Together come to worship Thee, 

Thy presence, fraught with richest grace, 
Shall ever fill and bless the place. 

2 Then let us feel, as here we raise 
A temple to Thy matchless praise, 
The blest assurance of Thy love, 
As it is felt in realms above. 

3 Lord ! here upon Thy sacred day, 
Teach us devoutly how to pray, 
Our weakness let Thy strength supply, 
Nor to our darkness light deny. 

Here teach our faltering tongues to sing 
The glories of the Heavenly King, 
And let our aspirations rise 
To seek the Saviour in the skies. 

And when at last, in life's decline, 
This earthly temple we resign, 
May we, O Lord! enjoy with Thee 
The Sabbaths of eternity ! 







L. M. 


Mason, 1840. 


1. With all my pow'rs of heart and tongue, I'll praise my Ma - ker 

An - gels shall hear the notes I raise, Ap-prove the song, and join the praise. 

-£z n zfi & *- -m- +- 









Ps. 138 

2 III' sing Thy truth and mercy, Lord ; 
I'll sing the wonders of Thy word ; 
Not all the works and names below 
So much Thy power and glory show. 

3 To God I cried when troubles rose ; 
He heard me, and. subdued my foes ; 
He did my rising fears control, 

And strength diffused through all my soul. 

4 The God of heaven maintains His state, 
FrOwns on the proud and scorns the great ; 
But from His throne descends to bless 
The humble souls that trust His grace. 

5 Amidst a thousand snares I stand, 
Upheld and guarded by Thy hand ; 
Thy words my fainting soul revive, 
And keep my dying faith alive. 

6 Grace will complete what grace begins, 
To save fi-om sorrows and from sins ; 
The work that wisdom undertakes, 
Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes. 

PS. 139 First Part. [through; 

1 Lord, Thou hast searched and seen me 
Thine eye commands with piercing view 
My rising and my resting hours, 

My heart and flesh, with all then- powers. 

2 My thoughts, before they are my own, 
Are to my God distinctly known ; 

He knows the words I mean to speak, 
Ere from my opening lips they break. 

3 Within Thy circling power I stand, 
On every side I find Thy hand ; 
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad, 

I am surrounded still with God. 

4 Amazing knowledge, vast and great! 
What large extent ! what lofty height ! 
My soul, with all the powers I boast, 
Is in the boundless prospect lost. 

5 O! may these thoughtspossess my breast, 
Where'er I rove, where'er I res"t ; 

Nor let my weaker passions, dare 
Consent to sin, for God is there. 

IT . 506 Prayer for Country. 

1 On Thee, O Lord, our God, we call; 
Before Thy throne devoutly fall ; 
Oh! whither should the helpless fly? 
To whom but Thee direct their cry ? 

2 Lord, we repent, we weep, we mourn, 
To our forsaken God we turn ; 

Oh ! spare our guilty country, spare 
The Church Thine hand hath planted here! 

3 We plead Thy grace, indulgent God ! 
We plead Thy Son's atoning blood ; 
We plead Thy gracious promises, 
And are they unavailing pleas ? 

4 These pleas, presented at Thy throne, 
Have brought ten thousand blessings 
On guilty lands in helpjess woe ; [down 
Let them prevail to save us, too. 



Sib ¥m. Hobsley, 1774-1858. 


1. Up to the fields where an-gels he, And liv - ing wa-ters gent - ly roll, Fain would my 
**- ^ - - - J 


- ^r r 













thoughts leap out and fly, But sin hangs hea-vy on my soul — But sin hangs hea - vy on my soul. 











r- frg 





f 2 


H . 345 A sight of God Mortifies us to the World. 

2 Thy wondrous blood, dear dying Christ, 

Can make this world of guilt remove ; 
And Thou canst bear me where Thou 
On Thy kind wings, celestial Dove ! 

3 Oh ! might I once mount up and see 

The glory of the eternal skies, 
What little things these worlds would be, 
How despicable to my eyes ! 

4 Had I a glance of Thee, my God. 

Kingdoms and men would vanish soon ; 
Vanish, as though I saw them not, 
As a dim candle dies at noon. 

5 Then they might fight, and rage and rave, 

I should perceive the noise no more 
Than we can hear a shaking leaf, 

Whilst rattling thunders round us roar. 

6 Great All in All, Eternal King, 

Let me but view Thy lovely face, 
And all my powers shall bow and sing 
Thine endless grandeur and Thy grace. 




Not Ashamed of Christ. 

Jesus, and shall it ever be, 
A mortal man ashamed of Thee ? 
Ashamed of Thee, whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine thro' endless days ! 
Ashamed of Jesus ! sooner far 
Let evening blush to own a star ; 
He sheds the beams of light divine, 
.O'er this benighted soul of mine. 

3 Ashamed of Jesus! just as soon 
Let midnight be ashamed of noon ; 
'Tis midnight with my soul, till He, 
Bright Morning Star, bid darkness flee. 

4 Ashamed of Jesus ! that dear Friend 
On whom my hopes of heaven depend ! 
No, when I blush, he this my shame, 
That I no more revere His name. 

5 Ashamed of Jesus ! Yes, I may, 
When I've no guilt to wash away, 
No tear to wipe, no good to crave', 
No fears to quell, no soul to save. 

6 Till then — nor is my boasting vain — 
Till then, I boast a Saviour slain ; 
And oh ! may this my glory be, 
That Christ is not ashamed of me. 

H. 366 Prayer for Quickening Grace. 

1 O Sun of Kighteousness divine, • 
On us with beams of mercy shine ; 
Chase the dark clouds of guilt away, 
And turn oxu- darkness into day. 

2 While mourning o'er our guilt and shame, 
And asking mercy in Thy name, 

Dear Saviour, cleanse us with Thy blood, 
And be our advocate with God. 

3 Sustain, when sinking in distress, 
And guide us through this wilderness ; 
Teach our low thoughts from earth to 
And lead us onward to the skies, [rise, 





I. B. Woodbury. 







-* — * — m- 

d U- 







-|» ■* »~y 

-f=2— f=- 



-m—m— m— f~ 

_|*-_!*— fr ~~fr ~ 




1. Come in, thou bless-ed of the Lord, En - ter in Je - sus pre-cious name ; 




-01 ^ jd- 

And trust the Sa-viour does the same. 


" :2 



wel-come thee with one 

=T=^:g: - =g 

— 1 — *- 


:£2 — t? : 




^_ S _ Jjt 





id. dbo IF^fcowe to the Church. 

2 Those joys which earth cannot afford, 

We'll seek in fellowship to prove, 
Joined in one spirit to our Lord, 
Together bound bj mutual love. 

3 Ajid while we pass this vale of tears, 

We'll make our joys and sorrows known ; 

We'll share each other's hopes and fears, 

And count a brother's cares our own. 

4 Once more our welcome we repeat ; 

Receive assurance of our love ; 
Oh ! may we all together meet 
Around the throne of God above ! 

I_l. ODo Hindrances to Prayer. 

1 What various hindrances we meet 
In coming to a mercy-seat ! 

Yet who that knows the worth of prayer 

But wishes to be often there 1 n ~ 


2 Prayer makes the darkened cloud with- 
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 
Gives exercise to faith and love, 
Brings every blessing from above. 

3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight ; 
Prayer makes the Christian's armour 
And Satan trembles when he sees [bright, 
The weakest saint upon his knees. 

4 Have you no words ? Ah ! think again. 
Words flow apace when you complain, 
And fill your fellow-creature's ear 
W T ith the sad tale of all your care. 

5 Were half the breath thus vainly spent 
To heaven in supplication sent. 
Your cheerful song would oftener be, 
" Hear what the Lord has done for me." 

H. 373 God Answers Prayer. 

1 Friend of the friendless and the faint, 
Where shall I lodge my deep complaint ? 
Where, but with Thee, whose open door 
Invites the helpless and the poor. 

2 Did ever mourner plead with Thee, 
And Thou refuse that mourner's plea ? 
Does not the word still fixed remain, 
That none shall seek Thy face in vain ? 

3 That were a grief I could not bear. 
Didst Thou not hear and answer prayer ; 
Thou, prayer-hearing, answering God, 
Take from my heart this painful load. 

JuL 44:9 Morning and Evening Hymn. 

1 My God, how endless is Thy love ! 

Thy gifts are every evening new ; 
And morning mercies from above, 
Gently distil like early dew. 

2 Thou spreadest the curtain of the night, 

Great Guardian of my sleeping hours ; 
Thy sov'reign word restores the light, 
And quickens all my drowsy powers, 

3 I yield my powers to Thy command, 

To Thee I consecrate my days; 
Perpetual blessings from Thy hand 
Demand perpetual songs of praisa 



Mabtin Ltttheb, 1535. 

im ^mm ^s^^m 






1. There is one God, and on - ly one; 


> — Wi 




No ri - vals can His es-sence share ; 








n +t 


1 , 


1 , 

LL-L. ,_ 

1 ! 



7L tt ' 

» m 

J fl 

n # 


* « 

J w 



frr\ i 

\ m 

« m 

J i 


* I 




VUJ <zJ 


* J 


* 1 

*\ j 


is Je - 

rr f 

ho - vah, 

He a - 

r— *•— *^ — i 


9 ~ m W" * f 
And with the Lord none can com - pare. 

1— <# — — — . — — ■ — =- m — . > 


~r k 

T — M 

c ^ 


~1*~ i 

» r 

=p— r= 



*— ' if r-3 

• i 

1 | 

| I 

■W p> 


1 1 


i i* 

1 \m 




1 l 


H. 33 

The Trinity. 

1 There is one God, and only one, 

No rivals can His essence share ; 
He is Jehovah, He alone, 

And with the Lord none can compare. 

2 Angels and men may strive to raise, 

Harmonious, their adoring songs ; 
But who can fully speak His praise, 
From human or angelic tongues ! 

3 Yet would I lift my trembling voice, 

The eternal Three in One to sing ; 
And mingling faith, while I rejoice, 
My humble, grateful tribute bring. 

4 All glory to the eternal Three, 

The sacred, undivided One : 
To Father, Son, and Spirit be 

Co-equal praise and honours done. 

±X. Oi Z Constancy in Prayer. 

1 Prayer was appointed to convey 

The blessings God designs to give, 

Long as they live should Christians pray, 

For only while they pray they live. 

2 The Christian's heart his prayer indites, 

He speaks as prompted from within ; 
The Spirit his petition Avrites, 

And Christ receives and gives it in. 

3 If pains afflict, or wrongs oppress, 

If cares distract, or fears dismay ; 
If guilt deject, if sin distress, 
The remedy's before thee — pray. 

4 'Tis prayer supports the soul that's weak, 
Though thought be broken, language- 
lame ; 
Pray, if thou canst, or canst not speak, 
But pray with faith in Jesus' name. 

JtL. OoO Prayer for Revival. 

1 Great Lord of all Thy churches, hear 
Thy ministers' and people's prayer ; 
Perfumed by Thee, O may it rise, 
Like fragrant incense to the skies. 

2 May every pastor, from above 

Be new inspired with zeal and love, 
To watch Thy flock, Thy flock to feed, 
And sow with care the precious seed. 

3 Revive the churches with Thy grace, 
Heal all our breaches, grant us peace ; 
Bouse us from sloth, our hearts inflame 
With ardent zeal for Jesus' name. 

4 May young and old Thy word receive,. 
Dead shiners hear Thy voice and hve, 
The wounded conscience healing find, 
And joy refresh each drooping mind. 

5 May aged saints, matured with grace, 
Abound in fruits of holiness ; 

And when transplanted to the skies, 
May younger in their stead arise. 

6 Thus we our suppliant voices raise, 
And weeping sow the seed of praise, 
In humble hope that Thou wilt hear 
Thy ministers' and people's prayer. 








To God the Fa - ther, God the Son, And God the Spi - rit, Three in One, 



_U— ga. 













=q= — I p-J 1- 




'-&*-£-. :gP=S 



Be hon-our, praise, and glo - ry giv'n, By all on earth, and all in heav'n. 


-r~ £=r=^ 



:g— r— g= 




jg— -jr- 



H . 1 o 1 Come and See. 

1 Jesus, dear name, how sweet the sound ! 
Replete with balm for every wound! 
His word declares His grace is free ; 
Come, needy sinner, come and see. 

2 He left the shining courts on high, 
Came to our world to bleed and die ; 
Jesus, the God, hung on the tree ; 
Come, careless sinner, come and see. 

3 Our sins have pierced His bleeding heart; 
Lo ! death has done its dreadful part ; 
Yet His dear love still burns to thee ; 
Come, anxious sinner, come and see. 

4 His blood can cleanse the foulest stain, 
And make the filthy leper clean ; 

His blood at once availed for me ; 
Come, guilty sinner, come and see. 

XX. Zoo Security of the Believer. 

1 How oft have sin and Satan strove 

To rend my soul from Thee, my God ! 
But everlasting is Thy love, 

And Jesus seals it with His blood. 

2 The oath and promise of the Lord 

Join to confirm His wondrous grace ; 
Eternal power performs the word, 
And fills all heaven with endless praise. 

3 Amidst temptations sharp and long, 

My soul to this dear refuge flies ; 
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong, 
While tempests blow and billows rise. 

4 The gospel bears my spirits up ; 
A faithful and unchanging God 
Lays the foundation for my hope, 
In oaths, and promises, and blood. 

XI. oOZ Brotherly Love. 

1 Now by the mercies of my God, 

His sharp distress, His sore complaints, 
By His last groans, His dying blood, 
I charge my soul to love the saints. 

2 Clamour, and wrath, and war begone ; 

Envy and spite for ever cease ; 
Let bitter words no more be known 
Amongst the saints, the sons of peace. 

3 The Spirit, like a peaceful dove, [strife ; 

Flies from the realms of noise and 
Why should we vex and grieve His love, 
Who seals our souls to heavenly life. 

4 Tender and kind be all our thoughts, 

Through all our lives let mercy run ; 
So God forgives our numerous faults, 
For the dear sake of Christ His Son. 

XX. Oiy Importance of Early Beligion. 

1 Now, in the heat of youthful blood, 
Remember your Creator, God ; 
Behold, the months come hastening on, 
When you shah say, " My joys are gone. " 

2 Eternal King, I fear Thy name ; 
Teach me to know how frail I am ; 
And when my soul rmist hence remove, 
Give me a mansion in Thy love. 





zd — «j- 




s — S- 



1. 'Tie fin-ished! so the Sa-viour cried, And meek-ly bowed His head and died: 

H. 80 The Work Finished. 

1 Tis finished ! all that heaven decreed, 
And all the ancient prophets said, 

Is now fulfilled, as was designed, 
In Me, the Saviour of mankind. 

2 'Tis finished ! heaven is reconciled, 
And all the powers of darkness spoiled ; 
Peace, love, and happiness again 
Return and dwell with sinful men, 

3 'Tis finished! let the joyful sound 

Be heard through all the nations round ; 
'Tis finished ! let the echo fly [sky. 

Thro' heaven and hell, thro' earth and 

TT 1 C\(\ Christ Crucified, the Wisdom and 
_LL. 1UU Power of God. 

1 Nature with open volume stands, 

To spread her Maker's praise abroad ; 
And every labour of His hands 

Shows something worthy of a God. 

2 But in the grace that rescued man 

His brightest form of glory shines ; 
Here, on the cross, 'tis fairest drawn, 
In precious blood and crimson lines. 

3 O ! the sweet wonders of that cross, 

Where God the Saviour loved and died; 

Her noblest life my spirit draws [side. 

From His dear wounds and bleeding 

4 I would for ever speak His name, 

In sounds to mortal ears unknown ; 
With angels join to praise the Lamb, 
And worship at His Fathers throne. 

PS. 118 Second Part. 

1 Lo ! what a glorious comer-stone 

The Jewish builders did refuse ! 
But God hath built His chinch thereon, 
In spite of envy and the Jews. 

2 Great God, the work is all divine, 

The joy and wonder of our eyes ; 
This is the day that proves it Thine, 
The day that saw our Saviour rise. 

3 Sinners, rejoice, and saints, be glad ; 

Hosanna, let His name be blest ; 
A thousand honours on His head, 

With j:>eace, and light, and glory rest ! 

4 In God's own name He comes to bring 

Salvation to oftr dying race ; 
Let the whole church address then King, 
With hearts of joy, and songs of praise. 

XI. 1 40 Invocation of the Spirit. 

1 Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, 

And fit me to approach my God ; 
Remove each vain, each worldly thought, 
And lead me to Thy blest abode. 

2 Hast Thou imparted to my soul 

A living spark of holy fire ? 
O ! kindle now the sacred flame, 
Make me to burn with pure desire. 

3 A brighter hope and faith impart. 

And let me now my Saviour see ; 
O ! soothe and cheer my burdened heart, 
And bid my Spirit rest in Thee. 




1. "S\ ith tear-ful eyes I look a-round, Life seems a dark and storin-y sea; Yet, 'mid the gloom, I 


hear a sound, Aheav'n-ly whis-per, "Come to Me" — A heav'n-ly whis-per, "Come to Me." 










JuL. Lvo Come to Jesus. 

2 It tells me of a place of rest, 

It tells me where my soul may flee ; 
Oh ! to the weary, faint, oppressed, 
How sweet the bidding, " Come to me." 

3 Oh ! Toice of mercy ! voice of love ! 

In conflict, grief, and agony, 
Support me, cheer me from above ! 
And gently whisper, " Come to me," 

4 I come ; all else must fail and die ; 

Earth has no resting-place for me ; 
To Christ I 'lift my weeping eye: 
Thou art my hope ; I come to Thee. 

XX. I/O Invitation to Wanderers. 

1 Return, O wanderer, return, 

And seek an injured Father's face; 

Those warm desires that in thee burn 

Were kindled by reclaiming grace. 

2 Return, O wanderer, return, 

And seek a Father's melting heart ; 
His pitying eyes thy grief discern, 
His hand shall heal thine inward smart. 

3 Return. O wanderer, return, 

Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live ; 
Go to His bleeding feet, and learn 
How freely Jesus can forgive. 

4 Return, O wanderer, retimi. 

And wipe away the falling tear ; 
'Tis God who says, "No longer mourn," 
'Tis mercy's voice invites thee near. 

H . loD Sinners urged to Religion. 

1 Why will ye waste on trifling cares, 
That life which God's compassion spares ; 
While in the various range of thought, 
The one thing needful is forgot I 

2 Shall God invite you from above ? 
Shall Jesus urge His dying love ? 
Shall troubled conscience give you pain ? 
And all these pleas be urged in vain 1 

3 Not so your eyes will always view 
Those objects which you now pursue ; 
Not so will heaven and hell appear, 
When death's decisive hour is near. 

4 Almighty God, Thy grace impart ; 
Fix deep conviction on each heart ; 
Nor let us waste, on trifling cares, 
That life which Thy compassion spares. 


Before Sermon. 

Thy presence, gracious God, afford ; 
Prepare us to receive Thy word ; 
Now let Thy voice engage our ear, 
And faith be mixed with what we hear. 

Distracting thoughts and cares remove, 
And fix our hearts and hopes above ; 
With focfd divine may we be fed, 
And satisfied with living breai. 

To us Thy sacred word apply, 
With sovereign power and energy ; 
And may we in true faith and fear 
Reduce to practice what we hear. 



Fbom the German, by De. L. Mason, 1840. 

-f 3 P h- 1— ■ N , 

F 3 

1. Thy peo-ple, Lord, who trust Thy word, And wait the smil-ings of Thy face, As -sem - ble 

f^.T^ „ , m :„ mm T . l? If '1* T ■ fl. , J* > J* 1 


TT. 604: Prayer for the Success of Missions. 

2 We consecrate these hours to Thee, 

Thy sovereign mercy to entreat ; 
And feel some animating hope, 
We shall divine acceptance meet. 

3 Hast Thou not sworn to give Thy Son 

To be a light to Gentile lands ; 
To open the benighted eye, [bands ? 
And loose the wretched prisoner's 

4 Hast Thou not said, from sea to sea 

His vast dominions shall extend ; 
That every tongue shall call Him Lord, 
And every knee before Him bend "? 

5 Now let the happy time appear, 

The time to favour Zion come ; 
Send forth Thy heralds far and near, 
To call Thy banished children home. 

H. 620 Life the Time to Serve God. 

1 There is a God who reigns above, 

Lord of the heaven and earth and seas ; 
I fear His wrath, I ask His love, 
And with my lips I sing His praise. 

2 There is a law which He has made, 

To teach us all that we must do ; 

My soul, be His commands »obeyed, 

For'they are holy, just and true, 

3 There is a gospel rich in grace, [draw ; 

Whence sinners all their comforts 
Lord, I repent and seek Thy face, 
For I have often broke Thy law. 

4 There is an hour when I must die ; 

Nor do I know how soon 'twill come ; 

How many younger much than I, [doom ! 

Have passed by death to hear their 

5 Let me improve the hours I have, 

Before the day of grace is fled ; 

There's no repentance in the grave, 

Nor pardon offered to the dead. 

H . DO 7 Nearness to Eternity. 

1 Eternity is just at hand ; 

And shall I waste my ebbing sand, 
And careless view departing day, 
And throw my inch of time away ? 

2 Eternity without a bound, 

To guilty souls a dreadful sound ! 
But oh ! if Christ and heaven be mine, 
How sweet the accents ! how divine ! 

3 Be this my chief, my only care, 
My high pursuit, my ardent prayer, 
An interest in the Saviour's blood, 

My pardon sealed, and peace with God. 

4 But should my highest hopes be vain, 
The rising doubt, how sharp the pain ! 
My fears, O gracious God, remove ; 
Confirm my title to Thy love. 

5 Search, Lord, O search my inmost heart, 
And light, and hope, and joy impart ; 
From guilt and error set me free. 

And guide me safe to heaven and Thee. 



>— -> 


Southern Melody. 

•I- — M—m- 



1. Show pi - ty, Lord ; O Lord, for - give 


not Thy mer - cies large and free ? May not a sin - ner trust in 







PS. 51 JPBrai Pari. 

1 Show pity, Lord ; O Lord, forgive ; 
Let a repenting rebel live ; 

Are not Thy mercies large and free ? 
May not a sinner trust in Thee ? 

2 My crimes are great, but don't surpass 
The power and glory of Thy grace ; 
Great God, Thy nature hath no bound, 
So let Thy pardoning love be found. 

3 O ! wash my soul from every sin, 
And make my guilty conscience clean ; 
Here on my heart the burden lies, 
And past offences pain mine eyes. 

4 My lips with shame my sins confess, 
Against Thy law, against Thy grace ; 
Lord, should Thy judgments grow severe, 
I am condemned, but Thou art clear. . 

5 Should sudden vengeance seize my breath 
I must pronounce Thee just in death ; 
And if my soul were sent to hell, 

Thy righteous law approves it well. 

6 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord, [word, 
"Whose hope, still hovering round Thy 
"Would light on some sweet promise there, 
Some sure support against despair. 

JjL. loo Danger of Delay. 
1 Hasten, O sinner, to be wise, 

And stay not for to-morrow's sun ; 
The longer wisdom you despise, 
The harder is she to be won. 

2 O ! hasten mercy to implore, 

And stay not for to-morrow's sun ; 
For fear thy season should be o'er, 
Before this evening's course be run. 

3 Hasten, O sinner, to return, 

And stay not for to-morrow's sun ; 
For fear thy lamp should fail to burn, 
Before the needful work is done. 

4 Hasten, O sinner, to be blest, 

And stay not for to-morrow's sun ; 
For fear the curse should thee arrest, 
Before the morrow is begun. 

XI. Ooo Prayer for tlie Jews- 

1 Disowned of Heaven, by man oppressed, 

Outcast from Zion's hallowed ground, 

O ! why should Israel's sons, once bless'd, 

Still roam the scorning world around? 

2 Lord, visit Thy forsaken race, 

Back to Thy fold the wanderers bring ; 

Teach them to seek Thy slighted grace, 

And hail in Christ their promised King. 

3 The veil of darkness rend in twain, [light; 

"Which hides their Shiloh's glorious 
The severed olive branch again 
Firm to its parent stock unite. 

4 Hail, glorious day, expected long, [pour, 

"When Jew and Greek one prayer shall 
"With eager feet one temple throng, 
"With grateful praise one God adore. 


AMES. L. M. 

Db. Mason. 

zSW 2 ^ — |- 

-r-ihd d 

-i n 

1 | 

J J J j H 

1. My 

»)H? 4 P> 

dear Ee-deem-er and my 

-| ! h=— 1^3— !S— 



— | 

read my du - ty in Thy 

-g » * g F r-^ 

word ; 

^b 22 b- 

1 1 

-tt k=p- 
T i i- p 

1 . 

— s> — 

— JS- — 

H — 

1 — 11 — h " 

-C : 

But in Thy life the law ap - ears, Drawn out in liv - ing 


-m — m- 



-£: £i: 

ac - ters. 



k w 

H. ii Clirist our Pattern. 

2 Such was Thy truth, and such Thy zeal, 
Such deference to Thy Father's will, 
Such love, and meekness so divine, 

I would transcribe aud make them mine. 

3 Cold mountains and the midnight ah 
"Witnessed the fervour of Thy prayer ; 
The desert Thy temptations knew, 
Thy conflict and Thy victory too. 

4 Be Thou my pattern ; make me bear 
More of Thy gracious image here ; 
Then God the Judge shall own my name, 
Among the followers of the Lamb. 

-U. lOo Lamb of God to be Worshipped. 

1 "What equal honours shall we bring 

To Thee, O Lord our God, the Lamb, 
"When all the notes that angels sing 
Are far inferior to Thy name ! 

2 "Worthy is He that once was slain, [died, 

The Prince of Peace, that groaned and 
"Worthy to rise, and live, and reign, 
At His almighty Father's side. 

3 Blessings for ever on the Lamb, 

"Who bore the curse for wretched men ; 
Let angels sound His sacred name, 
And every creature say Amen. 

XI. ODo On Opening a House of Worship. 
1 Here, in Thy name, eternal God, 

We build this earthly house for Thee ; 
O ! make it now Thy fixed abode, 
And guard it long from error free. 

2 Here, when Thy people seek Thy face, 

And dying sinners pray to live, [place, 

Hear Thou in heaven, Thy dwelling- 

Andwhen Thou hearest, Lord, forgive. 

3 Here, when Thy messengers proclaim 

The blessed gospel of Thy Son, 
Still by the jsower of His great name, 
Be mighty signs and wonders done. 

4 "When children's voices raise the song, 

Hosanna to their heavenly King, 
Let heaven, with earth, the strain prolong, 
Hosanna let the angels sing. 

5 But will, indeed, Jehovah deign 

Here 'to abide, no transient guest ? 
Here will our great Redeemer reign, 
And here the Holy Spirit rest ? 

6 Thy glory never hence depart ; 

Yetchoosenot, Lord, this house alone; 
Thy kingdom come in every heart, 
Tn every bosom fix Thy throne. 

H. 582 Prayer for Revival. 

1 O Sun of Righteousness, arise, 

With gentle beams on Zion shine ; 
Dispel the darkness from our eyes, 
And souls awake to life divine. 

2 On all around let grace descend, 

Like heavenly dew, or copious showers, 
That we may call our God our friend, 
That we may hail salvation ours. 



George Oates. 

^ — M w i 

1. Lord, how ma - ny are my foes, In this weak state of flesh and blood ! 

?? M^m mAm£ &ih$5m 

My peace they dai-ly dis-com-pose ; But my de - fence and hope is God. 

Ps. 3 

2 Tieed with the burden of the day, 

To Thee I raised an evening cry ,- 
Thou heardst when I began to pray, 
And Thine almighty help was nigh. 

3 Supported by Thine heavenly aid, 

I laid me down and slept secure : 
Not death should make my heart afraid, 
Though I should wake and rise no more. 

4 But God sustained me all the night ; 

Salvation doth to God belong : 
He raised my head to see the hght, [song. 
And makes His praise my morning 

HI pr X The Gospel is the power of God to 
• 10D Salvation. 

1 What shall the dying sinner do, 
That seeks relief for all his woe ? 
"Where shall the guilty conscience find 
Ease for the torment of the mind? 

2 How shall we get our crimes forgiven, 
Or form our nature fit for heaven ? 
Can souls, all o'er defiled with sin, [clean ? 
Make their own powers and passions 

3 In vain we search, in vain we try, 
Till Jesus brings His gospel nigh ; 
'Tis there the power and glory dwell, 
That save rebellious soids from hell. 

4 This is the pillar of our hope, 
That bears our fainting spirits up ; 
"We read the grace, we trust the word, 
And find salvation in the Lord. 

H . 170 Invitation to the Heavy Laden. 

1 Come hither, all ye weary souls, 

Ye heavy-laden sinners, come ; 
I'll give you rest from aU your toils, 
And raise you to my heavenly home. 

2 They shall find rest that learn of Me ; 

I'm of a meek and lowly mind ; 
But passion rages like a sea, 

And pride is restless as the wind. 

3 Blest is the man whose shoidders take 

My yoke, and bear it with dehght ; 
My yoke is easy to his neck, 

My grace shall make the burden hght. 

4 Jesus, we come at Thy command, 

With faith, and hope, and humble zeal; 
Resign our spirits to Thy hand, 

To mould and guide us at Thy will. 

H. OOi Warning of Death. 

1 Where are the living f On the ground, 
Where prayer is heard and mercy found ; 
Where, in the compass of a span, 

The mortal makes the immortal man. 

2 Who are the living f They whose breath 
Draws every moment nigh to death ; 
Of endless bhss or woe the heirs ; 

O what an awful lot is theirs ! 

3 Then, timely warned, let us begin 
To follow Christ and flee from sin ; 
Daily grow up in Him our Head, 
Lord of the living and the dead. 

ADMAH. L. M. 6 Lines. 

Dr. L. Mason, 1835. 

l/Whengath'r-ing clouds a -round ' I view, And days are dark and^ friends are^ few, 

On Him I lean, who, not in vain, Ex-peri - enced ev* - ry hu -man pain ^ 



-Z-iS— £-2 



J^i -<*■ -&- -g- 




He sees my wants, al - lays my fears, And counts and trea-sures up my tears 


BL 60 Christ the Hope of the Disconsolate. 

2 Ir aught should tempt my soul to stray 
From heavenly virtue's narrow way, 
To fly the good I would pursue, 

Or do the sin I would not do ; 

Still He who felt temptation's power. 

Shall guard me in that dangerous hour. 

3 When vexing thoughts within me rise, 
And, sore dismayed, my spirit dies, 
Yet He who once vouchsafed to bear 
The sickening anguish of despair, 
Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently dry, 
The throbbing heart, the streaming eye. 

4 When, sorrowing, o'er some stone I bend, 
Which covers all that was a friend, 
And from his voice, his hand, his smile, 
Divides me for a little while, 

Thou, Saviour, seest the tears I shed. 
For Thou didst weep o'er Lazarus dead. 

5 And O ! when I have safely passed 
Through every conflict but the last, 
Still, still unchanging, watch beside 
My painful bed, for Thou hast died ; 
Then point to realms of cloudless day, 
And wipe the latest tear away. 

PS. 23 Second Part. 

1 The Lord my pasture shall prepare, 
And feed me with a shepherd's care ; 
His presence shah my wants supply, 
And guard me with a watchful eye ; 
My noon-day walks He shall attend, 
And all my midnight hours defend. 

2 When on the sultry glebe I faint, 
Or on the thirsty mountain pant ; 
To fertile vales and dewy meads, 

My weary, wandering steps He leads, 
Where peaceful rivers, soft, and slow, 
Amid the verdant landscape flow. 

3 Though in the paths of death I tread, 
With°gloomy horrors overspread, 
My steadfast heart shall fear no ill, 
For Thou, O Lord, art with me still ; 
Thy friendly arm shall give me aid, 
Ancl guide me thro' the dreadful shade. 

4 Though in a bare and nigged way, 
Through devious, lonely wilds I stray, 
Thy bounty shall my pains beguile, 
The barren wilderness shall smile, 
With sudden green and herbage crowned, 
And streams shall murmur all around. 



H. Bond. 

1. I'll praise my Ma - ker with my breath, And when my voice is 



-0 m 

> * * j -r , -r- 

in death, 







-k — -cH 3 — P «b «- -* * cf 


Praise shall em - ploy my no-bier pow'rs; My days of praise 

« W 1 1 

t I* — »- 



^— T5- 


__fs p»_£- 

-al m- 





While Ufe, and thought, and be - ing last, Or im - mor - tal - i - ty 

i* ---.- - j no.".' 

~*r& -r -r- -gi 

en - dures. 




PS. 146 Second Part. 

1 I'll praise iny Maker with my breath, 
And when my voice is lost in death, 

Praise shall employ my nobler powers ; 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
While life, and thought, and being last, 

Or immortality endures. 

2 Why should I make a man my trust ? 
Princes must die and turn to dust ; 

Vain is the help of flesh and blood ; 
Their breath departs ; their pomp and 

And thoughts all vanish in an hour ; 

Nor can they make their promise good. 

3 Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On Israel's God ; He made the sky, 

And earth, and seas, with all their train, 
His truth for ever stands secure ; 
He saves th' oppressed, He feeds the poor, 

And none shall find His promise vain. 

4 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind ; 
The Lord supports the sinking mind ; 

He sends the labouring conscience 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The widow and the fatherless, 

And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

5 He loves His saints, He knows them well, 
But turns the wicked down to hell ; 

Thy God, O Zion, ever reigns ; 
Let every tongue, let every age, 
In this exalted work engage ; 

Praise Him in everlasting strains. 

Now to the great and sacred Three, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be 

Eternal power and glory given, 
Through all the worlds where God is known, 
By all the angels near the throne, 

And all the saints in earth and heaven. 




1 1 J 1 J- 

ui-^— j-; 


J^-^— 1-; — 

Aeeanged by C, 18b'u. 
1st. 2nd. J^n<. 

KH— I 4 ^. 

%J m 

1. When 
D. C. But 


mar-shall'd on the night -ly plain, The 
star a - lone of all the train Can 
one a - lone, the Sa-viour speaks : It 

^2 * — | 1 ^_*._| |_ 

\ — *~^« : 

glitt' - riug host be 
fix the sin - ner's 
is the Star of 

^V - -J- | 

hT3 *^^p- — ri — h=f^- 

• stud the sky, I 

( wand'-ring eye ; 
Beth - le - hera. 

1st. 2nd. 

^ 4 ^ 

■ ■ ' r r 

i : — i — i 


J 1 p*_^L 

_ ! j_i 

: ~^=£eE 

-1 1-^sL: 




-<s< *— ? 

Hark! hark! to God the cho - rus breaks, From ev' - ry host, from ev' - ry gem 
, ^_« . C? *.' <g » S3 -O- O a, ^> <m ^ <m -&-^ - 




t=1 1- 



H. 127 The Star of Bethlehem. 

2 Once on the raging seas I rode, 

The storm was loud, the night was dark ; 
The ocean yawned, and rudely blowed 

The wind, that tossed my foundering 
Deep horror then my vitals froze ; [bark. 

Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem; 
"When suddenly a star arose ! 

It was the Star of Bethlehem. 

3 It was my guide, my light, my all ; 

It bade my dark forebodings cease ; 
And thro' the storm and danger's thrall, 

It led me to the port of peace. 
Now, safely moored, my perils o'er, 

I'll sing, first in night's diadem, 
For ever and for evermore, 

The Star — the Star of Bethlehem. 


L. H. D. 

A. Williams' Collection, 1770. 


1. He dies, the Friend of sin - ners dies; Lo! Sa-lern's daugh-ters weep a-round ; > 
A sol - emu dark-ness veils the skies, A eer-tain treinb-ling shakes the ground. ) 
T. c. He shed a thou-sand drops for you, A thou-sand drops of rich - er blood. 

Come, saints, and drop a tear or two For Him who groan'd be-neath your load : 





1 s — F~ 











1. Peace, trou-bled soul, whose plaiu-tive moan Hath taught each scene the note 



of woe ; 















i — m 

JlL. 414 Peace in Believing. 

1 Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive 


Hath taught each scene the note of woe; 
Cease thy complaint, suppress thy groan, 

And let thy tears forget to flow ; 
Behold the precious balm is found, 
To lull thy pain, and heal thy wound. 

2 Come, freely come, by sin opprest, 

On Jesus cast thy weighty load; 
In Him thy refuge find, thy rest, 

Safe in the mercy of thy God ; 
Thy God's thy Saviour, glorious word! 
O hear, believe, and bless the Lord. 

H. 110 The Triumphs of Christ. 

[Tune' "Dresden."] 
1 He dies, the Friend of sinners dies ; 
Lo ! Salem's daughters weep around ; 
A solemn darkness veils the skies, 
A sudden trembling shakes the ground. 

Come, saints, and drop a tear or two, 
For Him who groaned beneath your 

He shed a thousand drops for you, [load: 
A thousand drops of richer blood. 

Here's love and grief beyond degree, 

The Lord of glory dies for men ; 
But lo ! what sudden joys we see, 

Jesus, the dead, revives again. 
The risen God forsakes the tomb, 

Up to His Father's court He flies; 
Cherubic legions guard Him home, 

And shout Him welcome to the skies. 

Dry up your tears, ye saints, and tell 

How high your great Deliverer reigns ; 
Sing how He spoiled the hosts of hell, 

And led the monster death in chains. 
Say, " Live for ever, wondrous King! 

Born to redeem, and strong to save." 
Then ask the monster, "Where's thy sting, 

And where's thy victory, boasting 






De. Thos. Hastings, 1822. 


1. From ev' - ry storm - y wind that blows, From ev' - ry swell - ing tide of woes, 

- 4-r- 






rT - 


There is a calm, a sure re - treat, Tis found be - neath the mer - ey seat. 






H. 475 

TAe J/ercy (Steai. 

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds 
The oil of gladness on our heads ; 

A place than all besides more sweet, 
It is the blood-bought mercy seat. 

3 There is a scene where spirits blend, 
"Where friend holds fellowship with friend; 
Though sundered far, by faith they meet 
Around one common mercy seat. 

4 Ah ! whither could we flee for aid, 
"When tempted, desolate, dismayed 1 
Or how the hosts of hell defeat, 
Had suffering saints no mercy seat % 

5 There, there on eagle's wings we soar, 
And sin and sense seem all no more ; 
And heaven comes down our souls to 
And glory crowns the mercy seat, [greet ; 

6 O let my hand forget her skill, 

Sly tongue be silent, cold, and still, 
This bounding heart forget to beat, 
If 'I forget Thy mercy seat. 

Ps. 11 

1 My refuge is the God of love ; 

Why do my foes insult and cry, 
" Fly, like a timorous trembling dove ; 
To distant woods or mountains, fly?" 

2 The Lord in heaven has fixed His throne, 

His eye surveys the world below ; 
To Him all mortal things are known, 
His eyelids search our spirits through. 

3 If He afflicts His saints so far, 

To prove their love and try then- grace, 
What may the bold transgressors fear? 
His soul abhors their wicked ways. 

4 The righteous Lord loves righteous souls, 

Whose thoughts and actions are sincere; 
And with a gracious eye beholds 
The men that His own image bear. 

H". 133. Grieved Spirit Besought. 

1 Stay, Thou insulted Spirit, stay ; 
Though I have done Thee such despite, 
Cast not the sinner quite away, 

Nor take Thine everlasting flight. 

2 Though I have most unfaithful been 
Of all who o'er Thy grace received, 
Ten thousand times Thy goodness seen, 
Ten thousand times Thy goodness griev'd. 

3 Yet O ! the chief of sinners spare, 
In honour of my great High Priest ; 
Nor in Thy righteous anger swear, 

I shall not see Thy people's rest, 

4 If yet Thou canst my sins forgive, 
E'en now, O Lord, relieve my woes ; 
Into Thy rest of love receive, 

And bless one with a calm repose. 

5 E'en now my weary soul release, 
And raise me by Thy gracious hand ; 
Guide me into Thy perfect peace, 
And bring me to the promised land. 




1. My Spi - rit looks to God a -lone; My rock and 

re- fuge is His throne; 


all my fears, in all my straits, My soul on His sal - va - tion waits. 





Ps. 62 Third Part. 

2 Trust Him, ye saints, in all your ways, 
Pour out your hearts before His face ; 
When helpers fail, and foes invade, 
God is our all-sufficient aid. 

3 Once has His awful voice declared, 
Once and again my ears have heard, 
" All power is His eternal due ; 

He must be feared aud trusted too." 

4 For sovereign power reigns not alone, 
Grace is a partner of the throne ; 
Thy grace and justice, mighty Lord, 
Shall well divide our last reward. 

Ps. 84 

First Part. 

How pleasant, how divinely fair, 
O Lord of hosts, Thy dwellings are ; 
With long desire my spirit faints 
To meet th' assemblies of Thy saints. 

My flesh would rest in Thine abode ; 
My panting heart cries out for God ; 
My God, my King, why should I be 
So far from all my joys and Thee ? 

Blest are the saints who sit on high, 
Around Thy throne, above the sky ; 
Thy brightest glories shine above, 
And all their work is praise and love. 

Blest are the saints who find a place 
Within the temple of Thy grace ; 
There they behold Thy gentle rays, 
And seek Thy face, and learn Thy praise. 

5 Blest are the men whose hearts are set 
To find the way to Zion's gate ; 

God is their strength ; and thro' the road 
They lean upon their Helper, God. 

6 Che*erful they walk with growing strength 
Till all shall meet in heaven at length ; 
Till ah before Thy face appear. 

And join in nobler worship there. 

JJ.. i-iO The Voice of Mercy. 

1 I hear a voice that comes from far ; 

From Calvary it soimds abroad ; 
It soothes my soul, and calms my fear ; 
It speaks of pardon bought with blood. 

2 And is it true, that many fly 

The sound that bids my soul rejoice ; 
And rather choose in sin to die, 
Than turn an ear to mercy's voice ! 

3 Alas for those ! the day is near, 

When mercy will be heard no more ; 
Then will they ask in vain to hear 
The voice they would not hear before. 

4 With such, I own, I once appeared, 

But now I know how great their loss; 
For sweeter sounds were never heard, 
Than mercy utters from the cross. 

5 But let me not forget to own, 

That if I differ aught from those, 
'Tis due to sovereign grace alone, 
That oft selects its proudest foes. 



Dr. L. Mason, 1830. 




3 rJ ^ -Ff — gg. 



1. Thus far the Lord has led me on ; Thus far His pow'r pro - longs 'my days ; 

^2 — a. 










-r J rJ 




And ev' - ry eve - ning shall make known Some fresh me - mo - rial of His grace. 
! J 



p <? 



JjL. 4lo4: Evening Eymn. 

2 Much of my time has run to waste, 

And I, perhaps, am near my home ; 
Bnt He forgives my follies past ; 

He gives me strength for days to»come. 

3 I lay my body down to sleep, 

Peaee is the pillow for my head ; 
While well appointed angels keep 

Their watchful stations round my bed. 

4 Thus when the night of death shall come, 

My flesh shall rest beneath the ground, 
And wait Thy voice to rouse the tomb, 
With sweet salvation in the sound. 

H .ol9 Life tlie Time to Serve tlie Lard. 

1 Life is the time to serve the Lord, 
The time to insure the great reward, 
And while the lamp holds out to bum, 
The vilest sinner may return. 

2 Life is the hour that God has given 
To escape from heU and fly to heaven ; 
The day of grace, and mortals may 
Secure the blessings of the day. 

3 The living know that they must die, 
But aU the dead forgotten he ; 

Then memory and then sense are gone, 
Alike unknowing and unknown. 

4 Then* hatred and their love are lost, 
/Their envy buried in the dust ; 
TThey have no share in all that's done 

Beneath the circuit of the sun. 

5 Then what my thoughts design to do, 
My hands, with aU your might pursue : 
Since no device nor work is found, 
Nor faith nor hope beneath the ground. 

6 There are no acts of pardon past 

In the cold grave to which we haste ; 
But darkness, death, and long despair 
Reign in eternal silence there. 

id.. lo7 Expostulation icith Sinners. 

1 Prisoners of sin and Satan too, 
The Saviour calls— He calls for you ; 
Ye who have sold yourselves for naught, 
Jesus your liberty has bought. 

2 The great Redeemer lived and died, 
The Prince of Life was crucified ; 

He shed His own most precious blood 
To ransom guilty souls for God. 

3 He came to set the captive free ; 
He came to publish liberty ; 

To bind the broken-hearted up, 
And give despairing sinners hope. 

4 Prisoners of hope, why will you die ? 
Why from the only refuge fly ? 
Jesus, our hiding-place and tower, 
Invites the guilty and the poor. 

5 He came to comfort those that mourn •. 
He sweetly says to sinners, Turn ! 
Prisoners of hope, His voice attend, 
Nor shght the calls of such a Friend. 



Arranged by Dr. L. Mason, 1825. 

p^pgg^^ LgJU^jJ g^^i 

1. How blest the right - eous when he dies ! When sinks a wea - ry soul to rest ; 







T 2 

n <+ 





How mild-ly beam the clos - ing 




gi^ff p 


eyes, How gen t-ly heaves th' ex - pir - ing breast! 




H. 63.2 Death of the Righteous. 

2 So fades a summer cloud away, 

So sinks the gale when storms are o'er ; 
So gently shuts the eye of day, 
So dies a wave along the shore. 

3 A holy quiet reigns around, 

A calm which life nor death destroys ; 
Nothing disturbs that peace profound, 
Which his unfettered soul enjoys. 

4 Farewell, conflicting hopes and fears, 
Where lights and shades alternate dwell ; 
How bright th' unchanging morn appears ; 
Farewell, inconstant world, farewell. 

5 Life's duty done, as sinks the clay, 
Light from its load the spirit flies ; 
While heaven and earth combine to say, 
" How blest the righteous when he dies 1 " 

PS. 73 Second Part. 

1 Loed, what a thoughtless wretch was I, 

To mourn, and murmur, and repine, 
To see the wicked placed on high, 
In pride and robes of honour shine. 

2 But O, then end, their dreadful end ! 

Thy sanctuary taught me so : 
On slippery rocks I see them stand, 
And fiery billows roll below. 

3 Now let them boast how tall they rise ; 

I'll never envy them again ; 
There they may stand with haughty eyes, 
Till they plunge deep in endless pain. 

4 Their fancied joys, how fast they flee, 

Like dreams, as fleeting and as vain ; 
Their songs of softest harmony 
Are but a prelude to their pain. 

5 Now I esteem their mirth and wine, 

Too dear to purchase with my blood ; 
Lord, 'tis enough that Thou art mine, 
My life, my portion, and my God. 

JtA. 191 CJirist Knocking at the Boor. 

1 Behold a Stranger at the door ! 

He gently knocks, has knocked before, 
Has waited long — is waiting still ; 
You treat no other friend so ill. 

2 O lovely attitude ! He stands 

With melting heart and bleeding hands : 
O matchless kindness ! and He shows 
This matchless kindness to His foes. 

3 But will He prove a friend indeed ? 
He will ; the very friend you need ; 
The Friend of sinners — yes, 'tis He, 
With garments dyed on Calvary. 

4 Rise, touched with gratitude divine ; 
Turn out His enemy and thine, 
That soul-destroying monster, sin, 
And let the heavenly stranger in. 

5 Admit Him, ere His anger burn ; 
His feet, departed, ne'er return ; 
Admit Him, or the hour's at hand, | 
You'll at His door rejected stand. 



Feom Beethoven. 

1. What sin-ners val - ue 



I re - sign ; Lord, 'tis e-nough that Thou art mine 

J^J -r- , p- ,, „ ff,f _, J J- 

















r _ saf 

I shall be - hold Thy bliss-ful face; And stand com-plete in right-eous -ness. 

- ^ n ^ ^ _j J- ^ -&- -+- ^ ^ *=£^- -*=.■ 





Ps. 17 

.1 What sinners value I resign ; 

Lord, 'tis enough that Thou art mine ; 
I shall behold Thy blissful face. 
And stand complete in righteousness. 

2 This life's a dream, an empty show ; 
But the bright world to which I go 
Hath joys substantial and sincere ; 
When shall I wake and find me there ? 

3 O glorious hour ! O blest abode ! 
I shall be near, and like my God ; 
And flesh and sin no more control 
The sacred pleasures of the soul. 

4 My flesh shall slumber in the ground 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound ; 
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise 
And in my Saviour's image rise. 

Ps. 57. Second Fart. 

1 My God, in whom are all the springs 
Of boundless love and grace unknown, 
Hide me beneath Thy spreading wings, 
Till the dark cloud is overblown. 

2 Up to the heavens I send my cry ; 
The Lord will my desires perform ; 
He sends His angels from the sky, 
And saves me from the threat'ning storm. 

3 Be Thou exalted, O my God, 

Above the heavens where angels dwell ; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad, 
And land to land Thy wonders tell. 

4 My heart is fixed ; my song shall raise 
Immortal honours to Thy name ; 
Awake, my tongue, to sound His praise, 
My tongue, the glory of my frame. 

5 High o'er the earth His mercy reigns, 
And reaches to the utmost sky ; 

His truth to endless years remains, 
When lower worlds dissolve and die. 

6 Be Thou exalted, O my God, 

Above the heavens where angels dwell ; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad, 
And land to land Thy wonders tell. 

PS. 72 First Part. 

1 Great God, whose universal sway 
The known and unknown worlds obey, 
Now give the kingdom to Thy Son, 
Extend His power, exalt His throne. 

2 As rain on meadows newly mown, 

So shall He send His influence down ; 
His grace on fainting souls distils, 
Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills. 

3 The heathen lands, that he beneath 
The shades of overspreading death, 
Revive at His first dawning light, 
And deserts blossom at the sight. 

4 The saints shall flourish in His days, 
Brest in the robes of joy and praise ; 
Peace, like a river, from His throne 
Shall flow to nations yet unknown. 



Samuel Holyoke. 

'^mM£^ &M-.W^ 

1. Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame, Give to the Lord re - nown and pow'r ; As-cribe due hon-ours 


f r r 

to His name, And His e - ter - nal might a - dore ; And His e - ter - nal might a - dore 



-© * O « K. 








CfFf 1 

Ps. 29 

2 The Lord proclaims His power aloud, 

Through every ocean, every land ; 
His voice divides the watery cloud, 
And lightnings blaze at His command. 

3 The Lord sits sovereign on the flood, 

The Thunderer reigns for ever King; 
But makes His church His blest abode, 
Where we His awful glories sing. 

4 In gentler language, there the Lord 

The counsel of His grace imparts ; 
Amidst the raging storm His word 
Speaks peace and courage to oiu- hearts. 

H. 259 Faith in Christ. 

1 When sins and fears prevailing rise, 

And fainting hope almost expires, 
Jesus, to Thee I lift mine eyes, 

To Thee I breathe my soul's desires. 

2 Art Thou not mine, my living Lord ? 

And can my hope, my comfort die, 
Fixed on Thy everlasting word, [sky ? 
That word which built the earth and 

3 If my immortal Saviour lives, 

Then my immortal life is sure ; 
His word a firm foundation gives, 
Here let me build and rest secure. 

4 Here let my faith unshaken dwell, 

Immovable the promise stands ; 
Not all the powers of earth or hell, 
Can e'er dissolve the sacred bands. 

5 Here, O my soul, thy trust repose ; 
Since Jesus is for ever mine, 
Not death itself, that last of foes, 
Shall break a union so divine. 

H. 433 

Morning Hymn. 

1 God of the morning, at Thy voice 

The cheerful sun makes haste to rise, 
And like a giant doth rejoice 
To run his journey through the skies. 

2 From the fair chambers of the east 

The circuit of his race begins ; 
And, without weariness or rest, [shines. 
Round the whole earth he flies and 

3 Oh ! like the sun, may I fulfil 

The appointed duties of the day, 
With ready mind and active will, 

March on, and keep my heavenly way. 

4 But I shall rove and lose the race, 

If God, my sun, should disappear, 
And leave me in this world's wild maze, 
To follow every wandering star. 

5 Lord, Thy commands are clean and pure, 

Enlightening our beclouded eyes ; 

Thy threatenings just, 'Thy promise sure, 

Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 

6 Give me Thy counsel for my guide, 

And then receive me to Thy bhss ; 
All my desires and hopes beside 

Are faint and cold compared with this. 





We stern Melody 



-ft—ft— ft 


i -* i r 


1. A - wake, my soul, in joy • ful lays, And sing Thy great re-deem-er's praise; 

■J. JO. 

He just - ly claims a song from Thee ; His lov -ing kind - ness, O ! how free — 


g gs&sMgS&i^&m 


His lov-ing kind-ness, lov - ing kind-ness — His lov-ing ki nd - n ess, ! how free 

XI. LZl Praise for Loving Kindness. 

2 He saw me ruined in the fall, 
Yet loved me notwithstanding all ; 
He saved me from my lost estate ; 
His loving kindness, O ! how great ! 

3 Though numerous hosts of mighty foes, 
Though earth and hell my way oppose, 
He safely leads my soul along ; 

His loving kindness, O ! how strong ! 

4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, 
Has gathered thick, and thundered loud, 
He near my soul has always stood ; 
His loving kindness, O ! how good ! 

5 Often I feel my sinful heart 
Prone from my Saviour to depart ; 
But though I oft have Hun forgot, 
His loving kindness changes not. 

6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale, 
Soon all my mortal powers must fail ; 
O ! may my last expiring breath, 
His loving kindness sing in death. 

7 Then, let me mount and soar away 
To the bright world of endless day ; 
And sing, with rapture and surprise, 
His loving kindness in the skies. 

-CI. o7 Christ's Intercession. 

[Tune, "Chaelotte."] 

1 O Thou, the contrite sinner's Friend, 
Who loving, lov'st him to the end, 
On this alone my hopes depend, 

That Thou wilt plead for me. 

2 When, weary in the Christian race, 
Far off appears my resting place, 
And, fainting, I mistrust Thy grace, 

Then, Saviour, plead for me. 

3 When Satan, by my sins made bold, 
Strives from Thy cross to loose my hold, 
Then with Thy pitying arms enfold, 

And plead, O ! plead for me. 

4 And when my dying hour draws near, 
Darkness with anguish, guilt and fear, 
Then to my fainting sight appear, 

Pleading in heaven for me. 


8s, 8s & 6s. 103 

ARRANGED BY K. E., 1872. 

'JhrG Kl * 1 H 



i 1 , 

1 IN — m IN- 


^ jVid 4 4A 

— ^ — m\ — m — 


1 P — ^ 1 3 - 

—m — « 1 — «- - 


1, Just as I am, with - out one plea, 

-m- -*- -*- -m~ _ im- -m> 

But that Thy blood was shed for me, 


—w \m — im — \0-— 

1 1? 1 W~ 

=T^*— P= 

— w — 

-i i m — i — 

m « \m <* 

-»- —vm — w- ■ 

V ft ^ 

' -V — i — 

4— -^— i — s*- 1 





And that Thou bid'st me come to Thee, 

-m—M* — 




O Lamb of God, I come ! 


f-P-g-^ 1 

+-= rr jb a» 

^ W * 


JdL . It 1 o Just as I am. 

2 Just as I am, and waiting not, 

To rid my soul of one dark blot, [spot, 
To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each 
O Lamb of God, I come. 

3 Just as I am, though tossed about, 
With many a conflict, many a doubt, 
Fightings within, and fears without, 

O Lamb of God, I come. 

4 Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind — 
Sight, riches, healing of the mind, 


Yea, all I need in Thee to find, 
O Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive, 
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 
Because Thy promise I believe, 
O Lamb of God, I come. 

Just as I am, for love unknown 
Has broken every barrier down ; 
Now to be Thine, and Thine alone, 
O Lamb of God, I come. 

8s, 4s & 8s. 




Welch Air. 


-~ — « — * 

1. J When the spark of life is wan-ing, Weep not for me ;) When the fee-ble pulse is ceas-ing, 

(When the lan-guid eye is strain-ing, Weep not for me : 

_^_ I 



Start not at its swift de-creas-ing ; 'Tis the f et-tered soul's re-leas-ing ; Weep not for me 







^m rp—'w ~W- 




I p ^ r I 

ii. Duo Weep not for Me. 

2 When the pangs of death assail me, 
Weep not for me ; 
Christ is mine — He cannot fail me ; 
Weep not for me ; 

Yes, though sin and doubt endeavour 
From His love my soul to sever, 
Jesus is my strength for ever ; 
Weep not for me. 




Timoth? Swan, 1800. 


r z> c* 







"Z? - 

1. Why do we mourn de - part - ing friends, Or shake at death's a - larms? 











Je - sus sends, To call them to His arms. 

J- _ , ^ ^ jS 









T~l . boO Death Disarmed. 

2 Are we not tending upward too, 

As fast as time can move % 
Nor should we wish our hours more slow 
To keep us from our love. 

3 The graves of all the saints He blest, 

And softened every bed ; 
Where should the dying members rest, 
But with their dying Head ? 

4 Thence He arose, ascending high, 

And showed our feet the way ; 
Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly, 
At the great rising day. 

n . 479 Before Sermon. 

1 Almighty God, eternal Lord, 

Thy gracious power make known ; 
Touch, by the virtue of Thy word, 
And melt the heart of stone. 

2 Speak with the voice that wakes the dead, 

And bid the sleeper rise ; 
And let his guilty conscience dread 
The death that never dies. 

H. 618 Time is Short. 

1 " The time is short !" the season near, 

When death will us remove, 
To leave our friends, however dear, 
And all we fondly love. 

2 " The time is short !" sinners, beware, 

Nor trifle time away ; 
The word of great salvation hear, 
While it is called to-day. 

3 "The time is short!" ye rebels, now 

To Christ the Lord submit ; 
To mercy's golden sceptre bow, 
And fall at Jesus' feet. 

4 " The time is short !" ye saints rejoice, 

The Lord will quickly come ; [voice, 
Soon shall you hear the Bridegroom's. 
To call you to your home. 

5 " The time is short !" it swiftly flies, 

The hour is just at hand 
When we shall mount above the skies, 
And reach the wished-for land. 

6 " The time is short !" the moment near, 

When we shall dwell above, 
And be for ever happy there, 
With Jesus, whom we love. 

H. 6.26 Happiness in Death. 

1 Hear what the voice from heaven pro- 

For all the pious dead ; [claims 

Sweet is the savoiu- of their names,. 
And soft their sleeping bed. 

2 They die in Jesus, and are blessed ; 

How calm their slumbers are! 
From suffering and from sin released, 
And freed from every snare. 

3 Far from this world of toil and strife, 

They're present with the Lord ; 
The labours of their mortal life 
End in a large reward. 



Wm. Tansub, 1735. 






s> — &- 







To Thee will I di - reot my prayer, To Thee lift 



mine eye : 















PS. 5 £ea>7wZ Par*. 

2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone 

To plead for all His saints, 
Presenting at His Father's throne 
Our songs and our complaints. 

3 Thou art a God before whose sight 

The wicked shall not stand ; 
Sinners shall ne'er be Thy delight, 
Nor dwell at Thy right hand. 

4 But to Thy house will I resort, 

To taste Thy mercies there ; 
I will frequent Thy holy court, 
And worship in Thy fear. 

5 O may Thy Spirit guide my feet 

In ways of righteousness ! 
Make every path of duty straight 
And plain before my face. 

Ps. 7 

1 My trust is in' my heavenly Friend, 

My hope in Thee, my God ; 
Rise, and my helpless life defend 
From those that seek my blood. ' 

2 If there be mahce found in me, 

I know Thy piercing eyes ; 
I should not dare appeal to Thee, 
Nor ask my God to rise. 

3 Arise, my God, lift up Thy hand, 

Then* pride and power control ; 
Awake to judgment, and command 
Deliverance for my soul. 

4 Let sinners and their wicked rage 
Be humbled to the dust ; 
Shall not the God of truth engage 
To vindicate the just % 

H. 18 

Electing Love. 

1 How vast the benefits divine, 

Which we in Christ possess ! 
We're saved from guilt and every sin,. 
And called to holiness. 

2 'Tis not for works which we have done. 

Or shall hereafter do ; 
But He of His abounding love, 
Salvation does bestow. 

3 The glory, Lord, from first to last, 

Is due to Thee alone ; 
Aught to ourselves we dare not take, . 
Or rob Thee of Thy crown. 

4 Our glorious Surety undertook 

Redemption's wondrous plan ; 
And grace was given us in Him, 
Before the world began. 

5 Safe in the arms of sovereign love 

We ever shall remain ; 
Nor shall the rage of earth or hell 
Make Thy wise counsels vain. 

6 Not one of all the chosen race, 

But shall to heaven attain ; 
Partake on earth the purposed grace, ' 
And then with Jesus reign. 



T7- T> 

1. How oft, al - as! this wretched heart Has wan-dered from the Lord! How oft my rov - ing 














i i i i 

thonghts de - part, How oft my rov - ing thoughts de- part, For - get - ful 

His word ! 

-f 2 - -m- -f* 

-f 2 f P — ^rP 










ii. ^10 Backslider Returning. 

2 Yet sovereign mercy calls, "Return;" 

Dear Lord, and may I come 1 
My vile ingratitude I mourn ; 
O ! take the wanderer home. 

3 And canst Thou, wilt Thou, yet forgive, 

And bid my crimes remove % 
And shall a pardoned rebel live 
To speak Thy wondrous love ? 

4 Almighty grace, Thy healing power, 

How glorious, how divine ! 
That can to life and bliss restore 
So vile a heart as mine. 

5 Thy pardoning love, so free, so sweet, 

Dear Saviour, I adore ; 
O ! keep me at Thy sacred feet, 
And let me rove no more. 

Ps. 38 

1 Thy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain, 

Though I deserve it all ; 
Nor let on me the heavy storm 
Of Thy displeasure fall. 

2 My sins, which to a deluge swell, 

My sinking head o'erflow, 
And, for my feeble strength to bear, 
Too vast a burden grow. 

3 But, Lord, before Thy searching eyes, 

All my desires appear ; 
'The groanings of my burden'd soul 
Have reached Thine open ear. 

4 Forsake me not, O Lord, my God, 
Nor far from me depart ; 
Make haste to my relief, O Thou 
Who my salvation art. 

PS. 51 Second Part. 

1 O God of mercy, hear my call, 

My load of guilt remove ; 
Break down this separating wall 
That bars me from Thy love. 

2 Give me the presence of Thy grace ; 

Then my rejoicing tongue 
Shall speak aloud Thy righteousness, 
And make Thy praise my song. 

3 No blood of goats nor heifers slain, 

For sin could e'er atone ; 
The death of Christ shall still remain 
Sufficient and alone. 

4 A soul oppressed with sin's desert 

My God will ne'er despise ; 
An humble groan, a broken heart 
Is our best sacrifice. 

PS. 116 Third Part. 

1 I love the Lord, because my voice 

And prayers He did hear. 
I, while I hve. ~will call on Him 
Who bowed to me His ear. 

2 Of death the cords and sorrows did 

About me compass round ; 
The pains of hell took hold on me : 
I grief and trouble found. 



3 Upon the name of God the Lord 

Then did I call, and say, 
Deliver Thou my soul, O Lord, 
I do Thee humbly pray. 

4 God merciful and righteous is, 

Yea. gracious is our Lord. 
God saves the meek : I was brought low ; 
He did me help afford. 

5 thou, my soul, do thou return 

Unto thy quiet rest ; 
For largely, lo, the Lord to thee 
His bounty hath expressed. 

6 For my distressed soul from death 

Delivered was by Thee ; 
Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears 
My feet from falling free. 

.□.. o7 Christ's Agony in the Garden. 

1 Dark was the night, and cold the ground, 

On which the Lord was laid : 
His sweat as drops of blood ran down, 
In agony He prayed. 

2 "Father, remove this bitter cup, 

If such Thy sacred will ; 
If not, content to drink it up, 
Thy pleasure I fulfil." 

3 Go to the garden, sinner, see 

Th»se precious drops that flow ; 
The heavy load He bore for thee — 
For thee He lies so low. 

4 Then leam of Him the cross to bear, 

Thy Father's will obey ; 
And when temptations press thee near, 
Awake to watch and pray. 

JjL. oo Crucifixion of Christ. 

1 Behold the Saviour of mankind 

Nailed to the shameful tree ! 

How vast the love that Him inclined 

To bleed and die for me. _ , 


2 Hark ! how He groans, while nature 

And earth's strong pillars bend! 
The temple's veil asunder breaks, 
The sohd marbles rend. 

3 'Tis finished ! now the ransom's paid, 

" Receive my soul !" He cries ; 
See, how He bows His sacred head ! 
He bows His head and dies ! 

4 But soon He'll break death's iron chain, 
And in full glory shine ; 

Lamb of God! was ever pain, 
Was ever love like Thine ? 

Jtl. IUo Conviction of Sin by the Laic. 

1 Lord, how seciu-e my conscience was, 

And felt no inward dread ; 

1 was alive without the law, 

And thought my sins were dead. 

2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright. 

But since the precept came, 
"With a convincing power and light, 
I find how vile I am. 

3 My guilt appeared but small before, 

Till terribly I saw 
How perfect, holy, just and pure, 
"Was Thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load, 

My sins revived again ; 
I had provoked a dreadful God, 
And all my hopes were slain. 

5 I'm like a helpless captive, sold 

Under the power of sin ; 
I cannot do the good I would, 
Nor keep my conscience clean. 

6 My God, I cry with every breath, 

For some kind power to save, 
To break the yoke of sin and death, 
And thus redeem the slave. 

-tL. ZUU Sins Acknowledged. 

1 Great God, before Thy mercy seat 

Abashed, in dust I fall ; 
My crimes of complicated guilt, 
Aloud for judgment call. 

2 I own my ways to be corrupt, 

My duties stained with sin ; 
Make Thou my broken spirit whole, 
My burdened conscience clean. 

3 Lord, send Thy Spirit from above, 

Implant a holy fear ; 
And through Thine all abounding grace, 
Bring Thy salvation near. 

4 On my distressed, benighted soul, 

O ! cause Thy face to shine ; 
Make me to hear Thy pardoning voice, 
And tell me I am Thine. 


YORK. C .M. 

John Milton's Fathek. 



^ * r§ 






To Fa - ther, Son, and Ho ly Ghost, The God -whom we 

p . , -p ■ r 

s =g= 











- d — *|- 




Be glo - ry as it -was, is now, And shall be ev - er 

-- r r , p -- 



: F 

3 Beneath His smiles my heart has lived, 
And part of heaven possessed ; 
I praise His name for grace received, 
And trust Him for the rest. 

H . Z L ±D God the Believer's Happiness. 

1 My God, my portion, and my love, 

My everlasting All, 
I've none but Thee in heaven above, 
Or on this earthly ball. 

2 What empty tilings are all the Skies, 

And this inferior clod ! 
There's nothing here deserves my joys, 
There's nothing like my God. 

3 In vain the bright, the burning sun 

Scatters his feeble light ; 
'Tis Thy sweet beams create my noon ; 
If Thou withdraw, 'tis night. 

4 To Thee we owe our wealth and friends, 

And health and safe abode : 
Thanks to Thy name for meaner things ; 
But they are not my God. 

5 Were I possessor of the earth, 

And called the stars my own ; 
Without Thy graces and Thyself, 
I were a wretch undone. 

6 Let others stretch their arms like seas, 

And grasp in all the shore ; 
Grant me the visits of Thy face, 
And I desire no more. 

H . ZS4: Necessity of Sanctifieation. 

1 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, 

Nor sense nor reason kno^n, 
What joys the Father has prepared 
For those that love the Son. 

2 But the good Spirit of the Lord 

Reveals a heaven to come ; 
The beams of glory in His word 
Allure and guide us home. 

3 Pure are the joys above the sky, 

And all the region peace ; 

No wanton lips nor envious eye 

Can see or taste the bliss. 

4 Those holy gates for ever bar 

Pollution, sin, and shame ; 
None shall obtain admittance there, 
But followers of the Lamb. 

5 He keeps the Father's book of life, 

There all their names are found ; 
The hypocrite in vain shall strive 
To tread the heavenly ground. 

H. 236 Confidence in the Promises. 

1 Our God, how firm His promise stands ! 

E'en when He hides His face ; 
He trusts in our Redeemer's hands 
His glory and His grace. 

2 Then why, my soul, these sad complaints, 

Since Christ and we are one 1 
Thy God is faithful to His saints, 
Is faithful to His Son. 



Db. Hastings. 

- f=> m 9 r B - Si —\ — -H ' i 







1. Faith adds new charms to earth - ly bliss, And saves me from its snares ; Its aid in 


-*— ± 



4^L *- 

I I I 


■p- r\ !-? 




















ev' - r y du - ty brings, And sof-tens all my cares — And sof - tens all my cares. 





f-^ r- 


y y Li 







H. 262 Efficacy of Faith. 

2 Extinguishes the thirst of sin, 

And hghts the sacred fire 
Of love to God, and heavenly things, 
And feeds the pure desire. 

3 The wounded conscience knows its power, 

The healing balm to give ; 
That balm the saddest heart can cheer, 
And make the dying live. 

4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds, 

Where deathless pleasures reign ; 
And bids me seek my portion there, 
Nor bids me seek in vain : 

5 Shows me the precious promise sealed 

With the Bedeemer's blood ; 
And helps my feeble hope to rest 
Upon a faithful God. 

6 There, there unshaken would I rest, 

Till this vile body dies ; 
And then on faith's triumphant wings 
At once to glory rise. 

XL. Z*±J Christian Confidence and Gratitude. 

1 How can I sink with such a prop 

As my eternal God, 
Who bears the earth's huge pillars up, 
And spreads the heavens abroad 1 ? 

2 How can I die while Jesus lives, 

Who rose and left the dead? 
Pardon and grace my soul receives 
From my exalted Head. 

3 All that I am, and all I have, 
Shall be for ever Thine ; 
Whate'er my duty bids me give, 
My cheerful hands resign. 

-LL. oUo The Believer's Joy in Life and Death. 

1 Joy is a fruit that will not grow 

In nature's barren soil ; 
All we can boast, till Christ we know, 
Is vanity and toil. 

2 But where the Lord has planted grace, 

And made His glories known, 
There fruits of heavenly joy and peace 
Are found, and there alone. 

3 A bleeding Saviour seen by faith, 

A sense of pardoning love, 
A hope that triumphs over death, 
Give joys like those above. 

4 To take a glimpse within the veil ; 

To know that God is mine ; 
Are springs of joy that never fail, 
Unspeakable, divine. 

5 These are the joys which satisfy 

And sanctify the mind ; 
Which make the spirit mount on high, 
And leave the world behind. 

6 No more, behevers, mourn your lot ; 

But since you are the Lord's, 
Besign to them that know Him not, 
Such joys as earth affords. 







Hugh Wilson. 





1. In e - vil long 

took de - light, Un - awed by shame or fear ; 

mM T 




b-» P^ — U 










3; : 




Till a new ob - ject struck my sight, And stopped my wild ca - reer. 

Ill I J 

P ^^g^ 

-p— r 


1^ I ^?_ * >- 



XI. ZU4: Repentance at tfie Cross. 

2 I saw one banging on a tree, 

In agonies and blood, 
Wbo fixed His languid eyes on me, 
As near His cross I stood. 

3 Sure, never to my latest breath, 

Can I forget tbat look ; 
It seemed to charge me with His death, 
Though not a word He spoke. 

4 My conscience felt and owned the guilt, 

And plunged me in despair ; 
I saw my sins His blood had spilt, 
And helped to nail Him there. 

5 Alas ! I knew not what I did, 

But now my tears are vain ; 
"Where shall my trembling soul be hid ? 
For I the Lord have slain. 

6 A second look He gave, which said, 

"I freely all forgive ; 
This blood is for thy ransom paid ; 
I die that thou mayst live." 

7 Thus, while His death my sin displays 

In all its blackest hue, 
Such is the mystery of grace, 
It seals my pardon too. 

8 With pleasing grief and mournful joy, 

My spirit now is filled, 
That I should such a life destroy, 
Yet live by Him I killed. 

H. 408 Light in Darkness. 

1 O thou who driest the mourner's tear, 

How dark this' world would be, 
If, pierced by sins and sorrows here, 
We could not fly to Thee! 

2 The friends who in our sunshine live, 

When winter comes are flown ; 
And he who has but tears to give, 
Must weep those tears alone. 

3 But Thou wilt heal that broken heart, 

Which, like the plants that throw 
Their fragrance from the wounded part, 
Breathes sweetness out of woe. 

4 When joy no longer soothes or cheers, 

And e'en the hope that threw 

A moment's sparkle o'er our tears, 

Is dunmed and vanished too ; 

5 O who could bear life's stormy doom, 

Did not Thy wing of love 
Come brightly wafting through the gloom 
Our peace-branch from above ? 

6 Then sorrow, touched by Thee, grows 

With more than rapture's ray ; [bright 
As darkness shows us worlds of light, 
"We never saw by day. 


Invitation to Zion. 

Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way 
That leads to Zion's hill, 

And thither set your steady face, 
With a determined will. 



2 Invite the strangers all around, 

Your pious march to join ; 
And spread the sentiments you feel, 
Of faith and love divine. 

3 O come, and to His temple haste, 

And seek His favour there; 
Before His footstool humbly bow, 
And pour your fervent prayer. 

4 O come, and join your souls to God 

In everlasting bands ; 
Accept the blessings He bestows, 
With thankful hearts and hands. 

H. 468 Christ's Presence Invoked. 

1 Come, Thou Desire of all Thy saints, 

Our humble strains attend ; 
While with our praises and complaints, 
Low at Thy feet we bend. 

2 Come, Lord, Thy love alone can raise 

In us the heavenly flame ; 
Then shall our hps resound Thy praise, 
Our hearts adore Thy name. 

3 Dear Saviour, let Thy glory shine, 

And fill Thy dwellings here, 

Till life, and love, and joy divine, 

And heaven on earth appear. 

H. / ±12i Prayer for Protection. 

1 O God of Bethel, by whose hand 

Thy people still are fed ; 
Who through this weary pilgrimage 
Hast all our fathers led ; 

2 Our vows, our prayers, we now present 

Before Thy throne of grace : 
God of our fathers, be the God 
Of their succeeding race. 

3 Through each perplexing path of life 

Our wandering footsteps guide ; 
Give us each day our daily bread, 
And raiment fit provide. 

4 O ! spread Thy covering wings around, 

Till all our wanderings cease, 
And at our Father's loved abode 
Our souls arrive in peace. 

5 Such blessings from Thy gracious hand 

Our humble prayers implore ; 
And thou shalt be our chosen God, 
And portion evermore. 

Ji. 47o Blessing on PubUc Worship. 

1 O Loed, our languid souls inspire, 

For here, we trust Thou art : 
Kindle a flame of heavenly fire, 
In every waiting heart. 

2 Dear Shepherd of Thy people, hear ; 

Thy presence now display ; 
As Thou hast given a place for prayer, 
So give us hearts to pray. 

3 Show us some token of Thy love, 

Our fainting hope to raise ; 
And pour Thy blessing from above, 
That we may render praise. 

4 Within these walls let holy peace, 

And love and concord dwell ; 
Here give the troubled conscience ease, 
The wounded spirit heal. 

5 The feeling heart, the melting eye, 

The humbled mind bestow ; 
And shine upon us from on high, 
To make our graces grow. 

6 May we in faith receive Thy word, 

In faith present our prayers ; 
And, in the presence of our Lord, 
Unbosom all our cares. 

7 And may the gospel's joyful sound, 

Enforced by mighty grace, 

Awaken many sinners round 

To come and fill the place. 

Ji. 47o A Hymn Before Sermon. 

1 In Thy great name, O Lord, we come 

To worship at Thy feet ; 
O pour Thy Holy Spirit down 
On all that now shall meet. 

2 We come to hear Jehovah speak, 

To hear the Saviour's voice ; 
Thy face and favour, Lord, we seek ; 
Now make our hearts rejoice. 

3 Teach us to pray and praise — to hear 

And understand Thy word ; 
To feel Thy blissful presence near, 
And trust our living Lord. 

4 Let sinners now Thy goodness prove, 

And saints rejoice in Thee : 
Let rebels be subdued by love, 
And to the Saviour flee. 




*=g : 


— i— j 


* — S- 



Charles Zetjkee, 1839 






r-i P • r 

1. Be - gin, my tongue, some heav n - ly theme, And speak some bound - less thing, 
^ -^S-r^— :g ', r ? g, ^ „ gm r r-J= --r-«sl 1* ■ ^ 








The migh - ty works, or might - ier name, Of our 




ter - mil King, 





Faithfulness of God. 

2 Tell of His wondrous faithfulness, 

And sound His powers abroad ; 
Sing the sweet promise of His grace, 
And the performing God. 

3 Proclaim " Salvation from the Lord, 

For wretched dying men ;" 
His hand has writ the sacred word 
With an immortal pen. 

4 His very word of grace is strong 

As that which built the skies ; 
The voice that rolls the stars along 
Speaks all the promises. 

5 O might I hear Thy heavenly tongue 

But whisper, " Thou art mine ! " 
Those gentle words should raise my song 
To notes almost divine. 

6 How would my leaping heart rejoice, 

And think my heaven secure ! 
I trust the all-creating voice, 
And faith desires no more. 

Ji. 34:0 Renouncing the World. 

1 Let worldly minds the world pursue, 

It has no charms for me ; 

Once I admired its follies too, 

But grace has set me free. 

2 Those follies now no longer please, 

No more delight afford ; 
Far from my heart be joys like these, 
Now I have known the Lord. 

3 As by the light of op'ning day 

The stars are all concealed, 
So earthly pleasures fade away 
When Jesus is revealed. 

4 Creatures no more divide my choice, 

I bid them all depart ; 
His name, and love, and gracious voice, 
Shall fix my roving heart. 

5 Now, Lord, I would be Thine alone, 

And wholly live to Thee ; 
Yet worthless still myself I own, 
Thy worth is all my plea. 

-U. LOS The Redeeming Saviour. 

1 Behold the glories of the Lamb, 

Amidst His Father's throne ; 
Prepare new honours for His name, 
And songs before unknown. 

2 Let elders worship at His feet, 

The church adore around, 
With vials full of odours sweet, 
And harps of sweeter sound. 

3 Now to the Lamb that once was slain, 

Be endless blessings paid ; 
Salvation, glory, joy remain, 
For ever on Thy head. 

4 Thou hast redeemed our souls with blood, 

Hast set the prisoners free, 
Hast made us kings and priests to God, 
And we shall reign with Thee. 

P I S G A H. CM. 

let. 2nd. 






1. When I can read my ti - tie clear, To man-sions in the 

d. c. And wipe rny weep - ing eyes, And wipe my weep - ing 

-£2_H* « !*— H* I* m— n f=2i rt -P-^j0. tf # ,*. 







» — o — \- 



I bid fare - well to ev' - ry fear, And wipe my weep - ing eyes. 
I bid, etc., 






TT. 672 Joyful Anticipations of Heaven. 

2 Should earth against my soul engage, 

And hellish darts be hurled, 

Then I can smile at Satan's rage, 

And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares like a wild deluge come, 

And storms of sorrow fall ; 
May I but safely reach my home, 
My God, my heaven, my all. 

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul, 

In seas of heavenly rest, 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Across my peaceful breast. 

H. 359 Confessing Christ. 

1 Didst Thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame, 

And bear the cross for me ? 
And shall I fear to own Thy name, 
Or Thy disciple be? 

2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should dread 

To suffer shame or loss ; 
O ! let me in Thy footsteps tread, 
And glory in Thy cross. 

3 Inspire my soul with hfe divine, 

And holy courage bold ; ' 
Let knowledge, faith, and meekness shine, 
Nor love nor zeal grow cold. 

4 Say to my soul, " Why dost thou fear 

The face of feeble clay ? 
Behold thy Saviour ever near, 
Will guard thee in the way " 

5 O ! how my soul would rise and run, 

At this reviving word ; 
Nor any painful sufferings shun 
To follow Thee, my Lord. 

6 Let sinful men reproach, defame, 

And call me what they will, 
If I may glorify Thy name, 
And be Thy servant still. 

H. Zi(j Darkness of Providence. 

1 Thy way, O God ! is in the sea, 

Thy paths I cannot trace ; 

Nor comprehend the mystery 

Of Thy unbounded grace. 

2 Here the dark veils of flesh and sense 

My captive soul surround ; 
Mysterious deeps of Providence 
My wondering thoughts confound. 

3 As through a glass, I dimly see 

The wonders of Thy love ; 
How httle do I know of Thee, 
Or of the joys above ! 

4 'Tis but in part I know Thy will ; 

I bless Thee for the sight ; 
When will Thy love the rest reveal, 
In glory's clearer light ? 

5 With rapture shall I then survey 

Thy providence and grace ; 

And spend an everlasting day 

In wonder, love and praise. 




^ *^y 


Db. J. Lucas. 











Let God the Fa - ther, and the Son, And Spi - rit be a-dored, Where there are 

^> Gl (2. 







works to make Him known, Or saints to love the Lord — Or saints to love the Lord. 



•z> . rs> 



f^r ? 





PS. 54: 

1 Behold us, Lord, and let our cry 

Before Thy throne ascend ; 

Cast Thou on us a pitying eye, 

And still our lives .defend. 

2 For impious foes insult us round ; 

Oppressive, proud and vain ; 
They cast Thy temples to the ground, 
And all our rights profane. 

3 Yet Thy forgiving grace we trust, 

And in Thy power rejoice ; 
Thine arm shall bring our foes to dust, 
Thy praise inspire our voice. 

4 Be Thou with those whose friendly hand 

Upheld us in distress, 
Extend Thy trath through every land, 
And still Thy people bless. 

-hL. OOO Prayer far Submission. 

1 O Lord, my best desires fulfil, 

And help me to resign 
Life, health, and comfort to Thy will, 
And make Thy pleasure mine. 

2 Why should I shrink at Thy command, 

Whose love forbids my fears? 
Or tremble at the gracious hand, 
That wipes away my tears? 

3 No, rather let me freely yield, 

What most I prize to Thee, 
Who never .hast a good withheld, 
Or wilt withhold from me. 

4 Wisdom and mercy guide my way, 

Shall I resist them both ? 
A poor blind creature of a day, 
And crashed before the moth ! 

5 But ah ! my inward spirit cries, 

Still bind me to Thy sway ; 
Else the next cloud that veils my skies 
Drives all these thoughts away. 

H. 338 It is Well. 

1 It shall be well, let sinners know, 

With those who love the Lord ; 
His saints have always found it so, 
When resting on His word. 

2 Peace, then, ye chastened sons of God, 

Why let your sorrows swell ? 
Wisdom directs your Father's rod, 
His word says, It is well. 

3 Though you may trials sharp endure, 

From sin, or death, or hell ; 
Your heavenly Father's love is sure, 
And therefore, It is well. 

4 Soon will your sorrows all be o'er, 

And you shall sweetly tell, 
On Canaan's calm and pleasant shore,. 
That all at last is well. 

ii. OOO Watchfulness and Prayer. 

1 Alas ! what hourly dangers rise, 
What snares beset my way j 
To heaven I fain would lift my eyes, 
And hourly watch and pray. 



2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain, 

And melt in flowing tears ! 
Striving against my foes in vain, 
I sink amid my fears. 

3 gracious God, in whom I live, 

My feeble efforts aid ; 
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive, 
Nor let me be dismayed. 

4 Do Thou increase my faith and hope, 

When fears and foes prevail ; 

And bear my fainting spirit up, 

Or soon my strength will fail. 

5 O keep me to Thy heavenly way, 

And bid the tempter flee ; 
And never, never let me stray 
From happiness and Thee. 

H. 520 Prayer for Youth. 

1 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth, 

The gift of saving grace ; 
And let the seed of sacred truth 
Fall in a fruitful place. 

2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows, 

Of pure and heavenly root ; 
But fairest in the youngest shows, 
And yields the sweetest fruit. 

3 Ye careless ones, hear betimes 

The voice of sovereign love ; 
Tour youth is stained with many crimes, 
But mercy reigns above. 

4 True, you are young, but there's a stone 

Within the youngest breast ; 
Or half the crimes which you have done 
Would rob you of your rest. 

5 For you the public prayer is made, 

O join the public prayer ; 
For you the secret tear is shed, 
O shed yourselves a tear. 

43 We pray that you may early prove 
The Spirit's power to teach ; 
You cannot be too young to love 
That Jesus whom we preach. 

XL. ol4 Brevity and Uncertainty of Life. 

1 Thee we adore, eternal Name, 
And humbly own to Thee, 
How feeble is our mortal frame ; 
What dying worms are we ! 

2 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The breath that first it gave ; 
Whate'er we do, where'er we be, 
We're travelling to the grave. 

3 Great God, on what a slender thread 

Hang everlasting things ! 
The eternal states of all the dead 
Upon life's feeble strings. 

4 Infinite joy or endless woe 

Attends on every breath ; 
And yet how unconcerned we go 
Upon the brink of death ! 

5 Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense, 

To walk this dangerous road ,• 

And if our souls are hurried hence, 

May they be found with God. 

JjL. Dot) Triumph over Death. 

1 O for an overcoming faith 

To cheer my dying hours, 
To triumph o'er the monster, Death, 
And all his frightful powers ! 

2 Joyful, with all the strength I have, 

My quivering lips should sing, 
"Where is thy boasted victory, grave, 
And where the monster's sting ?" 

3 If sin be pardoned, I'm secure ; 

Death has no sting beside ; 
The law gives sin its damning power ; 
But Christ, my ransom, died. 

4 Now to the God of victory 

Immortal thanks be paid, 
Who makes us conquerors while we die, 
Through Christ our living Head. 

H , Oou Faith in Dying. 

1 O for the eye of faith divine, 

To pierce beyond the grave ; 
To see that Friend, and call Him mine, 
Whose arm is strong to save. 

2 Lord, I commit my soul to Thee, 

Accept the sacred trust ; . 
Beceive this nobler part of me, 
And watch my sleeping dust. 

3 Till that illustrious morning come, 

When all Thy saints shall rise, 
And, clothed in full, immortal bloom, 
Attend Thee to the skies. 



A. Williams' Collection, 1770. 





1. Re - li - gion is the chief con - cern Of mor - tals here be- low; May 

fefe ^^ ^ ^f ^i ^^ ^ 

its great im - por - tance learn, 



sov'-reign vir - tue know. 

-s> 1— 1 — 


XI. 14:5 Excellence of Religion: 

2 Moee needful this than ghttering wealth, 

Or aught the world bestows ; 
Nor reputation, food nor health, 
Can give us such repose. 

3 Religion should our thoughts engage, 

Amidst our youthful bloom ; 
'Twill fit us for declining age, 
And for the awful tomb. 

4 O ! may my heart, by grace renewed, 

Be my Redeemer's throne ; 
And be my stubborn will subdued, 
His government to own. 

5 Let deep repentance, faith, and love, 

Be joined with godly fear ; 
And all my conversation prove 
My heart to be sincere. 

PS. 15 First Part. 

1 Who shall inhabit in Thy hill, 

O God of holiness ? 
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell 
So near His throne of grace ? 

2 The man that walks in pious ways, 

And works with righteous hands ; 
That trusts his Maker's promised grace, 
And follows His commands ; 

3 He speaks the meaning of his heart, 

Nor slanders with his tongue ; 
Will scarce believe an ill report, 
Nor do his neighbour wrong : 

4 His hands disdain a golden bribe, 
And never wrong the poor ; 
This man shall dwell with God on earth. 
And find his heaven secure. 

Ps. 56 

1 In God, most holy, just, and true, 

I have reposed my trust ; 
Nor will I fear what man can do, 
The offspring of the dust. 

2 Thy solemn vows are on me, Lord, 

Thou shalt receive my praise : 

I'll sing how faithful is Thy word, 

How righteous all Thy ways. 

3 Thou hast secured my soul from death ; 

O ! set Thy prisoner free, 
That heart and hand, and life and breath, 
May be employed for Thee. 

XL. 144 Deceitfulness of Sin. 

1 Sin has a thousand treacherous arts 

To practise on the mind ; [hearts, 
With flattering looks she tempts our 
But leaves a sting behind. 

2 With names of virtue she deceives 

The aged and the young ; 
And while the heedless wretch believes, 
She makes his fetters strong. 

3 She pleads for all the joys she brings, 

And gives a fair pretence ; 
But cheats the soul of heavenly things 
And chains it down to sense. 



Wm. Tansub, 1735. 

Ps. 73 First Part. 

2 Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide my feet, 

Through life's dark wilderness ; 
Thine hand conduct me near Thy seat, 
To dwell before Thy face. 

3 "Were I in heaven without my God, 

'Twould be no joy to me ; 
And whilst this earth is my abode, 
I long for none but Thee. 

4 What if the springs of life were broke, 

And flesh and heart should faint, 
God is my soul's eternal rock, 
The strength of every saint. 

5 Behold! the sinners that remove 

Far from Thy presence, die ; 
Not all the idol-gods they love 
Can save them when they cry. 

6 But to draw near to Thee, my God, 

Shall be my sweet employ ; 
My tongue shall sound Thy works abroad, 
And tell the world my joy. 


1 Ake all the foes of Zion fools, 

Who thus destroy her saints ? 
Do they not know her Saviour rules, 
And pities her complaints ? 

2 They shall be seized with sad surprise ; 

For God's avenging arm 
Shall crush the hand that dares arise. 
To do His children harm. 

In vain the sons of Satan boast 

Of armies in array ; 
When God on high dismays their host 

They fall an easy prey. 

4 ! for a word from Zion's King, 
Her captives to restore ! 
The joyful saints Thy praise shall sing, 
And Israel weep no more. 

PS. 71 First Part. 

1 O Lord, my hope and confidence 

Is placed in Thee alone ; 
Then let Thy servant never be 
Put to confusion. 

2 For even from my youth, O God, 

By Thee I have been taught ; 
And hitherto I have declared 

The wonders Thou hast wrought. 

3 And now, Lord, leave me not, when I 

Old and gray-headed grow ; 
Till to this age Thy strength and power 
To all to come I show. 

4 And Thy most perfect righteousness, 

O Lord, is veiy high. 
Who hast so great things done : O God, 
Who is like unto Thee ? 

5 Thou Lord, who great adversities 

And sore to me didst show, 
Shalt quicken, and bring me again 
From depths of earth below. 



Daniel Bead, 1785. 

rJ T^ J 











Let God the Fa - ther, and the Son, And Spi - rit be a - dored, 













te a 





22 r* 


w>— *- 


Where there are works to make Him known, Or saints to love the Lord. 











Jd. ;£0 Gratitude for Providential Care. 

1 Thou, my light, my life, my joy, 

My glory, and my all ; 
Unsent by Thee, no good can come, 
Nor evil can befall. 

2 Such are Thy schemes of providence, 

And methods of Thy grace, 

That I may safely trust in Thee, 

Through all the wilderness. 

3 'Tis Thine outstretched and pow'rful arm 

Upholds me in the way ; 
And Thy rich bounty well supplies 
The wants of every day. 

4 For such compassions, my God ! 

Ten thousand thanks are due ; 
For such compassions, I esteem 
Ten thousand thanks too few. 

PS. 28 Second Part. 

1 Lord, I will Thee extol, for Thou 

Hast lifted me on high, 

And over me Thou to rejoice 

Mad'st not mine enemy. 

2 O Thou, who art the Lord my God, 

I in distress to Thee, 
With loud cries lifted up my voice, 
And Thou hast healed me. 

3 O Lord, my soul Thou hast brought up, 

And rescued from the grave ; 
That I to pit should not go down, 
Alive Thou didst me save. 

4 O ye that are His holy ones, 

Sing praise unto the Lord ; 
And give unto Him thanks, when ye 
His holiness record. 

5 But for a moment lasts His wrath ; 

Life in His favour lies ; 
Weeping may for a night endure, 
At morn doth joy arise. 

Ji. OO God Reconciled in Christ: 

1 Dearest of all the names above, 

My Jesus and my God, 
Who can resist Thy heavenly love, 
Or trifle with Thy blood? 

2 'Tis by the merits of Thy death 

The Father smiles again ; 
'Tis by Thine interceding breath 
The Spirit dwells with men. 

3 Till God in human flesh I see, 

My thoughts no comfort find ; 
The holy, just, and sacred Three 
Are terrors to my mind. 

4 But if Immanuel's face appear, 

My hope, my joy begins ; 
His name forbids my slavish fear, 
His grace removes my sins. 

5 While Jews on their own law rely, 

And Greeks of wisdom boast, 
I love the incarnate mystery, 
And there I fix my trust. 





G. Kiebt, 1592. 

2= g\i f 1 S =j 4-^— ^ qyn ^ l-^T-^Fj^ 


How long wilt Thou for - get me, Lord, Must I for ev - er mourn? 








* J 




^ 4t^ 


How long wilt Thou with - draw from me, 








Ps. 13 

2 O hear, and to my longing eyes 

Restore Thy wonted light ; 
Dawn on my spirit, lest I sleep 
In death's most gloomy night. 

3 Since I have always placed my trust 

Beneath Thy mercy's wing, 
Thy saving health will come ; and then 
My heart with joy shah spring. 

4 Then shall my song, with praise inspired, 

To Thee, my God, ascend ; 

Who to Thy servant in distress, 

Such bounty didst extend. 

PS. 27 First Part. 

1 O Lord, give ear unto my voice, 

When I do cry to Thee ; 
Upon me also mercy have, 
And do Thou answer me. 

2 When Thou didst say, Seek ye my face, 

Then unto Thee reply 
Thus did my heart, Above all things 
Thy face, Lord, seek will I. 

3 Far from me hide not Thou Thy face ; 

Put not away from Thee 
Thy servant in Thy wrath : Thou hast 
An helper been to me. 

4 O God of my salvation, 

Leave me not, nor forsake ; 
Tho' me my parents both should leave, 
The Lord will me up take. 

5 O Lord, instruct me in Thy way, 
To me a leader be, 
In a plain path, because of those 
That hatred bear to me. 

JA. 07o On the Death of Ministers. 

1 Why should our tears in sorrow flow, 

When God recalls His own ; 
And bids them leave a world of woe, 
For an immortal crown. 

2 Is not e'en death a gain to those 

Whose life to God was given ? 
Gladly to earth their eyes they close, 
To open them in heaven. 

3 Their toils are past, their work is done, 

And they are fully blessed ; 
They fought the fight, the victory won, 
And entered into rest. 

4 The flock must feel the shepherd's loss, 

And miss his tender care ; 
But they who bear with joy the cross, 
The crown shall soonest wear. 

5 And is not He who called them home 

Still to His church most nigh ; 
To bid yet other labourers come, 
And all her need supply ? 

6 Then let our sorrows cease to flow ! 

God has recalled His own ; 
But let our hearts, in every woe, 
Still say, " Thy will be done." 



G. Rossini, 1792-1868. 





1. To God I cried with mourn-ful voice, I sought His gra-cious ear, 













In the sad hour when trou - ble rose, And filled my heart with fear. 







Ps. 77 

2 Sad were my days, and dark my nights, 

My soul refused relief ; 
I thought on God the just and wise ; 
But thoughts increased my grief. 

3 Will He for ever cast me off? 

His promise ever fail ? 
Has He forgot His tender love ? 
Shall anger still prevail ? 

4 I'll think again of all Thy ways, 

And talk Thy wonders o'er, 
Thy wonders of recovering grace, 
When flesh could hope no more. 

5 Grace dwells with justice on the throne ; 

And men that love Thy word 
Have in Thy sanctuary known 
The counsels of the Lord. 

H. 275 Power of Faith. 

1 When musing sorrow weeps the past 

And mourns the present pain, 
'Tis sweet to think of peace at last, 
And feel that death is gain. 

2 'Tis not that murmuring thoughts arise, 

And dread a Father's will ; 
'Tis not that meek submission flies, 
And would not suffer still : 

3 It is that heaven-bom faith surveys 

The path that leads to light, 
And longs her eagle plumes to raise, 
And lose herself in sight. 

4 Oh ! let me wing my hallowed flight 
From earth-born woe and care, 
And soar above these clouds of night, 
My Saviour's bliss to share ! 

XI. ZoZ Joy of Hope. 

1 How happy every child of grace 

Who knows his sins forgiven ! 
This earth, he cries, is not my place ; 
I seek my place in heaven. 

2 A country far from mortal sight, ' 

Yet oh ! by faith I see 
The land of rest, the saint's delight — 
The heaven prepared for me. 

3 A stranger in the world below, 

I calmly sojourn here ; 
Nor can its happiness or woe 
Provoke my hope or fear ; 

4 Its evils in a moment end ; 

Its joys as soon are past ; 
But oh ! the bliss to which I tend 
Eternally shaU last. 

n . hZu Death made Desirable. 

1 Jesus ! the vision of Thy face 

Hath overpowering charms ! 
Scarce shall I feel death's cold embrace, 
If Christ be in my arms. 

2 Then, while ye hear my heart-strings 

How sweet my minutes roll ! [break, 
A mortal paleness on my cheek, 
And glory in my soul. 




De. Wm. Arnold, 1791. 





•i — * 




4 L-J J J 





1. Come, let us to the Lord our God, With con - trite hearts re - turn; 

g fe^-£z£ 











Our God is gra-cious, nor will leave The des - o - late to mourn. 




F tf^^ 


3 Almighty God, reveal Thy love, 

And not Thy wrath alone ; 
O ! let our sweet experience prove 
The mercies of Thy throne. 

4 Our souls would learn the heavenly art 

T' improve the hours we have, 
That we may act the wiser part, 
And live beyond the grave. 

H . Do4 Heaven traced through Sorrow. 

1 Lord, what a wretched land is this, 

That yields us no supply, 
No cheering fruits, no wholesome trees,, 
Nor streams of living joy. 

2 Our journey is a thorny maze, 

But we march upward still ; 
Forget these troubles of the ways, 
And reach at Zion's hill. 

3 See the kind angels, at the gates, 

Inviting us to come ; 
There Jesus, the Forerunner, waits, 
To welcome travellers home. 

4 There, on a green and flowery mount, 

Our weary souls shall sit, 
And, with transporting joys, recount 
The labours of our feet. 

5 Eternal glory to the King, 

Who brought us safely through ; 
Our tongues shall never cease to sing, 
And endless praise renew, 

H . Zi-O Return to God. 

2 His voice commands the tempest forth, 

And stills the stormy wave ; 
And though His arm be strong to smite, 
'Tis also strong to save. 

3 Long hath the night of sorrow reigned ; 

The dawn shaU bring us light ; 
God shall appear, and we shall rise 
With gladness in His sight. 

4 Oiu - hearts, if God we seek to know, 

Shall know Him, and rejoice ; 

His coming like the morn shall be, 

Like morning songs His voice. 

5 As dew upon the tender herb, 

Diffusing fragrance round ; 
As showers that usher in the spring, 
And cheer the thirsty ground ; 

6 So shall His presence bless our souls, 

And shed a joyful light ; 
That hallowed morn shall chase away 
The sorrows of the night. 

Ps. 90 Second Part. 

1 Life like a vain amusement flies, 

A fable or a song ; 
By swift degrees our nature dies, 
Nor can our joys be long. 

2 'Tis but a few whose days amount 

To threescore years and ten ; 
And all beyond that short account, 
Is sorrow, toil, and pain. 














1. How shall I praise th' e - ter - nal God, That In - fin - ite Un - known 


























^-H-^q- g — ^_^ j _j: 


-^ ^H-r^— J3 r^ 


Who can as - cend His high a - bode, 




Or ven - ture near His throne ? 


^ — f=±- 






H. 2 

T/te Divine Perfections. 

2 Those watchful eyes, that never sleep, 

Survey the world around ; 
His wisdom is a boundless deep, 

Where all our thoughts are drowned. 

3 He knows no shadow of a change, 

Nor alters His decrees ; 
Firm as a rock His truth remains, 
To guard His promises. 

H . 4 Infinity of God. 

1 Geeat God ! how infinite art Thou ! 

What worthless worms are we ! 
Let the whole race of creatures bow, 
And pay their praise to Thee. 

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood, 

Ere seas or stars were made ; 
Thou art the ever living God, 
Were ah the nations dead. 

3 Eternity, with all its years, 

Stands present in Thy view ; 
To Thee there's nothing old appears ; 
Great God ! there's nothing new. 

4 Our hves through various scenes are 

And vexed with trifling cares, [drawn, 
While Thine eternal thought moves on 
Thine undisturbed affairs. 

5 Great God ! how infinite art Thou ! 

What worthless worms are we ! 
Let the whole race of creatures bow, 
And pay their praise to Thee. 

H. 3 

God's Sovereignty. 

1 Keep silence, all created things, 

And wait your Maker's nod ; 
My soul stands trembling while she sings 
The honours of her God. 

2 Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown 

Hang on His firm decree ; 
He sits on no precarious throne, 
Nor borrows leave to be. 

3 His providence unfolds His book, 

And makes His counsels shine ; 
Each opening leaf, and every stroke, 
Fulfil some deep design. 

4 In Thy fair book of life and grace, 

Oh ! may I find my name 
Recorded in some humble place, 
Beneath my Lord the Lamb. 

Ps. 101 

1 To Thee, my righteous King and Lord, 

My grateful soul I'll raise ; 
From day to day Thy works record, 
And ever sing Thy praise. 

2 Thy wondrous acts, Thy power and might, 

My constant theme shall be ; 
That song shall be my soul's delight, 
Which breathes in praise to Thee. 

3 From all Thy works, Lord, shall spring 

The sound of joy and praise ; 
Thy saints shall of Thy glory sing, 
And show the world Thy ways. 



Ps. 124 

1 Had not the God of truth and love. 

When hosts against us rose, 
Displayed His vengeance from above, 
And crushed the conquering foes ; 

2 Their armies, like a raging flood, 

Had swept the guardless land ; 
Destroyed on earth His blest abode, 
And whelmed our feeble band. 

3 But safe beneath His spreading shield 

His sons securely rest ; 
Defy the dangers of the field, 
And bare the fearless breast. 

4 And now our souls shall bless the Lord, 

Who broke the deadly snare ; 
Who saved us from the murdering sword, 
And made our hves His care. 

5 Our help is in Jehovah's name, 

Who formed the heavens above ; 
He that supports their wondrous frame 
Can guard His church by love. 

PS. 125 First Part. 

1 Unshaken as the sacred hill, 

And firm as mountains stand, 
Firm as a rock the soul shall rest, 
That trusts th' Almighty hand. 

2 Not walls nor hills could guard so well 

Old Salem's happy ground, 
As those eternal arms of love, 
That every saint surround. 

3 Deal gently, Lord, with souls sincere, 

And lead them safely on 
To the bright gates of paradise, 
Where Christ their Lord is gone. 

Ps. 128 

1 O Happy man, whose soid is filled 

With zeal and reverend awe ; 
His lips to God their honours yield, 
His life adorns the law. 

2 A careful providence shall stand, 

And ever guard thy head ; 
Shall on the labours of thy hand 
Its kindly blessings shed. 

3 Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine ; 

Thy children, 'round thy board, 
Each like a plant of honour shine, 
And learn to fear the Lord. 

4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil, 

For months and years to come ; 

The Lord, who dwells on Zion's hill, 

Shah send thee blessings home. 

5 This is the man whose happy eyes 

Shall see his house increase ; 
Shall see the sinking church arise, 
Then leave the wox-ld in peace. 

Ps. 132 

1 Arise, O King of grace, arise, 

And enter to Thy rest ; 
Lo ! Thy church waits with longing eyes. 
Thus to be owned and blest. 

2 Enter, with all Thy glorious train, 

Thy Spirit and Thy word ; 
All that the ark did once contain, 
Could no such grace afford. 

3 Here, mighty God, accept our vows \. 

Here let Thy praise be spread ; 
Bless the provisions of Thy house, 
And fill Thy poor with bread. 

4 Here let the Son of David reign, 

Let God's Anointed shine ; 
Justice and truth His court maintain, 
With love and power divine. » 

5 Here let Him hold a lasting throne ; 

And, as His kingdom grows, 
Fresh honours shall adorn His crown r 
And shame confound His foes. 

XI. 4Z7 Perpetual Praise. 

1 Yes, I will bless Thee, O my God, 

Through all my mortal days ; 
And to eternity prolong 

Thy vast, Thy boundless praise. 

2 Nor shall my tongue alone proclaim 

The honours of my God ; 
My life, with all its active powers, 
Shall spread Thy praise abroad. 

3 Not death itself shall stop my song, 

Though death will close my eyes ; 
My thoughts shall then to nobler heights,. 
And sweeter raptures rise. 

4 There shall my lips in endless praise, 

Their grateful tribute pay ; 
The theme demands an angel's tongue,- 
And an eternal day. 












1. send Thy light forth and Thy truth; 

Let them be guides to nie, 



-m — m- 












And bring me to Thine ho - ly 


Even where Thy dwell - ings be. 




PS. 43 Pw-s* Par*. 

2 Then will I to God's altar go, 

To God, my chief est joy ; 
Yea, God, my God, Thy name to praise 
My harp I will employ. 

3 Why art thou then cast down, my soul ? 

What should discourage thee 1 
• And why with vexing thoughts art thou 
Disquieted in me ? 

4 Still trust in God ; for Him to praise 

Good cause I yet shall have ; 
He of my countenance is the health, 
My God that doth me save. 

Ps. 43 Second Part. 

1 Judge me, God, and plead my cause, 

Against a sinful race ; 
From vile oppression and deceit 
Secure me by Thy grace. 

2 On Thee my steadfast hope depends, 

And am I left to mourn ; 
To sink in sorrow, and in vain 
Implore Thy kind return ? 

3 O ! send Thy light to guide my feet, 

And bid Thy truth appear ; 
Conduct me to Thy holy hill, 
To taste Thy mercies there. 

4 Then to Thine altar, O my God, 

My joyful feet shall rise ; 
And my triumphant songs shall praise 
The God that rules the skies. 

5 Sink not, my soul, beneath thy fear, 
Nor yield to dark despair ; 
For I shall live to praise the Lord, 
And bless His guardian care. 

PS. 48 Part Third. 

1 Great is the Lord, and greatly He 

Is to be praised still, 
Within the city of our God, 
Upon His holy hill. 

2 Mount Zion stands most beautiful, 

The joy of all the land ; 
The city of the mighty King 
On her north side doth stand. 

3 Walk about Zion, and go round ; 

The high tow'rs thereof tell : 
Consider ye her palaces, 

And mark her bulwarks well : 

4 That ye may tell posterity, 

For this God doth abide 
Our God for evermore ; He will 
Ev'n unto death us guide. 

H. oOl Sabbath Blessings. 

1 Blest day! thine hours too soon will cease, 

Yet, while they gently roll, 
Breathe, heavenly Spirit, source of peace, 
A Sabbath o'er my soul. 

2 When will my pilgrimage be done, 

The world's long week be o'er, 
That Sabbath dawn which needs no sun, 
That day which fades no more ? 

EVAK CM. 125 

Abkanged by Kev. Wm. H. Haveroal, 1849. 






^— it 

1. How sweet the name of Je - sus sounds In 

be - liev - er's 











— i— -I 






It soothes his sor-rows, heals his wounds, And drives a - way his fear. 


-? — v 








H. 290 Love to Christ. 

2 It makes the wounded spirit whole, 

And calms the troubled breast ; 
"Tis manna to the hungry soul, 
And to the weary, rest. 

3 Dear Name, the rock on which I build, 

My shield and hiding-place ; 
My never-failing treasury, filled 
With boundless stores of grace ? 

4 Jesus, my Shepherd, Husband, Friend, 

My Prophet, Priest, and King ; 
My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End, 
Accept the praise I bring. 

5 Weak is the effort of my heart, 

And cold my warmest thought ; 
But when I see Thee as Thou art, 
I'll praise Thee as I ought. 

6 Till then I would Thy love proclaim 

With every fleeting breath ; 
And may the music of Thy name 
Refresh my soul in death. 

XL. OiO Calmness from Cod. 

1 Calm, me, my God, and keep me calm ; 

Let Thy outstretched wing, 
Be like the shade of Elim's palm, 
Beside her desert spring. 

2 Yes, keep me calm, though loud and rude 

The sounds my ear that greet ; 
Calm in the closet's solitude ; 
Calm in the busy street. 

3 Calm in the hour of buoyant health, 

And in the hour of pain, 
Calm in my poverty or wealth, 
And in my loss or gain. 

4 Calm in the sufferance of wrong, 

Like Him who bore my shame, 
Calm 'mid the threatening, taunting 
Who hate Thy holy name. [throng, 

5 Calm me, my God, and keep me calm, 

Soft resting on Thy breast ; 
Soothe me with holy hymn and psalm, 
And bid my spirit rest. 

id. Zvo Love to Christ's Disciples. 

1 Lord, Thou on earth didst love Thine 

Didst love them to the end ; [own ; 
Oh ! still from Thy celestial throne, 
Let gifts of love descend. 

2 As Thou for us didst stoop so low, 

Warmed by love's holy name, 
So let om- deeds of kindness flow 
To all who bear Thy name. 

3 One blessed fellowship in love 

Thy living church should stand, 
Till, faultless, she at last above 
Shall shine at Thy right hand. 

4 Oh ! glorious day when she, the bride, 

With her dear Lord appears ; 
When, robed in beauty at His side, 
She shall forget her tears. 



Anon., with Chobcs bt K. E., 1873. 


1. For ev - er here my rest shall be, Close to Thy bleed- ing side; This all my hope and 

-*--£*- -&- #- -m- -f*- -&- « £2- -m- -f*- -£*- -f 2 - 







j^ — |jS>- 

1 1- 







» ■ S 7 
all my plea — For me the Sa - viour died. I do be - lieve, I now be - lieve, 

m- m- *» 





-£2- H«- 

£^6f£^g |j 






ts- -» — * — 

That Je - sus died for me ; And thro' His blood, His pre-cious blood, I shall from sin be free 

¥¥ ff=f=f=f 

■$-^m— [ £zz£z. 





1 1 h 



H. 220 I do Believe. 

2 My dying Saviour and my God, 

Fountain for guilt and sin, 
Sprinkle me ever with Thy blood, 
And cleanse and keep me clean. 
I do beheve, etc. 

3 Wash me, and make me thus Thine own ; 

Wash me, and mine Thou art ; 
Wash me, but not my feet alone — 
* My hands, my head, my heart. 

I do beheve, etc. 

XI. /£4:0 Communion with CJirist. 

1 Jesus, my Saviour, bind me fast, 

In cords of heavenly love ; 
Then sweetly draw me to Thy breast, 
Nor let me thence remove. 

I do beheve, etc. 

2 Draw me from all created good, 

From self, the world and sin ; 
To the dear fountain of Thy blood, 
And make me pure within. 

I do beheve, etc. 

8 lead me to Thy mercy seat, 
Attract me nearer still ; 

Draw me, like Mary, to Thy feet, 
To sit and leam Thy will. 

I do believe, etc. 

4 O draw me by Thy providence, 
Thy Spirit and Thy word, 
From all the things of time and sense, 
To Thee, my gracious Lord. 

I do beheve, etc. 

-hi. OOO Submission under Affliction. 

1 My times of sorrow and of joy, 

Great God, are in Thy hand ; 
All my enjoyments come from Thee, 
And go at Thy command. 

I do beheve, etc. 

2 O Lord, shouldst Thou withhold them 

Yet would I not 'repine ; [all,. 

Before they were by me possessed, 
They were entirely Thine. 

I do beheve, etc. 

3 Nor would I drop a murmuring word, 

If all the world were gone j 
But seek substantial happiness, 
In Thee, and Thee alone. 

I do beheve, etc. 



Karl Keden, 1866. 







1. Je - sus, I love Thy charm - ing name, 'Tis mn - sic to mine ear ; 





-f— p- 

l to - 









Fain would I sound it out so loud, That earth and heav'n should hear. 









H. ^97 CAris£ Zfte Object of Love: 

2 Yes, Thou art precious to my soul, 

My joy, my hope, my trust; 
Jewels to Thee are gaudy toys, 
And gold is sordid dust. 

3 All my capacious powers can wish, 

In Thee most richly meet ; 
Nor to mine eyes is light so dear, 
Nor friendship half so sweet. 

4 Thy grace still dwells upon my heart, 

And sheds its fragrance there ; 
The noblest balm of all its wounds, 
The cordial of its care. 

5 I'll speak the honours of Thy name, 

"With my last labouring breath ; 
Then speechless clasp Thee in mine arms, 
The antidote of death. 

PS. 90 First Part. 

1 Our God, our help in ages past, 

Our hope for years to come, 
Our shelter from the stormy blast, 
And our eternal home. 

2 Before the hills in order stood, 

Or earth received her frame, 
From everlasting Thou art God, 
To endless years the same. 

3 A thousand ages in Thy sight 

Are like an evening gone ; 
Short as the watch that ends the night 
Before the rising dawn. 

4 Time, like an ever-rolling stream, 

Bears all its sons away; 
They fly, forgotten, as a dream 
Dies at the opening day. 

5 Our God, our help in ages past, 

Our hope for years to come, 
Be Thou our guard while troubles last, 
And our eternal home. 

-LL. 2id\) Christians Drawn with Cords of Love. 

1 My God, what gentle cords are Thine, 

How soft, and yet how strong! 
While power, and truth, and love combine 
To draw our souls along. 

2 Thou saw'st us crushed beneath the yoke 

Of Satan and of sin ; 
Thy hand the iron bondage broke, 
Our worthless hearts to win. 

3 The guilt of twice ten thousand sins 

One offering takes away ; 
And grace, when first the war begins, 
Secures the crowning day. 

4 Comfort, through all this vale of tears, 

In rich profusion flows ; 
And glory of unnumbered years 
Eternity bestows. 

5 Drawn by such cords, we onward move, 

Till round Thy throne we meet ; 
And captives in the chain of love, 
Embrace our Conqueror's feet. 




A. Chapin, 1823. 










To Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost, The God whom we a - dore, 


-i 1 1 4- 







-M "^ 7- * 




Be glo - ry as it 


was, is now, 

And shall be ev - er more. 







Second Part. 

Blest is the man who shuns the place 
Where sinners love to meet ; 

Who fears to tread their wicked ways, 
And hates the scoffer's seat ; 

2 But .in the statutes of the Lord 

Has placed his chief delight ; 
By day he reads or hears the word, 
And meditates by night. 

3 He, like a plant of generous kind 

By living waters set, 
Safe from the storms and blasting wind, 
Enjoys a peaceful state. 

•4 Green as the leaf, and ever fair 
Shall his profession shine ; 
While fruits of holiness appear 
Like clusters on the vine. 

5 Not so the impious and unjust ; 

What vain designs they form ! 
Their hopes are blown away like dust, 
Or chaff before the storm. 

6 Sinners in judgment shall not stand 

Among the sons of grace, [hand, 

When Christ the Judge, at His right 
Appoints His saints a place. 

H. 683 Hope of Heaven. 

1 Blessed be the everlasting God, 
The Father of our Lord ; 
Be His abounding mercy praised, 
Hiq majesty adored. 

2 When from the dead He raised His Son, 

And called Him to the sky, 

He gave our souls a lively hope, 

That they should never die.- 

3 What though our inbred sins require 

Our flesh to see the dust ; 
Yet as the Lord our Saviour rose, 
So all His followers must. 

4 There's an inheritance divine, 

Reserved against that day ; 
'Tis uncorrupted, undenled, 
And cannot fade away. 

5 Saints by the power of God are kept, 

Till that salvation come ; 
We walk by faith as strangers here, 
Till Christ shall call us home. 

U. 123 Triumph in Christ. 

1 In every trouble, sharp and strong, 

My soul to Jesus flies ; 
My anchor-hold is firm in Him, 
When swelling billows rise. 

2 His comforts bear my spirits up, 

I trust a faithful God ; 
The sure foundation of my hope 
Is in a Saviour's blood. 

3 Loud hallelujahs sing, my soul, 

To thy Redeemer's name ; 
In joy, in sorrow, life and death, 
Hi a love is still the same. 



A. Chapin, 1823. 





1. Long have I sat be - neath the sound Of Thy sal - va - tion, Lord, 

^g g^^^ g 

^P— < 

2 : 










=2=^ : 






But still how weak my faith is found, And know-ledge of Thy word! 


£ P- 

-r * , 








H . 4 Da Unfruitfulness Lamented. 

2 Oft I frequent Thy holy place, 

And hear almost in vain ; 
How small a portion of Thy grace 
Can my false heart retain ! 

3 How cold and feeble is my love ! 

How negligent my fear! 
How low my hope of joys above ! 
How few affections there ! 

4 Great God, Thy sovereign power impart, 

To give Thy word success ; 
Write Thy salvation in my heart, 
And make me learn Thy grace. 

5 Show my forgetful feet the way 

That leads to joys on high ; 
There knowledge grows without decay, 
And love shall never die. 

-LL. OOU Covenant Sealed with Christ's Blood. 

1 The promise of my Father's love, 

Shall stand for ever good, 
He said, and gave His soul to death, 
And sealed the grace with blood. 

2 To this dear covenant of Thy word, 

I set my worthless name ; 
I seal the engagement to my Lord, 
And make my humble claim. 

3 Thy light, and strength, and pardoning 

And glory shall be mine ; [grace, 

My life and soul, my heart and flesh, 
And all my powers are Thine. 

4 I call that legacy my own, 

Which Jesus did bequeath ; 
'Twas purchased with a dying groan, 
And ratified in death. 

5 Sweet is the memory of His name, 

Who blessed us in His will, 
And to His testament of love, 
Made His own blood the seal 

H. 575 On the Death of a Pastor; 

1 Now let our mourning hearts revive, 

And all our tears be dry ; [grief, 

Why should those eyes be drowned in 
Which view a Saviour nigh ? 

2 Though earthly shepherds dwell in dust, 

The aged and the young, 
The watchful eye in darkness closed. 
And mute the instructive tongue ; 

3 The eternal Shepherd still survives, 

New comfort to impart ; 
His eye still guides us, and His voice 
Still animates our heart. 

4 "Lo, I am with you," saith the Lord, 

" My church shall safe abide ; 
For I will ne'er forsake My own, 
Whose souls in Me confide." 

5 Through every scene of life and death, 

This promise is our trust ; 
And this shall be our children's song, 
When we are cold in dust. 

















1. Plung'd in a gulf of dark de - spair, We wretched sin - ners lay, 








W\ _ .£^. 




With - out one cheer - ful beam of hope, Or spark of glimm'-ring day. 




-P P- 





>— ^- 






-tl. loZ Wonders of Redemption: 

2 With pitying eye the Prince of grace 

Beheld our helpless grief ; 
He saw, and, O amazing love ! 
He ran to our relief. 

3 Down from the shining seats above, 

AVith joyful haste He fled, 
Entered the grave in mortal flesh, , 
And dwelt among the dead. 

4 He spoiled the powers of darkness thus, 

And brake our iron chains ; 
Jesus has freed our captive souls 
From everlasting pains. 

5 O ! for this love let rocks and hills 

Their lasting silence break ; 
And all harmonious human tongues 
The Saviour's praises speak. 

id. ifd Gospel Invitation. 

1 The Saviour calls, let every ear 

Attend the heavenly sound ; 
Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fear, 
Hope smiles reviving round. 

2 For every thirsty, longing heart, 

Here streams of bounty flow, 
And life, and health, and bliss impart, 
To banish mortal woe. 

3 Here springs of sacred pleasure rise, 

To ease your every pain ; 
Immortal fountain ! full supplies ! 
Nor shall we thirst in vain. 

4 Ye sinners, come, 'tis mercy's voice, 

The gracious call obey ; 
Mercy invites to heavenly joys, 
And can you yet delay ? 

5 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts ; 

To Thee let sinners fly, 
And take the bliss Thy love imparts, 
And drink and never die. 

id. 4i0 Mourning over Spiritual Declension. 

1 "Why is my heart so far from Thee, 

My God, my chief delight ? 
Why are my thoughts no more by day 
With Thee — no more by night? 

2 Why should my foolish passions rove t 

Where can such sweetness be, 
As I have tasted in Thy love, 
As I have found in Thee ? 

3 When my forgetful soul renews 

The savour of Thy grace, 
My heart presumes I cannot lose 
The rehsh all my days. 

4 But ere one fleeting hour is past, 

The flattering world employs 
Some sensual bait to seize my taste, 
And to pollute my joys. 

5 Wretch that I am, to wander thus 

In chase of false delight ! 
Let me be fastened to Thy cross, 
Bather than lose Thy sight 



PS. 103 Fourth Part. 

1 Such pity as a father hath 

Unto his children dear, 
Like pity shows the Lord to such 
As worship Him in fear. 

2 For He remembers we are dust, 

And He our frame well knows ; 
Frail man, his days are like the grass, 
As flower in field he grows ; 

3 For over it the wind doth pass, 

And it away is gone ; 
And of the place where once it was 
It shall no more be known. 

4 But unto them that do Him fear 

God's mercy never ends ; 
And to their children's children still 
His righteousness extends : 

5 To such as keep His covenant, 

And mindful are alway 
Of His commandments just and true, 
That they may them obey. 

Ji. 1 — -I Praise for Salvation. 

1 Salvation ! O the joyful sound ; 

'Tis pleasure to our ears ; 
A sovereign balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 

2 Buried in sorrow and in sin, 

At hell's dark door we lay ; 
But we arise by grace divine, 
To see a heavenly day. 

3 Salvation ! let the echo fly 

The spacious earth around; 
While all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

Ji. 4:0 7- Evening Hymn. 

1 Dread Sovereign, let my evening song 

Like holy incense rise ; 
Assist the offerings of my tongue 
To reach the lofty skies. 

2 Through all the dangers of the day, 

Thy hand was still my guard ; 
And still to drive my wants away, 
Thy mercy stood prepared. 

3 Perpetual blessings from above 

Encompassed me around ; 
But O ! how few returns of love 
Has my Creator found! 

4 What have I done for Him who died 

To save my wretched soul ? 
How are my follies multiplied, 
Fast as my minutes roll. 

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine, 

To Thy^dear cross I flee, 
And to Thy grace my soul resign, 
To be renewed by Thee. 

6 Sprinkled afresh with pardoning blood, 

I'll lay me down to rest, 
As in the embraces of my God, 
Or on my Saviour's breast. 

Ji. 4ob Evening Prayer and Praise. 

1 Indulgent Father, by whose care 

I've passed another day, 
Let me this night Thy mercy share ; 
Oh ! teach me how to pray. 

2 Show me my sins, and how to mourn 

My guilt before Thy face ; 
Direct me, Lord, to Christ alone, 
And save me by Thy grace. 

3 Let each returning night declare 

The tokens of Thy love ; 
And every hour Thy grace prepare 
My soul for joys above, 

4 And when on earth I close mine eyes, 

To sleep in death's embrace, 
Let me to heaven and glory rise, 
To see Thy smiling face. 

Ji. 4 DO IHvine Presence in Worship. 

1 Now, gracious Lord, Thine arm reveal, J 

And make Thy glory known ; 
Now let us all Thy presence feel, 
And soften hearts of stone. 

2 Help us to venture near Thy throne, 

And plead a Saviour's name ; 
For all that we can call our own, 
Is vanity and shame. 

3 Send down Thy Spirit from above, 

That saints may love Thee more ; 
That sinners now may learn to love, 
Who never loved before. 

4 And when before Thee we appear, 

In our eternal home, 
May growing numbers worship here, 
And praise Thee in our room. 



Samuel E. Bbown. 







1. Praise waits for Thee in 

Zi - on, Lord : To Thee vows paid shall be : 




















flesh shall come to Thee, 


of prayer, 

O Thou that hear - er art 









PS. 65 Third Part. 

2 Iniquities, I must confess, 

Prevail against me do ; 
But as for our transgressions, 
Them purge away shalt Thou. 

3 Blest is the man whom Thou dost choose, 

And mak'st approach to Thee, 
That he within Thy courts, O Lord, 
May still a dweller be. 

4 We surely shall be satisfied, 

With Thy abundant grace, 
And with the goodness of Thy house, 
Even of Thy holy place. 

5 O God of our salvation, 

Thou, in Thy righteousness, 
By fearful works unto our prayers, 
Thine answer dost express : 

6 Therefore the ends of all the earth, 

And those afar that be 
Upon the sea, their confidence, 
O Lord, will place in Thee. 

Ji. u7o Rest in Heaven. 

1 O land of rest, for thee I sigh ; 

When will the moment come, 

That I shall lay my armour by, 

And dwell in peace at home ? 

2 No tranquil joys on earth I know, 

No peaceful sheltering dome ; 
This world's a wilderness of woe, 
This world is not my home. 

3 To Jesus Christ I flee for rest ; 

He bids me cease to roam, 
And lean for succour on His breast, 
And He'll conduct me home, 

4 Weary of wandering round and round,. 

This vale of sin and gloom, 
I long to quit th' unhallowed ground, 
And dwell with Christ at home. 

H. 674 The Unseen and Blessed World. 

1 Fab from these narrow scenes of night, 

Unbounded glories rise, 
And realms of 'joy and pure delight, 
Unknown to mortal eyes. 

2 Fair distant land ! could mortal eyes 

But half its charms explore, 
How would our spirits long to rise, 
And dwell on earth no more. 

3 No cloud those blissful regions know— 

Realms ever bright and fair ; 
For sin, the source of mortal woe, 
Can never enter there. 

4 Oh ! may the heavenly prospect fire 

Our hearts with ardent love, 
Till wings of faith and strong desire 
Bear every thought above. 

5 Prepare us, Lord ! by grace divine, 

For Thy bright courts on high ; 
Then bid our spirits rise and join, 
The chorus of the sky. 




Isaac Smith, 1770. 

ZS I rJ g j. 









Who shall a - bide with Thee? 

1. With - in Thy tab - 

C2 -g aa 






cles, Lord, 










s> — s> 










And in 


Thy high and 



ho - ly bill, 






a dwell • er 









PS. 15 Eftwtf Part 

2 The man that walketh uprightly, 

And worketh righteousness, 
And as he thinketh in his heart, 
So doth he truth express : 

3 Who doth not slander with his tongue, 

Nor to his friend doth hurt ; 
' Nor yet against his neighbour doth 
Take up an ill report. 

4 In whose eyes vile men are despised ; 

But those that God do fear 
He honoureth ; and changeth not, 
Though to his hurt he swear. 

H. 19 The Book of God's Decrees. 

1 Let the whole race of creatures he, 

Abased before their God ; 
Whate'er His sovereign voice has formed, 
He governs with a nod. 

2 Ten thousand ages ere the skies 

Were into motion brought ; 
All the long years and worlds to come, 
Stood present to His thought. 

3 There's not a sparrow, or a worm, 

But's found in His decrees ; 
He raises monarchs to their throne, 
And sinks them as He please. 

4 If light attend the course I run, 

'Tis He provides those rays ; 
And 'tis His hand that hides my sun, 
If darkness cloud my days. 

5 Yet I would not be much concerned, 

Nor vainly long to see, 
In volumes of His deep decrees, 
What months are writ for me. 

6 When He reveals the book of life, 

O ! may I read my name 
Amongst the chosen of His love, 
The followers of the Lamb. 

PS. 23 First Part. 

1 The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want, 

He makes me down to he 
In pastures green ; He leadeth me 
The quiet waters by. 

2 My soul He doth restore again, 

And me to walk doth make 
Within the paths of righteousness, 
Even for His own name's sake. 

3 Tea, though I walk in death's dark vale, 

Yet will I fear no ill ; 
For Thou art with me, and Thy rod 
And staff me comfort still. 

4 My table Thou hast furnished, 

In presence of my foes ; 
My head Thou dost with oil anoint, 
And my cup overflows. 

5 Goodness and mercy all my life, 

Shall surely follow me ; 
And in God's house for evermore 
My dwelling-place shall be. 



Oliveb Holdzn, 1793. 

1. AU hail the pow'r of Je - sus' name ' Let an - gels pros-trate fall, Bring forth the roy-al di - a - dem. 

And crown Him Lord of all — Bring forth the roy-al di - a - dem, And crown Him Lord of alL 

-*-m -»-*-*- ^ ! -m- 





m^^ ^ 


T 2 ^ 






H.119 Jems Lard of All. 

2 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 

Te ransomed from the fall ; 
Hail Him, who saves you by His grace, 
And crown Him Lord of all 

3 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall ; 
Go, spread your trophies at His feet, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

1 Let every kindred, every tribe, 
On this terrestrial ball, 
To Him all majesty ascribe, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

5 ! that with yonder sacred throng, 
We at His feet may fall ; 
We'll join the everlasting song, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

PS. 27 Second Part. 

1 The Lord of glory is my light, 

And my salvation too ; 
God is my strength ; nor will I fear 
What all my foes can do. 

2 One privilege my heart desires : 

O ! grant me mine abode 
Among the churches of Thy saints, 
The temples of my God. 

3 There shall I offer my requests, 

And see Thy beauty still, 
Shall hear Thy messages of love, 
And there inquire Thy will. 

4 When troubles rise and storms appear, 

There may His children hide ; 
God is a strong pavilion, where 
He makes my soul abide. 

5 Now shall my head be lifted high 

Above my foes around, 
And songs of joy and victory 
Within Thy temple sound. 

Ps. 81 

1 To God, our strength, your voice, aloud, 

In strains of glory raise : 

High to Jehovah, Jacob's God, 

Exalt the notes of praise. 

2 With psalms of honour and of joy, 

Let all His temples ring ; 
Your various instruments employ, 
And songs of triumph sing. 

3 Now let the gospel trurupet blow, 

On His appointed feast, 
And teach His waiting church to know 
The Sabbath's sacred rest. 

4 This was the statute of the Lord, 

To Israel's favoured race ; 
And yet His courts preserve His word, 
And there we wait His grace. 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. 



Ps. 108 

1 Awake, my soul, to sound His praise, 

Awake niy harp to sing ; 
Join all my powers the song to raise, 
And morning incense bring. 

2 Among the people of His care, 

And through the nations round, 
Glad songs of praise will I prepare, 
And there His name resound. 

3 Be Thou exalted, O my God, 

Above the starry train ; 
Diffuse Thy heavenly grace abroad, 
And teach the world Thy reign. 

4 So shall Thy chosen sons rejoice, 

And throng Thy courts above ; 
"While sinners Lear Thy pard'ning voice, 
And taste redeeming love. 

PS. 122 Third Part. 

1 I joyed when to the house of God, 

Go up, they said to me. 
Jerusalem, within thy gates 
Our feet shall standing be. 

2 To Israel's testimony, there 

To God's name thanks to pay ; 
For thrones of judgment, even the thrones 
Of David's house there stay. 

3 Pray that Jerusalem may have 

Peace and fehcity ; 
Let them that love thee and thy peace, 
Have still jirosperity. 

4 Therefore I wish that peace may still 

Within thy walls remain, 
And ever may thy palaces 
Prosperity retain. 

5 Now, for my friends' and brethren's sake, 

Peace be in thee, I'll say ; 
And for the house of God our Lord, 
I'll seek thy good alway. 

Ps. 149 

1 All ye that love the Lord, rejoice, 

And let your songs be new ; 
Amidst the church with cheerful voice, 
His later wonders show. 

2 The Jews, the people of His grace, 

Shall then - Redeemer sing ; 
And Gentile nations join the praise, 
While Zion owns her King. 

3 The Lord takes pleasure in the just, 

Whom sinners treat with scorn ; 
The meek, that he despised in dust, 
Salvation shall adorn. 

4 Saints shall be joyful in their King, 

E'en on a dying bed ; 
And like the souls in glory sing, 
For God shall raise the dead. 

5 Then His high praise shall fill their 

Their hand shall wield the sword ; 
And vengeance shall attend their songs, 
The vengeance of the Lord. 

6 When Christ His judgment-seat ascends, 

And bids the world appear, 
Thrones are prepared for all His friends, 
Who humbly loved Him here. 

7 Then shall they rule with iron rod, 

Nations that dared rebel, 
And join the sentence of then* God, 
On tyrants doomed to hell. 

8 The royal sinners, bound in chains, 

New triumph shall afford ; 
Such honour for the saints remain ; 
Praise ye, and love the Lord. 

H. 560 Glory and Safety of the Cliurch. 

1 How glorious is the sacred place, 

Where we adoring stand ; 
Zion, the joy of all the earth, 
The beauty of the land. 

2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend 

The city where we dwell ; 
The walls of strong salvation made, 
Defy the assaults of hell. 

3 Lift up the everlasting gates, 

The doors wide open fling ; 
Enter, ye nations that obey 
The statutes of our King. 

4 Here shall you taste unmingled joys. 

And live in perfect peace ; 
You that have known Jehovah's name, 
And ventured on His grace. 

5 Trust in the Lord, for ever trust, 

And banish all your fears ; 
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, 
Eternal as His years. 



Db. Lowell Mason, 1830. 

1. There is a fonn-tain filled with blood, Drawn from Im - man -uel's veins : And 


s^y H^HHH^'fo Mi 


* F w 



■ ^ E . .. J . 1 J 1 !■ J . , ■ fc ■ „ 



•sin-ners plunged be-neath that flood, Lose all their guil-ty stains — Lose all their guil-ty stains. 

F^~F m— t 


ta — ^ I 






SJl. IdO Salvation by the Blood of the Lamb. 

2 The dying thief rejoiced to see 

That fountain in his day ; 
And there may I, though vile as he, 
Wash all my sins away. 

3 Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power, 
Till all the ransomed Church of God 
Be saved to sin no more. 

4 E'er since by faith I saw the stream 

Thy flowing wounds supply, 
Redeeming love has been my theme, 
And shall be till I die. 

5 Then, in a nobler, sweeter song, 

I'll sing Thy power to save ; [tongue 
"When this poor lisping, stammering 
Lies silent in the grave. 

XI. Iby Universal Invitation. 

1 Let every mortal ear attend, 

And every heart rejoice ; 
The trumpet of the gospel sounds, 
With an inviting voice. 

2 Ho ! ye that pant for living streams, 

And pine away and die, 
Here you may quench your raging thirst, 
With springs that never dry. 

3 Rivers of love and mercy here, 

In a rich ocean join ; 
Salvation in abundance flows, 
Like floods of milk and wine. 

4 The happy gates of gospel grace 
Stand open night and day ; 
Lord, we are come to seek supplies, 
And drive our wants away. 

Ji. Sub The Christian Soldier. 

1 Am I a soldier of the cross, 

A follower of the Lamb, 
And shall I fear to own His cause, 
Or blush to speak His name ? 

2 Must I be carried to the skies, 

On flowery beds of ease, 
While others fought to win the prize, 
And sailed through bloody seas ? 

3 Are there no foes for me to face ? 

Must I not stem the flood ? 
Is this dark world a friend to grace, 
To help me on to God? 

4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign ; 

Increase my courage, Lord ; 
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, 
Supported by Thy word. 

5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war. 

Shall conquer though they die ; 
They see the triumph from afar, 
With faith's discerning eye. 

6 When that illustrious day shall rise, 

And all Thine armies shine, 
In robes of victory through the skies, 
The glory shall be Thine. 



1. A-maz-ing grace ! how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me ! I 

I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. ( Was blind, but now I see — Was 













JL ^J-ga frq-piT 





blind, but now I see — 

- P:r 

I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see. 


f^-m-f 2 - 






o <o S>- 


id. ibo Triumpliant Grace. 

2 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, 

And grace rny fears reheved ; 
How precious did that grace appear, 
The hour I first believed ! 

3 Through many dangers, toils and snares, 

I have already come ; 
'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, 
And grace will lead me home. 

4 The Lord has promised good to me, 

His word my hope secures ; 
He will my shield and portion be, 
As long as iife endures. 

5 And when this heart and flesh shall fail, 

And mortal life shall cease, 
I shall possess, within the veil, 
A life of joy and peace. 

6 The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, 

The sun forbear to shine ; 
But God, who called me here below, 
"Will be for ever mine. 

-U. OOl Consolations in Sickness. 

1 When languor and disease invade 

This trembling house of clay, 
'Tis sweet to look beyond my pains, 
And long to fly away. 

2 Sweet to look inward, and attend 

The whispers of His love ; 
Sweet to look upward, to the place 
Where Jesus pleads above. 

3 Sweet to look back, and see my name 

In life's fair book set down ; 
Sweet to look forward, and behold 
Eternal joys my own. 

4 Sweet to reflect how grace divine 

My sins on Jesus laid ; 
Sweet to remember that His blood 
My debt of suffering paid. 

5 Sweet on His righteousness to stand, 

Which saves from second death ; 
Sweet to experience, day by day, 
His Spirit's quickening breath. 

6 Sweet on His faithfulness to rest, 

Whose love can never end ; 
Sweet on His covenant of grace 
For all tilings to depend. 

7 Sweet in the confidence of faith, 

To trust His firm decrees ; 
Sweet to he passive in His hands, 
And know no will but His. 

8 If such the sweetness of the streams, 

What must the fountain be, 
Where saints and angels draw their bliss 
Immediately from Thee ! 


To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. 



S. B. Tond, 1835. 

1. Lord, Thou wilt hear me when I pray ; I 


I fear be - fore Thee all the day, Nor would I 

r^ i H J i J 

-*-r-J * m , ^ „ * , gi #-r*i- 

1 gg- 




PS. 4 &?c<wd Par*. 

2 And while I rest my weary head 

From cares and business free, 

'Tis sweet conversing on my bed 

With my own heart and Thee. 

3 I pay this evening sacrifice ; 

And when my work is done, 
Great God, my faith and hope relies 
Upon Thy grace alone. 

4 Thus with my thoughts composed of 

I'll give mine eyes to sleep ; [peace, 
Thy hand in safety keeps my days, 
And will my slumbers keep. 

Ps. 5 First Part. 

1 Give ear unto my words, O Lord, 

My meditation weigh ; 
Hear my loud cry, my King, my God ; 
For I to Thee will pray. 

2 Lord, Thou shalt early hear my voice ; 

I early will direct 
My prayer to Thee ; and, looking up, 
An answer will expect. 

3 For Thou art not a God that doth 

In wickedness dehght ; 
Neither shall evil dwell with Thee, 
JSor fools stand in Thy sight. 

4 All that ill-doers are Thou hat'st ; 

Cutt'st off that liars be ; 
The bloody and deceitful man 
Abhorred is by Thee. 

5 But I into Thy house will come, 
In Thine abundant grace ; 
And I will worship in Thy fear, 
Toward Thy holy place. 

Ps. 2 ' 

1 Why did the nations join to slay 

The Lord's anointed Son ? 
Why did they cast His laws away, 
And tread His gospel down ? 

2 The Lord that sits above the skies, 

Derides their rage below ; 
He speaks with vengeance in His eyes, 
And strikes then spirits through. 

3 " I call Him My eternal Son, 

And raise Him from the dead ; 
I make My holy hill his throne, 
And wide His kingdom spread. 

4 " Ask Me, My Son, and then enjoy 

The utmost heathen lands ; 

Thy rod of iron shall destroy 

The rebel that withstands." 

5 Be wise, ye rulers of the earth, 

Obey the anointed Lord ; 
Adore the King of heavenly birth, 
And tremble at His word 

6 With humble love address His throne ; 

For if He frown, ye die : 
Those are secure, and those alone, 
Who on his grace rely. 


Melchoie Buxpius, 1616. 


, A # t 


' J ~ r ~ P 



A. £ - '> i 






(fo 4-J 


— ts- — 




— J§- 


— m— 

— a»— 

— s- 

SyL =t_ ,gf_ 1 

1. The 

1 — m— 

— % 

— 9 — 

• <> 

— *— 



L — & 1 — l 

name ! 


1 ^ ' *» 
How wide' 

— •— 



— m — 

com - mand f 

/»V tt T (* i"? 



iVfJ- *~~ \ <Zi 









l^> - ■ 

\^ 7r - \ 



4- '4-| 

I : 















~m * — j j 

-9 m * m- — %- 

Na - tare, with all her moT - ing frame, Bests on His might - y hand ! 



-ta * — 

Jti. O Majesty and Dominion of God. 

2 Immortal glory forms His throne, 

And light His awful robe ; 
"While with a smile, or with a frown, 
He manages the globe. 

3 A word of His almighty breath 

Can swell or sink the seas ; 
Build the vast empires of the earth, 
Or break them, if He please ! 

4 Adoring angels round Him fall, 

In all their shining forms ; 
His sovereign eye looks through them all, 
And pities mortal worms. 

Ps. 60 

1 Lord, Thou hast scourged our guilty land, 

Behold Thy people niourn ; 
Shall vengeance ever guide Thy hand ; 
Shall mercy ne'er return ! 

2 Beneath the terrors of Thine eye, 

Earth's haughty towers decay ; 
Thy frowning mantle spreads the sky, 
And mortals melt away. 

3 Our Zion trembles at the stroke, 

And dreads Thy lifted hand ; 
Oh ! heal the people Thou hast broke, 
And save the sinking land. 

4 Exalt Thy banner in the field, 

For those that fear Thy name ; 
Rom barbarous hosts our nation shield, 
And put our foes to shame. 

5 Attend our armies to the fight, 

And be then guardian God ; 
In vain shall numerous powers unite 
Against Thy lifted rod. 

6 Our troops beneath Thy guiding hand- 

Shall gain a glad renown ; 
'Tis God who makes the feeble stand, 
And treads the mighty down. 

PS. 61 First Part. 

1 O God, give ear unto my cry ; 

Unto my prayer attend. 
From th' utmost corner of the land 
My cry to Thee I'll send. 

2 What time my heart is overwhelmed, 

And in perplexity, 
Do Thou me lead unto the rock 
That higher is than I. 

3 For Thou hast for my refuge been 

A shelter by Thy power ; 
And for defence against my foes 
Thou h$,st been a strong tower. 

4 Within Thy tabernacle I 

For ever will abide ; 
And under covert of Thy wings 
With confidence me hide. 

5 For Thou the vows that I did make, 

O Lord, my God, didst hear ; 
Thou hast giv'n me the heritage 
Of those Thy name that fear. 



Kingsley's "Harp of David." 


jj— ^=g-n -g 



•* := — I — m — 

1. Come, ye that love the Sa-viour's name, And joy to make it known; 


-* H*i* 







*!' OH 





j ^=g^=1= 3 





The sov'-reign of your heart pro-claim, And bow be - fore His throne, 















H. 118 Exlwrtation to Praise Christ. 

2 Behold your King, your Saviour, crowned 

With glories all divine ; 
And tell the wondering nations 'round, 
How bright these glories shine. 

3 Infinite power and boundless grace 

In Him unite then- rays ; 
Ye that have e'er beheld His face, 
Can ye forbear His praise ? 

4 When in His earthly courts we view 

The glories of our King, 
We long to love as angels do, 
And wish like them to sing. 

5 And shall we long and wish in vain ? 

Lord, teach our songs to rise ; 
Thy love can animate the strain, 
And bid it reach the skies. 

6 O happy period ! glorious day ! 

When heaven and earth shall raise, 
With all their powers, the raptured lay, 
To celebrate Thy praise. 

PS. 28 First Fart. * 

1 Adored for ever be the Lord ; 

His praise I will resound, 
From whom the cries of my distress 
A gracious answer found. 

2 He is my strength and shield ; my heart 

Has trusted in His name ; 
And now relieved, my heart with joy 
His praises shall proclaim. 

3 The Lord, the everlasting God, 

Is my defence and rock ; 
The saving health, the saving strength, 
Of His anointed flock. 

4 O save and bless Thy people, Lord, 

Thy heritage preserve ; [hearts, 

Feed, strengthen, and support their 
That we may never swerve. 

Ps. 32 Third Part. 

1 O blessed is the man to whom 

Is freely pardoned 
All the transgressions he hath done, 
Whose sin is covered. 

2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord 

Imputeth not his sin, 
And in whose spirit there's no guile, 
Nor fraud is found therein. 

3 I will confess unto the Lord 

My trespasses, said I ; 
And of my sin Thou freely didst 
Forgive th' iniquity. 

4 For this shall every godly one 

His prayer make unto Thee ; 
In such a time he shall Thee seek, 
As found Thou mayest be. 

5 Thou art my hiding-place, Thou shalt 

From trouble keep me free ; 
Thou, with songs of deliverance, 
About shalt compass me. 


Geoege Kingsley, 1838. 


1. God is our re - fuge and our strength, In straits a pre - sent aid ; 

m=s m^&£ & 

-m 1 - 

There-fore, al - though the earth re - move, We will not 







fraid ; 


Ps. 46 First Part. 

2 Though hills amidst the seas be cast ; 

Though waters roaring make, 
And troubled be ; yea, though the hills 
By swelling seas do shake. 

3 A river is, whose streams do glad 

The city of our God ; 
The holy place, wherein the Lord 
Most high hath His abode. 

4 God in the midst of her doth dwell ; 

Nothing shall her remove ; 

The Lord to her an helper will, 

And that right early, prove. 

5 The Lord of hosts upon our side 

Doth constantly remain ; 
■The God of Jacob's our refuge, 
Us safely to maintain. 

Ps. 39 

1 Teach me the measure of my days, 

Thou Maker of my frame ; 
I would survey life's narrow space, 
And learn how frail I am. 

2 A span is all that we can boast, 

An inch or two of time ; 
Man is but vanity and dust 
In all his flower and prime. 

3 "What should I wish or wait for, then, 

From creatures, earth, and dust ! 
They make our expectations vain, 
And disappoint our trust. 

4 Now I forbid my carnal hope, 
My fond desires recall ; 
I give my mortal interest up, 
And make my God my all. 

PS. 72 Third Part. 

1 O Lord, Thy judgments give the King, 

His Son Thy righteousness. 
With right He s&iall Thy people judge, 
Thy poor with uprightness. 

2 The just shall flourish in His days, 

And prosper in His reign ; 
He shall, while doth the moon endure, 
Abundant peace maintain. 

3 His large and great dominion shall 

From sea to sea extend ; 
It from the river shall reach forth 
Unto earth's utmost end. 

4 His name for ever shall endure ; 

Last like the sun it shall : 
Men shall be blest in Him, and blest 
All nations shall Him call. 

5 Now blessed be the Lord our God, 

The God of Israel, 
For He alone doth wondrous works, 
In glory that excel. 

6 And blessed be His glorious name 

To all eternity : 
The whole earth let His glory fill. 
Amen, so let it be. 










1. Thou to •whom all crea-tures bow, With - in this earth - lj frame, 





-mP W 






-r-i — i: 










Through all the world how great art Thou ! How glo - rious is Thy name ! 

f=F — n=r (u-e t-~^x 





X S. 8 Second Part. 

2 When heaven, Thy beauteous work on 

Employs my wondering sight ; [high, 
The moon that nightly rules the sky, 
With stars of feebler light ; 

3 Lord, what is man, that Thou shouldst 

To bear him in Thy mind ! [deign 

Or what his race, that Thou shouldst 

To them so wondrous kind ! [prove 

4 O Thou to whom all creatures bow, 

Within this earthly frame ; 
Through all the world, how great art 
How glorious is Thy name ! [Thou ! 

Ps. 14 

1 The Lord from His celestial throne, 

Looked down on things below, 
To find the man that sought His grace, 
Or did His justice know. 

2 By nature all are gone astray, 

Then practice all the 1 same ; 
There's none that fears his Maker's hand, 
There's none that loves His name. 

3 Their tongues are used to speak deceit, 

Their slanders never cease ; 
How swift to mischief are then feet, 
Nor know the paths of peace ! 

4 O ! that salvation might proceed 

From Zion's sacred place, 
Till Israel's captives all are freed, 
And sing recovering grace. 

H. 94 Christ Enthroned. 

1 He who on earth as man was known, 

And bore our sins and pains, 
Now, seated on th' eternal throne, 
The God of glory reigns. 

2 While harps win umbered sound His 

In yonder world above, [praise, 

His saints on earth admire His ways, 
And glory in His love. 

3 When troubles, like a burning sun, 

Beat heavy on their head, 
To this almighty Rock they run, 
And find a pleasing shade. 

4 How glorious He ! how happy they, 

In such a glorious Friend ! 
Whose love secures them all the way, 
And crowns them at the end. 

14. 541 Children brought to Jems. 

1 See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand, 

With all-engaging charms ; 
Hark, how He calls the tender lambs, 
And folds them in His arms ! 

2 "Permit them to approach," He cries, 

" Nor scorn then humble name ; 
For 'twas to bless such souls as these, 
The Lord of angels came." 

3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands, 

And yield them up to Thee ; 
Joyful that we ourselves are Thine — 
Thine let our offspring be. 



I. Tuckeb, 1800. 

Let God the Fa-ther, and the Son, And Spi-rit be a - dored, Where there are works to 

make Hi in known, Or saints to love the Lord — Or saints to love the Lord. 









-p— p- 


H. 55 Efficacy of the Blood of Christ. 

1 Jesus, in Thee our eyes behold 

A thousand glories more 
Than the rich gems and polished gold 
The sons of Aaron wore. 

2 Once, in the circuit of a year, 

With blood, but not his own, 
Aaron within the veil appears, 
Before the golden throne. 

3 But Christ, by his own powerful blood, 

Ascends above the skies ; 
And in the presence of our God, 
Shows His own sacrifice. 

4 Jesus, the King of glory, reigns 

On Zion's heavenly hill ; 
Looks like a lamb that has been slain, 
And wears His priesthood still. 

5 He ever lives to intercede 

Before His Father's face ; 
Give Him, my soul, thy cause to plead, 
Nor doubt the Father's grace. 

U. 58 Christ the Shepherd. 

1 Father of peace, and God of love, 

We own Thy power to save ; 
That power by which our Shepherd rose, 
Victorious o'er the grave. 

2 We triumph in that Shepherd's name, 

Still watchful for our good, 
Who brought the eternal covenant down, 
And sealed it with His blood. 


: P=P 

3 So may Thy Spirit seal my soul, 

And mould it to Thy will ; 
That my fond heart no more may stray, 
But keep Thy covenant still. 

4 Still may we gain superior strength, 

And press with vigour on, 
Till full perfection crown our hopes, 
And fix us near Thy throne. 


Cleaving to Christ. 

1 To whom, my Saviour, shall I go, 

If I depart from Thee ; 
My guide through all this vale of woe, 
And more than all to me ? 

2 For I have felt Thy dying love, 

Breathe gently through my heart, 
To whisper hope of joys above ; 
And can we ever part ? 

3 Ah, no ! with Thee I'll walk below, 

My journey to the grave : 
To whom, my Saviour, shall I go, 
When only Thou canst save ? 

H . Dol CIdldren Dedicated: 

1 Now let the children of the saints 

Be dedicate to God ; 
Pour out Thy Spirit on them, Lord, 
And wash them in Thy blood. 

2 Thus to the parents and their seed, 

Shall Thy salvation come ; 
And numerous households meet at last, 
In one eternal home. 







1. hap - py 




Aebanged by R. Simpson. 




the man who hears In 







struc-tion's warn - ing voice, 









And who ce 

les - tial wis - dom makes His ear - ly, on - ly choice. 







H. 157 Excellency of tlie Gospel. 

2 For she has treasures greater far 

Than eastern climes unfold ; 
More precious are her bright rewards, 
Than gems or stores of gold. 

3 Her right hand offers to the just 

Immortal, happy days ; 
Her left, imperishable wealth 
And heavenly crowns displays. 

4 And as her holy labours rise, 

So her rewards increase ; 
Her ways are ways of pleasantness, 
And all her paths are peace. 

H. 148 Christ's Glory unveiled in the Scriptures. 

1 Thou lovely Source of true delight, 

Whom I unseen adore ; 
"Unveil Thy beauties to my sight, 
That I may love Thee more. 

2 Thy glory o'er creation shines, 

But in Thy sacred word, 

I read in fairer, brighter hues, 

My bleeding, dying Lord. 

3 'Tis here, whene'er my comforts droop, 

And sins and sorrows rise, 
Thy love with cheerful beams of hope, 
My fainting heart supplies. 

4 Jesus, my Lord, my life, my light, 

O ! come with blissful ray ; 
Break radiant through the shades of night 
And chase my fears away. 

5 Then shall my soul with rapture trace 
The wonders of Thy love ; 
But the full glories of Thy face 
Are only known above. 

H. 31 7 Prayer for the Return of the Spirit. 

1 O foe a closer walk with God, 

A calm and heavenly frame ; ■ 
A light to shine upon the road, 
That leads me to the Lamb. 

2 Where is the blessedness I knew, 

When first I saw the Lord? 
Where is the soul refreshing view 
Of Jesus and His word ? 

3 What peaceful hours I once enjoyed, 

How sweet their memory still ! 
But they have left an aching void, 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, O holy Dove, return, 

Sweet messenger of rest ! 
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn, 
And drove Thee from my breast. 

5 The dearest idol I have known, 

Whate'er that idol be, 
Help me to tear it from Thy throne, 
And worship only Thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame ; 
So purer light shall mark the road, 
That leads me to the Lamb. 



3d. olo Prayer for Increasing Holiness. 

1 O ! for a heart to praise my God, 

A heart from sin set free ; 
A heart that always feels Thy blood, 
So freely shed for me : 

2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek, 

My great Redeemer's throne ; 
Where only Christ is heard to speak ; 
Where Jesus reigns alone ; 

3 A heart in every thought renewed, 

And full of love divine ; 
Holy, and right, and pure, and good, 
A copy, Lord, of Thine. 

JuL . O L i Prayer for Assurance. 

1 Why should the children of a King 

Go mourning all their days? 
Great Comforter, descend and bring 
Some tokens of Thy grace. 

2 Dost Thou not dwell in all the saints, 

And seal the heirs of heaven 1 
When wilt Thou banish my complaints, 
And show my sins forgiven % 

3 Assure my conscience of her part 

In the Redeemer's blood ; 
And bear Thy witness with my heart 
That I am born of God. 

4 Thou art the earnest of His love, 

The pledge of joys to come : 
And Thy soft wings, celestial Dove, 
Will safe convey me home. 

Ps. 37 

1 My God, the steps of pious men 

Are ordered by Thy will : 
Though they should fall, they rise again ; 
Thy hand supports them still. 

2 The heavenly heritage is theirs, 

Then portion and their home ; 
He feeds them now, and makes them heirs 
Of blessings long to come. 

3 Wait on the Lord, ye sons of men, 

Nor fear when tyrants frown ; 
Ye shall confess their pride was vain, 
When justice casts them down. 

4 The haughty sinner have I seen, 

Not fearing man nor God, 
Like a tall bay-tree, fair and green, 
. Spreading his arms abroad ; 

5 And lo ! he vanished from the ground, 

Destroyed by hands unseen : 
Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf was found, 
Where all that pride had been. 

6 But mark the man of holy fear, 

How blest is his decease ! 
He spends his days in duty here, 
And leaves the world in peace. 

PS. 122 First Part. 

1 How did my heart rejoice to hear 

My friends devoutly say, 
In Zion let us all appear 
And keep the solemn day. 

2 I love her gates, I love the road ; 

The church, adorned with grace, 
Stands like a palace built for God 
To show His milder face. 

3 Up to her courts, with joys unknown, 

The holy tribes repair ; 
The Son of David holds His throne, 
And sits in judgment there. 

4 He hears our praises and complaints ; 

And while His awful voice 
Divides the sinners from the saints, 
We tremble and rejoice. 

5 Peace be witliin this sacred place, 

And joy a constant guest ; 
With holy gifts and heavenly grace 
Be her attendants blest. 

6 My sold shall pray for Zion still, 

While hfe or breath remains ; 
There my best friends, my kindred dwell ; 
There God, my Saviour, reigns. 

PS. 133 Second Part 

1 Behold, how good a thing it is, 

And how becoming well, 
Together such as brethren are 
In unity to dwell ! 

2 Like precious ointment on the head, 

That down the beard did flow, 
Ev'n Aaron's beard, and to the skirts, 
Did of his garments go. 

3 As Hermon's dew, the dew that doth 

On Zion hill descend ; 
For there the blessing God commands, 
Life that shall never end. 



English, Aeeanged by Mason, 1832. 






-J- -J- -^- 

Z B 

J — *—& 


1. Shine, migh - ty God, on Zi - on shine, With beams of heav'n - ly grace ; 

















Re - veal Thy pow'r through all onr coasts, And show Thy smil - ing face. 

s — i — .* — m — <s — & — i — ^~ * — =--s — n — « — i — 4 — m — f 2 - 








F 3 ^ 



2 When shall Thy name from shore to shore 

Sound all the earth abroad ; 
And distant nations know and love 
Their Saviour and their God % 

3 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands, 

Sing loud with solemn voice ; 
Let every tongue exalt His praise, 
And every heart rejoice. 

4 He, the great Lord, the sovereign Judge, 

That sits enthroned above, 
In wisdom rales the worlds He made, 
And bids them taste His love. 

5 Earth shall obey His high command, 

And yield a full increase ; 
Our God will crown His chosen land 
With fruitfulness and peace. 

PS. 66 Second Part. 

1 All lands to God, in joyful sounds, 

Aloft your voices raise ; 
Sing forth the honour of His name, 
And glorious make His praise. 

2 All that fear God, come, hear, I'll tell 

What He did for my soul ; 
I with my mouth unto Him cried, 
My tongue did Him extol. 

3 If in my heart I sin regard, 

The Lord me will not hear ; 
Bat surely God me heard, and to 
My prayer's voice did give ear. 

4 O let the Lord our gracious God, 
For ever blessed be ; 
Who turned not my prayer from Him, 
Nor yet His grace from me. 

PS. 90 Fifth Part. 

1 Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling 

In generations all, [place 

Before Thou ever hadst brought forth 
The mountains great or small. 

2 Ere ever Thou hadst formed the earth,. 

And all the world abroad ; 
Even Thou from everlasting art, 
To everlasting God. 

3 Thou dost unto destruction 

Man that is mortal turn ; 
And unto them Thou say'st, Again, 
Ye sons of men, return. 

4 As with an overflowing flood, 

Thou earnest them away ; 
They like a sleep are, like the grass 
That grows at mom, are they. 

5 At morn it flourishes and grows, 

Cut down at even doth fade. 
For by Thine anger we're consumed, 
Thy wrath makes us afraid. 

6 Our sins Thou and iniquities 

Dost in Thy presence place, 
And sett'st our secret faults before 
The brightness of Thy face. 



H. oo4: Christian Submission. 

1 O Lord, I would delight in Thee, 

And on Thy care depend ; 

To Thee in every trouble flee, 

My best, my only friend. 

2 When all created streams are dried, 

Thy fulness is the same ; 

May I with this be satisfied, 

And glory in Thy name. 

3 "Why should the soul a drop bemoan, 

Who has a fountain near, 
A fountain which shall ever run, 
With waters sweet and clear ? 

4 No good in creatures can be found, 

But may be found in Thee ; 
I must have all things, and abound, 
While God is God to me. 

5 Oh ! that I had a stronger faith 

To look within the veil, 
To credit what my Saviour saith, 
Whose word can never fail. 

6 He who has made my heaven secure, 

Will here all good provide ; 
While Christ is rich can I be poor ? 
What can I want beside ? 

7 O Lord, I cast my care on Thee, 

I triumph and adore ; 
Henceforth my great concern shall be, 
To love and praise Thee more. 

H. 426 Call to Praise. 

1 Lift up to God the voice of praise, 

Whose breath our souls inspired ; 
Loud and more loud the anthems raise, 
With grateful ardour fired. 

2 Lift up to God the voice of praise, 

Whose goodness, passing thought, 
Loads every moment, as it flies, 
With benefits unsought! 

.3 Lift up to God the voice of praise, 
From whom salvation flows, 
Who sent His Son our souls to save 
From everlasting woes. 

4 Lift up to God the voice of praise, 

For hope's transporting ray, [death, 
Which lights through darkest shades of 
To realms of endless day. 

H. 4Z4 Gratitude for Providential Care. 

1 Almighty Father, gracious Lord, 

Kind Guardian of my days, 

Thy mercies let my heart record, 

In songs of grateful praise. 

2 In life's first dawn my tender frame 

Was Thy indulgent care, 
Long ere I could pronounce Thy name, 
Or breathe the infant prayer. 

3 Around my path what dangers rose ! 

What snares spread all my road ! 
No power could guard me from my foes, 
But my Preserver, God. 

4 How many blessings round me shone, 

Where'er I turned mine eye ! 
How many passed almost unknown, 
Or unregarded, by ! 

5 Each rolling year new favours brought 

From Thy exhaustless store ; 
But ah ! in vain my labouring thought 
Would count Thy mercies o'er. 

6 While sweet reflection through my days 

Thy bounteous hand would trace ; 
Still dearer blessings claim my praise, 
The blessings of Thy grace. 

7 Yes, I adore Thee, gracious Lord, 

For favours more divine ; 
That I have known Thy sacred word, 
Where all Thy glories shine. 

8 Lord, when this mortal frame decays, 

^l\nd every weakness dies, 
Complete the wonders of Thy grace, 
And raise me to the skies. 

H. 54:7 Praise for Redeeming Love. 

1 Jesus, with all Thy saints above, 

My tongue would bear her part ; 

Would sound aloud Thy saving love, 

And sing Thy bleeding heart. . 

2 Blest be the Lamb, my deareat Lord, 

Who bought me with His blood, 
And quenched His Father's flaming sword 
In His own vital flood. 

3 All glory to the dying Lamb, 

And never ceasing praise, 
While angels live to know His name, 
Or saints to feel His grace. 



Israel Holdbayd, 1753. 









1. Ye tremb-ling souls, dis - miss your fears, Be mer - cy all your theme ; 

j «=^ 

ia^ ^ 


-m — *- 



-U — l«- 







"g 1 — g 




Mer - cy, which like a riv - er flows, In one per - pet - ual stream. 





^— P- 


-* — *» 





4 Mere mortal power shall fade and die, 

And youthful vigour cease ; 
But we that wait upon the Lord 
Shall feel our strength increase. 

5 The saints shall mount on eagles' wings, 

And taste the promised bliss, 
Till their unwearied feet arrive 
Where perfect pleasure is. 

H . (joS Freedom from sin and misery in heavens 

1 Our sins, alas ! how strong they be, 

And like a raging sea ! 
They break our duty, Lord, to Thee, 
And hurry us away. 

2 The waves of trouble, how they rise I 

How loud the tempests roar ! 
But death shall land our weaiy souls 
Safe on the heavenly shore. 

3 There, to fulfil His sweet commands, 

Our speedy feet shall move ; 
No sin shall clog our winged zeal, 
Or cool our burning love. 

4 There shall we sit, and sing, and tell 

The wonders of His grace, 
Till heavenly raptures fire our hearts, 
And smile in every face. 

5 For ever His dear, sacred name 

Shall dwell upon our tongue, 
And Jesus and salvation be 
The close of every song. 

Ji. JiDL Fears dismissed. 

2 Fear not the powers of earth and hell, 

God will those powers restrain ; 
His arm shall all then- rage repel, 
And make then- efforts vain. 

3 Fear not the want of outward good ; 

For His He will provide ; 
Grant them supplies of daily food, 
And give them heaven beside. 

4 Fear not that He will e'er forsake, 

Or leave His work undone ; 
He's faithful to His promises, 
And faithful to His Son. 

5 Fear not the terrors of the grave, 

Or death's tremendous sting ; 
He will from endless wrath preserve, 
To endless glory bring. 

Ji. Zho Confidence in God. 

1 Whence do our mournful thoughts arise ? 

Where is our courage fled? 
Have restless sin, and raging hell, 
Struck all our comforts dead ? 

2 Have we forgot the almighty Name 

That formed the earth and sea ? 
And can an all-creating Arm 
Grow weary or decay ? 

3 Treasures of everlasting might 

In our Jehovah dwell ; 
He gives the conquest to the weak, 
And treads their foes to hell. 



n . L do Safety of the Righteous. 

1 Firm as the earth Thy gospel stands, 

My Lord, my hope, my trust ; 
If I am found in Jesus' hands, 
My soul can ne'er be lost. 

2 His honour is engaged to save 

The meanest of His sheep ; 
All that His heavenly Father gave, 
His hands securely keep. 

3 Nor death nor hell shall e'er remove 

His favourites from His breast ; 
In the dear bosom of His love, 
They must for ever rest. 

Ps. 10 

1 Why doth the Lord depart so far, 

And why conceal His face, 
"When great calamities appear, 
And times of deep distress ? 

2 Arise, O God, lift up Thine hand, 

Attend our humble ciy ; 
No enemy shall dare to stand 
When God ascends on high. 

3 Why do the men of malice rage, 

And say, with foolish pride, 
" The God of heaven will ne'er engage 
To fight on Zion's side ?" 

4 But Thou for ever art our Lord, 

And mighty is Thy hand, 
As when the heathen felt Thy sword, 
And perished from Thy land. 

5 Thou wilt prepare our hearts to pray, 

And cause Thine ear to hear ; 

Accept the vows Thy children pay, 

And free Thy saints from fear. 

PS. 62 First Part. 

1 My soul, wait thou with patience 

Upon thy God alone ; 
On Him dependeth all my hope 
And expectation. 

2 He only my salvation is, 

And my strong rock is He ; 
He only is my sure defence ; 
I shall not moved be. 

3 In God my glory placed is, 

And my salvation sure ; 
In God the rock is of my strength, 
My refuge most secure. 

4 Ye people, place your confidence 
In Him continually; 
Before Him pour ye out your heart ; 
God is our refuge high. 

PS. 65 First Part. 

1 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee, 

There shall our vows be paid ; 
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray, 
All flesh shall seek Thine aid. 

2 Lord, our iniquities prevail, 

But pardoning grace is Thine, 
And Thou wilt grant us power and skill 
To conquer every sin. 

3 Blest are the men whom Thou wilt choose 

To bring them near Thy face, 
Give them a dwelling in Thy house, 
To feast upon Thy grace. 

4 In answering what Thy Church requests, 

Thy truth and terror shine, 
And works of dreadful righteousness 
Fulfil Thy kind design. 

5 Thus shall the wondering nations see 

The Lord is good and just ; 
And distant islands fly to Thee, 
And make Thy name their trust. 
PS. 66 First Part. 

1 Now shall my solemn vows be paid 

To that almighty Power, 
That heard the long requests I made 
In my distressful hour. 

2 My lips and cheerful heart prepare 

To make His mercies known ; 
Come ye that fear my God, and hear 
The wonders He has done. 

3 When on my head huge sorrows fell, 

I sought His heavenly aid ; 
He saved my sinking soul from hell, 
And death's eternal shade. 

4 If sin lay covered in my heart 

While prayer employed my tongue ; 
The Lord had shown me no regard, 
Nor I His praises sung. 

5 But God, — His name be ever blest — 

Has set my spirit free ; 
Nor turned from Him my poor request, 
Nor turned His heart from me. 



Thomas Williams' Collection, 17G8. 



^^^ Bw- ^^mm^mm 







1. What is the tliiri^ of great - est price, The whole ere-a-tion round : That which was lost in 











4 1 — L 

i i i 


par - a - dise, That which in Christ was found-Thatwhich in Christ was found. 


'^tzz^sz ^ Vf' 




H. 146 FaZwe o/ <Ae &>v2. 

2 The soul of man, Jehovah's breath, 

That keeps two -worlds at strife : 
Hell moves beneath to work its death, 
Heaven stoops to give it life. 

3 God, to redeem it, did not spare 

His well-beloved Son ; 
Jesus, to save it, deigned to bear 

The sins of all in one. , 

4 And is this treasure borne below, 

In earthen vessels frail? 
Can none its utmost value know, 
Till flesh and spirit fail? 

5 Then let us gather round the cross, 

That knowledge to obtain ; 
Not by the soul's eternal loss, 
But everlasting gain. 

rf . 104: Glory of Redemption. 

1 Father, how wide Thy glory shines ! 

How high Thy wonders rise ! [signs, 
Known through the earth by thousand 
By thousands through the skies. 

2 But when we view Thy strange design, 

To save rebellious worms ; 
Where vengeance and compassion join 
In their divinest forms ; 

3 Here the whole Deity is known, 

Nor dares a creature guess, 
"Which of the glories brightest shone, 
The justice or the grace. 

4 Now the full glories of the Lamb 

Adorn the heavenly plains ; 
Bright seraphs learn Immanuel's name, 
And try their choicest strains. 

5 O ! may I bear some humble part, 

In that immortal song ! 
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart, 
And love command my tongue. 

PS. 69 First Part. 

1 Father, I sing Thy wondrous grace, 

I bless my Saviour's name ; 
He bought salvation for the poor, 
And bore the sinner's shame. 

2 His deep distress has raised us high, 

His duty and His zeal 
Fulfilled the law which mortals broke, 
And finished all Thy will. 

3 This shall His humble followers see, 

And set their hearts at rest ; 
They by His death draw near to Thee, 
And live for ever blest. 

4 Let heaven and all that dwell on high, 

To God their voices raise, 
While lands and seas assist the sky, 
And join t' advance His praise. 

5 Zion is Thine, most holy God, 

Thy Son shall bless her gates ; 
And glory, purchased by His blood, 
For Thine own Israel waits. 

C H E S T E K. CM. 


Dr. Thomas Hastings, 1828. 

r? H^ — *— s- " m ' w ^-, p- 


p> pr 


1. Come, let us lift our joy - ful eyes Up to the courts a - bove, 


























s> — &> ' d 







And smile to see our Fa - ther there, Up - on a throne of love, 

l J I I 


A 1 is- 






^dcc^M to GW &# Christ. 

2 Once 'twas a seat of dreadful wrath, 

And shot devouring flame ; 
Our God appeared consuming fire, 
And Vengeance was His name. 

3 Rich were the drops of Jesus' blood 

That calmed His frowning face, 
That sprinkled o'er the burning throne, 
And turned the wrath to grace. 

4 Now we may bow before His feet, 

And venture near the Lord ; 
No fiery cherub guards His seat, 
Nor double flaming sword. 

5 The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss, 

Are opened by the Son ; 
High let us raise our notes of praise, 
And reach the eternal throne. 

6 To Thee ten thousand thanks we bring, 

Great Advocate on high ; 
And glory to the almighty King, 
That lays His fury by. 

H. 203 The Contrite Heart. 

1 The Lord will happiness divine 

Ou contrite hearts bestow ; 
Then tell me, gracious God, is mine 
A contrite heart, or no ? 

2 I hear, but seem to hear in vain, 

Insensible as steel ; 
If aught is felt, 'tis only pain, 
To find I cannot feel. 

3 My best desires are faint and few, 

I fain would strive for more ; 
But, when I cry " My strength renew,' 
Seem weaker than before. 

4 I see Thy saints with comfort filled, 

When in Thy house of prayer ; 
But still in bondage I am held, 
And find no comfort there. 

5 0! make this heart rejoice or ache : 

Decide this doubt for me ; 
And if it be not broken, break, 
And heal it, if it be. 

-Q-. Zol Brotherly Love. 

1 How sweet and heavenly is the sight, 

"When those who love the Lord 
In one another's peace delight, 
And so fulfil His word ! 

2 Oh ! may we feel each brother's sigh, 

And with him bear a part ; 
May sorrows flow from eye to eye, 
And joy from heart to heart. 

3 Let love, in one delightful stream, 

Through every bosom flow ; 
Let union sweet, and dear esteem, 
In every action glow. 

4 Love is the golden chain that binds 

The happy souls above ; 
And he's an heir of heaven who finds 
His bosom glow with love. 



Let Zi - on and her sons re - 


John Cole, 1805. 



1. Let 

on and her sons 

Let Zi - on and her sons 

re-joice; Be-hold'the pro-mised hour : 
re - joice; 

fg-rH*-<g— g <» * i» , <T 2 fi & 






T ?- ^ 

Let Zi-on and her sons re-joice ; 


mm^ i^m^m^^m 



For God hath heard her mourn -ine voice, And conies t' ex - alt His pow'r. 











-o a!flal 

PS. 102 5ecorad Pari. . 

2 Her dust and ruins that remain 

Are precious in our eyes ; 
Those ruins shall be built again, 
And all that dust shall rise. 

3 The Lord will raise Jerusalem, 

And stand in glory there ; 
Nations shall bow before His name, 
And kings attend with fear. 

4 He sits a sovereign on His throne, 

With pity in His eyes ; 
He hears the dying prisoners' groan, 
And sees their sighs arise. 

5 He frees the soul condemned to death ; 

And. when His saints complain, 
It sha'n't be said that praying breath 
Was ever spent in vain. 

6 This shall be known when we are dead, 

And left on long record ; 
That ages yet unborn may read, 
And trust and praise the Lord. 

Ji. 44:7 Morning or Evening Hymn. 

1 Hosanna with a cheerful sound, 

To God's upholding hand ; 
Ten thousand snares attend us round 
And yet secure we stand. 

2 That was a most amazing Power, 

That raised us with a word ; 
And every day, and every hour, 
We lean upon the Lord. 

3 The evening rests our weary head, 

And angels guard the room ; 

We wake, and we admire the bed, 

That was not made our tomb. 

4 The rising morning can't assure 

That we shall end the day ; 
For death stands ready at the door, 
To take our lives away. 

5 G*d is our Sun, whose daily light 

Our joy and safety brings ; 
Our feeble flesh lies safe at night, ' 
Beneath His spreading wings. 


1 Great is the Lord ; His works of might 

Demand our noblest songs ; 
Let His assembled saints unite 
Their harmony of tongues. 

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord, 

He gives His children food ; 
And, ever mindful of His word, 
He makes His promise good. 

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came 

To seal His covenant sure ; 

Holy and reverend is His name, 

His ways are just and pure. 

4 They that would grow divinely wise, 

Must with His fear begin : 
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies 
In hating every sin. 



Samtjel Stanley, 1810. 













1. Come, let us join our cheer - f ill songs, With an - gels 'round the throne 





















-3mk~d — " !" 





Ten thou - sand thou - sand are their tongues, But all their joys are one. 














Jll. 107 Lamb of Cod to be worshipped. 

2 " Worthy the Lamb that died," they cry, 

" To be exalted thus." 
"Worthy the Lamb," our lips reply, 
"For He was slain for us." 

3 Let all that dwell above the sky, 

And air, and earth, and seas, 
Conspire to lift Thy glories high, 
And speak Thine endless praise. 

4 The whole creation join in one, 

To bless the sacred name 
Of Him who sits upon the throne, 
And to adore the Lamb. 

H. 105 Offices of Christ. 

1 We bless the Prophet of the Lord, 

Who comes with truth and grace ; 
Jesus, Thy Spirit, and Thy word, 
Shall lead us in Thy ways. 

2 We reverence our High Priest above, 

Who offered up His blood, 

And lives to carry on His love, 

By pleading with our God. 

3 We honour our exalted King ; 

How sweet are His commands ! 
He guards our souls from hell and sin, 
By His almighty hands. 

4 Hosanna to His glorious name, 

Who saves by different ways ; 
His mercies lay a sovereign claim 
To our immortal praise. 

11 . 1 1 2i Victory and Dominion of Christ. 

1 I sing my Saviour's wondrous death ; 

He conquered when He fell ; 
"'Tis finished," said His dying breath, 
And shook the gates of hell. 

2 His cross a sure foundation laid 

For glory and renown, 
When through the regions of the dead. 
He passed, to reach the crown. 

3 Exalted at His Father's side, 

Sits our victorious Lord ; 
To heaven and hell His hands divide 
The vengeance or reward. 

1 The saints from His propitious eye, 
Await their several crowns ; 
And all the sons of darkness fly 
The terror of His frowns. 

H. 150 The Bible Precious. 

1 How precious is the book divine, 

By inspiration given ! 
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine, 
To guide our souls to heaven. 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts, 

In this dark vale of tears ; 
Life, light and joy it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

3 This lamp through all the tedious night 

Of life, shall guide our way, 
Till we behold the clearer light 
Of an eternal night. 


A N T I O C H. CM. 

Fkom G. F. Handel, by Db. Mason, 1836. 

1. Joy to the world, the Lord is come ! Let earth re-ceive her King ; Let ev' - ry hear! -rp-pare Him room 

-o'^Vm-^^^A C fcTfl I P- 






And heav'n and na-ture sing, And heav'n and na-ture sing, And heav'n, and heav'n and na-ture sing. 

f-fi^ g 



^— =1- 







S. uo Second Part. 

Joy to the earth, the Saviour reigns, 
Let men then songs employ ; [plains 

While fields and floods, rocks, hills and 
Repeat the sounding joy. 

3 No more let sins and sorrows grow, 

Nor thorns infest the ground ; 
He comes to make His blessings flow, 
Far as the curse is found. 

4 He rules the world with truth and grace, 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of His righteousness, 
And wonders of His love. 

PS. 96 Second Part. 

1 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands, 

Ye tribes of every tongue ; 
His new discovered grace demands 
A new and nobler song. 

2 Say to the nations, Jesus reigns, 

God's own almighty Son ; 
His power the sinking world sustains, 
And grace surrounds His throne. 

3 Let heaven proclaim the joyful day, 

Joy through the earth be seen ; 
Let cities shine in bright array, ' 
And fields in cheerful green. 

4 The joyous earth, the bending skies, 

His glorious train display ; 
Ye mountains, sink, ye valleys, rise, 
Prepare the Lord His way. 



5 Behold, He comes, He comes to bless 
The nations as then God ; 
To show the world His righteousness, 
And send His truth abroad. 

H. 70 Advent of Christ: 

1 Hark the glad sound, the Saviour comes, 

The Saviour promised long ; 
Let every heart prepare a throne, 
And every voice a song. 

2 On Him the Spirit, largely poured, 

Exerts His sacred fire ; 
"Wisdom, and might, and zeal, and love 
His holy breast inspire. 

3 He comes the prisoners to release, 

In Satan's bondage held, 
The gates of brass before Him burst, 
The iron fetters yield. 

4 He comes from thickest films of vice 

To clear the inward sight ; 
And on the eyes obscured by sin 
To pour celestial light. 

5 He comes the broken heart to bind, 

The bleeding soul to cure ; 
And. with the treasures of His grace, 
To enrich the humble poor. 

6 Our glad hosannas; Prince of Peace, 

Thy welcome shall proclaim, 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With Thy beloved name. 




1. Je -sus, the ve-ry thought of Thee With glad-ness fills my breast ; } 2. Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame, 

But dear-er far Thy face to see, And in Thy pres-ence rest, j Nor can the mem- 

•^ J* I I I I Pi- 

m wmmmim^mmmms 

i i i - J^~&: 

'ry find A sweet-er sound than Thy blest name, O Sa-viour of man-kind— O Sa-vionr of man - kind. 



-tL. OUO t7i?y wi Christ. 

1 Jesus, the very thought of Thee 

With gladness fills my breast ; 
But dearer far Thy face to see, 
And in Thy presence rest. 

2 Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame, 

Nor can the memory find 
A sweeter sound than Thy blest name, 
O Saviour of mankind ! 

3 O Hope of every contrite heart, 

O Joy of all the meek, 
To those who fall, how kind Thou art, 
How good to those who seek ! 

4 And they who find Thee, find a bliss 

Nor tongue nor pen can show ; 
The love of Jesus ! — what it is, 
None but His loved ones know. 

Ji. OOl Glory of Christ 's Kingdom. 

1 Lo ! what a glorious sight appears 

To our believing eyes ! 
The earth and seas are passed away, 
And the old rolling skies. 

2 From the third heaven where God resides, 

That holy, happy place, 
The new Jerusalem comes down, 
Adorned with shining grace. 

3 Attending angels shout for joy, 

And the bright armies sing ; 
"Mortals, behold the sacred seat 
Of your descending King. 

4 " The God of glory down to men 

Eemoves His blessed abode ; 
Men, the dear objects of His grace, 
And He the loving God. 

5 "His own soft hand shall wipe the tears 

From every weeping eye ; 
And pains, and groans, and griefs, and 
And death itself shall die." [fears, 

6 How long, dear Saviour, O ! how long 

. Shall this bright hour delay ? 
Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time, 
And bring the welcome day. 

-hi . OV/U Spread of the Gospel. 

1 Sing to the Lord in joyful strains ; 

Let earth His praise resound ; 
Ye who upon the ocean dwell, 
And fill the isles around. 

2 O city of the Lord, begin 

The universal song ; 
And let the scattered villages 
The cheerful notes prolong. 

3 Let Kedar's wilderness afar 

Lift up its lonely voice, 
And let the tenants of the rock 
With accents rude rejoice. 

4 Till midst the streams of distant lands 

The islands sound His praise ; 
And all combined with one accord, 
Jehovah's glories raise. 



Dr. Hastings, 1837. 
mce was crown'd with thorns Is crown'd with slo-rv now : A rov-al di - a- 

1. The head that once was crown'd with thorns Is crown'd with glo-ry now ; A roy-al di - a 









-S— w— IS- 




r -^ y 


dem a-doms The might -y Vic-tor's brow— The might -y Vic-tor's brow. 










H. 124 The Glory of Christ. 

2 The highest place that heaven affords 

Is Thine, is Thine by right, 
Thou King of kings, and Lord of lords, 
And heaven's eternal light. 

3 The joy of all who dwell above, 

The joy of all below, 
To whom Thou dost reveal Thy love, 
And grant Thy name to know. 

4 To whom the cross, with all its shame, 

"With all its grace, is given ; 

Their name, an everlasting name, 

Their joy, the joy of heaven. 

5 They suffer with Thee, Lord, below, 

They reign with Thee above, 
Their everlasting joy to know 
The mystery of Thy love. 

6 Thy cross, dear Lord, is life and health, 

Though shame and death to Thee ; 
Thy people's hope, Thy people's wealth. 
Their song eternally. 



Glory of Christ. 

Majestic sweetness sits enthroned 

Upon the Saviour's brow ; 
His head with radiant glories crowned, 

His hps with grace o'erflow. 

No mortal can with Him compare 

Among the sons of men ; 
Fairer is He than all the fair, 

Who fill the heavenly train. 

3 He saw me plunged in deep distress, 

And flew to my reiief ; 
For me He bore the shameful cross, 
And carried all my grief. 

4 To Him I owe my life and breath, 

And ah the joys I have ; 
He makes me triumph over death, 
And saves me from the grave. 

5 To heaven, the place of His abode, 

He brings my weary feet, 
Shows me the glories of my God, 
And makes my joys complete. 

6 Since from His bounty I receive 

Such proofs of love divine, 
Had I a thousand hearts to give. 
Lord, they should all be Thine, 


1 Lord, if Thy saints deserve rebuke, 

Thou hast a gentle rod ; 
Thy providence, Thy sacred book, 
Shall make them know their God. 

2 Blest is the man Thy hands chastise, 

And to his duty draw ; 
Thy scourges make Thy children wise, 
When they forget Thy law. 

3 But God will ne'er cast off His saints, 

Nor His own promise break ; 
He pardons His inheritance, 
For then Redeemer's sake. 



PS. 130 Third Part. 

1 Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried, 

My voice, Lord, do Thou hear j 
Unto my supplication's voice 
Give an attentive ear. 

2 Lord, who shall stand, if Thou, O Lord, 

Shouldst mark inquity ? 
But yet with Thee forgiveness is, 
That feared Thou mayest be. 

3 I wait for God, my soul doth wait, 

My hope is in His word ; 
More than they that for morning watch, 
My soul waits for the Lord ; 

4 I say, more than they that do watch 

The morning light to see. 
Let Israel hope in the Lord, 
For with Him mercies be ; 

5 And plenteous redemption 

Is ever found with Him ; 
And from all his iniquities 
He Israel shall redeem. 

XX. 4oi Prayer for Sincerity in Worship. 

1 Lord, when we bend before Thy throne, 

And our confessions pour, 
O ! may we feel the sins we own, 
And hate what we deplore. 

2 Our contrite spirits pitying see ; 

True penitence impart ; 
And let a healing ray from Thee 
Beam hope on every heart. 

3 Let faith each meek petition fill, 

And waft it to the skies ; 
And teach our hearts, 'tis goodness still 
That grants it or denies. 

Ps. 139 Fourth PaH. [known, 

1 O Lord, Thou hast me searched and 

Thou know'st my sitting down 
And rising up ; yea, all my thoughts 
Afar to. Thee are known. 

2 For in my tongue before I speak, 

Not airy word can be, 
But altogether, lo ! O Lord, 
It is well known to Thee. 

3 Behind, before, Thou hast beset, 

And laid on me Thine hand. 
Such knowledge is too strange for me, 
Too high to understand. 

4 From Thy Spirit whither shall I go, 

Or from Thy presence fly? 
Ascend I heaven, lo ! Thou art there ; 
There, if in hell I he. 

5 Take I the morning wings and dwell 

In utmost parts of sea ; 
Even there, Lord, shall Thy hand me lead. 
Thy right hand hold shall me. 

6 If I do say that darkness shall 

Me cover from Thy sight, 
Then surely shall the very night 
About me be as light. 

XL. 4ou Retirement. 

1 Far from the world, O Lord! I flee, 

From strife and tumult far ; 
From scenes where Satan wages still 
His most successful war. 

2 The calm retreat, the silent shade, 

With prayer and praise agree ; 
And seem, by Thy sweet bounty, made 
For those who follow Thee. 

3 There, if Thy Spirit touch the soul, 

And grace her mean abode, 
Oh ! with what peace, and joy, and love, 
She then communes with God. 

4 There, like the nightingale, she pours 

Her solitary lays ; 
Nor asks a witness of her song, 
Nor thirsts for human praise. 

5 Author and guardian of my life, 

Sweet source of light divine, 
And — all harmonious names in one — 
Blest Saviour ! — Thou art mine. 

XL. 4:4:2 Evening Worship. 

1 O Lord, another day is flown, 

And we, a little band, 
Are met once more before Thy throne, 
To bless Thy fostering hand. 

2 And wilt Thou bend a listening ear, 

To praises low as ours? 
Thou wilt, for Thou dost deign to hear 
The song that meekness pours. 

3 And Jesus, Thou Thy smiles wilt deign 

As we before Thee pray ; 
For Thou didst bless the infant train, 
And we are less than they. 

4 Oh ! let Thy grace perform its part ; 

Let sin's dominion cease; 
And shed abroad in every heart 
Thine everlasting peace. 



Wm. Matheb, 1790. 










1. Vain are the hopes the sons of men 




On their own works have built; 










Their hearts by na - ture all un - clean, And all their ac-tions guilt. 




'^ -*s- -fi- -m- 
■*-m--r^— r— •— 



— r1 ll-*£2* 





TT. 231 Justification through Faith. 

2 Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths, 

Without a murmuring word, 
And the whole race of Adam stand 
Guilty before the Lord. 

3 In vain we ask God's righteous law 

To justify us now ; 
Since to convince and to condemn 
Is all the law can do. 

4 Jesus, how glorious is Thy grace ! 

When in Thy name we trust, 
Our faith receives a righteousness 
That makes the sinner just. 

Ps. 80 First Part: 

1 O God of hosts, we Thee beseech, 

Return now unto Thine ; 
Look down from heaven in love, behold, 
And visit this Thy vine. 

2 This vineyard, which Thine own right 

Hath planted us among ; [hand 

And that same branch which for Thyself 
Thou hast made to be strong ; 

3 Brunt up it is with flaming fire, 

It also is cut down ; 
They utterly are perished, 

When e'er Thy face doth frown. 

4 O let Thy hand be still upon 

The man of Thy right hand, 
The Son of man, whom for Thyself 
Thou madest strong to stand.. 

5 So henceforth we will not go back, 

Nor turn from Thee at all ; 
O do Thou quicken us, and we 
Upon Thy name will call. 

6 Turn us again, Lord God of hosts, 

And upon us vouchsafe 
To make Thy countenance to shine, 
And so we shall be safe. 

Ps. 89 

Fourth Part. 

1 Great fear in meeting of the saints 

Is due unto the Lord ; 
And He of all about Him should 
With reverence be adored. 

2 greatly blest the people are 

The joyful sound that know ; 
In brightness of Thy face, O Lord, 
They ever on shall go. 

3 They in Thy name shall all the day 

Rejoice exceedingly ; 
And in Thy righteousness shall they 
Exalted be on high. 

4 Because the glory of their strength 

Doth only stand in Thee ; 
And in Thy favour shall our horn 
And power exalted be. 

5 For God is our defence ; and He 

To us doth safety bring ; 
The Holy One of Israel 
Is our almighty Bang. 






— L^=~^ — ^_l ,-- J*_J /=S— 

L. Von Beethoven, 1770-1827. 






r f i i r 

1. How shall the young se - cure their hearts, And guard their lives from sin? 



















s) — m- 


Thy word the choie - est rules im - parts, 

J I 

Cf ? 




To keep the^ con - science clean. 




Ps. 119 Fourth Part. 

2 When once it enters to the mind, 

It spreads such light abroad, 
The meanest souls instruction find, 
And raise their thoughts to God. 

3 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light, 

That guides us all the day ; 
And through the dangers of the night, 
A lamp to lead our way. 

4 The men that keep Thy law with care, 

And meditate Thy word, 
Grow wiser than then- teachers are, 
And better know the Lord. 

5 Thy word is everlasting truth, 

How pure is every page ! 
That holy book shall guide our youth, 
And well support our age. 

PS. 119 Fifth Part. 

1 O ! how I love Thy holy law ! 

'Tis daily my delight ; 
And thence my meditations draw 
Divine advice by night. 

2 My waking eyes prevent the day 

To meditate Thy word ; 
My soul with longing melts away 
To hear Thy gospel, Lord. 

3 Thy heavenly words my heart 

And well employ my tongue ; 
And in my tiresome pilgrimage 
Yield me a heavenly song. 

4 "When nature sinks, and spirits droop, 
Thy promises of grace 
Are pillars to support my hope ; 
And there I write Thy praise. 

PS. 119 Third Part. 

1 Thou art my portion, O my God ; 

Soon as I know Thy way, 
My heart makes haste t' obey Thy word, 
And suffers no delay. 

2 I choose the path of heavenly truth, 

And glory in my choice ; 
Not all the riches of the earth 
Could make me so rejoice. 

3 Now I am Thine, for ever Thine, 

O save Thy servant, Lord ; 
Thou art my Shield, my Hiding-place, 
My hope is in Thy word. 

4 Thou hast inclined this heart of mine 

Thy statutes to fulfil ; 
And thus till mortal life shall end 
Would I perform Thy will. 

H. 378 The Mercy Seat. 

1 There is a heavenly mercy seat, 

To calm the sinner's fears ; 

There is a Saviour, at whose feet 

The mourner dries his tears. 

2 When friends depart, and hopes are riven, 

And gathering storms I see, 
My soul is but the sooner driven, 
Eternal Rock, to Thee. 



De. Thomas A. Abne, 1762. 







1. Through all the chang - ing scenes of life, In trou - ble and in 


j^jf r -p- r? - 

qp t-r— p- 


-F *- 

H» P- 

S— g^ 







J f- 




*s^8= ?-i=^ 




The prais - es of my God shall still My heart and tongue em - ploy. 

-tm tm k=3— — *=5 — - — .»- — ^ 

Sg-V- g 



Ps. 34 Second Part. 

2 My soul shall make her boast in Him, 

And celebrate His fame ; 
Come magnify the Lord with me, 
With me exalt His name. 

3 The hosts of God encamp around 

The dwellings of the just ; 

Deliverance He affords to all 

"Who on His succour trust. 

4 O ! make but trial of His love ; 

Experience will decide 
How blest are they, and only they, 
Who in His truth confide. 

5 Fear Him, ye saints ; and you will then 

Have nothing else to fear ; 
Come, make His service your delight ; 
He'll make your wants His care. 

Ps. 40 

1 I waited patient for the Lord, 

He bowed to hear me cry ; 
He saw me resting on His word, 
And brought salvation nigh. 

2 He raised me from a horrid pit, 

Where mourning long I lay, 
And from my bonds released my feet — 
Deep bonds of miry clay. 

3 Firm on a rock He made me stand, 

And taught my cheerful tongue 
To praise the wonders of His hand, 
In a new thankful song. 

4 I'll spread His works of grace abroad ; 

The saints with joy shall hear. 
And sinners learn to make my God 
Their only hope and fear. 

5 How many are Thy thoughts of love ! 

Thy mercies, Lord, how great ! 
We have not words nor hours enough 
' Their numbers to repeat. 

6 When I'm afflicted, poor and low, 

And light and peace depart, 

My God beholds my heavy woe, 

And bears me on His heart. 

n . 14: Sincerity in Worship. 

1 God is a Spirit, just and wise, 

He sees our inmost mind ; 
In vain to heaven we raise our cries, 
And leave our souls behind. 

2 Nothing but truth before His throne 

With honour can appear ; 
The painted hypocrites are known 
Through the disguise they wear. 

3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies, 

Their bending knees the ground ; 
But God abhors the sacrifice 
Where not the heart is found. 

4 Lord, search my thoughts, and try my 

And make my soul sincere ; [ways, 
Then shall I stand before Thy face, 
And find acceptance there. 



PS. 139 Third Part. 

1 Lord, when I count Thy mercies o'er, 

They strike me with surprise ; 
Not all the sands that spread the shore, 
To equal numbers rise. 

2 My flesh with fear and wonder stands, 

The product of Thy skill ; 
And hourly blessings from Thy hands, 
Thy thoughts of love reveal. 

3 These on my heart by night I keep : 

How kind, how dear to me! 
O may the hour that ends my sleep, 
Still find my thoughts with Thee. 

PS. 145 First Part. 

1 Long as I live I'll bless Thy name, 

My King, my God of love ; 
My work and joy shall be the same, 
In the bright world above. 

2 Great is the Lord, His power unknown, 

And let His praise be great ; 
I'll sing the honours of Thy throne, 
Thy works of grace repeat. 

3 Thy grace shall dwell upon my tongue ; 

And, while my lips rejoice, 
The men that hear my sacred song 
Shall join their cheerful voice. 

4 Fathers to sons shall teach Thy name, 

And children leam Thy ways ; 

Ages to come Thy truth proclaim, 

And nations sound Thy praise. 

5 The world is managed by Thy hands, 

Thy saints are ruled by love ; 
And Thine eternal kingdom stands, 
Though rocks and lulls remove. 

PS. 145 Second Part. 

1 Sweet is the memory of Thy grace, 

My God, my heavenly King ; 
Let age to age Thy righteousness 
In sounds of glory sing. 

2 God reigns on high, but ne'er confines 

His goodness to the skies ; [shines, 
Through the whole earth His bounty 
And every want supplies. 

3 With longing eyes Thy creatures wait 

On Thee for daily food ; 
Thy liberal hand provides their meat, 
And fills their mouth with good. 

4 How kind are Thy compassions, Lord ! 

How slow Thine anger moves ! 
But soon He sends His pardoning word, 
To cheer the souls He loves. 

5 Creatures with all their endless race 

Thy power and praise proclaim ; 
But saints, that taste Thy richer grace, 
Delight to bless Thy name. 

PS. 150 First Part. 

1 In God's own house pronounce His praise, 

His grace He there reveals ; 
To heaven your joy and wonder raise, 
For there His glory dwells. 

2 Let all your sacred passions move, 

While you rehearse His deeds ; 
But the great work of saving love 
Your highest praise exceeds. 

3 All that have motion, life, and breath, 

Proclaim your Maker blest ; 
Yet when my voice expires in death, 
My soul shall praise Him best. 

H. Olo Collections for tlie Poor. 

1 Bright Source of everlasting love ! 

To Thee our souls we raise ; 
And to Thy sovereign bounty rear 
A monument of praise. 

2 Thy mercy gilds the path of life, 

With every cheering ray ; 
Kindly restrains the rising tear, 
Or wipes that tear away. 

3 When sunk in guilt, our souls approached 

The borders of despair, [claimed, 

Thy grace, through Jesus' blood, pro- 
A free salvation near. 

4 What shall we render, bounteous Lord, 

For ah the grace we see ? 
Alas ! the goodness we can yield, 
Extendeth not to Thee. 

5 To tents of woe, to beds of pain, 

Our cheerful feet repair ; 
And, with the gifts Thy hand bestows, 
Relieve the mourner's care. 

6 The widow's heart shall sing for joy, 

The orphan shall be fed ; 
The hungering soul we'll gladly point 
To Christ, the living bread. 






•h- -■! *i- 


Isaac Tucker, 1800. 

+» — j i 

'- m i — 



1. My drow - sy pow'rs, why sleep ye so ? 


A - wake, 



I I 

my slug_ - gish_ soul ? 


g z jg-^=g 





-s- 1 


Noth - ing has half thy work to do, Yet noth - ing's half so dull. 





H . SoS Slothfulness Lamented. 

2 The little ants, for one poor grain, 

Labour, and toil, and strive ; 
Yet we, who have a heaven to obtain, 
How negligent we live ! 

3 We, for whose sake all nature stands, 

And stars their courses move ; 
"We, for whose guard the angel bands 
Come flying from above ; 

4 We, for whom God the Son came down, 

And laboured for our good, 
How careless to secure that crown 
He purchased with His blood ! 

5 Lord, shall we he so sluggish still, 

And never act our parts ? 
Come, Holy Spirit, come, and fill 
And wake and warm our hearts. 

6 Then shall our active spirits move, 

Upward our souls shall rise ; 
With hands of faith, and wings of love, 
We'll fly and take the prize. 

Ps. 21 

1 Our land, O Lord, with songs of praise 

Shall in Thy strength rejoice; 

And, blest with Thy salvation, raise 

To heaven their cheerful voice. 

2 Thy sure defence, through nations round, 

Has spread our wondrous name ; 
And our successful actions crowned 
With dignity and fame. 

3 Then let our land on God alone 

For timely aid rely ; 
His mercy, which adorns His throne, 
Shall all our wants supply. 

4 Thus,Lord,Thy wondrous power declare, 

And thus exalt Thy fame ; 
Whilst we glad songs of praise prepare 
For Thine almighty name. 




First Part. 

This is the day the Lord hath made, 
He calls the hours His own ; 

Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad, 
And praise surround the throne. 

2 To-day He rose and left the dead, 

And Satan's empire fell ; 
To-day the saints His triumphs spread, 
And all His wonders tell. 

3 Hosanna to th' anomted King, 

To David's holy Son ; 
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring 
Salvation from Thy throne. 

4 Blest is the Lord who comes to men, 

With messages of grace ; 
Who comes in God His Father's name, 
To save our sinful race. 

5 Hosanna in the highest strains, 

The church on earth can raise ; 
The highest heavens, in which He reigns, 
Shall give Him nobler praise. 



George Kingsley. 





1. With niy whole heart I'll raise my song ; Thy won -ders I'll pro - claim ; 

-J- -J 


r- -f - -p- -p -- 









1* — i*~ 











Thou, Sov - reign Judge of right and wrong, Wilt put Thy foes 


-r- - g -&-^- 













2 I'll sing Thy majesty and grace ; 

My God prepares His throne 
To judge the world in righteousness, 
And make His justice known. 

3 Then shall the Lord a refuge prove 

For all the poor oppressed, 
To save the people of His love, 
And give the weary rest. 

4 The men that know Thy name will trust 

In Thy abundant grace ; 
For Thou wilt ne'er forsake the just, 
Who humbly seek Thy face. 

5 Sing praises to the righteous Lord, 

Who dwells on Zion's lull, 
Who executes His threatening word, 
And doth His grace fulfil. 

H. ZL God Celebrated in His works of Creation. 

1 I sing the almighty power of God, 

That made the mountains rise, 
That spread the flowing seas abroad, 
And built the lofty skies. 

2 I sing the wisdom that ordained 

The sun to rule the day ; 
The moon shines full at His command, 
And all the stars obey. 

3 I sing the goodness of the Lord, 

That filled the earth with food ; 
He formed the creatures with His word, 
And then pronounced them good. 

4 Lord, how Thy wonders are displayed, 

Where'er I turn mine eye ! 
If I survey the ground I tread, 
Or gaze upon the sky. 

5 There's not a plant or flower below, 

But makes Thy glories known ; 
And clouds arise and tempests blow, 
By order from Thy throne. 

6 Creatures as numerous as they be, 

Are subject to Thy care ; 
There's not a place where we can flee, 
But God is present there. 

. ZZ Defence of Divine Providence. 

1 Let others boast how strong they be, 

Nor death or danger fear ; 
But we'll confess, O Lord, to Thee, 
What feeble things we are. 

2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand, 

And flourish bright and gay ; 
A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land, 
And fades the grass away. 

3 Our life contains a thousand springs, 

And dies if one be gone ; 
Strange ! that a harp of thousand strings, 
Shoidd keep in tune so long. 

4 But 'tis our God supports our frame, 

The God that made us first ; 
Salvation to the almighty Name, 
That reared us from the dust. 



D. Duttox, Jr., 1829. 













1. I love to steal a - while a - way From ev' - ry cumb' - ring 

















And spend the hours of set - ting day, 

_f=2_ JH h*_ ^2. ^2. ^ -i*- .fa- 


hum - ble, grate - ful prayer. 







J4. 451 Twilight Meditation. 

2 I love in solitude to shed 

The penitential tear, 
And all His promises to plead, 
Where none but God can hear. 

3 I love to think on mercies past, 

And future good implore, 
And all my cares and sorrows cast 
On Him whom I adore. 

4 I love by faith to take a view 

Of brighter scenes in heaven ; 
The prospect does my strength renew, 
While here by tempests driven. 

5 Thus, when life's toilsome day is o'er, 

May its departing ray 
Be calm as this impressive hour, 
And lead to endless day. 

PS. 34 First Part. 

1 The angel of the Lord encamps, 

And round encompasseth 
All those about that do Him fear, 
And them delivereth. 

2 O taste and see that God is good ; 

Who trusts in Him is blest, 
Fear God, His saints ; none that Him fear 
ShaU be with want oppressed. 

3 The lions young may hungry be, 

And they may lack their food ; 
But they that truly seek the Lord 
Shall not lack any good. 

4 O children, hither do ye come, 

And unto me give ear ; 
I shall you teach to understand 
How ye the Lord should fear. 

5 What man is he that life desires, 

To see good would live long? 
Thy lips refrain from speaking guile, 
And from ill words thy tongue. 


Condescension of Christ. 

1 The Saviour! O what endless charms 

Dwell in the blissful sound ! 
Its influence every fear disarms, 
And spreads sweet comfort round. 

2 Here pardon, life, and joys divine, 

In rich effusion flow, 
For guilty rebels lost in sin, 
And doomed to endless woe. 

3 The almighty Former of the skies 

Stooped to our vile abode ; 
While angels viewed with wondering eyes, 
And hailed the incarnate God. 

4 O ! the rich depths of love divine! 

Of bliss a boundless'store ! 
Dear Saviour, let me call Thee mine ; 
I cannot wish for more. 

5 On Thee alone my hope relies, 

Beneath Thy cross I fall ; 
My Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice, 
My Saviour, and my All ! 



Ps. 119 Eighth Part. 

1 Lord, I have made Thy word my choice, 

My lasting heritage ; 
There shall my noblest powers rejoice, 
My warmest thoughts engage. 

2 I'll read the histories of Thy love, 

And keep Thy laws in sight, 
"While through the promises I rove, 
With ever fresh delight. 

3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown, 

Where springs of life arise ; 
Seeds of immortal bhss are sown, 
And hidden glory lies. 

4 The best relief that mourners have, 

It makes our sorrows blest ; 
Our fairest hope beyond the grave, 
And our eternal rest. 

PS. 119 Tenth Part. 

1 Behold Thy waiting servant, Lord ; 

Devoted to Thy fear ; 
Remember and confirm Thy word, 
For all my hopes are there. 

2 Hast Thou not sent salvation down, 

And promised quickening grace ? 
Doth not my heart address Thy throne? 
And yet Thy love delays. 

3 Mine eyes for Thy salvation fail ; 

O bear Thy servant up ; 
Nor let the scoffing hps prevail, 
Who dare reproach my hope. 

4 Didst Thou not raise my faith, O Lord ? 

Then let Thy truth appear ; 
Saints shall rejoice hi my reward, 
And trust as well as fear. 

PS. 119 Thirteenth Part. 

1 With my whole heart I've sought Thy face, 

O ! let me never stray 
From Thy commands, O God of grace, 
Nor tread the sinner's way. 

2 Thy word I've hid within my heart, 

To keep my conscience clean, 
To be an everlasting guard 
From every rising sin. 

3 I'm a companion of the saints, 

Who fear and love the Lord ; 
My sorrows rise, my nature faints, 
When men transgress Thy word. 

4 My God, I long, I hope, I wait, 
For Thy salvation still; 
While Thy whole law is my delight, 
And I obey Thy will. 

H. DO O Remembering Christ. 

1 According to Thy gracious word, 

In meek humility, 
This will I do, my dying Lord, 
I will remember Thee. 

2 Thy body, broken for my sake, 

My bread from heaven shall be ; 
Thy testamental cup I take, 
And thus remember Thee. 

3 Gethsemane can I forget ? 

Or there Thy conflict see, 

Thine agony and bloody sweat, 

And not remember Thee ? 

4 When to the cross I turn mine eyes, 

And rest on Calvary, 
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice, 
I must remember Thee. 

5 Remember Thee and all Thy pains, 

And all Thy love to me ; 
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains, 
Will I remember Thee. 

6 And when these failing hps grow dumb, 

And mind and memory flee, 
When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come, 
Jesus, remember me. 

H. \)Zi Dying in God's Embre/x; • 

1 Death cannot make our souls afraid, 

If God be with us there ; 
We may walk through its darkest shade, 
And never yield to fear. 

2 I could renounce my all below, 

If my Creator bid ; 
And run, if I were called to go, 
And die as Moses did. 

3 Might I but climb to Pisgah's top, 

And view the promised land, 
My flesh itself would long to drop, 
And pray for the command. 

4 Clasped in my heavenly Father's arms, 

I would forget my breath, 
And lose my life among the charms 
Of so divine a death. 



Rev. Wm. Jones, 1780. 

1. God moves in 

te - rious way, 

^V^-SLing — fj I P==j= 





"f3 r^- 

r - > i 







"SP - 





He plants His foot - steps in 












And rides 



up - on 



the storm 





Ji. .Zu Mysteries of Providence. 

2 Deep in unfathomable mines 

Of never failing skill, 
He treasures up His bright designs, 
And works His sovereign ■will. 

3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take ; 

The clouds ye so much dread 
Are big with mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 

But trust Him for His grace ; 
Behind a frowning providence, 
He hides a smiling face. 

5 His purposes will ripen fast, 

Unfolding every hom - ; 
The bud may have a bitter taste, 
But sweet will be the flower. 

6 Blind unbelief is sure to err, 

And scan His work in vain ; 
God is His own interpreter, 
And He will make it plain. 

PS. 68 First Part. 

1 Thou hast, O Lord, most glorious, 

Ascended up on high ; 
And in triumph victorious led 
Captive captivity. 

2 Thou hast received gifts for men, 

From such as did rebel ; 
Yea, even for them, that God the Lord 
In midst of them might dwell. 

3 Bless'd be the Lord, who is to us 

Of our salvation God ; 
"Who daily with His benefits 
Us plenteously doth load. 

4 He of salvation is the God, 

Who is our God most strong ; 
And unto God the Lord froin death 
The issues do belong. 

Ps. 115 

1 Lord, not to us, we claim no share, 

But to Thy sacred name. 
Give glory for Thy mercy's sake, 
And truth's eternal fame. 

2 O Israel, make the Lord your trust, 

"Who is your help and shield ; 
Priests, Levites, trust in Him alone, 
"Who only help can yield. 

3 Let all who truly fear the Lord 

.On Him they fear rely ; 
Who them in danger can defend, 
And all then wants supply. 

4 They who in death and silence sleep, 

To Him no praise afford ; 
But we will bless for evermore 
Our- ever-living Lord. 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore, 
Be glory as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. 

S T A N D IS H. C. M. 


















1. Come, Ho - ly Spi - lit, heav'n - ly Dove, With all Thy quick'u-ing pow'rs, 











XI . Id/ Prayer for the Descent of the Spirit. 

2 Look how we grovel here below, 

Fond of these trifling toys ; 
Our souls can neither fly nor go, 
To reach eternal joys. 

3 In vain we tune our formal songs, 

In vain we strive to rise ; 
Hosannas languish on our tongues, 
And our devotion dies. 

4 Dear Lord, and shall we ever live 

At this poor dying rate ; 
Our love so faint, so cold to Thee, 
And Thine to us so great ? 

5 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 

With all Thy quickening powers, 
Come, shed abroad a Savkrar's love, 
And that shall kindle ours. 

11. 17o Invitation to the Feast. 

1 Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor, 

Behold a royal feast ; 
Where Mercy spreads her bounteous 
For every humble guest. [store, 

2 See, Jesus stands with open arms, 

He calls, He bids you come ; 
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms ; 
But see, there yet is room. 

3 Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart ; 

There love and pity meet ; 

Nor will He bid the soul depart, 

That trembles at His feet. 

4 O ! come, and with His children taste, 

The blessings of His love ; 
While hope attends the sweet repast, 
Of nobler joys above. 

5 There, with united heart and voice, 

Before the eternal throne, 
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice, 
In ecstasies unknown. 

6 And yet ten thousand thousand more 

Are welcome still to come ; 
Ye longing souls, the grace adore, 
Approach, there yet is room. 

H. o97 Christian Activity. 

1 Awake, my soxd, stretch every nerve, 

And press with vigour on ; 
A heavenly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crown. 

2 A cloud of witnesses around, 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 
And onward urge thy way. 

3 'Tis God's all-animating voice 

That calls thee from on high ; 
'Tis His own hand presents the prize 
To thine uplifted eye. 

4 Then wake, my soul, stretch every nerve, 

And press with vigour on ; 
A heavenly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crown. 



W. Tanstjb's Collection, 1735. 



1. How sweet and' aw - ful is the place, With Christ with - in the doors, 

-f? -*-* - 









e? r-^' 









-»— ii-g - 


While ev - er - last - ing love dis - plays The choic - est 

of her stores. 






-^— P- 


s ^r rrf 





H. 551 TJie Heavenly Feast. 

2 While all our hearts, in this our song, 

Join to admire the feast, 
Each of us cries with thankful tongue, 
"Lord, why was I a guest?" 

3 "Why was I made to hear Thy voice, 

And enter while there's room ; 
When thousands make a wretched choice, 
And rather starve than come?" 

A. 'Twas the same love that spread the feast 
That sweetly forced us in ; 
Else we had still refused to taste, 
And perished in our sin. 

5 Pity the nations, O our God, 

Constrain the earth to come ; 
Send Thy victorious word abroad, 
And bring the strangers home. 

6 We long to see Thy churches full. 

That all the chosen race 
May, with one voice, and heart, and soul, 
Sing Thy redeeming grace. 


1 The Lord, the Judge, before His throne 

Bids the whole earth draw nigh, 
The nations near the rising sun, 
And near the western sky. 

2 No more shall bold blasphemers say, 

" Judgment will ne'er begin ;" 
No more abuse His long delay 
To insolence and sin. 

3 Throned on a cloud our God shall come, 

Bright flames prepare His way; 
Thunder and darkness, fire and storm 
Lead on the dreadful day. 

4 Heaven from above His call shall hear, 

Attending angels come, 
And earth and hell shall know and fear 
His justice and their doom. 

5 " But gather all My saints," He cries, 

" That made their peace with God 
By the Redeemer's sacrifice, 
Aud sealed it with His blood. 

6 " Their faith and works, brought forth to 

Shall make the world confess [light, 
My sentence of reward is right, 
And heaven adore My grace." 

H. 386 


1 Strait is the way, the door is strait, 

That leads to joys on high ; 
'Tis but a few that find the gate, 
While crowds mistake and die. 

2 Beloved self must be denied, 

The mind and will renewed, 
Passions suppressed and patience tried, 
And vain desires subdued. 

3 Flesh is a dangerous foe to grace, 

Where it prevails and rules ; 
Flesh must be humbled, pride abased, 
Lest they destroy our souls. 



4 The love of gold be banished hence, 

That vile idolatry ; 
And every member, every sense. 
In sweet subjection he. 

5 The tongue, that most unruly power, 

Requires a strong restraint ; 
We must be watchful every hour, 
And pray, but never faint. 

6 Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm 

Fulfil a task so hard 1 
Thy grace must all my work perform, 
And give a free reward. 

id. OOO Humiliation for National Sim. 

1 See, gracious God, before Thy throne, 

Thy mourning people bend ; 
'Tis on Thy sovereign grace alone 
Our humble hopes depend. 

2 Tremendous judgments from Thy hand 

Thy dreadful power display ; 
Yet mercy spares this guilty land, 
And still we live to pray. 

3 What numerous crimes increasing rise, 

Through this apostate land ! 
WTiat land so favoured of the skies, 
Yet thoughtless of Thy hand"? 

4 How changed, alas ! are truths divine, 

For error, guilt and shame ! 
What impious numbers, bold in sin, 
Disgrace the Christian name ! 

5 Regai'dless of Thy smile or frown, 

Their pleasures they require ; 
And sink with gay indifference down 
To everlasting tire. 

6 O ! turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 

By rich and sovereign grace ; 
Then shall our hearts obey Thy word, 
And humbly seek Thy face. 

7 Then should insulting foes invade, 

We shall not sink in fear ; 
Secure of never-failing aid, 
If God, our God is near. 

id. 507 Humiliation. 

1 Great King of nations, hear our prayer, 
While at Thy feet we fall, 
And humbly with united cry 
To Thee for mercy call. 

2 The guilt is ours, but grace is thine ; 

Oh ! turn us not away ; 
But hear us from Thy lofty throne, 
And help us when we pray. 

3 With one consent we meekly bow 

Beneath Thy chast'ning hand, 
And, pouring forth confession meet, 
Mourn with our mourning land. 

4 With pitying eye behold our need, 

As thus we lift our prayer ; 
" Correct us in Thy judgment, Lord, 
But in Thy mercy spare." 

id. So O Indwelling Sin Lamented. 

1 With tears of anguish I lament, 

Here at Thy feet, my God, 
My passion, pride, and discontent, 
And vile ingratitude. 

2 Sure there was ne'er a heart so base, 

So false as mine has been ; 
So faithless to its promises, 
So prone to every sin. 

3 How long, dear Saviour, shall I feel 

These struggles in my breast ? 
When wilt Thou bow my stubborn will 
And give my conscience rest ? 

4 Break, sovereign grace, O break the 

And set the captive free ; [charm, 
Reveal, almighty God, Thine arm, 
And haste to rescue me. 

id. b\Z Brevity of Life. 

1 Our days, alas ! our mortal days 

Are short and wretched too, 
"Evil and few," the patriarch says, 
And well the patriarch knew. 

2 'Tis but at best a narrow bound 

That heaven allows to men, [round 
And pains and sins run through the 
Of threescore years and ten. 

3 Well, if ye must be sad and few, 

Run on, my days, in haste ; 
Moments of sin, and months of woe, 
Ye cannot fly too fast. 

4 Let heavenly love prepare my soul, 

And call her to the skies, 
Where years of long salvation roll. 
And glory never dies. 




Db. Thomas Hastings, 1831. 


1. Ke-turn, wan-d'rer, to thy home, Thy Fa - ther calls for thee; 

, r? — , _ — f , — r=> | * , — f? , ,_ f»- 





»— i- 

^ - 1^ J 

1— 1 



Coda. i 


No long-er now an ex - ile roam, In guilt and mis - e - ry. Ke-turn, re-turn! 






•ts— »- 





H. 182 

Return ! 

2 Return, O wanderer, to thy home, 

Tis Jesus calls for thee ; 
The Spirit and the Bride say, Come ! 
Oh ! now for refuge flee. 

Return, return! 

3 Return, O wanderer, to Tliy home, 

'Tis madness to delay ; 
There are no pardons in the tomb, 
And brief is mercy's day. 

Return, return ! 

PS. 90 Third Part. 

1 Retttkn, O God of love, return ; 

Earth is a tiresome place ; 
How long shall we, Thy children, mourn 
Our absence from Thy face. — Chorus. 

2 Let heaven succeed our painful years ; 

Let sin and sorrow cease ; 

And in proportion to our tears, 

So make our joys increase. 

3 Thy wonders to Thy servant show, 

Make Thine own works complete ; 
Then shall our souls Thy glory know, 
And own Thy love was great. 

4 Then shall we shine before Thy throne 

In all Thy beauty, Lord ; 
And the poor service we have done 
Meet a divine reward. 

H . 171 Sinners Invited and Entreated. 

1 Sinners, the voice of God regard ; 

'Tis mercy speaks to-day ; 
He calls you, by His sovereign word, 
From sin's destructive way.— Chorus. 

2 Like the rough sea that cannot rest, 

You live devoid of peace ; 
A thousand stings within your breast 
Deprive your souls of ease. 

3 Your way is dark, and leads to hell ; 

Why will you persevere? 
Can you in endless torments dwell 
Shut up in black despair ? 

4 Why will you in the crooked ways, 

Of sin and folly go ? 
In pain you travel all your days 
To reap immortal woe. 

5 But he that turns to God shall live, 

Through His abounding grace : 
His mercy will the guilt forgive 
Of those that seek His face. 

6 Bow to the sceptre of His word, 

Renouncing every sin : 
Submit to Him, your sovereign Lord, 
And learn His will divine. 

7 His love exceeds your highest thoughts ; 

He pardons like a God ; 
He will forgive your numerous faults, 
Through a Redeemer's blood. 



Old American Tune. 











1. Sov' - reign of life, I own Thy hand, In ev' - ry chast'n - ing 




















122 ha 

^% H # t l^ 

And while I smart be - neath Thy rod, Thy pres - ence 

in - voke. 







— 1 — b?- m 

£ -+? ■ =>— ^= £=B=^ 

Ji. do^ Submission and Hope of Heaven. 

1 Sovereign of life, I own Thy hand, 

In every chastening stroke ; 
And while I smart beneath Thy rod, 
Thy presence I invoke. 

2 To. Thee, in my distress, I cried, 

And Thou hast bowed Thine ear; 
Thy powerful word my life prolonged, 
And brought salvation near. 

3 Unfold, ye gates of righteousness, 

That, with the pious throng, 
I may record my solemn vows, 
And tune my grateful song. 

4 Praise to the Lord, whose gentle hand 

Renews our labouring breath ; 
Praise to the Lord, who makes His saints 
Triumphant e'en in death. 

5 My God, in Thine appointed hour, 

Those heavenly gates display, 
Where pain and sin, and fear and death, 
For ever flee away. 

6 There, while the nations of the blest, 

With raptures bow around, 
My anthems to delivering grace 
In sweeter strains shall sound. 

JjL Oo7 On Opening a New Place of Worship. 

1 Dear Shepherd of Thy people, hear ; 
Thy presence now display; 
As Thou hast given a place of prayer, 
So give us hearts' to pray. 

2 Show us some token of Thy love, 

Our fainting hope to raise ; 
And pour Thy blessings from above, 
That we may render praise. 

3 Within these walls let holy peace, 

And love and concord dwell ; 
Here give the troubled conscience ease, 
The wounded spirit heal. 

4 And may the gospel's joyful sound, 

Enforced by mighty grace, 

Awaken many sinners round, 

To come and fill the place. 

H. 326 

Prayer for Resignation: 

1 Thou boundless Source of every good,. 

Our best desires fulfil : 
Help us adore Thy wondrous grace, 
And mark Thy sovereign will. 

2 Teach us, in time of deep distress, 

To own Thy hand, O God ; 
And in submissive silence learn, 
The lessons of Thy rod. 

3 In every changing scene of life, 

Whate'er that scene may be, 
Give us a meek and humble mind, 
A mind at peace with Thee. 

4 Then shall we close our eyes in death,. 

Free from distracting care ; 
For death is life, and labour rest, 
If Thou art with us there. 


P A T M O S. CM. 

Gregorian Chant. 








To Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost, The God whom we a - dore, 




~r^ p 





Be glo -ry 





^ — g — ^ - 

: 5£ 

was, is 

And shall be 

-s>— ■ 








-I IS— 



Ps. 112 

1 Happy is he that fears the Lord, 

And follows His commands, 
Who lends the poor without reward, 
Or gives with liberal hands. 

2 As pity dwells within his breast 

To all the sons of need ; 
So God shall answer his request 
With blessings on his seed. 

3 No evil tidings shall surprise 

His well established mind ; 

His soul to God, his refuge, flies, 

And leaves his fears behind. 

4 In times of danger and distress 

Some beams of light shall shine, 
To show the world his righteousness, 
And give him peace divine. 

5 His works of piety and love 

Remain before the Lord ; 
Honour on earth, and joys above, 
Shall be his sure reward. 




Twelfth Part. 

My God, consider my distress, 

Let mercy plead my cause ; 
Though I have sinned against Thy grace, 

I can't forget Thy laws. 

2 Forbid, forbid the sharp reproach, 
^Vhich I so justly fear ; 
Uphold my life, uphold my hopes, 
Nor let my shame appear. 

3 Be Thou a surety, Lord, for me, 

Nor let the proud oppress ; 
But make Thy waiting servant see 
The shinings of Thy face. 

4 My eyes with expectation fail ; 

My heart within me cries, 
"When will the Lord His truth fulfil, 
And bid my comforts rise?" 

5 Look down upon my sorrows, Lord, 

And show Thy grace the same ; 
Thy tender mercies still afford 
To those that love Thy name. 




Thou God of love, Thou ever blest, 

Pity my suffering state ; 
When wilt Thou set my soid at rest, 

From lips that love deceit 1 

2 Peace is the blessing that I seek, 

How lovely are its charms ! 
I am for peace j but when I speak, 
They all declare for arms. 

3 New passions still their souls engage, 

And keep then' malice strong ; 

What shall be done to curb thy rage, 

O thou devouring- tongue ! _„ **, 


4 Should burning arrows smite thee 

Strict justice would approve ; 

But I would rather spare my foe, 

And melt his heart with love. 



H. 147 TJie Excellence of the Scriptures. 

1 Laden with guilt, and full of fears, 

I fly to Thee, my Lord ; 
And not a glimpse of hope appears, 
But in Thy written word. 

2 The volume of my Father's grace 

Does all my grief assuage ; 
Here I behold my Saviour's face, 
Almost in every page. 

3 This is the field where hidden lies 

The pearl of price unknown ; 
That merchant is divinely wise 
"Who makes the pearl his own. 

4 Here consecrated water flows 

To quench my thirst of sin ; 
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, 
Nor danger dwells therein. 

5 O may Thy counsels, mighty God, 

My roving feet command ; 
Nor I forsake the happy road 
That leads to Thy right hand. 

XI. Zi.7 The Sinner's Recovery from Ruin. 

1 How sad our state by nature is ! 

Our sin, how deep it stains ! 
And Satan binds our captive minds 
Fast in his slavish chains. 

2 But there's a voice of sovereign grace 

Sounds from the sacred word ; 
" Ho ! ye despairing sinners, come, 
And trust upon the Lord." 

3 My soul obeys the almighty call, 

And runs to this relief : 
I would believe Thy promise, Lord, 
Oh! help my unbelief. 

4 To the dear fountain of Thy blood, 

Incarnate God, I fly ; 
Here let me wash my spotted soul, 
From crimes of deepest dye. 

5 Stretch out Thine arm, victorious King, 

My reigning sins subdue ; 
Drive the old dragon from his seat, 
With all his hellish crew. 

6 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, 

On Thy kind arms I fall ; 
Be Thou my strength and righteousness, 
My Jesus and my all. 

M. ZZZ "Remember Me." 

1 Jesus ! Thou art the sinner's Friend ; 

As such I look to Thee ; 
Now, in the fulness of Thy love, 

Lord, remember me. 

2 Remember Thy pure word of grace, 

Remember Calvary ; 
Remember all Thy dying groans, 
And, then, Remember me. 

3 Thou wondrous Advocate with God ! 

1 yield myself to Thee ; 

While Thou art sitting on Thy throne, 
Dear Lord! remember me. 

4 Lord ! I am guilty, I am vile, 

But Thy salvation's free ; 
Then, in Thine all-abounding grace, 
Dear Lord! remember me. 

5 And, when I close my eyes in death, 

When creature-helps all flee, 
Then, Oh! my dear Redeemer-God! 
I pray, remember me. 

JuL. ZiO Communion with God. 

1 Fathek, I stretch my hands to Thee, 

No other help I know ; 
If Thou withdraw Thyself from me, 
Ah! whither shall I go? 

2 What did Thine only Son endure, 

Before I drew my breath ! 
What pain, what labour, to secure 
My soul from endless death ! 

3 O Jesus, could I this believe, 

I now should feel Thy power ! 
Now my poor soul Thou wouldst retrieve, 
Nor let me wait one hour. 

4 Author of faith, to Thee I lift 

My weary, longing eyes ; 
Oh ! let me now receive that gift, 
My soul without it dies ! 

5 Surely Thou canst not let me die ; 

O speak, and I shall live ; 

And here I will unwearied he, 

Till Thou Thy Spirit give. 

6 The worst of sinners would rejoice, 

Could they but see Thy face ; 
Oh ! let me hear Thy quickening voice, 
And taste Thy pardoning grace. 




1. Je 

• sa-lern, my hap-py home, Name ev-er dear to me ! When shall my la 

t* _ , -1—1* — ,, v , m* 1 U — . ,, i* , i*- ^ 



*i— - -J-#l 





^S^ 11 ^* 



— -j h"V 

have an end, In joy and peace and thee? In joy and peace and 




^ , f 




: P 



7%e New Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem, my happy home, 

Name ever dear to me ! 
When shall my labours have an end, 

In joy and peace and thee ? 

2 When shall these eyes thy heaven-built 

And pearly gates behold? [walls, 

Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong, 
And streets of shining gold ? 

3 ! when, thou city of my God, 

Shall I thy coiu-ts ascend, 
Where congregations ne'er break up, 
And Sabbaths have no end ? 

4 There happier bowers than Eden's bloom, 

Nor sin nor sorrow know ; [scenes. 
Blest seats, through rude and stormy 
I onward press to you. 

5 Why should I shrink at pain and woe, 

Or feel at death dismay ? 
I've Canaan's goodly land in view, 
And realms of endless day. 

6 Apostles, martyrs, prophets there 

Around my Saviour stand ; 
And soon my friends in Christ below 
Will join the glorious band. 

7 Jerusalem, my happy home, • 

My soul still pants for thee ; 
Then shall my labours have an end, 
"When I thy joys shall see. 

TT . 669 Mother Dear, Jerusalem. 

1 Oh ! mother dear, Jerusalem, 

When shall I come to thee ? 
When shall my sorrows have an end ? 
Thy joys when shall I see ? 

2 Oh ! happy harbour of the saints ! 

Oh ! sweet and pleasant soil ! 
In thee no sorrow may be found, 
No grief, no care, no toil. 

3 No dimly cloud o'ershadows thee, 

No gloom, nor darksome night ; 
But every soul shines as the sun, 
For God Himself gives light. 

4 Thy gardens and thy gallant walks 

Continually are green, [flowers 

There grow such sweet and pleasant 
As nowhere else are seen. 

5 Quite through the streets, with silver 

The flood of Life doth flow, [sound, 
Upon whose banks, on every side, 
The wood of Life doth grow. 

6 There trees for evermore bear fruit, 

And evermore do spring ; 
There evermore the angels sit, 
And evermore do sing. 

7 Oh! mother dear, Jerusalem, 

When shall I come to thee? 
When shall my sorrows have an end ? 
Thy joys when shall I see ? 




G. N. AlLEN. 








1. Must Je - sus bear the cross 





lone, And all the world go free? 
m 1* r* — i — m\?<* ■ 



No ! there's a cross for ev' - ry one, 



And there's a cross for 

-m — m- 


:5c: - 



H. OOO Bearing the Cross: 

2 That consecrated cross I'll bear 

Till death shall set me free ; 
And then go home, my crown to wear, 

For there's a crown for me. 

_U. IiLii Joy over the Sinner that Repenteth. 

1 O ! how divine, how sweet the joy, 

"When but one sinner turns, 
And with an humble, broken heart, 
His sins and errors mourns ! 

2 Pleased with the news the saints below 

In songs their tongues employ; 
Beyond the skies the tidings go, 
And heaven is filled with joy. 

3 Well pleased, the Father sees and hears 

The conscious sinner's moan ; 
Jesus receives him in His arms, 
And claims him for His own. 

4 Nor angels can their joys contain, 

But kindle with new fire ; 
"The sinner lost is found," they sing, 
And strike the sounding lyre. 

XI. 41o Voice of Jesus. 

1 When waves of sorrow round me swell, 

My soul is not dismayed ; 
I hear a voice I know full well — 
"Tis I — be not afraid." 

2 When black the threatening clouds appear, 

And storms my path invade, 
That voice shall calm each rising fear — 
"'Tis I — be not afraid." 

3 There is a gulf that must be crossed — • 

Saviour, be near to aid ! 
Whisper, when my frail bark is tossed, 
"'Tis I — be not afraid." 

4 There is a dark and fearful vale, 

Death hides within its shade ; 

say, when flesh and heart shall fail, 
""lis I — be not afraid." 

H. 379 Call to Prayer: 

1 Approach, my soul, the mercy seat, 

Where Jesus answers prayer ; 
There humbly fall before His feet, 
For none can perish there. 

2 Thy promise is my only plea, 

With this I venture nigh ; 
Thou callest burdened souls to Thee, 
And such, O Lord, am I. 

3 Bowed down beneath a load of sin, 

By Satan sorely pressed, 
By war without, and fear within, 
I come to Thee for rest. 

4 Be Thou my shield and hiding-place, 

That, sheltered near Thy side, 

1 may my fierce accuser face, 
And tell him, "Thou hast died." 

5 O, wondrous love ! to bleed and die, 

To bear the cross and shame, 
That guilty sinners, such as I, 
Might plead Thy gracious name. 




N. D. Gould, 1832. 






There is an hour of peace-ful rest, To mourn-ing wan-d'rers given ; There is a joy for 

4—. — I 1 1 to * — la — !■ — ; 1 1 — t 1— j — . C- Pc — la — I II 1 ' >.*• — IS — I — , 1 





?^=^3 =5ii 





souls dis-trest, A balm for ev'-ry wound-ed breast, 'Tis founda-bove — in heav'n. 



pET-*— £^- 


-w- — p> — w- 





H. 696 The Rest of Heaven. 

2 There is a home for weary souls, 

By sin and sorrow driven ; 
When toss'd on life's tempestuous shoals, 
Where storms arise, and ocean rolls, 

And all is drear but heaven. 

3 There, faith lifts up her cheerful eye, 

To brighter prospects given ; 
And views the tempest passing by, 
The evening shadows quickly fly, 

And all serene in heaven. 

4 There, fragrant flowers immortal bloom, 

And joys supreme are given ; 
There, rays divine disperse the gloom — 
Beyond the confines of the tomb 

Appears the dawn of heaven. 

TT . OOO Love of Jesus. 

1 With all His sufferings full in view, 

And woes to us unknown, 
Forth to His task the Saviour flew — 
'Twas love that urged Him on. 

2 Lord, we return Thee — what we can ! 

Our hearts shall sound abroad 
Salvation to the dying man, 
And to the rising God ! 

3 And while Thy bleeding glories here 

Engage our wondering eyes ; 
We learn our fighter cross to bear, 
And hasten to the skies. 

LL. 536 Children included in the Covenant of 

1 How large the promise, how divine, 

To Abraham and his seed ! 
" I'll be a God to thee and thine, 
Supplying all their need." 

2 The words of His extensive love, 

From age to age endure ; 
The angel of the covenant proves 
And seals the blessing sure. 

3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms 

To our great father given ; 
He takes young children to His arms, 
And calls them hens of heaven. 

4 Our God ! how faithful are His ways ! 

His love endures the same ; 
Nor from the promise of His grace, 
Blots out the children's name. 

PS. 144 Finst Part. 

1 For ever blessed be the Lord, 

My Saviour and my Shield ; 
He sends His Spirit with His word, 
To arm me for the field. 

2 When sin and hell then- force unite, 

He makes my soul His care ; 
Instructs me in the heavenly fight, 
And guards me through the war. 

3 A Friend and Helper so divine 

My fainting hope shall raise ; 
He makes the glorious victory mine, 
And His shall be the praise. 



rT . 101 Christ Interceding above. 

1 Now let our cheerful eyes survey 

Our great High Priest above ; 
And celebrate His constant care, 
And sympathetic love. 

2 Though raised to a superior throne, 

Where angels bow around, 
And high o'er all the shining train, 
With matchless honours crowned ; 

3 The names of all His saints He bears, 

Deep graven on His heart ; 
Nor shaU the meanest Christian say, 
That he hath lost his part. 

4 Those characters shall fair abide 

Our everlasting trust, 
When gems, and monuments, and crowns, 
Are mouldered down to dust. 

5 So, gracious Saviour, on my breast 

May Thy dear name be worn, 
A sacred ornament and guard, 
To endless ages borne. , 

PS. 26 First Part. 

1 Examine me, and do me prove ; 

Try heart and reins, O God ; 
For Thy love is before mine eyes, 
Thy truth's paths I have trod. 

2 With persons vain I have not sat, 

Nor with dissemblers gone : 
Th' assembly of ill men I hate ; 
To sit with such I shun. 

3 Mine hands in innocence, O Lord, 

I'll wash and purify : 
So to Thine holy altar go, 
And compass it will I : 

4 That I, with voice of thanksgiving, 

May publish and declare, 
And tell of all Thy mighty works, 
That great and wondrous are. 

5 The habitation of Thy house, 

Lord, I have loved well ; 
Yea, in that place I do delight 
Where doth Thine honour dwell. 

PS. 119 Ninth Part. 

1 Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord, 
How good Thy works appear ! 
Open my eyes to read Thy word, 
And see Thy wonders there. 

2 My heart was fasliioned by Thy hand, 

My service is Thy due ; 
O ! make Thy servant understand 
The duties he must do. 

3 Since I'm a stranger here below, 

Thy path, O ! do not hide, 
But mark the road my feet should go, 
And be my constant guide. 

4 When I have learned my Father's will, 

I'll teach the world His ways ; 
My thankful lips, inspired with zeaL 
Shall sing aloud His praise. 

PS. 121 Third Part. 

1 I to the hills will lift mine eyes, 

From whence doth come mine aid, 
My safety cometh from the Lord 
Who heav'n and earth hath made. 

2 Thy foot He'll not let slide, nor will 

He slumber that thee keeps, 
Behold, He that keeps Israel, 
He slumbers not, nor sleeps. 

3 The Lord thee keeps ; the Lord thy shade 

On thy right hand doth stay ; 
The moon by night thee shall not smite, 
Nor yet the sun by day. 

4 The Lord shall keep thy soul ; He shall 

Preserve thee from all ill. 
Henceforth thy going out and in 
God keep for ever will. 

PS. 130 First Part. 

1 I wait for Thy salvation, Lord, 

With strong desires I wait ; 
My sold, invited by Thy word, 
Stands watching at Thy gate. 

2 Just as the guards that keep the night 

Long for the morning skies, 
Watch the first beams of breaking light, 
And meet them with their eyes : 

3 So waits my soul to see Thy grace ; 

And more intent than they, 
Meets the first openings of Thy grace, 
And finds a brighter day. 

4 Then in the Lord let Israel trust, 

Let Israel seek His face ; 
The Lord is good, as well as just, 
And plenteous is His grace. 



Wm, Gabdineb. 

gju=^ i=*d^ 



Let God the Fa - ther, and the Son, And Spi 




a - dored, 























Where there are works to make Him known, Or saints to love the Lord. 


— -Fi — 



PS. 119 First Part. 

1 Blest are the undefiled in heart, 

Whose ways are right and clean ; 
"Who never from Thy law depart, 
But flee from every sin. 

2 Blest are the men that keep Thy word, 

And practise Thy commands ; 
"With their whole heart they seek the Lord, 
And serve Thee with their hands. 

3 Great is their peace who love Thy law ; 

How firm then' souls abide ! 
Nor can a bold temptation draw 
Their steady feet aside. 

4 Then shall my heart have inward joy, 

And keep my face from shame, 
"When all Thy statutes I obey, 
And honour all Thy name. 

Ps. 119 Second Part. 

1 To Thee, before the dawning light, 

My gracious God, I pray ; 

I meditate Thy name by night, 

And keep Thy law by day. 

2 My spirit faints to see Thy grace ; 

Thy promise bears me up ; 
And while salvation long delays, 
Thy word supports my hope. 

3 Seven times a day I lift my hands, 

And pay my thanks to Thee ; 
Thy righteous providence demands 
Repeated praise from me. 

4 "When midnight darkness veils the skies, 
I call Thy works to mind ; 
My thoughts in warm devotion rise, 
And sweet acceptance find. 




The Converted Thief. 

As on the cross the Saviour hung, 
And wept, and bled, and died, 

He poured salvation on a wretch, 
That languished at His side. 

2 His crimes, with inward grief and shame,. 

The penitent confessed ; 
Then turned his dying eyes to Christ, 
And thus his prayer addressed : 

3 "Jesus, Thou Son and Heir of heaven, 

Thou spotless Lamb of God, 
I see Thee bathed in sweat and tears, 
And weltering in Thy blood. 

4 " Yet quickly from these scenes of woe, 

In triumph shalt Thou rise, 
Burst through the gloomy shades of death, 
And shine above the skies. 

5 "Amid the glories of that world, 

Dear Saviour, think on me, 
And in the victories of Thy death 
Let me a sharer be." 

6 His prayer the dying Jesus hears, 

And instantly replies; 
" To-day thy parting soul shall be 
W T ith Me in paradise." 



Arranged from Gippert. 




7 TT.T 

1. Lord, I es-teeni Thy judg-ments right, And all Thy sta-tutes just ; Thence I main-tain a con-stant fight 

H I 




^Efe r-K ^= 






n n 


-» — <» — a^fl^ 








With ev' - ry flatt'r-ing lust — Thence I main-tain a con-stant fight With ev' - ry flatt'r-ing lust. 

PS. 119 -Sfotft Pflsr«. 

2 Thy precepts often I survey, 

I keep Thy law in sight, 
Through ah the business of the day, 
To form my actions right. 

3 My heart in midnight silence cries, 

" How sweet Thy comforts be !" 
My thoughts in holy wonder rise, 
And bring then thanks to Thee. 

4 And when my spirit drinks her fill, 

At some good word of Thine, 
Not mighty men, that share the spoil, 
Have joys compared to mine. 

Ps. 119 Seventh Part. 

1 Let all the heathen writers join . 

To form one perfect book ; 
Great God, if once compared with Thine, 
How mean then writings look ! 

2 Not the most perfect rules they gave, 

Could show one sin forgiven, 

Nor lead a step beyond the grave ; 

But Thine conduct to heaven. 

3 I've seen an end to what we call 

Perfection here below ; 
How short the powers of natiu*e fall, 
And can no further go. 

4 Yet men would fain be just with God, 

By works then hands have wrought ; 
But Thy commands, exceeding broad, 
Extend to every thought. 

5 Our faith, and love, and every grace, 
Fall far below Thy word ; 
But perfect truth and righteousness 
Dwell only with the Lord. 

PS. 146 First Part. 

1 Oh ! happy is that man, and blest, 

"Whom Jacob's God doth aid ; 
Whose hope upon the Lord doth rest, 
And on his God is stayed : 

2 Who made the earth and heavens high, 

"Who made the swelling deep, 
And all that is within the same ; 
Who truth doth ever keep : 

3 Who righteous judgment executes 

For those oppressed that be , 
Who to the hungry giveth food ; * 
God sets the prisoners free. 

4 The Lord doth give the blind their sight, 

The bowed-down doth raise; 
The Lord doth dearly love all those 
That walk in upright ways. 

5 The stranger's shield, the widow's stay, 

The orphan's help, is He ; 
But yet by Him the wicked's way 
Turned upside down shall be. 

6 The Lord shall reign for evermore ; 

Thy God, O Zion, He 
Reigns to all generations : 
Praise to the Lord give ye. 





rm — | — i™* 






— rr-^-» 

my soul, O 

1. As pants the hart for cool-ing streams, When heat-ed in the chase ; So 

&H2X-BJ L-.^U^ gE r-h^Kf- M -rf-l-^Ft^ - Hr - Mp z 

God, for Thee, So longs my soul, O God, for Thee, And Thy re- fresh -ing grace. 



m- m 

^m r^frh -r ^ mi 

Ps. 42 

2 Foe Thee, my God, the living God, 

My thirsty soul doth pine ; 
Oh! when shall I behold Thy face, 
Thou Majesty divine? 

3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul? 

Trust God, and He'll employ 
His aid for thee, and change these sighs 
To thankful hymns of joy. 

4 "Why restless, why cast down, my soul ? 

Hope still ; and thou shalt sing 
The praise of Him who is thy God, 
Thy health's eternal spring. 

Ps. 45 

1 I'll speak the honours of my King, 

His form divinely fan ; 
None of the sons of mortal race 
May with the Lord compare. 

2 Sweet is Thy speech, and heavenly grace 

Upon Thy lips is shed ; 
Thy God with blessings infinite 
Hath crowned Thy sacred head. 

3 Gird on Thy sword, victorious Prince, 

Ride with majestic sway; 
Thy terror shall strike through Thy foes, 
And make the world obey. 

4 Thy throne, O God, for ever stands ; 

Thy word of grace shall prove 
A peaceful sceptre in Thy hands, 
To rule Thy saints by love. 

5 Justice and truth attend Thee still, 
But mercy is Thy choice ; 
And God, Thy God, Thy soul shall fill 
With most peculiar joys. 

PS. 116 Second Part. 

1 What shall I render to my God 

For all His kindness shown ? 
My feet shall visit Thine abode, 
My songs address Thy throne. 

2 Among the saints that fill Thy house, 

My offerings shall be paid ; 
There shall my zeal perform the vows 
My soul in anguish made. 

3 How much is mercy Thy delight, 

Thou ever blessed God! 
How dear Thy servants in Thy sight I. 
How precious is their blood ! 

4 How happy all Thy servants are ! 

How great Thy grace to me ! 
My life, which Thou hast made Thy care,. 
Lord, I devote to Thee. 

5 Now am I Thine, for ever Thine, 

Nor shall my purpose move ; 
Thy hand has loosed my bonds of pain, 
And bound me with Thy love.- 

6 Here in Thy courts I leave my vow,. 

And Thy rich grace record ; 
Witness, ye saints, who hear me now„ 
If I forsake the Lord- 



Ps. 110 Second Part. 

1 Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throne, 

And near Thy Father sit ; 
In Zion shall Thy power be known, 
And make Thy foes submit. 

2 "What wonders shall Thy gospel do ? 

Thy converts shall surpass 
The numerous drops of morning dew, 
And own Thy sovereign grace. 

3 Jesus our Priest for ever lives 

To plead for us above ; 
Jesus our King for ever gives 
The blessings of His love. 

4 God shall exalt His glorious head, 

And His high throne maintain, 
Shall strike the powers and princes dead 
Who dare oppose His reign. 

11. Z7i An Unseen Saviour. 

1 Jesus, these eyes have never seen 

That radiant form of Thine ; 
The veil of sense hangs dark between 
Thy blessed face and mine. 

2 I see Thee not, I hear Thee not, 

Yet art Thou oft with me ; 
And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot, 
As where I meet with Thee. 

3 Like some bright dream that comes 

When slumbers o'er me roll, [unsought, 
Thine image ever fills my thought, 
And charms my ravished soul. 

4 Yet though I have not seen, and still 

Must rest in faith alone ; 
I love Thee, dearest Lord, and will, 
Unseen, but not unknown. 

5 When death these mortal eyes shall seal, 

And still this throbbing heart, 
'The rending veil shah Thee reveal, 
All glorious as/Thou art. 

H. Zoh Love to Christ. 

1 Do not I love Thee, O my Lord? 

Behold my heart, and see ; 
And turn each hateful idol out, 
That dares to rival Thee. 

2 Do not I love Thee from my soul ? 

Then let me nothings love ; 
Dead be my heart to every joy 
Which Thou dost not approve. 

3 Hast Thou a lamb in all Thy flock 

I would disdain to feed ? 
Hast Thou a foe before whose face 
I fear Thy cause to plead? 

4 Thou knowest I love Thee, dearest Lord ? 

But Oh ! I long to soar, 
Far from the sphere of mortal joys, 
That I may love Thee more. 

H. 327 God's Will Mine. 

1 One prayer I have, all prayers in one, 

When I am wholly Thine : 
Thy will, my God, Thy will be done, 
And let that will be mine. 

2 May I remember, that to Thee 

Whate'er I have I owe ; 
And back in gratitude from me, 
May all Thy bounties flow. 

3 And though Thy wisdom takes away, 

Shall I arraign Thy will ? 
No, let me bless Thy name, and say, 
" The Lord is gracious still." 

4 A pilgrim through the earth I roam, 

Of nothing long possessed, 
And all must fail when I go home, 
For this is not my rest. 

5 AVrite but my name upon the roll, 

Of Thy redeemed above ; 
Then heart, and mind, and sti'ength, and 
I'll love Thee for Thy love. [soul, 

H. oo2 Uniting with the Church. 

1 Witness, ye men and angels, now; 

Before the Lord we speak ; 
To Him we make our solemn vow, 
A vow we dare not break : 

2 That long as hfe itself shall last, 

Ourselves to Christ we yield ; 
Nor from His cause will we depart, 
Nor ever quit the field. 

3 W T e trust not in our native strength, 

But on His grace rely, 
That, with retimiing wants, the Lord 
Will all our need supply. 

4 Lord, guide our doubtful feet aright, 

And keep us in Thy ways ; 
And, while we timi our vows to prayers, 
Turn Thou our prayers to praise. 



1. Thou art the way; to Thee a - lone From sin and death we flee ; And he who would the 




Pa-ther seek,Must seek Him, Lord, in Thee, Must seek Him,Lord,in Thee, Must seek Him, Lord, in Thee. 





H. 61 C/irist, the Way, Truth, and Life. 

1 Thou art the way ; to Thee alone 

From sin and death we flee ; 
And he who would the Father seek, 
Must seek Him, Lord, in Thee. 

2 Thou art the truth — Thy word alone 

Time wisdom can impart ; 
Thou only canst instruct the mind, 
And purify the heart. 

3 Thou art the life, — -the rending tomb 

Proclaims Thy conquering arm ; 
And those who put then- trust in Thee, 
Nor death nor hell shall harm. 

4 Thou art the way, the truth, the life ; 

Grant us to know that way, 
That truth to keep, that life to win, 
Which lead to endless day. 

Jtl. kyZ Vhrht our Hiding-Place. 

1 Thou art my hiding-place, O Lord ; 

In Thee I put my trust, 
Encouraged by Thy holy word, 
A feeble child of dust. 

2 I have no argument beside, 

I urge no other plea ; 
And 'tis enough the Saviour died, 
The Saviour died for me. 

3 And when Thine awful voice commands 

This body to decay, 
And life, in its last hng'ring sands, 
Is ebbing fast away, — 

4 Then, though it be in accents weak, 
My voice shall call on Thee, 
And ask for strength in death to speak, 
" My Saviour died for me." 


Faith in Time of Declension. 

1 When any turn from Zion's way, 

Alas ! what numbers do ! 
Methinks I hear my Saviour say, 
" Wilt thou forsake Me too ?" 

2 Ah ! Lord, with such a heart as mine, 

Unless Thou hold me fast, 
I feel I must, I shall decline, 
And prove like them at last. 

3 Yet Thou alone hast power, I know, 

To save a wretch like me ; 
To whom, or whither could I go, 
If I should turn from Thee ? 

4 Beyond a doubt, I rest assured 

Thou art the Christ of God ; 
Who hast eternal life secured, 
By promise and by blood. 

5 No voice but Thine can give me rest, 

And bid my fears depart ; 
No love but Thine can make me blest, 
And satisfy my heart. 

6 What anguish has this question stirred, 

" And wilt Thou also go ?" 
Bear Lord, relying on Thy word, 
I humbly answer, " No !" 



H. 316 A Thankful Heart. 

1 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss, 

Thy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at Thy throne of grace, 
Let this petition rise : 

2 Give me a calm, a thankful heart, 

From every murmur free ; 
The blessings of Thy grace impart, 
And make me hve to Thee. 

3 Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine, 

My life and death attend ; 
Thy presence through my journey shine, 
And crown my journey's end. 

XI . 404 Looking to God in Trouble. 

1 Dear Refuge of my weary soul, 

On Thee, when sorrows rise, 
On Thee, when waves of trouble roll, 
My faulting hope relies. 

2 To Thee I tell each rising grief, 

For Thou alone caust heal ; 
Thy word can bring a sweet relief 
For every pain I feel. 

3 But O ! when gloomy doubts prevail, 

I fear to call Thee mine ; 
The springs of comfort seem to fail, 
And all my hopes decline. 

4 Yet, gracious God, where shall I flee? 

Thou art my only trust : 
And still my soul Avould cleave to Thee, 
Though prostrate in the dust. 

5 Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face ? 

And shall I seek in vain? 
And can the ear of sovereign grace 
Be deaf when I complain "'. 

6 No, still the ear of sovereign grace 

Attends the mourner's prayer ; 
O ! may I ever find access, 
To breathe my sorrows there. 

7 Thy mercy seat is open still, 

Here let my soul retreat ; 
"With humble hope attend Thy will, 
And wait beneath Thy feet. 

XI. 40 O Spiritual Declension Lamented. 

1 Sweet was the time when first I felt 
The Saviour's pardoning blood, 
Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt, 
And bring- me home to God. 

2 Soon as the morn the light revealed, 

His praises tuned my tongue ; 
And when the evening shades prevailed, 
His love was all my song. 

3 In prayer my soul drew near the Lord, 

And saw His glory shine ; 
And when I read His holy word, 
I called each promise mine. 

4 But now, when evening shade prevails, 

My soul in darkness mourns ; 
And when the morn the light reveals, 
No light to me returns. 

5 Rise, Lord, and help me to prevail, 

O ! make my soul Thy care ; 
I know Thy mercy cannot fail, 
Let me that mercy share. 

Ps. 70 

1 In haste, O God, attend my call, 

Nor hear my cries in vain ; 
O let Thy speed prevent my fall, 
And still my hope sustain. 

2 Let all that love Thy name rejoice, 

And glory in Thy word ; 
In Thy salvation raise their voice, 
And magnify the Lord. 

3 O Thou, my help in time of need, 

Behold my sore dismay ; 
In pity hasten to my aid, 
Nor let Thy grace delay. 

Ps. 129 

1 Up from my youth, may Israel say, 

Have I been nursed in tears ; 
My griefs were constant as the day, 
And tedious as the years. 

2 Up from my youth I bore the rage, 

Of all the sons of strife ; 
Oft they assailed my riper age, 
But God preserved my life. 

3 The Lord in anger, on His throne, 

"With an impartial eye, 
Measured the mischiefs they had done, 
Then let His arrows fly. 

4 Thus shall the men that hate the saints 

Be blasted from the sky ; 
Their glory fades, their courage faints, 
And all their prospects die. 




%-z% — Pj=^aj: 





1. How love - ly 

Thy dwell - ing place, Lord of hosts, to me! 

T J . . ...a m T . J. J 




g : 

The ta - ber - na - cles of Thy grace, How plea - sant, Lord, they be ! 





Ps. 84 7?wtt Pari. 

2 For in Thy courts one day excels 

A thousand ; rather in 
My God's house will I keep a door, 
Than dwell in tents of sin. 

3 For God the Lord's a sun and shield ; 

He'll grace and glory give ; 
And will withhold no good from them 
That uprightly do live. 

4 Thou that art the Lord of hosts, 

That man is truly blest, 

Who, by assured confidence, 

On Thee alone doth rest. 

PS. 91 First Part. 

1 He that doth in the secret place 

Of the Most High reside, 
Under the shade of Him that is 
The Almighty shall abide. 

2 I of the Lord my God will say, 

He is my refuge still, 
He is my fortress, and my God, 
And in Him trust I will. 

3 Thou shalt not need to be afraid 

For terrors of the night ; 
Nor for the arrow that doth fly 
By day, while it is light ; 

4 Nor for the pestilence, that walks 

In darkness secretly ; 
Nor for destruction, that doth waste 
At noon-day openly. 

5 A thousand at thy side shall fall, 

On thy right hand shall He 
Ten thousand dead ; yet unto thee 
It shall not once come nigh. 

6 Only thou with thine eyes shalt look 

And a beholder be ; 
And thou therein the just reward 
Of wicked men shalt see. 

Ps. 107 

1 How are Thy servants blest, O Lord ; 

How sure is their defence ! 

Eternal wisdom is their guide ; 

Their help, — omnipotence. 

2 When by the dreadful tempest borne 

High on the broken wave, 
They know Thou art not slow to hear, 
Nor impotent to save. 

3 The storm is laid, the winds retire, 

Obedient to Thy will ; 
The sea, that roars at Thy command, 
At Thy command is still. 

4 In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths, 

Thy goodness we'll adore ; 
We'll praise Thee for Thy mercies past. 
And humbly hope for more. 

5 Our life, while Thou preserv'st that life, 

Thy sacrifice shall be; 
And death, when death shall be our lot, 
Shall join our souls to Thee. 




Wu. B. Beadbuey, 1840. 






-S?— SJ— ■ 

1. Not all the out- ward forms on earth, Nor rites that God has 




-- T: r- T - 














Nor will of man, nor blood, nor birth, Can raise a soul to heaven. 


i I I 

Ji. ZZo Regeneration by the Spirit. 

2 The sovereign will of God alone 

Creates us heirs of grace : 
Born in the image of His Son, 
A new, peculiar race. 

3 The Spirit, lite some heavenly wind, 

Blows on the sons of flesh ; 

New models all the carnal mind, 

And forms the man afresh. 

4 Our quickened souls awake and rise 

From the long sleep of death ; 

On heavenly things we fix our eyes, 

And praise employs our breath. 

Ji. .24:9 Blessedness of the Righteous. 

1 There is a safe and secret place 

Beneath the wings divine, 
Keserved for all the heirs of grace ; 
Oh ! be that refuge mine ! 

2 The least and feeblest there may bide, 

Uninjured and unawed ; 
While thousands fall on every side, 
He rests secure in God. 

3 He feeds in pastures large and fair, 

Of love and truth divine ; 
O child of God, O glory's heir, 
How rich a lot is thine ! 

4 A hand almighty to defend, 

An ear for every call, 
An honoured life, a peaceful end, 
And heaven to crown it all. 

! I 

Ji. Zbo Sustaining Faith. 

1 'Tis faith supports my feeble soul, 

In times of deep distress ; 
When storms arise and billows roll, 
Great God, I trust Thy grace. 

2 Thy powerful arm still bears me up,. 

Whatever griefs befall ; 
Thou art my life, my joy, my hope, 
And Thou my all in all. 

3 Bereft of friends, beset with foes, 

With dangers all around, 
To Thee I all my fears disclose, 
In Thee my help is found. 

4 In every want, in every strait, 

To Thee alone I fly; 
When other comforters depart, 
Thou art for ever nigh. 

Ji. OoO Prayer for Reviving. 

1 Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart, 

Inspire each lifeless tongue ; 

And let the joys of heaven impart 

Their influence to our song. 

2 Come, Lord, Thy love alone can raise 

In us the heavenly flame ; 
Then shall our lips resound Thy praise, 
Our hearts adore Thy name. 

3 Dear Saviour, let Thy glory shine, 

And fill Thy dwellings here, 
Till hfe, and love, and joy divine, 
A heaven on earth appear. 















' to rJ " 


1. Mor - tals, a - wake, with an - gels join, And chant the sol - emn lay ; 
















Joy, love, and gra - ti - tude com - bine To hail th' aus - pi - cious day.' 






- *-*- 





H. 73 5ow0 o/ Angels at the Nativity of Christ. 

1 Mortals, awake, with augels join, 

And chant the solemn lay ; 
Joy, love, and gratitude combine 
To hail the auspicious day. 

2 In heaven the rapturous song began, 

And sweet seraphic fire 
Through all the shining legions ran, 
And strung and tuned the lyre. 

3 Down through the portals of the sky 

The impetuous torrent ran ; 
And angels flew with eager joy, 
To bear the news to man. 

4 Hark! the cherubic armies shout, 

And glory leads the song : 
Good will and peace are heard throughout 
The harmonious, angel throng. 

-5 O! for a glance of heavenly love, 
Our hearts and songs to raise ; 
Sweetly to bear our souls above, 
And mingle with their lays. 

6 With joy the chorus we'll repeat, 
" Glory to God on high ; 
Good will and peace are now complete, 
Jesus was born to die." 

n . 2iOO Spirit of Adoption. 

1 Sovereign of all the worlds on high, 

Allow my humble claim ; [heads, 

Nor while poor worms would raise their 
Disdain a Father's name. 

2 Our Father God! how sweet the sound! 

How tender and how dear ! 
Not all the melody of heaven, 
Could so delight the ear. 

3 Come, sacred Spirit, seal Thy name 

On my expanding heart ; 
And show, that in Jehovah's grace 
I share a filial part. 

4 Cheered by a signal so divine, 

Unwavering I believe ; 
Thou knowest I, Abba, Father, cry, 
Nor can Thy word deceive. 

n . 439 An Evening Song. 

1 Now from the altar of our hearts 

Let flames of love arise ; 
Assist us, Lord, to offer up 
Our evening sacrifice. 

2 Minutes and mercies multiplied 

Have made up all this day ; 
Minutes came quick, but mercies were 
More swift and free than they. 

3 New time, new favour, and new joys, 

Do a new song require ; 
Till we shall praise Thee as we would, 
Accept our heart's desire. 

4 Lord of our days whose hand hath set 

New time upon our score ; 
Thee may we praise for all our time, 
"When time shall be no more. 



H. 83 The Lamb of God. 

1 Sinners, behold the Lamb of God 

Who takes away our guilt ; 
Look to the precious, priceless blood, 
That Jews and Gentiles spilt. 

2 From heaven He came to seek and save, 

Leaving His blest abode ; 
To ransom us Himself He gave ; 
"Behold the Lamb of God." 

3 He came to take the sinner's place, 

And shed His precious blood ; 
Let Adam's guilty, rained race, 
"Behold the Lamb of God." 

4 Sinners, to Jesus then draw near, 

Invited by His word ; 
The chief of sinners need not fear; 
"Behold the Lamb of God." 

5 Backsliders, too, the Saviour calls, 

And washes in His blood ; 
Arise, return from grievous falls ; 
"Behold the Lamb of God." 

6 Spirit of grace, to us apply 

Immanuel's precious blood ; 
That we may, with Thy saints on high, 
"Behold the Lamb of God." 

tL. 497 Lord's Day Evening. 

1 Frequent the day of God returns, 

To shed its quickening beams; 
And yet how slow devotion burns ; 
How languid are its flames ! 

2 Accept our faint attempts to love ; 

Our frailties, Lord, forgive ; 
"We would be like Thy saints above, 
And praise Thee while we live. 

3 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope, 

And fit us to ascend, 
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up, 
The Sabbaths ne'er shall end. 

4 Where we shall breathe in heavenly air, 

With heavenly lustre shine ; 
Before the throne of God appear, 
And feast on love divine. 

Ji. DOJi " Tliere Remaineth a Rest." 

1 Come, let us join with one accord 
In hymns around the throne ; 
This is the day our rising Lord 
Hath made, and called His own. 

2 This is the day that God hath blessed, 

The brightest of the seven, 
Type of that everlasting rest 
The saints enjoy in heaven. 

3 Then let us in His name sing on, 

And hasten to that day 
When our Redeemer shall come down, 
And shadows pass away. 

4 Not one, but all our days below, 

Let us in hymns employ ? 
And in our Lord rejoicing, go 
To His eternal joy. 

XX. OlO Christian Liberality. 

1 Rich are the joys that cannot die, 

With God laid up in store ; 
Treasures beyond the changing sky, 
Brighter than golden ore. 

2 The seeds which piety and love 

Have scattered here below, 
In the fan - , fertile fields above, 
To ample harvests grow. 

3 The mite my willing hands can give, 

At Jesus' feet I lay ; 
Grace shall the humble gift receive, 
Abounding grace repay. 

Ps. 109 

1 God of my mercy and my praise, 

Thy glory is my song ; 
Though sinners speak against Thy grace 
With a blaspheming tongue. 

2 When in the form of mortal man, 

Thy Son on earth was found ; 

With cruel slanders, false and vain, 

They compassed Him around. 

3 Their miseries His compassion move, 

Their peace He still pursued ; 
They render hatred for His love, 
And evil for His good. 

4 Their malice raged without a cause, 

Yet with His dying breath 
He prayed for murderers on His cross, 
And blessed His foes in death. 

5 Lord, shall Thy bright example shine 

In vain before my eyes ? 
Give me a soul akin to thine, 
To love mine enemies. 

6 The Lord shall on my side engage, 

And in my Saviour's name 
I shall defeat their pride and rage, 
Who slander and condemn. 



G. F. Handel, 1685-1759. 


1. Once more, my soul, the ris - ing day Sa - lutes thy wak - ing eyes ; Once more, my 




voice, Thy tri - bute pay To Him that rules the skies — To Him that rules the skies. 




TT . "iOO Morning Hymn. 

2 Night unto night His name repeats, 

The day renews the sound, 
Wide as the heaven on -which He sits, 
To turn the seasons round. 

3 'Tis He supports my mortal frame ; 

My tongue shall speak His praise ; 
My sins would rouse His wrath to flame, 
And yet His wrath delays. 

4 On a poor worm Thy power might tread, 

And I could ne'er withstand ; 
Thy justice might have crushed me dead, 
But mercy held Thy hand. 

5 How many wretched souls are fled 

Since the last setting sun ; 
And yet Thou lengthenest out my thread, 
And yet my moments run. 

6 Great God, let all my hours be Thine, 

Whilst I enjoy the light ; 
Then shall my sun in smiles decline, 
And bring a pleasant night. 

rl . 5Z4- Children Devoted to God. 

1 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord, 

"I'll be a God to thee! 
" I'll bless thy numerous race, and they 
Shall be a seed for Me." 

2 Abraham beheved the promised grace, 

And gave his son to God ; 
But water seals the blessing now, 
That once was sealed with blood. 

3 Thus later saints, eternal King, 
Thine ancient truths embrace ; 
To Thee then infant offspring bring, 
And humbly claim Thy grace. 

-U. (579 Contemplation of Heaven. 1 

1 Raise thee, my soul, fly up and run 

Through every heavenly street, 
And say, there's nought below the sun 
That's worthy of thy feet. 

2 There, on a high majestic throne, 

The almighty Father reigns, 
And sheds His glorious goodness down 
On all the blissful plains. 

3 Bright like the sun, the Saviour sits, 

And spreads eternal noon ; 
No evenings there, nor gloomy nights, 
To want the feeble moon. 

4 Amidst those ever shining skies, 

Behold the sacred Dove, 
While banished sin and sorrow flies 
From all the realms of love. 

5 The glorious tenants of the place 

Stand bending round the throne ; 
And saints and seraphs sing and praise 
The i nfini te Three-One. 

6 Jesus ! O when shall that blest day, 

That joyful hour appear, 
When I shall leave this house of clay, 
To dwell amongst them there. 





Daniel Read, 1785. 




*— -*>- 


1. While shep-herds watch'd their flocks by night, All 



seat - ed on the ground, The 

^ * — m — m I c? 

-l« « 1_ n- — I — c— 









The an - gel of the Lord came down, and glo - - - - ry shone a-round, And 
The an - gel of the Lord came down, And glo - - - ry 

The an-gel of the Lord came down, And 
an -gel of the Lord came down, And glo -- ry shone a-round, And 

M: jL 

-m — * — 1«— 4t- 







-\ I I [ 

~J 0> : 

t=r=2 o?-& 



glo - - - ry shone a-round, The 

shone a-round, And glo -- ry 

an-gel of the Lord came down, And 
shone a-round,- - The - - an-gel 



ry shone a-round, And glo - - - ry shone a-round, ----- The 
- - ry_ - - shone a - round, ... The an - gel of the 






-r-r- =£- 


-\ i j j- 

« — « — » — «-< 










glo ry shone a-round, 

of the Lord came down, And glo- 

an - gel of the Lord came down, 
Lord came down, And glo - - - - 


r y 

And glo 
ry shone 

glo - ry 


a - round, 

z ~ <*— s 

ry -shone a - round, 
a - round. - - - 


H. 68 Nativity of Christ. 

2 "Fear not," said he, for mighty dread 

Had seized their troubled mind ; 
" Glad tidings of great joy I bring 
To you and all mankind. 

3 "To you, in David's town, this day, 

Is bom of David's line, 
. The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord ; 
And this shall be the sign : 

4 "The heavenly Babe you there shall 

To human view displayed, [find, 

All meanly wrapped in swaddling bands, 
And in a manger laid." 

5 Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith 

Appeared a shining throng 
Of angels praising God, who thus 
Addressed their joyful song: 

6 " All glory be to God on high, 

And to the earth be peace ; 
Good will, henceforth, from heaven to 
Begin and never cease." [men, 



1. O! that 








se - cret place, Where I might 



my God ! 




= P 

















I'd spread my wants be - fore His face, 






: F 


And pour my woes a - broad 


H. 319 In Distress Pleading with God. 

2 I'd tell Him how my sins arise, 

What sorrows I sustain ; 
How grace decays, and comfort dies, 
And leaves my heart in pain, 

3 He knows what arguments I'd take 

To wrestle with my God ; 
I'd plead for His own mercy's sake, 
And for my Saviour's blood. 

4 My God will pity my complaints, 

And heal my broken bones ; 
He takes the meaning of His saints, 
The language of then groans. 

5 Arise, my soul, from deep distress, 

And banish every fear ; 
He calls thee to His throne of grace, 
To spread thy sorrows there. 

H. 344: Renunciation of the World. 

1 How vain are all things here below ! 

How false and yet how fair ! 
Each pleasure has its poison too, 
And every sweet a snare. 

2 The brightest things below the sky 

Give but a flattering light ; 
We should suspect some danger nigh, 
Where we possess delight. 

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends, 

The partners of our blood, 
How they divide our wavering minds, 
And leave but half for God ! 







4 The fondness of a creature's love, 
How strong it strikes the sense ! 
Thither the warm affections move, 
Nor can we call them thence. 

4 Dear Saviour, let Thy beauties be 
My soul's eternal food ; 
And grace command my heart away 
From all created good. 

H. 399 Repentance for Backdidings. 

1 O thou, whose tender mercy hears 

Contrition's humble sigh ; 
Whose hand indulgent wipes the tears 
From sorrow's weeping eye. 

2 See, low before Thy throne of grace, 

A wretched wanderer mourn ; 
Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face ? 
Hast Thou not said — return? 

3 And shall my guilty fears prevail 

To drive me from Thy feet? 
O ! let not this dear refuge fail, 
This only safe retreat. 

4 Absent from Thee, my Guide, my Light, 

Without one cheering ray ; 
Thro' dangers, fears, and gloomy night,. 
How desolate my way ! 

4 ! shine on this benighted heart, 
With beams of mercy shine ! 
And let Thy healing voice impart 
A taste of joys divine. 



IT . 322 Christ's Presence Desired. 

1 Oh ! could I find, from day to day, 

A nearness to my God ! 
Then should my hours ghde sweet away 
While leaning on His word. 

2 Lord, I desire with Thee to five 

Anew from day to day; 
In joys the world can never give, 
Nor ever take away. 

3 Blest Jesus, come, and rule my heart, 

And make me wholly Thine, 
That I may never more depart, 
Nor grieve Thy love divine. 

4 Thus, till my last expiring breath, 

Thy goodness I'll adore ; 
And when my frame dissolves in death, 
My soul shall love Thee more. 

H. 325 " Thy will be Done." 

1 How sweet to be allowed to pray 

To God, the Holy One, 
With filial love and trust to say, 
" O God, Thy will be done." 

2 Here in these sacred words we find 

A cure for every ill ; 
They calm and soothe the troubled mind, 
And bid aU care be still. 

3 Oh ! could my heart thus ever pray, 

Thus imitate Thy Son ! 
Teach me, O God, with truth to say, 
"Thy will, not mine, be done." 

id. 417 Remember Me. 

1 O thou, from whom all goodness flows, 

I lift my heart to Thee ; 
In all my trials, conflicts, woes, 
• Dear Lord, Remember me. 

2 When groaning, on my burdened heart 

My sins he heavily, 
My pardon speak, new peace impart, 
In love, remember me. 

3 If on my face, for Thy dear name, 

Shame and reproaches be ; 
I'll hail reproach, and welcome shame, 
If Thou remember me. 

4 The hour is near — consigned to death, 

I own the just decree ; 
Saviour, with my last parting breath, 
I'll cry — Remember me. 

Jul. bib Man's Frailty and God's Goodness. 

1 Our life is ever on the wing, 

And death is ever nigh ; 
The moment when our hves begin, 
We all begin to die. 

2 Yet, mighty God, our fleeting days 

Thy lasting favours share ; 
Yet, with the bounties of Thy grace, 
Thou load'st the rolling year. 

3 'Tis sovereign mercy finds us food, 

And we are clothed with love ; 
While grace stands pointing out the road 
That leads our souls above. 

4 His goodness runs an endless round ; 

All. glory to the Lord ! 
His mercy never knows a bound ; 
And be His name adored. 

5 Thus we begin the lasting song ; 

And when we close our eyes, 
Let future ages praise prolong, 
Till time and nature dies. 

JA. bol Preparation for Death. 

1 He is a God of sovereign love, 

Who promised heaven to me, 
And taught my thoughts to soar above, 
Where happy spirits be. 

2 Prepare me, Lord, for Thy right hand ; 

Then come the joyful day ; 
Come death, and some celestial band, 
To bear my soul away. 

H. biO The Peace and Repose of Heameni 

1 There is an hour of hallowed peace 

For those with cares oppressed, 
When sighs and sorrowing tears shall 
And all be hushed to rest. [cease, 

2 'Tis then the soul is freed from fears 

And doubts, which here annoy ; 
Then they, who oft have sown in tears, 
Shall reap again in joy. 

3 There is a home of sweet repose, 

Where storms assail no more ; 
The stream of endless pleasure flows, 
On that celestial shore. 

4 There, purity with love appears, 

And bliss without alloy ; 
There, they who oft had sown in tears, 
Shall reap again in joy. 



Arranged by Dr. L. Mason. 


-al d 



1. I'm not a-shamed to own my Lord, 



m — p — £* 

-^~— ^ <=- 

to de - fend His 

T » 









: * — s^— J : 



g— J— ^=^= 




Main - tain the hon - our of His word, The glo - ry of His cross. 


^ ^^^^ jg^jig 





H. OOO Not Ashamed of Christ. 

1 I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, 

Nor to defend His cause, 
Maintain the honour of His word, 
The glory of His cross. 

2 Jesus, my God, I know His name, 

His name is all my trust ; . 
Nor will He put my soul to shame, 
Nor let my hope be lost. 

3 Firm as His throne His promise stands, 

And He can well secure, 
What I've committed to His hands, 
Till the decisive hour. 

4 Then will He own my worthless name, 

Before His Father's face, 

And in the New Jerusalem, 

Appoint my soul a place. 

H. 643 Funeral Hymn. 

1 Beneath our feet and o'er our head, 

Is equal warning given ; 
Beneath us lie the countless dead, 
Above us is the heaven. 

2 Their names are graven on the stone, 

Their bones are in the clay ; 
And ere another day is gone, 
Ourselves may be as they. 

3 Death rides on every passing breeze, 

And lurks in every flower ; 
Each season has its own disease, 
Its peril every hour. 

4 Turn, mortal, turn, thy soul apply 
To truths divinely given ; 
The bones which underneath thee He, 
Shall live for hell or heaven. 

H. 647 Death of a Young Child. 

1 Alas ! how changed that lovely flower, 

Which bloomed and cheered my heart ; 
Fair, fleeting comfort of an hour, 
How soon we're called to jsart ! 

2 And shall my bleeding heart arraign 

That God, whose ways are love ? 
Or vainly cherish anxious pain 
For her who rests above ? 

3 No ! let me rather humbly pay 

Obedience to His will, 
And with my inmost spirit say, 
"The Lord is righteous still." 

4 From adverse blasts and lowering storms, 

Her favoured soul He bore ; 
And with yon bright, angelic forms, 
She lives, to die no more, 

5 Why should I vex my heart, or fast ? 

No more shell visit me ; 
My soul will mount to her at last, 
And there my child I'll see. 

6 Prepare me, blessed Lord, to share 

The bliss Thy people prove ; 
Who round Thy glorious throne appear, 
And dwell in perfect love. 




look on things be - low, 

r-—m—<0 — hm 

1. When in the light of faith di - vine We 


-I — 










•I iS — 


Hon - our, and gold and sen - sual joy, How vain and dan - gerons too ! 

Pggt g-g-ff 






I 1- 

= F 

H. 347 The World's Three Chief Temptations. 

1 When in the light of faith divine 

We look on things below, 
Honour, and gold, and sensual joy, 
How void and dangerous too ! 

2 Honour's a puff of noisy breath ; 

Yet men expose then blood, 
And venture everlasting death, 
To gain that airy good. 

3 Whilst others starve the nobler mind, 

And feed on shining dust, 
They rob the serpent of his food, 
To indulge a sordid lust. 

4 The pleasures that allure our sense, 

Are dangerous snares to souls ; 
There's but a drop of nattering sweet, 
And dashed with bitter bowls. 

5 God is my all-sufficient good, 

My portion and my choice ; 
In Him my vast desires are filled, 
And all my powers rejoice. 

6 In vain the world accosts my ear, 

And tempts my heart anew ; 
I cannot buy your bliss so dear, 
Nor part with heaven for you. 

-H. o7fc> Lord's Prayer. 

1 Oue Father, God, who art in heaven, 
All hallowed be Thy name ! 
Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done, 
In earth and heaven the same ! 

2 Give us, this day, our daily bread ; 

And, as we those forgive 
Who sin against us, so may we 
Forgiving grace receive. 

3 Into temptation lead us not ; 

From evil set us free, 
And Thine the kingdom, Thine the power 
And glory, ever be. 

Exhortation to Praise. 


1 Come, happy souls, approach your God 

With new melodious songs ; 

Come, render to almighty grace, 

The tribute of your tongues. 

2 So strange, so boundless was the love 

That pitied dying men, 
The Father sent His equal Son 
To give them life again. 

3 Thy hands, dear Jesus, were not armed 

With a revenging rod, 
No hard commission to perform, 
The vengeance of a God. 

4 But all was mercy, all was mild, 

And wrath forsook the throne, 
When Christ on the kind errand came, 
And brought salvation down. 

5 Here, sinners, you may heal your wounds, 

And wipe your sorrows dry ; 
Trust in the mighty Saviour's name, 
And you shall never die. 














-25>- -*" 


-g^ ^ P 


1. J To God be glo-ry, peace on earth, To all man-kind good mil ; ) 

(We bless, we praise, -we wor-ship Thee, And - j glo - ri - fy Thee still ; 


— I — — >- 








-2=*— Wl—&— Wt 


(And thanks for Thy great glo - ry give, That fills our souls with light ;\ 

\ Lord, our heav'n-ly King, the God, And -------- j Fa-ther of all might. 


&=?c&=$=&z=$e=z±i ! A 



— - - -a • — m~^ — i — 






SI. L2b Praise to the Trinity. 

1 To God be glory, peace on earth, 

To all mankind good will ; 
We bless, we praise, we worship Thee, 

And glorify Thee still ; 
And thanks for Thy great glory give, 

That fills our souls with light ; 
O Lord, our heavenly King, the God, 

And Father of all might ! 

2 And Thou, begotten Son of God, 

Before all time begiin, 
O Jesus Christ, Thou Lamb of God, 

The Father's only Son ; 
Thou who the sins of all the world 

Dost fully take away, 
Have mercy, Saviour of mankind, 

And hear us when we pray! 

3 O Thou who art at God's right hand, 

Upon the Father's throne, 
Have mercy on us, Thou O Christ, 

Who art the Holy One ! 
Thou, only, with the Holy Ghost, 

Whom earth and heaven adore, 
III glory of the Father art, 

Most high for evermore ! 


The Penitent. 

Prostrate, dear Jesus, at Thy feet, 

A guilty rebel lies ; 
And upwards to Thy mercy seat, 

Presumes to lift his eyes. 

2 H tears of sorrow would suffice 

To pay the debt I owe, 
Tears should from both my weeping eyes 
In ceaseless torrents flow. 

3 But no such sacrifice I plead 

To expiate my guilt ; 
No tears but those which Thou hast shed, 
No blood, but Thou hast spilt. 

4 Think of Thy sorrows, dearest Lord, 

And all my sins forgive : 
Justice will well approve the word 
That bids the sinner live. 

Jj. . 44:0 Children's Evening Hymn. 

1 Now condescend, almighty King, 

To bless this little throng ; 
And kindly listen while we sing 

Our pleasant evening song. 
Brothers and sisters, hand-in-hand, 

Our lips together move : 
Oh ! smile upon this little band ; 

Unite our hearts in love. 

2 May we in safety sleep to-night, 

From every danger free ; 
For, Lord, the darkness and the light 

Are both alike to Thee. 
And when the rising sun displays 

His cheering beams abroad, 
Then may our grateful morning lays 

Declare the love of God. 





-s m- 


1. With rev'-renee let the saints ap - pear, And bow be - fore the Lord; 


















s r 


His high corn - mands de - vout - ly hear, And trem - ble at His word. 

: r->^ ^ - 





PS. 89 2%-a* Part. 

2 How terrible Thy glories rise ! 

How bright Thine armies shine ! 
Where is the power with Thee that vies, 
Or truth compared with Thine ! 

3 The northern pole and southern, rest 

On Thy supporting hand ; 
Darkness and day, from east to west, 
Move round at Thy command. 

4 Thy words the raging winds control, 

And rule the boisterous deep ; 
Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll, 
The rolling billows sleep. 

5 Justice and judgment are Thy throne, 

Yet wondrous is Thy grace ; 
"While truth and mercy, joined in one, 
Invite us near Thy face. 

.EL. ODO Prayer for the Divine Presence. 

1 Permit me, Lord, to seek Thy face, 

Obedient to Thy call ; 
To seek the presence of Thy grace. 
My Strength, my Life, my All. 

2 All I can wish is Thine to give ; 

My God, I ask Thy love, 
That greatest bliss I can receive, 
That bliss of heaven above. 

3 To heaven my restless heart aspires ; 

O for a quickening ray, 
To wake and warm my faint desires, 
.And cheer the tiresome way. 

4 The path to Thy divine abode, 

Through a wild desert hes ; 
A thousand snares beset the road, 
A thousand terrors rise. 

5 Satan and sin unite their art, 

To keep me from my Lord ; 
Dear Saviour, guard my trembling heart, 
And guide me by Thy word. 

6 My Guardian, my almighty Friend, 

On Thee my soul would rest ; . 
On Thee alone my hopes depend, 
Be near, and I am blest. 


Access to God. 

We find access at every hour 

To God within the veil ; 
Hence we derive a quickening power, 

And joys that never fail. 

2 O happy souls, O glorious state 

Of overflowing grace ; 
To dwell so near our Father's seat, 
And see His lovely face. 

3 Lord, I address Thy heavenly throne, 

Call me a child of Thine ; 
Send down the Spirit of Thy Son, 
To form my heart divine. 

4 There shed Thy choicest love abroad, 

And make my comforts strong ; 
Then shall I say, "My Father, God," 
With an unwavering tongue, 













1. My God, the spring of all my joys, The life of my de-lights, The glo-ry of my 













= FfFp 

The glo - ry of my bright -est days, And com - fort of my nights. 


^ FfHT^p ^ 

= :JE=: P— WT 


Confident Hope. 

1 My God, the spring of all my joys, 

The life of my delights, 
The glory of my brightest days, 
And comfort of my nights ! 

2 In darkest shades if He appear, 

My dawning is begun ; 
He is my soul's bright morning star, 
And He my rising sun. 

3 The opening heavens around me shine 

With beams of sacred bliss, 
While Jesus shows His heart is mine, 
And whispers, I am His. 

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay, 

At that transporting word, 
Run up with joy the shining way, 
To embrace my dearest Lord. 

5 Fearless of hell and ghastly death, 

I'd break through every foe ; 
The wings of love and arms of faith, 
Should bear me conqueror through. 

U. D.77 Seeking God. 

1 Author of good ! to Thee we turn ; 

Thine ever-wakeful eye 
Alone can all our wants discern, 
Thy hand alone supply. 

2 Oh ! let Thy love within us dwell, 

Thy fear our footsteps guide ; 
That love shall vainer loves expel, 
That fear, all fears beside. 

3 Not what we wish, but what we want, 
Let mercy still supply ; 
The good we ask not, Father ! grant ; 
The ill we ask, deny. 

H. 509 The New Year. 

1 God of our life, Thy various praise 

Let mortal voices sound ; 
Thy hand revolves our fleeting days, 
And brings the seasons round. 

2 To Thee shall annual incense rise, 

Our Father and our Friend ; 
While annual mercies from the skies 
In genial showers descend. 

3 In every scene of life, Thy care, 

In every age we see ; 
And constant as Thy favours are, 
So let our praises be. 

4 Still may Thy love in every scene, 

To every age appear ; 
And let the same compassion deign 
To bless the opening year. 

5 O ! keep this foohsh heart of mine 

From anxious passions free, 
Teach me each comfort to resign, 
And trust my all to Thee. 

6 If mercy smile, let mercy bring 

My wandering soul to God ; 
And in affliction I shall sing, 
If Thou wilt bless the rod. 



H. 516 Love to our Neighbour. 

1 Father of mercies, send Thy grace, 

All-powerful from above, 
To form, in our obedient souls, 
The image of Thy love. 

2 Oh ! may our sympathizing breasts 

That generous pleasure know, 
Kindly to share in others' joy, 
And weep for others' woe. 

3 So Jesus looked on dying me>, 

"When throned above the skies ; 
And mid th' embraces of Thy love, 
He felt compassion rise. 

4 On wings of love the Saviour flew, 

To raise us from the ground ; 
And gave His own most precious blood, 
A balm for every wound. 

M. 562 Glory and Safety of the Church. 

1 Daughter of Zion, from the dust 

Exalt thy fallen head ; 
Again in thy Redeemer trust, 
He calls thee from the dead. 

2 Awake, awake, put on thy strength, 

Thy beautiful array ; 
The day of freedom dawns at length, 
The Lord's appointed day. 

3 They come, they come ; thine exiled 

Where'er they rest or roam, [bands, 
Have heard thy voice in distant lands, 
And hasten to their home. 

4 Thus, though the universe shall burn, 

And God His works destroy, 
With songs thy ransomed shall return, 
And everlasting joy. 

H. 094 Prayer for the Spread of the Gospel. 

1 Great God, the nations of the earth 

Are by creation Thine ; 
And in Thy works, by all beheld, 
Thy radiant glories shine. 

2 But, Lord, Thy greater love has sent 

Thy gospel to mankind ; 
Unveiling what rich stores of grace 
Are treasured in Thy mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings 

The spacious earth around, [spread 

Till every tribe, and every soul, 
Shall hear the joyful sound ? 

4 Smile, Lord, on each sincere attempt 
To spread the gospel's rays, 
And build on sin's demolished throne 
The temple of Thy praise. 

11. 686 The Christian Longing for Heaven. 

1 Father, I long, I faint to see 

The place of Thine abode ; 
I'd leave Thine earthly courts, and flee 
Up to Thy seat, my God. 

2 I'd part with all the joys of sense, 

To gaze upon Thy throne ; 
Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence, 
Unspeakable, unknown. 

3 There all the heavenly hosts are seen, 

In shining ranks they move, 

And drink immortal vigour in, 

With wonder and with love. 

4 The more Thy glories strike my eyes, 

The humbler I shall he ; 
Thus while I sink, my joys shall rise, 
Immeasurably high. 

H . 691 Heaven Attained by Following Christ. 

1 Give me the wings of faith, to rise. 

Within the veil, and see 
The saints above, how great their joys, 
How bright their glories be. 

2 Once they were mourning here below, 

And wet their couch with tears ; 
They wrestled hard, as we do now, 
With sins, and doubts, and fears. 

3 I ask them, whence their victory came? 

They, with united breath, 
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb, 
Their triumph to His death. 

4 They marked the footsteps that He trod, 

His zeal inspired their breast ; 

And following their incarnate God, 

Possessed the promised rest. 

5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise 

For His own pattern given ; 
While the long cloud of witnesses 
Show the same path to heaven. 



De. L. Mason. 

1. Hap- py the heart where grac-es reign, Where love in-spires the breast ; Love is the bright-est 

-p - g: ■$*- -f z m g -J- J ^ -&,- -J- -m- -m- -m- -<=*. 







\ — \- =t 



of the train, And strength-ens all the rest — And strength-ens all the rest. 

-. ^ -t*- i 











Ji. ^yd Christian Love. 

2 Knowledge, alas ! 'tis all in vain, 

And all in vain our fear ; 
Our stubborn sins will fight and reign, 
If love be absent there. 

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet 

In swift obedience move ; 
The devils know and tremble too, 
But devils cannot love. 

4 This is the grace that lives and sings, 

When faith and hope shall cease ; 
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings, 
In the sweet realms of bliss. 

5 Before we quite forsake our clay, 

Or leave this dark abode, 
The wings of love bear us away, 
To see our smiling God. 

H. oOo Rejoicing in Christ. 

1 O ! for a thousand tongues to sing 

My dear Redeemer's praise ; 
The glories of my God and King, 
The triumphs of His grace. 

2 My gracious Master, and my God, 

Assist me to proclaim, 
To spread through all the earth abroad, 
The honours of Thy name. 

3 Jesus, the name that claims our fears, 

That bids our sorrows cease ; 
'Tis music in the sinner's ears ; 
'Tis life, and health, and peace. 

4 He breaks the power of reigning sin, 

He sets the prisoner free ; 
His blood can make the foulest clean, 
His blood availed for me. 

5 Let us obey ; we then shall know, 

Shall feel our sins forgiven ; 
Anticipate our heaven below, 
And own that love is heaven. 

H. 558 " Fair as the Sun." 

1 Say, who is she that looks abroad, 

Like the sweet blushing dawn, 
When with her living light she paints 
The dew-drops of the lawn ? 

2 Fair as the moon when in the skies, 

Serene her throne she guides, 
And o'er the twinkling stars supreme, 
In full-orbed glory rides. 

3 Clear as the sun, when from the East 

Without a cloud he springs, 
And scatters boundless light and heat 
From his resplendent wings. 

4 Tremendous as a host that moves, 

Majestically slow, 
With banners wide displayed, all armed, 
All ardent for the foe. 

5 This is the Church by heaven arrayed, 

With strength and grace divine ; 
Thus shall she strike her foes with dread, 
And thus her glories shine. 












1. A - wake, my heart, a - rise, my tongue, Pre - pare a tune - ful voice ; 












=2 — J— st 






God, the life 



all my joys, 





loud will 


= P = 



ii. 1Z0 Gratitude for Redeeming Grace. 

2 'Tis He adorned my naked soul, 

And made salvation mine ; 
Upon a poor polluted worm 
He makes His graces shine. 

3 And lest the shadow of a spot 

Should on my soul be found, 
He took the robe the Saviour wrought, 
And cast it all around. 

4 How far the heavenly robe excels 

What earthly princes wear ! 
These ornaments, how blight they shine ! 
How white the garments are ! 

5 The Spirit wrought my faith and love, 

And hope and every grace ; 
But Jesus spent His life to work 
The robe of righteousness. 

6 Strangely, my soul, art thou arrayed 

By the great sacred Three ; 
In sweetest harmony of praise, 
Let all Thy powers agree. 

H . 2 72 Prayer for Faith. 

1 Oh ! for a faith that will not shrink, 

Though pressed by every foe ; 
That will not tremble on the brink 
Of any earthly woe. 

2 That will not murmur nor complain, 

Beneath the chastening rod ; 
But in the hour of giief or pain, 
Can lean upon its God. 

3 A faith that shines more bright and clear, 

When tempests rage without ; 
That when in danger knows no fear, 
In darkness feels no doubt: 

4 That bears unmoved the world's dread 

Nor heeds its scornful smile ; [frown, 
That sin's wild ocean cannot drown, 
Nor its soft arts beguile. 

5 A faith that keeps the narrow way, 

By truth restrained and led, 
And with a pure and heavenly ray, 
Lights up a dying bed. 

H . JiOO At Eve it shall be Light. 

1 We journey through a vale of tears, 

By many a cloud o'er cast ; 
And worldly cares and worldly fears 
Go with us to the last. 

2 Not to the last: God's word hath said, — 

Could we but read aright, — 
Poor pilgrim, lift in hope thy head, 
At eve it shall be light. 

3 When tempest clouds are dark on high, 

His bow of love and peace 
Shines sweetly on the vaulted sky, 
A pledge that storms shall cease. 

4 Hold on thy way, with hope unchilled, 

By faith and not by sight, 
And thou shalt own His word fulfilled ; 
At eve it shall be light. 



C. H. Kink, 1770-1846, by Koot, 1849. 

1. J Blest are the souls who hear and know The gos-pel's joy-fnl sonnd ; I 

j Peace shall at - tend the path they go, And light their steps sur-round. ). 2. Their joy shall bear their spi-rits up, 


Through their Re-deem-er's name; Hia right-eous-ness ex - alts their hope, And fills their foes with shame. 



Ps. 89 Second Part. 

1 Blest are the souls who hear and know 

The gospel's joyful sound ; 
Peace shall attend the path they go, 
And light their steps surround. 

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up, 

Through their Redeemer's name ; 
His righteousness exalts their hope, 
And fills their foes with shame. 

3 The Lord, our glory and defence, 

Strength and salvation gives ; 
Israel, thy King for ever reigns, 
Thy God for ever lives. 

Ps. 12 

1 Lord, when iniquities abound, 

And blasphemies grow bold, 
"When faith is rarely to be found, 
And love is waxing cold : 

2 Is not Thy chariot hastening on ? 

Hast Thou not given the sign ? 
May we not trust and five upon 
A promise so divine ? 

3 "Yes," saith the Lord, "now will I rise, 

And make the oppressors* flee ; 
I shall appear to their surprise, 
And set my servants free." 

4 Thy word, like silver seven times tried, 

Through ages shall endure ; 
The men that in Thy truth confide 
Shall find Thy promise sure. 

XI. dbU Christian and Ministerial Fellowship. 

1 Joined in one Spirit to one Head, 

Where He appoints we go ; 
And still in Jesus' footsteps tread, 
And show His praise below. 

2 Oh ! may we ever walk in Him, 

And nothing know beside ; 
Nothing desire, nothing esteem, 
But Jesus crucified. 

3 Closer and closer let us cleave 

To His beloved embrace ; 
Expect His fulness to receive, 
And grace to add to grace. 

4 Partakers of the Saviour's grace, 

The same in mind and heart, 
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place, 
Nor life, nor death can part. 

H. 638 Death and Glory. 

1 O could we die with those that die, 

And place us in their stead ; 
Then wovdd our spirits learn to fly, 
And converse with the dead. 

2 Then should we see the saints above, 

In their own glorious forms ; 
And wonder why our souls should love 
To dwell with mortal worms. v 

3 We should almost forsake our clay 

Before the summons come, 
And pray and wish our souls away 
To their eternal home. 



Db. T. Hastings, 1839. 







1. God's law is per - feet, and con - verts The soul in sin that lies; God's tes-ti- 

>, b a r r rr^bW i » 11 i^:£i^=s=:jjf4i-s sg; 












1 m — ■! — m- -*v- m r j - 



mo-ny is most sure, And makes the sim-ple wise — And makes the sim - pie wise. 

^b-t^-p-*— i — : — h H-^H-f^— f i i I ^ rti i i ~ I p T I — F f^fl i 

PS. 19 Third Part. 

1 God's law is perfect, and converts 

The soul in sin that lies ; 
God's testimony is most sure. 
And makes the simple wise. 

2 The statutes of the Lord are right, 

And do rejoice the heart ; 
The Lord's command is pure, and doth 
Light to the eyes impart. 

3 Unspotted is the fear of God, 

And doth endure for ever ; 
The judgments of the Lord are true, 
And righteous altogether. 

4 They more than gold, yea, much fine 

To be desired are ; [gold, 

Than honey, honey from the comb, 
That droppeth sweeter far. 

5 Moreover, they Thy servant warn 

How he his life should frame ; 
A great reward provided is 
For them that keep the same. 

6 The words which from my mouth proceed, 

The thoughts sent from my heart, 
Accept, O Lord, for Thou my strength 
And my Redeemer art. 

Ps. 63 

First Part. 

Eaely, my God, without delay, 
I haste to seek Thy face ; 

My thirsty spirit faints away, 
Without Thy cheering grace. 

2 I've seen Thy glory and Thy power 

Through all Thy temple shine ; 
My God, repeat that heavenly hour, 
That vision so. divine. 

3 Not all the blessings of a feast 

Can please my soul so well, 
As when Thy richer grace I taste, 
And in Thy presence dwell. 

4 Not life itself, with all its joys, 

Can my best passions move, 
Or raise so high my cheerful voice, 
As Thy forgiving love. 

5 Thus till my last expiring day, 

I'll bless my God and King ; 
Thus will I lift my hands to pray, 
And tune my lips to sing. 

FT. 514 Bible and Tract Distribution. 

1 Go to the heart with sin oppressed, 

And dry the sorrowing tear ; 
Extract the thorn that wounds the breast, 
The drooping spirit cheer. 

2 Go, spread the page of truth divine 

Before the sinner's eyes ; 
Go, tender him the word of life, 
Descending from the skies. 

3 Portray the joys that thrill through 

When sinners turn to God ; [heaven, 
And humbly seek eternal life, 
Through Christ's atoning blood. 



Wm. Billings, 1781. 


_ p 





^To Ca-naan'sfair and hap - py land, ----------- -j" Where 

1. (On Jor - dan's storm-y banks I stand, And cast a wish -ful eye,) 






-/ s> : 



L ku 





^^^ Q^ ^^^^^j^^^ ^^^ ^ 

my pos - ses -sions lie. O the trans -port - ing, rap - turous scene, That ris 













-25*— O- 








7=?— P 


to my sight ; Sweet fields ar-rayed in liv - ing green, And riv - ers of de - light, 

i e j^ i a ji 








Jd. 670 Prospect of Heaven. 

3 Theee generous fruits, that never fail, 

On trees immortal grow ; [vales, 

There rocks and hills, and brooks and 
With milk and honey flow. 

4 On all those wide extended plains 

Shines one eternal day; 
There God the Son for ever reigns, 
And scatters night away. 

5 No chilling winds nor poisonous breath 

Can reach that healthful shore : 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 
Are felt and feared no more. 

XL. ZjOU Death is Gain. 

1 And let this feeble body fail, 
And let it faint and die ; 
-My soul shall quit this mournful vale, 
And soar away on high; 

Shall join the disembodied saints, 
And find its long-sought rest, 

The only bliss for which it pants, 
On the Redeemer's breast. 

Oh! what has Jesus done for me I 

Before my ravished eyes 
Rivers of love divine I see, 

And trees of paradise ; 
I see a world of spirits bright, 

"Who taste the pleasures there ; 
They all are robed in spotless white, 

And conquering palms they bear. 

Oh! what are all my sufferings here, 

If, Lord, Thou count me meet 
With that enraptured host to appear, 

And worship at Thy feet? 
Give joy or grief, give ease or pain; 

Take life or friends away ; 
But let me meet those friends again, 

In that eternal day. 

H I L L H U R S T. C. M. D. 








K. R., 1866. 



1. I heard the voice of Je -sus say, Come un -to me and rest ; Lay down, thou wea-ry 





P ( * # 




- z=l=^=^=^r]=^3==3zfa=S=S=^=: =^=S 

one, lay down Thy head up -on my breast. I 




-» — s> S> 

-<• — » — i*- 




came to Je -sus 

j*. -m. .p. 



as I was, Wea- 



ry, and worn, and sad, I found in Him a rest-ing-place, And He has made me glad. 

I I 

-tL. 27 S Tlie Voice of Jesus. 

2 I heakd the voice of Jesus say, 

Behold, I freely give 
The living water ; thirsty one, 

Stoop down, and drink, and live. 
I came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

And now I five in Him. 

3 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

I am this dark world's light ; 
Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise, 

And all thy day be bright. 
I looked to Jesus, and I found 

In Him my Star, my Sun ; 
And in that light of life I'll walk, 

Till travelling days are done. 

4 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

My Father's house above 
Has many mansions ; I've a place 

Prepared for you in love. 
I trust in Jesus : in that house, 

According to His word, 
Bedeemed by grace, my soul shall live 

For ever with the Lord. 

H . DoO Death Welcome in Prospect of Heaven. 

1 There is a land of pure delight, 

Where saints immortal reign ; 
Infinite day excludes the night, 
And pleasures banish pain. 

2 There everlasting spring abides, 

And never-withering flowers ; 
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

3 Sweet fields, beyond the swelling flood, 

Stand dressed in living green ; 

So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 

While Jordan rolled between. 

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink, 

To cross this narrow sea; 
And linger, shivering on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 

5 O ! could we make our doubts remove, 

Those gloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love 
With unbeclouded eyes ; 

6 Could we but climb where Moses stood, 

And view the landscape o'er, [flood, 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold 
Shall fright us from the shore. 





Felix Giabdini, 1760. 





1. My Sa-viour, my al-might-y Friend, When I be-gin Thy praise, Where will the grow-ing nnm-bers end, 

D. s. And since I knew Thy grac-es first, 

mmm^ ^mmmzm 

The ntun-bers of Thy grace ? 2. Thou art my ev-er - last - ing trust ; Thy good-ness I a - dore; 
I Bpeak Thy glo-ries more. 

PS. 71 Second Part. 

3 My feet shall travel all tlie length 

Of the celestial road, 
And march, with courage, in Thy strength, 
To see my Father, God. 

4 When I am filled with sore distress, 

For some surprising sin, 
I'll plead Thy perfect righteousness, 
And mention none but Thine. 

5 How will my hps rejoice to tell 

The victories of my King ; 
My soul, redeemed from sin and hell, 
Shall Thy salvation sing. 

6 Awake, awake, my tuneful powers ; 

With this delightful song 
I'll entertain the darkest hours, 
Nor think the season long. 

PS. 116 First Part. 

1 I love the Lord ; He heard my cries, 

And pitied every groan : 
Long as I five, when troubles rise, 
I'll hasten to His throne. 

2 I love the Lord ; He bowed His ear, 

And chased my griefs away ; 

O ! let my heart no more despair, 

While I have breath to pray. 

3 My flesh declined, my spirits fell, 

And I drew near the dead, 
While inward pangs and fears of hell, 
Perplexed my wakeful head. 

4 "My God," I cried, " Thy servant save. 

Thou ever good and jiist ; 
Thy power can rescue from the grave, 
Thy power is all my trust." 

5 The Lord beheld me sore distressed, 

He bade my pains remove ; 
Return, my soul, to God, thy rest, 
For thou hast known His love. 

6 My God hath saved my soul from death, 

And dried my falling tears ; 
Now to His praise I'll spend my breath, 
And my remaining years. 

H. 690 Rejoicing in Prospect of Heaven, 

1 Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord, 

Your great Deliverer sing : 
Pilgrims for Zion's city bound, 
Be joyful in your King. 

2 A Hand divine shall lead you on, 

Through all the blissful road : 
Till to the sacred mount you rise, 
And see your smiling God. 

3 The garlands of immortal joy, 

Shall bloom on every head : 
While soitow, sighing, and distress, 
Like shadows, all are fled. 

4 March on in your Redeemer's strength, 

Pursue His footsteps still ; 
And let the prospect cheer your eye, 
While labouring up the hill. 



De. Mason. 



jf-S-s -s^-H 

» -**- 

1. (With joy we med -i - tate the grace Of our High Priest a-bove ;) 

( His heart is made of ten-der -ness, 

) And all His soul is love. 

g ^N^^Eg fl^^^l 

2, Touched with a sym - pa - thy with - in, He knows our fee - ble frame ; He 


4=— p- 

c g r r ' g -g-r 


^^--g y^^ 

knows what sore temp-ta-tions mean, For He has felt the same — For He has felt the same. 











JlL. V/O Christ's Sympathy and Intercession. 

3 But spotless, innocent and pure, 

The great Kedeemer stood; 
While Satan's fiery darts he bore, 
And did resist to blood. 

4 He in the days of feeble flesh, 

Poured out His cries and tears ; 
And in His measure feels afresh 
What every member bears. 

5 He'll never quench the smoking flax, 

But raise it to a flame ; 
The bruised reed He never breaks, 
Nor scorns the meanest name. 

6 Then let our humble faith address 

His mercy and His power ; 
We shall obtain delivering grace, 
In the distressing hour. 

-tL. lUZ Christ's Intercession. 
1 Awake, sweet gratitude, and sing 
The ascended Saviour's love ; 

Sing how He lives to carry on 

His people's cause above. 
With cries and tears He offered up 

His humble suit below ; 
But with authority He asks, 

Enthroned in glory now. 

For all that come to God by Him, 

Salvation He demands, 
Points to their names upon His breast, 

And spreads His wounded hands. 
His sweet atoning sacrifice 

Gives sanction to His claim : 
" Father, I will that all My saints 

Be with Me where I am. 

" By their salvation recompense 

The sorrows I endured ; 
Just to the merits of Thy Son, 

And faithful to Thy word." 
Eternal life, at His request, 

To every saint is given : 
Safety on earth, and, after death, 

The plenitude of heaven. 



Db. Thos. Hastings. 



-0- -&- -9- * — i ^s 

1. Not to the ter - rors of the Lord, The tem-pest, fire and smoke ; 

■M" I J . _ _ _ J.-P -&- J*-, _ -p- 







j y-lp- 






Not to the thun-der of that word, Which God on Si-nai spoke — Which God on Si-nai spoke. 

n*. -^ h*. _p- J f: -g- - p. -g .; -^---ftHL .a. ^l ^21 





-!• — »- 



JdL. lol T/te Gospel a Source of Blessedness. 

2 But we are come to Zion's hill, 

The city of our God, 
"Where milder words declare His will, 
And spread His love abroad. 

3 Behold the innumerable host 

Of angels clothed in light ; 
Behold the spirits of the just, 
Whose faith is turned to sight. 

4 Behold the blest assembly there, 

Whose names are writ in heaven ; 
And God, the Judge of all, declares 
Their vilest sins forgiven. 

5 The saints on earth, and all the dead, 

But one communion make ; 
All join in Christ their living Head, 
And of His grace partake. 

6 In such society as this 

My weary soul would rest ; 
The man that dwells where Jesus is, 
Must be for ever blest. 

Ps. 18 

1 The Lord descended from above, 

And bowed the heavens most high ; 
And underneath His feet He cast 
The darkness of the sky. 

2 On cherub and on cherubim, 

Full royally He rode ; 
And on the wings of mighty winds 
Came flying all abroad. 

3 He sat serene upon the floods, 

Their fury to restrain ; 
And He, as Sovereign, Lord, and King, 
For evermore shall reign. 

4 The Lord will give His people strength 

Whereby they shall increase ; 
And He will bless His chosen flock 
With everlasting peace. 

5 Give glory to His awful name, 

And honour Him alone ; 
Give worship to His majesty 
Upon His holy throne. 

Ps. 49 

1 Why doth the man of riches grow 

To insolence and pride, 
To see his wealth and honours flow 
With every rising tide ? 

2 Why doth he treat the poor with scorn, 

Made of the self-same clay. 
And boast as though his flesh were born 
Of better dust than they ? 

3 Not all his treasures can procure 

His soul a short reprieve, 
Bedeem from death one guilty hour, 
Or make his brother live. 

4 Vain are his thoughts, his hopes are lost ; 

How soon his memory dies ! 
His name is buried in the dust, 
Where his own body lies. 





Db. L. Mason, 1840. 



1. Sin, like a ven - om - ous dis - ease, In - fects our vi 


tal blood ; 


-I— f: 




: f^= 

P : 












on - ly balm is sov'- reign grace, And the phy - si - cian God. 






r— r 



H. 142 

TotaZ Depravity. 

1 Sin, like a venomous disease, 

Infects our vital blood ; 
The only balm is sovereign grace, 
And the physician God. 

2 Our beauty and our strength are fled, 

And we draw near to death ; 
But Christ, the Lord, recalls the dead, 
With His almighty breath. 

3 Madness by nature reigns within, 

The passions burn and rage, 
Till God's own Son, with skill divine, 
The inward fire assuage. 

-tL. OvZ Various Success of the Gospel. 

1 Christ and His cross is all our theme ; 

The mysteries that we sj^eak 
Are scandal in the Jew's esteem, 
And folly to the Greek. 

2 But souls enlightened from above, 

With joy receive the word ! 
They see what wisdom, power and love, 
Shine in their dying Lord. 

3 The vital savour of his name 

Restores their fainting breath ; 
But unbelief perverts the same 
To guilt, despair, and death. 

4 Till God diffuse His graces down, 

Like showers of heavenly rain, 
In vain Apollos sows the ground, 
And Paul may plant in vain. 


1 Lord, we have heard Thy works of old, 

Thy works of power and grace, 
When to our ears our fathers told 
The wonders of their days. 

2 They saw the beauteous churches rise, 

The spreading gospel run ; 
While hght and glory from the skies 
Through all their temples shone. 

3 In God they boasted all the day, 

And in a cheerful throng 
Did thousands meet to praise and pray, 
And grace was all their song. 

4 But now our souls are seized with shame, 

Confusion fills our face, 
To hear the enemy blasjmeme, 
And fools reproach Thy grace. 

5 Awake, arise, almighty Lord, 

Why sleeps Thy wonted grace ? 
Why should we seem like men abhorred, 
Or banished from Thy face ? 

6 Redeem us from perpetual shame, 

Our Saviour and our God ; 
We plead the honours of Thy name, 
The merits of Thy blood. 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore, 
Be glory as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. 


S I L O A M. CM. 

I. B. Woodbury, 1842/ 



1. By 




Si - lo - am's sha - dy 



How sweet the 

li - ly grows, 





S^* 4--f 










How sweet the breath be - neath the 



hill Of Sha - ron's dew - y rose. 






H. 522 Early Piety. 

1 By cool Siloam's shady rill 

How sweet the lily grows ; 
How sweet the breath beneath the hill 
Of Sharon's dewy rose. 

2 And such the child whose early feet 

The paths of peace have trod ; 
Whose secret heart, with influence sweet, 
Is upward drawn to God. 

3 By cool Siloam's shady rill 

The lily must decay ; 
The rose that blooms beneath the hill 
Must shortly fade away. 

4 And soon, too soon, the wintry hour, 

Of man's maturer age, 
May shake the soul with sorrow's power, 
And stormy passion's rage. 

5 O Thou, whose infancy was found 

With heavenly ray to shine, 
Whose years, with changeless virtue 
Were all alike divine ; [crowned, 

6 Dependent on Thy bounteous breath, 

We seek Thy grace alone, 
In childhood, manhood, and in death, 
To keep us still Thy own. 

H. k>2iY Youth the Best Time to Serve the Lord. 

1 Amidst the cheerful bloom of youth, 
With ardent zeal pursue 
The ways of piety and truth, 
With death and heaven in view. 

2 Fair wisdom's paths with sweets are 

And pleasures all refined ; [strewed, 
There joys divine are shed abroad, 
That suit the immortal mind. 

3 Youth is the most accepted time 

To love and serve the Lord : 
A flower presented in its prime, 
Will much delight afford. 

4 He'll crown with peace your rising years, 

And make your fruit increase ; 
Will guide you through this vale of tears, 
And bid your sorrows cease. 

5 Give Him the morning of your days, 

And be for ever blest ; 
'Tis none but those in wisdom's ways 
Enjoy substantial rest. 

PS. 86 First Part. 

1 Hear, Lord, my prayer ; unto the voice 

Of my request attend ; 
In troublous times I'll call on Thee ; 
For Thou wilt answer send. 

2 Lord, there is none among the gods 

That may with Thee compare ; 
And like the works which Thou hast done, 
Not any work is there. 

3 All nations whom Thou niad'st shall 

And worship reverently [come 

Before Thy face ; and they, O Lord, 
Thy name shall glorify. 



4 Because Thou art exceeding great, 

And works by Thee are done 
Which are to be admired ; and Thou 
Art God Thyself alone, 

5 Teach me Thy way, and in Thy truth, 

Lord, then walk will I ; 
Unite my heart, that I Thy name 

May fear continually. 

6 O Lord, my God, with all my heart 

To Thee I will give praise ; 
And I the glory will ascribe 
Unto Thy name always. 

PS. 119 Sixteenth Part: 

1 My soul lies cleaving to the dust, 

Lord, give me life divine ; 
From vain desires and every lust, 
Turn off these eyes of mine. 

2 "When sore afflictions press me down, ' 

1 need Thy quickening powers ; 
Thy word, that I have rested on, 

Shall help my heaviest hours. 

3 Are not Thy mercies sovereign still, 

And Thou a faithful God? 
Wilt Thou not grant me warmer zeal, 
To run the heavenly road? 

4 Does not my heart Thy precepts love, 

And long to see Thy face ? 
And yet how slow my spirits move, 
Without enlivening grace ! 

5 Then shall I love Thy gospel more, 

And ne'er forget Thy word, 
When I have felt its quickening power 
To draw me near the Lord. 

Ps. 123 

1 O Thou, whose grace and justice reign 

Enthroned above the skies, 
To Thee our hearts would tell their pain, 
To Thee we lift our eyes. 

2 As servants watch their master's hand, 

And fear the angry stroke ; 
Or maids before then mistress stand, 
And wait a peaceful look ; 

3 So, for our sins, we justly feel 

Thy discipline, O God ; 
Yet wait the gracious moment still, 
Till Thou remove the rod. 

4 Those that in wealth and pleasure live, 

Our daily groans deride ; 
And Thy delays of mercy give 
Fresh courage to their pride. 

5 Our foes insult us, but oiu' hope 

In Thy compassion lies ; 
This thought shall bear our spirits up, 
That God will not despise. 

PS. 139 Second Part. 

1 In all my vast concerns with Thee, 

In vain my soul would try 
To shun Thy presence, Lord, or flee 
The notice of Thine eye. 

2 Thy all-svu-rounding sight surveys 

My rising and my rest, 
My public walks, my private ways, 
And secrets of my breast. 

3 My thoughts he open to the Lord, 

Before they're formed within ; 
And ere my lips pronounce the word, 
He knows the sense I mean. 

4 O ! wondrous knowledge, deep and high, 

Where can a creature hide ; 
Within Thy circling arms I he, 
Enclosed on every side. 

5 So let Thy grace surround me still, 

And like a bulwark prove, 
To guard my soul from every ill, 
Secured by sovereign love. 

H. 525 Death of a Youth. 

1 When blooming youth is snatched away 

By death's resistless hand, 
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay, 
Which pity must demand. 

2 While pity prompts the rising sigh, 

O may this truth, impressed 
With awful power, "I too must die," 
Sink deep in every breast. 

3 Let this vain world delude no more ; 

Behold the gaping tomb ; 
It bids us seize the present hour ; 
To-morrow death may come. 

4 The voice of this alarming scene, 

Let every heart obey ; 
Nor be the heavenly warning vain, 
Which calls to watch and pray. 


N O E T H F I E L D. CM. 

Jer. Ingalls. 


:* -*-*- fJ: 


1. Lord, Thee my God, I'll ear-ly seek; My soul doth thirst for Thee ; 

■-<*— (•— m- 

My flesh longs in a 














flesh longs in a dry parch'd land, where-in no wa-ters be. 

My flesh longs in a dry parch'd land, Where - in no wa - ters be. 

My flesh longs in a dry parch'd land, 
dry parch'd land, My flesh longs in a dry parched land, 


-r --l 


j .*. 





-P (^ 

PS. 63 Second Part. 

1 Lord, Thee my God, I'll early seek; 

My soul doth thirst for Thee ; 
My flesh longs in a dry parched land, 
Wherein no waters be : 

2 That I Thy power may behold, 

And brightness of Thy face, 
As I have seen Thee heretofore 
Within Thy holy place. 

3 Since better is Thy love than life, 

My lips Thee praise shall give ; 
I in Thy name will lift my hands, 
And bless Thee while I hve. 

4 Even as with marrow and with fat 

My soul shall filled be ; 
Then shall my mouth with joyful lips 
Sing praises unto Thee: 

5 When I do Thee upon my bed 

Remember with delight, 
And when on Thee I meditate 
In watches of the night. 

PS. 116 Fourth Tart. 

1 I in the land of those that hve 

Will walk the Lord before. 
I did believe, therefore I spake ; 
I was afflicted sore. 

2 I said, when I was in my haste, 

That aU men liars be. 
What shall I render to the Lord 
For all His gifts to me ? 

3 I'll of salvation take the cup, 

On God's name will I call ; 
I'll pay my vows now to the Lord 
Before His people all. 

4 Dear in God's sight is His saint's death. 

Thy servant, Lord, am I ; 
Thy servant sure, Thine handmaid's son j 
Sly bands Thou didst untie. 

5 Thank-offerings I to Thee will give, 

And on God's name will call ; 
I'll pay my vows now to the Lord 
Before His people all ; 

6 Within the courts of God's own house, 

Within the midst of thee, 
O city of Jerusalem ; 

Praise to the Lord give ye. 

Ps. 131 

1 Is there ambition in my heart ? 

Search, gracious God, and see ; 
Or do I act a haughty part ? 
Lord, I appeal to Thee. 

2 I charge my thoughts, be humble still, 

And all my carriage mild; 
Content, my Father, with Thy will, 
And peaceful as a child. 

3 The patient soul, the lowly mind, 

Shall have a large reward ; 
Let saints in sorrow he resigned, 
And trust a faithful Lord. 



1. Be nier- ei,- ful to 

2. Yea, in the sha - dow 

$&)'• ft 4 



me, O God ; 

of Thy wings 

Thy mer - cy 
My ref - uge 






- to me 

will place, 

^=2- -C2- 






P-d — m- 










Do Thou ex-tend ; be - cause my soul Doth 
Un - til these sad ca - la - mi - ties Do 




in Thee, 
ver - pass. 

-f=2_ h«- 












PS. 57 First Part. 

1 Be merciful to me, O God ; 

Thy mercy unto me 
Do Thou extend, because my soul 
Doth put her trust in Thee. 

2 Yea, -in the shadow of Thy wings 

My refuge I will place, 
Until these sad calamities 
Do whoUy overpass. 

3 My cry I will cause to ascend 

Unto the Lord most high ; 
To God, who doth all things for me 
Perform most perfectly. 

4 From heaven He shall send down, and me 

From his reproach defend 
That would devour me : God His truth 
And mercy forth shall send. 

IS. OO Second Part. 

1 'Tis by Thy strength the mountains stand, 

God of eternal power ; 
The sea grows calm at Thy command, 
And tempests cease to roar. 

2 Tlry morning light and evening shade 

Successive comforts bring ; 
Thy plenteous fruits make harvest glad, 
Thy flowers adorn the spring. 

3 Seasons and times, and moons and hours, 

Heaven, earth, and ah - are Thine ; 
"When clouds distil in fruitful showers, 
The Author is divine. 

4 The thirsty ridges drink their fill, 
And ranks of corn appear ; 
Thy ways abound with blessings still, 
Thy goodness crowns the year, 

PiS. 119 Eleventh Part. 

1 O that the Lord would guide my ways 

To keep His statutes still ! 
O that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do His will. 

2 O send Thy Spirit down to write 

Thy law upon my heart ; 
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit, 
Nor act the bar's part. 

3 From vanity turn off my eyes ; 

Let no corrupt design, 
Nor covetous desires arise 
Within this soul of mine. 

4 Order my footsteps by Thy word, 

And make my heart sincere ; 
Let sin have no dominion, Lord, 
But keep my conscience clear. 

5 My soul hath gone too far astray, 

My feet too often slip ; 
Yet, since I've not forgot Thy way 
Restore Thy wandering sheep 

6 Make me to walk in Thy commands, 

'Tis a delightful road ; 
Nor let my head, nor heart, nor hands 
Offend against my God, 














1. Come, let our hearts and voi - ces join, To praise the Sa-viour's name; 

3fc -^H ?g H 1 i 1 - i ^ I I I f 









: 3= 

Whose truth and kind - ness are di - yine, Whose love's a eon - stant flame. 


<jg Ff¥rr^ g 





H . IaZ Praise for the Love of Christ. 

2 When most we need His gracious hand, 

This friend is always near ; 
With heaven and earth at His command, 
He waits to answer prayer. 

3 His love no end nor measure knows, 

No change can turn its course ; 
Immutably the same it flows, 
From one eternal source. 

4 When frowns appear to veil His face, 

And clouds surround His throne ; 
He hides the purpose of His grace, 
To make it better known. 

5 And when our dearest comforts fall, 

Before His sovereign will, 

He never takes away our all ; 

Himself He gives us still. 

H . lol The Spirit Illuminating. 

1 The Spirit breathes upon the word, 

And brings the truth to sight ; 
Precepts and promises afford 
A sanctifying light. 

2 A glory gilds the sacred page, 

Majestic, like the sun ; 
It gives a light to every age, 
It gives, but borrows none. 

3 The hand that gave it still supplies 

The gracious light and heat ; 
His truths upon the nations rise ; 
They rise, but never set. 

4 Let everlasting thanks be Thine, 

For such a bright display, 
As makes a world of darkness shine 
With beams of heavenly day. 

5 My sold rejoices to pursue 

The steps of Him I love, 
Till glory breaks upon my view, 
In brighter worlds above. 

H. 573 The Pastoral Office. 

1 Let Zion's watchmen all awake, 

And take the alarm they give ; 
Now let them from the mouth of God 
Their solemn charge receive. 

2 'Tis not a cause of small import, 

The pastor's care demands ; 
But what might fill an angel's heart, 
And filled a Saviour's hands. 

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord 

Did heavenly bliss forego ; 
For souls, which must for ever live 
In raptures, or in woe. 

4 All to the great tribunal haste, 

The account to render there ; 
And shouldst Thou strictly mark our 
Lord, how should we appear? [faidts, 

5 May they that Jesus, whom they preach,. 

Their own Redeemer see ; 
And watch Thou daily o'er their souls, 
That they may watch for Thee. 



H . 4:0 1 Before or after Sermon. 

1 Almighty God, Thy word is cast, 

Like seed into the ground ; 
Now let the dew of heaven descend, 
And righteous fruits abound. 

2 Let not the foe of Christ and man 

This holy seed remove ; 
But give it root in every heart, 
To bring forth fruits of love. 

3 Let not the world's deceitful cares 

The rising plant destroy ; 
But let it yield a hundred-fold, 
The fruits of peace and joy. 

4 Oft as the precious seed is sown, 

Thy quickening grace bestow, 
That all, whose souls the truth receive, 
Its saving power may know. 

H. 517. The Liberal Soul. 

1 Blest is the man whose softening heart 

Feels all another's pain ; 
To whom the supplicating eye 
Is never raised in vain. 

2 He spreads his kind, supporting arms 

To every child of grief ; 
His secret bounty largely flows, 
And brings unasked relief. 

3 To gentle offices of love 

His feet are never slow : 
He views, through mercy's melting eye, 
A brother in a foe. 

4 His breast expands with gen'rous warmth, 

A stranger's woes to feel ; 
And bleeds in pity o'er the wound 
He wants the power to heal. 

-tL. DZiO Prayer for Seamen. 

1 We come, O Lord, before Thy throne, 

And with united plea, 
We meet and pray for those who roam 
Far off upon the sea. 

2 Oh ! may the Holy Spirit bow 

The sailor's heart to Thee, 
Till tears of deep repentance flow 
Like rain-drops on the sea. 

3 Then may a Saviour's dying love 

Pour peace into his breast, 
And waft him to the port above, 
Of everlasting rest. 

-U. Ob»7 Dedication Hymn. 

1 Thou whose unmeasured temple stands, 

Built over earth and sea, 
Accept the walls that human hands 
Have raised, O God, to Thee. 

2 And let the Comforter and Friend 

Thy Holy Spirit, meet 
With those who here in worship bend 
Before Thy mercy seat. 

3 May those who err be guided here 

To find the better way, 
And they who mourn and they who fear 
Be strengthened as they pray. 

-tL. blO Uncertainty of Life and its Comforts. 

1 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high, 

Or sinks them in the grave ; 
He gives, and blessed be His name, 
He takes but what He gave. 

2 Peace, ah our angry passions then, 

Let each rebellious sigh 
Be silent at His sovereign will, 
And every murmur die. 

3 H smiling mercy crown our lives. 

Its praises shaU be spread ; 
And we'll adore the justice too, 
That strikes our comforts dead. 

PS. 8 First Part. 

1 How excellent in all the earth, 

Lord, oiu- Lord, is Thy name ! 
Who hast Thy glory far advanced 
Above the starry frame. 

2 From infants' and from sucklings' mouth 

Thou didest strength ordain, 
For Thy foes' cause, that so Thou might'st 
Th' avenging foe restrain. 

3 When I look up unto the heav'ns, 

Which Thine own fingers framed, 
Unto the moon, and to the stars, 
Which were by Thee ordained : 

4 Then say I, What is man, that he 

Remembered is by Thee 1 
Or what the son of man that Thou 
So kind to him shouldst be? 

5 For Thou a little lower hast 

Him than the angels made ; 
With glory and with dignity 
Thou crowned hast his head. 










To Fa -thei-, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost, The God whom we 

Ps. 78 First Part. 

1 The praises of the Lord our God, 

And His almighty strength, 
The wondrous works that He hath done, 
We will show forth at length. 

2 His testimony and His law 

In Israel He did place, 
And charged our fathers it to show 
To their succeeding race ; 

3 That so the race which was to come 

Might well them learn and know ; 
And sons unborn, who should arise, 
Might to their sons them show: 

4 That they might set their hope in God, 

And suffer not to fall 
His mighty works out of their mind, 
But keep His precepts all. 

PS. 78 Second Part. 

1 Let children hear the mighty deeds 

Which God performed of old ; 
Which in our younger years we saw, 
And which oiu - fathers told. 

2 He bids us make His glories known, 

His works of power and grace ; 
And we'll convey His wonders down 
Through every rising race. 

3 Our lips shall tell them to our sons, 

And they again to theirs, 
That generations yet unborn 
May teach them to their heirs. 

4 Thus shall they leam, in God alone 
Their hope securely stands, 
That they may ne'er forget His works, 
But practice His commands. 


Living Faith. 

1 Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven, 

And make then - empty boast 

Of inward joys, and sins forgiven, 

While they are slaves to lust. 

2 Vain are our fancies, airy flights, 

If faith be cold and dead ; 

None but a living power unites 

To Christ the living Head. 

3 'Tis faith that changes all the heart ; 

'Tis faith that works by love, 

That bids all sinful joys depart, 

And lifts the thoughts above. 

4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and hell, 

By a celestial power ; 
This is the grace that shall prevail 
In the decisive hour. 

5 Faith must obey the Father's will, 

As well as trust His grace ; 
A pardoning God is jealous still 
For His own holiness. 

6 When from the curse He sets us free, 

He makes our nature clean ; 
Nor would He send His Son to be 
The minister of sin. 

D O E C E S T E R. CM. 


i — — "^ — -±- 





1. Af - ter Thy lov - ing kind-ness, Lord, Have mer - cy up - on me; 

f- -f ~r , - p- ^ ^ ^ ■& * <= -^- - ^^ -^- 


For Thy corn - pas - sions great, blot out All mine in 



i - qui - ty. 








PS. 51 2%*rd Par*. 

2 Me cleanse from sin, and throughly wash 

From mine iniquity ; 
For my transgressions I confess, 
My sin I ever see. 

3 'Gainst Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, 

In Thy sight done this ill ; [just, 

That when Thou speak' st Thou may'st be 
And clear in judging still. 

4 Behold, I in iniquity 

"Was formed the womb within ; 
My mother also me conceived 
In guiltiness and sin. 

5 Behold, Thou in the inward parts 

With truth delighted art ; 
And wisdom Thou shalt make me know 
Within the hidden part. 

6 Do Thou with hyssop sprinkle me, 

I shah be cleansed so ; 
Tea, wash Thou me, and then I shall 
Be whiter than the snow. 


1 In Judah God of old was known ; 

His name in Israel great; 
In Salem stood His holy throne, 
And Zion was His seat. 

2 At Thy rebuke, O Jacob's God, 

Both horse and chariot fell : 
WTio knows the terrors of Thy rod ? 
Thy vengeance who can tell ? 

3 "What power can stand before Thy sight, 

"When once Thy wrath appears? 
WTien heaven shines round with dreadful 
The earth adores and fears. [light, 

4 When God, in His own sovereign ways, 

Comes down to save the oppressed, 
The wrath of man shall work His praise, 
And He'll restrain the rest. 

n . 149 Richness of the Scriptures. 

1 Father of mercies, in Thy word, 

"What endless glory shines! 
For ever be Thy name adored, 
For these celestial lines. 

2 Here may the wretched sons of want 

Exhaustless riches find ; 
Biches above what earth can grant, 
And lasting as the mind. 

3 Here the Bedeemer's welcome voice 

Spreads heavenly peace around ; 
And life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful sound. 

4 O ! may these heavenly pages be 

My ever dear dehght ; 
And still new beauties may I see, 
And still increasing light. 

5 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 

Be Thou for ever near ! 
Teach me to love Thy sacred word, 
And view my Saviour there. 




— i-*i — -j- 



1. Thy good-ness, Lord, our souls eon - fess ; Thy good - ness we a - dore ; 













A spring, whose bless - ings nev - er fail — A 
JL J. J. J. J. J. J. J. + 

sea with - out 




a shore 








TT. 16 GWs Goodness. 

2 Sun, moon, and stars, Thy love declare 

In every golden ray ; 
Love draws the curtain of the night, 
And love brings back the day. 

3 Thy bounty every season crowns, 

With all the bliss it yields ; 
"With joyful clusters loads the vines, 
With strengthening grain, the fields. 

4 But chiefly Thy compassion, Lord, 

Is in the gospel seen ; 
There, like a sun, Thy mercy shines, 
Without a cloud between. 

5 There pardon, peace, and holy joy, 

Through Jesus' name are given ; 
He on the cross was lifted high, 
That we might reign in heaven. 

H. 589 The Latter Day Glory. 

1 Behold, the mountain of the Lord, 

In latter days shall rise 
Above the moimtains and the hills, 
And draw the wondering eyes. 

2 To this the joyful nations round, 

All tribes and tongues shall flow ; 
"Up to the hill of God," they say, 
"And to His courts we'll go." 

3 The beams that shine on Zion's hill 

Shall lighten every land ; 
The King who reigns in Zion's towers 
Shall all the world command 

4 No strife shall vex Messiah's reign, 

Or mar the peaceful years ; [swords, 
To ploughshares men shall beat their 
To pruning hooks their spears. 

5 Come then, O come from every land, 

To worship at His shrine ; 
And walking in the hght of God, 
With holy beauties shine. 

XI. 61 Sliortness of Human Life. 

1 How short and hasty is our life ! 

How vast our souls' affairs ! 
Yet senseless mortals vainly strive 
To lavish out then years. 

2 Our days run thoughtlessly along, 

Without a moment's stay ; 
Just like a story or a song, 
We pass our fives away. 

3 God from on high invites us home, 

But we march heedless on, 

And ever hastening to the tomb, 

Stoop downward as we run. 

4 How we deserve the deepest hell, 

Who slight the joys above ! 
What chains of vengeance should we feel, 
Who break such cords of love ! 

5 Draw us, God, with sovereign grace, 

And lift our thoughts on high, 
That we may end this mortal race, 
And see salvation nigh. 



U. 681 Faith Contemplating Heaven. 

1 There is a house not made with hands, 

Eternal and on high ; 
And here my spirit, waiting, stands, 
T01 God shall bid it fly. 

2 Shortly this jn-ison of my clay 

Must be dissolved and fall ; 

Then, O my soul, with joy obey 

Thy heavenly Father's caU. 

3 'Tis He, by His almighty grace, 

That forms thee fit for heaven ; 
And, as an earnest of the place, 
Has His own Spirit given. 

4 We walk by faith of joys to come ; 

Faith lives upon His word ; 

But while the body is our home, 

We're absent from the Loi'd. 

5 'Tis pleasant to believe Thy grace, 

But we had rather see ; 
We would be absent from the flesh, 
And present, Lord, with Thee. 

PS. 1 First Part. 

1 That man hath perfect blessedness 

Who walketk not astray 
In counsel of ungodly men, 
Nor stands in sinners' way ; 

2 Nor sitteth in the scorner's chair ; 

But placeth his dehght 
Upon God's law, and meditates 
On His law day and night. 

3 He shall be like a tree that grows 

Near planted by a river, 
Which in his season yields his fruit, 
And his leaf fadeth never ; 

4 And all he doth shall prosper well. 

The wicked are not so ; 
But like they are unto the chaff, 
Which wind drives to and fro. 

5 In judgment therefore shall not stand 

Such as ungodly are ; 
Nor in th' assembly of the just 
Shall wicked men appear. 

6 For why ? the way of godly men 

Unto the Lord is known ; 
Whereas the way of wicked men 
Shall quite be overthrown. 

PS. 4 First Part. 

1 Give ear unto me when I call, 

God of my righteousness ; 
Have mercy, hear my prayer ; Thou hast. 
Enlarged me in distress. 

2 O who will show us any good? 

Is that which many say ; 
But of Thy countenance the light, 
Lord, lift on us alway. 

3 Upon my heart, bestowed by Thee, 

More gladness I have found, 
Than they, ev'n then, when corn and wine 
Did most with them abound. 

4 I will both lay me down in peace, 

And quiet sleep will take ; 
Because Thou only me to dwell 
In safety, Lord, dost make. 

PS. 26 Second Part. 

1 Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths 

Of righteousness have trod ; 
I shall not fail, who all my trust 
Repose on Thee, my God. 

2 I'll wash my hands in innocence, 

And round Thine altar go ; 
Pour the glad hymn of triumph thence, 
And thence Thy wonders show. 

3 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell 

How Thy renown excels ; 
That seat affords me most delight, 
In which Thy honour dwells. 

PS. 98 First Part. 

1 O sing a new song to the Lord, 

For wonders He hath done ; 
His right hand and His holy arm 
Him victory hath won. 

2 The Lord God His salvation 

Hath caused to be known ; 
His justice in the heathen's sight 
He openly hath shown. 

3 He mindful of His grace and truth 

To Israel's house hath been ; 
And the salvation of our God 
All ends of the earth have seen. 

4 Let all the earth unto the Lord 

Send forth a joyful noise ; 
Lift up your voice aloud to Him,, 
Sing praises, and rejoice. 


ST. ANN'S. C. M. 

Dr. Wm. Croft, 1712. 


1. Th' e - ter - nal gates lift 




I ■ 

up their heads; The doors are o - pened wide; 

|— N I I 







JbL. 9o CfirisVs Ascension for us. 

2 Fob us Thou hast ascended, Lord, 

Thou hast prepared a place, 
That we may be where now Thou art, 
And look upon Thy face. 

3 And ever on Thine earthly path 

A gleam of glory hes ; 
A light still breaks behind the cloud 
That veils Thee from our eyes. 

4 Lift up our thoughts, lift up our songs, 

And let Thy grace be given, 
That, while we linger here below, 
Our hearts may be in heaven. 

5 That, where Thou art at God's right hand, 

Our hope, our love may be ; 
Dwell in us now, that we may dwell 
For evermore in Thee. 

PS. 93 Second Part. 

1 The Lord doth reign, and cloth'd is He 

With majesty most bright ; 
His works do show Him cloth'd to be 
And girt about with might ; 

2 The world is also 'stablished 

That it cannot depart, 
Thy throne is fixed of old, and Thou 
From everlasting art. 

3 The floods, O Lord, have lifted, up, 

They lifted up their voice ; 
The floods have lifted up their waves, 
And made a mighty noise. 

4 But yet the Lord, that is on high, 

Is more of might by far 
Than noise of many waters is, 
Or great sea-billows are. 

5 Thy testimonies every one 

In faithfulness excel ; 
And holiness for ever, Lord, 
Thine house becometh well. 

PS. 95 Third Part. 

1 O come, let us sing to the Lord ; 

Come, let us every one 
A joyful noise make to the Hock 
Of our salvation. 

2 Let us before His presence come 

With praise and thankful voice ; 
Let us sing psalms to Him with grace, 
And make a joyful noise. 

3 For God, a great God, and great King 

Above all gods, He is ; 
Depths of the earth are in His hand, 
The strength of hills is His. 

4 To Him the spacious sea belongs, 

For He the same did make ; 
The dry land also from His hands 
Its form at first did take. 

5 O come, and let us worship Him, 

Let us bow down withal, 
And on our knees before the Lord 
Our maker, let us fall. 



H. 402 "Strive to Enter." 

1 Oh! speed thee, Christian, on thy way, 

And to thy armour cling ; 
With girded loins the call obey 
That grace and mercy bring. 

2 There is a battle to be fought, 

An upward race to run, 
A crown of glory to be sought, 
A -victory to be won. 

3 Oh ! faint not, Christian, for thy sighs 

Are heard before His throne ; 
The race must come before the prize, 
The cross before the crown, 

H. 405 Inconstancy Lamented. 

1 Eteknal Source of light and grace, 

We hail Thy sacred name ; 
Through every year's revolving round, 
Thy goodness is the same. 

2 On us, all worthless as we are, 

It wondrous mercy pours ; 
Sure as the heavens' established course, 
And plenteous as the showers. 

3 Inconstant service we repay, 

And treacherous vows renew, 
False as the morning's fleeting cloud, 
And transient as the dew. 

4 In flowing tears our guilt we mourn, 

And loud implore Thy grace, 
To bear our feeble footsteps on, 
In all Thy righteous ways. 

5 Armed with this energy divine, 

Our souls shall steadfast move ; 
And with increasing transports press 
On to Thy courts above. 

6 So by Thy power the morning sun 

Pursues his radiant way ; 
Brightens each moment in his race, 
And shines to perfect day. 

JtL. 44:1 Morning Hymn. 

1 God of my life, my morning song 

To Thee I cheerful raise ; 
Thy acts of love 'tis good to sing, 
And pleasant 'tis to praise. 

2 Preserved by Thy almighty arm, 

I passed the shades of night, 
Serene and safe from- every harm, 
To see the morning light. 

3 While numbers spent the night in sighs, 

And restless pains and woes ; 

In gentle sleep I closed my eyes, 

And rose from sweet repose. 

4 When sleep, death's image o'er me spread, 

And I unconscious lay, 
Thy watchful care was round my bed, 
To guard my feeble clay. 

5 O ! let the same almighty care 

Through all this day attend ; 
From every danger, every snare, 
My heedless steps defend. 

6 Smile on my minutes as they roll, 

And guide my future days ; 
And let Thy goodness fill my sold 

With gratitude and praise. 


PS. 96 First Part. 

1 O sing a new song to the Lord ; 

Sing all the earth to God ; 
To God sing, bless His name, show still 
His saving health abroad. 

2 For great's the Lord, and greatly He 

Is to be magnified; 
Yea, worthy to be feared is He 
Above all gods beside. 

3 For all the gods are idols dumb, 

Which blinded nations fear ; 
But our God is the Lord, by whom 
The heavens created were. 

4 Great honour is before His face, 

And majesty divine; 
Strength is within His holy place, 
And there doth beauty shine. 

5 Do ye ascribe unto the Lord, 

Of people every tribe, 
Glory do ye unto the' Lord, 
And mighty power ascribe. 

6 Give ye the glory to the Lord 

That to His name is due ; 
Come ye into His courts, and bring 
An offering with you. 

PS. 119 Fifteenth Part. 

1 O ! that Thy statutes every hour 

Might dwell upon my mind ! 
Thence I derive a quickening power, 
And daily peace I find. 

2 To meditate Thy precepts, Lord, 

Shall be my sweet employ ; 
My sord shall ne'er forget Thy word, 
Thy word is all my joy. 

3 How would I run in Thy commands, 

If Thou my heart discharge 
From sin and Satan's hatefid chains, 
And set my feet at large? 


KEO. C. M. 

De. Lowell Mason. 






1. Now plead my cause, Al-might-y God, With, all the sons of strife ; And fight a- 








1 — h 
















gainst the men of blood — And fight a-gainst the men of blood, Who fight a- gainst my life. 

Ps. 35 

2 Draw out Thy spear and stop their way, 

Lift their avenging rod ; 
But to my soul in mercy say, 
"I am thy Saviour God." 

3 They plant their snares to catch my feet, 

Arid nets of mischief spread ; 
Plunge the destroyers in the pit, 
That their own hands have made. 

4 Then will I raise my tuneful voice, 

To make Thy wonders known ; 
In then* salvation I'll rejoice, 
And bless Thee for my own. 

PS. 36 First Part. 

1 Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heavens ; 

Thy truth doth reach the clouds ; 
Thy justice is like mountains great ; 
Thy judgments deep as floods. 

2 Lord, Thou preservest man and beast ; 

How precious is Thy grace ! 
Therefore in shadow of Thy wings, 
Men's sons their trust shall place. 

3 They with the fatness of Thy house 

Shall be well satisfied ; 
From rivers of Thy pleasures Thou 
Wilt drink to them provide. 

4 Because of life the fountain pure 

Remains alone with Thee ; 
And in that purest light of Thine 
We clearly light shall see. 

PS. 36 Second Part. 

1 Thy justice, Lord, maintains its throne, 

Though mountains melt away ; 
Thy judgments are a world unknown, 
A deep unfathomed sea. 

2 Above these heavens' created rounds, 

Thy mercies, Lord, extend ; 
Thy truth outlives the naiTow bounds, 
Where time and nature end. ' 

3 From Thee, when creature-streams run 

And mortal comforts die, Pow, 

Perpetual springs of life shall flow, 
And raise our pleasures high. 

4 Though all created light decay, 

And death close up our eyes, 

Thy presence makes eternal day, 

Where clouds can never rise. 

H . oil Submission in Trials. 

1 When I can trust my all with God, 

In trial's fearful hour, 
I bow resigned beneath His rod, 
And bless His sparing power. 

2 Oh ! to be brought to Jesus' feet, 

Though trials fix me there, 
Is still a privilege most sweet ; 
For He will hear my prayer. 

3 Then, blessed be the hand that gave, 

Still blessed when it takes ; 
Blessed be He who smites to save, 
Who heals the heart He breaks. 



H. 268 Faith's Struggle. 

1 Lord, I believe ; Thy power I own ; 

Thy truth I would obey ; 
I wander comfortless and lone, 

When from Thy paths I stray. 
Lord, I believe ; but gloomy fears, 

Sometimes bedim my sight ; 
I look to Thee with prayers and tears, 

And cry for strength and light. 

2 Lord, I believe ; yet Thou dost know, 

My faith is cold and weak ; 
Pity my frailty, and bestow 

The confidence I seek : 
Tes, I beheve ; and only Thou, 

Canst give my doubts relief ; 
Lord, to Thy truth my spirit bow, 

Help Thou my unbelief. 

H . 584: Revival Prayed far. 

1 Blest Jesus, come Thou gently down, 

And fill this hallowed place ; 
O ! make Thy glorious goings known, 
Diffuse around Thy grace. 

2 Behold, and pity from above, 

Our cold and languid frame ; 
O ! shed abroad Thy quick'ning love, 
And we'll adore Thy name. 

3 All glorious Saviour, Source of grace, 

To Thee we raise our cry ; 
Unveil the beauties of Thy face, 
To every waiting eye. 

4 Revive, O God, desponding saints, 

"Who languish, droop and sigh ; 
Refresh the soul that tires and faints, 
Fill mourning hearts with joy. 

H. 646 On the Death of a Child. 

1 Lite is a span, a fleeting hour, 

How soon the vapour flies ! 
Man is a tender, transient flower, 
That e'en in blooming dies. 

2 Death spreads his withering, wintry 

And beauty smiles no more ; [arms, 
Ah ! where are now those rising charms, 
"Which pleased our eyes before ! 

3 That once loved form, now cold and dead, 

Each mournful thought employs ; 
"We weep, our earthly comforts fled, 
And withered all our joys. 

4 Hope looks beyond the bounds of time, 

When what we now deplore 

Shall rise in full, immortal prime, 

And bloom to fade no more. 

5 Cease, then, fond nature, cease thy tears ; 

The Saviour dwells on high : 
There everlasting spring appears, 
There joys shall never die. 

H. u4r± The House Appointed for all Living. 

1 How still and peaceful is the grave, 

Where, hfe's vain tumults past, 
The appointed house, by heaven's decree, 
Receives us all at last. 

2 The wicked there from troubling cease, 

Their passions rage no more ; 
And there the weary pilg-riin rests 
From all the toils he bore. 

3 There servants, masters, poor and rich, 

Partake the same repose ; 
And there, in peace, the ashes mix 
Of those who once were foes. 

4 All, levelled by the hand of death ; 

Lie sleeping in the tomb, 
Till God in judgment call them forth, 
To meet their final doom. 

H. 655 The Moment After Death. 

1 In vain the fancy strives to paint 

The moment after death, — 
The glories that surround a saint, 
When yielding up his breath. 

2 One gentle sigh the fetters breaks ; 

We scarce can say, — He's gone ! 
Before the willing spirit takes 
Its mansion near the throne. 

3 Faith strives, but all its efforts fail, 

To trace the spirit's flight ; 
No eye can pierce within the veil 
That hides the world of light. 

4 We know — and 'tis enough to know — 

Saints are completely blest ; 
Have done with sin, and care, and woe, 
And with their Saviour rest. 

5 On harps of gold they praise His name, 

And see Him face to face ; 
Oh ! let us catch the sacred flame, 
And run the heavenly race. 



Daniel Eead, 1785. 






1. Al - as ! and did my Sa - viour bleed, And did my Sov - reign die ? 

d. s. The Lamb of Cal - va - ry, 







Would He de - vote that Sa - cred head . - . - - [Omit.] - - 

- - - - [Omit.] The Lamb that was slain, and liv- eth a - gain, 

m ■&• If* m ^~ 










J'zn*. CHORUS. D. S. 

For such a worm as I. 

To in - ter - cede for me. 

Oh, the Lamb ! the bleed - ing Lamb 1 





JjL . ZVJD Bepentance at the Cross. 

2 Thy body slain, dear Jesus, Thine, 

And bathed in its own blood, 
While all exposed to wrath divine, 
The glorious Sufferer stood. 

Oh the Lamb ! &c. 

3 Was it for crimes that I had done 

He groaned upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity ! grace unknown ! 
And love beyond degree ! 

Oh the Lamb ! &c. 

4 Well might the sun in darkness hide, 

And shut his glories in, 
When God, the mighty Maker, died, 
For man, the creature's sin. 

Oh the Lamb! &c. 

5 Thus might I hide my blushing face, 

While His dear cross appears ; 
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, 
And melt my eyes to tears. 

Oh the Lamb ! &c. 

6 But drops of grief can ne'er repay 
The debt of love I owe s ; 
Here, Lord, I give myself away ; 
'Tis all that I can do. 

Oh the Lamb ! &c. 

-Q-. .ZOo Repentance at tlie Cross. 

1 'Twas for my sins, my dearest Lord 

Hung on the cursed tree, 
And groaned away a dying life, 

For thee, my soul, for thee. — Chorus. 

2 O ! how I hate those lusts of mine 

That crucified my God ; [flesh 

Those sins that pierced and nailed His 
Fast to the fatal wood. 

3 Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die, 

My heart has so decreed ; 
Nor will I spare the guilty things 
That made my Saviour bleed. 

4 Whilst with a melting broken heart* 

My murdered Lord I view, 
I'll raise revenge against my sins, 
And slay the murderers too. 

B Y E F I E L D. CM. 

Dr. T. Hastings, 1840. 






1. Prayer is the soul's sin - cere de - sire, Un 





ut - tered or ex - pressed ; 




The mo -tion of 

a hid - den 


That trem - bles in 

'P ■ ^ ^ 


the breast. 




We, soldiers of an injured King, 
Are marching to the tomb. 

2 There, when the turmoil is no more, ' 

And all our powers decay, 
Our cold remains, in solitude, 
Shall sleep the years away. 

3 Our labours done, securely laid 

In this our last retreat, 
Unheeded, o'er our silent dust, 
The storms of hfe shall beat. 

4 Then love's soft light o'er every eye 

Shall shed its mildest rays, 
And the long silent dust shall burst : 
With shouts of endless praise. 

H . Do2 Assurance of Heaven. 

1 Death may dissolve my body now, 

And bear my spirit home : 
Why do my minutes move so slow, 
Nor my salvation come ? 

2 With heavenly weapons I have fought 

The battles of the Lord ; 
Finished my course, and kept the faith, 
And wait the sure reward. 

3 God has laid up in heaven for me 

A crown which cannot fade ; 
The righteous Judge, at that great day, 
Shall place it on my head. 

4 Nor hath the King of grace decreed 

This prize for me alone ; 
But all that love, and long to see 
The appearance of His Son. 

XI. Oo4 Nature of Prayer. 

2 Peayee is the burden of a sigh, 

The falling of a tear ; 
The upward glancing of an eye, 
When none but God is near. 

3 Prayer is the simplest form of speech 

That infant lips can try; 
Prayer the sublimest strains that reach 
The Majesty on high. 

4 Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice 

Returning from His ways, 
While angels in their songs rejoice, 
And say, "Behold, he prays." 

5 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath, 

The Christian's native air, 
His watchword at the gate of death ; 
He enters heaven with prayer. 

PS. 144 Second Part. 

1 Lord, what is man, poor feeble man, 

Born of the earth at first ! 
His hfe a shadow, light and vain, 
Still hastening to the dust. 

2 O what is feeble dying man, 

Or all his sinful race, 
That God should make it His concern 
To visit him with grace ! 

3 That God who darts His lightnings down, 

Who shakes the worlds above ! 
What terrors wait His awful frown ! 
How wondrous is His love ! 

id. u4«7 Death and Resurrection. 
1 Thro' sorrow's night and danger's path, 
Amid the darkening gloom, 





* * 

'g - ' yjrrg: 

Dr. L. Mason, 1837. 

1. Lift up your heads, e - ter - nal gates ! TTn - fold to ed - ter - tain The King of glo - ry ; see ! He comes, 


With His ce-les-tial train — The King of glo-ry; see! He comes, With His ce - les - tial 



2 Who is this King of glory — who ? 

The Lord, for strength renowned ; 
In battle mighty ; o'er his foes 
Eternal Victor crowned. 

3 Lift up your heads, ye gates ! unfold, 

In state to entertain 
The King of glory ; see ! he comes, 
With all His shining train. 

4 Who is the King of glory — who 1 

The Lord of hosts renowned : 
Of glory He alone is King, 
Who is with glory crowned. 


1 Let all the just to God with joy 

Their cheerful. voices raise ; 
For well the righteous it becomes 
To sing glad songs of praise. 

2 For faithful is the word of God ; 

His works with truth abound ; 
He justice loves, and all the earth 
Is with His goodness crowned. 

3 Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees 

Shall stand for ever sure ; 
The settled purpose of His heart 
To ages shall endure. 

4 Our soul on God with patience waits ; 

Our help and shield is He ; 
Then, Lord, still let our hearts rejoice, 
Because we trust in Thee. 

5 The riches of Thy mercy, Lord, 
Do Thou to us extend ; 
Since we, for all we want or wish, 
On Thee alone depend. 


1 Oh ! for a shout of sacred joy, 

To God, the sovereign King ! 
Let every land their tongues employ, 
And hymns of triumph sing. 

2 Jesus, our God, ascends on high ; 

His heavenly guards around 
Attend Him, rising through the sky, 
With trumpets' joyful sound. 

3 While angels shout and praise their King, 

Let mortals learn then- strains ; 
Let all the earth His honours sing ; 
O'er all the earth He reigns. 

4 Rehearse His praise with awe profound ; 

Let knowledge guide the song ; 
Nor mock Him with a solemn sound 
Upon a thoughtless tongue. 

5 In Israel stood His ancient throne, 

He loved that chosen race ; 
But now He calls the world His own, 
And heathens taste His grace. 

6 The Gentile nations are the Lord's, 

There Abraham's God is known ; 
While powers and princes, shields and 
Submit before His throne. 



H. 72 To us a Child is Born. 

1 To us a Child of hope is bom, 

To us a Son is given ; 
Him shall the tribes of earth obey, 
TTim all the hosts of heaven. 

2 His name shall be the Prince of Peace, 

For evermore adored, 
The Wonderful, the Counsellor, 
The great and mighty Lord. 

3 His power, increasing, still shall spread, 

His reign no end shall know ; 
Justice shall guard His throne above, 
And peace abound below. . 

4 To us a Child of hope is born, 

To us a Son is given, 
The Wonderful, the Counsellor, 
The mighty Lord of heaven. 

• TT . oOO Fellowship with the Saints. 

1 Come, let us join our friends above 

That have obtained the prize ; 
And, on the eagle wings of love, 
To joy celestial rise. 

2 Let saints below His praises sing, 

With those to glory gone ; 
For all the servants of our King, 
' In heaven and earth, are one. 

3 One family, we dwell in Him, 

One church, above, beneath; 
Though now divided by the stream, 
The narrow stream of death. 

4 One army of the living God, 

To His commands we bow; 
Part of the host have crossed the flood, 
And part are crossing now. 

5 How many to their endless home, 

This solemn moment, fly ! 
And we are to the margin come, 
And soon expect to die. 

6 Dear Saviour, be our constant guide, 

Then, when the word is given, 
Bid the cold waves of death divide, 
And land us safe in heaven. 

H . oOl Christian Fellowship. 

1 Our souls, by love together knit, 
Cemented, fixed in one ; 
One hope, one heart, one mind, one voice, 
'Tis heaven on earth begun. 

2 Our hearts have often burned within, 

And glowed with sacred fire, 
While Jesus spoke, and fed, and blessed, 
And filled the enlarged desire. 

3 The little cloud increases still, 

The heavens are big with rain ; 
We haste to catch the teeming shower, 
And all its moisture drain. 

4 A rill, a stream, a torrent flows ; 

But pour a mighty flood ; 
O! sweep the nations, shake the earth, 
Till all proclaim Thee God. 

5 And when Thou mak'st Thy jewels up, 

And sett'st Thy starry crown; 
When all Thy sparkling gems shall shine, 
Proclaimed by Thee Thine own; 

6 May we, a little band of love, 

We sinners, saved by grace, 
From glory unto glory changed, 
Behold Thee face to face. 

TT . o2iO No Tears in Heaven. 

1 What if our bark, o'er life's rough wave, 

By adverse winds be driven, 
And howling tempests round us rave, 
There are no tears in heaven. 

2 What though affliction be our lot, 

Our hearts with anguish riven, 
Still let it never be forgot, 
There are no tears in heaven. 

3 Our sweetest joys here vanish all, 

And fade like hues at even ; 
Our fairest hopes like flowers fall ; 
There are no tears in heaven. 

4 Thou, God, our joy and rest shalt be, 

And sorrow far be driven ; 
And sin and death for ever flee ; 
There are no tears in heaven. 

H . ool Submission under various His of Life- 

1 Through all the downward tracts of time, 

God's watchful eye surveys ; 
Oh ! who so wise to choose our lot, 
And regulate our ways ? 

2 I cannot doubt His bounteous love, 

Unmeasurably kind ; 
To His unerring, gracious will, 
Be every wish resigned. 

3 Good when He gives, supremely good, 

Nor less, when He denies ; 
E'en crosses, from His sovereign hand, 
Are blessings in disguise. 




C. M. D. 

Ignace Pleyel, 1757-1831. 



1. Whilst Thee I seek, pro-tect-ing Power ! Be my Tain wish-es stilled; And may this con -se- 



crat - ed hour With bet - ter hopes be filled. 2 Thy love the power of 
d. s. That mer - cy I a - dore. 



5^- : 

thought be-stowed, To Thee my thoughts would soar ; Thy mer-cy o'er my life has flowed, 


! S 

<• * ? 






H. Z4l Goodness of Divine Providence. 

3 In each event of life, how clear 

Thy ruling hand I see ; 
Each blessing to my soul most dear, 
Because conferred by Thee. 

4 In every joy that crowns my days, 

In every pain I bear, 
My heart shall find delight in praise, 
Or seek relief in prayer. 

5 "When gladness wings the favoured hour, 

Thy love my thoughts shall fill ; 
Resigned, when storms of sorrow lower, 
My soul shah meet Thy will. 

6 My lifted eye, without a tear, 

The gathering storm shall see, 
My steadfast heart shall know no fear ; 
That heart will rest on Thee. 

Ji. 4:Zo Praise for Mercies. 

1 When all Thy mercies, O my God, 

My rising soul surveys, 
Transported with the view, I'm lost 
In wonder, love and praise. 

2 Unnumbered comforts to my soul 

Thy tender care bestowed, 

Before my infant heart conceived 
From whom those comforts flowed. 

3 When in the slippery paths of youth, 

With heedless steps I ran, 
Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe, 
And led me up to man. 

4 When worn by sickness, oft hast Thou 

With health renewed my face ; 
And when in sin and sorrow sunk, 
Revived my soul with grace. 

5 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts 

My daily thanks employ ; 
Nor is the least a cheerful heart 
That tastes those gifts with joy. 

6 Through every period of my life 

Thy goodness I'll pursue ; 
And after death, in distant worlds, 
The glorious theme renew. 

7 Through all eternity to Thee 

A joyful song I'll raise; 

But O ! eternity's too short, 

To utter all Thy praise. 

C O L E S H I L L. CM. 







To Fa - ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost, The God -whom we a_ - dore, 



:g — pz 










H. 64.2 Funeral Hymn. 

1 Haek ! from the tombs a doleful sound ! 

My ears attend the cry : 
"Ye living men, come view the ground, 
Where you must shortly he. 

2 "Princes, this clay must be your bed, 

In spite of all your towers ; 
The tall, the wise, the reverend head 
Must he as low as ours." 

3 Great God, is this our certain doom ? 

And are we still secure ? 
Still walking downward to the tomb, 
And yet prepare no more ! 

4 Grant us the power of quickening grace, 

To fit our souls to fly ; 
Then, when we drop this dying flesh, 
We'll rise above the sky. 

H . d57 Judgment Anticipated. 

1 When rising from the bed of death, 

O'erwhelmed with guilt and fear, 
I see my Maker face to face, 
! how shall I appear ? 

2 If yet while pardon may be found, 

And mercy may be sought, 
My heart with inward horror shrinks, 
And trembles at the thought. 

3 When Thou, O Lord, shall stand dis- 

In majesty severe, [closed, 

And sit in judgment on my soul, 
O ! how shall I aj>pear ? 

4 Yet never shall my soul despair 
Her pardon to procure, 
Who knows Thine only Son has died, 
To make her pardon sure. 

TT fifi4- Consolation in Christ in View of the 
JJ-. UUt Judgment. 

1 That awful day will surely come, 

Th' appointed hour makes haste, 
When I must stand before my Judge, 
And pass the solemn test. 

2 Thou lovely Chief of all my joys, 

Thou Sovereign of my heart, 
How could I bear to hear Thy voice 
Pronounce the word, "Depart!" 

3 O ! wretched state of deep despair, 

To see my God remove, 
And fix my doleful station, where 
I must not taste His love. 

4 Jesus, I throw my arms around, 

And hang upon Thy breast ; 
Without a gracious smile from Thee, 
My spirit cannot rest. 

5 O ! tell me that my worthless name 

Is graven on Thy hands ; 
Show me some promise in Thy book, 
Where my salvation stands. 

6 Give me one kind, assuring word, 

To sink my fears again ; 
And cheerfully my soul shall wait 
Her threescore years and ten. 



Mbs. Cuthbert. 

1. Give thanks to God, in - yoke His name, And tell the world His grace; 







j- ^4*^-* 



Sound through the earth His deeds of fame, That all 

-is- -m- -&- 



may seek His face. 







Ps. 105 

2 His covenant, which He kept in mind 

For numerous ages past, 

To numerous ages yet behind 

In equal force shall last. 

3 He sware to Abraham and his seed, 

And made the blessing sure ; 
Gentiles the ancient promise read, 
And find His truth endure. 

4 " Thy seed shall make all nations blest," 

Said the Almighty voice ; 
"And Canaan's land shall be their rest, 
The type of heavenly joys." 

Ps. 126 

1 When God revealed His gracious name, 

And changed my mournful state, 
My rapture seemed a pleasing drearu, 
The grace appeared so great. 

2 The world beheld the glorious change, 

And did Thy hand confess ; 
My tongue broke out in unknown strains, 
And sung surprising grace. 

3 " Great is the work," my neighbours 

And owned the power divine ; [cried, 
" Great is the work," my heart replied, 
And be the glory Thine. 

4 The Lord can clear the darkest skies, 

Can give us day for- night ; 
Make drops of sacred sorrow rise 
To rivers of delight. ■ 

5 Let those that sow in sadness wait 
Till the fair harvest come ; 
They shall confess then - sheaves are great, 
And shout the blessings home. 

Ps. 134 

1 Ye that obey th immortal King, 

Attend His holy place ; 
Bow to the glories of His power, 
And bless His wondrous grace. 

2 Lift up your hands by morning light, 

And send your souls on high ; 
Raise your admiring thoughts by night 
Above the starry sky. 

3 The God of Zion cheers our hearts, 

With rays of quickening grace ; 
The God that spreads the heavens abroad, 
And rules the swelling seas. 

Ps. 135 

1 Awake, ye saints, to praise your King, 

Your sweetest passions raise ; 
Your pious pleasure, while you sing, 
Increasing with the praise. 

2 Great is the Lord, and works unknown. 

Are His divine employ ; 
But still His saints are near His throne T 
His treasure and His joy. 

3 Heaven, earth, and sea confess His hand ; 

He bids the vapours rise ; 
Lightning and storm at His command 
Sweep through the sounding skies. 



4 Ye nations, know the living God, 
Serve Him with faith and fear ; 
He makes the churches His abode, 
And claims your honours there. 

Ps. 142 

1 To God I made my sorrows known, 

From God I sought relief ; 
In long complaints before His throne 
I poured out all my grief. 

2 My soul was overwhelmed with woes, 

My heart began to break ; 
My God, who all my burdens knows, 
Beholds the way I take. 

3 On every side I cast mine eye, 

And found my helpers gone, 
"While friends and strangers passed me 
Neglected or unknown. [by 

4 Then did I raise a louder cry, 

And called Thy mercy near ; 
" Thou art my portion when I die, 
Be Thou my refuge here." 

5 Lord, I am brought exceeding low ; 

Now let Thine ear aftend, 
And make my foes, who vex me, know, 
I've an almighty Friend. 

6 From my sad prison set me free : 

Then shall I praise Thy name ; 
And holy men shall join with me, 
Thy kindness to proclaim. 

Ji. o4U Jesus receiving little Children. 

1 Behold, what condescending love, 

Jesus on earth displays ; 
To babes and sucklings He extends 
The riches of His grace. 

2 He still the ancient promise keeps, 

To our forefathers given ; 
Young children in His arms He takes, 
And calls them hens of heaven. 

3 " Permit them to approach," He cries, 

" Nor scorn then humble name ; 
For 'twas to bless such souls as these 
The Lord of angels came." 

4 We bring them, Lord, with thankful 

And yield them up to Thee ; [hearts, 
Joyful that we ourselves are Thine, 
Thine let our offspring be. 

5 Thus to the parents and their seed, 
Let Thy salvation come ; 
And numerous households meet at last, 
In one eternal home. 

. 0^±0 Christ's Dying Love. 

1 How condescending and how kind 

Was God's eternal Son ! 
Our misery reached His heavenly mind, 
And pity brought Him down. 

2 When justice, by our sins provoked, 

Drew forth its dreadful sword, 
He gave His soul up to the stroke, 
Without a murmuring word. 

3 He sunk beneath our heavy woes, 

To raise us to His throne ; 
There's ne'er a gift His hand bestows 
But cost His heart a groan. 

4 This was compassion like a God, 

That though the Saviour knew 
The price of pardon was His blood, 
His pity ne'er withdrew. 

5 Now, though He reigns exalted high, 

His love is still as great : 
Well He remembers Calvary, 
Nor lets His saints forget. 

6 Here let our hearts begin to melt, 

While we His death record, 
And, with our joy for pardoned guilt, 
Mourn that we pierced the Lord. 

H. 557 

Gratitude unto Jesus. 

1 If human kindness meets return, 

And owns the grateful tie ; 
If tender thoughts within us burn, 
To feel a friend is nigh : 

2 Oh ! shall not warmer accents tell 

The gratitude we owe 
To Him who died, our fears to quell, 
Our more than orphan's woe ! 

3 While yet His anguished soul surveyed 

Those pangs He would not flee, 
What love His latest words displayed, 
" Meet and remember Me ! " 

4 Bemember Thee ! Thy death, Thy shame, 

Our sinful hearts to share ! 
memory, leave no other name 
But His recorded there. 



A. Williams' Collection, 1770. 


-td rz.- 

^L^ 2 

Let God the Fa - ther, and the Son, And Spi - rit be a - dored, 





<^> ^ 











Where there are works to make Hiin known, Or saints to love 






the Lord. 





Ji. 6 The Goodness of God. 

1 God, in the high and holy place, 

Looks down upon the spheres ; 
Yet in His providence and grace, 
To every eye appears. 

2 He bows the heavens ; the mountains 

A highway for our God : [stand 

He walks amid the desert land ; 
Tis Eden where He trod. 

3 In every stream His bounty flows, 

Diffusing joy and wealth ; 
In every breeze His Spirit blows 
The breath of life and health. 

4 His blessings fall in plenteous showers, 

Upon the lap of earth, [flowers, 

That teems with foliage, fruits, and 
And rings with infant mirth. 

5 If God hath made this world so fair, 

Where sin and death abound ; 
How beautiful, beyond compare, 
Will paradise be found ! 

PS. 119 Fourteenth Part. 

1 Consider all my sorrows, Lord, 

And Thy deliverance send ; 
My soul for Thy salvation faints, 
When will my troubles end ? 

2 Yet I have found 'tis good for me 

To bear my Father's rod ; 
Afflictions make me leam Thy law, 
And live upon my God. 

3 This is the comfort I enjoy, 

When new distress begins : 
I read Thy word, I run Thy way, 
And hate my former sins. 

4 Had not Thy word been my delight, 

When earthly joys were fled, 
My soul, oppressed with sorrow's weight, 
Had sunk amongst the dead. 

5 I know Thy judgments, Lord, are right, 

Though they may seem severe ; 
The sharpest sufferings I endure 
Flow from Thy faithful care. 

6 Before I knew Thy chastening rod, 

My feet were apt to stray ; 
But now I leam to keep Thy word, 
Nor wander from Thy way. 

H. SZo Asking Mercy in Affliction. 

1 O Thou whose mercy guides my way, 

Though now it seems severe, 
Forbid my unbelief to say 
There is no mercy here. 

2 Oh ! grant me to desire the pain 

That comes in kindness down, 
More than the world's illuring gain 
Succeeded by a frown. 

3 Then, though Thou bend my spirit low, 

Love only shall I see ; 
The very hand that strikes the blow, 
Was wounded once for me. 


Old American Tune. 




*±* w&*tsv-j 

1. Come, humble sinner, in whose breast A thousand thoughts revolve ; I 2. " I'll go to Je - sns, though my sin 
Come, with your guilt and fear oppress'd, And make this last resolve : ) 

imi ^m^ 


y j" j^ g^^ 

f & ' f 


High as a moun-tain rose ; I know His courts, I'll 





en - ter in, What - ev - er may op - pose. 


3 s 

i * ^ 



JO.. .ZOo Tfo Repenting Sinner returning. 

3 " Prostrate I'll lie before His throne, 

And there my guilt confess ; 

I'll tell Him I'm a wretch undone 

Without His sovereign grace. 

4 " I'll to the gracious King approach, 

"Whose sceptre pardon gives ; 
Perhaps He may command my touch, 
And then the suppliant lives. 

5 " Perhaps He will admit my plea, 

Perhaps will hear my prayer ; 
But if I perish, I will pray, 
And perish only there. 

6 " I can but perish if I go ; 

I am resolved to try ; 
For if I stay away, I know, 
I must for ever die." 

IS. 119 Seventeenth Part. 

1 O let my earnest prayer and cry 

Come near before Thee, Lord ; 
Give understanding unto me, 
According to Thy word. 

2 Let my request before Thee come ; 

After Thy word me free. 
My lips shall utter praise, when Thou 
Hast taught Thy laws to me. 

3 Let Thy strong hand make help to me 

Thy precepts are my choice ; 
I longed for Thy salvation, Lord, 
And in Thy law rejoice. 

4 let my soul live, and it shall 

Give praises unto Thee ; 
And let Thy judgments gracious 
Be helpful unto me. 

5 I, like a lost sheep, went astray ; 

Thy servant seek and find ; 
For Thy commands I suffered not 
To slip out of my mind. 

Ps. 74 

1 How long, eternal God, how long, 

Shall men of pride blasjmeme ? 
Shall saints be made then - endless song, 
And bear immortal shame ? 

2 What strange deliverance hast thou 

In ages long before ? [shown, 

And now no other God we own, 
No other God adore. 

3 Thou didst divide the raging sea 

By Thy resistless might, 
To make Thy tribes a wondrous way, 
And then secure their flight. 

4 Is not the world of nature Thine, 

The darkness and the day ? 
Didst Thou not bid the morning shine, 
And mark the sun his way ? 

5 Think on the covenant Thou hast made, 

And all Thy words of love ; 

Nor let the birds of prey invade 

And vex the trembling dove. 







— 4- 

Dr. L. Mason, 

1 1 


1. The 

— i 

pi - 


1 EM 

of the 

'"■ 1 

i/ f ■ 



' — <s 


i — F — 

_ a — ^ — ^ — 

— * s* c^ — ' 

that fear His 

— <s> 


& : a g 

— — 

— — — 

— F — 
— — — 


— P- — 
— * — 

r — ^ — *fe 

5h - i -a— p — 


— F — 


— p-= — 
i_j — i 

r£=! ±r. ._l_ 

1 — ^ — U 






Is such as ten - der pa - rents feel; He knows our fee - ble ' frame. 





-» — 0- 



Ps. 103 Third Part. 

2 He knows we are but dust, 

Scattered with every breath ; 
His anger, like a rising wind, 
Can send us swift to death. 

3 Our days are as the grass, 

Or like the morning flower ; 
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field, 
It withers in an hour. 

4 But Thy compassions, Lord, 

To endless years endure ; 
And children's children ever find 
Thy words of promise sure. 

PS. 133 First Part. 

1 Blest are the sons of peace, 

Whose hearts and hopes are one; 
Whose kind designs to serve and please, 
Through all their actions run. 

2 Blest is the pious house 

Where zeal and friendship meet ; 
Their songs of praise, their mingled vows, 
Make their communion sweet. 

3 Thus, when on Aaron's head 

They poured the rich perfume, 
The oil down to his raiment spread, 
And pleasure filled the room. 

4 Thus, on the heavenly hills, 

The saints are blest above, 
Where joy, like morning dew, distils, 
And all the ah- is love. 

M. 30 Sovereignty of God. 

1 Oue times are in Thy hand ; 

O God, we wish them there ; 
Our life, our friends, our souls we leave 
Entirely to Thy care. 

2 *Our times are in Thy hand, 

Whatever they may be, 
Pleasing or painful, dark or bright, 
As best may seem to Thoje. 

3 Our times are in Thy hand, 

Why should we doubt or fear ? 
A Father's hand will never cause 
His child a needless tear. 

4 Our times are in Thy hand, 

Jesus, the crucified ; 
The hand our many sins have pierced 
Is now our guard and guide. 

EL 35 Praise to the Trinity; 

1 To God the only wise, 

Who keeps us by His word, 
Be glory now and evermore, 

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

2 Hosanna to the Word, 

Who from the Father came ; 
Ascribe salvation to the Lord, 
And ever bless His name. 

3 The grace of Christ our Lord, 

The Father's boundless love, 
The Spirit's blest communion too, 
Be with us from above. 

DENNIS. S. M. 233 

H. G. Nageli, deed 1836 ; Arranged by Dr. L. Mason, 1849. 

1. And canst thou, sin - ner, slight 


call of 

love di - vine ? 







Shall God with ten - der - ness in - vite, And gain no thought of thine ? 

l"\ s~* I s~* I /-~- 1 i^S 









XI. ld^ Grieving the Spirit. 

2 Wilt thou not cease to grieve 

The Spirit from thy breast, 
Till He thy wretched soul shall leave, 
With all thy sins oppressed? 

3 To-day a pardoning God 

Will hear the suppliant pray ; 
To-day a Saviour's cleansing blood 
Will wash Thy guilt away. 

4 But grace so dearly bought, 

If yet thou wilt despise, 
Thy fearful doom with vengeance fraught, 
Will fill thee with surprise. 


The Comforter. 

1 Blest Comforter Divine, 

Whose rays of heavenly love 
Amid our gloom and darkness shine, 
And point our souls above : 

2 Thou who with "still small voice" 

Dost stop the sinner's way, 
And bid the mourning saint rejoice, 
Though earthly joys decay. 

3 Thou whose inspiring breath 

Can make the cloud of care, 
And e'en the gloomy vale of death, 
A smile of glory wear ; 

4 Thou who dost fill the heart 

With love to all our race, 
Blest Comforter ! to us impart 
The blessings of Thy grace. 

H. 654 Certainty of Death. 

1 And am I born to die ? 

To lay this body down? 
And must my trembling spirit fly 
Into a world unknown ? 

2 How shall I leave my tomb ? 

With triumph or regret ! 
A fearful or a joyful doom, 
A curse or blessing, meet? 

PS. 90 Fourth Part. 

1 Lord, what a feeble piece 

Is this our mortal frame ! 
Our life, how poor a trifle 'tis, 
That scarce deseiwes the name ! 

2 Alas, the brittle clay 

That built our body first ! 
And every month, and every day, 
'Tis mouldering back to dust. 

3 Our moments fly apace, 

Our feeble powers decay ; 
Swift as a flood our hasty days 
Are sweeping us away. 

4 Yet, if oiu - days must fly, 

We'll keep their end in sight, 
We'll spend them all in wisdom's way, 
And let them speed then- flight. 

5 They'll waft us sooner o'er 

This life's tempestuous seaj 
Soon shall we reach the peaceful shore 
©f blest eternity. 



From a Geegobian Chant. 

n 4+ ft 

V I»ii* Q 



^=9 — r 

— i 


— ^ . 

■ — si — 


- 23 

J ! 

1. Be - 




won - 

— s2^ 



L_g «_ 

Fa - ther 



— i — s> — u 

- stowed 

(iV-'Si f- 5 





r i i 

f/^/t ! 

i i i — r ^ 

«r 1 

— a. — 

V^> "tt I) 


« ' £ fz> 













x±. 232 Adoption. 

2 'Tis no surprising thing, 

That we should be unknown ; 
The Jewish world knew not their "King, 
God's everlasting Son. 

3 Nor doth it yet appear 

How great we must be made ; 
But when we see our Savioiu' here, 
We shall be like our Head. 

4 A hope so much divine, 

May trials well endure, 
May purge our souls from sense and sin, 
As Christ the Lord is pure. 

5 If in my Father's Love 

I share a filial part, 
Send down Thy Spirit like a dove, 
To rest upon my heart. 

6 We would no longer lie 

Like slaves beneath the throne ; 
My faith shall Abba, Father, cry, 
And Thou the kindred own. 

TT. 252 The Mourner Comforted. 

1 Your harps, ye trembling saints, 

Down from the willows take ; 
Loud to the praise of love divine, 
Bid every string awake. 

2 Though in a foreign land, 

We are not far from home, 
And nearer to our house above, 
We every moment come. 

3 His grace will, to the end, 

Stronger and brighter shine ; 
Nor present things, nor things to come, 
Shall quench the love divine. 

4 When we in darkness walk, 

Nor feel the heavenly flame ; 
Then is the time to trust our God, 
And rest upon His name. 

5 Soon shall our doubts and fears 

Subside at His control ; 
His loving-kindness shall break through 
The midnight of the soul. 

6 Blest is the man, God, 

That stays himself on Thee ; 
Who waits for Thy salvation, Lord, 
Shall Thy salvation see. 

PS. 86 Second Part. 

1 My God, my prayer attend ; 

Oh! bow Thine ear to me, 
Without a hope, without a friend, 
Without a help, but Thee. 

2 Oh! guard my soul around, 

Which loves and trusts Thy grace ; 
Nor let the powers of hell confound 
The hopes on Thee I place. 

3 Oh ! bid my heart rejoice, 

And every fear control ; 
Since at Thy feet, with suppliant voice, 
To Thee I lift my soul. 


Db. Mason, 1830. 




-<r- m m- 




1. The Lord my Shep - herd is, 





shall be -well sup - plied ; 

4 m — m * 0. . rz>- 




-m~. — a{ i 1 «- 






am His, What can I want be - side ? 


Since He is mine, and 



■IS 1 5 





PS. 23 Z%ard Part. 

2 He leads me to the place 

Where heavenly pasture grows, 
Where living waters gently pass, 
And full salvation flows. 

3 If e'er I go astray, 

He doth my soul reclaim, 
And guides me in His own right way, 
For His most holy name. 

4 While He affords His aid, 

I cannot yield to fear ; [shade, 

Tho' I should walk thro' death's dark 
My Shepherd's with me there. 

5 Amid surroiinding foes 

Thou dost my table spread ; 
My cup with blessings overflows, 
And joy exalts my head. 

6 The bounties of Thy love 

Shall crown my following days ; 
Nor from Thy house will I remove, 
Nor cease to speak Thy praise. 

Ps. 83 

1 And will the God of grace 

Perpetual silence keep? 
The God of justice hold His peace, 
And let His vengeance sleep 1 

2 Behold what cruel snares 

The men of mischief spread ; 
The men that hate Thy saints and Thee, 
Lift up their threatening head. 

3 Convince their madness, Lord, 

And make them seek Thy name, 

Or else their impious rage confound, 

And turn their pride to shame. 

4 Then shall the nations know 

Thy glorious, dreadful word ; 
Jehovah is Thy name alone, 
And Thou the sovereign Lord. 

Jj. loO The Scripture's Influence. 

1 Come, Holy Spirit, come ; 

Let Thy bright beams arise ; 
Dispel the darkness from our minds r 
And open Thou our eyes. 

2 Eevive our drooping faith ; 

Our doubts and fears remove ; 
And kindle in our breasts the flame 
Of never-dying love. 

3 Convince us of our sin, 

Then lead to Jesus' blood ; 
And to our wondering view reveal 
The gracious love of God. 

4 'Tis Thine to cleanse the heart, 

To sanctify the soul, 
To pour fresh life on every part, 
And new create the whole. 

5 Dwell, therefore, in our hearts ; 

Our minds from bondage free-; 
Then shall we know, and praise, and love 
The Father, Son, and Thee. 



Fbom Handel, by Wm. Tansub, 1768. 










— P~ 
'Tis Christ the ev - er - last - ing God, And Christ the 









S =P= ^ 

b=£i*~P. P" 



ll. 109 Exaltation of Christ. 

2 Down to the shades of death, 

He bowed His awful head ; 

Yet He arose to live and reign, 

"When death itself is dead. 

3 No more the bloody spear, 

The cross and nails no more ; 
For hell itself shakes at His name, 
And all the heavens adore. 

4 There the Redeemer sits, 

High on the Father's throne ; 
The Father lays His vengeance by 
And smiles upon His Son. 

5 There His full glories shine 

With uncreated rays, 
And bless His saints and angels there, 
To everlasting days. 

PS. 19 First Part. 

1 Behold, the morning sun 

Begins his glorious way ; 
His beams through ah the nations run, 
And life and light convey. 

2 But where the gospel comes, 

It spreads diviner light ; 
It calls dead sinners from their tombs, 
And gives the blind their sight. 

3 How perfect is Thy word ! 

And all Thy judgments just ; 
For ever sure Thy promise, Lord, 
And men securely trust. 

4 I hear Thy word with love, 

And I would fain obey ; 
Send Thy good Spirit from above 
To guide me lest I stray. 

5 While with my heart and tongue 

I spread Thy praise abroad; 
Accept the worship and the song, 
My Saviour and my God. 


First Part. 

To Thee I lift my soul ; 

O Lord, I trust in Thee ; 
My God, let me not be ashamed, 

Nor foes triumph o'er me. 

2 Show me Thy ways, O Lord, 

Thy paths, O teach Thou me ; 
And do Thou lead me in Thy truth, 
Therein my teacher be. 

3 For Thou art God that dost 

To me salvation send, 
And I updh Thee all the day 
Expecting, do attend. 

4 My sins and faults of youth 

Do Thou, O Lord, forget ; 
After Thy mercy think on me, 
And for Thy goodness great. 

5 God good and upright is ; 

The way He'U sinners show ; 
The meek in judgment He will guide, 
And make His path to know. 













1. My thirs - ty 

rit faints To reach the 








Ji. 4Uo Longing for Heaven. 

2 Yet clouds will intervene, 

And all niy prospect flies ; 
Like Noah's dove, I flit between 
Rough seas and stormy skies. 

3 Anon the clouds depart, 

The winds and waters cease, 
While sweetly o"er my gladdened heart 
Expands the bow of peace. 

_U. 71 Blessings of Christ's Advent. 

1 Raise your triumphant songs 

To an immortal tune ; 
Let the wide earth resound the deeds 
Celestial grace has done. 

2 Sing how eternal Love 

Its chief Beloved chose, 
And bade Him raise our wretched race 
From their abyss of woes. 

3 His hand no thunder bears, 

Nor terror clothes His brow ; 
No bolts to drive our guilty souls 
To fiercer flames below. 

4 'Twas mercy filled the throne, 

And wrath stood silent by, 
When Christ was sent with pardons down 
To sinners doomed to die. 

5 Now, sinners, dry your tears, 

Let hopeless sorrow cease ; 

Bow to the sceptre of His love, 

And take the offered peace. 

6 Lord, we obey Thy call ; 
We lay an humble claim 
To the salvation Thou hast brought, 
And love and praise Thy name. 

PS. 48 Second Part. 

1 Far as Thy name is known, 

The world declares Thy praise ; 
Thy saints, O Lord, before Thy throne 
Their songs of honour raise. 

2 With joy Thy people stand 

On Zion's chosen hill ; 
Proclaim the wonders of Thy hand, 
And counsels of Thy will. 

3 Let strangers walk around 

The city where we dwell, 
Compass and view Thy holy ground, 
And mark the building well: 

4 The orders of Thy house, 

The worship of Thy court, 
The cheerful songs, the solemn vows, 
And make a fair report. 

5 How decent and how wise ! 

How glorious to behold ! 
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes, 
And rites adorned with gold. 

6 The God we worship now 

Will guide us till we die ; 
Will be our God while here below, 
And ours above the sky. 



English Tune. 










1. Not with our mor - tal eyes, Have we be - held 





the Lord ; 





4. r^- 






JlL. ZS)Z Love to an Unseen Saviour. 

1 Not with.our mortal eyes, 

Have we beheld the Lord ; 
Yet we rejoice to hear His name, 
And love Him in His word. 

2 On earth we want the sight 

Of our Redeemer's face ; 
Yet, Lord, our inmost thoughts delight 
To dwell upon Thy grace. 

3 And when we taste Thy love, 

Our joys divinely grow, 
Unspeakable, like those above, 
And heaven begins below. 


1 Give to the winds thy fears ; 

Hope on, be not dismayed ; [tears : 
God hears thy sighs, and counts thy 
God shall lift up thy head. 

2 Through waves, and clouds, and storms, 

He gently clears thy way ; 
Wait thou His time : the darkest night 
Shall end in brightest day. 

3 Far, far above thy thought 

His counsel shall appear, 
When fully He the work hath wrought, 
That caused thy needless fear. 

4 What though thou rulest not ! 

Yet heaven, and earth, and hell 
Proclaim — God sitteth on the throne, 
And ruleth all things well. 

PS. 48 First Part. 

1 Great is the Lord our God, 

And let His praise be great ; 
He makes His churches His abode, 
His most delightful seat. 

2 These temples of His grace, 

How beautiful they stand ! 
The honours of our native place, 
And bulwarks of our land. 

3 In Zion God is known, 

A refuge in distress ; 
How bright has His salvation shone ! 
How fair His heavenly grace ! 

4 When kings against her joined, 

And saw the Lord was there, 
In wild confusion of the mind 
They fled with hasty fear. 

5 When navies, tall and proud, 

Attempt to spoil our peace, 
He sends his tempests roaring loud, 
And sinks them in the seas. 

6 Oft have our fathers told 

Our eyes have often seen, 
How well our God secures the fold, 
Where His own flocks have been. 

7 In every new distress 

We'll to His house repair ; 
Recall to mind His wondrous grace, 
And seek deliverance there. 

LAB AN. S. M. 


Dr. L. Mason, 1830. 




1. My soul, be on thy guard, Ten thou - sand foes a 





H» — r— 



-L N- 






And hosts of sins are press - ing 

■ _r r r^« = rW 


hard, To draw thee from the skies. 




: fr— f 



4 A spirit still prepared, 

And armed with jealous care, 
Forever standing on its guard, 
And watching unto prayer. 

5 I rest upon Thy word, 

Thy promise is for me ; 
My succour and salvation, Lord, 
Shall surely come from Thee. 

6 But let me still abide, 

Nor from my hope remove, 
Till Thou my patient spirit guide 
Into Thy perfect love. 

id. OoO A Charge to Keep. 

1 A charge to keep I have, 

A God to glorify ; 
A never-dying soul to save, 
And fit it for the sky. 

2 From youth to hoary age, 

My calling to fulfil ; 
O may it all my powers engage 
To do my Master's will. 

3 Arm me with jealous care, 

As in Thy sight to live, 
And O Thy servant, Lord, prepare 
A strict account to give. 

4 Help me to watch and pray, 

And on Thyself rely ; 
Assured if I my trust betray, 
I shall for ever die. 

Jul . oo4 Watch and Pray. 

1 My soul, be on thy guard, 

Ten thousand foes arise ; 
And hosts of sins are pressing hard, 
To draw thee from the skies. 

2 O watch, and fight, and pray, 

The battle ne'er give o'er ; 
Renew it boldly every day, 
And help divine implore. 

3 Ne'er think the victory won, 

Nor once at ease sit down ; 
Thy arduous work will not be done, 
Till thou hast got the crown. 

4 Fight on, my soul, till death 

Shall bring thee to thy God ; 
He'll take thee, at thy parting breath, 
Up to His blest abode. 

JtL. iiJiL Jems my Strength and Hope. 

1 Jesus, my strength, my hope, 

On Thee I cast my care ; 
With humble confidence look up, 
And know Thou hear'st my prayer. 

2 Give me on Thee to wait, 

Till I can all things do, 
On Thee, almighty to create, 
Almighty to renew. 

3 I want a godly fear, 

A quick discerning eye, 
That looks to Thee when sin is near, 
And sees the tempter fly. 



A Chapin, 1823. 


found, Rest for the 



1. o 

where shall 







wea - ry 










'Twere vain the 



cean depths 



sound, Or pierce to 









eith - ei: pole 







XX. 311 Rest only found in, God. 

1 Oh ! where shall rest be found, 

Rest for the weary soul ? 
'Twere vain the ocean depths to sound, 
Or pierce to either pole. 

2 The world can never give 

The bhss for which we sigh ; 
'Tis not the whole of life to live, 
Nor all of death to die. 

3 Beyond this vale of tears 

There is a life above, 
Unmeasured by the flight of years ; 
And all that life is love. 

4 There is a death whose pang 

Outlasts the fleeting breath ; 

Oh ! what eternal horrors hang ' 

Around " the second death !" 

5 Lord God of truth and grace, 

Teach us that death to shun, 
Lest we be banished from thy face, 
And evermore undone. 

6 Here would we end our quest ; 

Alone are found in Thee, 
The life of perfect love, the rest 
Of immortality. 

TT. 361 The Believer's Safety in the Church. 

1 Oh ! cease, my wandering soul, 
On restless wing to roam ; 
All the wide world to either pole, 
Has not for thee a home. 


2 Behold the ark of God, 

Behold the open door ; 
Hasten to gain that dear abode, 
And rove, my soul, no more. 

3 There, safe thou shalt abide, 

There, sweet shall be Thy rest, 
And every longing satisfied, 
With full salvation blest. 


1 Feom foes that round us rise, 

O God of heaven defend, 
Who brave the vengeance of the skies, 
And with Thy saints contend. 

2 And will the God of grace, 

Regardless of our pain, 
Permit, secure, that impious race 
To riot in their reign % 

3 In vain their secret guile, 

Or open force they prove ; 
His eye can pierce the deepest veil, 
His hand their strength remove. 

4 Yet save them, Lord, from death, 

Subdue them by Thy word, 
Confound their counsels with Thy breath, 
But pardoning grace afford. 

5 Then shall our grateful voice 

Proclaim our guardian God : 
The nations round the earth rejoice, 
And sound Thy praise abroad. 



gj N j jrt ? 7i j i i jij < i 

Geoege Kingsley, 1843. 

4 g 1-g- 

1. In true and 




pa - tient hope, My soul, on God at 


tend : 












calm - ly con 


r- i * T 

dent look 







-Ti* T 


-& — ~ 

va - tion send. 







Ps. 62 Second Part. 

2 I shall His goodness see, 

While on His name I call ; 
He will defend and strengthen me, 
And I shall never fall. 

3 Jesus, to Thee I fly, 

My refuge and my tower ; 
Upon Thy faithful love rely, 
And find Thy saving power. 

4 Trust in the Lord alone, 

Who aids us from above ; 
In every strait surround His throne, 
And hang upon His love. 

H. 100 Christ our Advocate. 

1 The great Redeemer's gone, 

To appear before our God, 
To sprinkle o'er the flaming throne 
With His atoning blood. 

2 No fiery vengeance now, 

No burning wrath comes down; 
If justice calls for sinners' blood, 
The Saviour shows His own. 

3 Before His Father's eye 

Our humble suit He moves ; 
The Father lays His thunder by, 
And looks, and smiles, and loves. 

4 Now may our joyful tongues 

Our Maker's honour sing ; I 
Jesus, the Priest, receives our songs, 
And bears them to the King. 

5 On earth Thy mercy reigns, 

And triumphs all above ; 
But, Lord, how weak are mortal strains. 
To speak immortal love ! 

6 How jarring and how low 

Are all the notes we sing ! 
Blest Saviour, tune our songs anew, 
And they shall please the King. 

H. 443 On Going to Rest. 

1 The day is past and gone, 

The evening shades appear ; 
O may we all remember well 
The night of death draws near. 

2 We lay our garments by, 

Upon our beds to rest ; 
So death will soonfljhsrobe us all 
Of what is here possessed. 

3 Lord, keep us safe this night, 

Secure from all our fears ; 
May angels guard us while we sleep, 
Till morning light appears. 

4 And when we early rise, 

And view the unwearied sun, 
May we set out to win the prize, 
And after glory run. 

5 And when our days are past, 

And we from time remove, 
O may we in Thy bosom rest, 
The bosom of Thy love. 


A IK S. M. D. 




~M 1 .1 





-i i +—- J -* — g- 

j j j ^ 

^ i 

Come, we that love the Lord, And let our joys be known; Join 

-r r- f 1 f-r, n- 


















with sweet ac - cord, And thus snr - round the throne. 


r» r » 




I* ^ 





I* U-t 



> h w 






-4= is- 

let our songs a - bound, And ev - ry tear be dried, We're 

So let our songs a - bound, ^^ And ev - ry tear be 


■m--- m - — - m -m- s 

r r 

iiiiKt, ^^ Ana ev 

r r 




4= — F- 

^— w 




p=^E JEj: 

— s — ' ' 

9 ^— m -m 



er worlds on 

= — sfc:: 

1*0 fa* ** 

march - - - ing thro' Im 
dried, We're march-ing thro', etc. 

man-uel's ground, To 



5g4 -J - 





V 1 

5 The men of grace have found 

Glory begun below : 
Celestial fruits on earthly ground 
From faith and hope may grow. 

6 The hill of Zion yields 

A thousand sacred sweets, 
Before we reach the heavenly fields, 
Or walk the golden streets. 

7 Then let our songs abound, 

And every tear be dry ; [ground, 

We're marching through Immanuel's 
To fairer worlds on high. 

XX. 4<0 Reasons for Praise. 

2 The God that rules on high, 

And thunders when He please, . 
That rides upon the stormy sky, 
And manages the seas : 

3 This awful God is ours, 

Our Father and our Love ; 
He shall send down His heavenly powers 
To carry us above. 

4 There shall we see His face, 

And never, never sin ; 
There, from the rivers of His grace, 
Drink endless pleasures in. 



Daniel Bead, 1785. 





> 1 Jh 


1. Is 



the kind 

re - 






thanks we 




(si)' 1 1? n j 

1 1 

* 1 

«„-> h i v 

L '- 





" 4 f 

w ' 







-m m M - 




to a - buse e - ter - nal love, "Whence all our bless - ings flow ! 

N > J 

-m — 0- 


-m m- 


TT . ^09 Ingratitude Deplored. 

2 To what a stubborn frame 

Has sin reduced our mind! 
"What strange rebellious wretches we, 
And God as strangely kind ! 

3 On us He bids the sun 

Shed his reviving rays ; 
For us the skies their circles run 
• To lengthen out our days. 

4 The brutes obey then- God, 

And bow then - necks to men ; 
But we, more base, more brutish things, 
Reject His easy reign. 

5 Turn, turn us, mighty God, 

And mould our souls afresh ; [stone, 
Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of 
And give us hearts of flesh. 

6 Let past ingratitude 

Provoke our weeping eyes, 
And hourly as new mercies fall, 
Let hourly thanks arise. 

H . Z\ 1 Union with Clirist. 

1 Dear Saviour, we are Thine 

By everlasting bands ; 
Our names, our hearts, we would resign, 
And souls, into Thy hands. 

2 Accepted for Thy sake, 

And justified by faith, 
We of Thy righteousness partake, 
And find in Thee our life. 

3 To Thee we still would cleave, 

With ever growing zeal ; 
If millions tempt us Christ to leave, 
O ! let them ne'er prevail. 

4 Thy Spirit shall unite 

Our- souls to Thee otu* head ; 
Shall form us to Thy image bright, 
That we Thy paths may tread. 

5 Death may our sords divide 

From these abodes of clay ; 
But love shall keep us near Thy side, 
Through all the gloomy way. 

6 Since Christ and we are one, 

Why should we doubt or fear ? 
Since He in Heaven has fixed His 
He'll fix His members there, [throne, 

H. 493 The Sabbath a Delight. 

1 Welcome, sweet day of rest, 

That saw the Lord arise -, 
Welcome to this reviving breast, 
And these rejoicing eyes. 

2 The King Himself comes near, 

And feasts His saints to-day ; 
Here we may sit, and see Him here, 
And love and praise and pray. 

3 My willing soul would stay 

In such a frame as this, 
And sit and sing hersejf away 
To everlasting bhss. 



Isaac Smith, 1770. 








1. See how the ris - ing sun Pur - sues his shin - ing way; And 

£2 ! — J — J -, — i — J , r? „ r=> ■ I s " p— pJ-J— J-J-.-^-^fg. 









ii ^l g 

^— mi-f-\-7zJ— mr. 






wide pro - claims his Ma 


- ker's praise, "With ev 
^1 & » J 




'ry bright'n-ing ray. 






-LL. 445 -A Morning Hymn: 

2 Thus would my rising soul 

Its heavenly Parent sing ; 
And to its great Original 
The humble tribute bring. 

3 Serene I laid me down 

Beneath His guardian care ; 
I slept, and I awoke and found 
My kind Preserver near. 

4 My life I would anew 

Devote, O Lord, to Thee; 
And in Thy service I would spend 
A long eternity. 

PS. 95 First Part. 

1 Come, sound His praise abroad, 

And hymns of glory sing ; 
Jehovah is the Sovereign God, 
The universal King. 

2 He formed the deeps unknown ; 

He gave the seas their bound ; 
The watery worlds are all His own, 
And all the sohd ground. 

3 Come, worship at His throne, 

Come, bow before the Lord ; 
We are His works, and not our own ; 
He formed us by His word. 

4 To-day attend His voice, 

Nor dare provoke His rod ! 
Come, like the*people of His choice, 
And. own your gracious God. 

5 But if your ears refuse 

The message of His love ; 
And hearts grow hard and will not choose 
The blessings from above ; 

6 The Lord, in vengeance drest, 

Will lift His hand and swear, 
" You that despise My promised rest 
Shall have no portion there." 

PS. 125 Second Part. 

1 Firm and unmoved are they 

That rest their souls on God ; 
Firm as the mount where David dwelt,] 
Or where the ark abode. 

2 As mountains stood to guard 

The city's sacred ground, 
So God and His almighty love 
Embrace His saints around. 

3 What though the Father's rod 

Drop a chastising stroke ; 
Yet, lest it wound their souls too deep, 
Its fury shall be broke. 

4 Deal gently, Lord, with those 

Whose faith and pious fear, 
Whose hope and love, and every grace, 
Proclaim their hearts sincere. 

5 Nor shall the tyrant's rage 

Too long oppress the saint ; 
The God of Israel will support 
His children, lest they faint. 


Thomas Clabk, of England, 1804. 

1. Grace ! 'tis a charm - ing sound, Har - mo - nious to mine ear ; Heav'n with the 

J- I I I > 


■ ff 

: E 


-p- -p- 

rJ xza 




■^ |=*3 =t7 





ff^^^ rr^^^^S^ 



ech - o shall re-sound, Heav'n with the ech - o shall re-sound, And 

Heav'n with the ech - o shall re -sound, 

11 J. J. 






V \ w 






J.J J J ^ 





And all the earth shall hear. 

all the earth shall hear, And all the earth shall hear, And all the earth shall hear. 

And all the earth shall hear, And all the earth shall hear, And all the earth shall hear. 

, J. J. J* 











H. 161 

Efficacy of Grace. 

1 Grace ! 'tis a charming sound, 

Harmonious to mine ear ; 
Heaven with the echo shall resound, 
And all the earth shall hear. 

2 Grace first contrived the way 

To save the rebellious man ; 
And all the steps that grace display, 
"Which drew the wondrous plan. 

3 Grace first inscribed my name 

In God's eternal book ; 
'Twas grace that gave me to the Lamb, 
Who all my sorrows took. 

4 Grace led my roving feet 

To tread the heavenly road ; 
And new supplies each hour I meet, 
While pressing on to God. 

5 Grace taught my soul to pray, 

And made mine eyes o'erflow; 
'Twas grace that kept me to this day, 
And will not let me go. 

6 Grace all the work shall crown, 
Through everlasting days ; 
It lays in heaven the topmost stone, 
And well deserves the praise. 

n . 115 Praise to tlie Redeemer. 

1 Awake, and sing the song 

Of Moses and the Lamb ; 
Wake every heart, and every tongue, 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

2 Sing of His dying love, 

Sing of His rising power ; 
Sing how He intercedes above 
For those whose sins He bore. 

3 Sing on your heavenly way, 

Ye ransomed sinners, sing ; 
Sing on, rejoicing every day, 
In Christ the eternal King. 

4 Soon shall we hear Him say, 

"Ye blessed children, come!" 
Soon will He call us hence away, 
And take His wanderers home. 



Db. Mason, 1833. 










1. May 

f f r 

Ja - cob's God 

de - fend 



And hear us in dis - tress: 

£2- Jt. 4*. £2- -es. jZL. 






& — rt- 





p ff p 


Our sue - cour from His tern - pie send, Our cause from Zi - on bless ! 

J J J J- J 

I s — P = 










* The small notes are for the Organ. 


2 May He accept our vow, 

Our sacrifice receive, 
Our heart's devout request allow, 
Our holy wishes give ! 

3 O Lord ! Thy saving grace, 

We joyfully declare ; 
Our banner in Thy name we raise ; 
" The Lord fulfil our prayer !" 

4 Now know we that the Lord 

His chosen will defend ; 
From heaven will strength divine afford, 
And will their prayer attend. 

5 Some earthly succour trust, 

But we in God's right hand ; 
Lo ! while they fall, so vain their boast, 
We rise and upright stand. 

6 Still save us, Lord ! and still 

Thy servants deign to bless ; 
Hear, King of heaven, in times of ill, 
The prayers that we address. 

n . Zu Submission to Providence. 

1 Thy way, not mine, O Lord, 

However dark it be ! 
Lead me, O God, by Thine own hand, • 
Choose out the path for me. 

2 I dare not choose my lot, 

I would not, if I might ; 
Choose Thou for me, O Lord, my God, 
So shall I walk aright. 

3 The kingdom that I seek 

Is Thine ; so let the way 
That leads to it, O Lord, be Thine, 
Else I must surely stray. 

4 Take Thou my cup, and it 

With joy or sorrow fill, 
As best to Thee, O Lord, may seem ; 
Choose Thou my good and ill. 

5 Not mine, not mine the choice, 

In things or great or small ; 
Be Thou, O Lord, my guide, my strength, 
My wisdom, and my all. 


Jesus, Lead Me ! 

1 Thou who wouldst not have 

One wretched sinner die ; 
Who diedst Thyself, my soul to save 
From endless misery ! 

2 Show me the way to shun 

Thy dreadful wrath severe ; 
That when Thou comest on Thy throne, 
I may with joy appear. 

3 Thou art Thyself the way, 

Thyself in me reveal ; 
So shall I spend my life's short day 
Obedient to Thy will. 

4 So shall I love my God, 

Because He first loved me ; 
And praise Thee in Thy bright abode 
To all eternity. 


De. Thos. Hastings, 1835. 


1. ! bless the Lord my soul ; Let all with-in me join, And aid 

my tougue to 

bless His name, Whose fa -vours are di - vine — Whose fa - vours are di - vine. 







I s *— 




PS. 103 First Part. 

2 O ! bless the Lord, my soul ; 

Nor let His mercies lie 
Forgotten in unthankfulness, 
And without praises die. 

3 "lis He forgives thy sins, 

Tis He relieves thy pains, 
Tis He that heals thy sicknesses, 
And makes thee young again. 

4 He crowns thy life with love, 

When ransomed from the grave ; 
He that redeemed my soul from hell, 
Hath sovereign power to save. 

5 He fills the poor with good ; 

He gives the sufferers rest ; 
The Lord hath judgments for the proud, 
And justice for th oppressed. 

6 His wondrous works and ways 

He made by Moses known ; 
But sent the world His truth and grace 
By His beloved Son. 

Ps. 148 Second Part. 

1 Let every creature join 

To praise th' eternal God ; 
Ye heavenly hosts, the song begin, 
And sound His name abroad. 

2 Thou sun with golden beams, 

And moon with paler rays, 
Te starry lights, ye twinkling 
Shine to your Maker's praise 

3 He built those worlds above, 

And fixed their wondrous frame ; 
By His command they stand or move, 
And ever speak His name. 

4 Ye vapours, when ye rise, 

Or fall in showers of snow, 
Ye thunders, murmuring -'round the 
His power and glory show. [skies, 

5 Wind, hail, and flaming fire, 

Agree to praise the Lord ; 
When ye in dreadful storms conspire 
To execute His word. 

6 By all His works above, 

His honours be expressed ; 
But saints that taste His saving love, 
Should sing His praises best. 

TT coo God's Blessing Invoked on Baptized 

f\Xl(tV€Th . 

1 Great God, now condescend 

To bless our rising race ; 
Soon may their willing spirits bend, 
The subjects of Thy grace. 

2 O what a pure delight 

Their happiness to see ! 
Our warmest wishes all unite 
To lead their souls to Thee. 

3 Now bless, Thou God of love, 

This ordinance divine ; 
Send Thy good Spirit from above, 
And make these children Thine. 



Dn. L. Mason. 

TT . 164 Faith in the Sacrifice of Christ. 

2 But Christ, the heavenly Lamb, 

Takes all our sins away ; 
A sacrifice of nobler name, 
And richer blood than they. 

3 My faith would lay her hand 

On tha{ dear head of Thine, 
"While like a penitent I stand, 
And there confess my sin. 

4 My soul looks back to see 

The burdens Thou didst bear, 

When hanging on the cursed tree, 

And hopes her guilt was there. 

5 Believing, we rejoice 

To see the curse remove ; 
"We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice, 
And sing His bleeding love. 

H. 240 Grace. 

1 Man's wisdom is to seek 

His strength in God alone ; 
And e'en an angel would be weak, 
Who trusted in his own. 

2 Betreat beneath His wings, 

And in His grace confide ; 
This more exalts the King of kings, 
Than all your works beside. 

3 In Jesus is our store ; 

Grace issues from His throne ; 
Whoever says, "I want no more," 
Confesses he has none. 

J4. Z7±. Faith Prevailing in Trouble. 

1 If, through unruffled seas, 

Toward heaven we calmly sail, 
With grateful hearts, O God, to Thee, 
We'll own the prospering gale. 

2 But should the surges rise, 

And rest delay to come, 
Blest be the sorrow — kind the storm, 
Which drives us nearer home. 

3 Teach us, in every state, 

To make Thy will our own ; 
And when the joys of sense depart, 
To live by faith alone. 

PS. 99 First Part. 

1 The God Jehovah reigns, 

Let all the nations fear ; 
Let sinners tremble at His throne, 
And saints be humble there. 

2 Jesus the Saviour reigns, 

Let earth adore its Lord ; 
Bright cherubs His attendants stand, 
Swift to fulfil His word. 

3 In Zion stands His throne, 

His honours are divine ; [known, 

His church shall make His wonders 
For there His glories shine. 

4 How holy is His name ! 

How terrible His praise ! 
Justice, and truth, and judgment join 
In all His works of grace. 


249 1 

De. Wm. Botce, 1710-1779. 






: s 




Be just be 

fore bis God? 

1. Ab ! bow sball fall - en 

-4t*-^? KS 10 »- 



-F g: 


— p: 

-IS 1 - 





If He con - tend in rigbt - eous - ness, We 

^=. -m- -m- j=2± 

be - neatb His 


n . 14:0 G-uilt and Helplessness of Man. 

2 If He our ways should mark 

With strict inquiring eyes, 
Could we for one of thousand faults, 
A just excuse devise ? 

3 All-seeing, powerful God, 

Who can with Thee contend ? 
Or who that tries the unequal strife, 
Shall prosper in the end ? 

4 The mountains, in Thy wrath, 

Their ancient seats forsake ; 
The trembling earth deserts her place, 
Her rooted pillars shake. 

5 Ah ! how shall guilty man, 

Contend with such a God 1 
None, none can meet Him and escape, 
But through the Saviour's blood. 

JtL. J. J 7 Oh! for True Repentance! 

1 Oh ! that I could repent, 

With every idol part, 
And to Thy gracious eye present 
An humble, contrite heart. 

2 A heart with grief oppressed, 

For having grieved my God ; 
A troubled heart that cannot rest, 
Till sprinkled with Thy blood. 

3 Jesus, on me bestow 

The penitent desire ; 
With true sincerity of woe 
My aching breast inspire. 

4 With softening pity look, 

And melt my hardness down ; 
Strike with Thy love's resistless stroke, 
And break this heart of stone. 

H. 41 6 Soldiers of Christ. 

1 Soldiers of Christ, arise, 

And put your armour on, [plies 

Strong in the strength which God sup- 
Through His eternal Son. 

2 Strong in the Lord of Hosts, 

And in His mighty power ; 
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts, 
Is more than conqueror. 

3 Stand then in His great might, 

With all His strength endued ; 
But take to arm you for the fight, 
The panoply of God : — 

4 That having all things done, 

And all your conflicts past, 
Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone. 
And stand entire at last. 

5 From strength to strength go on, 

Wrestle, and fight, and pray ; 
Tread all the powers of darkness down, 
And win the well-fought day. 

6 Still let the Spirit cry 

In all His soldiers, " Come," 
Till Christ the Lord descend from high,. 
And take the conquerors home. 



A. Chapin, 1823. 




t/ -*- -e^- -jp- 

1. Blest be the 





that binds Our hearts in Chris - tian love ; The 










fel - low - ship of kin - dred minds Is like to 






that a - bove. 








H . 2iUO Christian Fellowship. 

1 Blest be the tie that binds 

Our hearts in Christian love ; 
The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is like to that above. 

2 Before our Father's throne 

We pour our ardent prayers ; 
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, 
Our comforts and our cares. 

3 We share our mutual woes, 

Our mutual burdens bear, 
And often for each other flows 
The sympathizing tear. 

4 When we asunder part, 

It gives us inward pain ; 
But we shall still be joined in heart, 
And hope to meet again. 

5 This glorious hope revives 

Our courage by the way ; 
While each in expectation hves, 
■ And longs to see the day. 

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 

And sin, we shall be free ; 
And perfect love and friendship reign, 
Through all eternity. 

PS. 137 Second Part. 

1 I love Thy kingdom, Lord, 
The house of Thine abode ; 
The church oiu 1 blest Redeemer saved 
With His own precious blood. 

2 I love Thy clmrch, God! 

Her walls before Thee stand, 
Dear as the apple of Thine eye, 
And graven on Thy hand. 

3 If e'er to bless Thy sons 

My voice or hands deny, 
These hands let useful skill forsake, 
This voice in silence die. 

4 If e'er my heart forget 

Her welfare, or her woe, 
Let every joy this heart forsake, 
And Svery grief o'erflow. 

5 For her my tears shall fall ; 

For her my prayers ascend ; 
To her my cares and toils be given, 
Till toils and cares shall end. 

6 Beyond my highest joy 

I prize her heavenly ways, 
Her sweet communion, solemn vows, 
Her hymns of love and praise. 

7 Jesus, Thou Friend divine, 

Our Saviour and our King, 
Thy hand from every snare and foe 
Shall great deliverance bring. 

8 Sure as Thy truth shall last, 

To Zion shall be given 
The brightest glories earth can yield, 
And brighter bliss of heaven. 




S. Stanley, 1800. 







1. ! bless - ed souls are they Whose sins are cov - ered o'er ; 











Di - vine - ly blessed, to whom the Lord Im - putes their guilt no more. 


j g- -p- 

-p- -^ 





PS. 32 First Part. 

2 They mourn their follies past, 

And keep their hearts with care ; 
Their lips and lives without deceit 
Shall prove their faith sincere. 

3 While I concealed my guilt, 

I felt the painful wound, 
Till I confessed my sins to Thee, 
And ready pardon found. 

4 Let sinners learn to pray, 

Let saints keep near the throne ; 
Our help in times of deep distress J 
Is found in God alone. 

Ps. 55 

1 Let sinners take their course, 

And choose the road to death ; 
But in the worship of my God 
I'll spend my daily breath. 

2 My thoughts address His throne, 

When morning brings the light 
I seek His blessing every noon, 
And pay my vows at night. 

3 Thou wilt regard my cries, 

Oh ! my eternal God ! 
While sinners perish in surprise, 
Beneath Thine angry rod. 

4 Because they dwell at ease, 

And no sad changes feel, 
They neither fear nor trust Thy name, 
Nor learn to do Thy will. 

5 But I, with all my cares, 

Will lean upon the Lord ; 
I'll cast my burden on His arm, 
And rest upon His word. 

6 His ann shall well sustain 

The children of his love ; 
The ground on which their safety stands, 
No earthly power can move. 

H . 267 Appropriating Faith; 

1 Faith is a precious grace, 

Where'er it is bestowed ; 
It boasts of a celestial birth, 
And is the gift of God. 

2 Jesus it owns as King, 

And all-atoning Priest ; 
It claims no merit of its own, 
But looks for all in Christ. 

3 On Him it safely leans, 

In times of deep distress ; 
Flies to the fountain of His blood, 
And trusts His righteousness. 

4 All through the wilderness, 

It is our strength and stay ; 
Nor can we miss the heavenly road,- 
While it directs our way. 

5 Lord, 'tis thy work alone, 

And that divinely free ; 
Send down the Spirit of thy Son, 
To work this faith in me. 



Swiss Aib. 



1. My God, my life, my love, To Thee, to 













id. 1.Z God all, and in all. 

2 Not all the harps above 

Can make a heavenly place, 
If God His residence remove, 
Or but conceal His face. 

3 Nor earth, nor all the sky, 

Can one delight afford ; 
No, not a drop of real joy, 
"Without Thy presence, Lord. 

4 Thou art the sea of love, 

Where all my pleasures roll ; 
The circle where my passions move, 
And centre of my soul. 

Ji. OX Address to the Trinity. 

1 O Lord our God, arise, 

The cause of truth maintain ; 
And wide o'er all the peopled world 
Extend her blessed reign. 

2 Thou Prince of Life, arise, 

Nor let Thy glory cease ; 
Far spread the conquests of Thy grace, 
And bless the earth with peace. 

3 Thou Holy Ghost, arise, 

Expand Thy quickening wing, 
And o'er a dark and ruined world, 
Let hght and order spring. 

4 All on the earth, arise, 

To God the Saviour sing ; 
From shore to shore, from earth to heav'n, 
Let echoing anthems ring. 

XX. LOO The Law and Gospel Contrasted; 

1 The law by Moses came, 

But peace, and truth, and love 
Were brought by Christ, a nobler name, 
Descending from above. 

2 Amidst the house of God, 

Then* different works were done ; 
Moses a faithful servant stood, 
But Christ, a faithful Son. 

3 Then to His new commands 

Be strict obedience paid ; 
O'er all His Father's house He stands 
The Sovereign and the Head. 

PS. 99 Second Part. 

1 Exalt the Lord our God, 

And worship at His feet ; 
His nature is all holiness, ■ 
And mercy is His seat. 

2 When Israel was His church, 

When Aaron was His priest, 
When Moses cried, when Samuel prayed, 
He gave His people rest. 

3 Oft He forgave their sins, 

Nor would destroy their race ; 
And oft He made His justice known, 
When they abused His grace. 

4 Exalt the Lord our God, 

Whose grace is still the same ; 
Still He's a God of holiness, 
And jealous for His name. 



James Leach, 1789. 









1. Je - sus, who knows full 






t— r 





ev - 'ry saint, 








: P : 



Jul. o 71 Importunate Prayer. 

2 He bows His gracious ear, 

We never plead in vain ; 
Yet we must wait till He appeal - , 
And pray, and pray again. 

3 Though unbelief suggest, 

Why should we longer wait? 
He bids us never give Him rest, 
But be importunate. 

4 Jesus, the Lord, will hear 

His chosen when they cry, 
Yes, though He may a while forbear, 
He'll help them from on high. 

5 His nature, truth and love, 

Engage Him on their side ; 
When they are grieved, His mercies move, 
And can they be denied ? 

6 Then let us earnest be, 

And never faint in prayer ; 
He loves our importunity, 

And makes our cause His care. 

H. 310 All Things in Christ. 

1 Thou very-present Aid 

In suffering and distress ! 
The mind which still on Thee is stayed, 
Is kept in perfect peace. 

2 The soul, by faith reclined 

On the Redeemer's breast, 
'Mid raging storms exults to find 
An" everlasting rest. 

and nev - er faint. 

3 Sorrow and fear are gone, * 

Whene'er Thy face appears ; 
It stills the sighing orphan's moan, 
And dries the widow's tears. 

4 It hallows every cross, 

It sweetly comforts me ; 
It makes me now forget my loss, 
And lose myself in Thee. 

5 Jesus, to whom I fly, 

Will all my wishes fill; 
What though created streams are dry, 
I have the fountain still. 

H. 474 Christ in the Midst. 

1 Jesus, we look to Thee, 

Thy promised presence claim ; 
Thou in the midst of us shall be, 
Assembled in Thy name. 

2 Thy name salvation is, 

Which here we come to prove ; 
Thy name is life, and health, and peace, 
And everlasting love. ' 

3 Present we know Thou art, 

But, oh ! Thyself reveal ; 
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart 
The mighty comfort feel. 

4 Oh ! may Thy quickening voice 

The death of sin remove ; 
And bid our inmost souls rejoice, 
In hope of perfect love. 



De. Hastings. 




_ o - 

sj — 4— 4- 



1. Lord, at this clos - ing hour, Es - tab - lish ev - 'ry heart Up - on Thy 

-p- -r 



-•p- -r f 




-^— p: 






word of 




To keep us when we part. 



truth and power, 


r ; r r 



H. 489 Cte 0/ Worship. 

1 Lord, at this closing hour, 

Establish every heart 
Upon Thy word of truth and power, 
To keep us when we part. 

2 Peace to our brethren give, 

Fill all our hearts with love ; 
In faith and patience may we live, 
And seek our rest above. 

3 Through changes, bright or drear, 

We would Thy will pursue, 
And toil to spread Thy kingdom here, 
Till we its glory view. 

4 To God, the Only Wise, 

In every age adored, 
Let glory from the church arise, 
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

n . dZo Prayer of Youth. 

1 With humble heart and tongue, 

Our God, to Thee we pray ; 
O make us learn while we are young, 
How we may cleanse our way. 

2 Make us, unguarded youth, 

The objects of Thy care; 
Help us to choose the way of truth, 
And fly from every snare. 

3 Our hearts, to folly prone, 

Renew by power divine ; 
Unite them to Thyself alone, 
And make us wholly Thine. 

4 O let Thy word of grace 

Our warmest thoughts employ ; 
Be this, through all our following days, 
Our treasure and our joy. 

5 To what Thy laws impart, 

Be our whole soul inchned ; 
O let them dwell within our heart, 
And sanctify our mind. 

6 Make Thy young servants learn 

By these to cleanse their way ; 
And may we here the path discern 
Tha,t leads to endless day. 

PS. 61 Second Part. 

1 When overwhelmed with grief, 

My heart within me dies, 
Helpless, and far from aU relief, 
To heaven I lift mine eyes. 

2 Oh ! lead me to the rock 

That 's high above my head, 
And make the covert of Thy wings 
My shelter and my shade. 

3 Within Thy presence, Lord, 

For ever I'll abide ; 
Thou art the tower of my defence, 
The refuge where I hide. 

4 Thou givest me the lot 

Of those that fear Thy name ; 
If endless life be their reward, 
I shall possess the same. 




Ludwig von Beethoven, 1770-1827. 







1. To - mor - row, Lord, is Thine, Lodged in Thy sov - 'reign hand ; 










And if its sun a - rise and shine, 

■m- -m- -»- 

It shines by Thy com - mand. 



^=g — .— m- 



1» — !■ — W~ 

H. 617 Value of Present Time. 

2 The present moment flies, 

And bears our life away; 
O make Thy servants truly wise, 
That they may live to-day. 

3 Since on this winged hour 

Eternity is hung, 
Waken by Thy almighty power 
The aged and the young. 

4 One thing demands our care ; 

O be it still pursued, 
Lest, slighted once, the season fair 
Should never be renewed. 

5 To Jesus may we fly, 

Swift as the morning light, 
Lest life's young golden beam should die 
In sudden, endless night. 

-LL. OOO Peaceful Death. 

1 O ! for the death of those 

Who slumber in the Lord ! 

O be, like theirs, my last repose, 

Like theirs my last reward ! 

2 Then* bodies in the ground, 

In silent hope may he, 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound 
Shall call them to the sky. 

3 Their ransomed spirits soar, 

On wings of faith and love, 

To meet the Saviour they adore, 

And reign with Him above. 

4 With us their names shall live 

Through long succeeding years, 
Enbalmed with all our hearts can give, 
Our- praises and our tears. 

5 O for the death of those 

Who slumber in the Lord ! 

O be, like theirs, my last repose, 

Like theirs my last reward ! 

Ji. Dto Joy in View of the Besurrection. 

1 And must this body die, 

This mortal frame decay ? 
And must these active limbs of mine 
Lie mouldering in the clay. 

2 God my Redeemer lives, 

And often from the skies 
Looks down and watches all my dust. 
Till He shall bid it rise. 

3 Arrayed in glorious grace, 

Shall these vile bodies shine, 
And every shape and every face 
Look heavenly and divine. 

4 These lively hopes we owe 

To Jesus' dying love ; 
We would adore His grace below, 
And sing His power above. 

5 Dear Lord, accept the praise 

Of these, our humble songs, 
Till tunes of nobler sound we raise 
With our immortal tongues. 


E E S T. S. M. 


J. W. Beloheb. 





1. Sow 








morn thy seed, At eve hold not thy hand ; 














=g ; 

To doubt and fear give Thou no heed, Broad-oast it 



£g=g : 

r r -r- f^ 


o'er the land. 


H. 395 " /Sow fe«i<fo all Waters." 

2 The good, the fruitful ground, 

Expect not here nor there ; 
O'er hill and dale, by plots, 'tis found ; 
Go forth, then, everywhere. 

3 Thou knowest not which may thrive, 

The late or early sown ; 
Grace keeps the precious germs alive, 
When and wherever strown. 

4 Thou canst not toil in vain ; 

Cold, heat, and moist, and dry, 
Shall foster and mature the grain, 
For garners in the sky. 

5 Thence, when the glorious end, 

The day of God is come, 
The angel reapers shall descend, 
And heaven sing "Harvest home." 

II. 6o9 Preparation to meet God. 

1 Prepaee me, gracious God, 

To stand before Thy face ; 
Thy Spirit must the work perform, 
For it is all of grace. 

2 In Christ's obedience clothe, 

And wash me in His blood ; 
So shall I hft my head with joy, 
Among the sons of God. 

3 Do Thou my sins subdue, 

Thy sovereign love make known ; 
The spirit of my mind renew, 
And save me in Thy Son. 

4 Let me attest Thy power, 

Let me Thy goodness prove, 
Till my full soul can hold no more 
Of everlasting love. 

H. 69 O For ever with the Lord. 

1 "For ever with the Lord!" 

Amen ; so let it be ; 
Life from the dead is in that, word, 
'Tis immortality. 

2 Here in the body pent, 

Absent from Him I roam, 
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent, 
A day's march nearer home. 

3 My Father's house on high, 

Home of my soul, how near, 
At times, to faith's far-seeing eye, 
Thy golden gates appear. 

4 "For ever with the Lord!" 

Father, if 'tis Thy will, 
The promise of that faithful word, 
Even here to me fulfil. 

5 So when my last breath 

Shall rend the veil in twain, 
By death I shall escape from death, 
And life eternal gain. 

6 Knowing as I am known, 

How shall I love that word, 
And oft repeat before the throne, 
■' For ever with the Lord." 



Kabl Eeden, 1866. 





-& — r 

1. One sweet - ly sol - emn thought Comes to me o'er and o'er, Near- 
ly ff: -^ ^ ^2. 












H. 6^4: Wearing the end. 

2 Nearer my Father's house, 

"Where many mansions be ; 
Nearer the throne where Jesus reigns ; 
Nearer the crystal sea. 

3 Nearer my going home, 

Laying my burden down, 
Leaving my cross of heavy grief, 
Wealing my 'starry crown. 

4 Nearer that hidden stream, 

Winding through shades of night, 
Boiling its cold dark waves between 
Me and the world of light. 

5 Jesus ! to Thee I cling : 

Strengthen my arm of faith ; 
Stay near me while my way-worn feet 
Press through the stream of death. 

rl . Oo Christ our Wisdom and Righteousness. 

1 How heavy is the night 

That hangs upon our eyes, 
Till Christ, with His reviving light, 
Over our souls arise ! 

2 Our guilty spirits dread 

To meet the wrath of heaven ; 
But, in His righteousness arrayed, 
"We see our sins forgiven. 

3 Unholy and impure 

Are all our thoughts and ways ; 
His hands infected nature cure, 
"With sanctifying grace. 

4 The powers of hell agree 

To hold our souls in vain ; 

He sets the sons of bondage free, 
And breaks the accursed chain. 

5 Lord, we adore Thy ways, 
To bring us near to God ; 
Thy sovereign power, Thy healing grace, 
And Thy atoning blood. 

H . Ot Sufferings of Christ. 

1 Like sheep we went astray, 

And broke the fold of God ; 
Each wandering in a different way, 
But all the downward road. 

2 How dreadful was the hour 

"When God our wanderings laid, 
And did at once His vengeance pour 
Upon the Shepherd's head ! 

3 How glorious was the grace 

"When Christ sustained the stroke ! 
His life and blood the Shepherd pays, 
A ransom for the flock. 

4 His honour and His breath 

Were taken both away ; 
Joined with the wicked in His death, 
And made as vile as they. 

5 But God shall raise His head 

O'er all the sons of men, 
And make Him see a numerous seed, 
To recompense His pain. 

6 "I'll give Him," saith the Lord, 

" A portion with the strong ; 
He shall possess a large reward, 
And hold His honours long." 



De. Maurice Green, died 1755. 



S m- 






1. Ser 


vant of 

God, well 



done ! Rest from thy loved em 

















bat - tie fought, the 

vie - fry won, En - ter thy Mas - ter's joy. 







XX. bol jTAfi Soldier's Discharge. 

1 Servant of God, well done, 

Rest from thy loved employ ; 
The battle fought, the victory won, 
Enter thy Master's joy. 

2 The voice at midnight came ; 

He started up to hear ; 
A mortal arrow pierced his frame ; 
He fell, but felt no fear. 

3 At midnight came the cry, 

" To meet thy God prepare !" 
He woke, and caught his Captain's eye, 
Then, strong in faith and prayer, 

4 His spirit with a bound 

Left its encumbezing clay ; 
His tent, at sunrise, on the ground 
A darkened ruin lay. 

5 The pains of death are past ; 

Labour and sorrow cease ; 
And life's long warfare closed at last, 
His soul is found in peace. 

6 Soldier of Christ, well done ! 

Praise be thy new employ ; 
And while eternal ages run, 
Rest in thy Saviour's joy. 

H. Q5Q The Sinner Warned. 

1 And will the Judge descend ? 
And must the dead arise 1 
And not a single soul escape 
His all-disceming eyes ? 

2 How will my heart endure 

The terrors of that day, 
When earth and heaven before His face 
Astonished shrink away ! 

3 But ere the trumpet shakes 

The mansions of the dead, 
Hark, from the gospel's cheering sound, 
"What joyful tidings spread ! 

4 Ye sinners, seek His grace, 

Whose wrath ye cannot bear ! 
Fly to the shelter of His cross, 
And find salvation there. 

5 So shall that curse remove, 

By which the Saviour bled ; 
And the last awful day shall pour 
His blessing on your head. 

H. 666 Coming of 'tte Judge. 

1 I saw, beyond the tomb, 

The awful Judge appear ! 
Prepare to scan, with strict account,. 
The blessings wasted here. 

2 Ye sinners, fear the Lord, 

While yet 'tis called to-day ; 
Soon will the awful voice of death 
Command your souls away. 

3 Soon will the harvest close, 

The summer soon be o'er ; 
And soon your injured, angry God r 
Will hear your prayers no more. 


S. M. 259 

Thomas Linley, 1800. 

r\ * ' 

U?(1 r-\ 

1 , 


/L '» i 

m 1 

A i ' 

W— s— S— 

1 m — 


— <s> — 


— ^ 

-fi — 

-?d 1 

1. Did 

— * * 
Christ o'er 


— s> — 
sin ■ 

• ners 




— *> 


— * — 


cheeks be 

1 i 1 

L S7 

<s> — ■ 

^ S |^- 

-t — f- 


— is — 



— <s> 













Let floods of 



i - ten - tial grief 





Burst forth from ev 






TT. 86 Suffering Saviour: 

2 The Son of God in tears 

Angels with wonder see ; 
Be thou astonished, O my soul, 
He shed those tears for thee. 

3 He wept that we might weep ; 

Each sin demands a tear ; 
In heaven alone no sin is found, 
And there's no weeping there. 


"I CA The Law and Gospel joined in 
XXJKJ Scripture, 

1 The Lord declares His will, 

And keeps the world in awe ; 
Amidst the smoke on Sinai's hill, 
Breaks out His fiery law. 

2 The Lord reveals His face, 

And, smiling from above, 
Sends down the gospel of His grace, 
The epistles of His love. 

3 We read the heavenly word, 

We take the offered grace, 
Obey the statutes of the Lord, 
And trust His promises. 

JlL. loo Invitation. 

1 The Lord on high proclaims 

His Godhead from His throne ; 
" Mercy and justice are the names 
By which I will be known. 

2 "Ye dying souls, that sit 

In darkness and distress, 
Look from the borders of the pit 
To My recovering grace." 

3 Sinners shall hear the sound ; 

Their thankful tongues shall own, 
" Our righteousness and strength is 
In Thee, the Lord, alone." [found 

4 In Thee shall Israel trust, 

And see then guilt forgiven ; 
God will pronounce the sinners just, 
And take the saints to heaven. 

-tL. Zol Preserving Grace. 

1 To God the only wise, 

Qur Saviour and our King, 

Let all the saints below the skies 

Their humble praises bring. 

2 'Tis His almighty love, 

His counsel and His care, 
Preserves us safe from sin and death, 
And every hurtful snare. 

3 He will present our souls, 

Unblemished and complete, 
Before the glory of His face, 
With joys divinely great. 

4 Then all the chosen seed 

Shall meet around the throne ; 
Shall bless the conduct of His grace, 
And make His wonders known. 

5 To our Redeemer God, 

Wisdom and power belongs, 
Immortal crowns of majesty, 
And everlasting songs. 



G. F. Handel, 1732. 







^ r r w 

our hearts, Is whis - p'ring, "Sin - ner, come;" 




The bride, the church of Christ, pro - claims To all 





His chil-dren, "Come! 





1 — I- 

H. 1 79 The Gospel Gall. 

1 The Spirit, in our hearts, 

Is whispering, " Sinner, come ;" 
The bride, the church of Christ, pro- 
To all His children, "Come !" [claims, 

2 Let him that heareth say- 

To all about him, "Come ;" 
Let him that thirsts for righteousness, 
To Christ, the Fountain, come ! 

3 Tes, whosoever will, 

Oh! let him freely come, 
And freely drink the stream of life ; 
'Tis Jesus bids him come. 

4 Lo ! Jesus, who invites, 

Declares, "I quickly come ;" 
Lord, even so ; we wait Thine hour ; 
O blest Eedeemer, come ! 

H. 496 Resurrection of Christ on the Sabbath. 

1 To-day the Saviour rose, 

Our Jesus left the dead ; 
He conquered our malignant foes, 
And "Satan captive led. 

2 He left His glorious throne, 

To make our peace with God ; 

Blessings for ever on His name, 

He bought us with His blood. 

3 For us His life He paid, 

For us the law fulfilled ; 
On Him our load of guilt was laid ; 
We by His stripes are healed. 



4 Ye saints adore His name, 

Who hath such mercy shown ; 
Ye sinners, love the bleeding Lamb, 
And make His praises known. 

TT . 574 Blessedness of the Gospel Ministry. 

1 How beauteous are then feet, 

Who stand on Zion's hill, 
Who bring salvation on their tongues, 
And words of peace reveal ! 

2 How charming is then voice ! 

How sweet then tidings are ! 
" Zion, behold Thy Saviour King, 
He reigns and triumphs here." 

3 How happy are our ears 

That hear this joyful sound, 
Which kings and prophets waited for, 
And sought, but never found ! 

4 How blessed are our eyes, 

That see this heavenly light ! 
Prophets and kings desired it longj 
But died without the sight. 

5 The watchmen join their voice, 

And tuneful notes employ ; 
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, 
And deserts learn the joy. 

6 The Lord makes bare His arm 

Through all the earth abroad y 
Let every nation now behold 
Their Saviour, and their God. 



Jonathan C. Woodman, r&44. 








-J 4- 


-g/ gL 

lift my soul 


God, My trust is in His name; 


^_£i a= H 







^f ^ 

^^ ^ -^ 






-*— ^r 

*— J: 

W^ =W 

-f—r - 


Let not the foes that seek my blood Still tri - umph in my shame. 

-m — 4- 






PS. 25 Second Part. 

1 I lift my soul to God, 

My trust is in His name ; 
Let not the foes that seek my blood 
Still triumph in my shame. 

2 From the first dawning light 

Till evening shades arise, 
For Thy salvation, Lord, I wait, 
"With ever-longing eyes. 

3 Kemember all Thy grace, 

And lead me in Thy truth ; 
Forgive the sins of riper days, 
And follies of my youth. 

4 The Lord is just and kind, 

« The meek shall learn His ways, 
And every humble sinner find 
The methods of His grace. 

5 For His own goodness' sake 

He saves my soul from shame ; 
He pardons, though my guilt be great. 
Through my Redeemer's name. 

PS. 117 Second Part. 

1 Thy name, almighty Lord, 

Shall sound through distant lands ; 
Great is Thy grace, and sure Thy word ; 
Thy truth for ever stands. 

2 Far be Thine honour spread, 

And long Thy praise endure, 
Till morning light and evening shade 
Shall be exchanged no more. 

11. 415 Brevity oftlie Conflict. 

1 A few more years shall roll 

A few more seasons come, 
And we shall be with those that rest, 
Asleep within the tomb. 

2 A few more straggles here, 

A few more partings o'er, 
A few more toils, a few more tears, 
And we shall weep no more. 

3 A few more storms shall beat 

On this wild, rocky shore, 
And we shall be where tempests cease, 
And surge's swell no more. 

4 A few more Sabbaths here, 

Shall cheer us on our way, 
And we shall reach the endless rest, 
Th' eternal Sabbath day. 

5 'Tis but a little while, 

And He shall come again, 
Who died that we might live, who lives 
That we with Him may reign. 

6 Thou, O my Lord, prepare 

My soul for that glad day ; 
Oh ! wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 


Give to the Father praise, 

Give glory to the Son, 
And to the Spirit of His grace, 

Be equal honours done. 









— — m — - 


Kabl Keden, 1866. 




1. I was a wand'r- ing sheep, I did not love the fold; I did not love my j 















Shep-herd's voice, I would not be con - trolled ; 



I was a way-ward child, I 

1*1 I I ^ 








:|l J» | g* 




did not love my Fa-ther's voice, I loved a - far to roam. 

did not love my home, I 





LL. ^91 The Wandering Sheep. 

1 I was a wandering sheep ; 

I did not love the fold ; 
I did not love my Shepherd's voice, 

I would not be controlled ; 
I was a wayward child, 

I did not love my home, 
I did not love my Father's voice, 

I loved afar to roam. 

2 The Shepherd sought His sheep, 

The Father sought His child ; 
They followed me o'er vale and hill, 

O'er desert, waste, and wild : 
They found me nigh to death, 

Famished, and faint, and lone ; 
They bound me with the bands of love, 

They saved the wandering one. 

3 Jesus my Shepherd is ; 

'Twas He that loved my soul, 
'Twas He that washed me in His blood, 
'Twas He that made me whole ; 

'Twas He that sought the lost, 
That found the wandering sheep ; 

'Twas He that brought me to the fold ; 
'Tis He that still doth keep. 

4 No more a wandering sheep, 

I love to be controlled ; 
I love my tender Shepherd's voice, 

I love the peaceful fold : 
No more a wayward child, 

I seek no more to roam ; 
I love my heavenly Father's voice ; 

I love, I love His home. 


1 We bless the Father's name, 

Who chose us in His love ; 
To God the Son we give the same, 
Our Advocate above. 

2 The Spirit, too, we bless, 

And raise His honours high ; 
Who conquers by His sovereign grace, 
And brings us strangers nigh. 




5^ I^= g: 

: P 













=g= ± ^ 

Thou wilt not leave me to de - spair, For Thou art 







di - vine. 








Ps. 31 

1 My spirit on Thy care, 

Dear Father, I recline ; 
Thou wilt not leave me to despair, 
For Thou art love divine. 

2 In Thee I place my trust, 

On Thee I calmly rest ; 
I know Thee good, I know Thee just, 
And count Thy choice the best. 

3 Whate'er events betide, 

Thy will they all perform ; 
Safe in Thy breast my head I hide, 
Nor fear the coming storm. 

4 Let good or ill befall, 

It must be good for me ; 

Secure in having Thee in all, 

And having all in Thee. 

Ps. 103 Second Part. 

1 My soul, repeat His praise, 

Whose mercies are so great ; 
"Whose anger is so slow to rise, 
So ready to abate. 

2 God will not always chide ; 

And when His strokes are felt, 
His strokes are fewer than our crimes, 
And lighter than our guilt. 

3 High as the heavens are raised 

Above the ground we tread, 
So far the riches of His grace 
Our highest thoughts exceed. 

4 His power subdues our sins ; 
And His forgiving love, 
Far as the east is from the west, 
Doth all our guilt remove. 

H. OOO Communion with Christand with Saints. 

1 Jesus invites His saints 

To meet around His board ; 
Here pardoned rebels sit, and hold 
Communion with their Lord. 

2 For food he gives His flesh ; 

He bids us drink His blood ; 
Amazing favour, matchless grace 
Of our descending God. 

3 This holy bread and wine 

Maintains our fainting breath, 
By union with our living Lord, 
And interest in His death. 

4 Our heavenly Father calls 

Christ and His members one : 
We the young children of His love, 
And He the first-born Son. 

5 We are but several parts 

Of the same broken bread ; 
One body hath its several limbs, 
But Jesus is the head. 

6 Let all our powers be joined, 

His glorious name to raise ; 
Pleasure and love fill every mind, 
And every voice be praise. 

De. Hastings, 1831. 


That finds not here an end. Were this frail world our fl - nal rest, Liv - ing or dy -ing, none were blest. 








1 — I- 






Ji. k>2iD Separations in Time: 

2 Beyond the flight of time, 

Beyond the reign of death, 
There surely is some blessed clime 

Where life is not a breath ; 
Nor life's affections, transient fire, 
Whose sparks fly upward and expire. 

3 There is a world above, 

Where parting is unknown, 

A long eternity of love, 

Formed for the good alone ; 

And faith beholds the dying here, 

Translated to that glorious sphere. 

Thus star by star declines, 
Till all are passed away, 

As morning high and higher shines 
To pure and perfect day ; 

Nor sink those stars in empty night, 

But hide themselves in heav'n's own light. 


A. Williams, 1760. 





■m — «i — ^~ 










1. How pleased and blest was I, To hear the peo-ple cry, " Come, let us seek our Lord to-day!" 

Zi-on's hill, And there our vows and hon-ours pay. 

m m^& 


PS. 122 Second Part. 

2 Zion, thrice happy place, 
Adorned with wondrous grace, 

And walls of strength embrace thee round: 
In thee our tribes appear 
To pray, and praise, and hear 

The sacred gospel's joyful sound. 

3 There David's greater Son 
Has fixed His royal throne ; 

He sits for grace and judgment there : 
He bids the saints be glad, 
He makes the sinners sad, 

And humble souls rejoice with fear. 

May peace attend thy gate, 

And joy within thee wait, 
To bless the soul of every guest : . 

The man which seeks thy peace, 

And wishes thine increase, 
A thousand blessings on him rest ! 

My tongue repeats her vows ; 

Peace to this sacred house ! 
For here my Mends and kindred dwell ; 

And since my glorious God 

Makes thee His blest abode, 
My soul shall ever love thee well. 


Db. L. Mason, 1830. 









1. Ee - joice, the Lord is King ; Your God and King a-dore ; Mor-tals, give thanks and sing, 





-r c 




And tri-umph ev-er-more : Lift up the heart,lift up the voice, Re-joice a-loud, ye saints, rejoice. 

H . JLL1 Rejoicing in tfie Triumph of Christ. 

1 Rejoice, the Lord is King, 

Your God and King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 

And triumph evermore : 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

2 Rejoice, the Saviour reigns, 

The God of truth and love ; 
When He had purged our stains, 

He took His seat above : 
Lift lip the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

3 His kingdom cannot fail, 

He rules o'er earth and heaven ; 
The keys of death and hell 

Are to our Jesus given ; 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

4 He all His foes shall quell, 

Shall all our sins destroy ; 
And every bosom swell 

With pure seraphic joy : 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice, 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

5 Rejoice in glorious hope ; 

Jesus the Judge shall come, 
And take His servants up 

To their eternal home : 
We soon shall hear the archangel's voice, 
The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice. 

H . 2i2S) God Reconciled. 

1 Arise, my soul, arise, 

Shake off thy guilty fears ; 
A bleeding sacrifice 

In my behalf appears : 
Before the throne my Surety stands ; 
My name is written on His hands. 

2 Five bleeding wounds He bears, 

Received on Calvary ; 
They pour effectual prayers, 

They strongly speak for me ; 
Forgive him, Oh ! forgive, they cry,. 
Nor let that ransomed sinner die. 

3 The Father hears Him pray, 

His dear Anointed One ; 
He cannot turn away 

The presence of His Son ; 
The Spirit answers to the blood,. 
And tells me I am born of God. 

4 My God is reconciled, 

His pardoning voice I hear ; 
He owns me for a child, 

I can no longer fear ; 
With confidence I now draw nigh,. 
And Father, Abba Father, cry. 

To God the Father's throne, 

Perpetual honours raise ; 
Glory to God the Son ; 

To God the Spirit praise : 
With all our powers, eternal King, 
Thy name we sing, while faith adore*. 



J. Edson, 1782. 







1. The Lord Je-ko-vah reigns, His throne is built on high ; The gar-ments He as-sumes Are light, and ma-jes-ty. 




-I — l — I 1-, — . — 4P+-I — 1 — i=Sf | -=!=i 







»" L ^- 

: rr 

His glo-ries shine with beams so bright, No mor-tal eye can bear the sight— No mor-tal eye can bear the sight. 


mm m &E^£&ffi^mmM 

JbL. 1 Divine Attributes. 

2 The thunders of His hand 

Keep the wide world in awe ; 
His wrath and justice stand 

To guard His holy law ; 
And where His love resolves to bless, 
His truth confirms and seals the grace. 

3 Through all His ancient works, 

Surprising wisdom shines ; 
Confounds the powers of hell, 

And breaks their cursed designs. 
Strong is His arm, and shall fulfil 
His great decrees, His sovereign will. 

4 And can this mighty King 

Of glory condescend, 
And will He write His name, 

My Father and my Friend ? 
I love His name, I love His word ; 
Join all my powers and praise the Lord. 

H. 596 The Gospel Jubilee. 

1 Blow ye the trumpet, blow ; 

The gladly solemn sound 
Let all the nations know, 

To earth's remotest bound ; 
The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

2 Exalt the Son of God, 

The sin-atoning Lamb ; 
Redemption in His blood 
To all the world proclaim ; 
The year, etc. 

3 Ye who have sold for nought 

Your heritage above, 
Come, take it back unbought, 
The gift of Jesus' love : • 

The year, etc. 

4 The gospel trumpet sounds, 

Let all the nations hear, 
And earth's remotest bounds 
Before the throne appear ; 
The year, etc. 

PS. 148 Third Part. 

1 The Lord of heav'n confess, 

On high His glory raise. 
Him let all angels bless ; 

Him all His armies praise. 
Him glorify, sun, moon, and stars ; 
Ye higher spheres, and cloudy sky. 

2 From God your beings are, 

Him therefore famous make ; 
You all created were, 

When He the word but spake. 
And from that place where fis'd you be 
By His decree, you cannot pass. 

3 O let God's name be prais'd 

Above both earth and sky : 
For He His saints hath rais'd, 

And set their horn on high ; 
Ev'n those that be of Israel's race, 
Near to His grace, The Lord praise ye. 

L I S C H E R. H. M. 26T 

Aeeanged from the Gebman, by De. L. Mason, 1841. 


1. Wel-come, de-light-ful morn, Thou day of sa-cred rest ! |_ From the low train of mor - tal toys, 
We hail thy kind re- turn j Lord, make these mo-men ts blest.) 

J3 , "S-. , m 

We soar to reach irn - mor - tal joys — We 



1 ' 7m — i—i = 

soar to reach 



im - mor-tal 


o— ■&- 


Then shall my days be Thine, 

And all my heart be love, 
And joy and peace be mine, 

Such as are known above : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart Thy lasting home. 

XX. 500 Captivity Captive. 

1 The happy morn is come ; 

Triumphant o'er the grave, 
• The Saviour leaves the tomb, 
Almighty now to save : 
Captivity is captive led, 
For Jesus liveth, who was dead. 

2 Who now accuseth them 

For whom the Surety died ? 
Or who shall those condemn 

Whom God hath justified ? 
Captivity is captive led, 
For Jesus liveth, who was dead. 

3 The ransom Christ hath paid — 

The glorious work is done ; 
On Him our help is laid, 

By Him our victory won ; 
Captivity is captive led, 
For Jesus liveth, who was dead. 

4 All hail, triumphant Lord ! 

The resurrection, Thou ! 
All hail, incarnate Lord ! 

Before Thy throne we bow: 
Captivity is captive led, 
For Jesus liveth, who was dead. 

XX. 49 v The Lord's Day Morning. 

2 Now may the King descend, 

And fill His throne of grace ; 
Thy sceptre, Lord, extend, 

While saints address Thy face ; 
Let sinners feel Thy quickening word, 
And learn to know and fear the Lord. 

3 Descend, celestial Dove, 

With all Thy quickening powers ; 
Disclose a Saviour's love, 

And bless these sacred hours ; 
Then shall our souls new life obtain, 
Nor Sabbaths be bestowed in vain. 

XX. oOO Invoking the Presence of Christ. 

1 Come, my Redeemer, come, 

And deign to dwell with me ; 
Come, and Thy right assume, 

And bid Thy rivals flee : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart Thy lasting home. 

2 Exert Thy mighty power, 

And banish all my sin ; 
In this auspicious hour, 

Bring all Thy graces in : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart Thy lasting home. 

3 Rule Thou in every thought 

And passion of my soul, 
Till all my powers are brought 

Beneath Thy full control ; 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart Thy lasting home. 



Dr. Mason, 1832. 

Ho-ly, ho - ly Lord, Ore - a-tion's sov- 'reign King, Thy ma 
Great are Thy works of praise, God of bound-less rnight! All just 


- ty a - dored, 
true Thy ways, 


Let all Thy crea-tures sing, Who wast, and art, and art to be, Nor time shall see Thy sway de-part. 
Thou King of saints in light ! Let all a-bove, and all be-low, Con-spire to show Thy pow'r and love. 

H. 428 


3 Who shall not fear Thee, Lord, 

And magnify Thy name 9 
Thy judgments sent abroad 

Thy holiness proclaim : 
Nations shall throng from every shore, 
And Thee adore in holy song. 

4 While all the powers on high 

Their swelling chorus raise, 
We here on earth reply, 

And echo back Thy praise ; 
Thy glory own, first, last, and best, 
God ever blest, and God alone ! 

H. 46 Titles of Christ. 

1 Jesus, my great High-Priest, 

Offered His blood, and died ; 
My guilty conscience seeks 

No sacrifice beside. 
His powerful blood did once atone, 
And now it pleads before the throne. 

2 To this dear Surety's hand 

Will I commit my cause ; 
He answers and fulfils 

His Father's broken laws. 
Behold my soul at freedom set ; 
My Surety paid the dreadful debt. 

3 My Advocate appears 

For my defence on high ; 
The Father bows His ears, 

And lays His thunder by. 
Not all that hell or sin can say, 
Shall turn His heart, His love away. 

4 My great and glorious Lord, 
My Conquerer and my King, 
Thy sceptre and Thy sword, 
Thy reigning grace I sing. 
Thine is the power ; behold, I sit 
In willing bonds beneath Thy feet. 

PS. 121 Second Part. 

1 Upward I lift mine eyes, 

From God is all mine aid ; 
The God that built the skies, 

And earth and nature made ; 
God is the tower to which I fly ; 
His grace is nigh in every hour. 

2 My feet shall never slide, 

And fall in fatal snares, 
Since God, my guard and guide, 

Defends me from my fears. 
Those wakeful eyes that never sleep, 
Shall Israel keep when dangers rise. 

3 No burning heats by day, 

Nor blasts of evening air, 
Shall take my health away, 

If God be with me there. 
Thou art my sun, and Thou my shade, 
To guard my head by night or noon. 

4 Hast Thou not given Thy word 

To save my soul from death ? 
And I can trust my Lord 

To keep my mortal breath : 
I'll go and come, nor fear to die, 
Till from on high Thou call me home. 

STOW. H. M. 








—I I— m- 





1. Yes, the Ee-deem-er rose, The Sa-viour left the dead, And o'er our hell-ish roes, High 









1 r* ■ 

raised His con-qu'ring head ; In wild dis-may, the guards around Fall to the ground, and sink away. 




TT . 90 Resurrection of Christ. 

2 Lo ! the angelic bands, 

In full assembly meet, 
To wait His high commands, 

And worship at His feet ; 
Joyful they come, and wing their way, 
From realms of day to Jesus' tomb. 

3 Then back to heaven they fly, 

The joyful news to bear; 
Hark ! as they soar on high, 

What music fills the air ! 
Their anthems say, " Jesus, who bled, 
Has left the dead ; He rose to-day." 

4 Ye mortals, catch the sound, 

Redeemed by Him from hell ; 
And send the echo round 

The globe on which you dwell ; 
Transported cry, " Jesus, who bled, 
Hath left the dead, no more to die." 

5 All hail, triumphant Lord, 

Who savest us with Thy blood ! 
Wide be Thy name adored, 

Thou rising, reigning God ; 
With Thee we rise, with Thee we reign, 
And empires gain, beyond the skies. 





Third Part: 

Loed of the worlds above, 
How pleasant and how fair 

The dwellings of Thy love, 
Thine earthly temples are ! 

To Thine abode my heart aspires, 

With warm desires, to see my God. 

O happy souls that pray 

Where God appoints to hear ! 

O happy men that pay 

Their constant service there ! 

They praise Thee still, and happy they, 

That love the way to Zion's hill. 

They go from strength to strength, 
Through this dark vale of tears, 

Till each arrives at length, 
Till each in heaven appears; 

O glorious seat, when God our King 

Shall thither bring our willing feet. 

To spend one sacred day 
Where God and saints abide, 

Affords diviner joy 

Than thousand days beside ; 

Where God resorts, I love it more 

To keep the door, than shine in courts. 

God is our sun and shield, 

Our light and our defence ; 
With gifts His hands are filled ; 

We draw our blessings thence ; 
He shall bestow on Jacob's race 

Peculiar grace and glory too. 

The Lord His people loves ; 

His hand no good withholds 
From those His heart approves, 

From pure and pious souls. 
Thrice happy he, O. God of hosts, 
Whose spirit trusts alone in Thee. 



From English, by Dr. L. Mason, 1822. 


1. (Join all the glo-rious names Of wis-dom, love, and power,) 

(That ev - er mor-tals knew, j That an-gels ev - er tore ; 

-f=2. -fZ.^2. -fl. J -* -£2- _£2. 





FP2 : 


=P— ©= 









-£=— f=a 

:p2~ pz: 



All are too mean to speak His worth, Too mean to 

-£2_ _£2_ .£2. 



my Sa-viour forth. 






■IS IS- 


: F 

6 I love my Shepherd's voice ; 

His watchful eyes shall keep 
My wandering soul among 

The thousands of His sheep : 
He feeds His flock, He calls their names, 
His bosom bears the tender lambs. 

H. 586 Re joking in a General Revival. 

1 O Zion, tune thy voice, 

And lift thy hands on high ; 
Tell all the world thy joys, 

And shout salvation nigh ; 
Cheerful in God, arise and shine, 
While rays divine stream all abroad. 

2 He gilds the mourning face 

With beams that cannot fade ; 
His all-resplendent grace 

He pours around thy head ; 
The nations round thy form shall view, 
With lustre new divinely crowned. 

3 In honour to His name, 

Reflect that sacred light, 
And loud that grace proclaim 

Which makes thy darkness bright ; 
Pursue His praise, till sovereign love 
In worlds above thy glory raise. 

4 There on His holy hill 

A brighter Sun shall rise, 
And with His radiance fill 

Those fairer, purer skies ; [stars, 

While round His throne ten thousand 
, In nobler spheres His influence own. 

Jtl. Ob Christ the Prophet and ShepJierd. 

1 Join all the glorious names 

Of wisdom, love, and power, 
That ever mortals knew, 

That ever angels bore : 
All are too mean to speak His worth, 
Too mean to set my Saviour forth. 

2 But O ! what gentle terms, 

What condescending ways, 
Doth our Redeemer use, 

To teach His heavenly grace ! 
My eyes with joy and wonder see 
What forms of love He bears for me. 

3 Arrayed in mortal flesh, 

He hke an angel stands, 
And holds the promises 

And pardons in His hands ; 
Commissioned from His Father's throne, 
To make His grace to mortals known. 

4 Great Prophet of my God, 

My tongue would bless Thy name ; 
By Thee the joyful news 

Of our salvation came : 
The joyful news of sins forgiven, 
Of hell subdued, and peace with heaven. 

5 Be Thou my Counsellor, 

My Pattern and my Guide ; 
And through this desert land 

Still keep me near Thy side ; 
Oh ! let my feet ne'er run astray, 
Nor rove, nor seek the crooked way. 



Cakmtna Saoba, 1844. 

•ibes of Adam, join With heav'n, and earth, and seas, And offer notes divine To your Creator's praise. Ye holy 


Ye holy throng Of angels bright, In worlds of light Be - gin the song, 

throng Of angels bright, In worlds of light, Be - gin the song. 

PS. 148 First Part. 

1 Ye tribes of Adam, join, 

With heaven, and earth, and seas, 
And offer notes divine 

To your Creator's praise. 
Ye holy throng of angels bright, 
In worlds of light, begin the song. 

2 Thou sun with dazzling rays, 

And moon that rules the night, 
Shine to your Maker's praise, 

With stars of twinkling hght. 
His power declare, ye floods on high. 
And clouds that fly in empty air. 

3 The shining worlds above 

In glorious order stand, 
Or in swift courses move, 

By His supreme command. 
He spake the word, and all their frame 
From notjung came, to praise the Lord. 

4 He moved their mighty wheels 

In unknown ages past, 
And each His word fulfils, 

While time and nature lasts. 
In different ways His works proclaim 
His wondrous name, and speak His praise. 

Ji. 4:4: Condescension and Love ofjOhrist. 

1 Come, every pious heart, 

That loves the Saviour's name, 
Your noblest powers exert, 

To celebrate His fame : 
Tell all above, and all below, 
The debt of love to Him you owe. 

Such was His zeal for God, 

And such His love for you, 
He freely undertook 

What angels could not do : 
His mighty deeds of love and grace, 
All words exceed, and thoughts surpass. 

He left His starry crown, 

And laid His robes aside ; 
On wings of love came down, 

And wept, and bled, and died ; 
What He endured, O ! who can tell, 
To save our souls from death and hell ! 

From the dark grave He rose, 

The mansions of the dead ; 
And thence His mighty foes, 

In glorious triumph led ; 
Up through the sky the Conqueror rode, 
And reigns on high, the Saviour God. 

Jesus, we ne'er can pay 

The debt we owe Thy love, 
Yet tell us how we may 

Our gratitude approve ; 
Our hearts, our all, to Thee we give ; 
The gift, though small, Thou wilt receive. 


To God the Father's throne, 

Perpetual honours raise ; 
Glory to God the Son ; 

To God the Spirit praioe : 
With all our powers, eternal K in g, 
Thy name we sing, while faith adores. 


AUBURN. 7s. 



Swell the an - them, raise the song; 


Prais - es 

— m m- 



God be 






Saints and an - gels join to 


-<v- — m- 


sing Praise to heav'n's al 

might - ty King. 



4 Here, beneath a virtuous sway, 
May we cheerfully obey ; 
Never feel a tyrant's rod, 
Ever own and worship God. 

5 Hark ! the voice of nature sings 
Praises to the King of kings; 
Let us join the choral song, 
And the heavenly notes prolong. 

-H-. Oui Praise for National Blessings. 

2 Blessings from His liberal hand 
Pour around this happy land ; 
Let our hearts, beneath His sway, 
Hail the bright triumphant day. 

3 Now to Thee our joys ascend, 
Thou hast been our heavenly Friend ; 
Guarded by Thy mighty power, 
Peace and freedom bless our shore. 

HOLL'EY. 7s. 

George Hews, 1835. 






— I— -J — aH»- 


1. While the prayers of saints as 
--J_fS> (=' (=2- 




rJ fj 


cend, God of 

lS>- -fS- 


-IS — 


love, to 







Jj^^jEJpEfEJpE EEfE^ 




Hear me, 

for Thy Spi 









pleads, Hear, for 



Je - sus 


ter - cedes 




Ji. 4o^j Prayer J or Divine Influence. 

2 While I hearken to Thy law, 
Fill my soul with humble awe, 
Till Thy gospel bring to me 
Life and immortahty. 

3 From Thine house when I return, 
May my heart within me bum, 
And at evening let me say, 
" I have walked with God to-day." 



Karl Eeden, 1866. 


1. Lord, we 



come be - fore Thee now, At Thy feet we hum - bly bow ; 











Oh! do 





^g+j F r^ I 

: P— f : 

not our suit dis - dain ; Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in 




— !S- 





Ji. 477 Before Sermon. 

1 Lord, we come before Thee now, 
At Thy feet we humbly bow ; 
Oh ! do not our suit disdain ; 
Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in vain ? 

2 Lord, on Thee our souls depend ; 
In compassion now descend ; 

Fill our hearts with Thy rich grace ; 
Tune our lips to sing Thy praise. 

3 In Thine own appointed way, 
Now we seek Thee, here we stay ; 
Lord, we know not how to go, 
Till a blessing Thou bestow. 

4 Send some message from Thy word, 
That may joy and peace afford ; 
Let Thy Spirit now impart 

Full salvation to each heart. 

5 Comfort those who weep and mourn, 
Let the time of joy return ; 

Those who are cast down lift up, 
Make them strong in faith and hope. 

6 Grant that all may seek and find 
Thee a God supremely kind ; 
Heal the sick, the captive free ; 
Let us all rejoice in Thee. 

n . 429 God's Name Hallowed. 

1 Holy, holy, holy, Lord, 

In the highest heavens adored, 
Author of all nature's frame, 
Father ! hallowed be Thv name. 

2 Though estranged from Thee in heart, 
Doubtless Thou our Father art ; 
From Thy hand our spirits came ; 
Father ! hallowed be Thy name. 

3 Nor by nature's tie alone 
Thou art as our Father known ; 
Nearer now in Christ our claim, 
Father ! hallowed be Thy name. 

4 Born anew, O may we feel 
Filial love, the Spirit's seal, 
Cleansed from guilt, redeemed from 

shame ; 
Father ! hallowed be Thy name. 

n . 431 Praise in Affliction. 

1 Lord, should rising whirlwinds tear 
From its stem the ripened ear ; 
Should the fig tree's blasted shoot 
Drop her green untimely fruit : 

2 Should the vine put forth no more, 
Nor the olive yield her store ; 
Though the sickening flocks should fall, 
And the herds desert the stall : 

3 Should Thy chastening hand restrain 
The early and the latter rain ; 

Blast each opening bud of joy, 
And the rising year destroy : 

4 Yet to Thee my soul should raise 
Grateful vows and solemn praise ; 
And, when every blessing's flown, 
Love Thee for Thyself alone. 



I. Pleyel, 1757-1831. 

^mt r^rMM 

1. Depth of mer - cy, can there 






still re - served for me? 


-C* — ^ 


g^— ^ 





Canst Thou 



: -l=« 


-s>— ■ 


still Thy wrath for - bear, And the ehief of sin - ners spare? 



- »—* 

-— IS- 





5 Lo ! we come to Thee for peace, 
Time and gracious as Thou art ; 
Now our weary souls release, 
Write forgiveness on our heart. 

JuL o57 Jems the One Thing Needful. 

1 Jesus, let me cleave to Thee, 
Thou my one thing needful be ; 
Let me choose the better part, 
Let me give Thee aU my heart. 

2 Whom have I on earth below ? 
Thee, and only Thee I know ; 
Whom have I in heav'n but Thee t 
Thou art all in all to me. 

H. 258 Peace in Jesus. 

1 Prince of Peace, control my will, 
Bid this struggling heart be still ; 
Bid my fears and doubtmgs cease,' 
Hush my spirit into peace. 

2 Thou hast bought me with Thy blood, 
Opened wide the gate to God ; 
Peace I ask — but peace must be, 
Lord, in being one with Thee. 

3 May Thy will, not mine, be done, 
May Thy will and mine be one ; 
Chase these doubtmgs from my heart. 
Now Thy perfect peace impart. 

4 Saviour, at Thy feet I fall, 
Thou my life, my God, my all ! 
Let Thy happy servant be 
One for evermore with Thee. 


Jj[. ZlL Cry for Penitence. 

2 We have long withstood Thy grace, 

Long provoked Thee to Thy face, 
Would not hear Thy gracious calls, 
Grieved Thee by a thousand falls. 

3 Jesus, answer from above, 

Is not all Thy nature love ? 
Wilt Thou not our crimes forget ? 
Lo, we fall before Thy feet. 

4 Lord, incline us to repent, 

Help us now our fall lament, 
Deeply our revolt deplore, 

Weep, beheve, and sin no more. 

TT . 219 The Weary Come to Christ. 

1 Come, ye weary sinners, come, 

All who feel your heavy load ; 
Jesus calls the wanderers home ; 
Hasten to your pardoning God. 

2 Jesus, full of truth and love, 

We Thy kindest call obey; 
Faithful let Thy mercies prove, 
Take our load of guilt away. 

3 Weary of this war within, 

Weary of the endless strife, 
Weary of ourselves and sin, 
Weary of a wretched life. 

4 Burdened with a world of grief, 

Burdened with our sinful load, 
Burdened with this unbelief, 

Burdened with the wrath of God. 



Eev. Cesar Malan, 1830. 









1. Come, my soul, thy suit pre - pare, Je-sus loves to an-swer prayer ; He Him-self has 










"S^ - 


:g=^r =#H: : =^=^: z^=^= ^rj= J=± =^ : =q=3: ^d=t =q^ = 
s — . I « — . ^ * -&--&- -&- 

bid thee pray, There- fore will not say thee nay — There-fore will not say thee nay. 







XT. o70 Encouragement to Prayer. 

2 Thou art coming to a King, 
Large petitions with Thee bring ; 
For His grace and power are such, 
None can ever ask too much. 

3 With my burden I begin, 
Lord, remove this load of sin ; 
Let Thy blood, for sinners spilt, 
Set my conscience free from guilt. 

4 Lord, I come to Thee for rest, 
Take possession of my breast ; 

There Thy blood-bought right maintain, 
And without a rival reign. 

£ While I am a pilgrim here, 
Let Thy love my spirit cheer ; 
As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend, 
Lead me to my journey's end. 

6 Show me what I have to do, 
Every hour my strength renew ; 
Let me live a life of faith, 
Let me die Thy people's death. 

-LL. OOu An Anxious Inquiry. 

1 'Tis a point I long to know, 

Oft it causes anxious thought : 
Do I love the Lord, or no ? 
Am I His, or am I not 1 

'2 If I love, why am I thus ? 

Why this dull and lifeless frame ? 
Hardly, sure, can they be worse, 
Who have never heard His name. 

3 Could my heart so hard remain, 

Prayer a task and burden prove, 
Every trifle give me pain, 
If I knew a Saviour's love ? 

4 When I turn my eyes within, 

All is dark, and vain, and wild ; 
Filled with unbelief and sin, 
Can I deem myself a child ? 

5 If I pray, or hear, or read, 

Sin is mixed with all I do ; 
You who love the Lord indeed, 
Tell me, is it thus with you? 

6 Yet I mourn my stubborn will, 

Find my sin a grief and thrall ; 
Should I grieve for what I feel, 
If I did not love at all ? 

7 Could I joy His saints to meet, 

Choose the ways I once abhorred, 
Find at times the promise sweet, 
If I did not love the Lord 1 

8 Lord, decide the doubtful case, 

Thou who art Thy people's Sun : 
Shine upon Thy work of grace, 
If it be indeed begun. 

9 Let me love Thee more and more, 

If I love at all, I pray ; 
If I have not loved before, 
Help me to begin to-day. 



-«L • -m- -m- 





-*~ ^t 

C. M. Von Wjebee, 1786-1826. 

-f*< = 



a — J-U 


=*=i=^ : 

1. Lo! the stone is rolled a - way, Death yields up his might - y prey; 

i -*- JJ n 








*j ^ 


Je - sus, ris - in; 


~-t — *—fr :: * =L -* 5 ^si 

from the tomb, Scat - ters all its fear - ful gloom. 

n _ 



r— g— f— r 


M. 9o Praise to the risen Saviour. 

2 Praise Him, ye celestial choirs, 
Praise, and sweep your golden lyres ; 
Praise him in the noblest songs, 
From ten thousand thousand tongues. 

3 Every note with rapture swell, 
And the Saviour's triumph tell ; 
Where, O death, is now thy sting % 
"Where thy terrors, vanquished king ? 

4 Let Immanuel be adored, 
Ransom, Mediator, Lord, 
To creation's utmost bound, 
Let the eternal praise resound. 

IT . 14:1 Invocation to the Holy Gho3t. 

1 Holy Ghost, with light divine, 
Shine upon this heart of mi ne ; 
Chase the shades of night away, 
Turn the darkness into day. 

2 Holy Ghost, with power divine, 
Cleanse this guilty heart of mine ; 
Long has sin, without control, 
Held dominion o'er my soul. 

3 Holy Ghost, with joy divine, 
Cheer this saddened heart of mine ; 
Bii my many woes depart, 

Heal my wounded, bleeding heart. 

4 Holy Spirit, all divine, 

Dwell within this heart of mine ; 
Cast down every idol throne, 
Beign supreme, and reign alone. 

V 1 


Wrestling in Prayer. 

Lord, I cannot let Thee go, 
Till a blessing Thou bestow ; 
Do not turn away Thy face, 
Mine's an urgent, pressing case. 

2 Dost Thou ask me who I am ? 

Ah ! my Lord, Thou knowest my name ; 
Yet the question gives a plea, 
To support my suit with Thee. 

3 Thou didst once a wretch behold, 
In rebellion blindly bold, 

Scorn Thy grace, Thy power defy ; 
That poor rebel, Lord, was I. 

4 Once, a sinner near despair 
Sought Thy mercy-seat by prayer - t 
Mercy heard, and set him free ; 
Lord, that mercy came to me. 

5 Many days have passed since then, 
Many changes I have seen ; 

Tet have been upheld till now ; 
Who could hold me up but Thou ? 

6 Thou hast helped in every need ; 
This emboldens me to plead ; 
After so much mercy past, 
Canst Thou let me sink at last ? 

7 No ! I must maintain my hold ; 
'Tis Thy goodness makes me bold ; 
I can no denial take, 

When I plead for Jesus' sake. 









=t=^ U — I — 23 

Rev. C^sae Malan, 1830. 



God with us ! 

-m — m — *- 



glo - rious name ! Let it 

-*-»— (=2- 

-I* (•- 

:*— Hr 

shine in 

— * — (*- 

end - less fame : 

-m f O 



S= ^-^gr-jr J =g=«3J=g r H ~S. j, ^- ^ 1 * ^ J 


God and man in Christ u - nite ; 


mys - te - rious depth and height ! 



U. d7 Incarnation of the Son of God. 

2 God with us ! the eternal Son 

Took our soul, our flesh and bone ; 
Now, ye saints, His grace adrnir^, 
Swell the song with holy fire. 

3 God with us ! but tainted not 

With the first transgressor's blot ; 
Yet did He our sins sustain, 

Bear the guilt, the curse, the pain. 

4 God with us ! O wondrous grace ! 

Let us see Him face to face, 
That we may Immanuel sing, 
As we ought, our God and King. 

H . c/ 1 Resurrection and Ascension of Christ. 

1 Hake ! the herald angels say, 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day ; 
Kaise your joys and triumphs high, 
Let the glorious tidings fly. 

2 Love's redeeming work is done, 
Fought the fight, the battle won ; 
Lo ! the sun's eclipse is o'er, 

Lo ! he sets in blood no more. 

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal ; 
Christ has burst the gates of hell : 
Death in vain forbids Him rise, 
Christ has opened paradise. 

4 Lives again our glorious King ; 
"Where, O death, is now thy sting ? 
Once He died our souls to save ; 
Where's thy victory, boasting grave ? 

5 What though once we perished all, 
Partners of our parents' fall ? 

Second life we now receive, 
And in Christ for ever five. 

6 Hail ! Thou dear almighty Lord, 
Hail ! Thou great incarnate Word, 
Hail ! Thou suffering Son of God, 
Take the trophies of Thy blood. 

H. lo4 The Gospel's Welcome. 

1 Now begin the heavenly theme, 
Sing aloud in Jesus' name ; 

Te who His salvation prove, 
Triumph in redeeming love. 

2 Ye who see the Father's grace 
Beaming in the Saviour's face, 
As to Canaan on ye move, 
Praise and bless redeeming love. 

3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears ; 
Banish all your guilty fears ; 

See your guilt and curse remove, 
Cancelled by redeeming love. 

4 Ye, alas ! who long have been 
Willing slaves to death and sin, 
Now from bliss no longer rove, 
Stop and taste redeeming love. 

5 Welcome, all by sin oppressed, 
Welcome to His sacred rest ; 
Nothing brought Him from above, 
Nothing but redeeming love. 

6 When His Spirit leads us home, 
When we to His glory come, 
We shall all the fulness prove 
Of our Lord's redeeming love. 



Von Wabtensee, 1786. 




1. Gent-ly, gent - ly, lay Thy rod 














On my sin - ful head, God ! 






Stay Thy wrath, in mer - cy stay, 






sink be - neath its sway. 








Ps. 6 

1 Gently, gently lay Thy rod 
On my sinful head, O God ! 
Stay Thy wrath, in mercy stay, 
Lest I sink beneath its sway. 

2 Heal me, for my flesh is weak ; 
Heal me, for Thy grace I seek ; 
This my only plea I make, — 
Heal me for Thy mercy's sake. 

3 "Who, within the silent grave, 
Shall proclaim Thy power to save ? 
Lord ! my sinking soul reprieve ; 
Speak, and I shall rise and live. 

4 Lo ! He comes, — He heeds my plea ; 
Lo ! He comes, — the shadows flee ; 
Glory round me dawns once more ; 
Rise, my spirit, and adore. 

PS. 15 . Second Part. 

1 Who, O Lord, when life is o'er, 
Shall to heavenly mansions soar ? 
"Who, an ever-welcome guest, 

In Thy holy place shall rest ? 

2 He whose heart Thy love has warmed, 
He whose will to Thine conformed, 
Bids His life unsullied run ; 

He whose words and thoughts are one. 

3 He who shuns the sinner's road, 
Loving those who love then- God ; 
Who, with hope and faith unfeigned, 
Treads the path by Thee ordained. 

4 He who trusts in Christ alone, 
Not in aught himself hath done ; 
He, great God, shall be Thy care. 
And Thy choicest blessings share. 

H. 34 Tlie Trinity. 

1 Holy Father, hear our cry, 

Holy Saviour, bend Thine ear, 
Holy Spirit, come Thou nigh ; 
Father, Saviour, Spirit, hear. 

2 Father, save us from our sin, 

Saviour, we Thy mercy crave. 

Gracious Spirit, make us clean ; 

Father, Son, and Spirit, save. 

3 Father, let us taste Thy love, 

Saviour, fill our souls with peace, 
Spirit, come our hearts to move ; 
Father, Son, and Spirit, bless. 

4 Father, Son, and Spirit, Thou 

One Jehovah, shed abroad 
All Thy grace within us now : 
Be our Father and our God. 

TT . 183 " Strive to enter in." 

1 Pilgrim, burdened with thy sin, 

Haste to Zion's gate to-day ; 
There, till mercy let thee in, 

Knock, and weep, and watch, and pray. 

2 Knock, for mercy lends an ear ; 

Weep, she marks the sinner's sigh ; 
Watch, till heavenly light appear ; 
Pray, she hears the mourner's cry. 

3 Mourning pilgrim, what for thee 

In this world can now remain ? 
Seek that world from which shall flee 
Sorrow, shame, and tears, and pain. 

4 Sorrow shall for ever fly ; 

Shame shall never enter there ; 
Tears be wiped from every eye ; 
Pain in endless bhss expire. 



De. L. Mason, 1825. 




—i — i 1- 



1. Hark ! my soul, it 



the Lord; 'Tis thy Sa-viour, hear His 'word; 










Je - sus speaks, and speaks to thee: "Say, poor sin 

I I 


ner, lov'st thou Me ?" 


H* «- 

— \~ i ~ = #'§ : - 




:§2=F : 

TT . 4:^ Constancy of CJirist's Love. 

2 "I delivered thee when bound, 

And when wounded, healed thy wound 
Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 
Turned thy darkness into light. 

3 " Can a woman's tender care 
Cease toward the child she bare? 
Yes, she may forgetful be, 

Yet will I remember thee. 

4 "Mine is an unchanging love, 
Higher than the heights above ; 
Deeper than the dejDths beneath, 
Free and faithful, strong as death. 

5 " Thou shalt see My glory soon, 
When the work of grace is done ; 
Partner of My throne shalt be ; 
Say, poor sinner, lovest thou Me ?" 

6 Lord, it is my chief complaint, 
That my love is weak and faint : 
Yet I love Thee and adore, 

O for grace to love Thee more 

.LL. loO Sinners Admonished. 

1 Sinnee, art thou still secure ? 

Wilt thou still refuse to pray ? 
Can thy heart or hand endure, 
In the Lord's avenging day? 

2 See, His mighty arm is bared, 

Awful terrors clothe His brow ; 

For His judgments stand prepared ; 

Thou must either break or bow. 

3 At His presence nature shakes, 

Earth, affrighted, hastes to flee; 
Solid mountains melt like wax, 
What will then become of thee? 

4 Who His coming may abide ? 

You that glory in your shame, 
Will you find a place to hide, 

When the world is wrapped in flame ? 

5 Lord, prepare us by Thy grace; 

Soon we must resign our breath, 
And our souls be called to pass 
' Through the iron gate of death. 

H. 214 Cry of Faith. 

1 Jesus, save my dying soul, 
Make the broken spirit whole ; 
Humble in the dust I he, — 
Saviour, leave me not to die. 

2 Jesus, full of every grace, 
Now reveal Thy smiling face ; 
Grant the joys of sin forgiven, 
Foretaste of the bliss of heaven. 

3 All my guilt to Thee is known, 
Thou art righteous, Thou alone ; 
All my help is from Thy cross, 
All beside I count but loss. 

4 Lord, in Thee I now believe, 
Wilt Thou, wilt Thou not forgive? 
Helpless at Thy feet I lie, 
Saviour, leave me not to die. 


DALLAS. 7s. 

Luigi Chebubini, 1760-1842. 







u r p 

1. Now the shades of night are gone ; 


i ^i • r 

Now the morn - ing light is come ; 















Lord, may we 




be Thine to - day, 

A - A 



the shades of 




sin a - way. 



Horning Hymn. 

2 Fill our souls with heavenly light, 
Banish doubt, and clear our sight ; 
In thy service, Lord, to-day, 

May we labour, watch, and pray. 

3 Keep our haughty passions bound • 
Save us from our foes around ; 
Going out and coming in, 

Keep us safe from every sin. 

4 "When our work of life is past, 
Oh ! receive us then at last ; 
Night and sin will be no more, 
When we reach the heavenly shore. 

H. 464 Delights of Public Worship. 

1 Lord of hosts, how lovely fair, 
E'en on earth Thy temples are ; 
Here Thy waiting people see 
Much of heaven, and much of Thee. 

2 From Thy gracious presence flows 
Bliss that softens all our woes ; 
"While Thy Spirit's holy fire 
"Warms oiu* hearts with pure desire. 

3 Here we supplicate Thy throne, 
Here Thou mak'st Thy glories known, 
Here we learn Thy righteous ways, 
Taste Thy love and sing Thy praise. 

4 Thus with sacred songs of joy, 
We our happy lives employ ; 
Love, and long to love Thee more, 
Till from earth to heaven we soar. 

H. 488 Benediction. 

1 Now may He who from the dead 

Brought the Shepherd of the sheep, 
Jesus Christ, our King and Head, 
All our souls in safety keep. 

2 May He teach us to fulfil, 

What is pleasing in His sight ; 
Make us perfect in His will, 

And preserve us day and night. , 

3 To that great Kedeemer's praise, 

Who the covenant sealed with blood, 
Let our hearts and voices raise, 
Loud thanksgiving to our God. 

H. 498 Sabbath Evening. 

1 Sottly fades the twilight ray 
Of the holy Sabbath day ; 
Gently as life's setting sun, 
When the Christian's course is run. 

2 Peace is on the world abroad ; 
'Tis the holy peace of God ; 
Symbol of the peace within, 
When the spirit rests from sin. 

3 Still the Spirit lingers near, 
Where the evening worshipper 
Seeks communion with the skies, 
Pressing onward to the prize. 

4 Saviour, may our Sabbaths be 
Days of peace and joy in Thee ! 
Till in heaven our souls repose, 
Where the Sabbath ne'er shall close 

E8HTEM0A. 7s. 


4-^h 1- 


T. B. Mason, 1836. 




1. Gra - cious Spi - rit, love di - vine, Let Thy light with - in 












iut— fr -fr- 








* ^ 

&" J- 


All my guil - ty fears re - move, Fill me full of heav'n and love. 









139 Prayer to the Spirit. 

Gracious Spirit, love divine, 
Let Thy light within me shine ; 
All my guilty fears remove, 
Fill me full of heaven and love. 

2 Speak Thy pardoning grace to me, 
Set the burdened sinner free ; 
Lead me to the Lamb of God, 
Wash me in His precious blood. 

3 Life and peace to me impart, 
Seal salvation on my heart ; 
Breathe Thyself into my breast, 
Earnest of immortal rest. 

4 Let me never from Thee stray, 
Keep me in the narrow way ; 
Fill my soul with joy divine, 
Keep me, Lord, for ever Thine. 



Evening Hymn. 

Softly now the light of day 
Fades upon my sight away ; 
Free from care, from labour free, 
Lord, I would commune with Thee. 

Thou, whose all-pervading eye 
Nought escapes without, within, 

Pardon each infirmity, 

Open fault, and secret sin. 

Soon, for me, the light of day 
Shall for ever pass away ; 
Then, from sin and sorrow free, 
Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee. 

4 Thou who, sinless, yet hast known 
All of man's infirmity ; 
Then, from Thine eternal throne, 
Jesus, look with pitying eye. 

H . 458 Invocation. 

1 Father, let Thy smiling face, 
Here within this holy place, 
Sweetly shining on my heart, 
Bid all sinful thoughts depart. 

2 Jesus, Thou whose ceaseless love 
Intercedes for us above, 

Bend to me Thy listening ear, 

Make my wayward heart sincere. 

3 Comforter of all the saints, 
Gently heal my soul's complaints ; 
May a foretaste now be given 

Of the Sabbath day of heaven. 

H. 554 Sacramental Meditation. 

1 Jesus, Master, hear me now, 
"While I would renew my vow, 
And record Thy dying love, 
Hear, and help me from above. 

2 Feed me, Saviour, with this bread, 
Broken in Thy body's stead ; 
Cheer my spirit with this wine, 
Streaming like that blood of Thine. 

3 And as now I eat and drink, 
Let me truly, sweetly think, 
Thou didst hang upon the tree, 
Broken, bleeding, there — for me. 



J. Eahle, 1673. 

1. ( Ye that in His courts are found, 
\ Lost and help - less as ye are, 

Full of 

to the 
sor - row, 

joy - ful sound, 
sin and care 














:^ — *— m =m~ 




glo - ri 

fy the King of kings, Take the peace the gos - pel brings. 








:E= : 

JX. . 1 b I Sinners Exhorted. 

1 Ye that in His courts are found, 
Listening to the joyful sound, 
Lost and helpless as ye are, 
Full of sorrow, sin and care, 
Glorify the King of kings, 

Take the peace the gospel brings. 

2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes, 
View His bleeding sacrifice ; 

See in Him your sins forgiven, 
Pardon, holiness, and heaven ; 
Glorify the King of kings, 
Take the peace the gospel brings. 

XX. 44:4: Evening Hymn. 

1 Now from labour and from care, 

Evening shades have set me free ; 
In the work of praise and prayer, 

Lord I would converse with Thee ; 
Oh ! behold me from above, 
Fill me with a Saviour's love. 
H Sin and sorrow, guilt and woe, 
Wither all my earthly joys ; 
Naught can charm me here below, 
But my Saviour's loving voice : 
Lord, forgive ; Thy grace restore ; 
Make me Thine for evermore. 

3 For the blessings of this day, 

For the mercies of this hour, 
For the gospel's cheering ray, 

For the Spirit's quickening power, 
Grateful notes to Thee I raise, 
Oh ! accept my song of praise. 


H . 7 b Christ our Example in Suffering. 

1 Go to dark Gethsemane, 

Ye who feel the tempter's power ; 
Your Redeemer 's conflict see ; 

Watch with Him one bitter hour ; 
Turn not from His griefs away, 
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray. 

2 Follow to the judgment-hall, 

View the Lord of life arraigned ; 
Oh ! the wormwood and the gall ! 

Oh ! the pangs His soul sustained ! 
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss ; 
Learn of Him to bear the cross. 

3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb : 

There, adoring at His feet, 
Mark that miracle of time, 

God's own sacrifice complete : 
" It is finished !" hear Him cry ; 
Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 

4 Early hasten to the tomb, 

Where they laid His breathless clay ; 
All is solitude and gloom ! 

Who hath taken Him away ? 
Christ has risen ! He meets our eyes ; 
Saviour, teach us so to rise. 

XX. 457 Invocation. 

Geeat Jehovah! — Father, Son, 

Holy Spirit — Three in one, 

Let the blessing come from Thee, 

Thine shall all the glory be ! 

Let the blessing come from Thee, 

Thine shall all the glory be ! 



Dr. Thos. Hastings, 1830. 

.i — m - — « — i — m - — m m ± — m.- 







1. Rock of 
d. o. Be of 

a - ges, cleft for 
sin the dou - ble 


m=. -mTZ-^z^msz^i— z^zzz : 

me, Let me hide my - self in Thee ; 
cure ; Cleanse me from its guilt and pow'r. 

1^ _. -f*- -f- 

tr. J J -T 


:5= ^ 




wa - ter and the blood, From Thy wound - ed side which flowed, 



J" J-. y f -CH T 



JjL 47 Christ </i€ Rock of Ages. 

2 Not the labour of my hands 
Can fulfil the law's demands ; 
Could my zeal no respite know, 
Could my tears for ever flow, 
All for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save, and Thou alone. 

3 Nothing in my hand I bring, 
Simply to Thy cross I cling ; 
Naked, come to Thee for dress ; 
Helpless, look to Thee for grace ; 
Vile, I to the fountain fly, 
Wash me, Saviour, or I die. 

4 While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When my heart-strings break in death, 
When I soar to worlds unknown, 

See Thee on Thy judgment-throne, 
Rock of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in Thee. 

H. 190 


Hearts of stone, relent, relent, 

Break, by Jesus' cross subdued ; 
See His body, mangled, rent, 

Covered with His flowing blood ! 
Sinful soul, what hast thou done ? 
Crucified the incarnate Son ! 
Yes, our sins have done the deed, 

Driven the nails that fixed Him there : 
Crowned with thorns His sacred head, 

Pierced Him with a soldier's spear ; 
Made His soul a sacrifice : 
For a sinful world He dies. 

3 Will you let Him die in vain, 

Still to death pursue the Lord ; 
Open tear His wounds again, 

Trample on His precious blood? 
No ! with all my sins I'll part : 
Saviour, take my broken heart. 

H. 257 The Lamb of God. 

1 Jesus, Lamb of God, for me, 

Thou, the Lord of life, didst die ; 
Whither, whither, but to Thee, 

Can a trembling sinner fly ? 
Death's dark waters o'er me roll, 
Save, O save my sinking soul ! 

2 Never bowed a martyred head, 

Weighed with equal sorrow down ;. 
Never blood so rich was shed, 

Never king wore such a crown ! 
To Thy cross and sacrifice 
Faith now lifts her tearful eyes. 

3 All my soul, by love subdued, 

Melts in deep contrition there ; 
By Thy mighty grace renewed, 

New-born hope forbids despair ; 
Lord, Thou canst my guilt forgive, 
Thou hast bid me look and live. 

4 While with broken heart I kneel, 

Sinks the inward storm to rest ; 
Life — immortal life ! — I feel 

Kindling in my throbbing breast ; 
Thine, for ever Thine I am, 
Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! 


E L T H A M. 7s. 

De. L. Mason, 1840. 



g — p- 



1. ( From the cross tip - lift - ed 

(What me - lo - dious sounds I 

d. o. Love's re - deem - ing work is 

high, Where the 
hear, Burst - ing 
done, Come and 







Sa - viour deigns to die 

on my rav - ished ear 

wel - come, sin - ner, come. 

i . A. J. 





=33=: I 


Love's re-deem — 
Love's re - deem - 



"P - F" 







Come, and wel — 

ing work is done, Come, and wel - - come, sin-ner, 

i \ i 






JoL. OiO Come, and Welcome. 

2 Sprinkled now with blood the throne, 
"Why beneath thy burdens groan ? 
On My pierced body laid, 

Justice owns the ransom paid ; 
Bow the knee and kiss the Son, 
Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 
Bow the knee and kiss the Son, 
Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 

3 Spread for thee the festal board, 
See with richest dainties stored ; 
To thy Father's bosom pressed, 
Yet again a child confessed, 
Never from His house to roam, 
Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 
Never from His house to roam, 
Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 

4 Soon the days of life shall end, 

Lo ! I come, your Saviour, Friend ! 

Safe your spirits to convey 

To the realms of endless day : 

Up to My eternal home, 

Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 

Up to My eternal home, 

Come, and welcome, sinner, come. 

UL. 4:Z0 Perseverance; 

1 Children of the heavenly King, 
As ye journey, sweetly sing : 
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, 
Glorious in His works and ways. 

2 Ye are travelling home to God, 
In the way the fathers trod ; 
They are happy now, and ye 
Soon then - happiness shall see. 

S O ! ye mourning souls, be glad; 
Christ our Advocate is made ; 
Us to save, our flesh assumes, 
Brother to our soul becomes. 

4 Shout, ye little flock, and blest, 
Soon you'll enter into rest ; 
There your seat is now prepared, 
There your kingdom and reward. 

5 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand 
On the borders of your land ; 
Jesus Christ, our Father's Son, 
Bids us undismayed go on. 

6 Lord, submissive make us go, 
Gladly leaving all below ; 
Only Thou our Leader be, 
And we still wiU follow Thee. 


Praise the name of God most high, 
Praise Him, all below the sky ; 
Praise Him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost : 
As through countless ages past, 
Evermore His praise shall last. 
As through countless ages past, 
Evermore His praise shall last. 





ENN1US. 7s 


J. W. Beloheb. 



? 5 =^ 

- ^ " 

1. JHark! the Song of Ju - bi - lee, Loud — as might -y thun - ders roar:) 
ful - ness of the. sea, When it breaks up - on the shore — ) 

\ Or the 
d. c. Hal - le 


-4 =fr— g -^R 

lu - jah ! let the word Ech - o round the earth and main. 

— 5- — * — ■ 

■?— I — p - 


-IS — 





D. 0. 


2. Hal - le - lu - jah ! for the Lord, God Om - ni - po - tent, shall reign ; 

--- -«,- --- ^ -m- m± -*- -m- -m- -e*. 




-m a — m- 


--» — ■'*- 


H. 608 The Song of Jubilee. 

1 Hark ! the Song of Jubilee, 

Loud — as mighty thunders roar, 
Or the fulness of the sea, 
When it breaks upon the shore : 

2 Hallelujah! for the Lord, 

God Omnipotent, shall reign ; 
Hallelujah ! let the word 

Echo round the earth and main. 

3 Hallelujah! hark! the sound, 

From the centre to the skies, 
Wakes, above, beneath, around, 
All creation's harmonies ! 

4 See Jehovah's banners furled, [done, 

Sheathed His sword ! He speaks — 'tis 
And the kingdoms of this world 
Are the kingdom of His Son. 

5 He shall reign from pole to pole 

With illimitable sway ; 
He shall reign, when, like a scroll, 

Yonder heavens have passed away ! 
C Then the end : beneath His rod, 

Man's last enemy shall fall ; 
Hallelujah! Christ in God, 

God in Christ, is All in AH. 

H. 694: Praise of the Redeemed in Heaven. 

1 High, in yonder realms of light, 
Dwell the raptured saints above, 
Far beyond our feeble sight, 
Happy in Immanuel's love. 

Pilgrims in this vale of tears, 
Once they knew, like us below, 

Gloomy doubts, distressing fears, 
Torturing pain, and heavy woe. 

2 Oft the big unbidden tear, 

Stealing down the furrowed cheek, 
Told, in eloquence sincere, 

Tales of woe they could not speak. 
But these days of weeping o'er, 

Past this scene of toil and pain, 
They shall feel distress no more, 

Never, never, weep again. 

3 'Mid the chorus of the skies, 

'Mid the angelic lyres above, 
Hark ! then - songs melodious rise, 

Songs of praise to Jesus' love. 
Happy spirits, ye are fled, 

Where no grief can entrance find ; 
Lulled to rest the aching head, 

Soothed the anguish of the mind. 

4 All is tranquil and serene, 

Calm and undisturbed repose ; 
There no cloud can intervene, 

There no angry tempest blows. 
Every tear is wiped away, 

Sighs no more shall heave the breast ; 
Night is lost in endless day, 

Sorrow, in eternal rest. 


JEEOME. 7s. 

Aeeanged from German, 1866. 

EC3_ : 



—at — *> — ~ 




1. 'Tis my hap - pi - ness be - low, Not to live with - out the cross ; But the Sa-viour's 







A +t 1 1 

1 I J 

m * 

1 i 

1 lu 

1 1 1 

/?K— ^ i i — Si— 

i J ti?~?T- 

S - * — ^ 

-J^=^— =1= 

-*r *r ^ ■ 

sj± -*_ * si 


pow'r to know, 

. . 0- 0t — #2*2 — f 

& 9 +t m * . 

Sane - ti - f y - ing 


— 0) — • — ^- — «• — i 

ev - 'ry loss. 

r— 9— #^m &— i 

Tri - als must and 

m* — 0> — n» 1 

will be - fall ; 

gg% h L r 

H — i — r — »~~ 

=J^ ^ 

-J=-r — r- — 14* m— 

—m' — « 1 : 

1 -y-^S-p~ : 

^ * | *_L 

1 r ' 

1 1 P-! 

U — W f- 

1 1 

i I 

But with hum-ble faith to see Love in-scribed up-on them all, This is hap - pi - ness to me. 



r.r f *- 


H. 330 Welcome to the Cross. 

1 'Tis my happiness below, 

Not to live without the cross ; 
But the Saviour's power to know, 

Sanctifying every loss. 
Trials must and will befall ; 

But wth humble faith to see 
Love inscribed upon them all, 

This is happiness to me. 

2 God, in Israel, sows the seeds 

Of affliction, pain and toil ; 
These spring up and choke the weeds 

Which would else o'erspread the soil. 
Trials make the promise sweet, 

Trials give new life to prayer ; 
Trials bring me to His feet, 

Lay me low, and keep me there. 

3 Did I meet no trials here, 

No chastisement by the way, 
Might I not, with reason, fear 

I should prove a cast away ? 
Aliens may escape the rod, 

Sunk in earthly, vain delight ; 
But the true-born child of God, 

Must not, would not, if he might. 


:tr-p srH l — [Z 




Whence came they f 

Who are these in bright array, — 

This innumerable throng 
Bound the Altar night and day, 

Hymning one triumphant song : 
" Worthy is the Lamb once slain, 

Blessing, glory, honour, power, 
Wisdom, riches to obtain, 

New dominion every hour V 

These through fiery trials trod, 

These from great affliction came ; 
Now before the throne of God, 

Sealed with His Almighty name, 
Clad in raiment jDure and white, 

Victor palms in every hand, 
Through their dear Bedeemer's might, 

More than conquerors they stand. 

Hunger, thirst, disease unknown, 

On immortal fruits they feed ; 
Them the Lamb amid the throne 

Shall to living fountains lead : 
Joy and gladness banish sighs, 

Perfect love dispels all fears, 
And for ever from their eyes, 

God shall wipe away the tears. 




Pleyel, 1757-1831. 

1. Lord of earth, Thy forming hand Well this beauteous frame hath planned ; Woods that wave, and hills that tower, 

-*-m^ - 

i — w-t- 
»-t— c 


in His power ; Yet a - mid this scene so fair, Should I cease Thy 











smile to share, What were all its joys to me ? Whom have I 

— i— — — <v — jk — m- 

— & \m — f* — m- 



■r— m-x- 


on earth but Thee ? 

r - n 

Jti . IjIj-J Www t» Heaven or Earth but Thee. 

1 Lord of earth, Thy forming hand 
Well this beauteous frame hath planned ; 
Woods that wave and hills that tower, 
Ocean rolling in His power ; 

Yet amid this scene so fan*, 
Should I cease your smile to share, 
What were all its joys to me ? 
Whom have I on earth but Thee % 

2 Lord of heaven, beyond our sight 
Shines a world of purer light ; 
Here, in love's unclouded reign, 
Severed friends shall meet again, 
Oh ! that world is passing fan ! 
Yet, if Thou wert absent there, 
What were all its joys to me? 
Whom have I in heaven but Thee ? 

3 Lord of earth and heaven, my breast 
Seeks in Thee its only rest ; 

I was lost : Thy accents mild 
Homeward lured Thy wandering child. 
Oh ! if once Thy smile divine 
Ceased upon my soul to shine, 
What were earth or heaven to me ? 
Whom have I in each but Thee ? 

-tl. 4:lo Looking to Jesus. 

1 When, along life's thorny road, 
Faints the soul beneath the load ; 
By its cares and sins oppressed, 
Finds on earth no peace or rest : 
When the wily tempter's near, 
Filling us with doubts and fear, 
Jesus, to Thy feet we flee ; 
Jesus, we will look to Thee. 

2 Thou, our Saviour, from the throne 
Listening to Thy people's moan : 
Thou, the living Head, dost share 
Every pang Thy members bear ; 
Full of tenderness Thou art, 
Thou wilt heal the broken heart ; 
Full of power, Thine arms shall quell 
All the rage and might of hell. 

3 Mighty to redeem and save, 
Thou hast overcome the grave ; 
Thou the bars of death hast riven, 
Opened wide the gate of heaven ; 
Soon in glory Thou shalt come, 
Taking Thy poor pilgrims home : 
Jesus, then we all shall be 

Ever, ever, Lord, with Thee ! 


MARTYN. 7s. 

S. B. Marsh, 1836. 




J Ma 

( Spice 



- ry to the Sa-viour's tomb 
she brought, and sweet per-f ume, 
ling, while a crys - tal flood 





f f f 

Has-ten'd at the 
But the Lord she 
Is - sued from her 


ear - ly dawn, 
loved had gone, 
weep-ing eyes 








For a while she ling'r-ing stood, 


Filled with sor - row and sur - prise, 

XI. uZ Mary at the Tomb. 

1 Maey to the Saviour's tomb 

Hasten'd at the early dawu, 
Spice she brought, and sweet perfume, 

But the Lord she loved had gone. 
For awhile she lingering stood, 

Filled with sorrow and surprise, 
Trembling, while a crystal flood 

Issued from her weeping eyes. 

2 But her sorrows quickly fled 

When she heard His welcome voice ; 
Christ had risen from the dead, 

Now He bids her heart rejoice ; 
What a change His word can make, 

Turning darkness into day ! 
Ye who weep for Jesus' sake, 

He will wipe your tears away. 

TT . 324: Leaning upon Jesus. 

1 Jesus, merciful and mild, 
Lead me as a helpless child ; 
On no other arm than Thine 
Would my weary soul recline : 
Thoti art ready to forgive, 
Thou canst bid the sinner live ; 
Guide the wanderer, day by day, 
In the straight and narrow way. 

2 Thou canst fit me by Thy grace 
For the heavenly dwelling place ; 
All Thy promises are sure, 
Ever shall Thy love endure j 

Then what more could I desire, 
How to greater bliss aspire ? 
All I need in Thee I see ; 
Thou art all in all to me. 

H. 349 Surrendering to Christ. 

1 People of the living God, 

I have sought the world around, 
Paths of sin and sorrow trod, 

Peace and comfort no where found : 
Now to you my spirit turns, 

Turns a fugitive unblest ; 
Brethren, where your altar burns, 

O ! receive me into rest. 

2 Lonely I no longer roam, 

Like the cloud, the wind, the wave ; 
Where you dwell shall be my home, 

Where you die shall be my grave : 
Mine the God whom you adore, 

Your Redeemer shall be mine ; 
Earth can fill my soul no more, 

Every idol I resign. 

3 Tell me not of gain or loss, 

Ease, enjoyment, pomp and power; 
Welcome poverty and cross, 

Shame, reproach, affliction's hour : 
"Follow me;" I know Thy voice ; 

Jesus, Lord, Thy steps I see ; 
Now I take Thy yoke by choice ; 

Light Thy burden now to me. 

HOTHAM. 7s. 




Martin Madan, 1776. 













1. Je-sas, Lov - er of my soul ! Let me to Thy bo-som fly, While the rag - ing bil - lows roll, 








fC g2-g2. 



While the temp-est still is high ; Hide me, my Sa-viour ! hide, Till the storm of life is past ; 

jpg^a&g^ giifcgig 





J^J.^ ' 












Safe in - to the ha - ven guide ; Oh ! re - ceive my soul at last — O re-ceive my soul at last. 











? r - 

i I I ; 

I ! 




Christian.'f have all in Christ. 


2 Other refuge have I none ; 

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee ; 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, 

Still support and comfort me ; 
All my trust on Thee is staid, 

All my help from Thee I bring ; 
Cover my defenceless head 

With the shadow of Thy wing. 

3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want ; 

All in all in Thee I find ; 
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, 

Heal the sick and lead the blind : 
Just and holy is Thy name, 

I am all unrighteousness ; 
Vile and full of sin I am, 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

4 Plenteous grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to pardon all my sin ; 
Let the healing streams abound, 
Make and keep me pure within. 

Thou of life the fountain art, 
Freely let me take of Thee ; 

Spring Thou up within my heart, 
Rise to all eternity. 

_hL. o|4 God Everywhere. 

1 They who seek the throne of grace, 
Find that throne in eveiy place ; 

If we live a life of prayer, 
God is present everywhere. 

2 In our sickness or our health, 
In our want or in our wealth, 
If we look to God in prayer, 
God is present everywhere. 

3 When our earthly comforts fail, 
When our foes and fears prevail, 
'Tis the time for earnest prayer ; 
God is present everywhere. 

4 Then, my soul, in every strait, 
To thy Father come and wait ; 
He will answer every prayer ; 
God is present everywhere. 



Samuel Webbk, 1770. 


I 1 1 "«TT* 

' ~0 -*■-*■ 0^0- -& 
1. While with cease-less course the sun Hast-ed thro' the form-er year, Ma - ny souls their race have ran, 

a lit - tie long-er wait, 

J | j .— ^=£ &&—£- 

d. s. We 


I I I 1 'I 






Nev-er more to meet us here; Fixed in their e - ternal state, They are done with all be -low; 
But how lit - tie none can know. 

, 0" fg 


* y -0 '?' ~f' i S^> r 






t p-t-p- 






Tfo iVew Fear. 

As the winged arrow flies 

Speedily the mark to find ; 
As the lightning from the skies 

Darts, and leaves no trace behind : 
Swiftly thus our fleeting days 

Bear us down life's rapid stream ; 
Upward, Lord, our spirits raise ; 

All below is but a dream. 

Thanks for mercies past receive, 

Pardon of our sins renew ; 
Teach us henceforth how to live, 

With eternity in view. 
Bless Thy word to young and old, 

Fill us with "a Saviour's love ; 
And when life's short tale is told, 

May we dwell with Thee above. 

H. 1 89 Expostulation with Sinners. 

1 Sinnees, turn, why will ye die ? 
God your Maker asks you why ; 
God who did your being give, 
Made you with Himself to live, 
He the fatal cause demands, 
Asks the work of His own hands ; 
"Why, ye thankless creatures, why 
"Will ye cross His love and die ? 

2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die ? 
God your Saviour asks you why ; 
He who did your soul retrieve, 
Died Himself that ye might live, 

"Will ye let Him die in vain, 
Crucify your Lord again ? 
"Why, ye rebel sinners, why 
Will ye slight His grace and die ? 

3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die ? 
God the Spirit asks you why ; 
Many a time with you He strove, 
Wooed you to embrace His love ; 
Will ye not His grace receive ? 
Will ye still refuse to live ? j 
W^hy will ye for ever die, 
O ye guilty sinners, why ? 

-D-. o07 Rejoicing in tlie Light. 

1 Boundless glory, Lord, be Thine ; 
Thou hast made the darkness shine j 
Thou hast sent a cheering ray ; 
Thou hast turned our night to day. 

2 Darkness long involved us round, 
Till we knew the joyful sound : 
Then our darkness fled away, 
Chased by truth's effulgent ray. 

3 They are blest, and none beside, 
They who in the truth abide ; 
Clear the light that marks their way r 
Leading to eternal day. 

4 Guide us, Saviour, through the road, 
Till we reach the saints' abode ; 

Till we see Thee throned above, 
As Thou art, the God of love. 



Dk. L. Mason, 1834. 


1. Safe-]y thro' an-oth-er week, God has brought ns on our way 
Let us now a bless-ing seek, [ Omit, .... 

Waiting in His courts to-day, Day of 


— 1 — i yS-^-m- 


all the week the nest, Emblem of e - ter • nal rest— Day of all the week the best, Emblem of e - ter - nal rest. /, 




Sabbath Worship. 

Safely through another week, 
God has brought us on our way, 

Let us now a blessing seek, 
Waiting in His courts to-day ; 

Day of all the week the best, 

Emblem of eternal rest. 

"While we seek supplies of grace, 
Through the dear Redeemer's name, 

Show Thy reconciling face, 

Take away our sin and shame : 

From our worldly cares set free, 

May we rest this day in Thee. 

Here we're come Thy name to praise ; 

Let us feel Thy presence near ; 
May Thy glory meet our eyes, 

While we in Thy house appear : 
Here afford us, Lord, a taste 
Of our everlasting feast. 

May the gospel's joyful sound 
Conquer sinners, comfort saints ; 

Make the fruits of grace abound, 
Bring relief for all complaints : 

Such let all our Sabbaths prove, 

Till we join the church above. 

JbL. doU Litany. 

1 Saviour, when in dust to Thee, 
Low we bow th' adoring knee, — 

When, repentant, to the skies 
Scarce we lift our streaming eyes, 
Oh ! by all Thy pains and woe, 
Suffered once for man below, 
Bending from Thy throne on high, 
Hear our supplicating cry. 

2 By Thy birth and early years, 
By Thy human griefs and fears, 
By Thy fasting and distress 

In the lonely wilderness, 

By Thy vict'ry in the hour 

Of the subtle tempter's power, — 

Jesus, look with pitying eye, 

Hear our deep, imploring cry. 

3 By Thine hour of dark despair, 
By Thine agony of prayer, 

By the purple robe of scorn, 

By Thy wounds, Thy crown of thorn, 

By Thy cross, Thy pangs, and cries, 

By Thy perfect sacrifice, — 

Jesus, look with pitying eye, 

Hear our sad, beseeching cry. 

4 By Thy deep expiring groan, 
By the sealed sepulchral stone, 
By Thy triumph o'er the grave, 

By Thy power from death to save, — 
Mighty God, ascended Lord, 
To Thy throne in heaven restored, — . 
Saviour, Prince, exalted high, 
Hear our solemn litany. 




De. L. Mason, 1830. 


1 ^ 

1. Watch-man, tell ns of the night, What its signs of prom-ise are. Trav'11-er, o'er yon moun-tain's height, 

See that glo - ry-beam-ing star. Watchman, does its bean-teous ray Aught of hope or joy fore-tell ? Trav'U-er, 

Chorus to 1st and 2nd Verses. 

J S 



yes, it brings the day, Promised day of Is-ra-el. Trav'11-er, yes, it brings the day, Promised day of Is-ra- 

Chorus to 3rd Verse. 



* X I fe r» S IJVS I f* I* * I 

el. Trav'11-er, lo ! the Prince of peace ! Lo ! the Son of God is come, Lo ! the Son of God is come. 

■" n— I W . W *i i 







-U. bOb Watchman, tell us of the Night. 

1 Watchman, tell us of the night, 

What its signs of promise are ; 
Traveller, o'er yon mountain's height, 

See that glory-beaming star ; 
Watchman, does its beauteous ray 

Aught of hope or joy foretell ? 
Traveller, yes, it brings the day, 

Promised day of Israel. 

2 Watchman, tell us of the night — 

Higher yet that star ascends ; 
Traveller, blessedness and light, 
Peace and truth, its course portends; 

Watchman, will its beams alone 

Gild the spot that gave them birth ? 

Traveller, ages are its own, 

See, it bursts o'er all the earth. 

3 Watchman, tell us of the night, 

For the morning seems to dawn ; 
Traveller, darkness takes its flight, 

Doubt and terror are withdrawn ; 
Watchman, let thy wanderings cease ; 

Hie thee to thy quiet home : 
Traveller, lo ! the Prince of Peace, 

Lo ! the Son of God is come. 

NELSON. 8s & 7s, Iambic. 293 

Arranged from German, 1872. 


^T-jp*-^^* 3 -o-jzm — _ — f 

« : 


^ 5=W=^ 


1. ( My days are glid-ingswift-ly by, And I a pil-grim stran-ger, I CHORUS. 

! Would not de-tain them as they fly,— Those hours of toil and dan- ger. J For now we stand on Jor-dan's strand, 

Our friends are pass-ing o-ver; And, just be -fore, the shin-ing shore We may al - most dis - cov - er. 

-m- -m- -m- 


■w— » — •— *- 


n . o2S Shining Shore. 

2 Our absent King the watchword gave, 

" Let every lamp be bm-ning ; " 
We look afar, across the wave, 
Our distant home discerning : 
For now, etc. 

3 Should coming days be dark and cold, 

We will not yield to sorrow, 
For hope will sing, with courage bold, 
" There's glory on the morrow :" 
For now, etc. 

4 Let storms of woe in whirlwinds rise, 

Each cord on earth to sever, 
There, bright and joyous in the skies, 
There is our home for ever : 
For now, etc. 

H. 303 "A Little While." 

1 And is it so ? "A little while," 

And then the life undying, 
The light of God's unclouded smile, 

The singing for the sighing 1 
"A little while !" — Oh! glorious word, 

Sweet solace of our sorrow : 
And then "for ever with the Lord," 

The everlasting morrow. 

2 Then be it ours to journey on 

In paths that He decrees us, 
Where His own feet before have gone, 

Our strength, our hope, our Jesus ; 
In lowly fellowship with Him 

The cross appointed bearing ; 
For oh ! a crown no grief can dim 

One day we shall be wearing. 

3 Oh! 'twill be passing sweet to gaze 

On Him in all His glory ; 
And, lost in love and glad amaze, 

To shout redemption's story ; 
Till angels bend to catch the strain 

Our human lips are swelling, 
And "Worthy is the Lamb once slain," 

Resounds thro' heaven's high dwelling. 

XI. 0\)u Light Gilds the Clouds. 

1 This world is not my home, I know, 

For sin and sorrow wound me ; 
But mercy tempers every blow, 
And goodness smiles around me. 

Cho. — Then let my lot be what it may, 
Come gladness or come sorrow, 
I'm nearer to my home to day, 
And may be there to-morrow. 

2 The tear may fall, the heart may bleed, 

And all look dark and dreary; 
But love divine supplies my need, 
And cheers the spirit weary. 

3 As falls the leaf when touched by frost, 

So loved ones fall around me ; 

But 'tis by mercy's hand are loosed 

The ties that fondly bound me. 

4 With heart resigned, I bid adieu 

To those who love, but leave me ; 
My home, my heavenly home's in view, 
Where death shall ne'er bereave me. 

5 My heavenly home, where Jesus reigns ! 

When I behold Thy glory, 
I'll walk thy ever verdant plains, 
And sing redemption's story. 




BAETIIEUS. 8s & 7s. 

Daniel Read, 1804. 

=1— J - 

1. "Mer - cy, Thou Son of Da-vid!" Thus blind Bar - ti - me- us prayed; 












"Oth-ers by Thy word are sav - ed, Now to me af - ford thine aid." 







-g— *— , 



H . 194 -SfeVifZ Bartimeus. 

1 "Mercy, O Thou son of David," 

' Thus blind Bartimeus prayed ; 
" Others by Thy word are saved, 
Now to me afford Thine aid." 

2 Many for his crying chid him, 

But he calls the louder still, 
Till the gracious Saviour bid him 
Come, and ask Me what you will. 

3 Money was not what he wanted, 

Though by begging used to live ; 
But he asked, and Jesus granted 
Alm s which none but He could give. 

4 " Lord, remove this grievous blindness, 

Let mine eyes behold the day !" 
Straight he saw, and, won by kindness, 
Followed Jesus in the way. 

5 Oh ! methinks I hear him praising, 

Publishing to all around, > 
" Friends, is not my case amazing 1 
"What a Saviour I have found ! 

6 " Oh ! that all the blind but knew Him, 

And would be advised by me, 
Surely they would hasten to Him, 
He would cause them all to see." 

XX. 2i\Ji Repentance at tlie Cross. 
1 Jesus, full of all compassion, 

Hear Thy humble suppliant's cry ; 
Let me know Thy great salvation : 

See, I languish, faint, and die. 

2 Guilty, but with heart relenting, 

Overwhelmed with helpless grief, 
Prostrate at Thy feet repenting, 
Send, O ! send me quick relief. 

3 Whither should a wretch be flying, 

But to Him who comfort gives ? 
Whither, from the dread of dying, 
But to Him who ever lives ? 

4 While I view Thee, wounded, grieving, 

Breathless, on the cursed tree, 
Fain, I'd feel my heart believing, 
That Thou sufferedst thus for me. 

5 With Thy righteousness and Spirit, 

I am more than angels blest ; 
Hen with Thee, all things inherit, 
Peace, and joy, and endless rest. 

6 Saved ! — the deed shall spread new glory 

Through the shining realms above ; 
Angels sing the pleasing story, 
All enraptured with Thy love. 

H. 490 Close of Worship. 

1 Heavenly Father, grant Thy blessing, 

On the teaching of this day ; 
That our hearts, Thy fear possessing, 
May from sin be turned away. 

2 Have we wandered ? O forgive us ; 

Have we wished from truth to rove ? 
Turn, O turn us, and receive us, 
And incline us Thee to love. 

DOKKNANCE. Ss & 7s. 


I. B. Woodbury. 






m — i — m — ^1- 

m — * — m — m- 


=3— 5= L 


1. Sweet the mo-ments, rich in bless-ing, Which be - fore the cross I spend, 

^=a=ta — w- ^m- 


s s 
-m — m- 

-ha hi— 

^r ^ ^ 


Is — 


-« — «l — — « 




-« *x al- 

-* *« — %- 


Life, and health, and peace pos - sess - ing, From the sin - ner's dy 


Vr- r H-l 1— 

ing Friend. 

Jul. 353 Sitting at the Foot of the Cross. 

1 Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, 

Which before the cross I spend, 
Life, and health, and peace possessing, 
From the sinner's dying Friend. 

2 Here I'll sit, for ever viewing 

Mercy flow in streams of blood ; 
Precious drops, my soul bedewing, 
Plead and claim my peace with God. 

3 Truly blessed is this station, 

Low before His cross to he ; 

While I see divine compassion 

Floating in His languid eye. 

4 Here it is I find my heaven, 

While upon the cross I gaze ; 
Love I much ? I'm much forgiven, 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

5 Love and grief my heart dividing, 

With my tears His feet I bathe ; 
Constant still in faith abiding, 
Life deriving from His death. 

H. 527 At Sea. 

1 Tossed upon the raging billow, 

Sweet it is, O Lord, to know, 

Thou didst press a sailor's pillow, 

And canst feel a sailor's woe. 

2 Never slumbering, never sleeping, 

Though the night be dark and drear, 
Thou the faithful watch art keeping, 
" AH, all's well," Thy constant cheer. 

3 Thou canst calm the raging ocean, 

All its noise and tumult still ; 
Hush the tempest's wild commotion 
At the bidding of Thy will. 

4 Thus my heart the hope will cherish, 

While to Thee I lift my eyes ; 
Thou wilt save me ere I perish, 
Thou wilt hear the sailor's cry. 

H. 595 The Heatlwn Crying for Help. 

1 Hake ! what mean those lamentations, 

Rolling sadly through the sky ? 
'Tis the cry of heathen nations, 
"Come and help us, or we die !" 

2 Hear the heathen's sad complaining, 

Christians ! hear their dying cry ; 

And, the love of Christ constraining, 

Haste to hejp them, ere they die. 

rl . (534: Dying Christian. 

1 Why lament the Christian dying ? 

Why indulge in tears or gloom % 
Calmly on the Lord relying, 

He can greet the opening tomb. 

2 Scenes seraphic, high and glorious, 

Now forbid his longer stay ; 
See him rise o'er death victorious, 
Angels beckon him away. 

3 Hark ! the golden harps are ringing, 

Sounds unearthly fill his ear ; 
Millions now in heaven singing, 
v Greet his joyful entrance there. 


SICILY. 8s & 7s. 


— I — 


1. Lord, dis - miss us with Thy bless - ing, Fill our hearts with joy and peace ; 

us each, Thy love pos - sess-ing, Tri - umph in re - deem-ing grace ; 

re -fresh us, 0! re - fresh us, Trav'l - ing through this wil -der-ness. 



1 1- 

1 — i — f — -^ r — r— 

H. 486 Close of Worship. 

2 Thanks we give and adoration, 

For Thy gospel's joyful sound ; 
May the fruits of Thy salvation 

In our hearts and lives abound ; 
May Thy presence 
With us evermore be found. 

3 So, whene'er the signal's given, 

XJs from earth to call away, 
Borne on angels' wings to heaven, 

Glad to leave our cumbrous clay, 
May we, ready, 
Rise and reign in endless day. 

H. 609 

Missionary Farewell. 

Yes, my native land, I love thee! 

All thy scenes, I love them well ; 
Home and friends that smile around me, 

Can I bid you all farewell ? 
Can I leave you, 

Ear in heathen lands to dwell ? 

Scenee of sacred peace and pleasure, 
Holy days and Sabbath bell, 

Richest, brightest, sweetest treasure, 
Can I, can I say " Farewell ?" 

Can I leave you, 
Far in heathen lands to dwell ? 

3 Yes ! I hasten from you gladly ; 
To the strangers let me tell 

How He died — the blessed Saviour — 
To redeem a world from hell ; 

Let me hasten, 
Far in heathen lands to dwell. ♦ 

4 Bear me on, thou restless ocean ; 
Let the winds my canvass swell : 
Heaves my heart with warm emotion, 
"While I go far hence to dwell ; 

Glad I bid thee, 
Native land, farewell, farewell ! 

"FT. 597 Prayer for the Spread of the GospeL 

1 O'er the gloomy hills of darkness, 

Look, my soul, be still, and gaze ; 
All the promises do travail 

With a glorious day of grace ; 
Blessed Jubilee. 
Let thy glorious morning dawn. 

2 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness, 

Grant them, Lord, the glorious light ; 
And from eastern coasts to western, 

May the morning chase the night ; 
And redemption, 
Freely purchased, win the day. 

3 Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel ; 

Win and conquer, never cease ; 
May thy lasting, wide dominions, 

Multiply, and still increase ; 
Sway Thy sceptre, 
Saviour, all the world around. 

ZION. 8s, 7s & 4s. 


Dr. Hastings, 1830. 

(On the moun-tain top ap - pear - ing, Lo ! the sa-cred her - aid stands ;) 
\Wel-come news to Zi - on bear - ing, Zi - on long in hos - tile lands, j Mourn-ing 






ft ft 




n*— ^ 

— P- 

cap-tive ! God Him-self will loose thy bands — Mourn-ing cap-tive ! God Him-self will loose thy bands, 

w--w — w — -m — » i -»— 1-^ — w- — i 1— 


Ji. 57b Joy to Zion. 

1 On the mountain top appearing, 

Lo ! the secred herald stands ; 
Welcome news to Zion bearing, 
Zion long in hostile lands ; 

Mourning captive ! 
God Himself will loose thy bands. 

2 Has thy night been long and mournful ? 

Have thy friends unfaithful proved? 
Have thy foes been proud and scornful, 
By thy sighs and tears unmoved? 

Cease thy mourning, 
Zion still is well beloved. 

3 Lo ! thy sun is risen in glory ! 

God Himself appears thy Friend ; 
All thy foes shall flee before thee ; 
Here their boasted triumphs end : 

Great deliverance 
Zion's King will surely send. 

4 Peace and joy shall now attend thee, 

All thy warfare now is past ; 
God, thy Saviour, will defend thee, 
Victory is thine at last ; 

All thy conflicts 
End in everlasting rest. 

H. 532 Story of the Lamb. 

1 Children, hear the melting story, 
Of the Lamb that once was slain ; 
"Tis the Lord of life and glory ; 
Shall He plead with you in vain ? 

Oh ! receive Him, 
And salvation now obtain. 

2 All your sins to Him confessing, 
Who is ready to forgive, 
Seek the Saviour's richest blessing ; 
On His precious name believe ; 
He is waiting, 
Will you not His grace receive * 

H . 559 The God of Zion. 

1 Zion stands with hills surrounded, 

Zion, kept by power divine ; 
All her foes shall be confounded, 

Though the world in arms combine ; 

Happy Zion ! 
What a favoured lot is thine. 

2 Every human tie may perish, 

Friend to friend unfaithful prove, 

Mothers cease their own to cherish, 

Heaven and earth at last remove ; 

But no changes 
Can attend Jehovah's love. 

3 In the furnace God may prove thee, 

Thence to bring thee forth more bright; 
But can never cease to love thee, 
Thou art precious in His sight ; 

God is with thee, 
God, thine everlasting light. 

Glory be to God the Father, 
Glory to the eternal Son ; 
Sound aloud the Spirit's praises ; 
Join the elders round the throne - r 
i Hail the glorious Three in One- 


HARWELL. 8s & 7s. 

De. L. Mason, 1840. 

gTjfrjjdjj ii an wjii i r tf /jaa a 

1. j Glorious thing? of thee are spoken, Zion, city of our God ; I On the Rock of ages founded, 

( He whose word cannot be broken, Form'd thee for His own abode: ) On the Rock, etc. What can 

MS m- m <H« - ^H*- . mue&Z-tSL. ++ *'* + * * * ^^ 




What can shake thy sure repose ? With Salvation's walls surrounded, Thou may'st smile at all thy foes, 
shake, etc. 

id. 564: Zion's Security. 

2 See the streams of living waters, 

Springing from eternal love, 
Well supply thy sons and daughters, 

And all fear of want remove ; 
Who can faint while such a river 

Ever flows then thirst to assuage ; 
Grace which, like the Lord, the giver, 

Never fails from age to age. 

3 Round each habitation hovering, 

See the cloud and fire appear, 
For a glory and a covering, 

Showing that the Lord is near : 
Thus deriving from their banner 

Light by night, and shade by day ; 
Safe they feed upon the manna 

Which He gives them when they pray. 

H. 610 Christ's Kingdom. 

1 Hark! ten thousand harps and voices 

Sound the note of praise above ; 
Jesus reigns, and heav'n rejoices, 

Jesus reigns, the God of love : 
See, He sits on yonder throne, — 
Jesus rules the world alone. 

2 Saviour, hasten Thine appearing — 

Bring, oh, bring the glorious day, 
When, the awful summons hearing, 

Heav'n and earth shall pass away ; 
Then with angel choirs, we'll sing 

" Glory, glory to our King." ' 

TT. DUO Christ Coming to Judgment. 

1 Lo! He comes, with clouds descending, 

Once for favoured sinners slain ; 

Thousand thousand saints attending, 

Swell the triumph of His train : 

Hallelujah ! 
Jesus comes, and comes to reign. 

2 Every eye shall now behold Him, 

Robed in dreadful majesty ; 
Those who set at naught, and sold Him, 
Pierced and nailed Him to the tree, 

Deeply waning, 
Shall the true Messiah see. 

3 Every island, sea and mountain, 

Heaven and earth shall flee away ; 
All who hate Him must, confounded, 
Hear the trump proclaim the day : 

" Come to judgment ! 
Come to judgment ! come away." 

4 Now redemption, long expected, 

See in solemn pomp appear : 
All His saints by man rejected, 
Now shall meet Him in the air. 

See the day of God appear. 

5 Mighty King, let all adore Thee, 

High on Thine eternal throne ; 
Saviour, take the power and glory, 
Claim the kingdom for Thine own 1 

O come quickly, 
Hallelujah ! come, Lord, come. 1 

GREENVILLE. 8s & 7s. 


J. J. Kosseau, 1775. 

1. j Sa-viour, vis - it Thy plan-ta - Hon, Grant us, Lord, a gra - cioas rain ; I 

■Ail will come to de-so-la -tion, Un- less Thoure - turn a - gain, j Lord, re-vive us, Lord, re- vive us; 

fa 'l £- ^ £--?-£- 

^ i ^.«- -m- -m- -J 1— -W- is- 4— -»- 




H^=^ : 

AUonr help must come from Thee— Lord, re-vive us, Lord, re - vivo us, All our help must come from Thee. 

AH Ulir UKip lllUOb CUUie lIULil lUCC UUIU, IC-VIVC u», Jvwiw, n, - mv, 


Tf . 580 Prayer for Revival. 

1 Saviour, visit Thy plantation, 

Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain ; 
AH will come to desolation, 
Unless Thou return again : 

Lord, revive us ; 
All our help must come from Thee. 

2 Keep no longer at a distance, 

Shine upon us from on high, 
Lest, for want of Thine assistance, 
Every plant should droop and die ; 

Lord, revive us ; 
All our help must come from Thee. 

3 Let our mutual love be fervent, 

Make us prevalent in prayers ; 
Let each one esteemed Thy servant 
Shun the world's bewitching snares. 

Lord, revive us ; 
All our help must come from Thee. 

4 Break the tempter's fatal power ; 

Turn the stony heart to flesh ; 
And begin, from this good hour, 
To revive Thy work afresh : 

Lord, revive us ; 
All our help must come from Thee. 



Tlie Pilgrim. 

Gently, Lord, O ! gently lead us, 
Through this lonely vale of tears ; 

Through the changes Thou'st decreed us, 
Till our last great change appears. 

When temptation's darts assail us, 
When in devious paths we stray, 

Let Thy goodness never fail us, 
Lead us in Thy perfect way. 

2 In the hour of pain and anguish, 

In the hour when death draws near, 
Suffer not our hearts to languish, 

Suffer not our souls to fear ; 
And when mortal hfe is ended, 

Bid us in Thine arms to rest, 
Till by angel bands attended, 

We awake among the blest. 

XI. lO Praise to God. 

1 Praise to Thee, Thou great Creator, 

Praise to Thee from every tongue : 
Join, my soul, with every creature, 
Join the universal song. 

2 Father, source of all compassion, 

Pure, unbounded grace is Thine : 
Hail the God of our salvation ! 
Praise Him for His love divine. 

3 For ten thousand blessings given. 

For the hope of future joy, 
Sound His praise thro' earth and heaven,. 
Sound Jehovah's praise on high. 

4 Joyfully on earth adore Him, 

Till in heaven our song we raise ; 

There, enraptured, fall before Him, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 



HALLELUJAH. 8s & 7s. . 

Western Melody; Arranged 1873. 






1. (Come, ye sin - ners, poor and wretch - ed, Weak and wound-ed, sick and sore;) 
( Je - sus rea - dy stands to save you, Full of pi - ty, love and pow'r:)" 

d. s. He is 

- ble, 


- j*- 1*- -f - 

He is will - ine ; doubt no more. 













<He is a - ble, He is a - ble,| 

(He is will - ing, ------- j doubt no more ; He is a - ble, 



r n 

n . 177 Gome and Welcome. 

2 Ho! ye needy, come and welcome, 

God's free bounty glorify ; 
True belief and true repentance, 
Every grace that brings us nigh, 

Without money, 
Come to Jesus Christ and buy. 

3 Let not conscience make you linger, 

Nor of fitness fondly dream ; 
All the fitness He requireth 
Is, to feel your need of Him ; 

This He gives you ; 
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam. 

4 Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, 

Lost and ruined by the fall ; 
If you tarry till you're better, 
You will never come at all. 

Not the righteous, 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

5 Agonizing in the garden, 

Lo ! your Maker prostrate lies ; 
On the bloody tree behold Him; 
Hear Him cry, before He dies, 

"It is finished !" 
Sinner, will not this suffice ? 

6 Lo ! the incarnate God, ascended, 

Pleads the merits of His blood ; 
Venture on Him, venture wholly, 
Let no other trust intrude ; 

None but Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 

7 Saints and angels joined in concert, 
Sing the praises of the Lamb ; 
While the blissful seats of heaven 
Sweetly echo with His name ; 

Hallelujah ! 
Sinners here may sing the same. 

H . 117 Grateful Recollections. 

[Tune, "Fount."] 

1 Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, 

Tune my heart to sing Thy grace ; 
Streams of mercy, never ceasing, 

Call for songs of loudest praise ; 
Teach me some melodious sonnet, 

Sung by flaming tongues above ; 
Praise the mount — O fix me on it — 

Mount of God's unchanging love. 

2 Here I raise my Ebenezer, 

Hither by Thy help I'm come ; _ 
And I hope, by Thy good pleasure, 

Safely to arrive at home ; 
Jesus sought me when a stranger, 

Wandering from the fold of God, 
He, to rescue me from danger, 

Interposed with precious blood. 

3 Oh, to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I'm constrained to be ! 
Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter, 

Bind my wand'ring heart to Thee ; 
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, 

Prone to leave the God I love, 
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it — 

Seal it from Thy courts above. 

THOMPSON. 8s & 7s. 

Karl Reden. 





-m—m — "-*■ 
— \—m~m—m- 
-* 1 




■w— *■ 


1. Sa-viour, hast Thoa fled for ev-er, From my temp-est - riv - en breast? Will Thy gra-cious Spi-rit nev - er 



D. s. Hoping, on some sweet to-mor-row, 




Come and cheer and make me bleBt? Long, dear Lord, in si - lent sor-row, I have sighed to taste Thy love- 
Thou wouldst all my guilt re-move. ' 




-tl. 409 Light Shining in Darkness. 
2 Peace, my soul, the Saviour hears thee, 
He will chase thy fears away ; 
'Tis His gracious presence cheers thee, 

Turning darkness into day. 
Precious Saviour, have I found Thee ? 

Wilt Thou then my portion be ? 
Spread Thy sheltering arm around me, 
Let me lean alone on Thee. 

Through this world, so dark and dreary, 

Be my constant friend and guide ; 
Hungry, thirsty, faint and weary, 

Keep me ever near Thy side. 
Blessed be His name for ever, 

For His pardoning grace to me ; 
Sinners, doubt His promise never, 

Jesus' love is full and free. 

FOUNT. 8s&7s. t 

Asahel Nettleton, D. D., 1825. 


I I 

1. (Come, Thou Fount of eve - ry 
\ Streams of mercy, never 
d. c. Praise the mount — O fix me 

-m- -0- » 

bless- ing, 
ceas - ing, 
on it- 

Tune my heart to sing Thv grace ; 

Call for songs of loud - est praise ; 

Mount of God's vm-chang-ing love. 



Mat the grace of Christ our Saviour, 
And the Father's boundless love, 

With the Holy Spirit's favour, 
Best upon us from above. 

Thus may we abide in union 
With each other and the Lord, 

And possess, in sweet commuuion, 
Joys which earth cannot afford. 


AUTUMN". 8s & 7s. 











1. Hark! the voice of love and mer-cy Sounds a - loud from Cal - va - ry ; See, it rends the rocks a- 

d. s. "It is finished, It is 



PT 1 

torn— F 1 F— ta- 




1 • 


sun-der, Shakes the earth and veils the sky. "It is fin-ished,It is fin-ished !" Hear the dy-ing Sa-viour cry; 
fin-ished !" Hear the dy-ing Sa-viour cry. 

^-~, ^ 



4=z : 

XX. 81 Atonement Accomplished. 

1 Hark ! the voice of love and mercy 

Sounds aloud from Calvary ; 
See, it rends the rocks asunder, 
Shakes the earth and veils the sky. 

" It is finished !" 
Hear the dying Saviour cry. 

2 It is finished ! Oh ! what pleasure 

Do these precious words afford ! 
Heavenly blessings, without measure, 
Flow to us from Christ the Lord : 

It is finished ! 
Saints, the dying words record. 

3 Finished — all the types and shadows 

Of the ceremonial law ; 
Finished — all that God had promised ; 
Death and hell no more shall awe : 

It is finished ! 
Saints, from hence your comfort draw. 

4 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs ; 

Join to sing the pleasing theme : 
All on earth and all in heaven, 
Join to praise Immanuel's name : 

Hallelujah ! 
Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! 

TT . 184 Expostulation with Sinners. 

1 Sinners, will ye scorn the message 
Sent in mercy from above 1 

Every sentence, O how tender ! 
Every line is full of love ; 

Listen to it : 
Every line is full of love. 

Hear the heralds of the gospel, 
News from Zion's King proclaim 

To each rebel sinner, " Pardon, 
Free forgiveness in His name ;" 

How important ! 
Free forgiveness in His name. 

Tempted souls, they bring you succour, 
Fretful hearts, they quell your fears ; 

And with news of consolation, 
Chase away the falling tears ; 

Tender heralds, 
Chase away the falling tears. 

False professors, grovelling worldlings, 
Callous hearers of the word, 

While the messengers address you, 
Take the warnings they afford ; 

We entreat you, 
Take the warnings they afford. 

Who hath our report believed ? 

Who received the joyful word 1 
Who embraced the news of pardon 

Offered to you by the Lord ? 
Can you slight it, 

Offered to you by the Lord. 

O L I P H A N T. 8s, 7s & 4s. 303 

German, Arranged by Mason, 1832. 

1. Guide me, O Thou great 

Je - ho - vah, Pil - grim through this bar - ren land ; 









I am -weak, but Thou art might-y, Hold me with Thy pow'r-ful hand ; Bread of hea-ven, 



^ -s>- i — • -»- . i - ' \ m -&- -m- . - — ' 





Bread of hea-ven, Feed me till I want no more — Feed me till I want no more. 


22_^-_(=j.^_ ir? gzg 




i — rr 

■^— t ^ "r^ r^ 


^2 — p: 



XI. 57 Christ our Guide. 

2 Open now the crystal fountain, 

Whence the healing streams do flow ; 
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar 

Lead me all my journey through ; 

Strong Deliverer, 
Be Thou still my strength and shield. 

3 "When I tread the verge of Jordan, 

Bid my anxious fears subside ; 
Death of death, and hell's destruction, 
Land me safe on Canaan's side: 

Songs of praises 
I will ever give to Thee. 

H . 4o(J Before or After Sermon. 

1 Come, Thou soul-transforming Spirit, 

Bless the sower and the seed ; 
Let each heart Thy grace inherit, 
Raise the weak, the hungry feed ; 

From the Gospel 
Now supply Thy people's need. 

2 Oh ! may all enjoy the blessing, 

"Which Thy word's designed to give ; 


Let us all Thy love possessing, 
Joyfully the truth receive ; 

And for ever 
To Thy praise and glory live. 




Evening Song. [Tusk- Autumn. 

Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, 

Ere repose our spirits seal ; 
Sin and want we come confessing, 

Thou canst save and Thou canst heal ; 
Though destruction walk around us, 

Though the arrow near us fly, 
Angel guards from Thee surround us. 

We are safe if Thou art nigh. 

Though the night be dark and dreary, 

Darkness cannot hide from Thee ; 
Thou art He who, never weary, 

Watchest where Thy people be. 
Should swift death this night o'ertake us, 

And our couch become our tomb, 
May the morn in heaven awake us, 

Clad in light and deathless bloom. 




1. (Hail ! my ev - er bless 

\ To my soul Thy name 

d. c. Love I much ? I'm much 

-f- -T- 



ed Je - sus ; On - ly Thee I wish to sing 
is pre- cious, Thou my Pro - phet, Priest, and King, 
for - giv - en, I'm a mir - a - cle of grace 

* n 

-»-= — w m- — « 


jj_Jj.. m- 


&— ft-^- 

^^MB^ gjllI 

2. O ! what mer - cy flows from hea - ven ! ! what joy and hap - pi - ness ! 

^-^T? 1 W- 1 1 





i — r 

n . Z2o Praise far Conversion. 

1 Hail ! my ever blessed Jesus, 

Only Thee I wish to sing ; 
To my soul Thy name is precious, 
Thou my Prophet, Priest, and King. 

2 O ! what mercy Hows from heaven ! 

O! what joy and happiness ! 
Love I much? I'm much forgiven, 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

3 Once with Adam's race in ruin, 

Unconcerned in sin I lay ; 
Swift destruction still pursuing, 
Till my Saviour passed that way. 

4 Witness, all ye hosts of heaven, 

My Redeemer's tenderness ; 
Love I much ! I'm much forgiven, 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

5 Shout, ye bright angelic choir, 

Praise the Lamb enthroned above ; 
Whilst astonished I admire 

God's free grace and boundless love. 

6 That blest moment I received Him, 

Filled my soul with joy and peace ; 
Love I much ? I'm much forgiven, 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

IT. 315 Prayer for the Graces of the Spirit. 
1 Love divine, all love excelling, 

Joy of heaven, to earth come down ; 
Fix in us Thy humble dwelling, 
All Thy faithful mercies crown. 

Jesus, Thou art all compassion, 
Pure, unbounded love Thou art ; 

Visit us with Thy salvation, 
Enter every longing heart. 

Breathe, O breathe Thy loving Spirit, 

Into eveiy troubled breast ; 
Let us all in Thee inherit, 

Let us find Thy promised rest ; 
Take away the love of sinning, 

Alpha and Omega be, 
End of faith, as its beginning, 

Set our hearts at liberty. 

Come, almighty to deliver, 

Let us now Thy life receive, 
Suddenly return, and never, 

Nevermore Thy temples leave. 
Thee we would be always blessing, 

Serve Thee as Thine hosts above ; 
Pray, and praise Thee without ceasing, 

Glory in Thy precious love. 

Finish then Thy new creation, 

Pure, unspotted may we be ; 
Let us see om 1 whole salvation, 

Perfectly secured by Thee : 
Changed from glory into glory, 

Till in heaven we take our place ; 
Till we cast our crowns before Thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 

BAILEY. 8s & 7s. 


S— *- 


1. (Sin-ners, we are sent to bid you To the gos - pel - feast to - day;) 
"(Will you slight the in - vi - ta - tion? Will you, can you, yet de - lay?)" 

-?-t?4-i fr j r 



=r^zi-=z— dz=J:=fe=zJ=, 


jfrrg.— ^r~ : g . ' * " * — * — » »•— S- — • — *-*-**— *- — s*-- 

Je - sus calls you, Je - sus calls you, Come, poor sin - ners, come a - way ; 

-m — ^— n —m-~t» — m— -* 

-?-£ — * - — * — » — *H -* " 


r^-fr^l ^ 1 1 

H--«r — a| m d~H 1 — » * — **H-^|— i — «r- 

Je - sus calls you, Je - sus calls you, Come, poor sin - ners, come a - way, 

5:2r_-«-=--*— 3 


_* «_ 

Jtl. 195 Sinners Invited. 

1 Sinneks, we are sent to bid you 

To the gospel-feast to-day ; 
Will yon slight the invitation ? 
"Will you, can you, yet delay ? 

Jesus calls you ; 
Come, poor sinners, come away. 

2 Come, O ! come, all things are ready, 

Bread to strengthen, wine to cheer ; 
If you spm-n this blood-bought banquet, 
Sinners, can your soids appear 

Guests in heaven, 
Scorning heaven's rich bounty here ? 

3 Come, O ! come, leave father, mother ; 

To your Saviour's bosom fly : 
Leave the worthless world behind you, 
Seek for pardon, or you die : 

"Pardon, Saviour!" 
Hear the sinking sinner cry. 

4 Even now the Holy Spirit 

Moves upon some melting heart, 
Pleads a bleeding Saviour's merit ; 
Sinner, will you say, "Depart 1 ?" 

r — F 

Wretched sinner, 
Can you bid your God depart? 

5 What are all earth's dearest pleasures, 

Were they more than tongue could tell? 
What are all its boasted treasures, 
To a soul once sunk in hell? 

Treasure ! pleasure ! 
No such sounds are heard in hell. 

6 Fly, O ! fly ye to the mountain, 

Linger not in all the plain ; 
Leave this Sodom of corruption. 
Turn not, look not back again ; 

Fly to Jesus, 
Linger not in all the plain. 

-Li. ZJjL Welcome to Christ. 

1 Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer, 
Welcome to this heart of mine ; 
Lord, I make a full surrender, 

Ev'ry power and thought be Thine ; 

Thine entirely, 
Through eternal ages Thine. 


B E E S T. 8s, 7s & 4s. 

Dr. Mason. 

=i=J=i=^^3=i=f=i=j=B = |I 

J- -J- 

Z 1 '— ; ' 


1. See th'e - ter - nal Judge de - scend-ing, View Him seat - ed on His throne ; 

-m- - 

— i — 0-— — — 0— 


n = pr-^=p=rr: 





«. — «i — « — » — — *i — m 1 — i- 

g==«t=«t=it=lbg=g — J— * - 



-* — =» — s<- 

Now, poor sin - ner, now la - ment-ing, Stand and hear thy aw - ful doom ; 

s gB^^^g 


i — z r i 


= i» i» . — 

-i — ^- 

T 2 

1-0-% r- -, 



/, J -1 

— ^ 

— L. 

— + 


— i* —i - 

• ^=i 

— ;-d — 



Kfr *;• 




. *-r 

-al m 



-?=> Hi 


- pets 

— «■ 


P - 


* • 


r 0' 
■ |- 


and hear 

1 : 1 


— . 



ful doom. 


— U 



— S-« — 

— w * — 

b> F 

— m — 

H — ' 





Ji. bbO Christ Descending to Judgment, 

1 See the eternal Judge descending, 

View Him seated on His throne ; 
Now, poor sinner, now lamenting, 
Stand and hear Thy awful doom ; 

Trumpets call thee, 
Stand and hear thy awful doom. 

2 Hear the cries he now is venting, 

Filled with dread of fiercer pain, 
While in anguish thus lamenting, 
That he ne'er was born again ; 

Greatly mourning, 
That he ne'er was born again. 

3 " Yonder sits the slighted Saviour, 

With the marks of dying love ; 
O that I had sought His favour, 
When I felt His Spirit move ; 

Golden moments, 
When I felt His Spirit move." 

4 Now, despisers, look and wonder ; 

Hope and sinners here must part ; 
Louder than a peal of thunder, 

Hear the dreadful sound, "Depart!" 

Lost for ever, 
Hear the dreadful sound, "Depart !" 

H. 662 The Day of Judgment. 

1 Day of judgment, day of wonders! 

Hark! the trumpet's awful sound, 
Louder than a thousand thunders, 
Shakes the vast creation round ! 

How the summons 
Will the sinner's heart confound ! 

2 At His call the dead awaken, 

Eise to life from earth and sea; 
All the powers of nature, shaken 
By His looks, prepare to flee; 

Careless sinner, 
What will then become of thee ? 

3 See the Judge, our nature wearing, 

Clothed in majesty divine ; 
You who long for His appealing, 
Then shall say, This God is mine ! 

Gracious Saviour, 
Own me in that day for Thine. 

Glory be to God the Father, 
Glory to the eternal Son ; 
Sound aloud the Spirit's praises ; 
Join the elders round the throne ; 

Hail the glorious Three in One. 

KATHBUN. 8s & 7s. 



John Conkey, 1851. 

1. Hail, Thou once de - spis - ed 


Je - bus ! Hail, Thou Gal - li - le - an King ! 


Thou didst suf -f er to 

re - lease us ; Thou did'st free sal - va - tion bring. 



i JiLT i 







H. O^ Paschal Lamb. 

1 Hail, Thou once despised Jesus ! 

Hail, Thou Galilean King ! 
Thou didst suffer to release us ; 
Thou didst free salvation bring. 

2 Hail, Thou agonizing Saviour, 

Bearer of our sin and shame ! 
By Thy merits we find favour, 
Life is given through Thy name. 

3 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, 

All our sins on Thee were laid ; 
By almighty love anointed, 

Thou hast full atonement made. 

4 All Thy people are forgiven, 

Through the virtue of Thy blood ; 
Opened is the gate of heaven ; 

Peace is made 'twixt man and God. 




Christ exalted and interceding. 

Jesus hail, enthroned in glory, 
There for ever to abide ; 

All the heavenly hosts adore Thee, 
Seated at Thy Father's side. 

2 There for sinners Thou art pleading, 

There Thou dost our place prepare ; 
Ever for us interceding, 
Till in glory we appear. 

3 Worship, honour, power and blessing, 

Thou art worthy to receive ; 
Loudest praises, without ceasing, 
Meet it is for us to give. 

H. d4(J Prayer for Submission. 

1 Step by step, my Father, lead me 

Through this dark and dreary day; 
Hour by hour, my Saviour, feed me, 
Fainting, drooping, by the way. 

2 One by one, my joys declining, 

Bear, O ! bear my spirit up ; 
May Thy grace prevent repining, 
Fill Thou now my empty cup. 

3 Day by day, my Father, measure 

All my changes yet to be, 
And may each in Thy good pleasure 
Bring me nearer unto Thee. 

U. 2&D Hope Encouraged. 

[Tune, "Brest."] 

1 O my soul ! what means this sadness ? 

Wherefore art thou thus cast down * 
Let thy grief be turned to gladness, 
Bid thy restless fear begone ; 

Look to Jesus, 
And rejoice in His dear name. 

2 Though ten thousand ills beset thee, 

Though thy heart is stained with sin, 
Jesus fives, He'll ne'er forget thee, 
He will make thee pure within ; 

He is faithful 
To perform His gracious word. 

3 Though distresses now attend thee, 

And thou tread'st the thorny road ; 
His right hand shall still defend thee, 
Soon He'll bring thee home to God ; 

Thou shalt praise Him, — 
Praise the great Redeemer's name. 


DISCIPLE. 8s & 7s. 


.o. MOZABT. 

1. Come, Thou long ex-pect-ed Je 

sus, Born to set Thy peo-ple free; From our fears and sins re-lease us, 
d. s. Dear De-sire of ev'-ry na - tion, 




.m--m--^--m- -m---m-e2- 













«— «— »- *-!-*'■ 



Let us find our rest in Thee : 

Joy of ev' - ry long-ing heart. 

■!*-' I mm' 

i — Cf^ >*-l g 4-i — r' ' ■- — 


Is-rael's Strength and Con-so-la-tiou, Hope of all the saints Thou art ; 

w'y w w 


H. 41 Christ the Desire of all Nations. 
2 Born Thy people to deliver ; 

Boi'n a child, and yet a King ; 
Born to reign in us for ever, 

Now Thy precious kingdom bring : 
By Thine own eternal Spirit, 

Rule in all our hearts alone ; 
By Thine all-sufficient merit, 

Raise us to Thy glorious throne. 

11.4:8 Christ the Friend of Sinners. 

1 One there is, above all others 

Well deserves the name of Friend ; 
His is love beyond a brother's, 
Costly, free, and knows no end. 

2 Which of all our friends, to save us, 

Could or would have shed his blood ' 
But this Saviour died to have us 
Reconciled in Him to God. 

3 When He lived on earth abased, 

Friend of sinners was His name ; 
Now, above all glory raised, 
He rejoices in the same. 

4 Oh ! for grace our hearts to soften, 

Teach us, Lord, at length to love: 
We, alas ! forget too often, 

What a Friend we have above. 

H. 346 The World Renounced. 
1 Jesus, I my cross have taken, 

All to leave and follow Thee ; 
Naked, poor, despised, forsaken, 

Thou from hence my All shalt be : 

Let the world neglect and leave me ; 

They have left my Saviour too ; 
Human hopes have oft deceived me ; 

Thou art faithful, Thou art true. 

2 Perish, earthly fame and treasure, 

Come, disaster, scorn, and pain : 
In Thy service, pain is pleasure ; 

With Thy favour, loss is gain. 
Oh ! tis not in grief to harm me, 

While Thy bleeding love I see ; 
Oh! 'tis not in joy to charm me, 

When that love is hid from me. 

H. 591 " The Morning Cometh" 

1 " Lift your heads" with faith; the morrow 

Dawneth brighter than to-day ; 
Angel hands will lift the shadows, 
Chase the gathering gloom away. 

Cho. — " Lift your heads," the day is break- 
Soon the morning will appear ; 
See the earth from slumber wak- 
ing ; [near. 
"Liftyour heads," the day draws 

2 Does the night seem long and weary, 

Dangers threatening all the way ? 
Joy will soon return to bless thee, 
Soon will dawn a brighter day. — Cho. 

3 What though wars and dire commotions 

Try your faith and cause dismay ; 
God, your Father, rules the nations ; 
He will send a brighter day. — Cho. 

WADDELL. 8s & 7s. 




J_ I 


From the Gebman. 






-^h iizsj 




Praise the Fa -ther, earth and hea - ven ; Praise the Son, the Spi - rit praise ; 






T 5 * r?- 













-<si — si- 







-^ - g - 


As it 

was, and is, be giv - en Glo - ry through e - ter - nal days. 








: FH = f = y = 






H. 08 ^Ae Deity and Qlory of Christ. 

1 Lord of every land and nation, 

Ancient of eternal days, 
Sounded through the wide creation, 
Be Thy just and awful praise. 

2 For the grandeur of Thy nature, 

Grand beyond a seraph's thought ; 
For created works of power, 
Works with skill and kindness wrought. 

3 For Thy providence, that governs 

Through Thine empire's wide domain, 
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow ; 
Blessed be Thy gentle reign. 

k But Thy rich, Thy free redemption, 
Dark through brightness all along ; 
Thought is poor, and poor expression ; 
Who can sing that awful song ? 

5 Brightness of the Father's glory, 

Shall Thy praise unuttered he ? 

Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence ; 

Sing the Lord, who came to die. 

6 Did the angels sing Thy coming ? 

Did the shepherds learn their lays ? 
Shame would cover me ungrateful, 
Should my tongue refuse to praise, 

7 From the highest throne in glory, 

To the cross of deepest woe ! 
AH to ransom guilty captives ! 
Flow, my praise, for ever flow. 

8 Go, return, immortal Saviour, 

Leave Thy footstool, take Thy throne ; 
Thence return, and reign for ever ! 
Be the kingdom all Thy own. 

JH.. 74 Song of the Angela. 

1 Hark ! what mean those holy voices, 

Sweetly sounding through the skies ? 
Lo ! the angelic host rejoices, 
Heavenly hallelujahs rise. 

2 Listen to the wondrous story 

Which they chant in hymns of joy ; 
Glory in the highest, glory ! 
Glory be to God most high ! 

3 Peace on earth, good will from heaven, 

Reaching far as man is found ; 
Souls redeemed, and sins forgiven, 
Loud our golden harps shall sound. 

4 Christ is born, the great Anointed, 

Heaven and earth His praises sing ; 
! receive whom God appointed, 
For your Prophet, Priest and King, 

5 Hastens mortals to adore Him, 

Learn His name, and taste His joy; 
Till in heaven ye sing before Him, 
Glory be to God most high ! 

6 Let us learn the wondrous story 

Of our great Redeemer's birth, 
Spread the brightness of His glory, 
Till it covers all the earth. 


STEADMAN. 8s & 7s. 

K. R., 1872. 

1. (Lord, I hear of showers of bless-ing Thou art seatt'r-ing full and free;) 
(Showers the thirs-ty land re - fresh-ing — Let some dropp-ings fall on me. j 

; ^^^^&4^--tTW r -Tr gLj *-T-S- t m <* 

i~ ft— ts> — h e> — 1 -s> »H-s> — *m—\\s — i — H-s — m— +2 

" f— J f— 


^^=^=^ ^^^jj^ JT rrH 


-is- S 

E - ven 

■£2- ■#- 




Let some dropp-inga fall on me. 






XI. Oo7 Prayer for Blessing. 

2 Pass me not, O God our Father ! 

Sinful though my heart may be ; 
Thou might'st leave me, but the rather 
Let Thy mercy light on me, — Even me. 

3 Pass me not, O gracious Saviour ! 

Let me live and cling to Thee ; 
Oh ! I'm longing for Thy favour — 
While Thou'rt calling, oh ! call me, 

Pass me not, O mighty Spirit, 

Thou canst make the blind to see ; 
Witnesser of Jesus' merit, 

Speak some word of power to me. 
Pass me not ! Thy lost one bringing, 

Bind, O bind my heart to Thee ; 
While the streams of life are springing, 

Blessing others, O bless me. 

PEREZ. 8s & 7s. 

1*1 P^ 

1. Praise the Lord I ye heav'ns adore Him ; Praise Him r.iigels in the height ; Sun and moon rejoice before Him ; 




r t t 




z t- : 



Sur. - and moon rejoice before Him ; 

ha^^Li! -1 ha-i^+ha-hi-»-»- 

Praise Him, all ye stars of light ! Hal-le - lu-jah, Amen, 






n X I ■ jp . 



-p — 



A - 1 men. 


r » If^ l l t 

Prai83 - - Him, all ye stars of light! 

Ps. 148 Fourth Part. 

2 Praise the Lord, for He hath spoken ; 

Worlds His mighty voice obeyed ; 
Laws which never can be broken, 
For their guidance He hath made. 

3 Praise the Lord for He is glorious ; 

Never shall His promise fail ; 

Amen, Hal-le - lu-jah, Amen, A - men. 

God hath made His saints victorious, 
Sin and death shall not prevail. 

4 Praise the God of our salvation, 

Hosts on high His power proclaim ; 
Heaven, and earth, and all creation, 
Praise and magnify His name ! 
Hallelujah, Amen. 

LUCAS. 5s, lis & 6s. 










Samuel Webbe, 1740-1824. 

1. Come, let us a - new our jour-ney pur - sue, 

-r^ 4l *. £. .p_J5_ 



-H— n 

»>— t*-^ ^^ Fy-.*- 1 

Roll round with the year, And 
■ if?- . J J - 




> I* 



•fi — %—s — * — $f-«— * — ^P4 




nev - er stand still till the Mas - ter ap - pear 



-**— r- 


His a - dor - a - ble will Let us 





r> h 






glad - ly ful - fil, And our tal - ents im - prove By the 

P-*- -P- 


pa-tienee of hope, and the 









la - bour of love — By the pa - tience of hope, and the la- bour of love. 


-*-*—*- ~*W , P — P 


£=:£=-£— £=rf: 

H. 511 i\T«/> Fear. 

1 Come, let us anew 
Our journey pursue, 
Roll round with the year, 

And never stand still till the Master appear. 

His adorable will 

Let us gladly fulfil, 

And our talents improve, [love. 

By the patience of hope and the labour of 

2 Our life is a dream ; 
Our time, as a stream, 
Glides swiftly away, 

And the fugitive moment refuses to stay : 

The arrow is flown, 
The moment is gone, 
The millennial year 
Rushes on to our view, and eternity's here. 

3 Oh ! that each in the day 
Of Thy coming, may say, 
"I have fought my way through, 

I have finished the work Thou didst give 
me to do !" 
Oh ! that each from Thee, Lord, 
May receive the glad word, 
" Well and faithfully done ; [throne." 

Enter into My joy, and sit down on My 


AMSTERDAM. 7s, 6s & 7s. 

De. James Nabes, 1780. 

L. J Kise, my soul, and stretch thy wings, Thy bet- ter por-tion trace;) 

( Rise from tran-si-to-ry things, Towards heav'n, thy na-tive place;) Sun and moon and stars de-cay; 





■(«- -<=_ 


Time shall soon this earth re-move : Rise, my soul, and haste a- way, To seats pre-pared a - bove. 

H. 671 Aspiring after Heaven. 

1 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings, 

Thy better portion trace ; 
Rise from transitory things, 

Towards heaven, thy native place ; 
Sun and moon and stars decay ; 

Time shall soon this earth remove : 
Rise, my soul, and haste away, 

To seats prepared above. 

2 Rivers to the ocean run, 

Nor stay in all their course ; 
Fire ascending seeks the sun ; 

Both speed them to their source : 
So a soul that's born of God 

Pants to view His glorious face, 
Upward tends to His abode, 

To rest in His embrace. 

3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn ; 

Press onward to the prize ; 
Soon our Saviour will return, 

Triumphant in the skies. 
Yet a season, and you know, 

Happy entrance will be given ; 
All our sorrows left below, 

And earth exchanged for heaven. 

U. 342 None but Jems Crucified. 

1 Vain, delusive world, adieu ! 
With all of creature good ; 
Only Jesus I pursue, 
Who bought me with His blood. 

All thy pleasures I forego ; 

All thy wealth, and all thy pride ; 
Only Jesus will I kuow, 

And Jesus crucified. 

2 Him to know is life and peace, 

And pleasure without end ; 
This is all my happiness — 

On Jesus to depend ; 
Daily in His grace to grow, 

In His favour to abide; 
Only Jesus will I know, 

And Jesus crucified. 

H. 20 G°d First Chose Me - 

[Tune, "Missionary Hymn."] 

1 'Tis not that I did choose Thee, 

For, Lord, that could not be ; 
This heart would still refuse Thee ; 

But Thou hast chosen me : 
Thou from the sin that stained me, 

Hast cleansed and set me free ; 
Of old Thou hast ordained me, 

That I should five to Thee. 

2 'Twas sovereign mercy called me, 

And taught my opening mind ; 
The world had else enthralled me, 

To heavenly glories blind ; 
My heart owns none before Thee ; 

For Thy rich grace I thirst ; 
This knowing, if I love Thee, 

Thou must have loved me first. 

MISSIONARY HYMN. 7s & 6s. 315 

De. L. Mason, 1824. 

1. From Greenland's icy mountains, From India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains Roll down their golden 




sand, From many an ancient river, From many a palmy plain, They call us to deliver Their land from error's chain. 

xl. DUO Missionary Hymn. 

2 What though the spicy breezes 

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle, 
Though every prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile ; 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strown, 
The heathen, in his blindness, 

Bows down to wood and stone. 

3 Shall we. whose souls are hghted 

With wisdom from on high, 
Shall we to m?n benighted 

The lamp of life deny 1 
Salvation ! O salvation ! 

The joyful sound proclaim, 
Till earth's remotest nation 

Has learned Messiah's name. 

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story, 

And you, ye waters, roll, 
Till, like a sea of glory, 

It spreads from pole to pole ; 
Till o'er our ransomed nature 

The Lamb, for sinners slain, 
Redeemer, Kinj, Creator, 

In bliss returns to reign. 

XX. ^j4d Divine Light Breaking into the Soul. 

1 Sometimes a hght surprises 

The Christian while he sings ; 
It is the Lord Avho rises, 
With healing in His wings ; 

When comforts are declining, 
He grants the soul again 

A season of clear shining, 
To cheer it after rain. 

In holy contemplation, 

We sweetly then pursue 
The theme of God's salvation, 

And find it ever new : 
Set free from present sorrow, 

We cheerfully can say, 
Let the unknown to-morrow 

Bring with it what it may. 

It can bring with it nothing, 

But He will bear us through ; 
Who gives the lilies clothing, 

Will clothe His people too : 
Beneath the spreading heavens, 

No creature but is fed ; 
And He who feeds the ravens, 

Will give His children bread. 

Though vine nor fig-tree neither, 

'Their wonted fruit should bear, 
Though all the fields should wither, 

Nor flocks nor herds be there ; 
Tet God the same abiding, 

His praise shall tune my voice j 
For while in Him confiding, 

I cannot but rejoice. 


COVERDALE. 7s & 6s. 


1. ( I want to be with Je - sus, And with the an-gels stand 
\A crown up-on my fore-head, A harp with-in my hand 



-!*- -*, 


ttt r ; 

) There, right be-fore my Sa-viour, 






So glo-rious and so bright, I'd wake the sweet-est mn - sic, And praise Him day and night. 


-n-AU — 


J=L _*_ 

— n-'» — 1 - » — • — » — a — i — ^ -. i i- 

H. 531 waft /«*w*. 

1 I want to be with Jesns, 

And with the angels stand, 
A crown upon my forehead, 

A harp within my hand ; 
There, right before my Saviour, 

So glorious and so bright, 
Td wake the sweetest music, 

And praise Him day and night. 

2 I never would be weary, 

Nor ever shed a tear, 
Nor ever know a sorrow. 

Nor ever feel a fear ; 
But blessed, pure, and holy, 

I'd dwell in Jesus' sight, 
And with ten thousand thousands, 

Praise Him both day and night. 

3 I know I'm weak and sinful, 

But Jesus will forgive ; 
For many little children 

Have gone to heav'n to live. 
Dear Saviour, when I languish, 

And lay me down and die, 
Oh! send a shining angel, 

And bear me to the sky. 

4 Oh! there I'll be with Jesus, 

Among the angels stand, 
A crown upon my forehead, 
A harp within my hand; 

And there, before Thee, Saviour, 
So glorious and so bright, 

I'll join the heavenly music, 

And praise Thee day and night. 

H. 276 Faith in Jesus. 

1 I lay my sins on Jesus, 

The spotless Lamb of God ; 
He bears them all, and frees us 

From the accursed load. 
I bring my guilt to Jesus, 

To wash my crimson stains 
White in His blood most precious, 

Till not a spot remains. 

2 I lay my wants on Jesus ; 

All fulness dwells in Him ; 
He healeth my diseases, 

He doth my soul redeem ; 
I lay my griefs on Jesus, 

My burdens and my cares ; 
He from them all releases, 

He all my sorrow shares. 

4 I long to be like Jesus, 

Meek, loving, lowly, mild; 
I long to be like Jesus, 

The Father's holy Child; 
I long to be with Jesus 

Amid the heavenly throng, 
To sing with saints His praises, 

And learn the angels' song. 



7s & 6s. 
J 1 , ■ I- 

Geo. J. Webb, 1837. 


I i 

:. O sacred Head once wounded, With grief and shame weighed down, How scornfully surrounded 

d. s. Yet though despised and gory, 

-i — ^-r 




£ — <* A — «i 1 — *H-Si-? ; -H — H-^—1 — « — *H 1 — 

-. 1 ... K-j LI -J-n-J- 

With thorns Thy on-ly crown ! 
I joy to call Thee mine. 

_J___| X 

-•!—« 1- 


sa-cred Head, what glo-ry ! What bliss till now was Thine ! 


t ** 




XI . b»7 Sacred Head. 

2 How art Thou pale with anguish, 

With sore abuse and scorn ; 
How does that visage languish 

That once was bright as morn ! 
What language shall I borrow, 

To thank Thee, dearest Friend, 
For this Thy dying sorrow, 

Thy pity without end ? 

3 Oh ! make me Thine for ever ; 

And should I fainting be, 
Lord, let me never, never 

Outlive my love to Thee. 
Be near when I am dying ; 

Oh ! show Thy cross to me ; 
And, for my succour flying, 

Come, Lord, and set me free. 

JjL 41^ Cheer up tJie Fainting. 

1 O faint and feeble-hearted, 

Why thus cast down with fear ? 
Fresh aid shall be imparted ; 
Thy God unseen is near. 

2 His eye can never slumber, 

He marks thy cruel foes ; 
Observes their strength, then - number, 
And all thy weakness knows. 

3 Though heavy clouds of sorrow 

Make dark thy path to-day, 
There may shine forth to-morrow 
Once more a cheering ray. 

4. Though doubts and griefs assailing 
Conceal heaven's fair abode ; 
Yet now faith's power prevailing 
Should stay thy mind on God. 


The Gospel Banner. 

Now be the gospel banner 

In every land unfurled ; 
And be the shout, hosanna ! 

Re-echoed through the world : 
Till every isle and nation, 

Till every tribe and tongue 
Receive the great salvation, 

And join the happy throng. 

What though the embattled legions 

Of earth and hell combine ? 
His arm throughout their regions, 

Shall soon resplendent shine ; 
Ride on, O Lord, victorious ; 

Immanuel, Prince of peace, 
Thy triumph shall be glorious ; 

Thy empire still increase. 

Yes, Thou shalt reign for ever, 

O Jesus, King of kings ; 
Thy light, Thy love, Thy favour,. 

Each ransomed captive sings ; 
The isles for Thee are waiting, 

The deserts learn Thy praise ; 
The hills and valleys greeting, 

The song responsive raise. 


TEINITY. 6s, 6s & 4s. 


Felix Giaedini, 1760. 



1. Come, Thou al - might - y King, Help us Thy name to sing, Help us to praise. 

m -f^L 














j Fa - ther all glo - ri - ous, > 

(O'er all vie - to - ri - ous,) Come, and reign o - ver us, An- cient of days. 



£ — m- 







JlL. 459 Invocation of tfie Trinity. 

1 Come, Thou almighty King, 
Help us Thy name to sing, 

Help us to praise. 
Father all glorious, 
O'er all victorious, 
Come and reign over us, 

Ancient of days. 

2 Jesus, our Lord, arise, 
Scatter our enemies, 

And make them fall ; 
Let Thine almighty aid, 
Our sure defence be made ; 
Our souls on Thee be staid ; 

Lord, hear our call. 

3 Come, Thou incarnate Word, 
Gird on Thy mighty sword ; 

Our prayer attend. 
Come, and Thy people bless, 
And give Thy word success ; 
Spirit of holiness, 

On us descend. 

4 Come, Holy Comforter, 
Thy sacred witness bear, 

In this glad hour. 
Thou, who almighty art, 
Now rule in every heart, 
And ne'er from us depart, 

Spirit of power. 

5 To the great One in Three, 
The highest praises be, 

Hence evermore. 
His sovereign majesty, 
May we in glory see, 
And to eternity, 
Love and adore. 

-LL. 4oo Before Preaching. 

[Tune, "America."] 

1 O holy Lord, our God, 
By heavenly hosts adored, 

Hear us, we pray ; 
To Thee the Cherubim, 
Angels and Seraphim, 
Unceasing praises hymn — 

Their homage pay. 

2 Here give Thy word success, 
And this Thy servant bless, 

His labours own ; 
And while the sinner's Friend 
His hie and words commend, 
Thy Holy Spirit send, 

And make him known. 

3 May every passing year 
More happy still appear 

Than this glad day ; 
With numbers fill the place, 
Adorn Thy saints with graco, 
Thy truth may all embrace, 

O Lord, we pray. 


6s, 6s & 4s. 


A L 

Db. L. Mason, 


^K-tA-4 - -1 — J 

-J- — I s — i 

— 1 — 1 — ' 1 " -f« — 1 1 

— ^r— *) — -s— 

7zr—k- £ J f..:. S— ?d 

i-s— *-— i 

— <s>— ■ 

1. My faith looks 
^-^i-^— J— S~ 

up to Thee, Thou Lamb of 

Gal - va - ry, 


Sa -viour di - 

vine ! 

m>-m=4 — | — P- 

-t^=t= F 

"-i — r F 3 

r E j°- 

f -4— i- 



izqt- i,=q= 

£>- ■ 



— — ah 





( Now hear me while I pray, ) 

(Take all my guilt a -way;]" Oh, let me from this day 

Be whol - ly Thine. 


: ^-fr-i 

: S=4 




H. 274 -FatfA tw C/im£. 

1 My faith looks up to Thee, 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 

Saviour divine ! 
Now hear me while I pray, 
Take all my guilt away ; 
Oh let me, from this day, 

Be wholly Thine. 

2 May Thy rich grace impart 
Strength to my fainting heart — 

My zeal inspire. 
As Thou hast died for me, 
Oh may my love to Thee 
Pure, warm, and changeless be — 

A living fire. 

A M E E I C A. 

3 "While life's dark maze I tread, 
And griefs around me spread, 

Be Thou my guide ; 
Bid darkness turn to day, 
Wipe sorrow's tear away, 
Nor let me ever stray 

From Thee aside. 

4 "When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll, 
Blest Saviour, then in love 
Fear and distress remove ; 
Oh, bear me safe above — 

A ransomed soul. 

6s, 6s & 4s. 

English j H. T. Caret, died 1783. 

%±±i i j : ft Uttttj^ -f pm^n 

1.0 ho - ly Lord, our God, By heav'n-ly hosts a-dored, Hear us, we 

pray ; 







\ — 

To Thee the 




■4—!— I 





Che - ru-bim, An-gels and Se - ra-phim, Un - ceas - ing prais-es hymn— Their hom-age pay. 



jc -m- -m- -m- — ^ - m-s 


-i j*— I — U 





6s, 4s & 6s. 

Dr. L. Mason, 1834. 


1. I'm but a stran-ger here, Heav'n is my home : Earth is a des-ert drear, Heav'n is my home : 



i — i— i— 









1 I 

Dan-gers and sor-rows stand Eound me on ev'-ry hand, Heav'n is my Fa-ther-land, Heav'n is my home. 









M. 697 Heaven the Christian's Home. 

1 I'm but a stranger here, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Earth is a desert drear, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Dangers and sorrows stand 
Round me on every hand, 
Heav'n is my Father-land, 

Heav'n is my home. 

2 "What though the tempests rage, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Short is my pilgrimage, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
And time's wild wintry blast 
Soon will be over past, 
I shall reach home at last,— 

Heav'n is my home. 

3 Therefore I murmur not, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Whate'er my earthly lot, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
And I shall surely stand 
There at my Lord's right hand; 
Heav'n is my Father-land, — 

Heav'n is my home. 

4 There, at my Saviour's side, 

Heav'n is my home; 
I shall be glorified, 
Heaven is my home ; 

There are the good and blest ; 
Those I love most and best ; 
There too I soon shall rest, 
Heav'n is my home. 

H. 529 

Happy Land. 

[Tune, "Bettlah."] 
There is a happy land, 

Far, far away, 
Where saints in glory stand, 

Bright, bright as day ; 
Oh! how they sweetly sing, 
Worthy is our Saviour King ; 
Loud let His praises ring, 

Praise, praise for aye. 

Come to that happy land, 

Come, come away; 
Why will ye doubting stand,' 

Why still delay? 
Oh ! we shall happy be, 
When from sin and sorrow free, 
Lord, we shall live with Thee, 

Blest, blest for aye. 

Bright, in that happy land, 

Beams every eye; 
Kept by a Father's hand, 

Love cannot die. 
Oh ! then to glory run, 
Be a crown and kingdom won ; 
And bright above the sun, 

We reign for aye. 


BETHANY. 6s, 4s & 6s. 319 

Dr. L. Mason, 1859. 

1. Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er to Thee! E'en though it be a cross That rais-eth me, 

Still all my song shall be, Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er to Thee. 


H. 320 Nearness to God 

2 Though like a wanderer, 

Daylight all gone, 
Darkness be over me, 

My rest a stone, 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

3 Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 

Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel I'll raise ; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 
4 Or if, on joyful wing, 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to Thee. 

Nearer to Thee. 

BEULAH. 6s, 4s & 7s. 

1. (There is- a hap - py land, Far, far a - way,) Oh! how they sweeHy sing, 
(Where saints in glo - ry stand, Bright, bright as day;/ 

<* . m — i* — (•- 







■I r 



^^fJV#td Jj i JjJt^ j ^i 

Wor - thy is our Sa-viour King, Loud let His prais - es ring, Praise, praise for aye. 

„ * m ft ft ft fz m _ f: it It £: 

~l* W- i* 1 r— ! 1 — ■ — I n— I* 1* 1 — — 1— » 1 






OAK. 6s, 4s & 6s. 

De. L. Mason, 1834. 

k— | --. — M— I — 1*=? 







1. I'm but a stran-ger here, Heav'n is my home : Earth, is a des-ert drear, Heav'n is my home : 

L_p; « ■_ 

3EEEE : 











M. 697 Heaven the Christian's Home. 

1 I'm but a stranger here, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Earth is a desert drear, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Dangers and sorrows stand 
Round me on every hand, 
Heav'n is my Father-land, 

Heav'n is my home. 

2 What though the tempests rage, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Short is my pilgrimage, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
And time's wild wintry blast 
Soon will be over past, 
I shall reach home at last,— 

Heav'n is my home. 

3 Therefore I murmur not, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
Whate'er my earthly lot, 

Heav'n is my home ; 
And I shall surely stand 
There at my Lord's right hand; 
Heav'n is my Father-land, — 

Heav'n is my home. 

4 There, at my Saviour's side, 

Heav'n is my home; 
I shall be glorified, 
Heaven is my home ; 

There are the good and blest ; 
Those I love most and best ; 
There too I soon shall rest, 
Heav'n is my home. 

H. 529 

Happy Land. 

[Tune, "Betjlah."} 
There is a happy land, 

Far, far away, 
Where saints in glory stand, 

Bright, bright as day ; 
Oh! how they sweetly sing, 
Worthy is our Saviour King ; 
Loud let His praises ring, 

Praise, praise for aye. 

Come to that happy land, 

Come, come away; 
Why will ye doubting stand," 

Why still delay? 
Oh! we shall happy be, 
When from sin and sorrow free, 
Lord, we shall live with Thee, 

Blest, blest for aye. 

Bright, in that happy land, 

Beams every eye; 
Kept by a Father's hand, 

Love cannot die. 
Oh ! then to glory run, 
Be a crown and kingdom won ; 
And bright above the sun, 

We reign for aye. 


BETHANY. 6s, 4s & 6s. 319 

De. L. Mason, 1859. 


1. Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er to Thee ! E'en though it be a cross That rais-eth me, 
I 1 I I It s — - 

. m m | -m | 








-1^ — h 

Still all my song shall be, Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er, my God, to Thee, Near-er to Thee. 


H. O.20 Nearness to God 

2 Though like a wanderer, 

Daylight all gone, 
Darkness be over me, 

My rest a stone, 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

3 Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 

Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel I'll raise ; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 
4 Or if, on joyful wing, 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to Thea 

Nearer to Thee. 

BEULAH. 6s, 4s & 7s. 




- 1 *C—£ 




1. (There is- a hap - py land, Far, far a - way,) Oh! how they sweetly sing, 
(Where saints in glo - ry stand, Bright, bright as day;j 

# « =-— m ,l_^_Yl-f*— ■> ftt 10 , m (* (•- 


v— t?- 






^^^g ^a^ ^p^^^f^g 

Wor - thy is our Sa-viour King, Loud let His prais - es ring, Praise, praise for aye. 

-I 1—! 1 1 n — W- 1* 1 1— W — H 1 


EICHMOND. lis & 12s. 

Karl Keden, 1873. 







L Soon— soon and for ev-er oar u-nion shall be, Made per-fect, our glo-rious Re-deem-er in Thee- I 
The sins and the sor-rows of time shall be o'er, Its pangs and its part-ings re mem-ber'ed no more! I 




When life can-not fail, and when death can-mot sev-er, Then Chris-tians with Christ shall be— soon and for ev-er. 
" ^-•*i<8--*- ^- * ^ ~ 

XL. Zoi /Soon, and for ever. 

1 Soon — soonandforeverourunionshallbe 
Made perfect, our glorious Redeemer, in 

Thee ; 
The sins and the sorrows of time shall 

be o'er, 
Its pangs and its partings remembered 

no more, 
"When life cannot fail, and when death 

cannot sever, 
Then Christians with Christ shall be — 

soon and for ever 

2 Yes, soon and for ever, we'll see as we're 

And learn the deep meaning of things- 

that have been; 
Then droop not in sorrow, despond not 

in fear — - 
A glorious to-morrow is bright'ning and 

When — blessed reward of each faithful 

endeavour ! 
True Christians with Christ shall be — > 

soon and for ever. 

M'FARLAND. 5s & lis. 

C. C. Convebse, 1873. 






g ilgj[lld j 




1. All ye who pass by, To Je-sus draw nigh ; To you is it no- thing that Je-sus should die ? 









Our ran-som and peace, Our sure-ty He is ; Come, see if there ev-er was 6or-row like His. 



vm . It: -&1 +± ^B:^. ^ 




Ir^-ip -jp~ 



MOORE, lis, 6s & 8s. 


Lesta Vese, 1873. 


1. What sound is this ? A song thro' heav'n re-sound-ing, God is love ! God is love ! And now from 

— +i— ■< — N — I — !t — I — i— n 1 — hi-*-. — I — fl— H — I — rr^ — I ta — i — <-, — i — >— fn 

earth, I hear the sound re-bound-ing, God is love ! God is love! (Yes, while a-dor-ing hosts pro- 

(Love is His na-ture, Love His 

claim,) My soul in rap-ture cries the same, God is love! God is love! 





Ji . 1 d Ood is Love. 

2 This song repeat, 

Repeat, ye saints in glory, 

God is love ! God is love ! 
And saints on earth, 

Shout back the pleasing story, 

God is love ! God is love ! 
In this let earth and heaven agree, 
To sound His love, so full and free ; 
And let the theme for ever be, 

God is love ! God is love ! 

Ji. o4: Christ our Substitute. 

["Tune, McFabland."] 

1 All ye who pass by, 
To Jesus draw nigh ; 

To you is it nothing that Jesus should die? 

Our ransom and peace, 

Oar surety He is : 
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like His. 

2 The Lord in the day 

Of His anger did lay [away ; 

Our sins on the Lamb, and He bore them 

He died to atone 
For guilt not His own ; 
The Father afflicted for you His dear Son. 

For sinners like me 

He died on the tree ; 
His death is accepted; the sinner goes 

My pardon I claim ; [free ; 

A sinner I am, 
A sinner believing in Jesus' dear name. 

He purchased the grace 

That now I embrace ; 
O Father ! Thou knowest He died in my 

His death is^ my plea, [place ; 

My advocate see, [swered for me. 
And hear the blood speak that has an- 

With joy we approve 

The plan of His love, 
A wonder to all, both below and above ; 

When time is no more, 

We still shall adore [shore. 

That ocean of love without bottom oy 



Edward Harwood, 1707-1787. 





— I 1 — .* 




1 — i — ^ 

1. Vi - tal spark of heav'n-ly flame, Quit, O quit this mor - tal frame. Tremb-ling, ho - ping, 

-I 1 1—; 

J=^Ei=g^Efl^*=F I =^^^^^=i 



ling'r - ing, fly - ing, 

the pain, the bliss of 

dy - ing ! 



- i 1- 


Cease, fond na - ture, cease thy strife, And Jet me Ian - guish i n ^r to life 






^s^g ^^g^g ^^^ii^g5 

2. Hark ! they whis - per ! an - gels say — they whis - per : an - gels say, 

Hark! they whis - per, etc., Hark! they whis - per 

■ -m- I - *1 




Hark! hark! they whis - per: an - gels Bay, "Sis-ter spi-rit, come a - way! 

an - gels say, 

^^9- ™ ~ 1 | -1 W I I I I I I — |-r- 

^^ te^^fe ^^^B^^ ^^ 

Sis-ter spi-rit, come a-way!Whatis this ab-sorbsma quite, — Steals my sen - ses, shuts my 


*.*.* i 

g^jfj^ ffi 


r 1- 





sight,— Drowns my spi - rit, draws my breath? Tell me, my soul, can this be death? — 

* ^ J- 


4t Jl 




, 1~ r ^g: 

-»— »- 


r t~ 



;22: : 








Tell me, my sotl, can this be death? 3, The world re - cedes; it dis - ap - pea—; 

j — -m- -m- -*- -^- _ >!N 

^E£3 Bip 


- * r - 

t 3 - 










r*i 1»- 




Heav'n o - pens on my eyes; my ears With sounds se - raph 

ic nusr. 









^^^^^JE^ ^^i^ii^^^^S 

Lend, lend yoor wings ! I mount, I fly ! 

^ | u» g-U± fr 

: ! 

O grave, where is thy vie - to -r y ? O grave, where is thy vie - to - ry ? 







>— p^-js: 

r» > 


-aJ _l — i ^ » _i 

h *H-* -*— * 


O death, where is thy sting f O grave, where is thy vic-to-ry? O death, where is thy sting? 

-J— r 



v— »- 




rfls ^ 

*=±±= ^j?«z* 


Lend, lend your wings ! I mount ! I fly ! 

m- ^t 1* m »- 



O grave, where is thy vie to - ry, thy vie - to ry ? 

^— e^WZ- 








O grave, where is thy vie - to - ry, thy vie - to - ryt death, where is thy sting? 





O death, where is thy sting? 

- g t -r -r -r- 

Lend, lend your wings ! I mount! 














O grave, where is thy vie - to - ry, thy vie - to - ry ? O death, death, where is thy sting T 


fr ^-p-p 


o r I 






Kabl Eeden, 1863. 


1. Vi - tal spark of heav'n-ly 

2. Hark ! they whisper ! an - gels 
3. The world re - cedes ; it dis - ap 


pears ; 

Quit, oh quit this mor - tal 

Sis - ter spir - it, come a 

Heav'n . . o - pens on my 

eves ; my 

Trembling, ho - ping, ling'r - ing, fly - ing, Oh, the pain, 

What is this ab - sorbs me quite, Steals my sen - 

ears With sounds ser - a - phic ring. Lend, lend your wings! 

the bliss, 
ses, shuts 
I mount, 


dy - ing! 
fly ! Oh 

A N T I C I P A TI O N. 8s 7s & 5s. 327 

Ret. J. W. Dadmun, 1860. 

4 1 P fe- j 1 1— J ==^^ 





1. In the Chris-tian's home in glo - ry, There re - mains a land of rest ; 


-r r- -r -- 











:^i=*|==J— *i — 5 





There my Sa-viour's gone be - fore me, To ful - fil my soul's re 

-1 1 »- 













•*-• if- 

:g-— r -f - 



There is rest for the wea - ry. There is rest for the wea - ry, 

. On the oth - er side of Jor - dan, In the sweet fields of E - den, 


M - s g- 



There is rest 

Where the tree of 

for the wea - ry, There is 
life is bloom - ing, There is 



jg -r 

^— £l. 

Ig2 {2 . 






H. 255 Rett for the Weary. 

1 In the Christian's home in glory, 

There remains a land of rest, 
There my Saviour's gone before me, 
To fulfil my soul's request. 
There is rest for the weary, 

There is rest for the weary ; 
On the other side of Jordan, 
In the sweet fields of Eden, 
Where the tree of life is blooming, 
There is rest for you. 

2 This is not my place of resting, 

Mine 's a city yet to come ; 

Onward to it I am hasting, 
On to my eternal home -, 
There is rest, etc. 

3 In it all is light and glory, 

O'er it shines a nightless day ; 
Ev'ry trace of sin's sad story, 
All the curse hath passed away ; 
There is rest, etc. 

4 There the Lamb our Shepherd leads us 

By the streams of life along, 
On the freshest pastures feeds us, 
Turns our sighing into song ; 
There is rest, etc. 



-*— * 

Db. John Clabke, 1800. 

1. The voice of free grace cries, es - cape to the moun-tain, For Ad-am's lost 

fc j -m- -m-m- -m- I 

race Christ hath o - pened a fountain ; (For sin and trans-gression, and 

| Halle - lu - jah to the Lamb! who has 

n J3 

ev' - ry pol - lu - tion, His blood flows most freely in streams of sal - vation, 
pur-chased our par - don, We'll praise Him a - gain when we pass o - ver Jordan, 




^r. s. 


:<g— *j: 



His blood flows most 
We'll praise Him a 



when we 



H. 605 The Voice of Free Grace. 

2 Now glory to God in the highest is 


Now glory to God is re-echoed in hea- 
ven ; 

Around the whole earth let us tell the 
glad story. 

And sing of His love, His salvation and 
Hallelujah to the Lamb, etc. 

3 O Jesus, ride on, Thy kingdom is glo- 

O'er sin, death and hell, Thou wilt make 
us victorious ; 

streams of 
pass o ■ 

va - tion. 1 
Jor - dan. 




Thy name shall be praised in the great 

And saints shall delight in ascribing 

Hallelujah to the Lamb, etc. 

4 AVhen on Zion we stand, having gained 
the blest shore, 
With our harps in our hands, we will 

praise evermore ; 
"We'll range the blest fields on the banks 

of the river, 
And sing hallelujah for ever and ever. 
Hallelujah to the Lamb, etc. 

FUNERAL HYMN. 12s & lis. 329 

De. Thos. Hastings, 1831. 

l ^A 

1. Thou art gone to 

the grave, but we 



will not 

de - plore thee; 








-* — w 

Though sor - rows and dark - ness en - com 

^ 1 (= 

the tomb, The Sa-viour has 









3=5=l=3=a=iJ =i 

passed thrP its por - tals be - fore thee, And the lamp of His love is thy 

I ^ _ r . r , r 

-F U w- 

* * 




-*^ = ~- 

r' f r 




g; -«i ^ 

guide thro' the gloom — And the lamp of His love 

-j-; — « — - 


-^ 1 ■ LI h*. u*_ 



is thy guide thro' the gloom 
ft - I. h« 



H. 641 Funeral Hymn. 

1 Thou art gone to the grave, but we will 

not deplore thee ; 

Though sorrows and darkness encom- 
pass the tomb ; 

The Saviour has passed through its 
portals before thee, 

And the lamp of his love is thy guide 
through the gloom. 

2 Thou art gone to the grave, we no 

longer behold thee, 
Nor tread the rough path of the world 

by thy side ; ' [to enfold thee, 

But the wide arms of mercy are spread 
And sinners may hope, since the Sinless 

hath died. 


3 Thou art gone to the grave, and its 

mansions forsaking, fc 

Perhaps thy tired spirit in doubt lingered 

long ; 
But the sunshine of heaven beamed 

bright on thy waking, 
And the song that thou heardst was the 

Seraphim's song. 

4 Thou art gone to the grave, but 'twere 

wrong to deplore thee, 

When God was thy ransom, thy guardian 
and guide*; 

He gave thte, and took thee, and soon 
will restore thee, 

Where death has no sting, since the Sa- 
viour has died. 


LYONS. 10s & lis. 

F. J. Hayden, 1770. 



1. Tho'trou-blesas-sail, and dan-gers af-f right, Tho' friends should all fail, and foes all u-nit.e, 









-«— S^^ 



Yet one thing se-cures us, what-ev-er be-tide ; The Scrip-ture as-sures us, the Lord will pro- vide. 




F- -I — i-F -zyf 

H. 23 ^ e Zord mjW Provide. 

1 Though troubles assail, and dangers affright ; 
Though friends should all fail, and foes all unite, 
Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide, 
The Scripture assures us, the Lord will provide. 

2 The birds without barn or store-house, are fed ; 
From them let us learn to trust for our bread ; 
His saints what is fitting shall ne'er be denied, 
So long as 'tis written, the Lord will provide. 

3 We may, like the ships, by tempest be tossed 
On perilous deeps, but cannot be lost ; 
Though Satan enrages the wind and the tide, 
The promise engages, the Lord will provide. 

4 His call we obey, like Abram of old, 

Not knowing our way, but faith makes us bold ; 
For though we are strangers, we have a good 

And trust in all dangers, the Lord will provide. 

5 When Satan appears to stop up our path, 
And fills us with fears, we triumph by faith ; 
He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried, 
This heart-cheering promise, the Lord will 


6 He tells us we're weak, our hope is in vain ; 
The good that we seek, we ne'er shall obtain ; 
But when such suggestions our spirits have plied, 
This answers all questions, the Lord will provide. 

7 No strength of our own, or goodness we claim, 
Yet since we have known the Saviour's great 


In this our strong tower for safety we hide, 
The Lord is our power, the Lord will provide. 

8 When life sinks apace, and death is in view, 
This word of His grace shall comfort us through, 
No fearing or doubting, with Christ on our side, 
We hope to die shouting, the Lord will provide. 

H. 270 The Triumph of Faith. 

1 Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is near, 
And for my relief will surely appear ; 

By prayer let me wrestle, and He will perform ; 
With Christ in the vessel, I smile at the storm. 

2 Though dark be my way, since He is my guide, 
'Tis mine to obey, 'tis His to provide ; 
Though cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail, 
The word He has spoken shall surely prevail. 

3 His love, in times past, forbids me to think 
He'll leave me at last, in trouble to sink ; 
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review, 
Confirms His good pleasure to help me quite 


4 Why should I complain of want and distress, 
Temptation or pain ? He told me no less ; 
The heirs of salvation, I know from His word, 
Through much tribulation must follow their 


5 Since all that I meet shall work for my good, 
The bitter is sweet, the medicine food ; 
Though painful at present, 'twill cease before 

And then, O how pleasant the Conqueror's son. 

GOSHEN, lis. 





-m .^ 1 — m- 

■L I - 1 a(— ■ — I — | \ 

1. De - lay not, de - lay not, 

> . I I 

sin - ner, draw near 


The wa - ters of 


* 1*- ^ 






-^i. p — i — i- 


flow - ing for 



price is de - mand - ed, the 






-* — •»- 

- viour is here, Ke - demp - tion is pur-chased, sal - ya - tion is free. 

Ji. \v2i Dangers of Belay . 

2 Delay not, delay not, why longer abuse 

The love and compassion of Jesus thy God ? 
A fountain is opened, how canst thou refuse 
To wash and be cleansed in His pardoning 
blood ? 

3 Delay not, delay not, sinner, to come, 

• For mercy still lingers, and calls thee to-day ; 

Her voice is not heard in the vale of the tomb ; 

Her message unheeded will soon pass away. 

4 Delay not, delay not, the Spirit of Grace, 

Long grieved and resisted, may take its sad 
And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race, 
To sink in the gloom of eternity's night. 

5 Delay not, delay not, the hour is at hand ; 

The earth shall dissolve, and the heavens sha(M 
fade ; 
The dead, small and great, in the judgment shall 
stand ; 
What power then, O sinner, shafl lend thee 
its aid ? 

H. 178 The Harvest Past. 

1 Lo ! Jesus, the Saviour, in mercy draws near, 

Salvation He brings unto all who believe ; 
Ye mourners, dimiss all your doubting and fear, 
The gracious Kedeemer with gladness receive. 

2 The day-star of promise illumines the sky, 

And souls long benighted now welcome the 
dawn ; 
Embrace the glad season, or soon you may cry, 
" The harvest is past, and the summer is gone. " 

3 The Spirit is striving with sinners to-day, 

He graciously knocks at the door of your 
heart ; 
He comes the compassion of God to display, 
Your sins to remove, and His love to impart. 

4 Oh ! welcome the Spirit, and grieve Him no 

Nor wait till His offers of life are withdrawn, 
Lest then you may cry, as your doom you de- 
"The harvest is past, and the summer is gone." 






•s>— »— *- 



^—»-~rt. — i — I — h 

- J 'Mid scenes of con - fu - sion and crea - ture com-plaints, \ 

( How sweet to niy soul is com - mun-ion with [Omit] saints ; f 



w: -^—fc—fcz z^z^mz^m. 





To find at the ban-quet of 




i» *l 

wzmz l&ztmz-ML 



mer - cy there's room, And feel in the pre - sence of 










-I — I- 



sus at home : 



Home, home, sweet, sweet home, Pre - pare me, dear Sa-vionr, for hea - ven, my home. 





XI. boV/ Heaven tlie Christian's Home. 

1 'Mid scenes of confusion and creature com- 

. plaints, 
How sweet to my soul is communion with saints ; 
To find at the banquet of mercy there's room, 
And feel in the presence of Jesus at home. 

2 Sweet bonds, that unite all the children of peace ; 
And thrice blessed Jesus, whose love cannot 

cease ^ 
Though oft from Thy presence in ^sadness I 

I long to behold Thee in glory at home. 

3 I sigh from this body of sin to be free, 
Which hinders my joy and communion with 

Though now my temptations like billows may 

All, all will be peace, when I'm with Thee at 


4 "While here in the valley of conflict I stay, 

O give me submission and strength as my day ; 
In all my afflictions, to Thee would I come, 
Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home. 

5 "Whate'er Thou deniest, O give me Thy grace, 
The Spirit's sure witness, and smiles of Thy face: 
Inspire me with patience to wait at Thy throne, 
And find even now a sweet foretaste of home. 

6 I long, dearest Lord, in thy beauties to shine, 
No more as an exile in sorrow to pine ; 

And in Thy dear image arise from the tomb, 
With glorified millions, to praise Thee at home. 

M. 4-^1 Faint yet pursuing. 

1 Though faint yet pursuing, we go on our way, 
The Lord is our Leader, His word is our stay ; 
Though sufF'ring, and sorrow, and trial be near, 
The Lord is our Refuge, and whom can we fear? 

2 And to His green pastures our footsteps He leads, 

His flock in the desert how kindly He feeds ; 

The lambs in His bosom He tenderly bears, 

And brings back the wand'rers all safe from the 


3 Though clouds may surround us, our God is our 

light ; [might ; 

Though storms rage around us, our God is our 
So faint, yet pursuing, still onward we come : 
The Lord is our Leader, and heaven our home. 



Geobge Kingsley, 1838. 

i - m - -0--0- | «* -«L _^_ ^_ 

1. I would not live al-way! I ask not to stay Where storm af-ter storm ris-es dark o'er the way; 




w-\ — h- 





I I I 


,r e 

The few lu-rid morn-ings that dawn on us 


gh for life's woes, full e-nough for its cheer. 




Iy'*i r 


r i 

r r r 


<^U i 

J r 


J |- 

Ik* t* 


1 \m v* r 

4B- <» M 



1* i 

i ! 


1 u i 

Jtl. DoO Death Welcome to the Believer. 

2 I would not live alway, thus fettered by sin, 
Temptation without and corruption within ; 
E'en the raptures of pardon is mingled with 

And the cup of thanksgiving with penitent 

3 I would not live alway ; no, welcome the tomb ; 
Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its 

gloom ; 
There, sweet be my rest, till He bid me arise, 
To hail Him in triumph descending the skies. 

■4 Who, who would live alway, away from his God, 
Away from yon heaven, that blissful abode, 
Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright 

And the noontide of glory eternally reigns ; 

5 Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet, 
Their Saviour and brethren, transported to 

greet ; 
While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, 
And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the 


Jtl. o(J4: Looking to Jesus. 

1 O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are sore, 
Look off unto Jesus, and sorrow no more ; 
The light of His countenance shineth so bright, 
That here, as in heaven, there need be no night. 

2 When looking to Jesus, I go not astray, 

My eyes are upon Him, He shows me the way r 
The path may seem dark as He leads me along, 
But, following Jesus, I cannot go wrong. 

3 Still looking to Jesus, oh ! may I be found, 
When Jordan's dark waters encompass me round ; 
They'll bear me away in His presence to be, 
And see Him still nearer whom always I see. 

4 Then, then I shall know the full beauty and grace 
Of Jesus my Lord, when I stand face to face — 
Shall know how His love went before me each 

And wonder that ever my eyes turned away. 

£1. Olo Christ Precious. 

1 How loving is Jesus, who came from the sky, 
In tenderest pity, for sinners to die ; 

His hands and His feet were nailed to the tree, 
And all this He suffered for you and for me. 

2 How precious is Jesus to all who believe ! 

And out of His fulness what grace they receive ! 
When weak, He supports them, when erring He 

guides : 
And every thing needful He kindly provides. 

3 Oh ! give then to Jesus your earliest days ; 
They only are blessed who walk in His ways ; 
In life and in death He will still be your friend. 
For whom Jesus loveth He loves to the end. 

334 PORTUGESE HYMN. 10s & lis. 

John Reading, 1760. 

• gig _ft- j , h 


^-- f— Pv 



1. Ye ser-vants of God, your Mas - ter pro-claim, And pub - lish a - broad Hi8 

won - der -f ul name ; The name all-vie -to -rious of Je - sus ex - tol ; His king-dom is 



glo-rious, He rules o - ver 



His king-dom is glo-rious, He rules o - ver all. 




-p— =i- 

H. 116 Praise to tlie Most High. 

1 Ye servants of Go d, your Master proclaim, 
And publish abroad His wonderful name ; 
The name all-victorious of Jesus extol ; 
His kingdom is glorious, He rules over all. 

2 God ruleth on high, almighty to save ; 
And still He is nigh — His presence we 

have : 
The great congregation His triumph shall 

Ascribing salvation to Jesus our King. 

3 Salvation to God, who sits on the throne, 
Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son ; 
The praises of Jesus the angels proclaim, 
Fall down on their faces, and worship the 


4 Then let us adore, and give Him His 

right, [might, 

All glory and power, and wisdom and 
All honour and blessing, with angels 

above, [love. 

And thanks never ceasing, for infinite 

H. 430 The Glorious King. 

1 Oh! worship the King all-glorious above ; 
Oh ! gratefully sing His power and His 

love ; [Days, 

Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of 
Pavilioned in splendour and girded with 


2 We sing of Thy might, we sing of Thy 

grace, [space ; 

Whose robe is the light, whose canopy 
Thy chariots of wrath the thunder-clouds 

form, [the storm. 

And dark is Thy path on the wings of 

3 Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail, 
In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail ; 
Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the 

end, [Friend ! 

Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer and 

4 O measureless Might, ineffable Love, 
While angels dehghtto hymn Thee above, 
Thy ransomed creation, though feeble 

their lays, [praise. 

With true adoration shall sing to Thy 





1. How 



firm a foun 

-£2 m- 


da - tion, ye saints of the Lord, 











- r* S S 


laid for your faith in His ex - eel - lent word ! What more can He say than to 

-f=2 — * — fm. 

-m — m- 


-(=2- -m- -m- 








you He hath said, 


who un - to 

I*— i— S-n— «-*" — H^ 2 — ^—m 


sus for 


re - fuge have fled ? 



Ji. Zot) Tlie Promise* Precious. 

1 How firm a foundation, ye saints of the 

Is laid for your faith in His excellent word ! 
What more can He say than to you He 

hath said, 
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled. 

2 In every condition, in sickness, in health, 
In poverty's vale, or abounding in wealth, 
At home and abroad, on the land, on the 

"As thy days may demand, shall thy 
strength ever be. 

3 "Fear not, I am with thee, O! be not 

I, I am thy God, and will still give thee aid ; 
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause 

thee to stand, 
Upheld by My righteous, omnipotent 


4 " When through the deep waters I call 

thee to go, 
The rivers of woe shall not thee overflow ; 

For I will be with thee, thy troubles to 

And sanctify to thee thy deepest distrjss. 

5 "When through fiery trials thy pathway 

shall lie, 
My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply ; 
The flame shall not hurt thee ; I only 

Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to 


6 "E'en down to old age, all My people 

shall prove 
My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love ; 
And when hoary hairs shall their temples 

Like lambs they shall still in My bosom 

be borne. 

7 " The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for 


I will not, I will not desert to His foes ; 

That soul, though all hell should en- 
deavour to shake, 

I'll never, no never, no never forsake." 


VICTORY. 10s. P. 



(Joy - ful - ly, 
\An - gel - ic 


joy - ful - ly 
chor - is - ters 

on - ward 
sing as 


move, Bound to 
come, ' ' Joy - f ml 




land of bright 
joy - ful - ly 



spi - rits a - bove . 
haste to your home 

1— si— f 




. =3 

(Soon with our pil -grim-age end - ed 
(Home to the land of bright spi - rits we 


be - low 


-L— »^S 








Pil-grims and 


-J — i^- 



stran-gers no more shall we roam, Joy- ful - ly, joy - jfal 

-ffc. -**- h*. H«i _ _-^iJ*_-fL _"* 



ly rest -ing at home. 



XI. OoO Joyfully, Joyfully. 

1 Joyfully, joyfully onward we move, 
Bound to the land of bright spirits above; 
Angelic choristers sing as we come, 
"Joyfully, joyfully haste to your home." 
Soon with oiu - pilgrimage ended below, 
Home to the land of bright spirits we go ; 
Pilgrims and strangers no more shall we 
Joyfully, joyfully resting at home, [roam, 

2 Friends, fondly cherished, have passed on 

before, [shore ; 

Waiting, they watch us approaching the 
Singing to cheer us thro' death's chilling 

" Joyfully, joyfully haste to your home." 
Sounds of sweet melody fall on the ear, 
Harps of the blessed, your voices we hear; 
Rings with the harmony heaven's high 

dome, — 
"Joyfully joyfully haste to your home." 

3 Death with his weapon may soon lay us 

Safe in our Saviour, we fear not the blow ; 
Jesus hath broken the bars of the tomb, 
Joyfully, joyfully will we go home ; 

Bright will the morn of eternity dawn, 
Death shall be conquered, his sceptre be 
gone ; [roam. 

Over the plains of blest Canaan we'll 
Joyfully, joyfully, with Christ at home. 

M. 2iOo The Disconsolate Comforted. 

[Tune, "Come Ye Disconsolate."] 

1 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye lan- 

guish,- [kneel; 

Come to the mercy-seat, fervently 

Here bring your wounded hearts, here 

tell your anguish ; [not heal. 

Earth has no sorrows that heaven can- 

2 Joy of the desolate, Light of the straying, 

Hope of thepenitent, fadeless andpure, 

Here speaks the Comforter, in mercy 

saying, [not cure. 

Earth has no sorrows that heaven cah- 

3 Here see the bread of life; see waters 

flowing ' [less in love ; 

Forth from the throne of God, bound- 
Come to the feast prepared ; come, ever 
knowing [remove. 

Earth has no sorrows but heaven can 

F O L S O M. lis & 10s. 




1. Hail the blest morn ! see the great Me-di-a-tor Down from the re-gions of glo - ry de - scend ; 

-j^-^-JL -f*. 

f* N 

■H^i— i3zfe = F-r-fer-» z F==ag-i»'-F[—|^-H =F — = 

\-m--m- -*- 


> V 

■ — ^g»i^— B 

Shep-herds, go wor-ship the Babe in the man-ger, Lo ! for His guard, the bright an-gels at-tend. 


■m- -*- 


H. 69 Birth of Christ. 

2 Bright in the East, lo ! the sun of the 

morning [his aid, 

Dawns on our darkness, and lends us 

While his pure light, the horizon adorning, 

Guides where our infant Redeemer is 


3 Cold on His cradle the dew drops are 

shining, [the stall, 

Low lies His head with the beasts of 

Angels adore Him in slumber reclining, 

Maker,* and Monarch, and Saviour of 




4 Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devo- 
Odours of Edom, and offerings divine 1 
Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the 
ocean, [the mine ? 

Myrrh from the forest, or gold from 

4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation ; 
Vainly with gifts wo aid His favour 
secure : 
Richer by far is the heart's adoration ; 
Dearer to God are the prayers of the 

COMFORTER, lis & 10s. 


1. Come, ye dis - con-so-late, wher-e'er ye Ian -guish, Come to the mer-cy-seat, fer-vent-ly kneel ; 

— r€b-»|— -+ — J-— »•«- -«tJ — I- - -m-m—m—m- 


Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish ; Earth has no sor-rows that heav'n cannot heal. 

- ~^^- 


•zkz : :sz 

p- m I | > 


DAT STAE. lis. 

Old Tune. 



1 . Daugh-ter of Zi - on, a- wake from thy sad-ness ; A- wake, for thy foes shall op-press thee no more ; 

■*■■ m.m ■*- ■*-*- 

*-^ »- 



qg |J r I r r f* p fe 




— I 1 1- -al— d • 1— al 1 


Bright o'er the hills dawns the day-star of glad-ness ; A-rise, for the night of thy sor-row is o'er. 




fe ffflffe 

—I \ 1— *\-\-m *! jd— l-st ■ 

i3B5 ^Tg=i 

Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star of glad-ness ; A-rise, for the night of thy sor-row is o'er. 

■ fr-T. . _ ■ J ^Vrg-J f i r f ' rTf3- 


XI. u65 Tfe Church Victorious. 

1 Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sad 

Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee 
no more ; 
Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star 
of gladness ; 
Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er. 

2 Strong were thy foes, but the arm that 

subdued them, 
And scattered their legions, was 

mightier far ; 
They fled, like the chaff, from the scourge 

that pursued them ; 
Vain were their steeds and their 

chariots of war. 

3 Daughter of Zion, the Power that hath 

saved thee 

Extolled with the harp and the timbrel 
should be ; 
Shout, for the foe is destroyed that en- 
slaved thee, 

The oppressor is vanquished, and Zion 
is free. 

H . 2i\)0 Peace in Believing. 

[Tune, " New Concobd. "} 

1 Oh ! how happy are they 
"Who the Saviour obey, 

And have laid up their treasures above I 
Oh! what tongue can express 
The sweet comfort and peace 

Of a soul in its earliest love ? 

2 It was heaven below 
My Redeemer to know, 

And the angels could do nothing more, 

Than to fall at his feet, 

And the story repeat, 
And the Lover of sinners adore. 

3 Oh ! the rapturous height 
Of that holy delight 

Which I felt in the life-giving blood I 
Of my Saviour possessed, 
I was perfectly blest, * 

As if filled with the fulness of God. 

4 Then, all the day long, 

Was my Jesus my song, [name ; 
And redemption through faith in His. 

Oh ! that all might believe, 

And salvation receive, 
And their song and their joy be the same;. 

QUEBEC. 6s, 8s & 4s. 



— !-■ 

V -^- - - - _ ~ - - - ^-^- , 

1. The God of Abram praise, Whose all suf-fi-cient grace Shall guide me all my hap-py days In all His ways ; 

^ &mmm m^$mm 
















He calls a worm His friend ; He calls Him-self my God : And He shall save me to the end, Thro' Je-sus' blood. 

_i 1 1 1 — *L- W -p- -i — 4__ . | 

H. 432 TM God of Abraham. 

1 The God of Abram praise. 

Whose all sufficient grace 
Shall guide me all my happy days 

In all His ways : 
He calls a worm His Mend ; 

He calls Himself my God: 
And He shall save me to the end, 

Through Jesus' blood. 

2 Though nature's strength decay, 

And earth and hell withstand, 
To Canaan's bounds I urge my way 

At His command : 
The watery deep I pass 

With Jesus in my view ; 
And through the howling wilderness, 

My way pursue. 

3 He keeps His own secure, 

He guards them by His side ; 
Arrays in garments white and pure 

His spotless bride : 
With streams of sacred bliss, 

With groves of living joys, 
With all the fruits of paradise 

He still supplies. 

4 He by Himself hath sworn, 

I on His oath depend ; 
I shall on eagles' wings be borne, 

To heaven ascend : 
I shall behold His face, 

I shall His power adore, 
And sing the wonders of His grace 

For evermore. 

NEW COICOED. 6s & 9s. Populab Melody. 


1. O how hap-py are they Who the Sa-viour o - bey, And have laid up their trea-sures a-bove! 


m- <» , & —<*—(*- 




i — I- 







-at\-rz) -*S- 




what tongue can ex-press The sweet com-fort and peace Of a soul in its ear - li - est love ? 









GOULD. 8s, 8s & 4s. 

J. E, Gould, 1871. 


tr-%. j- v- 






1. My God, is an - y hour so sweet, From blush of morn to eve-ning star, 


zEZEm mmmiizmmz 








As that which calls me to Thy 


feet — The 







H. 381 The Hour of Prayer. 

1 Mt God, is any hour so sweet, 

From blush of morn to evening star, 
As that which calls me to Thy feet, 
The hour of prayer ? 

2 Blest is that tranquil hour of morn, 

And blest that hour of solemn eve, ' 
"When, on the wings of prayer up-borne, 
The world I leave. 

3 Then is my strength by Thee renewed ; 

Then are my sins by Thee forgiven ; 
Then dost Thou cheer my longing soul 
With hopes of heaven. 

4 No words can tell what sweet relief 

There for my every want I find ; 
"What strength for warfare, balm for grief, 
What peace of mind. 

5 Hushed is each doubt, gone every fear ; 

My spirit seems in heaven to stay ; 
And e'en the penitential tear 
Is wiped away. 

6 Lord, till I reach that blissful shore, 

No privilege so dear shall be, 
As this, my inmost soul to pour 
In prayer to Thee. 

H. 339 Thy Will be Bone. 
1 My God and Father, while I stray 
Far from my home, on life's rough way, 
Oh ! teach me from my heart to say, 
Thy will be done ! 

2 Let but my fainting heart be blest 
With Thy sweet Spirit for its guest, 
My God, to Thee I leave the rest; 

Thy will be done ! 

3 Renew my will from day to day ; 
Blend it with Thine ; and take away 
All that now makes it hard to say, 

Thy will be done ! 

4 Then, when on earth I breathe no more, 
The prayer, oft mixed with tears before, 
I'll sing upon a happier shore, 

Thy will be done ! 

-U. ZoS Seeking Christ's Presence. 

[Tune, " Zion's Pilgrim."] 

1 O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight, 

On whom in affliction I call, 
My comfort by day, and my song in the night, 
My hope, my salvation, my all : 

2 Where dost Thou at noontide resort with Thy 

To feed on the pastures of love ? 
Say, why in the valley of death should I weep, 
Or alone in the wilderness rove ? 

3 Oh ! why should I wander an alien from Thee, 

Or cry in the desert for bread ? 
Thy foes will rejoice when my sorrows they see, 
And smile at the tears I have shed. 

4 Bestore, my dear Saviour, the light of Thy face, 

Thy soul-cheering favour impart ; 
And let Thy sweet tokens of pardoning grace 
Bring joy to my desolate heart. 

BUN YAK lis & 8s. 



r> ■ > „■ i 

1. I+hinkwhenI read that sweet sto -ry of old, When Je - sus was here a-mong men, 



How He called lit- tie chil-drenas lambs to Histoid, I should like to have been with them then 

-m^-m- -0- -m- 








H. 534 77i6 tod Shepherd. 

2 I wish that His hands had been placed on my 

That His arms had been thrown around me, 
And that I might have seen His kind look when 
He said, 
"Let the little ones come unto Me." 

3 Yet still to His footstool in prayer I may go, 

And ask for a share in His love ; 


And if I thus earnestly seek Him below, 

I shall see Him and hear Him above, — 
In that beautiful place he has gone to prepare, 

For all who are washed and forgiven ; 
And many dear children are gathering there, 

" For of such is the kingdom of heaven." 
I long for the joys of that glorious time, 

The sweetest, and brightest, and best, 
When the dear little children of every clime 

Shall crowd to His arms, and be blest. 


lis & 8s. 



1. f In songs of sub - lime a - dor - a - tion and praise, 
(Break forth, and ex- tol the great An-cient of days, 
d. c. When each with the cords of His kind-ness He drew, 

Ye pil-grims for Zi -on who press,) 
His rich and distinguishing grace.) 
And bro't us to love His great name. 






2. His love, from e - ter - ni - ty fixed up - on us, Broke forth and dis-cov-ered its flame, 

JzL . 17 Distinguishing Grace. 

3 Oh ! had He not pitied the state we were in, 

Our bosom His love had ne'er felt ; [in sin, 
We all would have lived, would have died, too, 
And sunk with the load of our guilt; 

4 What was there in us that could merit esteem, 

Or give the Creator delight ? 
'Twas " even so, Father," we ever must sing, 
" Because it seemed good in Thy sight." 

5 'Twas all of Thy grace we were brought to obey, 

While others were suffered to go 
The road which by nature we chose as our. way, 
That leads to the regions of woe. 

6 Then give all the glory to His holy name, 

To Him all the glory belongs ; 
Be ours the high joy still to sound forth His 
And crown Him in each of our songs. 




Db. T. Hastings, 1832. 





& *-^r 

St— 1 



( How calm and beau-ti - ful the morn That gilds the sa - ored tomb, I 

j Where once the Crnci • fled was borne, - ) And veiled in mid-night gloom ! 

?— »— s— -<m- 











-« — ^ — « m-m— * — ^ 

-si — «- 


O ! weep no more the Sa - vionr slain ; The Lord is ris'n — He lives a • gain. 

*» r - 



XI. 96 Resurrection of Christ. 

1 How calm and beautiful the morn 

That gilds the sacred tomb, 
"Where once the Crucified was borne, 

And veiled in midnight gloom ! 
O ! weep no more the Saviour slain ; 
The Lord is risen — He lives again. 

2 Ye mourning saints, dry every tear 

For your dejiarted Lord. 
"Behold the place — He is not here," 

The tomb is all unbarred ; 
The gates of death were closed in vain ; 
The Lord is risen — He lives again. 

3 Now cheerful to the house of prayer 

Your early footsteps bend ; 
The Saviour will Himself be there, 

Your Advocate and Friend. 
Once by the law your hopes were slain, 
But now in Christ ye live again. 

4 How tranquil now the rising day ! 

'Tis Jesus stiU appears, 
A risen Lord, to chase away 

Your unbelieving fears. 
O ! weep no more your comforts slain ; 
The Lord is risen — He lives again. 

5 And when the shades of evening fall, 

When life's last hour draws nigh, 
If Jesus shines upon the soul ; 

How blissful then to die ! 
Since He has risen who once was slain, 
Ye die in Christ to live again. 

XL. 530 Children in Heaven. 

[Tune, "Canaan."] 

1 Arotjwd the throne of God in heav'n 

Thousands of children stand, 
Children whose sins are all forgiven, 
A holy, happy band ; 

Singing, glory, glory, glory be to 

God on high. 


2 In flowing robes of spotless white 

See every one arrayed ; 
Dwelling in everlasting light, 
And joys that never fade ; 

Singing, glory, glory, glory be to 
God on high. 

3 WTiat brought them to that world above, 

That heav'n so bright and fair, 
WTiere all is peace, and joy, and love, — 
How came those children there * 
Singing, glory, glory, glory be to 
God on high. 

4 Because the Saviour shed His blood, 

To wash away their sin ; 
Bathed in that pure and precious flood, 
Behold them white and clean ! 
Singing, glory, glory, glory be to 
God on high. 

5 On earth they sought the Saviour's grace, 

On earth they loved His name ; 
So now they see His blessed face, 
And stand before the Lamb ; 

Singing, glory, glory, glory be to 
God on high. 


3, 6s & 9b. 343 

Arranged by K. E., 1872. 



1. ( Ye err-ing sonls, that wild-ly roam From heav'n and bliss a - stray, 
I Your Fa-ther's voice in-vites you home, He makes a feast to - day. 


Oh ! I'll not die here, with want se- 



> > 

vere, And starve in for - eign lands ; In my Father's house are rich sup-plies, And bount-eous are His hands. 


H. 172 The Prodigal. 

1 Ye erring souls, that wildly roam 

From heaven and bliss astray, 
Your Father's voice invites you home, 
He makes a feast to-day. 

Res. — Oh ! I'll not die here,with want severe, 
And starve in foreign lands ; 
Inmy Father's house ar"e rich supplies, 
And bounteous are His hands. 

2 And thou art bidden, weary one, 

With wants and woes oppressed; 
And every far-off wandering son 
May be a welcome guest. 

Res. — Oh! I'll not die here, &c. 

3 Return, thou prodigal, return, 

Thy Father bids thee come ; 
He doth thy needless absence mourn ; 
Thou erring child, come home. 
Res. — Oh ! I'll not die here, &c. 

4 Come, for the feast already waits, 

The fatlings all are slain ; 
Go, seek with haste His palace gates ; 
Nor shalt thou seek in vain. 

Res. — Oh ! I'll not die here, &c. 

5 The Father stands and waits to greet 

His late returning son ; 
Go, haste thee, child, He runs to meet 
And clasp Thee as His own. 

Res. — Oh ! I'll not die here, &c. 





8s, 6s & 5s. 

i^— h— f^- 






1. Around the throne of God in heav'n, Thou-sands of chil-dren stand ; Chil-dren whose sins are all for-giv'n, A 



ho - ly hap - py band ; Sing-ing, Glo - ry, 


glo-ry be to God ori 



ARIEL. C. P. M. 

Db. L. Mason, 1836. 


1, O «ould I speak the match - less worth, O could I sound the glo-ries forth, 
















S=> Z? 

Which in my Sa - viour shine. \ I'd soar and touch the heav'n -ly strings, 

(And vie with Ga - briel while he sings, 








: s= 

notes al - most di - vine — In notes al - most 

di - vine 












Ji. 40 Character of the Redeemer. 

2 I'd sing the precious blood He spilt, 
My ransom from the dreadful guilt, 

Of sin and wrath divine ; 
I'd sing His glorious righteousness, 
In which all-perfect, heavenly dress, 

My soul shall ever shine. 

3 I'd sing the characters He bears, 
And all the forms of love He wears, 

Exalted on His throne ; 
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise, 
I would to everlasting days 

Make all His glories known. 

4 Soon the delightful day will come, 
When my dear Lord will call me home, 

And I shall see his face ; 
Then, with my Saviour, Brother, Friend, 
A blest eternity I'll spend, 

Triumphant in His grace. 

Ji. ZOO Fleeing to Christ as a Refuge. 

[Tune, "Kaptube."] 
1 O Thou that hearest the prayer of faith, 
Wilt Thou not save a soul from death, 
That casts itself on Thee ? 

I have no refuge of my own, 
But fly to what my Lord has done, 
And suffered, once for me. 

Slain in the guilty sinner's stead, 
His spotless righteousness I plead, 

And His atoning blood ; 
Thy righteousness my robe shall be, 
Thy merit shall avail for me, 

And bring me near to God. 

Then snatch me from eternal death, 
The spirit of adoption breathe, 

His consolation send : 
By Him some word of life impart, 
And sweetly whisper to my heart, 

" Thy Maker is thy Friend." 

The king of terrors then would be 
A welcome messenger to me, 

To bid me come away : 
Unclogged by earth, or earthly things, 
I'd mount, I'd fly with eager wings, 

To everlasting day. 




1. A-waked by Si-nai's aw-ful sound, My soul in bonds of guilt I found, And knew not where to go ; 


E-ter-nal truth did loud pro-claim, "The sin-ner must be born a-gain," Or sink to end-less woe. 









is+«h»— is— ts 


»— »— IS— IS- i# 



XI. 199 Necessity of Regeneration. 

2 When to the law I trembling fled, 
It poured its curses on my head, 

I no relief could find ; 
This fearful truth increased my pain, 
" The sinner must be born again," 

And whelmed my tortured mind. 

3 Again did Sinai's thunders roll, 
And guilt lay heavy on my soul, 

A vast oppressive load ; 
Alas ! I read, and saw it plain, 
" The sinner must be born again," 

Or drink the wrath of God. 

4 The saints I heard with rapture tell, 
How Jesus conquered death and hell, 

And broke the fowler's snare ; 
Yet, when I found this truth remain, 
" The sinner must be born again," 

I sunk in deep despair. 

5 But while I thus in anguish lay, 

The gracious Saviour passed this way, 

And felt His pity move ; 
The sinner, by His justice slain, 
Now by His grace is born again, 

And sings redeeming love, 

R A P T IT R E. C. P. M. Edward Hakwood, 1707-1787. 

1, Thou that hearest the prayer of faith, Wilt Thou not save a soul from death, 













i ¥^- 




f 21 












That casts it - self on Thee? 



have no re - fuge of my own ; 






















But fly to what my Lord has done, And suf - fered, once for me. 
I ! I 







-i 1- 



ME El BAH. C. P. M. 

De. L. Mason, 1839. 


H ' 


-«T-*I « 






1. When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come, To take Thy ransomed people home, Shall 

H*-H*-^S-i g -r- Q — h-P-i-J^-*— J-S— ^* 

■ — 1«— f— ^— k ^ ta — i — i — i — r->— ta 















^ : 


a-mong them stand ? Shall such a worthless worm as I, \ 

Who sometimes am afraid to die, j Be found at Thy right hand ? 








fe-:— : 

H. 608 Apprehension of Judgment. 

1 When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt 

To take Thy ransomed people home, 

Shall I among them stand ? 
Shall such a worthless worm as I, 
Who sometimes am afraid to die, 

Be found at Thy right hand ? 

2 I love to meet among them now, 
Before Thy gracious feet to bow, 

Though vilest of them all ; 
But can I bear the piercing thought, 
What if my name should be left out, 

When Thou for them shalt call ? 

3 Prevent, prevent it by Thy grace ; 
Be Thou, dear Lord, my hiding-place, 

In this the accepted day ; 
Thy pardoning voice, O let me hear, 
To still my unbelieving fear, 

Nor let me fall, I pray. 

4 Let me among Thy saints be found, 
Whene'er the archangel's trump shall 

To see Thy smiling face ; [sound 

Then loudest of the crowd I'll sing, 
While heaven's resounding mansions 

With shouts of sovereign grace, [ring 

TT . 622 The swiftness of Time. 

1 My days, my weeks, my months, my 
Fly rapid as the whirling spheres 
Around the steady pole : 

Time, like the tide, its motion keeps, 
Till I must launch through boundless 
Where endless ages roll. [deeps, 

2 The grave is near the cradle seen ; 
The moments swiftly pass between, 

And whisper as they fly, 
Unthinking man, remember this, 
Though fond of sublunary bliss, 

Thou soon must gasp and die. 

3 My soul, attend the solemn call ; 
Thine earthly tent must quickly fall, 

And thou must take thy flight, 
Beyond the vast expansive blue, 
To sing and love as angels do, 

Or sink in endless night. 

H. 526 Far at Sea. Tune, " Adgeb," 

1 Stab of peace to wanderers weary, 
Bright the beams that smile on me ; 
Cheer the pilot's vision dreary, 

Far, far at sea. 

2 Star of hope, gleam o'er the billow, 

Bless the soul that sighs for Thee, 
Bless the sailor's lonely pillow, 
Far, far at sea. 

3 Star of faith, when winds are mocking 

All his toil, he flies to Thee ; 
Save him, on the billows rocking, 
Far, far at sea. ' 

4 Star divine, Oh! safely guide him, 

Bring the wanderer home to Thee ; 
Sore temptations long have tried him, 
Far, far at sea. 

KOCtWOOD. c. p. h. 




nar - row neck of land, 'Twixt two nn-bound-ed seas I stand, Twist two nn-bound-ed 
d. 3. Re -moves me to yon heavenly place, Re -moves me to yon 

r\ i i ^ 










*-l^J— 3-^ TP 


seas I stand, 
heavenly place, 

Yet how in - sen - si 
Or shuts me up in 



1 — h 


A point of time, a 

mo-ment's space, 




-U. 6^1 27m« and Eternity. 

2 O God, my inmost soul convert, 
And deeply on my thoughtless heart, 

Eternal things impress ; 
Give me to feel their solemn weight, 
And save me ere it be too late ; 

Wake me to righteousness. 

3 Before me place in bright array 
The pomp of that tremendous day, 

When Thou with clouds shalt come 
To judge the nations at Thy bar : 
And tell me, Lord, shall I be there, 

To meet a joyful doom? 

Be this my one great business here, 
With holy trembling, holy fear, 

To make my calling sure ; 
Thine utmost counsel to fulfil, 
And suffer all Thy righteous will, 

And to the end endure. 

Then, Saviour, then my soul receive, 
Transported from this vale, to live 

And reign with Thee above ; 
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight, 
And hope, in full, supreme delight, 

And everlasting 1 love. 


From the German. 


1. Star of peace to wand'r-ers wea - ry. 






Bright the beams that smile on me ; 

r ^ 










— s> m— 

Cheer the 



-m ji — P- 





pi - lot's 

-*= *£- 

vi - sion drea - ry, 






i — 




348 PILGRIM. 9s, lis & 10s. 

*— «T 

f — S- m> 4 » 

•.www \ w FIFJE - 

1. I'm a pil - grim, and I'm a stran-ger, I can tar-ry, I can tar - ry but a night; 
D. c. I'm a pil - grim, etc. 

Do not de - tain me, for I am S^g. ing To where the foun-tains are 





2 There the sunbeams are ever shining, 

I am longing, 1 am longing for the sight. 
Within a country, unknown and dreary, 
I have been wandering forlorn and weary 
Cho- I'm a pilgrim, etc. 

3 Of that country, to which I'm going, 

My Redeemer, my Redeemer is the light; 
There are no sorrows, nor any sighing, 
Nor any sin there, nor any dying. 
Cho. — I'm a pilgrim, etc. 



1 1 

I , 




$r — 




-SI — ^H- 

: i =#22 

— S 

T-'S'— r 


— s> 





— C? II 




i- p- 

-b>— IS- 
H 1 


r""* - 

— <S • 



1 1 





^— ^4^— ?s 

^>-\y4 — j*sfr 




;j rz> _i_ez_\_ ~ | [^~g | c ; 











1. Glory be to | God on | high, || and on earth | peace, good | will towards | men. 

2. We praise Thee, we bless Thee, we | worship | Thee, || we glorify Thee, we give thanks to Thee 

for thy | great — | glory. 


3. Lord God, | Heavenly | King, || God the | Father Al— | mighty ! 

4. O Lord, the only-begotten Son, | Jesus | Christ, || O Lord God, Lamb of God, | Son. .of the 

Fa— | ther ! 


5. That takest away the | sins.. of the | world, || have mercy up- | on — | us. 

6. Thou that takest away the | sins., of the I world, || have mercy up- | on — us. 

7. Thou that takest away the | sins . . of the f world, || Ee- | ceive our | prayer. 

8. Thou that sittest at the right hand of | God the | Father, || have mercy up- | on — | us. 


9. For Thou only | art— | holy, || Thou | only | art the | Lord. 

10. Thou only, O Christ, with the | Holy j Ghost, || art most high in the | glory . of | God the 
Father. II A- I men. 


698 The King of Glory. 8s, 7s & 4s. 

1 Glory be to God, the Father ! 

Glory be to God, the Sou ! 
Glory be to God, the Spirit ! 
Great Jehovah, three in one ! 

Glory, glory, 
"While eternal ages run! 

2 Glory be to Him who loved us, 

"Washed us from each spot and stain; 
Glory be to Him who bought us, 
Made us kings with Him to reign ! 

Glory, glory, 
To the Lamb that once was slain ! 

3 Glory to the King of angels ! 

Glory to the church's King! 
Glory to the King of nations ! 

Heaven and earth your praises bring ; 

Glory, glory, 
To the King of glory bring ! 

4 Glory, blessing, praise eternal! 

Thus the choir' of angels sings ! 

Honour, riches, power, dominion ! 

Thus its praise creation brings : 

Glory, glory, 
Glory to the King of kings. 

699 Praise to the Trinity. L. M. 

1 Great One in Three, great Three in One ! 

Thy wondrous name we sound abroad; 
Prostrate we fall before Thy throne, 
O holy, holy, holy, Lord! 

2 Thee, Holy Father, we confess ; 

Thee, Holy Saviour, we adore ; 
And thee, O Holy Ghost, we bless 
And praise and worship evermore. 

3 Thou art by heaven and earth adored : 
Thy universe is full of Thee, 
O holy, holy, holy Lord ! 
Great Three in One, great One in Three ! 


Psalm 145. 

L. M. 

1 My God ! my King ! Thy various praise 
Shall fill the remnant of my days ; 
Thy grace employ my humble tongue, 
Till death and glory raise the song. 

2 The wings of every hour shall bear 
Some thankful tribute to Thine ear ; 
And every setting sun shall see 
New works of duty done for Thee. 

3 Thy truth and justice I'll proclaim : 
Thy bounty flows an endless stream, 
Thy mercy swift, Thine anger slow, 
But dreadful to the stubborn foe. 

4 But who can speak Thy wondrous deeds? 
Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds : 
Vast and unsearchable Thy ways, — 
Vast and immortal be Thy praise. 

701 "The Lord is King." C. M. 

1 Hail, holy, holy, holy Lord! 

Let powers immortal sing ; 
Adore the co-eternal "Word ; 
Rejoice, the Lord is King. 

2 To Thee all angels cry aloud, 

Thy name hosannas ring; 
Around Thy throne their myriads crowd, 
And shout, The Lord is King ! 

3 Hail Him, ttiey cry, ye sons of light : 

Of joy th eternal Spring; [might; 
Praise Him, who formed you by His 
Rejoice, the Lord is King ! 



4 Hail Him, ye saints ! whose love for you 

Has drawn the monster's sting : 
Oh ! render to the Lord His due : 
•Rejoice, the Lord is King! 

5 Let worlds above and worlds below, 

In songs united sing ! 
And, while eternal ages flow, 
Rejoice, the Lord is King ! 

702 God's Eternity aqfi Majesty. L. M. 

1 Thee, Thee we praise, O God ! and own 
That Thou, the Lord, art God alone ; 
Thy praise supreme all nature sings, 
Eternal Father ! King of kings ! 

2 All angels and the cherubim — 
The heavenly host, the seraphim — 
Cease not to cry, "Be Thou adored, 
O holy, holy, holy Lord ! " 

3 The heavens and earth are full of Thee — 
Thy glory, power and majesty; 

Th' apostles, prophets, martyrs, raise 
To Thee their loudest songs of praise. 

4 Thy holy church, in every land, 
Exulting owns Thy ruling hand ; 
Infinite majesty is Thine, 
Father eternal ! power divine ! 

5 Thee, too, O Christ, they all confess — 
Thee, King of glory ! Thee they bless ! 
The Father's Son Thou art alone — 
Partaker of th' eternal throne. 

6 Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! 
Thy saints, with all the heavenly host, 
Confess, proclaim, extol, adore, 
From day to day, for evei'more. 

70S God's Sovereignty. 7s. 

1 Sovereign Ruler of the skies, 
Ever gracious, ever wise, 

All my times are in thy hand, 
All events at Thy command. 

2 Times of sickness, times of health ; 
Times of penury and wealth ; 
Times of trial and of grief ; 
Times of triumph and relief ; 

3 Times the tempter's powej: to prove ; 
Times to taste a Saviour's love ; 

All must come and last and end, 
As shall please my heavenly Friend. 

4 Thee at all times will I bless ; 
Having Thee, I all possess ; 
How can I bereaved be, 
Since I cannot part with Thee ? 

704 Creation and Redemption. C. M. 

1 We raise our songs, O God, to Thee, 

And send them to Thy throne ; 
All glory to th' united Three — 
The undivided One. 

2 'Twas He — and we'll adore His name — 

That formed us by a word ; 
'Tis He restores our ruined frame ; 
Salvation to the Lord! 

3 Hosanna! let the earth and skies 

Repeat the joyful sound ; 
Rocks, hills, and vales reflect the voice, 
In one eternal round. 

705 The Holiness of God. C. M„ 

1 Holy and reverened is the name 

Of our eternal King ; 
"Thrice holy Lord!" the angels cry; 
"Thrice holy!" let us sing. 

2 The deepest reverence of the mind, 

My soul ! pay to thy God ; 
Lift, with thy hands, a holy heart, 
To His sublime abode. 

3 With sacred awe pronounce His name, 

Whom words nor thoughts can reach ; 
A broken heart shall please Him more 
Than the best forms of speech. 

4 Thou holy God! preserve my soul 

From all pollution free ; 
The pure in heart are Thy delight, 
And they Thy face shall see. 

706 Psalm 89. C. M. 

1 The mercies of my God and King 

My tongue shall still pursue : 
Oh ! happy they who, while they sing 
Those mercies, share them too ! 

2 As bright and lasting as the sun, 

As lofty as the sky, 
From age to age, Thy word shall run, 
And chance and change defy. 

3 The covenant of the King of kings 

, Shall stand for ever sure ; 
Beneath the shadow of Thy wings 
Thy saints repose secure. 




L. O. Emerson. 

1. Bless, my soul ! the living 


Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad ; 








»? — fezjg: 














Let all the pow'rs, with - in me, join 
11-1 m ^ 

In work and wor- ship so 




■ ^ - r -^- -p- -p- ^-^^J. 






4 Thine is the earth, and Thine the skies, 

Created at Thy will ; 
The waves at Thy command arise, 
At Thy command are still. 

5 In earth below, in heaven above, 

Who, who is Lord like Thee"? 
Oh! spread the gospel of Thy love, 
Till all Thy glories see ! 

707 Psalm 103. L. M. 

1 Bless, O my soul ! the living God ; 
Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad ; 
Let all the powers within me join 

In work and worship so divine. 

2 Bless, O my soul ! the God of grace ; 
His favours claim thy highest praise : 
Why should the wonders He hath 
Be lost in silence, and forgot ? [wrought 

3 'Tis He, my soul! that sent His Son 
To die for crimes which thou hast done ; 
He owns the ransom, and forgives 
The hourly follies of our lives. 

4 Let the whole earth His power confess, 
Let the whole earth adore His grace: 
The Gentile with the Jew shall join 

In work and worship so divine. 

708 God is Love. C. M. 

1 Come, ye that know and fear the Lord ! 
And lift your souls above ; 
Let every heart and voice accord 
To sing that God is love. 

2 This precious truth His word declares, 

And all His mercies prove ; 

Jesus, the Gift of gifts, appears, 

To show that God is love. 

3 Behold His patience lengthened out, 

To those who from Him rove, 
And calls effectual reach their hearts, 
To teach them, God is love. 

4 The work begun is carried on, 

By power from heaven above ; 
And every step, from first to last, 
Declares that God is love. 

5 Oh ! may we all, while here below, 

This best of blessings prove : 
Till warmer hearts, in blighter worlds, 
Shall shout that God is love. 

709 The Wisdom and Love of Qod. 8s & 7p. 

1 God is love : His mercy brightens 

All the path in which we rove ; 
Bliss He wakes and woe He lightens ; 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

2 Chance and change are busy ever; 

Man decays, and ages move ; 
But His mercy waneth never ; 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

3 Ee'n the hour that darkest seemeth, 

Will His changeless goodness prove ; 
From' the gloom His brightness 
God is wisdom, God is love, [streameth, 



4 He with earthly cares entwineth 
Hope and comfort from above ; 
Every Avhere His glory shineth ; 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

710 God's Faithfulness- 7s. 

1 Cast thy bra-den on the Lord, 
Only lean upon His word ; 

Thou wilt soon have cause to bless 
His eternal faithfulness. 

2 He sustains thee by His hand, 
He enables thee to stand ; 

Those, whom Jesus once hath loved, 
From His grace are never moved. 

3 Heaven and earth may pass away, 
God's free grace shall not decay ; 
He hath promised to fulfil 

All the pleasure of His will. 

4 Jesus ! Guardian of Thy flock, 
Be Thyself our constant Rock ; 
Make us, by Thy powerful hand, 
Strong as Zion's mountain stand. 

711 The Chorus of Angels. CM. 

1 Calm on the listening ear of night 

Come heaven's melodious strains, 
Where wild Judea stretches far 
Her silver-mantled plains.' 

2 Celestial choirs, from courts above, 

Shed sacred glories there ; 
And angels, with their sparkling lyres, 
Make music on the ah. 

3 The answering hills of Palestine 

Send back the glad reply ; 
And greet, from all their holy heights, 
The day-spring from on high. 

5 O'er the blue depths of Galilee 

There comes a holier calm, 
And Sharon waves, in solemn praise, 
Her silent groves of palm. 

5 "Glory to God!" the sounding skies 
Loud with their anthems ring — 
" Peace to the earth, good-will to men, 
From heaven's eternal King !" 

712 The Star of Bethlehem. 7s. 

1 As with gladness men of old 
Did (.lie guiding star behold : 
As with joy they hailed its lighf, 
Leading onward, beaming bright; 

So, most gracious Lord, may we 
Evermore be led to Thee. 

2 Holy Jesus ! every day 
Keep us in the narrow way ; 
And, when earthly things are past, 
Bring our ransomed souls at last 
Where they need no star to guide, 
Where no clouds Thy glory hide. 

71o Christ, the New-Born King. 8s, 7s & 4s 

1 Angels, from the realms of glory, 

Wing your flight o'er all the earth: 
Ye who sang creation's story, 
Now proclaim Messiah's birth: 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

2 Shepherds in the field abiding, 

Watching o'er your flocks by night ; 
God with man is now residing, 
Yonder shines the infant-light : 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the new-born Kmg> 

3 Sages, leave your contemplations ; 

Brighter visions beam afar : 

Seek the great Desire of nations, 

Ye have seen His natal star : 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

4 Saints in humble prayer are bending, 

Watching long in hope and fear ; 
Suddenly the Lord, descending, 
In His temple shall appear ; 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 


The Depths of Woe. 

S. M. 

1 O'eewhelmed in depths of woe, 

Upon the tree of scorn 
Hangs the Redeemer of mankind, 
With deepest anguish torn. 

2 The sun withdraws his light ; 

The mid-day heavens grow pale ; 
The moon, the stars, the universe, 
Their Maker's death bewail. 

3 Shall man alone be mute 1 

Come, youth and hoary hairs ! 
Come, rich and poor ! come, all mankind! 
And bathe those feet in tears. 

KEDRON. 8, 8, 6, 8, 8. 353 

German Choral 

3-^-L^-K VJ, 1 * _ ^It* - W m ~ 




1. Be-j'ond where Kedron's waters flow Be - hold the suff 'ring Sa-viour go To sad Geth-sem-a - ne ! 

Ilis coun - te - nance is all di ■ vine, Yet grief ap - pears in ev' - ry line. 


/ ■,. a, r~^~m ~ — i— I - = F" * 1~ = — n — ^ — I — ^ — 


# wa 


4 Come, fall before His cross, 

Who shed for us His blood ; 
Who died a sacrifice of love, 
To make us sons of God. 

5 Jesus! all praise to Thee, 

Our Joy and endless Rest ! 
Be Thou our Guide while pilgrims here, 
Our Crown amid the blest! 

7 1 The Prayer of Agony. 8s, 6s & 8s. 

1 Beyond where Kedron's waters flow, 
Behold the suffering Saviour go 

To sad Gethsemane ! 
His countenance is all divine, 
Yet grief appears in every line. 

2 He bows beneath the sins of men ; 
He cries to God, and cries again, 

In sad Gethsemane ; 
He lifts His mournful eyes above — 
"My Father, can this cup remove?" 

3 With gentle resignation still, 
He yielded to His Father's will, 

In sad Gethsemane; 
"Behold Me here, Thine only Son; 
And Father! let Thy will be done." 

4 The Father heard ; and angels, there, 
Sustained the Son of God in prayer, 

In sad Gethsemane; 
He drank the dreadful cup of pain ; 
Then rose to life and joy again. 

5 When storms of sorrow round us sweep, 
And scenes of anguish make us weep, 

To sad Gethsemane 
We'll look, and see the Saviour there, 
And humbly bow, like Him, in prayer. 

7lO Angels! Lament. C. M. 

1 Angels ! lament ; behold ! your God 

Man's sinful likeness weai'S ; 
Behold ! upon th' accursed tree 
Man's sins the Saviour bears. 

2 O Christ ! with wondering minds we see 

What mighty love was Thine ; 
Did God consent to suffer thus ? 
And, oh! shall man repine? 

3 No, Saviour ! no ; the power of death 

Thy cross hath overcome, 
To save us, not from earthly woe, 
But from th' eternal doom. 

717 Christ Risen. 

1 Angels, roll the rock away ! 
Death yield up the mighty prey ! 
See, the Saviour quits the tomb, 
Glowing with immortal bloom. 

Alleluia ! swell the lay ! 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day. 

2 Shout, ye seraphs ; angels, raise 
Your eternal song of praise ; 
Let the earth's remotest bound 
Echo to the blissful sound. 

Alleluia! swell the lay! 
Christ the Lord is risen to-day. 




718 The First-Begotten of the Dead. C. P. M. 

1 Come, see the place where Jesus lay, 
And hear angelic watchers say, 

" He lives, who once was slain : 
"Why seek the living midst the dead * 
Remember how the Saviour said 

That He would rise again." 

2 O joyful sound! O glorious hour, 
When by His own almighty power 

He rose, and left the grave ! 
Now let our songs His triumph tell, 
Who burst the bands of death and hell, 

And ever lives to save. 

3 The First-Begotten of the dead, 
For us He rose, our glorious Head, 

Immortal life to bring ; [die 1 

What, though the saints like Him shall 
They share then Leader's victory, 

And triumph with their King. 

4 No more they tremble at the grave, 
For Jesus will their spirits save, 

And raise their slumbering dust ; 
risen Lord ! in Thee we live, 
To Thee our ransomed souls we give, 

To Thee our bodies trust. 

719 The Resurrection of Christ. CM. 

1 On this blest day, a brighter scene 

Of glory was displayed, 
By God, th' eternal Word, than when 
This universe was made. 

2 He rises, who our souls hath bought 

With blood, and pains extreme ; 
'Twas great — to speak the world from 
'Twas greater — to redeem, [naught — 

i Z\J The Ascension. 7s. 

1 Hail the day that saw Him rise 
To His throne above the skies ; 
Christ, the Lamb for sinners given, 
Enters now the highest heaven. 

2 There for Him high triumph waits; 
Lift your heads, eternal gates ; 

He hath conquered death and sin ; 
Take the King of Glory in. 

3 Lo, the heaven its Lord receives, 
Yet He loves the earth He leaves ; 
Though returning to His throne, 
Still He calls mankind His own. 

4 See, He lifts His hands above ; 
See, He shows the prints of love ; 
Hark, His gracious lips bestow 
Blessings on His Church below. 

5 Still for us He intercedes, 

His prevailing death He pleads ; 
Near Himself prepares our place, 
He the first fruits of our race. 

6 Lord, though parted from our sight, 
Far above the starry height, 
Grant our' hearts may thither rise, 
Seeking Thee above the skies. 

i A 1 ClirisVs Exaltation. L. M- 

1 O Saviour, who for man hast trod 
The winepress of the wrath of God, 
Ascend and claim again on high 
Thy glory left for us to die. 

2 A radiant cloud is now Thy seat, 

And earth lies stretched beneath Thy feet ; 
Ten thousand thousands round Thee sing, 
And share the triumph of their King. 

3 The angel-host enraptured waits ; 

" Lift up your heads, eternal gates !" 
O God and Man ! the Father's Throne 
Is now for evermore Thine own. 

4 Our great High Priest and Shepherd 
Within the veil art entered now, [Thou 
To offer there Thy precious blood 
Once poured on earth a cleansing flood. 

5 And thence the Church, Thy chosen bride, 
With countless gifts of grace supplied, 
Through all her members draws from 
Her hidden life of sanctity. [Thee 

6 O Christ, our Lord, of Thy dear care 
Thy lowly members heavenward bear ; 
Be ours with Thee to suffer pain, 
With Thee for evermore to reign. 

7 2jL Grown the Saviour. 8s, 7s & 4s. 

1 Look, ye saints ; the sight is glorious ; 

See the "Man of sorrows" now; 
From the fight returned victorious, 
Every knee to Him shall bow ; 
Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 
Crowns become the Victor's brow. 

2 Crown the Saviour, angels crown Him j 

Rich the trophies Jesus brings ; 



On the eeat of power enthrone Him, 
While the vault of heaven rings ; 

Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 
Crown the Saviour King of kings. 

3 Sinners in derision crowned Him, 

Mocking thus the Saviour's claim ; 
Saints and angels crowd around Him, 
Own His title, praise His name ; 

Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 
Spread abroad the Victor's fame ! 

4 Hark ! those bursts of acclamation ! 

Hark ! those loud triumphant chords ! 
Jesus takes the highest station ; 
O what joy the sight affords ! 

Crown Him ! Crown Him ! 
King of kings, and Lord of lords. 

i 2iO Christ Triumphant. 8, 7s & 7s. 

1 Who is this that comes from Edom, 
All His raiment stained with blood, 
To the captive bringing freedom, 

Ransomed by the grace of God ; 
Glorious in the garb He wears, 
Glorious in the spoil He bears ? 

:2 Tis the Saviour, now victorious, 
Travelling onward in His might ; 
'Tis the Saviour ; O how glorious 

To His people, is the sight! 
i Satan conquered, and the grave, 
>Jesus now is strong to save. 

3 Why that blood His raiment staining? 

'Tis the blood of many slain ; 
Of His foes there's none remaining, 

Nbne, the contest to maintain ; 
They are fallen no more to rise ; 
All then glory prostrate hes. 

4 Mighty Victor, reign for ever ; 

Wear the crown so dearly won ; 
Never shall Thy people, never, 

Cease to sing what Thou hast done ; 
Thou hast fought Thy people's foes ; 
Thou hast healed Thy people's woes. 

7Z4: The Manifestation of Christ. . 7s. 

1 Son of God ! to Thee I cry ; 
By the holy mystery 
Of Thy dwelling here on earth, 
By Thy pure and holy birth, — 
Lord ! Thy presence let me see ; 
Manifest Thyself to me ! 

2 Lamb of God ! to Thee I cry ; 
By Thy bitter agony, 

By Thy pangs, to us unknown, 
By Thy Spirit's parting groan, 
Lord ! Thy presence let me see ; 
Manifest Thyself to me ! 

3 Prince of life ! to Thee I cry ; 
By Thy glorious majesty, 

By Thy trhvmph o'er the grave, 
Meek to suffer, strong to save. 
Lord ! Thy presence let me see ; 
Manifest Thyself to me ! 

4 Lord of glory, God most high, 
Man exalted to the sky ! 
With Thy love my bosom fill ; 
Prompt me to perform Thy will ; 
Then Thy glory I shall see ; 
Thou wilt bring me home to Thee. 

72iO Jesus, the Great Deliverer. 8s, 7s & 4s. 

1 Jesus, Lord of hfe and glory ! 

Bend from heaven Thy gracious ear ; 
While our waiting soids adore Thee, 
Friend of helpless sinners ! hear; 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 

2 Taught by Thine unerring Spirit, 

Boldly we draw nigh to God, 
Only in Thy spotless merit, 

Only through Thy precious blood: 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 

3 From the depth of natm-e's blindness, 

From the hardening power of sin, 
From all malice and unkindness, 
From the pride that lurks within, 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 

4 When temptation sorely presses, 

In the day of Satan's power, 
In our times of deep distresses, 
In each dark and trying hour, 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 

5 When the world around is smiling ; 

In the time of wealth and ease, 

Earthly joys our hearts beguiling ; 

In the day of health and peace, 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 



6 In the weary hours of sickness, 

In the times of grief and pain, 
"When we feel our mortal weakness, 
When the creature's help is vain ; 

By Thy mercy, 
Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 

7 In the solemn hour of dying, 

In the awful judgment day, 
May our souls on Thee relying, 

Find Thee still our hope and stay 
By Thy mercy, 
• Oh ! deliver us, good Lord ! 


The all-sufficient Sacrifice. 


1 "When, wounded sore, the stricken soul 

Lies bleeding and unbound, 
One only hand, a pierced hand, 
Can heal the sinner's wound. 

2 "When sorrow swells the laden breast, 

And tears of anguish flow, 

One only heart, a broken heart, 

Can feel the sinner's woe. 

3 When penitence has wept in vain 

Over 1 some foul, dark spot, 
One only stream, a stream of blood, 
Can wash away the blot. 

4 'Tis Jesus' blood, that washes white, 

His hand, that brings relief ; [joys, 
His heart, that's touched with all our 
And feeleth for our grief. 

5 Lift up Thy bleeding hand, O Lord! 

Unseal that cleansing tide ; 
We have no shelter from our sin, 
But in Thy wounded side. 

727 The Man of Sorrows. C. M. 

1 A pilgrim through this lonely world, 

The blessed Saviour passed ; 
A mourner all His life was He, 
A dying lamb at last. 

2 That tender heart that felt for all, 

For all its life blood gave ; 
It found on earth no resting place, 
Save only in the grave. 

3 Such was our Lord : and shall we fear 

The cross, with all its scorn 1 
Or love a faithless evil world, 

That wreathed His brow with thorn ? 

4 No ! facing all its frowns or smiles, 
Like Him, obedient still, 
We homeward press thro' storm or calm,. 
To Zion's blessed hill. 

7^jO Jesus ! our Redemption. C. M. 

1 O Christ ! our Hope, our heart's Desire, 

Redemption's only Spring! 
Creator of the world art Thou, 
Its Saviour and its King. 

2 How vast the mercy and the love, 

Which laid our sins on Thee, 
And led Thee to a cruel death, 
To set Thy people free ! 

3 But now the pains of death are past, 

The ransom has been paid ; 
And Thou art on Thy Father's throne 
In glorious robes arrayed. 

4 O Christ ! be Thou our present joy, 

Our future great reward ! 
Our only glory may it be 
To glory in the Lord ! 

7 2rd Hosanna to the Saviour. L. M. 6 lines. 

1 Hosanna to the living Lord ! 
Hosanna to th' Incarnate Word, 
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King, 
Let earth, let heaven hosanna sing, 

"Hosanna, Lord! Hosanna, Lord! 
"Hosanna, in the highest!" sing. 

2 "Hosanna! Lord!" Thine angels cry ;. 
"Hosanna! Lord!" Thy saints reply ; 
Above, beneath us, and around, 

The dead and living swell the sound, 
Hosanna, Lord! etc. 

3 O Saviour, with protecting care 
Abide in this Thy house of prayer, 
Where we Thy parting promise claim, 
Assembled in Thy sacred name. — Ch. 

4 But chiefest, in our cleansed breast 
Bid Thine eternal Spirit rest ; 
And make our secret soul to be 

A temple pure and worthy Thee. — Ch. 

5 So in the last and dreadful day, 
When earth and heaven shall melt away, 
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain, 
Shall swell the sound of praise again. — Ch. 



730 Jesus adored. L. M. 

1 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All ! 
Hear me, blest Saviour ! when I call ; 
Hear me, and from Thy dwelling place, 
Pour down the riches of Thy grace : 
Jesus, my Lord ! I Thee adore ; 

Oh ! make me love Thee more and more. 

2 Jesus! too late I Thee have sought; 
How can I love Thee as I ought? 
And how extol Thy matchless fame, 
The glorious beauty of Thy name 1 
Jesus, my Lord ! I Thee adore ; 

Oh ! make me love Thee more and more. 

3 Jesus ! what didst Thou find in me, 
That Thou hast dealt so lovingly ? 
How great the joy that Thou hast brought, 
So far exceeding hope or thought! 
Jesus ! my Lord ! I Thee adore ; 

Oh ! make me love Thee more and more. 

4 Jesus ! of Thee shall be my song ; 
To Thee my heart and soul belong ; 
All that I have or am is Thine, 

And Thou, blest Saviour ! Thou art mine! 

Jesus, my Lord ! I Thee adore ; 

Oh ! make me love Thee more and more. 

7ol Christ, the supreme God and King. L. M. 

1 Around the Saviour's lofty throne, 

Ten thousand times ten thousand sing ; 
They worship Him as God alone, 
And crown Him — everlasting King. 

2 Approach, ye saints ! this God is yours ; 

'Tis Jesus fills the throne above : 
Te cannot fail, while God endures ; 
Ye cannot want, while God is love. ' 

3 Jesus, thou everlasting King ! 

To Thee the praise of heaven belongs ; 
Yet, smile on us who fain would bring 
The tribute of our humbler songs. 

4 Though sin defile our worship here, 

We hope ere long Thy face to view, 
In heaven with angels to appear, 
And praise Thy name as angels do. 

2 That glorious Word, that sovereign Power 

By whom the worlds were made — 
Oh, happy mom ! illustrious hour ! — 
Was once in flesh arrayed ! 

3 Then shone almighty power and love, 

In all then- wondrous forms, 

When Jesus left His tin-one above 

To dwell with sinful worms. 

4 Adoring angels tuned their songs 

To hail the joyful day ; 
With raptiu-e then let mortal tongues 
Their grateful worship pay. 

5 What glory, Lord, to Thee is due ! 

With wonder we adore ; 
But could we sing as angels do, 
Our highest praise were poor. 

732 The Eternal Word. 

1 Awake, awake the sacred song 
To our incarnate Lord ! 
Let every heart and every tongue 
Adore th' eternal Word. 

C. M. 


The forgiving One. 

C. M. 

1 What grace, O Lord ! and beauty shone 

Around Thy steps below ! 
What patient love was seen in all 
Thy life and death of woe ! 

2 For, ever on Thy burdened heart 

A weight of sorrow hung ; 
Yet no ungentle, murmuring word 
Escaped Thy silent tongue. 

3 Thy foes might hate, despise, revile, 

Thy friends unfaithful prove ; 
Unwearied in forgiveness still, 
Thy heart could only love. 

4 Oh ! give us hearts to love like Thee ; 

Like Thee, O Lord! to grieve 
Far more for others' sins, than all 
The wrongs that we receive. 

5 One with Thyself, may every eye, 

In us, Thy brethren, see 
That gentleness and grace that springs 
From union, Lord ! with Thee. 

Tlie Name of Jesus. 


1 Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb ! 

We love to hear of Thee ; 
No music like Thy charming name, 
Nor half so sweet can be. 

2 Oh, may we ever hear Thy voice 

In mercy to us speak ! 
In Thee, O Lord, let us rejoice, 
And Thy salvation seek. 

C. M. 






No. 1. 

No. 2. END . 


*= f = qF f 



, /There is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heav-en, "I 
' \ The name be - fore His won-drous birth To Christ, the Sa-viour, giv - en, J 
D.c. For there's no word ear ev - er heard, So dear, so sweet as Je - sus. 

C-C->^» : 

-m *- 






* • 






: t 

u» k [ ' k „ k j. ' k T > ' 

We love to sing a - round our King, And hail Him bless - ed Je - sus ; 




* — * 

\m 1"- 



3 Jesus shall ever be our theme, 

While in this world we stay ; 
We'll sing of Jesus' lovely name, 
When all things else decay. 

4 When we appear in yonder cloud, 

With all its favored throng, 
Then we will sing, more sweet, more loud, 
And Christ shall be our song. 

7oO The Sweetest Name. 8s & 7s, Iambic. 

1 There is no name so sweet on earth, 

No name so sweet in heaven — 
The name before His wondrous birth, 
To Christ the Saviour given. 

We love to sing around our King, 

And hail Him blessed Jesus ; 
For there's no word ear ever heard, 
So dear, so sweet as Jesus. 

2 His human name they did proclaim 

When Abra'm's son they sealed Him — ■ 
The name that still, by God's good-will, 
Deliverer revealed Him. — Ch. 

3 And when He hung upon the tree, 

They wrote His name above Him, 
That all might see the reason we 
For evermore must love Him. — Ch. 

4 So 1 now, upon His Father's throne, 

Almighty to release us 
From sin and pains, He gladly reigns. 
The Prince and Saviour, Jesus. — Ch. 

5 To Jesus every knee shall bow, 

And every tongue confess Him, 
And we unite with saints hi light, 
Our only Lord, to bless Him. — Ch. 

6 O Jesus, by that matchless name, 

Thy grace shall fail us never ; 
To-day as yesterday the same, 
Thou art the same forever. — Ch. 

736 The Dearest Name. C. M. 

1 There is a name I love to hear, 

I love to sing its worth ; 
It sounds like music in mine ear, 
The sweetest name on earth. 

2 It tells me of a Saviour's love, 

Who died to set me free ; 
It tells me of His precious blood, 
The sinner's jierfect plea. 

3 It tells me what my Father hath 

In store for every day ; 
And, though I tread a darksome path, 
Yields sunshine all the way. 

4 It tells of One, whose loving heart 

Can feel my deepest woe ; 
Who in each sorrow bears a part, 
That none can bear below. 
737 The Wondrous Name. CM. 

1 Jesus ! the name high over all, 
In hell, or earth, or sky ; 
Angels and men before it fall, 
And devils fear and fly. 



2 Jesus ! the name to sinners dear, 

The name to sinners given ; 
It scatters all their guilty fear ; 
It turns their hell to heaven. 

3 Oh ! that the world might taste and see 

The riches of His grace ; 
The arms of love that compass me, 
Would all mankind embrace. 

4 His only righteousness I show, 

His saving truth proclaim ; 
'Tis all my business here below, 
To cry, "Behold the Lamb!" 

7oo Christ our Hiding Place. L. M. 

1 Hail, sovereign Love, who first began 
The scheme to rescue fallen man ! 
Hail, matchless, free, eternal grace, 
That gave my soul a hiding-place ! 

2 Against the God that rides the sky 
I fought with hands uplif ted high ; 
Despised the offers of His grace, 
Too proud to seek a hiding-place. 

3 But thus the eternal counsel ran : 
" Almighty love ! arrest the man!" 
I felt the sorrows of distress, 
And found I had no hiding-place. 

4 Eternal justice stood in view ; 
To Sinai's fiery mount I flew ; 

But justice cried, with frowning face, 
"This mountain is no hiding-place." 

5 But lo ! a heavenly voice I heard, 
And mercy's angel soon appeared, 
Who led me on, a pleasing pace, 
To Jesus Christ, my hiding-place. 

C On Him almighty vengeance fell, 

Which must have sunk a world to hell ; 
He bore it for His chosen race, 
And now He is my hiding-place. 

739 Christ All in All. L. M. 

1 Jesus, thou Joy of loving hearts ! 

Thou Fount of hfe ! thou Light of men ! 
From the best bliss that earth imparts, 
We turn unfilled to Thee again. 

2 Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood ; 

Thou savest those that on Thee call ; 

To them that seek Thee, Thou art good, 

To them that find Thee,— All in all ! 

3 We taste Thee, O Thou living Bread! 

And long to feast upon Thee still ; 
We chink of Thee, the Fountain Head, 
And thirst, our souls from Thee to filL 

4 Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, 

Where'er our changeful lot is cast ; 
'Glad when Thy gracious smile we see ; 
Blest when our faith can hold Thee fast. 

5 O Jesus ! ever with us stay ; 

Make all our moments calm and bright ; 
Chase the dark night of sin away ; 
Shed o'er the world Thy holy light. 

740 Christ our Light. C. M. 

1 Eternal Sun of righteousness, 

Display Thy beams divine, 
And cause the glory of Thy face 

Upon my heart to shine. 


2 Light, in Thy light, oh, may I see, 

Thy grace and mercy prove ; 
Revived, and cheered, and blest by Thee, 
The God of pardoning love. 

3 Lift up Thy countenance serene, 

And let Thy happy child 
Behold, without a cloud between, 
The Father reconciled. 

4 On me Thy promised peace bestow. 
The peace by Jesus given ; 
The joys of holiness below, 
And then the joys of heaven. 


Access through Christ. 

C. M. 

1 The vail is rent — our souls draw near 

Unto a throne of grace ; 
The merits of the Lord appear, 
They fill the holy place. 

2 His precious blood has spoken there, 

Before and on the throne ; 
And His own wounds in heaven declare, 
Th' atoning work is done. 

3 "'Tis finish'd!" on the cross He said, 

In agonies and blood ; 
'Tis finish'd ! now He lives to plead 
Before the face of God. 

4 'Tis finished ! here our souls have rest, 

His work can never fail : 
By Him, our Sacrifice and Priest, 
We pass within the vail. 



5 Within the holiest of all, 

Cleansed by His precious blood, 
Before the throne we prostrate fall, 
And -worship Thee, O God ! 


Jesus our High Priest. 

L. M. 

1 Before the throne of God above 
I have a strong, a perfect plea ; 

A great High Priest, whose name is Love, 
Who ever lives and pleads for me. 

2 My name is graven on His hands, 
My name is written on His heart ; 

I know that, while in heaven He stands, 
No tongue can bid me thence depart. 

3 When Satan tempts me to despair, 
And tells me of the guilt within, 
Upward I look and see Him there, 
Who made an end of all my sin. 

4 Because the sinless Saviour died, 
My sinful soul is counted free ; 
For God, the Just, is satisfied ■ 
To look on Him and pardon me. 

5 Behold Him there ! the bleeding Lamb ! 
My perfect, spotless Righteousness, 
The great unchangeable, "I Am," 

The King of glory and of grace. 

6 One with Himself, I cannot die, 
My soul is purchased by His blood ; 
My life is hid with Christ on high, 
With Christ, my Saviour and my God. 

7io Christ corning in triumph. 8s, 7s & 4s. 

1 Christ is coming ! Let creation 

Bid her groans and travail cease ; 
Let the glorious proclamation 
Hope restore, and faith increase. 

Come, Lord Jesus! 
Come, thou blessed Prince of Peace ! 

2 Though once cradled in a manger, 

Oft no pillow but the sod s 
Here an alien and a stranger, 

Mock'd of men, though Son of God, 

All creation 
Yet shall own Thy kingly rod. 

3 Long Thine exiles have been pining, n 

Far from rest, and home, and Thee ; 
But, in heavenly vestures sinning, 
They shall soon Thy glory see. 

Come, Lord Jesus! 
Haste the joyous Jubilee! 

4 With that "blessed hope" before us, 
Let no harp remain unstrung ; 
Let the mighty Advent-chorus 

Onward roll from tongue to tongue — 

Hallelujah ! 
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come. 

744 Effusion of tlie Spirit. C. M. 

1 Let songs of praises fill the sky ! 

Christ, our ascended Lord, 
Sends down His Spirit from on high, 
According to His word. 

2 The Spirit, by His heavenly breath, 

New life creates within ; 
He quickens sinners from the death 
Of trespasses and sin. 

3 The things of Christ the Spirit takes, 

And to our hearts reveals ; 
Our bodies He His temple makes, 
And our redemption seals. 

4 Come, Holy Spirit, from above, 

With Thy celestial fire ; 
Come, and, with flames of zeal and love, 
Our hearts and tongues inspire. 

745 The Spirit Invoked. L. M. 

1 Come, O Creator Spirit blest ! 
And in our souls take up Thy rest ; 
Come, with Thy grace and heavenly aid, 
To fill the hearts winch Thou hast made. 

2 Great Comforter ! to Thee we cry ; 
O highest Gift of God most high ! 
O Fount of life ! O Fire of love ! 
And sweet Anointing from above ! 

3 Kindle our senses from above, 

And make our hearts o erflow with love ; 
With patience firm, and virtue high, 
The weakness of our flesh supply. 

4 Far from us drive the foe we dread, 
And grant us Thy true peace instead ; 
So shall we not, with Thee for guide, 
Turn from the path of life aside. 

746 Prayer for the Spirit. S. M. D. 

1 Lord God, the Holy Ghost, 

In this accepted hour, 
As on the day of Pentecost, 

Descend in all Thy power ; 

We meet with one accord 

■In our appointed place, 
And wait the promise of our Lord, 

The Spirit of all grace. 

GLADNESS. 8, 8, 7, 7. 


German Choral. 













1. Liv-ing Wa - ler, free - ly flow - ing, Fount of glad - ness, life be - stow - ing, 


&<?.r ? ■ 

■&- ^r -f=2- -(=2. 


^: _p-» .(=2- ^2. 



^g^g ^g 




Ho - ly Spir - it, oh, draw nigh, While Thy name we mag - ni - fy ! 

-£2- -f=2_ jbL J. 









Like mighty rushing wind 

Upon the waves beneath, 
Move with one impulse every mind, 

One soul, one feeling breathe : 

The young, the old, inspire 

With wisdom from above ; 
And give us hearts and tongues of fire 

To pray, and praise, and love. 

Spirit of light, explore 
And chase our gloom away, 

"With lustre shining more and more 
Unto the perfect day : 
Spirit of truth, be Thou 
In life and death our Guide ; 

O Spirit of adoption, now 
May we be sanctified. 


Mission of the Spirit. 8s, 8s 3i 7s, 7s. 

1 Living Water, freely flowing, 
Fount of gladness, life bestowing, 
Holy Spirit, oh ! draw nigh, 
While Thy name we magnify ! 

2 Full of grace, from heaven Thou bendest, 
And to lowest depths descendest ; 
Seeking, through a world of sin, 
Souls whom Jesus died to win. 

3 Where the contrite tear gives token 
Of a heart by sorrow broken, 
Breathing forth the breath of prayer — 
O blest Spirit ! Thou art there. 

4 When the Word of revelation 
Glows with tidings of salvation, 
Through the cross of Christ made known, 
There Thy saving power is shown. 

5 O Eternal Spirit ! hear us ; 

Let Thy power and presence cheer us ; 
With Thy life our souls inspire ; 
With Thy love our bosoms fire. 

6 By the Father sent from heaven, 
By the Saviour's promise given, 
Thee we claim, O Power Divine ! 
Come, and make our hearts Thy shrine. 

7io Prayer for the promised Spirit. C. M. . 

1 Enthroned on high, almighty Lord ! 

Thy Holy Ghost send down ; 
Fulfill in us Thy faithful word, 
And all Thy mercies crown. 

2 Though, on our heads, no tongues of fire 

Their wondrous powers impart, 
Grant, Saviour ! what we more desire, 
Thy Spirit in our heart. 

3 Spirit of life, and light, and love ! 

Thy heavenly influence give ; 
Quicken our souls — born from above — 
In Christ, that we may live. 

4 To our benighted minds reveal 

The glories of His grace, 
And bring us, where no clouds conceal 
The brightness of His face. 



5 His love within us shed abroad — 
Life's ever-springing well, — 
Till God in us, and we in God, 
In love eternal dwell. 

749 Welcome to the Saviour. 8, 7s & 4s. 

1 Come, ye souls, by sin afflicted ! 

Bowed with fruitless sorrow down, 
By the perfect law couvicted, 

Through the cross behold the crown ; 

Look to Jesus ; 
Mercy flows through Him alone. 

2 Take His easy yoke and wear it ; 

Love will make obedience sweet ; 
Christ will give you strength to bear it, 
While His wisdom guides your feet 

Safe to glory, 
Where His ransomed captives meet. 

3 Sweet, as home to pilgrims weary, 

Light to newly-opened eyes, 
Or full springs in deserts dreary, 
Is the rest the cross supplies ; 

All who taste it 
Shall to rest immortal rise. 

750 The Waters of Life. L. M. 

1 " Ho ! every one that thirsts draw nigh ;" 

'Tis God invites the fallen race ; 
"Mercy and free salvation buy, 

Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace. 

2 "Nothing ye in exchange shall give, — 

Leave ah 1 you have and are behind ; 
Frankly the gift of God receive, — 
Pardon and peace in Jesus find. 

3 " Come to the living waters, come ; 

Sinners ! obey your Maker's call ; 
Return, ye weary wanderers ! home, 
And find My grace is free for all." 

751 The Saviour at the Door. C. M. 

1 Amazing sight ! the Saviour stands, 

And knocks at every door ; 
Ten thousand blessings in His hands, 
To satisfy the poor. 

2 "Behold!" He saith, "I bleed and die 

To bring you to My rest ; 
Hear, sinners ! while I'm passing by, 
And be forever blessed. 

-3 "Will you despise My bleeding love, 
And choose the way to hell ? 
Or, in the glorious realms above, 
. With Me, for ever dwell ? 

4 " Say, will you hear My gracious voice, 
And have your sins forgiven"? 
Or will you make that wretched choice, 
And bar yourselves from heaven ?" 

752 Just as Thou Art. 8s, 8s & 6s. 

1 Just as thou art, without one trace 
Of love, or joy, or inward grace, 
Or meetness for the heavenly place, 

O guilty sinner, come. 
" The Spirit and the bride say, Come ;" 
Rejoicing saints re-echo, Come, [come, 
Who faints, who thirsts, who will may 

Thy Saviour bids thee come. 

2 Thy sins I bore on Calvary's tree ; 
The stripes thy due were laid on Me, 
That peace and pardon might be free ; 

O wretched sinner, come. — Ch. 

3 Burdened with guilt, wouldst thou be 

Trust not the world, it gives no rest ; 
I bring relief to hearts oppressed : 
O weary sinner, come. — Ch. 

4 Come, leave thy burden at the cross, 
Count all thy gains but emjjty dross ; 
My grace repays all earthly loss : 

O needy sinner, come. — Ch. 

5 Come, hither bring thy boding fears, 
Thy aching heart, thy bursting tears ; 
'Tis mercy's voice salutes thine ears : 

O trembling sinner, come. — Ch. 

753 The Accepted Time. S. M. 

1 Now is th' accepted time, 

Now is the day of grace ; 
Now, sinners ! come, without delay, 
And seek the Saviour's face. 

2 Now is th' accepted time, 

The Saviour calls to-day ; 
Pardon and peace He freely gives : 
Then why should you delay? 

3 Now is th' accepted time, 

The gospel bids you come ; 

And every promise, in His word, 

Declares there yet is room. 

754 To-Bay. S. &£, 

1 Ye sinners ! fear the Lord, 
While yet 'tis called to-day ; 
Soon will the awful voice of death 
Command your soids away. 



2 Soon will the harvest close, 

The summer soon be o'er; 
And soon your injm-ed angry God 
"Will hear your prayers no more. 

3 Then, while 'tis called to-day, 

Oh ! hear the gospel's sound ; 
Come, sinners ! haste, oh ! haste away, 
While pardon may be found. 


Psalm 51. 

L. M. 

1 Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin, 
And born unholy and unclean ; 
Sprung from the man, whose guilty fall 
Corrupts the race, and taints us all. 

2 Soon as we draw our infant breath 
The seeds of sin grow up for death: 
Thy law demands a perfect heart — 
But we're defiled in every part. 

3 Great God ! create my heart anew, 
And form my spirit pure and true ; 
No outward rites can make me clean, — 
The leprosy hes deep within. 

4 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast, 
Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling priest, 
Nor running brook, nor flood nor sea, 
Can wash the dismal stain away. 

5 Jesus, my God, Thy blood alone 
Hath power sufficient to atone : 

Thy blood can make me white as snow, 
No Jewish types could cleanse me so. 


Psalm 51. 

L. M. 

1 O Thou that hear'st when sinners cry, 
Though all my crimes before Thee he, 
Behold me not with angry look, 

But blot then memory from Thy book. 

2 Create my nature pure within, 
And form my soul averse to sin ; 
Let Thy good Spirit ne'er depart, 
Nor hide Thy presence from my heart. 

3 I cannot live without Thy hght, 

Cast out and banished from Thy sight ; 
Thy holy joys, my God, restore, 
And guard me, that I fall no more. 

4 Though I have grieved Thy Spirit, Lord, 
His help and comfort still afford ; 

And let a sinner seek Thy throne, 
To plead the merits of Thy Son. 

757 Psalm 51. L. M. 

1 A broken heart, my God, my King, 
Is all the sacrifice I bring ; 

The God of grace will ne'er despise 
A broken heart for sacrifice. 

2 My soul lies humbled in the dust, 
And owns Thy dreadful sentence just ; 
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 
And save the soul condemned to die. 

3 Then will I teach the world Thy ways, 
Sinners shall learn Thy sovereign grace ; 
I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood, 
And then shall praise a pard'ning God. 

4 Oh may Thy love inspire my tongue, 
Salvation shall be all my song; 

And all my powers shall join to bless 
The Lord, my Strength and Righteous- 
75o Pleading far Mercy. L. M. 

1 When at Thy footstool, Lord ! I bend, 

And plead with Thee for mercy there, 
Oh ! think Thou of the sinner's Friend, 
And for His sake receive my prayer. 

2 Oh ! think not, of my shame and guilt, 

My thousand stains of deepest dye ; 

Think of the blood which Jesus spilt, 

And let that blood my pardon buy. 

3 Think, Lord ! how I am still Thine own, 

The trembling creature of Thy hand ! 
Think how my heart to sin is prone, 
And what temptations round me stand. 

4 Oh ! think upon Thy holy word, 

And every phghted promise there ; 
How prayer should evermore be heard, 
And how Thy glory is — to spare. 

5 Oh ! think not of my doubts and fears, 

My strivings with Thy grace divine ; 
Think upon Jesus' woes and tears, 
And let His merits stand for mine. 

6 Thine eye, Thine ear, they are not dull ; 

Thine arm can never shortened be ; 
Behold me here ! my heart is full ; 
Behold, and spare, and succour me ! 
70«J Redemption through Christ. 10s. 

1 Weary of earth, and laden with my sin, 
I look at heaven and long to enter in ; 
But there no evil thing may find a home : 
And yet I hear a voice that bids me 



2 So vile I am, how dare I hope to stand 
In the pure glory of that holy land? 
Before the whiteness of that throne 

appear ? 
Yet there are hands strech'd out to draw 
me near. 

3 The while I fain would tread the heavenly 
Evil is ever with me, day by day ; [way. 
Yet on mine ears the gracious tidings fall, 
" Repent, confess ; thou shalt be loosed 

from all." 

4 It is the voice of Jesus that I hear, 
His are the hands stretched out to draw 

me near, 
And His the blood that can for all atone, 
And set me faultless there before the 


5 'Twas He who found me on the deathly 

And made me heir of heaven the Father's 

And day by day, whereby my soul may live, 
Gives me His grace of pardon, and will 


6 Yes, Thou wilt answer for me, righteous 


Thine all the merits, mine the great re- 

Thine the sharp thorns, and mine the 
golden crown, 

Mine the life won, and Thine the life laid 

7bU Pleading for Mercy. 7s. 

1 God, my Father, hear me pray, 
Wash my crimson guilt away ; 
Wretched, helpless, lost undone, 
Hear me for Thy blessed Son, 

Lord, unnumbered sins are mine, 
But eternal love is Thine. 

2 God, my Saviour, look on me, 
All my guilt I cast on Thee ! 
Give my troubled spirit peace, 
Bid my fears and sorrows cease. 

3 God, my Comforter and Light! 
Strengthen me with holy might, 
Make Thy dwelling in my heart ; 
Faith, and joy, and hope impart! — 

4 Blessed, glorious Trinity ! 
Holy, everlasting Three! 

Hear, oh hear, my earnest prayer, 
And my soul for heaven prepare. 

761 Flying to Christ. L. M. 

1 Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to Thee, 
Lost and undone, for aid I flee ; 
Weary of earth, myself, and sin, 
Open Thine arms and take me in. 

2 What can I say Thy grace to move? 
Lord, I am sin, — but Thou art love: 
I give up every plea beside, 

Lord, I am lost, — but Thou hast died ! 

ibZ Taking Christ as a hiding-place. C. M. 

1 O Jesus, Saviour of the lost, 

My rock and hiding-place, 
By storms of sin and sorrow toss'd, 
I seek Thy sheltering grace. 

2 Guilty, forgive me, Lord, I cry ; 

Pursued by foes, I come ; 
A sinner, save me, or I die ; 
An outcast, take me home. 

3 Once safe in Thine almighty arms, 

Let storms come on amain ; 
There danger never, never harms ; 
There death itself is gain. 

4 And when I stand before Thy throne, 

And all Thy glory see, 
Still be my righteouness alone 
To hide myself in Thee. 

763 Going to Christ. 8s & 7s. 

1 Take me, O my Father, take me ! 

Take me, save me, through Thy Son; 
That which Thou wouldst have me, 

Let Thy will in me be done, [make me, 
Long from Thee my footsteps straying. 

Thorny proved the way I trod ; 
Weary come I now, and praying — 

Take me to Thy love, my God ! 

2 Fruitless years with grief recalling, 

Humbly I confess my sin ; 
At Thy feet, O Father, falling, 

To Thy houshold take me in. 
Freely now to Thee I proffer 

This relenting heart of mine ; 
Freely life and soul I offer — 

Gift unworthy love like Thine. 

3 Once the world's Redeemer dying, 

Bare our sins upon the tree ; 
On that sacrifice relying, 

Now I look in hope to Thee : 



Father, take me ! all forgiving, 
Fold me to Thy loving breast ; 

In Thy love forever living, 
I must be forever best ! 

Christ's Forever. 


1 Thine forever ! God of love, 
Hear us from Thy throne above ! 
Thine forever may we be, 
Here, and in eternity ! 

2 Thine forever ! oh, how blest 
They who find in Thee their rest ! 
Saviour, Guardian, heavenly Friend, 
Oh, defend us to the end ! 

3 Thine forever ! Saviour keep 
These Thy frail and trembling sheep. 
Safe alone beneath Thy care, 

Let us all Thy goodness share. 

4 Thine forever ! Thou our Guide,— 
All our wants by Thee supplied, — 
All our sins by Thee forgiven, — 
Lead us, Lord, from earth to heaven ! 



At the Cross. 

C. M. 

1 My heart dissolved to see Thee bleed, 

This heart so hard before ; 
I hear Thee for the guilty plead, 
And grief o'erflows the more. 

2 'Twas for the sinful Thou didst die, 

And I a sinner stand : 
What love speaks from Thy dying eye, 
And from each pierced hand ! 

3 I know tins cleansing blood of Thine 

Was shed, dear Lord ! for me! 
For me, for all, — oh ! grace divine ! — 
Who look by faith on Thee. 

4 O Christ of God ! O spotless Lanb ! 

By love my soul is drawn ; 
Henceforth, for ever, Thine I am ; 
Here life and peace are born. 

5 In patient hope, the cross I'll bear; 

Thine arm shall be my stay ; 
And Thou.en throned, my soul shalfc spare, 
On Thy great judgment-day. 


Self- Consecration. 

C. M. 

1 My God ! accept my heart this day, 
And make it always Thine, 
That I from Thee no more may stray, 
No more from Thee decline. 

2 Before the cross of Him who died, 

Behold I prostrate fall ; 
Let every sin be crucified ; 
Let Christ be all in all. 

3 May the dear blood, once shed for me, 

My blest atonement prove, 
That I, from first to last, may be 
The purchase of Thy love. 

4 Let every thought, and work, and word, 

To Thee be ever given ; 
Then life shall be Thy service, Lord : 
And death the gate of heaven. 

7 O 7 Faith in Christ. S. M. 

1 O Saviour, who didst come 

By water and by blood ; 
Confessed on earth, adored in heaven, 
Eternal Son of God ! 

2 Jesus, our life and hope, 

To endless years the same ; 
We plead Thy gracious promises, 
And rest upon Thy name. 

3 By faith in Thee we live, 

By faith in Thee we stand, 
By Thee we vanquish sin and and d 
And gain the heavenly land. 

4 O Lord, increase our faith ; 

Our fearful spirits calm ; 
Sustain us through this mortal strife. 
Then give the victor's palm ! 

i DO All-sufficient Grace. 7s. 

1 Wait, my soul ! upon the Lord, 

To His gracious promise flee, 
Laying hold upon His word : — 

"As thy days, thy strength shall be." 

2 If the sorrows of thy case 

Seem peculiar still to thee, 
God has promised needful grace ; 
"As thy days, thy strength shall be 

3 Days of trials, days of grief: 

In succession thou may'st see ; 
This is still thy sweet relief : — 

"As thy days thy strength shall be. 

4 Kock of ages! I'm secure, 

With Thy promise, full and free, 
Faithful, in Thy covenant sure, 

"As thy days thy strength shall be." 


B A I R D. 6s. 


Karl Eeden, 1874. 







1. My Sa-viour, ns thou wilt ! Oh, may Thy will bo mine ! In - to Thy hand of love I 





would my all re - sign ; Through sor - row or through joy, 



Con - duct me as Thy 



~r~r~r — r- 

or thro' joy, Con - duct 


3 — J « p T3 g-r-3-^^ g 






And help me still to Bay, My Lord, Thy will be done. 










fr— jg 


769 7% zwW be dme. 6a. 

1 My Saviour, as Thou wilt ! 

Oh, may Thy will be mine ! 
Into Thy hand of love 

I would my all resign ; 
Through sorrow or through joy, 

Conduct me as Thine own, 
And help me still to say, 

My Lord, Thy will be done. 

2 3Iy Saviour, as Thou wilt ! 

If needy here and poor, 
Give me Thy people's bread, 

Their portion, rich and sure ; 
The manna of Thy word 

Let my soul feed upon ; 
And if all else should fail, 
' My Lord, Thy will be done ! 

3 My Saviour, as Thou wilt ! 

Though seen through many a tear, 
Let not my star of hope 
Grow dim and disappear ; 

Since Thou on earth hast wept, 
And sorrowed oft alone, 

If I must weep with Thee, 
My Lord, Thy will be done I 

4 My Saviour, as Thou wilt ! 

All shall be well for me ; 
Each changing future scene 

I gladly trust with Thee : 
Straight to my home above 

I travel calmly on, 
And sing in life or death, 

My God, Thy will be done ! 

770 Thy will be done. 

C. M. 

1 Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee, 

And pray to be forgiven, 
So let Thy life our pattern be, 
And form our souls for heaven. 

2 Help us, through good report and ill, 

Our daily cross to bear ; 
Like Thee, to do our Father's will, 
Our brother's griefs to share. 



3 Let grace our selfishness expel, 

Our earthliness refine ; 
And kindness in our bosoms dwell 
As free and time as Thine. 

4 If joy shall at Thy bidding fly, 

And grief's dark day come on, 
We, in our turn, would meekly cry, 
"Father, Thy will be done!" 

5 Kept peaceful in the midst of strife, 

Forgiving and forgiven, 
Oh ! may we lead the pilgrim's life, 
And follow Thee to heaven ! 


Casting all Care on God. C. P. M. 

1 O Lord ! how happy should we be, 
If we could cast our care on Thee, 

If we from self could rest ; 
And feel, at heart, that One above, 
» In perfect wisdom, perfect love, 
Is working for the best ! 

2 How far from this our daily life, 
Ever disturbed by anxious strife, 

By sudden, wild alarms ! 
Oh ! could we but relinquish all 
Our earthly props, and simply fall 

On Thine almighty arms ! 

3 Could Ave but kneel, and cast our load, 
E'en while we pray, upon our God, 

Then rise, with hghtened cheer, 
Sure that the Father, who is nigh 
To still the famished raven's cry, 

Will hear, in that we fear ! 

4 Lord ! make these faithless hearts of ours 
Such lessons learn from buds and flowers; 

Make them from self to cease. 
Leave all things to a Father's will, 
And taste, before Him tying still, 

E'en in affliction, peace. 

liJt Submission in Affliction. C. M. 

1 Affliction is a stormy deep, 

Where wave resounds to wave ; 
Though o'er my head the billows roll, 
I know the Lord can save. 

2 The hand that now withholds my joys 

Can soon restore my peace ; 
And He who bade the tempest rise 
Can bid that tempest cease. 

3 Here will I rest, and build my hope, 

Nor murmur at His rod ; 
He's more than all the world to me — 
My Health, my Life, my God ! 

77o Clinging to the Saviour. 8s, 8s & 6s. 

1 O Holt Saviour, Friend unseen ; 
Since on Thine arm Thou bid'st me lean, 
Help me, throughout life's varying scene, 

By faith to cling to Thee. 

2 Blest with this fellowship divine, 
Take what Thou wilt, I'll ne'er repine ; 
E'en as the branches *ta the vine, 

My soul would cling to Thee. 

3 Far from my home, fatigued, oppressed, 
Here have I found a place of rest ; 

An exile still, yet not unblest, 
While I can cling to Thee. 

4 What, though the world deceitful prove, 
And earthly friends and hopes remove ? 
With patient uncomplaining love 

Still would I cling to Thee. 

5 Oft, when I seem to tread alone [grown, 
Some barren waste, with thorns o'er 
Thy voice of love in gentlest tone, 

Whispers, " Still cling to Me. 

6 Though faith and hope may long be 
I ask not, need not, aught beside ; [tried, 
How safe, how calm, how satisfied^ 

The souls that cling to Thee. 


One with Christ. 

C. M. 

1 Lord Jesus ! are we one with Thee ? 

Oh ! height, oh ! depth of love ! 
With Thee we died upon the tree, 
In Thee we live above. 

2 Such was Thy grace, that, for our sake, 

Thou didst from heaven come down ; 
Thou didst of flesh and blood partake, 
In all our sorrows one. 

3 Our sins, our guilt, in love divine, 

Confessed and borne by Thee, 
The gall, the curse, the wrath were Thine, 
"lo set Thy members free. 

4 Ascended now in glory bright, 

Still one with us Thou art ; 
Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor height, 
Thy saints and Thee can part. 

5 Soon, soon shall come that glorious day 

When, seated on Thy throne, 
Thou shalt to wondering worlds display 
That Thou with us art one. 



7*0 Planted in Christ, C. M. 

1 Planted in Christ, the living Vine, 

This day, with one accord, 
Ourselves, with humble faith and joy, 
We yield to Thee, Lord ! 

2 Joined in one body may we be : 

One inward life partake ; 
One be our heart, one heavenly hope 
In every bosoA wake. 

3 In prayer, in effort, tears, and toils, 

One wisdom be our guide ; 
Taught by one Spirit from above, 
In Thee may we abide. 

4 Then, when among the saints in light 

Our joyful spirits shine, 
Shall anthems of immortal praise, . 
O Lamb of God, be Thine ! 

7 i O Christ's Kingdom. S. M. 

1 Oh, what, if we are Christ's, 

Is earthly shame or loss? 
Bright shall the crown of glory be, 
When we have borne the cross. 

2 Keen was the trial once, 

Bitter the cup of woe, 
When martyred saints, baptized in blood, 
Christ's sufferings shared below. 

3 Bright is their glory now, 

Boundless then- joy above, 
Where, on the bosom of their God, 
They rest in perfect love. 

4 Lord, may that grace be ours ! 

Like them in faith to bear 
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain, 
May be our portion here ! 

5 Enough, if Thou at last 

The word of blessing give, 
And let us rest beneath Thy feet, 
Where saints and angels live ! 


Christ my all. 

8s, 8s & 4s. 

1 Jesus, my Saviour ! look on me, 

For I am weary and opprest ; 
I come to cast myself on Thee : 
Thou art my Best. 

2 Look down on me, for I am weak, 

I feel the toilsome journey's length; 
Prom Thee almighty aid I seek: 
Thou art my Strength. 

3 I am bewilder'd on my way, 

Dark and tempestuous is the night ; 
O send Thou forth some cheering ray ; 
Thou art my Light. 

4 When Satan flings his fiery darts, 

I look to Thee ; my terrors cease ; 
Thy cross a hiding-place inrparts : 
Thou art my Peace. 

5 Standing alone on Jordan's brink, 

In that tremendous latest strife, 
Thou wilt not suffer me to sink : 
Thou art my Life. 

6 Thou wilt my every want supply, 

E'en to the end, whate'er befall ; 
Through life, in death, eternally, 
Thou art my All. 

7 7 O Burden cast on God. S. M. 

1 How gentle God's commands ! 

How kind His precepts are ! — 
"Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, 
And trust His constant care." 

2 While Providence supports, 

Let saints securely dwell ; 
That hand, which bears all nature up, 
Shall guide His children well. 

3 Why should this anxious load 

Press down your weary mind ? 
Haste to your heavenly Father's throne, 
And sweet refreshment find. 

4 His goodness stands approved, 

Down to the present day: 
I'll drop my burden at His feet, 
And bear His song away. 


Triune Guidance. 

8s, 7s. 

1 Lead us, heavenly Father ! lead us 

O'er the world's tempestuous sea ; 
Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us, 
. For we have no help but Thee ; 
Yet possessing every blessing, 

If our God our Father be. 

2 Saviour! breathe forgiveness o'er us; 

All our weakness Thou dost know ; 
Thou didst tread this earth before us ; 

Thou didst feel its keenest woe ; 
Lone and dreary, faint and weary, 

Through the desert Thou didst go. 

3 Spirit of our God ! descending, 

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy ; 


FRIEND. 8s&7s. 


C. C. CoNYEKSE, 1871. 


No. 2 


1 ("What a friend we have in Je - sus, 

{ What a priv - i-lege to car - ry 

D. C. All he-cause we do not car - ry 

All our sins and griefs to bear ; 

Ev - ery thing to God in prayer. 
Ev - ery thing to God in prayer. 

v m& m ^mmzg^s^^ 








Oh, what peace we oft - en for 


Oh, what need-less pain we bear- 



+ + + 

Love with every passion blending, 
Pleasure that can never cloy ; 

Thus provided, pardoned, guided, 
Nothing can our peace destroy. 


Going to Jesus in Prayer. 

8s & 7s. 

1 What a Friend we have in Jesus, 

All our sins and griefs to bear ; 
"What a privilege to carry 

Everything to God in prayer. 
Oh, what peace we often forfeit, 

Oh, what needless pain we bear — 
All because we do not carry 

Everything to God in prayer. 

2 Have we trials and temptations? 

Is there trouble anywhere? 
"We should never be discouraged, 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 
Can we find a friend so faithful, 

Who will all our sorrows share? 
Jesus knows our every weakness, 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 

3 Are we weak and heavy-laden, 

'Cumbered with a load of care ? 
Precious Saviour, still our refuge, 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee? 

Take it to the Lord in prayer ; 
In His arms He'll take and shield thee ; 

Thou wilt find a solace there. 


Psalm 23 : 2 


1 Heavenly Shepherd, guide us, feed us, 

Through our pilgrimage below ; 
And beside the waters lead us, 
Where Thy flock rejoicing go. 

2 Lord, Thy guardian presence ever, 

Meekly bending, we implore ; 
We have found Thee, and would never, 
Never wander from Thee more. 


"Lord, help me." 

C. M. 

1 Oh, help us, Lord ; each hour of need 

Thy heavenly succour give ; 
Help us in thought, and word, and deed, 
Each hour on earth we five. 

2 Oh, help us when our spirits bleed 

With contrite anguish sore ; 
And when our hearts are cold and dead, 
Oh, help us, Lord, the more. 

3 Oh, help us through the prayer of faith 

More firmly to believe ; 
For still the more the servant hath, 
The more shall He receive. 

4 Oh, help us, Jesus, from on high ; 

We know no help but Thee ; 
Oh, help us so to hve and die 
As Thine in heaven to be. 



783 Perfect Freedom. 0. M. 

1 If Thou impart Thyself to me, 

No other good I need : 
If Thou, the Son, shalt make me free, 
I shall be free indeed. 

2 I cannot rest till in Thy blood 

I full redemption have ; 
But Thou, through whom I come to God, 
Canst to the utmost save. 

3 From sin, — the guilt, the power, the 

Thou wilt redeem my soul ; [pain, — 
Lord, I believe — and not in vain ; 
My faith shall make me whole. 

4 I, too, with Thee, shall walk in white ; 

With all Thy saints shaU prove 
The length, and depth, and breadth, and 
Of everlasting love. [height, 

7o4 Hope in Christ's Coming. C. M. 

1 The Prince of Life once slain for us 

Ascended up on high ; 
Captivity was captive led, 
And Christ no more can die. 

2 With Jesus we are crucified, 

With Christ our Head we live ; 
The glory, first by Him obtain'd, 
To us the Lord shall give. 

3 His word is faithfulness and truth — 

"Behold, I quickly come;" 
And faith, still counts the promise sure, 
Amidst the deepest gloom. 

4 Jesus at His appointed hour 

In glory shall appear ; 
Then, fashion'd by His mighty hand, 
We shall His image bear. 

5 Thou Son of God! the heavenly Man! 

Head of Thy ransom'd seed ! 
We treasure up the precious word — 
"The Lord is risen indeed." 

7oO Support in Trial. 7s. 

1 Oft in danger, oft in woe, 
Onward, Christians, onward go ; 
Bear the toil, maintain the strife, 
Strengthened with the Bread of Life. 

2 Let not sorrow dim your eye, 
Soon shall every tear be dry ; 
Let not fear your course impede, 
Great your strength, if great your need. 

3 Let your drooping hearts be glad? 
March in heavenly armour clad ; 
Fight, nor think the battle long, 
Soon shall victory wake your song. 

4 Onward then to glory move ; 

More than conquerors ye shall prove; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
Christian soldiers, onward go ! 


WalMny in Light. 


1 Walk in the light ! so shalt Thou know 

That fellowship of love, 
His Spirit only can bestow, 
Who reigns in light above. 

2 Walk in the light! and Thou shalt find 

Thy heart made truly His, 
Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined, 
In whom no darkness is. 

3 Walk in the light ! and e'en the tomb 

No fearful shade shall wear ; 
Glory shall chase away its gloom, 
For Christ hath conquered there. 

4 Walk in the light ! and Thou shalt see 

Thy path, though thorny, bright ; 
For God by grace shall dwell in thee, 
And God Himself is light. 

787 The Fellowship of Saints. C. M. 

1 Ik one fraternal band of love, 

One fellowship of mind, 
The saints below and saints above 
Their bliss and glory find. 

2 Here, in their house of pilgrimage, 

Thy statutes are their song ; 
There, through one bright, eternal age, 
Thy praises they prolong. 

3 Lord, may our union form a part 

Of that thrice happy whole ; 
Derive its pulse from Thee, the heart ; 
Its life from Thee, the soul. 


The Law of Love. 

S. M. 

1 Oh ! happiest work below, 

Earnest of joy above, 
To sweeten many a cup of woe, 
By deeds of holy love ! 

2 Lord ! may it be our choice 

This blessed rule to keep, 
"Rejoice with them that do rejoice, 
And weep with them that weep." 



3 God of the widow ! hear ; 
Our work of mercy bless ; 
God of the fatherless ! be near, 
And grant us good success. 

789 Christ relieved in His Saints. 

1 Jesus, my Lord ! how rich Thy grace ! 

Thy bounties — how complete ! 
How shall I count the matchless sum ? 
How pay the mighty debt ? 

2 High on a throne of radiant light, 

Dost Thou exalted shine ; 
What can my poverty bestow, 
"When all the worlds are Thine. 

3 But Tho\i hast brethren here below, 

The partners of Thy grace ; 
And wilt confess their humble names 
Before Thy Father's face. 

4 In them may'st Thou be clothed, and fed, 

And visited, and cheered ; 
And, in their accents of distress, 
My Saviour's voice be heard. 

790 ' 

Psalm 95. 

L. M. 

1 Oh ! come, loud anthems let us sing, 
Loud thanks to our almighty King ! 
For we our voices high should raise, 
"When our salvation's Rock we praise 

2 Into His presence let us haste, 

To thank Him for His favours past ; 
To Him address, in joyful songs, 
The praise that to His name belongs. 

791 Morning and Evening Hymn. L. M. 

1 O Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace, 
Thou Brightness of Thy Father's face, 
Thou Fountain of eternal light, [night! 
Whose beams disperse the shades of 

2 Come, holy Sun of heavenly love ! 
Send down Thy radiance from above, 
And to our inmost hearts convey 
The Holy Spirit's cloudless ray. 

3 Oh ! hallowed thus be every day ! 
Let meekness be our morning ray, 
And faithful love our noon-day light, 

• And hope our sunset, calm and bright. 

4 O Christ ! with each returning morn, 
Thine image to our hearts is borne ; 
Oh ! may we ever clearly see 

Our Saviour and our God in Thee ! 


Evening Devotion. 


1 Hear my prayer, O Heavenly Father, 

Ere I lay me down to sleep ; 
Bid Thine angels, pure and holy, 
Bound my bed their vigil keep. 

2 Great my sins are, but Thy mercy 

Far outweighs them every one ; 
Down before the cross I cast them, 
Trusting in Thy help alone. 

3 Keep me through this night of peril, 

Underneath its boundless shade ; 
Take me to Thy rest, I pray Thee, 
When my pilgrimage is made. 

4 Pardon all my past transgressions, 

Give me strength for days to come ; 
Guide and guard me with Thy blessing, 
Till Thine angels bid me home. 


Evening Twilight. 


1 Hail, tranquil hour of closing day ! 

Begone, disturbing care ! 
. And look, my soul ! from earth, away 
To Him who heareth prayer. 

2 How sweet the tear of penitence 

Before His throne of grace, 
While, to the contrite spirit's sense, 
He shows His smiling face. 

3 How sweet, through long-remembered 

His mercies to recall, [years, 

And, pressed with wants, and griefs, and 

To trust His love for all. [fears, 

4 How sweet to look, in thoughtful hope, 

Beyond this fading sky, 
And hear Him call His children up 
To His fair home on high. 

5 Calmly the day forsakes our heaven, 

To dawn beyond the west ; 
So let my soul, in life's last even, 
Retire to glorious rest. 


Lying down to Rest. 

8s, 7s & 7s. 

1 Through the day Thy love has spread us ; 

Now we lay us down to rest, 
Through the silent watches guard us, 
Let no foe our peace molest ; 

Jesus, Thou our guardian be ; 

Sweet it is to trust in Thee. 

2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 

Dwelling in the midst of foes ; 




William Henky Monk, 1861. 








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^ *z^?^~r-^^ tir— ^t~t^^ ^i» =» & i- — c-^ c=* c=» l^ > I L^ (_-> ' ^j 

1. A - bide with me; fast falls the e-ven-tide; The dark-nes3 deep - ens ; Lord ! with me a - bide : 

r? r? ^ . . — I C? r? f3 . a .. rs — ^ ^ . <-=> — , , ,-pf? r? 
















*$-$- r~ 

1 J 1 1 II 

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A B a 


flY 7 ^ -d 

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\MJ =*; — - r^. 

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<-^ s-\rZ) 

5< «i 

^^—1 1 

When oth - er help - ers fail, and com-forU flee, 

1 p^ ^=ULU^ _ 

Help of the help-less, oh, a - bide with me. 

/»v k 'v h^ 

r^ — 


h^ ^j 


IfJ., 9 !*5> 


*— "1? h 1 — Ir-a 


m ^ 

' s 

i !~~ 

I— - r^ i - 

1 -' 7 c p 

r-» - i 

1 1 

F— ' ! r J 

i r 

f 1 1 

1 1 

Us and ours preserve from dangers ; 
In Thine arms may we repose ; 
And, when life's short day is past, 
Rest with Thee in heaven at last. 
795 At Eventide. 10s. 

1 Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide ; 
The darkness deepens ; Lord, with me 

abide ; 
"When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, 
Help of the helpless, oh ! abide with me. 

2 Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day ; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass 

away ; 
Change and decay in all around I see ; 

Thou who changest not, abide with me. 

3 I heed Thy presence every passing hour ; 
What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's 

power ? 
"Who like Thyself my guide and stay can 

Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide 

with me. 

4 I fear no foe with Thee at hand to bless ; 
Ills have no weight, and tears no bitter- 
ness ; 

Where is death's sting, where, grave, 
thy victory ? 

1 triumph still, if Thou abide with me. 

5 Hold Thou Thyc ross before my closing 


Shine through the gloom, and point me 

to the skies ; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's 

vain shadows flee ; 
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me. 

796 Th e Sabbath. H. M. 

1 Awake, ye saints, awake, 

And hail this sacred day ; 
In loftiest songs of praise 

Your joyful homage pay : 
Welcome the day that God hath blest, 
The type of heaven's eternal rest. 

2 On this auspicious morn 

The Lord of life arose ; 
He burst the bars of death, 

And vanquish'd all our -foes : 
And now He pleads our cause above, 
And reaps the fruits of all His love. 

3 All hail, triumphant Lord ! 

Heaven with hosannas rings ; 
And earth, in humbler strains, 

Thy praise responsive sings : 
Worthy the Lamb that once was slain, 
Through endless years to live and reign. 

4 Great King, gird on Thy sword, 

Ascend Thy conquering car ; 
While justice, truth and love 

Maintain Thy glorious war: 
This day let sinners own Thy sway, 
And rebels cast their arms away. 



7t/7 Opening or Closing Hymn. L. M. 

1 Pkeserved by Thine almighty power, 

O Lord, our Maker, Saviour King ! 
And brought to see this happy hour, 
"We come Thy praises here to sing. 

2 We praise Thee for Thy constant care, 

For life preserved, for mercies given ; 
Oh! may we still those mercies share, 
And taste the joys of sins forgiven! 

3 And when on earth our days are done, 

Grant, Lord, that we at length may join, 
Pastors and people round Thy throne, 
The song of Moses and the Lamb. 

798 Psalm 100. L. M. 

1 Ye nations round the earth ! rejoice 

Before the Lord, your sovereign King ; 

Serve Him with cheerful heart and voice ; 

With all your tongues His glory sing. 

2 The Lord is God ; 'tis He alone 

Doth life and breath and being give ; 
We are His work, and not our own ; 
The sheep that on His pastures live. 

3 Enter His gates with songs of joy ; 

With praises to His courts repair ; 
And make it your divine employ 

To pay your thanks and honours there. 

4 The Lord is good, the Lord is kind ; 

Great is His grace, His mercy sure ; 
And the whole race of man shall find 
His truth from age to age endure. 

7vu Homage and Devotion. S. M. 

1 With joy, we lift our eyes 

To those bright realms above, 
That glorious temple in the skies 
Where dwells eternal love. 

2 Before Thy throne we bow, 

O Thou almighty King! 
Here we present the solemn vow, 
And hymns of praise we sing. 

3 While in Thy house we kneel, 

With trust and holy fear, 
Thy mercy and Thy truth reveal, 
And lend a gracious ear. 

OUU Delight in God's Worship. S. M 

1 We love the place, O God ! 

Wherein Thine honour dwells ; 

The holy joy of Thine abode 
All earthly joy excels. 

2 It is the house of prayer, 

Wherein Thy servants meet ; 
And Thou, O Lord, art ever there 
Thy chosen flock to greet. 

3 We love the Word of life, 

The Word that tells of peace, 
Of comfort in the Christian strife, 
And joys that never cease. 

4 We love to sing Thy praise 

For mercies freely given ; 
But oh ! we wait, we long to raise 
Triumphant songs in heaven. 

5 Lord Jesus ! give us grace 

On earth to love Thee more, 
In heaven to see Thy glorious face, 
And with Thy saints adore. 


The Presence of Christ. 

L. M. 

1 How sweet to leave the world awhile, 

And seek the presence of our Lord ! 
Dear Saviour! on Thy people smile, 
And come, according to Thy word. 

2 From busy scenes we now retreat, 

That we may here converse with Thee: 
Ah! Lord! behold us at Thy feet;— 
Let this the gate of heaven be. 

3 Chief of ten thousand ! now appear, 

That we by faith may see Thy face. 

Oh ! speak, that we Thy voice may hear, 

And let Thy presence fill this place. 

802 Close of Worship. S. M. 

1 Once more, before we part, 

Oh ! bless the Saviour's name ; 
Let every tongue and every heart 
Adore and praise the same. 

2 Lord ! in Thy grace we came ; 

That blessing still impart ; 
We met in Jesus' sacred name, 
In Jesus' name we part. 

3 Still on Thy holy word 

Help us to feed and grow ; 
Still to go on to know the Lord, 
And practise what we know. 



4 Now, Lord ! before we part, 
Help us to bless Thy name : 
Let every tongue and every heart 
Adore and bless the same. 

803 Benediction. C. M 

1 The God of peace, who from the dead, 

Hath raised our dying Lord, 
And, through the covenant in His blood, 
Our souls to peace restored: — 

2 Confirm our hearts, in each good work, 

To do His perfect will ; 
That, made well-pleasing in His sight, 
Our course with joy we fill. 

3 So shall we, in His heavenly courts, 

Hereafter, ever live ; 
And to His name, through Jesus Christ, 
Eternal glory give. 

804: Support in God's Covenant. C. M. 

1 My God ! the covenant of Thy love 

Abides for ever sure ; 
And, in its matchless grace, I feel 
My happiness secure. 

2 What though my house be not with Thee, 

As nature could desire ! 
To nobler joys than nature gives 
Thy servants all aspire. 

3 Since Thou, the everlasting God, 

My Father art become, 
JesUs, my Guardian and my Friend, 
And heaven my final home ; — 

4 I welcome all Thy sovereign will, 

For all that will is love ; 
And when I know not what Thou dost, 
I wait the hght above. 

6 Thy covenant in the darkest gloom 
Shall heavenly rays impart, 
And when my eyelids close in death, 
Sustain my fainting heart. 

OUG Baptism. L. M. 

1 'Twas the commission of our Lord 

" Go teach the nations, and baptize ;" 
The nations have received the word, 
Since He ascended to the skies. 

2 He sits upon the eternal hills, 

With grace and pardon in His hands, 
And sends His covenant with the seals 
To bless the distant Gentile lands. 

3 "Repent, and be baptized," He saith, 

"For the remission of your sins ;" 
And thus our sense assists our faith, 
And shows us what the gospel means. 

4 Our souls He washes in His blood, 

As water makes the body clean ; 
And the good Spirit from our God 
Descends like pui'ifying rain. 

5 Thus we engage ourselves to Thee, 

And seal our covenant with the Lord ; 
Oh ! may the great eternal Three 
In heaven our solemn vows record. 


The Covenant of Baptism. 

C. M. 

1 The promise of my Father's love 

Shall stand forever good : — 
He said, and gave His soul to death, 
And sealed the grace with blood. 

2 To this dear covenant of Thy word, 

I set my worthless name ; 
I seal the engagement of my Lord, 
And make my humble claim. 

3 I call that legacy my own, 

Which Jesus did bequeath ; 
'Twas purchased with a dying groan, 
And ratified in death. 

4 Sweet is the memory of His name, 

Who blessed us in His will, 

And to His testament of love, 

Made His own life the seal. 


Children brought to Jesus. 

L. M 

1 A little child the Saviour came, 
The mighty God was still His name, 
And angels worship, as He lay, 

The seeming infant of a day. 

2 He who, a little child, began 
The life divine to show to man, 
Proclaims from heaven the message free, 
Let little children come to Me. 

3 We bring them, Lord ! and with the sign 
Which Thou hast given, we name them 

Thine ; 
Their souls with saving grace endow, 
Baptize them with Thy Spirit now. 

808 The Lambs of the Flock. L. M. 

1 With thankful hearts our songs we raise, 
To celebrate the Saviour's praise ; 
Yet who, but saints in heaven above, 
Can tell the riches of His love * 

A P P EN D I X. 


2 He, the good Shepherd, kindly leads 
The wanderer, and the hungry feeds ; 
Deigns in His arms the lambs to bear, 
And makes them His peculiar care. 

3 Jesus ! to Thy protecting wing, 

Our helpless little ones we bring ; [they 
Oh ! grant them grace and strength, that 
May find and keep the heavenward way. 

oUy " This do in remembrance of Me." 7s. 

1 Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed, 
For Thy Flesh is meat indeed ; 
Ever may our souls be fed 

With this true and living Bread ; 
Day by day with strength supplied 
Through the life of Him who died. 

2 Wine of heaven, Thy Blood supplies 
This blest cup of sacrifice ; 

Lord, Thy wounds our healing give, 
To Thy cross we look and five : 
Jesus, may we ever be 
Grafted, rooted, built in Thee. 

olU Christ the living Bread. L. M. 

1 Away from earth my spirit turns, 

Away from every transient good ; 

With strong desire my bosom burns, 

To feast on heaven's diviner food. 

2 Thou, Saviour ! art the living bread; 

Thou wilt my every want supply ; 
By Thee sustained, and cheered, and led, 
I'll press through dangers to the sky. 

3 What though temptations oft distress, 

And sin assails and breaks my peace ; 
Thou wilt uphold, and save, and bless, 
And bid the storms of passion cease. 

4 Then let me take Thy gracious hand, 
% And walk beside Thee onward still ; 

Till my glad feet shaU safely stand, 
Forever firm on Zion's hill. 

Christ the Corner-stone, 

H. M. 


1 Christ is our Corner-stone ; 

On Him alone we build ; 
With His true saints alone 

The courts of heaven are filled : 
On His great love Our hopes we place, 
Of present grace and joys above. 

2 Oh ! then, with hymns of praise 

These hallowed courts shall ring ! 

Our voices we will raise, 

The Three in One to sing ; 
And thus proclaim in joyful song, 
Both loud and long, that glorious Name. 

3 Here, gracious God ! do Thou 

Forevermore draw nigh ; 
Accept each faithful 'vow, 

And mark each suppliant sigh : 
In copious shower, on all who pray, 
Each holy day, Thy blessings pour. 

4 Here may we gain from heaven 

The grace which we implore, 
And may that grace, once given, 

Be with us evermore, — 
Until that day when all the blest 
To endless rest are called away. 

olZ The Kingdomof Grace and Qlory One. CM. 

1 Happy the souls to Jesus join'd, 

And saved by grace alone ; 
Walking in all His ways, they find 
Their heaven on earth begun. 

2 The Church triumphant in Thy love, 

Then* mighty joys we know : 
They sing the Lamb in hymns above, 
And we in hymns below. 

3 Thee in Thy glorious realm they praise, 

And bow before Thy throne ; 
We, in the kingdom of Thy grace : 
The kingdoms are but one. 

4 The holy to the holiest Leads ; 

From thence our spirits rise ; 
And He that in Thy statutes treads 
Shall meet Thes in the skies. 
olo Honouring Christ's Cause. 8a. 

1 Praise the Saviour, all ye nations ! 

Praise Him, all ye hosts above ! 
Shout, with joyful acclamations, 

His divine victorious love ; 
Be His kingdom now promoted, 

Let the earth her monarch know ; 
Be my all to Him devoted, 

To my Lord my all I owe. 

2 With my substance, I will honour 

My Redeemer and my Lord ; 
Were ten thousand worlds my manor, 

All were nothing to His word ; 
While the heralds of salvation 

His abounding grace proclaim, 
Let His friends of every station 

Gladly join to spread His fame. 



814: Contributions for Christ's Cause. S. M. 

1 Thy bounties, gracious Lord ! 

With gratitude we own ; 
"We bless Thy providential grace 
Which showers its blessings down. 

2 With joy the people bring 

Then- offerings round Thy throne ; 
With thankful souls, behold ! we pay 
A tribute of Thine own. 

3 Let the Redeemer's blood 

Diffuse its virtues wide ; 
Hallow and cleanse our every gift, 
And all our follies hide. 

4 Oh ! may this sacrifice 

To Thee, the Lord, ascend — 
An odor of a sweet perfume, 
Presented by His hand. 

5 Well pleased our -God shall view 

The products of His grace ; 
And, in a plentiful reward, 
Fulfill His promises. 

815 The Labourers Few. S. M. 

1 Lord of the harvest ! hear 

Thy needy servants' cry ; 
Answer our faith's effectual prayer, 
And all our wants supply. 

2 On Thee we humbly wait; 

Our wants are in Thy view ; 
The harvest, truly, Lord! is great, 
The labourers are few. 

3 Convert and send forth more 

Into Thy church abroad'; 
And let them speak Thy word of power, 
As workers with their God. 

4 Oh ! let them spread Thy name, 

Theh mission fully prove ; 
Thy universal grace proclaim, — 
Thine all redeeming love. 

1 D Longing for a Revival, S. M. 

1 Oh ! for the happy hour 

When God will hear our cry; 
And send, with a reviving power, 
His Spirit from on high ! 

2 We meet, we sing, we pray, 

We listen to the word, 
In vain ; we see no cheering ray, 
No cheering voice is heard. 

3 Our prayers are faint and dull, 

And languid all our songs ; 
Where once with joy our hearts were full, 
And rapture tuned our tongues. 

4 While many seek Thy house, 

How few, around Thy board, 
Meet to recount their solemn vows, 
And bless Thee as then- Lord! 

5 Thou, Thou alone canst give 

Thy gospel sure success ; 
Canst bid the dying sinner live 
Anew in holiness. 

6 Come, then, with power divine, 

Spirit of life and love ! 
Then shall our people all be Thine, 
Our church, like that above. 


A Revival Sought. 

S. M. 

1 Revive Thy work, O Lord! 

Thy mighty arm make bare ; 
Speak, with the voice that wakes the dead, 
And make Thy people hear. 

2 Revive Thy work, O Lord ! 

Disturb this sleep of death ; 
Quicken the smouldering embers now, 
By Thine almighty breath. 

3 Revive Thy work, O Lord ! 

Exalt Thy precious name ; 
And, by the Holy Ghost, our love 
For Thee and Thine inflame. 

4 Revive Thy work, O Lord ! 

And give refreshing showers ; 

The glory shall be all Thine own, 

The blessing, Lord ! be ours. 


Fountain of Life. 

3, 7s & 4s. * 

1 See, from Zion's sacred mountain 

Streams of living water flow ! 
God has opened there a fountain, 
That supplies the world below : 

They are blessed, 
Who its sovereign virtues know. 

2 Through ten thousand channels flowing, 

Streams of mercy find their way; 
Life, and health, and joy bestowing; 
Hear this king of glory say — 

Oh ! ye nations ! 
Hail the long-expected day. 

LEXINGTON. 7s & 6s. 37T 

Western Melody. 

No. i. 




S^^-j-jJj -B^fl:j, 1 j, j, *^ 

. /The morning light is break-ing; The darkness (lis - ap - pears;! To pen- i - ten-tial tears; 
(The sonB of earth are wak - ing jD.s.Prepared for Zi - on'a war. 

_ — h^ — h_ (■ 1 1 \m- 


-i Trr 

Each breeze, that sweeps the ocean, Brings tid-ings, from a - far, Of na-tions in com - mo - tion, 




W j * j i r 



Morning Light. 

7s & 6s. 

1 The morning light is breaking, 

The darkness disappears, 
The sons of earth are waking 

To penitential tears : 
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean 

Brings tidings from afar 
Of nations in commotion, 

Prepared for Zion's war. 

2 Rich dews of grace come o'er us 

In many a gentle shower, 
And brighter scenes before us 

Are opening every hour ; 
Each cry to heaven going 

Abundant answers brings, 
And heavenly gales are blowing 

With peace upon their wings. 

3 See heathen nations bending 

Before the God we love, 
And thousand hearts ascending 

In gratitude above ; 
While sinners now confessing, 

The gospel call obey, 
And seek the Saviour's blessing — 

A nation in a day. 

4 Blest river of salvation, 

Pursue thy onward way, 
Plow thou to every nation, 
Nor in thy richness stay ; 

Stay not, till all the lowly 

Triumphant reach their home ; 

Stay not, till all the holy 

Proclaim, " The Lord has coma" 


The latter day Glory. 

7s & Gs* 

And is the time approaching, 

By prophets long foretold, 
When all shall dwell together, 

One Shepherd and one fold? 
Shall every idol perish, 

To moles and bats be thrown, 
And every prayer be offer 'd 

To God in Christ alone ? 

Shall Jew and Gentile, meeting 

From many a distant shore, 
Around one altar kneeling, 

One common Lord adore ? 
Shall all that now divides us 

Remove and pass away, 
Like shadows of the morning 

Before the blaze of day ? 

Shall all that now unites us 

More sweet and lasting prove, 
A closer bond of union, 

La a blest land of love ? 
Shall war be learn'd no longer, 

Shall strife and tumult cease, 
All earth His blessed kingdom, 

The Lord and Prince of Peace ? 



4 Oh, long-expected dawning, 

Come with thy cheering ray ! 
When shall the morning brighten, 

The shadows flee away? 
Oh, sweet anticipation ! 

It cheers the watchers on 
To pray, and hope, and labour, 

Till the dark night be gone. 

OZL Zion Triumphant. L. M. 

1 Tkiumphavt Zion ! hft Thy head 
From dust, and darkness, and the dead ; 
Though humbled long, awake at length, 
And gird thee with thy Saviour's strength. 

2 Put all thy beauteous garments on, 
And let thine excellence be known : 
Deck'd in the robes of righteousness, 
The world thy glories shall confess. 

3 No more shall foes unclean invade, 
And fill thy hallow'd walls with dread ; 
No more shall hell's insulting host 
Then - victory and thy sorrows boast. 

4 God from on high has heard thy prayer, 
His hand thy ruins shall repair : 

Nor will thy watchful Monarch cease 
To guard thee in eternal peace. 

o2i2t Triumphs of tlie Gospel. 7s. 

1 Who are these, that come from far, 
Led by Jacob's rising star? 
Strangers now to Zion come, 
There to seek a peaceful home. 

2 Lo! they gather like a cloud, 

Or as doves their windows crowd ; 
Zion wonders at the sight, — 
Zion feels a strange delight. 

3 Zion now no more shall sigh, 
God will raise her glory high ; 
He will send a large increase, — 
He will give His people peace. 

8-23 The Sending Forth of Missionaries. L. M. 

1 Ye Christian hearlds, go, proclaim 
Salvation in Emmanuel's name : 
To distant climes the tidings bear, 
And plant the rose of Sharon there. 

2 God shield you with a wall of fire, 
With holy zeal your hearts inspire, 
Bid raging winds their fury cease, 
And calm the savage breast to peace. 

3 And when your labours all are o'er, 
Then may we meet to part np more ; 
Meet with the ransomed throng to fall, 
And crown the Saviour Lord of all. 


Light for the Gentiles. 8s, 7s & is. 

1 Light of them that sit in darkness ! 

Rise and shine, Thy blessings bring ; 
Light, to lighten all the Gentiles! 
Rise with healing in Thy wing : 

To Thy brightness, 
Let all kings and nations come. 

2 May the heathen, now adoring 

Idol-gods of wood and stone, 
Come, and, worshiping before Him, 
Serve the living God alone : 

Let Thy glory 
Fill the earth, as floods the sea. 

oZO The Heathen calling for tlie Gospel. 8s.7s<fe4s. 

1 Souls in heathen darkness lying, 

Where no hght has broken through, 
Souls that Jesus bought by dying, 
Whom His soul in travail knew — 

Thousand voices 
Call us, o'er the waters blue. 

2 Christians, hearken! None has taught 

Of His love so deep and dear ; [them 
Of the precious price that bought them ; 
Of the nail, the thorn, the spear ; 

Ye who know Him, 
Guide them from their darkness drear. 

3 Haste, oh haste, and spread the tidings 

Wide to earth's remotest strand; 
Let no brother's bitter chidings 
Rise against us when we stand 

In the judgment, 
From some far, forgotten land. 

4 Lo ! the hills for harvest whiten, 

All along each distant shore; 
Seaward far the islands brighten; 
Light of nations ! lead us o'er : 

When we seek them, 
Let Thy Spirit go before. 

826 The Triumphant Reign of Christ. 7s. 

1 See the ransomed millions stand, 
Palms of conquest in then* hand ! 
This, before the throne, then* strain : — 
"Hell is vanquished; death is slain! 



2 Blessing, honour, glory, might, 
Are the Conqueror's native right ; 
Thrones and powers before Him fall, — 
Lamb of God, and Lord of all !" 

3 Hasten, Lord ! the promised hour ; 
Come in glory, and in power ; 
Still Thy foes are unsubdued ; 
Nature sighs to be renewed. 

4 Time has nearly reached its sum ; 

All things, with Thy bride, say, "Come !" 
Jesus ! whom all worlds adore, 
Come, — and reign for evermore. 

827 The Church Glorified in Christ. CM. 

1 Bride of the Lamb, awake ! awake ! 

"Why sleep for sorrow now? 
The hope of glory, Christ, is thine, 
An heir of glory thou. 

2 Thy spirit, through the lonely night, 

From earthly joy apart, 
Hath sigh'd for one that's far away — 
The Bridegroom of thy heart. 

3 But see, the night is waning fast, 

The breaking morn is near ; 
And Jesus comes, with voice of love, 
Thy drooping heart to cheer. 

4 He comes — for, oh! His yearning heart 

No more can bear delay — 
To scenes of full unmingled joy 
To call His Bride away. 

5 Thou, too, shalt reign — He will not wear 

His crown of joy alone ! 
And earth His royal Bride shall see 
Beside Him on the throne. 

6 Then weep no more — 'tis all thine own — 

His crown, His joy divine, 
And, sweeter far than all beside, 
He, He Himself is thine. 

<d2iO The Final Anthem of Triumph. L. M. 

1 Soon may the last glad song arise 
Through all the millions of the skies, — 
That song of triumph, which records, 
That all the earth is now the Lord's. 

2 Let thrones,and powers,and kingdoms be 
Obedient, mighty God ! to Thee ; 
And, over land, and stream, and main, 
"Wave Thou the sceptre of Thy reign. 

3 Oh ! that the anthem now might swell, 
And host to host the triumph tell, — 
That not one rebel heart remains, 
But over all the Saviour reigns. 


Death anfcEtemity. 

C. M. 

1 Stoop down, my thoughts, that use t» 

Converse awhile with death ; [rise I 
Think how a gasping mortal lies, 
And pants away his breath ! 

2 But, oh ! the soul, that never dies ! 

At once it leaves the clay ; 
Ye thoughts ! pursue it where it flies, 
And track its wondrous way. 

3 And must my body faint and die? 

And must this soul remove? 
Oh ! for some guardian angel nigh, 
To bear it safe above ! 

4 Jesus ! to Thy dear, faithful hand, 

My naked soul I trust ; 
And my flesh waits for Thy command 
To drop into my dust. 


The Hour of Departure: 

L. M. 

1 I come, I come, at Thy command ; 
I give my spirit to Thy hand ; 
Stretch forth Thine everlasting arms, 
And shield me in the last alarms. 

2 Not in mine innocence I trust ; 
I bow before Thee in the dust ; 

And, through my Saviour's blood alone, 
I look for mercy at Thy throne. 

3 I leave the world without a tear, 
Save for the friends I held so dear ; 
To heal their sorrows, Lord ! descend, 
And to the friendless prove a Friend. 


The Final Struggle. 

8s & 7s, 

1 Tarry with me, oh my Saviour ! 

For the day is passing by ; 
See ! the shades of evening gather, 

And the night is drawing nigh ; 
Deeper, deeper grow the shadows, 

Paler 'now the glowing west ; 
Swift the night of death advances ; 

Shall it be the night of rest? 

2 Lonely seems the vale of shadow ; 

Sinks my heart with troubled fear ; 
Give me faith for clearer vision, 

Speak Thou, Lord !. in words of cheer j 



Let me hear Thy voice of mercy, 
Calming all these wild alarms ; 

Let me, underneath my weakness, 
Feel the everlasting arms. 

3 Feeble, trembling, fainting, dying, 

Lord*! I cast myself on Thee ; 
Tarry with me through the darkness ; 

While I sleep, still watch by me. 
Tarry with me, oh my Saviour ! 

Lay my head upon Thy breast 
Till the morning ; then awake me — 

Morning of eternal rest ! 

832 Death Dreadful, or Delightful. C. M. 

1 Death ! 'tis a melancholy day 

To those that have no God, 
When the poor soul is forced away 
To seek her last abode. 

2 In vain to heaven she lifts her eyes, 

But guilt, a heavy chain, 
Still drags her downward from the skies 
To darkness, fire, and pain. 

3 He is a God of sovereign love 

That promised heaven to me, 
And taught my thoughts to soar above, 
Where happy spirits be. 

4 Prepare me, Lord ! for Thy right hand ; 

Then come the joyful day! 
Come, death ! and some celestial band ! 
To bear my soul away. 



The Dying Christian. 

L. M- 

Dying, not Death. 

S. M. 

1 It is not death to die, — 

To leave this weary road, 
And, midst the brotherhood on high, 
To be at home with God. 

2 It is not death to close 

The eye long dimmed by tears, 
And wake, in glorious repose 
To spend eternal years. 

3 It is not death to fling 

Aside this sinful dust, 
And rise, on strong exulting wing, 
To live among the just. 

4 Jesus, Thou Prince of life ! 

Thy chosen cannot die ; 
Like Thee, they conquer in the strife, 
To reign with" Thee on high. 

1 Gently, my Saviour ! let me down, 

To slumber in the arms of death ; 
I rest my soul on Thee alone, 
E'en till my last, expiring breath. 

2 Soon will the storm of life be o'er, 

And I shall enter endless rest ; 
There I shall live to sin no more, 
And bless Thy name, for ever bles^. 

3 Bid me possess sweet peace within ; 

Let childlike patience keep my heart ; 
Then shall I feel my heaven begin, 
Before my spirit hence depart. 

4 Oh ! speed Thy chariot, God of love ! 

And take me from this world of woe ; 
I long to reach those joys above, 
And bid farewell to all below. 

5 There shall my raptured spirit raise 

Still louder notes than angels sing, — 
High glories to Immanuel's grace, 
My God, my Saviour, and my King! 

835 A Pastor's Death. S. M. 

1 Best from thy labour, rest, 

Soul of the just, set free ! 
Blest be thy memory, and blest 
Thy bright example be! 

2 Now, — toil and conflict o'er, — 

Go, take with saints thy place ; 
But go, as each hath gone before, 
A sinner saved by grace. 

3 Lord Jesus ! to Thy hands 

Our pastor we resign ; 
And now we wait Thine own commands : 
We were not his, but Thine. 

4 Thou art Thy church's Head ; 

And, when the members die, 
Thou raisest others in their stead : 
To Thee we lift our eye. 

5 On Thee our hopes depend ; 

We gather round our Bock ; 
Send whom Thou wilt ; but condescend 
Thyself to feed Thy flock. 

836 The Fathers Gone. C. M. 

1 How swift the torrent rolls, 
That bears us to the sea ! — 
The tide that bears our thoughtless souls 
To vast eternity ! 

LIFE. 8s&7s. 


Thomas Hastings. 




1. What is life? 'tis but a va-por, Soon it vau-ish - es a - way : Life is but a dy-ing ta-per, my soul, why 


wish to stay ? Why not spread thy wings and fly Straight to yonder world of joy, Straight to yonder world of joy. 


'*&.(* *-*!-m , r * • g.^pr-f i m-m- 









J— U l l i p 

u * 

2 Our fathers, — where are they, 

With all they called their own ? 
Their joys and. griefs, and hopes and 
And wealth and honour gone"? [cares, 

3 God of our fathers ! hear, 

Thou everlasting Friend! 
While we, as on life's utmost verge, 
Our souls to Thee commend. 

4 Of all the pious dead 

May we the footsteps trace, 
Till with them, in the land of light, 
We dwell before Thy face. 


Life a Vapour. 

8, 7s & 7s. 

What is life ? 'tis but a vapour ; 

Soon it vanishes away ; 
Life is like a dying taper ; 

Oh, my soul ! why wish to stay ? 
Why not spread thy wings, and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy? 

See that glory — how resplendent! 

Brighter far than fancy paints ; 
There, in majesty transcendent, 

Jesus reigns — the King of saints : — 
Spread thy wings, my soul ! and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy. 

Joyful crowds, His throne surrounding, 
Sing with rapture of His love ; [ing, 

Through the heavens His praises sound- 
Filling all the courts above : 

Spread thy wings, my soul ! and fly 

Straight to yonder world of joy. 

4 Go,, and share His people's glory, 

Midst the ransomed crowd appear ; — 
Thine a joyful, wondrous story, 
One that angels love to hear : 
Spread thy wings, my soul ! and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy. 

000 The 1'rospect of Heaven. C. P. M. 

1 With joy shall I behold the day 
That calls my willing soul away, 

To dwell among the blest : 
For, lo ! my great Redeemer's power 
Unfolds the everlasting door, 

And points me to His rest. 

2 E'en now, to my expecting eyes 

The heaven-built towers of Salem rise ; 

Their glory I survey ; 
I view her mansions that contain 
Th' angelic host, a glorious train, 

And shine with cloudless day. 

3 Thither, from earth's remotest end, 
Lo ! the redeem'd of God ascend/* 

Borne on immortal wing; 
There, crown'd with everlasting joy, 
In ceaseless hymns their tongues employ, 

Before th' Almighty King. 

4 Mother of cities ! o'er thy head 
Bright peace, with healing wings out- 

For evermore shall dwell : [spread, 
Let me, blest seat! my name behold 
Among thy citizens enroll'd, 

And bid the world farewell. 


MENDEBRAS. 7s & 6s. 

German Melody. Ad. Lowell Mason, 

, f For thee, oh dear, dear coun-try, Mine eyes their vig - ils keep 
( For ver - y loTe, be - hold-iDg Thy hap-py name they weep 

The men-tion of thy glo-ry 

rJ I rJ.drJ rJ I rJ r - *H I rJ I rJ 




Is unc - tion to the breast, And med - i-cine in sick-ness, 







And love, and life, and rest. 








Paradise of Joy. 

7s & 6s. 

For thee, oh dear, dear country ! 
Mine eyes their vigils keep ; 

For very love, beholding 
Thy happy name they weep ; 

The mention of Thy glory- 
Is unction to the breast, ! 

And medicine in sickness, 
And love, and life, and rest. 

Oh ! one, oh only mansion ! 

Oh ! Paradise of joy ! 
Where tears are ever banished, 

And smiles have no alloy ; 
The Lamb is all thy splendor, 

The Crucified thy praise ; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise. 

Thc^u hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou hast no time, bright day ! 
Dear fountain of refreshment 

To pilgrims far away! 
Upon the Rock of ages, 

They raise Thy holy tower; 
Thine is the victor's laurel, 

And Thine the golden dower. 


The Golden City. 

7s & 6s. 

1 Jerusalem, the golden, 

With milk and honey blest ! 

Beneath thy contemplation 

Sink heart and voice oppressed : 

I know not, ohj! I know not 
What social joys are there, 

What radiancy of glory, 

What hght beyond compare. 

They stand, those halls of Zion, 

All jubilant with song, 
And bright with many an angel, 

And all the martyr throng ; 
The Prince is ever in them, 

The daylight is serene ; 
The pastures of the blessed 

Are decked in glorious sheen. 

There is the throne of David ; 

And there, from care released, 
The song of them that tiiumph, 

The shout of them that feast: 
And they who, with their Leader, 

Have conquered in the fight, 
For ever and for ever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

Oh! sweet and blessed country! 

The home of God's elect ; 
Oh ! sweet and blessed country, 

That eager hearts expect ! 
Exult, oh dust and ashes ! 

The Lord shall be thy part ; 
His only, His for ever, 

Thou shalt be, and thou art! 




Present and Eternal Life. 7s & 6s. 

1 Beief life is here our portion ; 

Brief sorrow, short-lived care ; 
The life that knows no ending, 

The tearless life, is there : 
O happy retribution ! 

Short toil, eternal rest ; 
For mortals, and for sinners, 

A mansion with the blest ! 

2 There Jesus shall embrace us, 

There Jesus be embraced — 
The spirit's food and sunshine — 

Whence earthly love is chased : 
Yes ! God, my King and Portion, 

In fullness of His grace, 
"We then shall see forever, 

And worship face to face. 

842 Psalm 137. 

S. M- 

1 Fae from my heavenly home, 

Far from my Father's breast, 
Fainting, I cry : — "Blest Spirit! come, 
And speed me to my rest. 

2 " Upon the willows long 

My harp has silent hung ; 
How should I sing a cheerful song, 
Till Thou inspire my tongue ?" 

3 My spirit homeward turns, 

And fain woidd thither flee ;. 
My heart, O Zion ! droops and yearns, 
When I remember thee. 

4 To thee, to thee I press — 

A dark and toilsome road ; 
. When shall I pass the wilderness, 
And reach the saints' abode ? 

5 God of my life ! be near ! 

On Thee my hopes I cast ; 
Oh ! guide me through the desert here 
And bring me home at last. 


The Peaceful Fold. 

C. M. 

1 Theee is a fold, whence none can stray, 

And pastures ever green, 
Where sultry sun, or stormy day, 
Or night is never seen. 

2 Far up the everlasting hills, 

In God's own hght it lies ; 
His smile its vast dimension fills 
With joy that never dies. 

C. M. 

3 Soon at His feet my soul will lie 

In life's last struggling breath ; 
But I shall only seem to die, 
I shall not taste of death. 

4 Far from this guilty world to be 

Exempt from toil and strife ; 
To spend eternity with Thee — 
My Saviour ! this is life. 

844 The Hope of Heaven, 

1 My thoughts surmount these lower skies, 

And look within the veil ; 
There springs of endless pleasure rise, 
The waters never fail. 

2 There I behold, with sweet delight, 

The blessed Three in One ; 
And strong affections fix my sight 
On God's incarnate Son. 

3 His promise stands for ever firm, 

His grace shall ne'er depart, 
He binds my name upon His arm, 
And seals it on His heart. 

4 I would not be a stranger still 

To that celestial place, 
Where I for ever hope to dwell 
Near my Redeemer's face. 

o40 A Home Above. C. M. 

1 I have a home above, 

From sin and sorrow free ; 
A mansion, which eternal Love 
Designed and formed for me. 

2 My Father's gracious hand 

Has built this sweet abode ; 

From everlasting it was planned, 

My dwelling-place with God. 

3 My Saviour's precious blood 

Has made my title sure ; 
He passed thro' death's dark raging flood 
To make my rest secure. 

4 The Comforter has come, 

The earnest has been given ; 
He leads me onward to the home 
Reserved for me in haven. 

o4t> Rest in Heaven. 

1 And is there, Lord ! a rest, 

For weary souls designed, 
Where not a care shall stir the breast, 

Or sorrow entrance find? 

S. M. 



2 Is there a blissful home, 

Where kindred minds shall meet, 
And live, and love, nor ever roam 
From that serene retreat? 

3 Are there bright, happy fields, 

Where naught that blooms shall die ; 

Where each new scene fresh pleasure 

And healthful breezes sigh ? [yields, 

4 Are there celestial streams, 

Where living waters glide, 
With murmurs sweet as angel dreams, 
And flowery banks beside J ? 

5 For ever blessed they, 

Whose joyful feet shall stand, 
While endless ages waste away, 
Amid that glorious land ! 

6 My soul would thither tend, 

While toilsome years are given; 
Then let me, gracious God ! ascend 
To sweet repose in heaven. 

oil The Heavenly Home. Tune, Zerah. 

1 Sweet land of rest ! for thee I sigh ; 

When will the moment come, 
When I shall lay my armour by, 
And dwell with Christ at home ? 
My heavenly home, my sweet, sweet 
And dwell with Christ at home, [home ! 

2 On earth no tranquil joys I know, 

No peaceful sheltering dome ; 

This world's a wilderness of woe, 

This world is not my home. 

3 To Jesus Christ I sought for rest, 

He bade me cease to roam, 
And fly for succour to His breast, 
And He'd conduct me home. 

4 Weary of wandering round and round 

This vale of sin and gloom, 
I long to quit th' unhallowed ground, 
And dwell with Christ at home. 

5 How long, dear Lord ! wilt Thou delay, 

When will Thy chariot come. 
And fetch my waiting soul away 
To heaven, my destined home ? 

848 Phil. 3: 20. 

1 While thro' this changing world we 

From infancy to age, [roam 

Heaven is the Christian pilgrim's home, 

His rest at every stage. 

2 From earth his freed affections rise, 

To fix on things above, 
Where all his hope of glory lies, 
Where ah is perfect love. 

3 There, too, may we our treasure place- 

There let our hearts be found ; 
That still, where sin abounded, grace 
May more and more abound. 

4 Henceforth, our conversation be 

With Christ before the throne ; 
Ere long we, eye to eye, shall see, 
And know as we are known. 


Tlie Saints in Qlory. 

1 Hark ! the sound of holy voices, 

Chanting at the crystal sea, — 
Alleluia! alleluia! 

Alleluia! Lord! to Thee. 

2 Multitudes, which none can number, 

Like the stars in glory stand, 
Clothed in white apparel, holding 
Palms of victory in their hands. 

3 They have come from tribulation, 

And have washed their robes in blood, 
Washed them in the blood of Jesus ; 
Tried they were, and firm they stood. 

4 Gladly, Lord ! with Thee they suffered ; 

Gladly, Lord ! with Thee they died ; 
And, by death, to life immortal 
They were born and glorified. 

5 Now they reign in heavenly glory, 

Now they walk in golden light, 
Now they drink, as from a river, 
Holy bliss and infinite. 

6 Love and peace they taste for ever, 

And all truth and knowledge see 
In the beatific vision 
Of the blessed Trinity. 



0. M. 

1 In grief and fear, to Thee, O Lord, 

We now for succour fly, 
Thine awful judgments are abroad, 
Oh ! shield us lest we die. 

2 The fell disease on every side 

Walks forth with tainted breath ; 
And pestilence, with rapid stride, 
Bestrews the land with death. 



3 Oh! look with pity on the scene 

Of sadness and of dread, 
And let Thine angel stand between 
The living and the dead. 

4 With contrite hearts to Thee, our King, 

We turn who oft have strayed ; 
Accept the sacrifice we bring, 
And let the plague be stayed. 



1 Lord in Thy name Thy servants plead, 

And Thou hast sworn to hear; 
Thine is the harvest, Thine the seed, 
The fresh and fading year. 

2 Grant us, with precious things brought 

By sun and moon below, [forth 

A place in Thy. new heavens and earth, 

Where richer harvests grow. 

New Year. 

C. M. 


1 When brighter suns and milder skies 

Proclaim the op'ning year, 
What various sounds of joy arise ! 
What prospects bright appear ! 

2 Earth and her thousand voices give 

Their thousand notes of praise ; 
And all that by His mercy live, 
To God their offering raise. 

3 Thus, like the morning, calm and clear, 

That saw the Saviour rise, 
The spring of heaven's eternal year 
Shall dawn on earth and skies. 

4 No winter there, no shades of night, 

Obscure those mansions blest, 
Where in Thy happy fields of light, 
The weary are at rest. 

C. M. 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore, 
Be glory as it was, is now, 

And shall be evermore. 

C. M. 

Let God the Father, and the Son, 

And Spirit be adored, 
Where there are works to make Him 

Or saints to love the Lord, [known 

C. M. D. 

The God of mercy be adored, 

Who calls our souls from death : 
Who saves by His redeeming Word, 

And new creating breath. 
To praise the Father, and the Son, 

And Spirit, all diving 
The One in Three, and Three in One, 

Let saints and angels join. 

L. M. 

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; 
Praise Him, all creatures here below ; 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host ; 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

L. M. 

To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit. Three in One, 
Be honour, praise, and glory given, 
By all on earth, and all in heaven. 

L. M. D. 

Glory to God the Trinity, 

Whose name has mysteries unknown ; 
In essence One, in persons Three ; 

A social nature, yet alone. 
When all our noblest powers are joined 

The honours of Thy name to raise : 
Thy glories overmatch our mind, 

And angels faint beneath the praise. 

S. M. 
Ye angels round the throne, 

And saints that dwell below, 
Worship the Father, love the Son, 

And bless the Spirit too. 

S. M. ' 
Give to the Father praise, 

Give glory to the Son, 
And to the Spirit of His grace 

Be equal honours done. 

S. M. D. 

We bless the Father's name, 

Who chose us in His love ; 
To God the Son, we give the same, 

Our Advocate above. 
The Spirit, too, we bless, 

And raise His honours high ; 
Who conquers by His sovereign grace, 

And brings us strangers nigh. 



H. M. 

To God the Father's throne 

Perpetual honours raise ; 
Glory to God the Son ; 

To God the Spirit praise : 
With all our powers, eternal King, 
Thy name we sing - , while faith adores. 

C. P. M. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Be praise amid the heavenly host, 

And in the church below; [breath, 
From whom all creatures draw their 
By whom redemption blessed the earth, 

From whom all comforts flow. 
L. P. M. 
Now to the great, and sacred Three, 
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be 

Eternal power and glory given, 
Through all the worlds where ' God is 
By all the angels near the throne, [known, 

And all the saints in earth and heaven. 
10s & lis. 
By angels in heaven of every degree, 
And saints upon earth, all praise be ad- 
To God in three Persons, one God ever 

As it has been, now is, and always shall be. 

Sing we to our God above, 
Praise eternal as His love ; 
Praise Him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

Holy Father, holy Son, 
Holy Spirit, Three in One! 
Glory as of old to Thee 
Now and evermore shall be. 

Praise the name of God most high, 
Praise Him, all below the sky, 
Praise Him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost : 
As through countless ages past 
Evermore His praise shall last. 

All praise to the Father, the Son, 
And Spirit, thrice holy and bless'd, 

Th' eternal, supreme Thi-ee in One, 
Was, is, and shall still be address'd. 

7s, 6s & 7s. 
To the Father, to the Son, 

And Spirit ever bless'd, 
Everlasting Three in One, 

All worship be address'd : 
Praise from all above, below, 

As throughout the ages past, 
Now is given, and shall be so, 

While endless ages last. 

8s &.7s. 
Praise the Father, earth, and heaven? 

Praise the Son, the Spirit praise ; 
As it was, and is, be given 

Glory through eternal days. 

8s & 7s. 
May the grace of Christ our Saviour, 

And the Father's boundless love, 
With the Holy Spirit's favour, 

Pest upon us from above. 
Thus may we abide in union 

With each other and the Lord r 
And possess, in sweet communion, 

Joys which earth cannot afford. 

8s, 7s & 4s, or 8s & 7s, 6 lines. 
Glory be to God the Father, 

Glory to th' eternal Son ; 
Sound aloud the Spirit's praises ; 
Join the elders round the throne ; 

Hallelujah, [Hallelujah,] 
Hail the glorious Three in One. 

O Father Almighty, to Thee, be ad 

With Christ and the Spirit, one God 

ever blest, 
All glory and worship from earth, and 

from heaven, 
As was, and is now,and shall ever be given. 

lis & 8s. 

All praise to the Father, all praise to- 

the Son, 

All praise to the Spirit, thrice blest. 

The Holy,Eternal, Supreme Three in One, 

Was, is, and shall still be addressed. 


Glory, honour, praise and power, 

Be unto the Lamb for ever ; 
Jesus Christ is our Kedeemer ; 

Halleluj ah ! Halleluj ah ! 




165 According to' Thy gracious word, 
230 A charge to keep I have, 
140 Adored for ever be the Lord; 
261 A few more years shall roll, 

34 Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near, 
215 After Thy loving-kindness, Lord, 
249 Ah ! how shall fallen man, 

59 Ah ! wretched souls, who strive in vain, 
222 Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed ? 
192 Alas I how changed that lovely flower ! 
114 Alas ! what hourly dangers rise, 

134 All hail, the power of Jesus' name, 

146 All lands to God in joyful sounds, 
31 All people that on earth do dwell, * 

135 All ye that love the Lord, rejoice, 
323 All ye who pass by, 

147 Almighty Father, gracious Lord, 
104 Almighty God, eternal Lord, 
213 Almighty God, Thy word is cast, 
137 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, 

136 Am I a soldier of the cross ? 

208 Amidst the cheerful bloom of youth, 

35 Among the assemblies of the great, 
233 And am I born to die ? 
233 And canst thou, sinner, slight, 
293 And is it so ? a little while, 

45 And is the gospel peace and love ? 
202 And let this feeble body fail, 
255 And must this body die ? 
235 And will the God of grace ? 
258 And will the Judge descend ? 

73 Another six days' work is done, 
175 Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat, 
117 Are all the foes of Zion fools ? 
265 Arise, my soul, arise, 
123 Arise, O King of grace, arise, 

60 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake, 
342 Around the throne of God in heaven, ' 

62 Ascend Thy throne, almighty King, 


73 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, 
178 As on the cross the Saviour hung, 
180 As pants the hart for cooling streams, 

63 As when the weary traveller gains, 
68 At Thy command, our dearest Lord, 
196 Author of good, to Thee we turn, 
245 Awake, and sing the song, 
345 Awaked by Sinai's awful sound, 
199 Awake, my heart, arise, my tongue, 
49 Awake, my soul, and with the sun, 
102 Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, 
167 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve, 
135 Awake, my soul, to sound His praise, 

74 Awake our souls, away our fears, 
205 Awake, sweet gratitude, and sing, 
228 Awake, ye saints, to praise your King, 

31 Before Jehovah's awful throne, 
112 Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, 
330 Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is near, 

99 Behold a stranger at the door, 
145 Behold how good a thing it is, 

46 Behold, O God, what cruel foes, 

62 Behold the expected time draw near, 
112 Behold the glories of the Lamb, 

37 Behold the man, how glorious he, 
236 Behold the morning sun, 
216 Behold, the mountain of the Lord, 
107 Behold the Saviour of mankind, 

52 Behold the sin-atoning Lamb, 
165 Behold Thy waiting servant, Lord, 

114 Behold us, Lord, and let our cry, 
229 Behold what condescending love, 
234 Behold what wondrous grace, 
211 Be merciful to me, God, 

192 Beneath our feet, and o'er our head, 

115 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth, 
232 Blest are the sons of peace, 

200 Blest are the souls who hear and know, 
178 Blest are the undefiled in heart, 





233 Blest Comforter Divine, 
128 Blest be the everlasting God, 
250 Blest be the tie that binds, 

124 Blest day, thine hours too soon ■will cease, 
74 Blest is the man, for ever blest, 

49 Blest is the man whose heart can move, 
128 Blest is the man who shuns the place, 
213 Blest is the man whose softening heart, 
221 Blest Jesus, come Thou gently down, 

51 Blest Jesus, when Thy cross I view, 

266 Blow ye the trumpet, blow, 

290 Boundless glory, Lord, be Thine, 
161 Bright source of everlasting love, 
32 Broad is the road that leads to death, 
48 Buried in shadows of the night, 
208 By cool Siloam's shady rill, 

125 Calm me, my God, and keep me calm, 
297 Children, hear the melting story, 

284 Children of the heavenly King, 
207 Christ and His cross is all our theme, ' 
236 Come, all harmonious tongues, 
48 Come, Christian brethren, ere we part, 

56 Come, dearest Lord, and bless this day, 
53 Come, dearest Lord, who reignest above, 

271 Come, every pious heart, 
67 Come, gracious Lord, descend and dwell, 
47 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
193 Come, happy souls, approach your God, 
91 Come hither, all ye weary souls, 
86 Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, 
235 Come, Holy Spirit, come, 
167 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
231 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast, 
83 Come in, Thou blessed of the Lord, 

57 Come, Jesus, heavenly Teacher, come, 
212 Come, let our hearts and voices join, 

39 Come, let our voices join to raise, 
311 Come, let us anew, 
153 Come, let us join our cheerful songs, 
225 Come, let us join our friends above, 
187 Come, let us join with one accord, 
151 Come, let us lift our joyful eyes, 

45 Come, let us sing the song of songs, 
121 Come, let us to the Lord our God, 
185 Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart, 

267 Come, my Bedeemer, come, 
275 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare, 

76 Come, sacred Spirit, from above, 
244 Come, sound His praise abroad, 
316 Come, Thou almighty King, 
111 Come, Thou Desire of all Thy saints, 
300 Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, 


308 Come, Thou long expected Jesus, 

303 Come, Thou soul-transforming Spirit, 

242 Come, we that love the Lord, 
336 Come, ye disconsolate, 

300 Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched, 
140 Come, ye that love the Saviour's name, 
274 Come, ye weary sinners, come, 

37 Command Thy blessing from above, 
230 Consider all my sorrows, Lord, 
107 Dark was the night, and cold the ground, 
338 Daughter of Zion, awake from Thy sadness, 
197 Daughter of Zion, from the dust, 
306 Day of judgment, day of wonders, 
118 Dearest of all the names above, 
183 Dear Refuge of my weary soul, 

79 Dear Saviour, if these lambs should stray, 

243 Dear Saviour, we are Thine, 

171 Dear Shepherd of Thy people, hear, 
165 Death cannot make our souls afraid, 
223 Death may dissolve my body now, 

32 Deep in our hearts let us record, 
331 Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw near, 
274 Depth of mercy, can there be, 

63 Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, 
259 Did Christ o'er sinners weep ? 
113 Didst Thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame, 

47 Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, 

89 Disowned of Heaven, by man oppressed, 
181 Do not I love Thee, O my Lord, 

131 Dread Sovereign, let my evening song, 
201 Early, my God, without delay, 

71 Enter the ark while patience waits, 

77 Eternal Source of every joy, 
219 Eternal Source of light and grace, 

49 Eternal Spirit, we confess, 

88 Eternity is just at hand, 
252 Exalt the. Lord our God, , 

177 Examine me, and do me prove, 

41 Except the Lord our labours bless, 
109 Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss, 
251 Faith is a precious grace, 
237 Far as Thy name is known, 

57 Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone, 

132 Far from these narrow scenes of night 
157 Far from the world, O Lord, I flee, 
150 Father, how wide Thy glory shines, 
197 Father, I long, I faint to see, 

150 Father, I sing Thy wondrous grace, 
173 Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, 
281 Father, let Thy smiling face, 

41 Father of all, whose love profound, 

70 Father of mercies, God of love, 




215 Father of mercies, in Thy word, 
197 Father of mercies, send Thy grace, 
143 Father of peace and God of love, 
183 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss, 

244 Firm and unmoved are they, 

149 Firm as the earth Thy gospel stands, 
176 For ever blessed be the Lord, 
126 For ever here my rest shall be, 
256 For ever with the Lord, 
187 Frequent the day of God returns, 
264 Friend after friend departs, 
83 Friend of the friendless and the faint, 
39 From all that dwell below the skies, 
72 From deep distress and troubled thoughts, 
96 From every stormy wind that blows, 
240 From foes that round us rise, 
313 From Greenland's icy mountains, 
284 From the cross uplifted high, 
278 Gently, gently lay Thy rod, 
299 Gently, Lord, O gently lead us, 
138 Give ear unto my words, O Lord, 
217 Give ear unto me when I call, 
197 Give me the wings of faith to rise, 
228 Give thanks to God, invoke His name, 
44 Give to our God immortal praise, 
101 Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame, 
238 Give to the winds thy fears, 
298 Glorious things of thee are spoken, 
49 Glory to Thee, my God, this night, 
39 God in His earthly temple lays, 
52 God in the gospel of His Son, 
230 God in the high and holy place, 
160 God is a Spirit just and wise, 
141 God is our refuge and our strength, 

77 God is the refuge of His saints, 
166 God moves in a mysterious way, 
117 God, my supporter and my hope, 
219 God of my lif e, my morning song, 
187 God of my mercy and my praise, 
196 God of our life, Thy various praise, 
101 God of the morning, at Thy voice, 

78 God of the passing year, to Thee,. 
201 God's law is perfect, and converts, 
277 God with us, O glorious name, 

61 Go preach My gospel, saith the Lord, 
282 Go to dark Gethsemane, 
201 Go to the heart with sin oppressed, 

245 Grace, 'tis a charming sound, 
281 Gracious Spirit, Love divine, 

158 Great fear in meeting of the saints, 

46 Great God, attend to my complaint, 

£83 Great God, attend while Zion sings, 


107 Great God, before Thy mercy seat, 

122 Great God, how infinite art Thon, 
247 Great God, now condescend, 

197 Great God, the nations of the earth, 
75 Great God, we sing Thy mighty hand, 

100 Great God, whose universal sway, 
124 Great is the Lord, and greatly He, 
152 Great is the Lord, His works of might, 
238 Great is the Lord our God, 

282 Great Jehovah, Father, Son, 

169 Great King of nations, hear our prayer, 
84 Great Lord of all Thy churches, hear, 
56 Great Saviour who didst condescend, 

35 Great Shepherd of Thine Israel, 

303 Guide me, Thou great Jehovah, 

64 Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, 

123 Had not the God of truth and love, 

304 Hail, my ever blessed Jesus, 

337 Hail the blest morn ! see the great Mediator, 
307 Hail, Thou once despised Jesus, 
61 Happy the church, thou sacred place, 

198 Happy the heart where graces reign, 
172 Happy is He that fears the Lord, 

227 Hark, from the tombs a doleful sound, 
60 Hark how the choral song of heaven, 
279 Hark, my soul, it is the Lord, 
298 Hark, ten thousand harps and voices, 
154 Hark the glad sound, the Saviour comes, 

277 Hark, the herald angels say, 
285 Hark, the song of jubilee, 

302 Hark, the voice of love and mercy, 
309 Hark, what mean those holy voices, 
295 Hark, what mean those lamentations, 

89 Hasten, O sinner, to be wise, 

208 Hear, Lord, my prayer, unto the voice, 

283 Hearts of stone, relent, relent, 

104 Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims, 
294 Heavenly Father, grant Thy blessing, 

94 He dies, the Friend of sinners dies, 
191 He is a God of sovereign love, 

75 Here at Thy cross, incarnate God, 

90 Here in Thy name, eternal God, 

38 He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour, reigns, 
184 He that doth in the secret place, 

36 He that hath made his refuge God, 
142 He who on earth as man was known, 

284 High in yonder realms of light, 
276 Holy Ghost, with light divine, 
273 Holy, holy, holy Lord, 

278 Holy Father, hear our cry, 

152 Hosanna with a cheerful sound, 

184 How are Thy servants blest, Lord, 




260 How beauteous are their feet, 

70 How beauteous were the marks divine, 
99 How blest the righteous when he dies, 
342 How calm and beautiful the morn, 
109 How can I sink with such a prop, 
229 How condescending and how kind, 
145 How did my heart rejoice to hear, 
213 How excellent in all the earth, 
335 How firm a foundation, 

135 How glorious is the sacred place, 
338 How happy are they, 

120 How happy every child of grace, 

257 How heavy is the night, 

176 How large the promise, how divine, 

'-31 How long, eternal God, how long, 

119 How long wilt Thou forget, 

184 How lovely is Thy dwelling-place, 

333 How loving is Jesus, who came from the sky, 

106 How oft, alas, this wretched heart, 

85 How oft have sin and Satan strove, 

9 7 How pleasant, how divinely fair, 
264 How pleased and blest was I, 
153 How precious is the Book divine, 
173 How sad our state by nature is, 
122 How shall I praise the eternal God, 
159 How shall the young secure their hearts, 
216 How short and hasty is our life, 
221 How still and peaceful is the grave, 
168 How sweet and awful is the place, 
151 How sweet and heavenly is the sight, 

42 How sweetly flowed the gospel sound, 
125 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, 
191 How sweet to be allowed to pray, 
320 How tedious and tasteless the hours, 
190 How vain are all things here below, 

105 How vast the benefits divine, 

50 I asked the Lord that I might grow, 
229 If human kindness meets return, 
248 If through unruffled seas, 

97 I hear a voice that comes from far, 

203 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 
210 I in the land of those that live, 

136 I joyed when to the house of God, 
314 I lay my sins on Jesus, 

261 I lift my soul to God, 

93 I'll praise my Maker with my breath, 
180 I'll speak the honours of my King, 

106 I love the Lord, because my voice, 

204 I love the Lord, He heard my cries, 
250 I love Thy kingdom, Lord, 

104 I love to steal awhile away, 

348 I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger, 


318 I'm but a stranger here, 

192 I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, 

209 In all my vast concerns with Thee, 
131 Indulgent Father, by whose care, 
128 In every trouble sharp and strong, 
110 In evil long I took delight, 

116 In God, most holy, just, and true, 

161 In God's own house pronounce His praise, 

183 In haste, O God, attend my call, 

215 In Judah God of old was known, 

110 Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way, 

341 In songs of sublime adoration and praise, 
327 In the Christian's home of glory, 

111 In Thy great name, O Lord, we come, 
258 I saw beyond the tomb, 

55 I send the joys of earth away, 
153 I sing my Saviour's wondrous death, 
163 I sing th' almighty power of God, 

210 Is there ambition in my heart, 
243 Is this the kind return, 

341 I think when I read that sweet story of old, 

177 I to the hills will lift mine eyes, 

114 It shall be well let sinners know, 

241 In true and patient hope, 

221 In vain the fancy strives to paint, 

160 I waited patient for the Lord,. 

177 I wait for Thy salvation, Lord, 

314 I want to be with Jesus, 

262 I was a wandering sheep, 
333 I would not live alway, 

39 Jehovah reigns, He dwells in light, 

36 Jehovah reigns, His throne is high, 
174 Jerusalem, my happy home, 

82 Jesus, and shall it ever be, 

85 Jesus, dear name, how sweet the sound, 
294 Jesus, full of all compassion, 

307 Jesus, hail, enthroned in glory, 
127 Jesus, I love Thy charming name, 

308 Jesus, I my cross have taken, 
143 Jesus, in Thee our eyes behold, 

38 Jesus is gone above the skies, 

263 Jesus invites His saints, 

283 Jesus, Lamb of God, for me, 
274 Jesus, let me cleave to Thee, 
289 Jesus, lover of my soul, 
281 Jesus, Master, hear me now, 
288 Jesus, merciful and mild, 

66 Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone, 
268 Jesus, my great High-Priest, 
126 Jesus, my Saviour, bind me fast, 

70 Jesus, my Saviour, let me be, 
239 Jesus, my strength, my hope, 




181 Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throne, 

78 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, 
279 Jesus, save my dying soul, 

78 Jesus, the spring of joys divine, 
181 Jesus, these eyes have never seen, 
155 Jesus, the very thought of Thee, 
120 Jesus, the vision of Thy face, 
55 Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, 
173 Jesus, Thou art the sinner's Friend, 
253 Jesus, we look to Thee, 
253 Jesus, who knows full well, 
147 Jesus, with all Thy saints above, 
270 Join all the glorious names, 
200 Joined in one Spirit to our Head, 
336 Joyfully, joyfully, onward we move, 
109 Joy is a fruit that will not grow, 
154 Joy to the world, the Lord is come, 
124 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause, 
217 Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths, 
79 Judges who rule the world by laws, 
103 Just as I am, without one plea, 
122 Keep silence, all created things, 
173 Laden with guilt, and full of fears, 
179 Let all the heathen writers join, 
224 Let all the just to God with joy, 
214 Let children hear the mighty deeds, 
247 Let every creature join, 
53 Let everlasting glories crown, 
136 Let every mortal ear attend, 

70 Let me but hear my Saviour say, 
163 Let others boast how strong they be, 
251 Let sinners take their course, 
152 Let Zion and her sons rejoice 
212 Let Zion's watchmen all awake, 
133 Let the whole race of creatures lie, 
112 Let worldly minds the world pursue, 
221 Life is a span, a fleeting hour, 
121 Life, like a vain amusement, flies, 
98 Life is the time to serve the Lord, 
147 Lift up to God the voice of praise, 
308 Lift up your heads with faith the morrow, 
224 Lift up your heads, eternal gates, 
257 Like sheep we went astray, 
298 Lo ! He comes with clouds descending, 
331 Lo! Jesus, the Saviour, in mercy draws near, 
161 Long as I live I'll bless Thy name, 
129 Long have I sat beneath the sound, 
43 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 
347 Lo! on a narrow neck of land, 
254 Lord, at this closing hour, 
296 Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, 
157 Lord, from the depths to Thee I cried, 

75 Lord, how delightful 'tis to see, 
65 Lord, how mysterious are Thy ways, 
58 Lord, how secure and blest are they, 
107 Lord, how secure niy conscience was, 
56 Lord, I am Thine, entirely Thine, 
221 Lord, I believe, Thy power I own, 
276 Lord, I cannot let Thee go, 
179 Lord, I esteem Thy judgments right, 
156 Lord, if Thy saints deserve rebuke, 

165 Lord, I have made Thy word my choice, 
310 Lord, I hear of showers of blessing, 

105 Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear, 
118 Lord, I will Thee extol, for Thou, 

166 Lord, not to us, we claim no share, 
287 Lord of earth, Thy forming hand, 
309 Lord of every land and nation, 
280 Lord of hosts, how lovely fair, 

62 Lord of the harvest, bend Thine ear, 
2G9 Lord of the worlds above, 
273 Lord, should rising whirlwinds tear, 
210 Lord, Thee my God, I'll early seek, 
146 Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place, 

80 Lord, Thou hast said where two or three, 
139 Lord, Thou hast scourged our guilty land, 

81 Lord, Thou hast searched and seen me, 
125 Lord, Thou on earth didst lc%e Thine own, 
138 Lord, Thou wilt hear me when I pray, 

67 Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand, 
273 Lord, we come before Thee now, 

207 Lord, we have heard Thy works of old, 
233 Lord, what a feeble piece, 
97 Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I, 
121 Lord, what a wretched land is this, 
223 Lord, what is man, poor, feeble man, ' 

68 Lord, what is man that he should prove, 
161 Lord, when I count Thy mercies o'er, 
157 Lord, when we bend before Thy throne, 
200 Lord, when iniquities abound, 

34 Lord, when Thou didst ascend on high, 
276 Lo! the stone is rolled away, 
304 Love divine, all love excelling, 

86 Lo! what a glorious corner-stone, 

155 Lo! what a glorious sight appears, 

156 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned, 
248 Man's wisdom is to seek, 

288 Mary to the Saviour's tomb, 
56 May He by whose kind care we meet, 
246 May Jacob's God defend, 
294 Mercy, O Thou Son of David, 
332 'Mid scenes of confusion, 
214 Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven, 
186 Mortals, awake, with angels join, 




175 Must Jesus bear the cross alone, 

293 My days are gliding swiftly by, 

346 My days, my weeks, my months, my years, 

90 My dear Redeemer and my Lord, 
162 My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so, 
316 My faith looks up to Thee, 

42 My God, accept my early vows, 
340 My God and Father, while I stray, 
172 My God, consider my distress, 

83 My God, how endless is Thy love, 
100 My God, in whom are all the springs, 
340 My God, is any hour so sweet, 
252 My God, my life, my love, 
108 My God, my portion and my love, 
234 My God, my prayer attend, 

57 My God, permit me not to be, 
196 My God, the spring of all my joys, 
145 My God, the steps of pious men, 
127 My God, what gentle cords are Thine, 

96 My refuge is the God of love, 

42 My righteous Judge, my gracious God, 
204 My Saviour, my almighty Friend, 
239 My soul, be on thy guard, 
209 My soul lies cleaving to the dust, 
263 My soul, repeat His praise, 

67 My soul, thy great Creator praise, 
149 My soul, wait thou with patience, 

97 My spirit looks to God alone, 
263 My spirit on Thy care, 

237 My thirsty spirit faints, 

126 My times of sorrow and of joy, 

105 My trust is in my heavenly Friend, 
86 Nature with open volume stands, 

319 Nearer, my God, to Thee, 
57 New every morning is the love, 
53 No more, my God, I boast no more, 

108 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, 

248 Not all the blood of beasts, 

185 Not all the outward forms on earth, 
35 Not to condemn the sons of men, 

206 Not to the terrors of the Lord, 

238 Not with our mortal eyes, 

277 Now begin the heavenly theme, 
315 Now be the gospel banner, 

85 Now by the mercies of my God, 
194 Now condescend, almighty King, 
282 Now from labour and from care, 

186 Now from the altar of our hearts 

131 Now, gracious Lord, Thine arm reveal, 
85 Now in the heat of youthful blood, 

177 Now let our cheerful eyes survey, 
71 Now let our mournful songs record, 


129 Now let our mourning hearts revive, 
61 Now let our souls, on wings sublime, 

143 Now let the children of the saints, 
280 Now may He, who from the dead, 
220 Now plead my cause, Almighty God, 
149 Now shall my solemn vows be paid, 
280 Now the shades of night are gone, 

34 Now to the Lord a noble song, 
44 Now to the. Lord that makes us know, 
247 O bless the Lord, my soul, 
140 O blessed is the man to whom, 
251 O blessed souls are they, 
240 O cease, my wandering soul, 
69 Christ, with each returning morn, 
191 O could I find, from day to day, 
344 O could I speak the matchless worth, 
200 O could we die with those that die, 
218 O come, let us sing to the Lord, 

59 O deem not they are blest alone, 
296 O'er the gloomy hills of darkness, 
333 O eyes that are weary, 

315 O faint and feeble-hearted, 

144 O for a closer walk with God, 
199 O for a faith that will not shrink, 

58 O for a glance of heavenly day, 

145 for a heart to praise my God, 
115 for an overcoming faith, 

224 for a shout of sacred joy, 
198 O for a thousand tongues to sing, 
255 O for the death of those, 
115 O for the eye of faith divine, 
139 O God, give ear unto my cry, 
111 O God of Bethel, by whose hand, 

158 O God of hosts, we Thee beseech, 
106 O God of mercy, hear my call, 

66 O happy day that fixed my choice, 
179 O happy is that man and blest, 
144 O happy is the man who hears, 
123 happy man whose soul is filled, 
268 O holy, holy Lord, 

316 O holy Lord our God, 

175 O how divine, how sweet the joy, 
338 O how happy are" they, 

159 O how I love Thy holy law, 

60 O Jesus, let Thy kingdom come, 
132 land of rest, for thee I sigh, 
231 let my earnest prayer and cry, 
157 O Lord, another day is flown, 
119 O Lord, give ear unto my voice, 

91 O Lord, how many are my foes, 
147 Lord, I would delight in Thee, 
114 Lord, my best desires fulfil, 




117 Lord, my hope and confidence, 
252 Lord our God, arise, 

111 Lord, our languid souls inspire, 
43 O Lord, Thou art my God and King, 
157 Lord, Thou hast me searched and known, 
141 Lord, Thy judgments give the King, 
174 mother, dear Jerusalem, 

307 O my soul, what means this sadness, 
188 Once more, my soul, the rising day, 
181 One prayer I have, all prayers in one, 
257 One sweetly solemn thought, 

308 One there is above all others, 

202 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, 

81 On Thee, Lord our God, we call, 
297 On the mountain top appearing, 
315 O Sacred Head once wounded, 

124 O send Thy light forth and Thy truth, 
217 O sing a new song to the Lord, 
219 O sing a new song to the Lord, 
219 O speed thee, Christian, on thy way, 

62 O Spirit of the living God, 

90 O Sun of righteousness, arise, 

82 O Sun of righteousness divine, 
249 O that I could repent, 

190 O that I knew the secret place, 
74 O that my load of sin were gone, 

211 O that the Lord would guide my ways, 
219 O that Thy statutes every hour, 

191 O Thou from whom all goodness flows, 

340 O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight 

118 O Thou, my light, my life, my joy, 
46 O Thou Preserver of mankind, 

344 O Thou that hearest the prayer of faith, 
102 O Thou the contrite sinners Friend, 
142 O Thou to whom all creatures bow, 

59 O Thou to whose all-searching sight, 
110 O Thou who driest the mourner's tear, 
209 O Thou whose grace and justice reign, 
230 O Thou whose mercy guides my way, 

190 O Thou whose tender mercy hears, 
246 O Thou who wouldst not have, 
169 Our days, alas, our mortal days, 

193 Our Father, God, who art in heaven, 
108 Our God, how firm His promise stands, 
127 Our God, our help in ages past, 
162 Our land, O Lord, with songs of praise, 

191 Our life is ever on the wing, 

69 Our Saviour's words are watch and pray, 
148 Our sins, alas, how strong they be, 
225 Our souls by love together knit, 
232 Our times are in Thy hand, 
320 Out on an ocean all boundless we ride, 


240 O where shall rest be found, 
334 O worship the King all-glorious above, 
270 O Zion, tune Thy voice, 
95 Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan, 
288 People of the living God, 
195 Permit me, Lord, to seek Thy face, 
278 Pilgrim, burdened with Thy sin, 

130 Plunged in a gulf of dark despair, 
47 Praise, everlasting praise be paid, 

310 Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore, 
299 Praise to Thee, thou great Creator, 
132 Praise waits for Thee in Zion, Lord, 
149 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee, 

45 Praise ye the Lord, all nature join, 
43 Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise, 

223 Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, 
84 Prayer was appointed to convey, 

256 Prepare me, gracious God, 

274 Prince of Peace, control my will, 
98 Prisoners of sin and Satan too, 

194 Prostrate, dear Jesus, at Thy feet, 

188 Raise Thee, my soul, fly up and run, 

237 Raise your triumphant songs, 

265 Rejoice, the Lord is King, 

46 Remember, Lord, our mortal state, 
170 Return, O God of love, return, 
116 Religion is the chief concern, 

87 Return, O wanderer, return, 
170 Return, O wanderer, to thy home, 
•187 Rich are the joys that cannot die, 
312 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings, 
283 Rock of ages cleft for me, 
291 Safely through another week, 

67 Salvation is for ever nigh, 

131 Salvation, O the joyful sound, 

303 Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, 
301 Saviour, hast Thou fled for ever, 
299 Saviour, visit Thy plantation, 
290 Saviour, when in dust to Thee, 

72 Say, sinner, hath a voice within, 
1 98 Say, who is she that looks abroad, 
169 See, gracious God, before Thy throne, 
244 See how the rising sun, 
142 See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand, 
306 See the eternal Judge descending, 
258 Servant of God, well done, 

40 Shall man, O God of light and life, 

68 Shepherd of Israel, Thou dost keep, 
146 Shine, mighty God, on Zion shine, ; 

89 Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive, 
155 Sing to the Lord in joyful strains, 
154 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands. 




204 Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord, 
116 Sin has a thousand treacherous arts, 
207 Sin like a venomous disease, 

279 Sinner, art thou still secure, • 
187 Sinners, behold the Lamb of God, 

170 Sinners, the voice of God regard, 
290 Sinners, turn, why will ye die, 
30.5 Sinners, we are sent to bid you, 
302 Sinners, will ye scorn the message, 

280 Softly fades the twilight ray, 

281 Softly, now, the light of day, 
219 Soldiers of Christ, arise, 

69 So let our lips and lives express, 
313 Sometimes a light surprises, 
322 Soon, soon, and for ever, 
186 Sovereign of all the worlds on high, 

171 Sovereign of "life, I own Thy hand, 

60 Sovereign of worlds, display Thy power, 
2") 6 Sow in the morn Thy seed, 

61 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, 
■46 Star of Peace, to wanderers weary, 

96 Stay, Thou insulted Spirit, stay, 
307 Step by step, my Father, lead me, 
168 Strait is the way, the door is strait, 

76 Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies, 
131 Such pity as a father hath, 

3.") Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, 
161 Sweet is the memory of Thy grace, 

38 Sweet is the work, my God, my King, 
295 Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, 
183 Sweet was the time when first I felt, 
272 Swell the anthem, raise the song, 

141 Teach me the measure of my days, 
227 That awful day will surely come, 

217 That man hath perfect blessedness, 
164 The angel of the Lord encamps, 
241 Ihe day is past and gone, 

50 The day of wrath, that dreadful day, 

218 The eternal gates lift up their heads, 
65 Thee we adore, eternal Lord, 

115 Thee we adore, eternal Name, 
339 The God of Abram praise, 

54 The God of my salvation lives, 
248 The God Jehovah reigns, 
241 The great Redeemer's gone, 
267 The happy mom is come, 
156 The Head that once was crowned with thorns, 

33 The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord, 
252 The law by Moses came, 

58 The law commands and makes us know, 

142 The Lord from His celestial throne, 
259 The Lord declares His will, 

206 The Lord descended from above, 


218 The Lord doth reign, and clothed is, 
139 The Lord, how fearful is His name, 
266 The Lord Jehovah reigns, 
235 The Lord my Shepherd is, 
92 The Lord my pasture shall prepare, 

259 The Lord on high proclaims, 

50 The Lord shall come, the earth shall quake, 

133 The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want, 

134 The Lord of glory is my light, 
266 The Lord of heaven confess, 

168 The Lord, the Judge, before His throne, 

151 The Lord will happiness divine, 

232 The pity of the Lord, 

214 The praises of the Lord our God, 

129 The promise of my Father's love, 
136 There is a fountain filled with blood, 

88 There is a God who reigns above, 
318 There is a happy land, 
159 There is a heavenly mercy seat, 
217 There is a house not made with hands, 
203 There is a land of pure delight, 
191 There is an hour of hallowed peace, 
176 There is an hour of peaceful rest, 
185 There is a safe and secret place, 

84 There is one God, and only one, . 

130 The Saviour calls, let every ear, 

164 The Saviour, O what endless charms, 

212 The Spirit breathes upon the word, 

260 The Spirit in our hearts, 

104 The time is short, the season near, 

328 The voice of free grace, 

289 They who seek the throne of grace, 

73 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love, 
162 This is the day the Lord has made, 
293 This world is not my home, I know, 

329 Thou art gone to the grave, 

182 Thou art my hiding-place, O Lord, 

159 Thou art my portion, O my God, 
182 Thou art the way, to Thee alone, 

171 Thou boundless Source of every good, 
332 Though faint, yet pursuing, 

55 Though now the nations sit beneath, 

330 Though troubles assail and dangers affright, 

172 Thou God of love, Thou ever blest, 
166 Thou hast, Lord, most glorious, 
144 Thou lovely Source of true delight, 

51 Thou only Sovereign of my heart, 
40 Thou shalt arise, and mercy yet, 

253 Thou very present aid, 

213 Thou whose unmeasured temple stands, 

160 Through all the changing scenes of life, 
225 Through all the downward tracks of time, 




223 Through sorrow's night and danger's path, 
77 Thus far my God has led me on, 
98 Thus far the Lord has led me on, 
41 Thus God the eternal Father spake, 
52 Thus saith the high and lofty One, 
188 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord, 
10G Thy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain, 
54 Thy Father's house, thine own bright home, 
216 Thy goodness. Lord, our souls confess, ' 
220 Thy justice, Lord, maintains its throne, 

177 Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord, 
220 Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heavens, 
2*51 Thy name, almighty Lord, 

88 Thy people. Lord, who trust Thy word, 

87 Thy presence, gracious God, afford, 
246 Thy way, not mine, O Lord, 
113 Thy way, O God, is in the sea, 
275 'Tis a point I long to know, 

54 'Tis by the faith of joys to come, 
211 'Tis by Thy strength the mountains stand, 
185 'Tis faith supports my feeble soul, 

86 'Tis finished, so the Saviour cried, 
213 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high, 
286 'Tis my happiness below, 
312 'Tis not that I did choose Thee, 

65 To-day, if ye will hear His voice, 
251 To-day the Saviour rose, 
194 To God be glory, peace on earth, 
120 To God I cried, with mournful voice, 
2:i9 To God I made my sorrows known, 
134 To God our strength, your voice, 

41 To God, the great, the ever blest, 
232 To God, the only wise, who keeps, 
259 To God, the only wise, our Saviour, 
255 To-morrow, Lord, is Thine, 
295 Tossed upon the raging billow, 

178 To Thee, before the dawning light, 
236 To Thee I lift my soul, 

79 To Thee, most high and holy God, 

122 To Thee, my righteous King and Lord, 
224 To us a Child of hope is born, 

143 To whom, my Saviour, shall I go, 
222 'Twas for my sins, my dearest Lord, 
32 'Twas on that dark, that doleful night, 

123 Unshaken as the sacred hill, 

71 Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb, 

183 Up from my youth may Israel say, 

82 Up to the fields where angels lie, 

80 Up to the hills I lift mine eyes, 
268 Upward I lift my eyes, 

158 Vain are the hopes the sons of men, 
312 Vain delusive world, adieu, 


326 Vital spark of heavenly flame, 

72 Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will, 
292 Watchman, tell us of the night, 
153 We bless the prophet of the Lord, 
213 We come, O Lord, before Thy throne, 
195 We find access at every hour, 
199 We journey through a vale of tears, 
267 Welcome, delightful morn, 
243 Welcome, sweet day of rest, 
305 Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer, 

63 We've no abiding city here, 

90 What equal honours shall we bring, 
22(5 What if our bark o'er life's rough wave, 
150 What is the thing of greatest price, 

71 What scenes of horror and of dread, 
180 What shall I render to my God, 

91 What shall the dying sinner do, 

100 What sinners value I resign, 
323 What sound is this. 

36 What strange perplexities arise, 
83 What various hindrances we meet, 

226 When all thy mercies, O my God, 
287 When along life's thorny road, 
182 When any turn from Zion's way, 

209 When blooming youth is snatched away, 
148 Whence do our mournful thoughts arise, 

92 When gathering clouds around I view, 
33 When God is nigh my faith is strong, 

228 When God revealed His gracious name, 
113 When I can read my title clear, 
220 When I can trust my all with God, 
193 When in the light of faith divine, 

79 When Israel, freed from Pharaoh's hand, 
44 When I survey the wondrous cross, 

64 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay, 
137 When languor and disease invade, 

94 When marshalled on the nightly plain, 
120 When musing sorrow weeps the past, 
254 When overwhelmed with grief, 

54 When Power divine in mortal form, 

227 When rising from the bed of death, 

101 When sins and fears prevailing rise, 
103 When the spark of life is waning, 

346 When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come. 

175 When waves of sorrow round me swell, 
42 When we our weary limbs to rest, 
91 Where are the living on the ground, 
48 Where high the heavenly temple stands, 
51 While filled with sadness and dismay, 

80 While life prolongs its precious light, 

189 While shepherds watched their flocks bynight r 
272 While the prayers of saints ascend, 




290 While with ceaseless course the sun,' 
226 "Whilst Thee I seek, protecting Power, 
286 Who are these in bright array, 

53 Who can describe the joys that rise, 
278 Who, O Lord, when life is o'er, 
116 Who shall inhabit in Thy hill, 
104 Why do we mourn departing friends, 
138 Why did the nations join to slay, 
47 Why do the wicked boast of sin, 
149 Why doth the Lord depart so far, 
206 Why doth the man of riches grow, 
130 Why is my heart so far from Thee, 
295 Why lament the Christian dying, 
119 Why should our tears in sorrow flow, 
145 Why should the children of a king, 
76 Why should we start and fear to die, 
87 Why will ye waste on trifling cares, 
176 With all His sufferings full in view, 
81 With all my powers of heart and tongue, 
37 With broken heart and contrite sigh, 
69 With heavenly power, O Lord, defend, 
254 With humble heart and tongue,' 


133 Within Thy tabernacle, Lord, 

205 With joy we meditate the grace, 

163 With my whole heart I'll raise my song, 

165 With my whole heart I've sought Thy face, 

195 With reverence let the saints appear, 

87 With tearful eyes I look around, 
169 With tears of anguish I lament, 
181 Witness, ye men and angels now, 
321 Ye angels who stand round the throne, 
343 Ye erring souls that wildly roam, 
334 Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, 

40 Ye servants of the almighty King, 
123 Yes, I will bless Thee, O my God, 

296 Yes, my native land, I love thee, 
269 Yes, the Redeemer rose, 

228 Ye that obey the immortal King, 

282 Ye that in His courts are found, 

148 Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fears, 

271 Ye tribes of Adam, join, 

167 Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor, 

234 Your harps, ye trembling saints, 

297 Zion stands with hills surrounded, 



372 Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide, 

363 A broken heart, my God, my King! _ 
367 Affliction is a stormy deep, 

356 A pilgrim in this lonely world, 

374 A little Child, the Saviour came, 
362 Amazing sight! the Saviour stands, 
383 And is there, Lord ! a rest, 

377 And is the time approaching, 

352 Angels, from the realms of glory, 

353 Angels ! lament ; behold your God, 

353 Angels ! roll the rock away, 

357 Around the Saviour's lofty throne, 
352 As with gladness, men of old, 
357 Awake, awake, the sacred song, 
372 Awake, ye saints ! awake, 

375 Away from'earth my spirit turns, 
360 Before the throne of God above, 
352 Beyond where Kedron's waters flow, 

351 Bless, oh my soul ! the living God, 
375 Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed, 

379 Bride of the Lamb, awake, awake, 
383 Brief life is here our portion, 

352 Calm on the listening ear of night, 
352 Cast Thy burden on the Lord, 
360 Christ is coming ! Let creation, 
375 Christ is our Corner-stone, 

360 Come, O Creator Spirit blest, 

354 Come, see the place where Jesus lay, 
362 Come, ye souls by sin afflicted, 

351 Come, ye that know and fear the Lord, 

380 Death, 'tis a melancholy day, 

361 Enthroned on high, almighty Lord, 
359 Eternal Sun of Kighteousness, 

383 Far from my heavenly home, 
382 For thee, oh dear, dear country, 
380 Gently, my Saviour, let me down, 
349 Glory be to God, the Father, 
351 God is love ; His mercy brightens, 

364 God, my Father, hear me pray, 

349 Great One in Three, great Three in One, 

349 Hail, holy, holy, holy Lord, 

359 Hail, Sovereign Love, who first began, 


354 Hail, the day that sees Him rise, 
371 Hail, tranquil hour of closing day, 

375 Happy the souls to Jesus joined, 
384 Hark, the sound of holy voices, 
371 Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father, 

369 Heavenly Shepherd, guide us, feed us, 
362 Ho, every one that thirsts, draw nigh, 
350 Holy and reverend is His name, 

356 Hosanna to the living Lord, 
368 How gentle God's commands, 

373 How sweet to leave the world awhile, 
380 How swift the torrent rolls, 

379 I come, I come, at Thy command, 

370 If Thou impart Thyself to me, 

383 I have a home above, 

384 In grief and fear, to Thee, O Lord ! 

370 In one fraternal band of love, 

380 It is not death to die, 
382 Jerusalem, the golden, 

371 Jesus, Lord of heavenly graco, 

355 Jesus, Lord of life and glory, 

371 Jesus, my Lord, how rich Thy grace, 

357 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All, 
368 Jesus, my Saviour, look on me, 
368 Jesus, the name high over all, 

364 Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to Thee, 

359 Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, 

362 Just as thou art, without one trace, 
368 Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, 

360 Let songs of praises fill the sky, 
378 Light of them that sit in darkness, 

361 Living Water, freely flowing, 

354 Look, ye saints ; the sight is glorious, 

366 Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee, 
360 Lord God, the Holy Ghost, 

363 Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin, 

385 Lord, in Thy name, Thy servants plead, 

367 Lord Jesus, are we one with Thee ! 

376 .Lord of the harvest, hear, 

365 My God, accept my heart this day, 
349 My God, my King, Thy various praise, 

374 My God, the covenant of Thy love, 





305 My heart dissolved to see Thee bleed, 

3G6 My Saviour, as Thou wilt, 

383 My thoughts surmount these lower skies,' 
302 Now is th' accepted time, 

856 O Christ, our Hope, our heart's Desire, 
3C7 Holy Saviour, Friend unseen, 
3(1 1 O Jesus, Saviour of the lost, 

307 Lord, how happy should we be, 
305 O Saviour, who didst come, 

35 t O Saviour, who for man hast trod, 

363 O Thou that hearest when sinners cry, 

371 Oh, come, loud anthems let u